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FC: Congratulations Mom on your Retirement! | Brookfield High School 1985-2011

1: To our Mother, with love. We are so proud of you on the great accomplishment of retiring after teaching for over thirty five years. You've been a wonderful model of what it is to be a beautiful, thoughtful, generous, hard working, and forgiving person. While collecting letters for this book, we were touched to read about the lives you inspired during your career. So many people loved you as their teacher and carry fond memories of you to this day. We hope this book will show you how significant your choice to teach has been and always will be. We love you, Mom, forever. Julia & Emily

2: The Teacher Taught Spanglish for thirty-five years. Now thrilled to be shifting gears. A future of fun, And her days in the sun. So we jealously offer our "Cheers!!!" The Annual Call Like a birthday, it came every year. She would belt out a tune without fear. But the call this late May, Will bring the final Hooray! We're all happy retirement's here. Thelma & Joe Giampapa

3: It was such a simple thing, but yet so classy like you Jude! You made me a teacup Christmas tree, so simple and delicate and something I treasure to this day. And we certainly enjoyed our times with a few cocktails throughout the years looking for men to no avail. Now it isn't so bad just to be alone and enjoy our time doing what we want to do. Love and Enjoy! Mary Pat Fredericksen

4: When I think of my school years and the teachers who have impacted my life, two teachers stand out in my mind. One is Mrs. Sirianni and the other is Ms. Sable (as she was known to us). She was our 8th grade English teacher. English was a horrible subject that never came easy to me...I always struggled and just never found it easy to learn, till I had Ms. Sable as a teacher. She worked with me to help realize what it was that made me struggle and would explain things in a different way so that I could "get it." I found that she wanted you to succeed and do well instead of sending you out of the classroom and hoping you'd figure it out at home. She made it a point to make sure all her students did the best they could. These are just a few things that made me feel the friendship bond with her and not just the teacher-student relationship. Ms. Sable's true friendship came out of the year I lost my father. He was forty-five years old and I was just fourteen. I had a hard time caring about school and I think it was a pretty pivotal moment for any child at that age and in that situation. I could have really taken the wrong path. I remember her taking me aside and talking to me and just asking how I | was doing. She was such a positive impact on me and always made me feel like she cared and that she was always there if I needed her. Even grades later she would always ask how I was and how my family was doing. Those are just some of the things you never forget about someone. I think it was that same year that our classmate, Brad Hunter, was in a bad accident. She took so much extra time to help get him caught up and back on track with the rest of the class. I remember the first time I had her in class, I told my Mom all about my teachers and I remember I told her how pretty she was...she was the most stylish woman I knew. I guess even then I recognized a classy woman who was the "coolest" and nicest person I ever met. I wanted to do well in her class because she tried so hard to get it through to me and I wanted her to see that I got it. Sometimes I did and sometimes I was so wrong!! lol Years later, college was in the picture and she was so excited to hear about me going to University of Akron. She would make it a point to drop me a card whenever she could and that always meant a lot. I loved to come home on the weekends and go to the high school football games basically to visit with some of the teachers and also friends. I always looked for her and would end up spending most of the game talking to her. I am so glad that your daughters were able to find so many of us and allow us to be part of this retirement gift to you. This retirement wish goes out to you, Ms. Sable, for all the years you taught each and every one of us students. I wish you all the joys of retirement and I hope you realize how many students you touched in one aspect or another. Today, as an adult, I can still remember so many fun times at school and after school working on projects or just chatting with you. You have been a great friend and I can only hope for more laughs in the future. Thank you for your friendship and your years at Brookfield Schools. You are one of the best teachers I have ever had. Love you lots, Angie Sass

5: I can say we all enjoyed your demeanor and caring personality in class. I especially remember you telling us stories about your college days at Kent State and what it was like during all the protesting; May 4th specifically. I ended up attending college at Kent State too and witnessed the May 4th memorial ceremonies every year and would often think of Mrs. Puskar sharing those stories with us. Congratulations on an excellent career and I wish you the best in your retirement!! Brad Jordan BHS Class of 1991 | My name is Donna (Uber) Corll and as much as I hate to admit this, I had Ms. Sable (Ms. Puskar) as an English teacher about twenty-four years ago. Just after Thanksgiving Break of the 88-89 school year, when all of the other students were returning to school, I was being rushed to Trumbull Memorial Hospital to have an emergency appendectomy. To my surprise, Ms. Sable came and visited me and brought with her a very simple but beautiful Angel ornament...and I would just like to tell her that I still have that Angel ornament...and every year when I hang it on our Christmas tree, I think about how very sweet and kind it was for her to visit me. Congratulations on your retirement! May God Bless You with Many, Many, Many more years of Good Health and Happiness!!!! Sincerely, Donna (Uber) Corll

