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S: Cape Cod Memory Book By Emily Barnard

BC: Thank You! I want to thank all of my Cape Cod Crusader friends and teachers for giving me the experience of a lifetime and especially Mr.Dixson for organizing this trip for all of the Rachel cluster.

FC: Cape Cod Memory Book By Emily barnard

1: Everyone knows that the big trip in the 7th grade is “the cape trip” and going in to the 7th grade there was a lot of talk about the great adventure we would be going on in May. We had been told that we would be spending 3 days at the Cape Cod Sea camps while learning and seeing everything unique that Cape Cod had to offer such as Captain Johns Boat, the Herring Run, Scargo Tower, Great island Hike, Marconi station, Atlantic White Cedar Swamp Trail, and so much more. We prepared for this trip for months. We spent house blocks and TAG learning about what we would be doing at the Cape, what to bring, who we would be with, and more. Our bus group was also assigned a place to do a brochure on so that we could have some knowledge about the place we researched and later could share it with the rest of our Cape Cod Crusader friends. To add the fun of the Cape, our teachers also put us into what I would call spirit groups. In my group we worked to create a count off so that when the Crusaders got back onto the bus we could repeat this count off to make sure everyone was with us. Other groups made handshakes, posters, maps, and found information on everyone so that we could play BINGO. It was a great way to get everyone really excited for our trip. All of the time we spent building our knowledge of the Cape led me to have various expectations of what the trip would be like. I pictured the cabins as small, brown, wooden houses with wooden bed frames and mattresses made out of feathers. I envisioned Captain Johns Boat to be green and white and Captain John himself to have a long, white, beard and orange overalls. I imagined the sand dunes to be about 6 or 7 feet tall with soft, white sand and no tall grasses. It turned out that what I predicted about the Cape was far from the truth. It was so much better than I imagined! The 3 days and 2 nights that I spent in the Cape were the most fun and interesting days of 7th grade. The trip was amazing and I wouldn’t have changed a thing. In this book I have tried to share as many of my warm memories with you useing pictures, poems, stories, and descriptions in the hope that someday you will get to experience something similar to my adventure in Cape Cod.

2: A View From the Sagamore Bridge while on the Bus | TT and I on the Bus on our way to Bass River Sports | 6.Close up of Taylor, Brianna, and I singing our “Atlantic White Cedar Swamp Rap” rap on the Bus. | TT and I sleeping on our way back to the Middle School. | TT | TT and I writing on the bus. | TT and I on our way back from Bass River Sports. | A view from the Sagamore bridge while on the bus. | Taylor, Brianna, and I singing our Atlantic white Cedar Swamp Rap. | The Bus | Cape Cod

3: Captain Johns Boat | A lobster that we were shown on the boat. | Me in the captain's chair. | Some boats that can be seen in the harbor from the boat. | My friends and I sitting on the boat before leaving the harbor.

4: I got on the boat We pulled out of the harbor and began to float out to Plymouth bay we let down the plankton net and drove away I went with my TAG to one of 6 stations taking my blue bag First was knot tieing Tim taught the basic square knot which I did smiling We went through the day with smiles, laughter, and chill wishing we could stay. | My friends and I on the boat. | This is the Mayflower 2. | Friends eating Lunch after our trip on the Boat. | One of the Beach houses that can be seen from boat. | This is a lobster that was used to teach us about lobsters. | The lighthouse we passed by. | More houses on island in the harbor. | More on Captain Johns Boat

