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FC: Thank You, Mr. Thomas!

1: Dear Mr. Thomas, With great appreciation for your humor, energy, and enthusiasm, for your guidance and support, and for your sincere love and commitment to our school and students, we say "farewell." May this book carry with it fond memories, and may it be a reminder of the impact you've had on our school. With Love, Your Waterside Family June 2011

2: “I will miss your smile and your love.” -Myles Sead | “I will miss your heart. I love when you are a sweet person. I love your jokes." ~Isabella Turek, K | “I love when you play with me and you're the best teacher.” -Charlie Gordon, K | “I will miss you so much when you are away. I hope you come and visit.” ~Lindsay Hodges, K | “I loved when you made kindergarten read script, and I loved when you made funny jokes.” ~Malik Samms, K | “I will miss you so much. You helped me a lot. I wish you could stay. I love you.” ~Dreden Baldeo, K

3: “I like when you took us outside and I love you.” ~Kayla Christie, K | “I loved when you took us outside and I will really miss you." ~Kathleen Jackson, K | “I am sorry that you are leaving. I’ll miss you.” -Sarah Prevot, K | “I will miss you because you are the best teacher.” ~Sebastian Rosario, K | “I will miss you Mr. Thomas. Sorry you are leaving and I love you.” -Tatiana Leonard, K | “I loved when you watched us when the teachers weren’t here.” -Bryant Agulay, K

4: “I will miss your beautiful voice.” -Jaeon Anglin, K “I loved when you used to come to PE, because it was fun.” -Conrad Hyde, K “I’m going to miss you when you leave.” -Daniel St. Louis, K “I will miss you because you let us go outside. I will miss you a lot. I love you.” -Valeria Lujan, K “I will miss you so so much. I loved when you taught me.” -Dylan Schmitke, K “I am sorry that you’re leaving. I’ll miss you.” -Alexis Kovach, K “I will miss you when you leave because you are nice to me.” -Alexys Williams, K

5: With Love from the Kindergarten Class of 2011

6: “I loved when you tapped me on the head and said, Hi Sweetheart.” -Johanna Michel, 1st | “I want to thank you for taking us deeper in reading. Thank you for the work that you do for this school and for teaching us about perspectives.” -Sophia DuPree, 1st | “I will miss you because you are so nice and because you wear nice clothes. I love you because you have a good heart.” -Nina Mukhametzyanov, 1st | “I will miss you everyday when I'm at home. I miss you wherever I go. I just miss you to pieces! If you are near or far you will always be in my heart, my best friend forever.” -Darrell Greene, 1st | “Thank you for putting me in Waterside School. I miss my other friends but I like it here more. You will be in my heart forever. You are the best teacher in the whole wide world.” -Krista Monfries, 1st

7: “I will miss when you taught me a lesson and when you got mad at me and I appreciate what you say.” -Justin Roldan, 1st | “I loved the way you came to the first grade class and said, ‘who kicked the ball when Coach was talking?’ and then we waited until you said, ‘April Fools!’ That was a good one, Mr. Thomas!” -Kylie Rosario, 1st | “I will miss you when you are gone. Mr. Thomas you rock!” -Natalie Henry, 1st | “I will miss you because you’re such a great teacher and I bet everyone in the school loves you and will miss you...especially me!” -Cailin Gordon, 1st | “I will remember you helping us make good choices.” -NaShawn Livingston, 1st

8: “I loved when you played with us. I’ll miss you very much and you’re the best teacher ever!” -Caitlyn Rivera, 1st “I loved when you cheered me up by taking me outside then telling me jokes.” -Carl Coridon, 1st “Thank you for stopping by to check on everyone in the school and Barry Place.” -Ashley Tate, 1st "I loved when we had math night because it had a math packet and math games. You’ll always be in my heart.” -Steven Daniel Bundy, 1st “I will remember when you had PE with us. I will also remember when you read books to us, when you gave me hugs and kisses, and when you took us out for recess.” -Haivynn Kovach, 1st “I will remember when we played kickball because you’re my favorite principal. I loved when you did the April Fools trick because it was funny. I will miss you because you help us so much.” -Daniel Acosta, 1st