7: I am a cousin of July's, have been ever since she was born and we won't, for good reasons, tell how long ago that is! We were close as children, even went to the same good old Kent State University. We had the same favorite Aunt and Uncle. We also both had the same "enemy", a niece of our favorite Aunt Liz and Uncle Frank. It seemed like all we heard was about her. So what, she was pretty and smart, a ballet protege no less! Actually, she wasn't a bad person, just a spoiled brat that conjured up that Green Eyed Monster. Judy came from a large family--six children. I would love to hear about their escapades, and challenges of living with eight people under one roof and ONE bathroom! I discovered the old adage--"he who hesitates is lost"--really is true. When food is on the table, you better be there to get your fair share. I remember the family bulldog, Jiggsy. He definitely fit "so ugly he's cute category." I also remember her cocker spaniel. She must have spent a small fortune on that dog's constant ear infections. The was good training for her as she went on to raise two beautiful and intelligent daughters. For me, Judy has always been called Judy Etta. I don't know the history behind that one, but I am sure it was for a good reason. Favorite childhood memories--hiking behind Aunt Liz's house to a place called Pine Hollow, trying to catch minnows in that cold creek. Swimming to a rock in the middle of the lake where her family had a summer place. I remember that one well, as I almost drowned! Eating homemade Hungarian doughnuts, call "Funk," that were served after mass in our little Hungarian church. Who ever would have thought that "Funk" is a doughnut? As adults, we kind of grew apart. She married, became a teacher, mother, and wife. We took completely different paths in life, but never lost touch. Judy Etta's best character trait--LOVE. She is a person of love, love for her family, friends, and definitely Martha Stewart! She is such a great cook and hostess, decorator, and all of those other Martha things. Unlike Martha though, she stayed away from the stock market and jail! | So Judy Etta--congratulations on reaching retirement..Remember it's not an end, just a new beginning. With love always, Linda

8: Dearest Judy, I have composed this letter a hundred times in my mind...putting it down on paper, well, that's much more difficult. It's a difficult task for me because you mean so much to me and there is so much to share. I am flooded with it goes. Jude, my lovely sister, you have always been bigger than life to me. I've always looked up to you. You have always done everything well. I'll explain. As kids you just seemed to know how to do things like how to bake Mom's favorite sweets or how to gently hand wash and carefully air dry your Whitmer Smith clothes. You knew just how to get the right tiny size of material to sew us Barbie doll clothes. You most lovingly measured and sewed beautifully designed dresses for our Thelma. She looked adorable because you cared so much and loved her so you still do. You are the quintessential example of the "first born." You consistently demonstrated what it means to be a loving and caring daughter, sister, friend and student. I have always been proud to say "oh my sister Judy is..." You have been brave and strong all your life. One of the scariest times I remember was when you were staying up until Dad came home from midnight turn to tell him how the refrigerator door got cracked and how the glass in the door that leads to the garage fell out of the frame and crashed into a million little pieces...all happening within minutes of each other! I remember all of us sitting and crying in the sand box, saying goodbye (we knew Dad would explode) and you willing your worldly belongings to your surviving siblings. How overjoyed I was the following morning to see you still in one piece. Yes, brave indeed. You have a way of breaking new ground in a soft way. You paved the way for girls to play any instrument and do it all with style and confidence. I was so proud to watch you play the snare drum in Brookfield's marching band. "Yeah, that's my sister, Jude out there on the field." Graduating at the top of your class, the very cute and teased-hair graduate was off to Kent State on scholarship. New Chapter. When you left home to go to Kent State, I missed you so much. To me, it was like you left and went as far away as California. We all missed you. We realized how much you