5: Herring Run Date- 5/25/11 Location-Herring Run Weather-Sunny, about 70 degrees, slight breeze from water. | Observations: Feel-Rough and sharp rock, Long Grass, Hard dirt, sun hitting my face, Backpack, wind blowing against me Taste- Air See- Small stream with many various shapes and sizes of rocks, a few silver fish swimming downstream, 4 seagulls sitting on big rocks looks like they are waiting for fish to eat, sandy colored rock, tall green grass, Trees, Bushes, a few large black crows, ants Hear- Sea gulls squawk, wind rushing through trees, water running down stream, crash from waterfalls, distant cars, and classmates talking Smell- Fish and water | Reflections: This place is special because of the Herring that come down here every year to breed. The string of 6 or 7 ponds provide a great habitat for breeding of the Herring. Additionally over the years great numbers of Indian artifacts have been found which are believed to be from over 7000 years ago. Another thing that makes the Herring run worth preserving is the museum and gristmill. The gristmill was used many years ago to make corn meal. Unfortunately the Herring run is a very sensitive environment and because of the many tourists that come to visit every year there are many ways that tourists can harm this environment. Littering, making loud noises, and disturbing the nature are a few ways that humans can harm the environment. We can help this environment by observing and being quiet while atthe Herring Run. I hope that people can realize that this a very delicate environment work hard to keep it alive and thriving for as long as possible. | Breeding pond at the end of waterfalls that make up Herring Run. | A Seagull sitting on Rock waiting for fish at the Herring Run. | Taylor and I journaling at the Herring Run. | Waterfalls at the Herring Run. | A tree in a island among the ponds at the Herring Run. | Sketch of Seagull.

6: Scargo Tower Houses, trees, a lake, and the vast ocean Filled with endless possibilities All lay in front of me. | A view of Scargo tower from below. | My friends and I with Scargo tower behind us. | View from the top of Scargo tower. | Friends in front of fence at Scargo Tower. | Taylor, Brianna, and I standing by the fence at Scargo tower. | View of Scargo Tower from below with people climbing down. | Cape Cod Crusaders at Scargo tower.

7: Bass River Sports | Me next to the Gorilla at Bass River Sports. | Taylor, TT, and I at the driving range. | A skull found on the mini golf course at Bass River Sports | Friends mini golfing up ahead. | Sketch of golf club and ball that we had to use at the driving range.

8: Great Island Hike Tall sea grasses sway Bright sun beats down on my neck And sand crunches below my feet. | Me jumping off a dune. | Dead dolphin found on the beach. | Cape Cod Crusaders walking on trail. | Underside of a Dead horse shoe crab. | Erosion control sign on the side of the dunes. | The Cape Cod Crusaders on the Beach off of the Great Island Hike. | View of ocean from Dune. | Another view of what is called the “the gut” and Wellfleet coast. | View across “the gut” from coast. | The bones of a dead bird found on the trail. | My friends and I at the Beach off of the Great Island trail. | My friends and I pointing to a sign on the beach. | Mussel shell filled with sand.

9: Marconi Station Date-5/26/11 Location-Marconi Station Weather-Sunny but very windy from ocean, probably high 60s or low 70s Snapshot: I take one more step ad find myself face to face with the crystal blue waters making up the Atlantic ocean. The wind hits my face as I take a deep breath in smelling the salt in the air and the sunscreen steaming out of my pores. I felt the bright sun hitting the left side of my cheek seeming as if it is burning a hole through my face to my jaw. I shut my eyes and listened to the waves crashing below; the bigger waves making loud noises like thunder and the little waves making small sounds like a whisper between friends. I place my hands on the wooden picket fence, gripping, the rough edges, feeling the sharp wood jab into my soft palms. The water below swayed on even beats pushing the sand forward and away. Crash 1, 2, 3, Crash 1, 2, 3, Crash 1, 2, 3. Reflection: This place is special because the first transmitted over seas message was made here. President Roosevelt came to this place to see it. It is a great learning center for kids. Marconi Station teaches kids something important about our US history while providing a nice place to relax and enjoy the view. | Sign telling people to stay away from cliffs leading down to beach. | Small “hut” with model and information about the first Transatlantic Wireless Telegraph Station. | Stone marking what Marconi Station is famous for. | TT and I at Marconi Station. | View of beach below cliff. | Sign explaining how the wireless telegraph worked. | Sign we saw at Marconi station.