9: With love from | The First Grade Class of 2011

10: “I will remember you as a heroic person because you wouldn’t be mean to anybody like any other vice principal.” ~ Kristopher Kendall, 2nd | “I loved when you wrote our names in cursive and wrote your name in cursive because it was neat and I was impressed by it. I will never forget that you wrote our names on the board.” ~Emma Thompson, 2nd | “I will miss when you gave us the best math classes and when you wrote my name on the board in script.” ~Kobe Givens, 2nd | “I will miss your funny saying “knucklehead” because it always made me laugh.” ~ Micaela Rivera, 2nd | “I loved when you were helping us do math because I have become a better math student.” ~Hunter Austrie, 2nd

11: “I will remember you always and truly because you were a handsome, athletic teacher. You’re a great math teacher because during math you always make up a fun game.” ~Reyana Lappots, 2nd | “I will miss you because you are helpful when my teachers were not there and you are awesome.” ~ Brian Ortiz, 2nd | “I will miss you Mr. Thomas so much that I can’t get used to you being gone because I love you so much.” ~ Aliquea Williams, 2nd | “I loved when you taught me math because it made me a better person. I loved when you read us stories and told us funny jokes.” ~Makayla Whealton, 2nd | “I loved when you were teaching me in math because you are the best math teacher in the whole world.” ~Cameron Spinks, 2nd

12: “I will miss you because you inspired me in math. Now I am on division in Minute Math. I am your number 1 fan. P.S. I think of you being my father.” ~ Gabriella Gomez, 2nd “I loved when you told us about “n” equal to something because we never knew that you can use letters in Mathematics!!” ~ Julian Gonzalez, 2nd “I will miss your funny stories like the story about how you met your wife.” ~ Sasha Leonard, 2nd “I loved when you taught us math because it will help me when I have a hard time and you made the lesson very fun.” ~ Clea Ramos, 2nd “I will remember when you taught us math lessons because you teach us higher grade levels and in public schools they don’t. You are the best teacher/vice principal in the world.” ~Timothy Rivas, 2nd "I will miss how funny you are." ~Danielle Nares, 2nd “I will remember you from when you let me wear the WWE championship belt. I will remember you forever.” ~Andrew Ortiz, 2nd

13: With love from the Second Grade Class of 2011

14: “I will miss you because when I am sad, you smile and it makes me more cheerful.” -Chris Ramos, 3rd | “I will miss when you talked with us during homework time. You were such a great help.” -Nicole Tapia, 3rd | “I will miss your kindness and love that fills me with joy and happiness.” -Melanie Angel, 3rd | “I will miss you because you were the best. You made me laugh. I will follow you, because you are a leader.” -Brian Gomez, 3rd | “I will miss you because you read stories to us. You did computers with us and played hand games with us. It was rrrrreally fun!” -Hannah Hodges, 3rd

15: “I will miss you and your funny jokes. I will remember when you called me grandpa in Chinese.” -Matthew Guo, 3rd | “I loved when you gave me hugs. I loved that because you gave me the best, warm hugs in the world.” -Veronica Turek, 3rd | “I will miss when you always brighten my day when it is the end of the day and I’m sad.” -Sky Goodwin, 3rd | “I will miss you because it was really fun having you here for the past few years.” -Anna Hernandez, 3rd | “I will miss how you added funny voices when you read us a story.” -Julian Velez, 3rd

16: “I will miss the teaching that took place and the reading that took place.” -McKinley Joseph, 3rd "I will miss you fixing our conflicts and having fun with us." -Nichole Roldan, 3rd “I will miss you a lot because you are always so funny and I will never forget the great times we had.” -Jemel Leal, 3rd “I will miss you because you made us so energetic!” -Christina Donaldson, 3rd “I remember when you fixed problems when people were arguing. You fixed them and made people happy again.” -Gavin Roberts, 3rd “I will miss you because I had a great time when you came into our classroom and read funny stories. You let us play a game and when you played kickball with us, you kicked hard.” -Alexia Watson, 3rd

17: With love from the Third Grade Class of 2011

18: “I will always remember when you made me laugh, because now I have new jokes.” ~ Elijah Saez, 4th | “I will miss your bright and sweet smile because when I was sad, that always cheered me up.” ~ Pamela Jaramillo, 4th | “I will always remember you calling me ‘Southern Sister.’ All three years that you’ve been here, you have meant a lot to me.” ~ Raven Sead, 4th | “I will always remember your smile and the words you have spoken to me because you are too loving to forget about you.” ~ Hannah Tischler, 4th | “I will never forget you because I have gotten so much help from you this year.” ~ Charles Tate, 4th | “I loved when you called us ‘brothers and sisters’ because it made me feel special.” ~ Olivia Davis, 4th