9: contributed to our family and your absence created a void that could not be filled. At KSU you excelled as we knew you would. Indeed, you thrived, grew stronger and found your voice. You witnessed the tragic shootings by the National Guard. Yes, you did college well. Your next chapter was, no doubt, your favorite. You got married, started your teaching career only to be interrupted by bringing the joys of your life to life! Birthing really did well. Just look at your beautiful daughters, Julie and Emily...perfection. Recently little Miss Phoebe Rose was added to your stunning career as Mother and now Nanna. So as the chapters of your life unfolded, with all the business and messiness along with it, you also clocked thirty-five years of a teaching career. Still you shine more brilliantly and beautifully than ever and yet a new chapter beckons you. Thirty-five years success in any profession is an accomplishment, but in teaching is extraordinary. It took so much energy, devotion and passion. I have often thought of how I would have benefited and loved to have had a devoted and encouraging teacher like you when I was a student at Brookfield High School. I remember a few teachers that shaped and influenced my life forever and am sure you did the same for many of your students. I hope you realize your positive impact on your students that will last all the days of their lives. Fast forward thirty-five years and you're far away retirement of tomorrow is now today. May the new chapter that awaits you be filled with all that brings you pleasure, prosperity, love, laughter, health and happiness. You deserve only that which is light and loving. Embrace your new chapter...well done and well earned. So that's it, Jude. I've spilled my emotional self, knowing somehow that my words are inadequate in conveying how very proud I am of you and how honored I am to be your sister. Well done, Sis, Bravo. All my love, Peg PS from Ran--I am glad that I did not have a teacher as good looking and sexy as you. The distraction would have caused me to be an academic failure and led to a ruined life. In a word, my dear, you are a 'marvelous' woman and I am most fortunate to have you in my life. Congratulations on concluding your professional career and best wishes for your journey ahead.

10: As you know, Judy is an excellent baker. She used to make bets with me that she would finish something by a certain date, which I knew would never happen. I would bet something that I knew I would never have to pay up on and she would bet an apple pie. I never lost and always received the pay off. Gene Jones | Mrs. Sable, Although the years have flown by, hearing the news of your retirement from Brookfield High School brings me back to "The 80's" all over again. Those were great times and I will always remember your "encouragement" to stop "goofing around" in the hallway and get to class. Although dealing with teenagers that never seemed to listen, you always did so with a smile. Thank you for patience, and your guidance during my time in your English class. You challenged me to always take a step back and think about what I was writing and how best to communicate my message. This process helped me tremendously in my undergrad and graduate studies after leaving Brookfield. I wish you all the best and hope that you look back on your time at Brookfield High School with fond memories, laughter, and with pride in the work that you accomplished. Sincerely, Mike Stepanic Class of '88

11: Brookfield Middle School seems like a lifetime ago! We met when you were teaching 7th and 8th grade English and I was the new Gifted teacher. I was the only female hire that year and it seemed like I was drowning in the ‘Good Ole Boy’ system. Thank God for you and Nancy Lukasko. I think we really became friends about the time you recruited me as a coach and judge for Power of the Pen. That was a great group of kids we had and it was so much fun watching their (and our) hard work pay off as we traveled to district and state competitions with them. I learned a great deal about teaching writing from you. I still use many of the ideas you shared with me I remember those lunchroom talks and the salads you made. I still put walnuts and cranberries in my salad, and my favorite dressing is still Ken’s Walnut Raspberry Vinaigrette. Your many talents never failed to amaze; teacher, cook, fashionista, and by far the most amazing and memorable: wedding coordinator! Now that you’re retiring from teaching are you going to open up your own Wedding Planner Business? If so, call me! I would love to be your assistant. If my wedding is anything to go by you’ll be booked solid in no time. People still look at my pictures and talk about how gorgeous everything was. You took my ideas and turned them into magic! Thank you, again! And congratulations! Enjoy your retirement, you’ve earned it! Gina Tabacca Woodley