10: Marconi Station Brochure | Side 1

11: Side 2

12: Atlantic White Cedar Swamp Brochure | Side 1

13: Side 2

14: Date- 5/26/11 Location- Atlantic Cedar Swamp Weather- 75 degrees, very hot and humid, also muggy and cloudy. Observations: Touch- Nothing Taste- Strong taste of bug spray and vague taste of sunscreen Smell- Strong scent of Bug spray and Sunscreen Hear- Friends shoes on boardwalk, Wind through trees, Crunch of sand and pine, bugs “buzzing”, friends whispers See- Cedar trees, Moss, pools of water, Brightly colored leaves on bottom of pools, bushes, other unknown plants, people in front and behind. Feelings: I have been to the Atlantic Cedar swamp trail many times and each time I have found that it is my absolute favorite trail; this time was no different. As soon as I stepped on to the gravel path I was once again hooked. The familiar sound of distant creatures, rustling trees, and people walking around me all filled me with happiness. The unknown sound of friends laughing and talking made walking my favorite trail even more enjoyable. Although I had been on the trail many times I was honestly surprised by the number of mosquitoes that were in the swamp but, that did not stop me from enjoying my favorite walk. | TT and I on the trail. | View of one of the pools of water found off of the boardwalk. | View of boardwalk and surrounding trees before the swamp section of the trail. | Trees, moss and small pools of water that cane be found off of the trail. | Another view of trees, moss, and pools of water of of the boardwalk. | View of swamp from boardwalk. | Another view of boardwalk and surrounding trees before the swamp section of the trail. | Atlantic White Cedar Swamp Trail

15: View of Beach at low tide. | Tidal Flats Sten holding a horseshoe crab. | Mr.Dixson explaining the “Rules of the Tidal flats activity” to everyone. | View of pier from beach. | .Hermit crabs on a shell that I collected. | Another view of the beach. | View of beach grasses from beach. | View of Beach grasses from beach. | Sign located at harbor.

16: My friends and I standing on our bikes at a rest stop. | TT on her bike. | View of marsh from the rest stop. | Friends practicing riding our "new" bikes in the Cape Cod Sea Camps Parking lot. | This is a photo of me practicing to ride my "new" bike. | TT and I with our helmets on at the res stop. | B | I | K | I | N | G

17: Movie- "The Sands of Time" | The cover of the movie that we were supposed to see. | The sign at the theater where we watched the movie. | Movie tickets, popcorn, and a drink that we got at the movie theater. | A close up of the movie The Sands of Time. | This is a cover of the movie we actually saw.

18: My friends and I all holding hands while jumping off the Dune. | Me jumping off of the dunes. | TT jumping off the dunes. | My friends and I standing of the dunes. | My friends and I somersaulting down the dunes. | Me somersaulting down the dune. | Another image of my friends rolling down the dunes. | View from the dunes. | My friends climbing up the edunes. | Another view from the dunes. | My friends and I rolling dow the hill. | My friends and I at the dunes. | My friends and I jumping off the dunes. | Another image of My Friends and I somersaulting dow the dunes. | View from the top of the dunes. | !Sand Dunes!

19: Salt Pond Visitors Center | Map displayed in Salt Pond Visitors Center of Cape Cod. | Me with my friends outside at the Salt Pond Visitors Center. | View from outside the Salt Pond Visitors Center | TT and I sitting in front of a Boat at Visitors Center. | Me sitting in front of a boat at Visitors center. | Sigh pointing to Walking trails from Visitors Center

20: Sandwich Beach I see the pile of rocks sitting near the oceans edge, and as if it was a chain reaction I pick up a rock and search my brain trying to recall some of the few techniques that I had been taught years ago. Then I place my 3 fingers on the rock, bring my wrist back, and release it into the waves. I pick up a rock, another one. This rock bigger, flatter, and a tad sandy. Then I place my 3 fingers on the rock, bring my wrist back, and release it into the waves. It skims over a wave and flies into the air another one This rock bigger, flatter, and a tad sandy. Reminding me of times spent with my father, skipping rocks, making me smile and then just like he taught me I released the rock It skims over a wave and flies into the air Spraying the air around it with the salty water, then returning to its home among similar rocks | Rocks covered with seaweed with sailboats in the distance. | Me standing on the beach after coming out of the water. | Friends on the ramp at the beach. | Another view of rocks covered with seaweed with sailboats in the distance. | Taylor and Brianna at on the ramp leading to the beach. | View of the beach from the ramp. | View of ocean fro beach.