19: “I will never forget you because you were so humorous all these years, which made me laugh so much.” ~ Alexis Garcia, 4th | “I will truly miss all the laughter you’ve brought to this school, especially the times when I would come into your office for help with subjects. You would help me in a way I truly understood and you would make me laugh a whole lot.” ~ Dhasiya Anderson, 4th | “I will miss spending time with you because you and I bonded. Plus, you are so much fun and that’s what I enjoy about you, Mr. Thomas.” ~ Sarah Gordon, 4th | “I will never forget when you made me laugh, like when you read the Scrambled States book. You cracked me up!” ~ Javier Peters, 4th | “I will never forget the time you brought me to Buffalo Wild Wings. It is something an assistant principal doesn’t usually do. I appreciate it.” ~ Shamond Moore, 4th | “I will never forget those times of you being funny, like when you told everybody to stop, but one student wasn’t paying attention and he kept walking when we were going to the main building.” ~ Kobe Harkness, 4th

20: "I will never forget when you made all of us laugh because you make me energetic and you start my day enthusiastic and happy.” ~ Juan de Jesus Rosario, 4th “I will always remember when you said, ‘my brotha from anotha motha’ because you are my brotha from anotha motha!” ~ C’Meijah Donaldson, 4th “I will remember you always and how you held yourself up high to became a successful man in all the work you do. You have helped us so greatly to become the school that we are. Thank you.” ~ Kaitlyn Davis, 4th “I will never forget the time that you stood on your head on the carpet in our classroom.” ~ Nicholas Barlow, 4th “I will never forget when you told us the story about the Scrambled States because you made the voices of the characters really funny!” ~ Jennafer Washington, 4th “I will never forget you for as long as I live because you are a special kind of guy.” ~ Kimberly Magliari, 4th “I will never forget your funny, joyful, fun, loveable self, when you walked into Barry Place.” ~ Sophia Schmitke, 4th

21: With love from the Fourth Grade Class of 2011

22: “I will remember all of the times we spent together." -Amber Daniel, 5th | "I will miss you greeting both me and my hair every day." -Brandon Morales, 5th | " I will miss sitting in your office and talking about whatever happened in school, or about my feelings on something ." -Isaiah Hernandez, 5th | “I loved the talks we had in your office when I was feeling down. You always made me feel better." -Jada Nieves, 5th | “I will remember how involved you were with the ISEE classes." -Madison Sead, 5th

23: “I will remember when you taught me lessons about life." -Cliv Gomez, 5th | "I loved when you made those funny faces." -Kristina Kendall, 5th | “I will remember the first time I met you at Waterside School and I felt like I knew you for years." -Taylor Richards, 5th | "I will miss all the times you made me laugh." -Arianna Fleuriot, 5th | “I will miss the times when you would hang out with us and enjoy your time with us." -Sofia Piriz, 5th

24: "I will remember how you always helped me when I needed it." -Andrew DeRose, 5th "I will remember the laughs we had together." -Sara Poulard, 5th "I will remember the times whsen you would pop in and say hello. I will miss the warm hugs that you gave to each of us." -Gabriella Rivera, 5th "I will miss saying sak pa se me fuem to you every morning ." -Cyrus Robinson, 5th