12: Dear Judy, I have known you since I was in 7th grade. Wow, that is a long time!! There is so much I remember about you but the one thing I will never forget is how delicious your apple pies were. I loved how crafty you were too. And the shoes!!!! I remember the big trip to The Outerbanks where I had just a tiny space to curl up in the back seat cuz we had to make room for your shoes. I laughed the whole way up and back because I could not believe it. You have been a great inspiration to me, your daughter and all the kids you taught at school. I am sure you changed kids lives by how gracious and caring you are; I know you changed mine! I always made sure to have proper English when I was around you. =o) I bet you wonder after all that hard work did it really pay off? Well, I’m sure this book will make you realize how important and special you were and still are. Special quote: “When you love people and have the desire to make a profound, positive impact upon the world, then will you have accomplished the meaning to live.” With all my love, Monica | Dear Judy, One of my first memories of meeting you was when we all took the modeling trip to Rochester, New York. What a fun weekend. I remember at one point looking out into the crowd while we were walking down the runway thinking “God, please don’t let Emily and I fall flat on our asses” and then I glanced up and saw you and my mother with the cheesiest grins on the both of your faces. You could tell that you were so proud of Emily. Now your daughters are giving you this surprise and have the same grins on there faces because of how proud and inspired they are by their mother. I know that Julie and Emily love and look up to you more than anyone else in the world and I can see why. If you’re as great of a teacher as you are a mother then I’m sure that you have inspired many of your students over the years as well. I’m so happy for you and your retirement. Congratulations, now you can kick up your feet and enjoy your new found freedom, you deserve it! Love ya, Jennifer The dream begins with a teacher who believes in you, who tugs and pushes and leads you to the next plateau, sometimes poking you with a sharp stick called "truth." ~Dan Rather

13: Judy, You have had a positive impact on so many students over the years and it's your turn to be rewarded for all of your hard work as you start this new chapter in your life. Your friendship is valued and your successes are admired. I wish you much happiness and relaxation! ~Kathy DiCristofaro | You've seen horrid papers galore, Correcting until you were sore, Teaching students all day, Now it's your turn to play, And that's what retirement's for. | Judy once was a teacher for hire, But now it is time to retire. She'll certainly be missed, Or by Kasich dismissed. Go now, before he finds A corporate buyer! | Judy is still fighting for her coworkers!

14: Dear Judy, Congratulations on your retirement! When we worked together in the mid-70s, who would have ever thought we’d do it long enough to retire? How fast the years have gone! But we’re not old..we’re just “older and better”. I have many wonderful memories of our friendship. Let me begin with Maplewood, because that’s where it started. You taught junior high English when I was hired to teach French. It sure was nice to have you help me get started. Because we both lived on the west side of Warren, we soon started carpooling. We were always late and raced over the bypass and up Route 46. We knew that Ward Zeller or Jay Karns would be waiting at the door. One snowy morning I pulled into your driveway only to see you waving me away. I didn’t understand why, and you had to plod through the snow to come out to tell me that we had a “snow day”. I never heard of such a thing before, but I sure learned to love those days off! You were always a fantastic cook and baker. Do you remember how Glenda Doak, you and I planned international cuisine dinners once a month? We’d plan outrageous dinners and spend the entire day preparing them at each other’s homes, and by the time we sat down to eat, we were too tired to enjoy. We even made our own wontons and egg rolls. Crazy! Your chicken paprikash and dumplings were the best ever! And your apple pies were to die for!!! You knew that I was nervous to entertain my in-laws for the first time, so you surprised me by bringing over a fresh, hot homemade pie to help me that day. Now that’s a good friend! :) Do you remember our Christmas cookie marathon at Glenda's house? There were four of us, and we each agreed to mix up two double batches of two kinds

15: of cookies each. That way we’d each have a whole batch of eight different kinds. We’d just have to bake and decorate them at Glenda’s house after teaching school all day. It would be fun! You were pregnant with Julie. At 2:00 a.m. we still weren’t done, and needless to say, it wasn’t fun any more. I wonder how many dozens we baked that night. You were so talented with sewing, needlework and crafting too. I learned a lot from you! You did beautiful crewel and cross stitch. You embroidered and framed Erin’s birth announcement. You cross stitched her crib quilt with the Cheshire cat. Now I use it in my granddaughter’s crib. Do you remember the night we made pine-cone wreaths for Christmas on Glenda’s kitchen floor? Our fingers were so sore! You introduced me to Packard Music Hall. We enjoyed many programs there together, along with one of your neighbors. When you resigned from Maplewood and built your beautiful home in Bristolville, we didn’t see each other as often. Naturally, your time revolved around raising your beautiful Julie and Emily, while shortly after, my life changed when Erin and Chris were born. Wasn’t it just yesterday? I wish you many relaxing and fun years. Now you’ll have more time to travel to see the girls. And let’s have lunch! Love, Bonnie Hood