21: Cabin 2! 5:59, one more minute Tick-tock, tick-tock 6:00 “Shower Time!” Camin members- Abi B Ali S Bronwyn D Emma K Kayla S Mary O Megan M Siobhan TT Fletche Mrs.Sands and Me! | Mrs.Sands doing Abi's hair after showers in the morning. | My cabin mates and I infront of our cabin on the last day. | The front of my Cabin. | Wood piece that was on our cabin to show that it was cabin 2. | Cape Cod Sea Camps sign.

22: Overall the experience I had at the Cape will be an unforgettable one. Being with all of my friends and classmates learning and “playing the sand” was one of the most fun times I have had in a while. As soon as we started talking about the Cape Trip I knew that I would probably have a different experience that everyone else. I had been to Cape Cod multiple times and knew many of the places we would be visiting including the place that I did my brochure on. Because I had been to Cape Cod a lot I had assumed for a boring trip, a trip filled with the same information I had heard for the past 10 years. But the teachers surprised me. I ended up learning a lot of new facts about the Cape, which taught me that there are always new things to learn even if you think you think you know everything. While expanding my Cape Cod knowledge I also got the opportunity to re-connect with friends and meet some new friends. I had known Taylor Derubeis from Homeroom and from lacrosse but was never very close to her. While on the cape trip we spent every waking minute together. We ate together, biked together, and took a ton of pictures together! Because we spent so much time together I got to learn a lot about her. For example, before the trip I didn’t know that Taylor had cousins that live in Australia and Italy or 2 younger brothers! Spending so much time together made our friendship grow and flourish. I now know that I will always have a friend in Taylor. I also got to reconnect with my friend Brianna. I had known her for years because we had been on the same soccer team. I played stopper, while Brianna played sweeper and every time I messed up or missed the ball she was always right behind me to “catch me”. Knowing that she was always there built up a trusting relationship between us. I could trust her for anything inside and sometimes outside of soccer. Unfortunately outside of soccer I didn’t see her very much because she went to Happy Hollow and I went to Claypit. Along with Taylor, Brianna was also in my homeroom which gave us a few minutes in the morning to talk and catch up. We also had study together but most of that time was spent doing our homework and reading. Being on the Cape trip together gave us the time to take the relationship we had in soccer and build it in real life. We got so much closer and our relationship has changed dramatically better. Going to the Cape taught me not only about Cape Cod but, about friendships and even a little bit about myself. I learned that I keep my mind “closed”. I expect very specific things to happen but I really need to keep an open mind about things and learn to make the best of whatever happens. I think that by the end of my trip I was more open and positive about what could happen. I grew as a person and learned something new about myself. For all of these reasons going to Cape Cod with all of my friends was a very beneficial trip for me and hopefully many people around me. I obtained knowledge and memories that I will never forget.

23: Atlantic White Cedar Swamp Rap by, Taylor D, Brianna Fu, Emily B Guys please excuse me if I’m comin too strong But today is the day we can really get to go. where, where, where youre probably wonderin now? we’re on our way to see atlantic white cedar swamp uh oh ohh uh ohh Ive heard its lots of fun to walk along the trail uh oh ohh uh oh shout it out scream it loud now let me hear you go so are we there yet? i wanna go for a walk i wanna see where there are many cool creatures what kind of trees are growing at the swamp trail? theres white cedar a-and red maple. Soft sand, pine forest, boardwalk, stairs You can see the swamp from parts of the trail Can be accessed from the Marconi site pa-a-rking lot fun, fun, fun Give a ya, ya, ya Don’t the let time pass 'Cause we're gonna have a blast No I won’t oh oh, oh oh The trees grow at wierd angles Don’t you want to go and see? Yes I do oh oh, oh oh Shout it out, scream it loud Let me hear you go so are we there yet? i wanna go for a walk i wanna see where there are many cool creatures what kind of trees are growing at the swamp trail? theres white cedar a-and red maple.

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