25: With love from the Fifth Grade Class of 2011

28: We'll miss you, Medard! | Dear Medard, I will miss you! I have so many fond memories of you but I think I will always remember you're helpful leadership during student review meetings. You had so many helpful suggestions and it was evident how much you loved the children. I wish you much happiness and remember to call me, my friend, if you need any prayers! Fondly, Bradley | Dear Medard, Thank you so much for welcoming me into the Waterside community right from day one. I will never forget when you talked me off a ledge following our introduction to Social Studies meeting (during which the company's representative exclaimed something to the effect of, "you won't even have to think about lesson planning because we have done it all for you!"). Thank you for reminding me to stay true to my beliefs during instruction, and for encouraging me to question myself and others- even if it doesn't feel comfortable. I truly admire your ability to honor children while still maintaining your authority, and I know you will continue to inspire new teachers as you move on to your next adventure. We will all miss you very much, but if it's ok with you I plan to continue to pick your brain via email (I will simply move you into the group of esteemed Bank Street advisors who I bother when teaching questions are keeping me up late at night!). Wishing you lots of luck, and please don't be a stranger. Warmest Regards, Megan | Dear Medard, I hope you know that I have enjoyed working with you so very much. You brought a sense of dignity and humor to Waterside and could always be trusted to handle the most delicate of situations. I have appreciated you professionally as you sat in on the student reviews, listened and took an interest in all of the children and their families. I appreciate as well the trust and support you have shown me. I will cherish our friendship as well and hope that you will be happy at your new school. Warmly, Pascale | Medard, I'll miss ragging on you whether or not certain clothing matches and getting the random push or shove when I just so happen to be "in your way." Most of all I'll miss your general conversations and pieces of advice. I wish you well on your next endeavor and I know this won't be the last time I see you. Best, Elise

29: Mr. Thomas, (It's the military in me...I still have a difficult time addressing you by your first name...) Thank you for your guidance and being a mentor in so many ways. Your professionalism and ability to offer suggestions 'on the fly' have helped me in ways you will never be able to imagine....and having someone on staff to talk about super hero and sci fi movies MAY be the biggest hole I'll notice....remember, being a bit of a geek is a gift! -j | Mr. Thomas you are a mentor, leader, and the teacher I inspire to be. With your help and guidance I have learned to not only be a better teacher but a better person as well. I wish you happiness and success on your next journey. You may be leaving Waterside behind but you have left foot steps to follow. Thank you for everything. Coach Gizzo | May the journey ahead be joyful and fulfilling! | Dear Medard, We began our journey here at Waterside together, and this place will truly be strange without you. I’m so glad to have had the opportunity to work with you here over the course of the last three years. You have taught me a great deal and I am lucky to have had your constant support, friendship, encouragement, advice, and comic relief just a short walk away. Thank you for embracing my nuttiness, and for sharing your own energy and humor with me and the rest of the Waterside family. It saddens me to see you go, but I have no doubt that you will continue to lead with enthusiasm and creativity, supporting other teachers and connecting deeply and easily with students, as I have watched you do here. Your new school is lucky to have you! Warmly, Melissa

30: Medard, Whenever you look at this memory book I hope it makes you think about the wonderful students you have met and nurtured at Waterside School and the positive impact that you have had on their young lives. I wish you success and happiness in your new position, continue to be leader that you are. Best Wishes! Maureen Pavia. | Medard, Your leadership has provided such a wonderful example for our students. Your constant cheerleading always prvoided teachers the opportunity to see the good in their practice, and to strive for making their craft even BETTER! I wish you the best in your newest project and know that you will be a special part of the Waterside family for years to come. Much love, Catie | Dear Diva, Made it three years without stabbing you. :-) Wishing you all the best as you continue on your journey to new opportunities! Laa P.S. As one germophobe to another, remember to bring your Lysol and Clorox wipes for the train ride. | Medard, you have been terrific. I will miss your positive energy! Fond regards, Barbara Cifelli | Special Thanks to Lisa Barlow for her incredible photographs! | Medard, Thank you so much for all of your leadership and inspiration over the past few years. I will miss your take charge personality in morning meetings and your dediction to making each one of the students a better person inside and out. Good luck on your next adventure, I will miss you. Katie Abromovitch | Dear Mr. Thomas, My sincere thanks for all the time, effort, and love that was showered on Nicholas during his time at Waterside. Lisa Barlow

32: Dear Medard, You will always be a part of the heart of this school. Thank you for your friendship, the many kindnesses, and all that you gave. On behalf of the children, teachers and parents of Waterside, we wish you nothing but the best as you embark on your new adventure. With love and thanks, Jody

33: Medard, The School's ten year journey has been filled w ups and downs; moments both great and difficult; constant challenge and, now, hard earned and well deserved opportunity. Throughout, in constant, have been the hearts that have filled the place, the shared love for these students and the deep belief in both the worth of these children and in this mission itself. For being a part of that collective strength, our thanks. We'll hope and trust that you will take the lessons of Waterside with you and share them generously with your new school and its children. Be well - work hard - stay true. DE

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