16: Oh, what can I say about Aunt Judy? Well, she totally rocks!!!!!!!!!! She is one of the sweetest kindest people I have ever met! She's always happy to see you and always has some wonderful treats to share with you that she has created. I will always cherish the memories of going to visit aunt Judy and Emily and Julie in the summer. Sometimes I would stay up to a week! It was like going to summer camp; aunt Judy always had activities planned for us. My favorite was when she taught us how to tie dye tee shirts. I still have the picture that she drew for me of Miss Susie. Miss Susie was my favorite childhood book. I never had Aunt Judy as a teacher formally but, she taught me how to make her famous apple pie. Although, I can not seem to get it to look as esthetically pleasing and beautiful as hers, I've got the flavor! I sure wish that aunt Judy had been one of my teachers; I think perhaps I would have paid more attention and done much better. Now my little Gus, Gus gets to learn and have just as much fun as I have had my whole like with Aunt Judy; for this I am so happy and thankful! Los thinks you're pretty cool too! We love you Aunt Judy! xoxoxoxoxo Jessica , Los and Gus | Hank: "Her Mansion" on the hill behind the garage! Her gourmet meals, especially the won ton soup. Rita: All the times I got to shop in "her closet." The Easter break vacation in OBX with her and Emily. Nick: Helping me edit my valedictorian speech. Josh: While in college, critiquing some of my papers. Adam: Dancing with Aunt Judy at Chuckie's wedding. WE ALL LOVE HER APPLE PIES!!!!

17: Ms. Puskar, You were and have always been a wonderful teacher and friend. I look up to you not only as a teacher, but as a woman. You are genuine and kind hearted. I learned a lot from you. I'm glad you got to spend 30 some great years doing what you love, and teaching us all so much! You are truly an amazing person. Now it is finally your turn to sit back and relax! Enjoy it! :) As always, keep in touch! P.S. Our birthdays are coming up soon!! So have a great birthday as well! (I'll never forget we're both on August 2nd!) Lots of love, Ashley Gaetano (Coffy)

18: Okay, so first of all, it's Ms. Sable to me. I've been trying to think of some specific story to tell, but the only story I can come up with was the time I threw a paper airplane in class, which she caught out of the corner of her eye. The best thing was she spun on her heal and yelled at Ron Bich, who, being the good friend he was, yelled back, "But that was Phil!", to which Ms. Sable replied, "No it wasn't! Phil would never do that." The look on Ron's face was priceless. Other than that, all I have is a general impression of what life was like back then. First of all, I can count the number of teachers that I still appreciate and sometimes think about on one hand, and Ms. Sable is at the top of the list right there with Mr. Dejulio, Mrs. Sirianni, and Mr. Falheimer. Since I had Mrs. Sirianni for English when I was younger, I credit Ms. Sable for any actual language skills that I still use in my professional life. It's a lucky thing, too, since in my life as a professional musician I've begun to write major magazine articles. I think she'd be impressed with my skills with one particular UK based bass magazine, where I even made sure I changed my spelling to "proper" English, and wrote about the colour or chords, or how I was authorized to blah blah blah... and so on... Probably the biggest memory I have, though, is her completely nerdy passion for the rules of the English language. I don't know how, but somehow I've managed to remember things like when to use the words lay or lie, which is a credit to her. Back then, I never really imagined how important a skill it is to speak properly, so I feel lucky that I had a teacher that was able somehow pass on this information to me. In retrospect, it seemed like some teachers were preparing us for a life in the steel mills, but not Ms. Sable (thank God!)

19: At that time, I had no idea that I would someday hangout and play with the King of Thialand, or be invited to play for (and have drinks with) the President of the Czech Republic in Prague. (Unfortunately, that cat turned out to be a global warming denier, but at least the champaign was good.) Anyway, it would be embarrassing to say to a king, "Yeah, sooo, you play good." That said, when I got out of college and started touring the world, my fellow band mates still made fun of me for my Italian-Ohio accent. Oh, well, I guess she couldn't be a speech therapist as well. Now that I'm sitting here thinking back about how passionate she was about the rules of English, it occurred to me that she's probably being driven out of her mind by all these new modes of communication and social networks. I can only imagine what a text exchange would be like between us now! Sample text message from Phil: [hey j- got a gig nxt wk. u in nyc?? :-) :-o ;-) ] Sample text message response from Ms Sable: [Hello Phillip, it's nice to hear from you. Why actually yes, I will be in New York City next week. It would be lovely to stop by and hear you play. Call me and give me the details. I can't stand to read another text from you. I can still lower your grade retroactively.] Of course, by the time she would be able to type that with her thumbs, she would have missed the gig! Now that I think about it, I remember a night where she actually did make it out to a gig I was playing in NYC. It was nice to see her again all these years later. Now that I've escaped the small town and opened my eyes to a bigger world, I feel like I understand her passion for speaking good english. (Just kidding!!) Speaking English well. Wow Ms. Sable, I hope that you don't mind that I've been talking about you in the third person! LOL :-) Enjoy your retirement!! -Phil Palombi

20: Retirement is a freedom Retirement is a transition from waking up in the morning and having to do, To waking up in the morning to.. “What do I want to do today?” Retirement does not have to be in a cottage or where the sun shines (like Ohio) every day. Nor does it have to follow any pattern whatsoever! Retirement is a state of mind. In fact, Retirement is a freedom to choose. So may all of your days be like snow days without the snow. With much love, Bill Day

21: Ms. Puskar, This is Danielle Sabol, Class of 1999. Congratulations on your retirement! Thank you so much for your many years of service to Brookfield Local Schools. I want to tell you how much your dedication to your students and your career meant to me. Without your guidance as my seventh grade English teacher, I would have never been able to complete my graduate thesis. I learned how to write in your class. I remember going to Power of the Pen competitions with you and the rest of the team. One year, Jenn Coccitto and I even went to the state competition at Denison University. These competitions helped inspire me to be a creative writer and, consequently, a creative thinker. It is hard to believe that it has been seventeen years since I first sat in your classroom. I also want to thank you so much for inspiring me to be a teacher. You are one of the main influences in my career decision. I have been a band director and technology specialist at Pembroke Middle School in Pembroke, North Carolina for seven years. I try everyday to inspire my students the way you have. Thank you for all you do. Best Wishes on your Retirement, Danielle Sabol

22: Judy, We've been through births, deaths, weddings, funerals, graduations, Joe P's three year reign of terror, moving to different buildings with different staffs and principals, and even several superintendents. And now, we've made it here to retirement--it is a good thing and a good place to be! You have been a wonderful, caring teacher who has affected many lives and I know there's a part of you that is sad to walk away, but now is your time. You've been so much fun to get into trouble with...I've enjoyed all our shopping trips, our trips to NYC, all of your wonderful cooking (and cooking tutorials for the disadvantaged cook) including all of those times when you made special appetizers for our boat trips, or when you brought your latest sweet treat into work for everyone to sample, and all those recipes you sent over to me to help out with any special dinners I was having. I've loved all your decorating too and am thankful you helped me out with my least favorite holiday by coming over and decorating or at least trying to get me into "the spirit". BUT, the most meaningful to me has been your gift of true friendship--so unselfish and loving as a friend. Let's continue our adventures and I will gladly be your co-pilot if you want to start out on any new journey. No more time constraints for either of us---just the enjoyment of time and life itself. I love you Judy and God Bless You! Frankie

23: Judy, Congratulations on your retirement from teaching! I wish you many days and years of nothing but relaxation and pleasure that you desire and deserve. May your golf game improve and your walks on the beach become more frequent. Although your official, paid teaching days are over, you will continue to teach every day because many people have a lot to learn from you. You have that special gift of patience and understanding that every successful teacher must possess. I am proud of you! Congratulations! Love, Dennis | Judy: You've been a great friend, a great teacher and a better pie maker. I have many fond memories of our time together. I wish you a happy and adventurous retirement. With Love, Wayne Bair

24: Well Wishes

25: Well Wishes

26: Well Wishes

27: Well Wishes

28: Well Wishes

29: Well Wishes

30: Well Wishes

31: Well Wishes

33: In loving memory of Uncle Mike. . .you selflessly fixed our cars, lawn mowers, and anything else with a motor. We love you and miss you. Your spirit remains within all of us.

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