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S: DC 2011

FC: DC 2011 Sabine Scott

1: The SSW

2: Independence Hall Independence Hall is a symbol of the United State’s freedom, freedom that wouldn’t exist if people didn’t make it happen. These people had to be inspired to make something as big as freedom exist throughout the country. To prove that all men are created equal, people such as Benjamin Franklin had to make this happen, and that would not be possible without the inspired men that helped shape this country.

3: Inspiration

4: National Constitution Center | The United States Constitution is the proof of all the hard work that we put into our country. After the Revolutionary War, a brutal battle fought for freedom, the United States finally won the right to govern a country. The Constitution states all of the laws of the country, and all of the things we stand for as a country. The Constitution is something that people had to risk their lives and happiness for, and it paid off. All of the people that made this happen had to be inspired by the thought of something a lot bigger than them, freedom. All of the work that went into the constitution was done by someone who truly believed in the cause they were working for. Thanks to all of their inspiring work, the United States is what it is today.

6: The United States Capitol is the ‘home base’ of the United States. The Senate and the House of Representatives have used the Capitol Building as a meeting place for two centuries. This place is the heart of the United States. All of the brave people that risked their lives to support his building and all that goes on in it were inspired by the well-being of this country. Inspiration is so important because nothing would ever get done without it. The capitol is important to the United States, and inspiration is important to the capitol. | United States Capitol

8: The National Archives house the most important documents in America. The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. These documents shaped the future of America. Without these documents and what they represent, the United States would be nothing like it is today. Millions of people come to admire these documents and what they represent, the freedom of the United States. So many people draw inspiration from these documents, because of the deep meaning they have. | The National Archives

10: The Library of Congress was established in 1800. After it burned in a fire set by the British, Thomas Jefferson helped rebuild it with his books. From then on, the Library of Congress has been a great example of how you can rebuild and be better than ever even if something tragic happens. Thomas Jefferson’s inspiration was books, and he made a place where he could share his inspiration with generations to come. | Library of Congress

12: All three of these presidents carried a huge influence on the United States. President Lincoln won the Civil War, Thomas Jefferson purchased the Louisiana Purchase and nearly doubled the territory of the United States, and Franklin D Roosevelt helped get America back on track during the great depression. All of these presidents were great inspirations to the people of America, and helped the people get though hard times. These presidents inspired the people to join together, expand, and push through different times in American History. | President Memorials: Jefferson Lincoln FDR

14: The Supreme Court is the highest court in the nation. This court keeps the ethical decisions of the country in check, and keeps the constitution of the United States as the main decision maker for any trial that they take. They interpret the constitution and make decisions based on the constitution. This is inspiring because the Supreme Court helps ground the beliefs of the country, and ties together the new and old laws and issues of the country. | The Supreme Court

16: The National Cathedral is a church that was built to accept all kinds of religions. This is incredibly inspiring because the United States was built on that very concept. It is a great inspiration to people all over the world, because they can look up to the United States as a model of what a country can be; inviting people of all religions to gather under one roof and pray to any religion they choose. It is a heart-warming concept, and all people can appreciate and be inspired by it. | National Cathedral

18: When James Smithson left a large sum of money to the United States, his intent for the money was to be put towards "an establishment for the increase and diffusion of knowledge among men". This establishment is now called the Smithsonian Institution. There are 19 museums included, and all of them are meant to ‘increase and diffuse knowledge among men’. The Air and Space Museum brings together all of the great successes of the air and space program. The Natural History Museum showcases different forms of nature, such as insects, ancient oceans, and precious gems. The American History Museum has a vast collection of various artifacts from American History, such as the history of science in the United States, and pieces from the pop culture history of the United States. All of these museums are inspirational, because they were, for one, originally founded with the thought of spreading knowledge, which may have inspired many people to follow career and study paths that they may have not discovered on their own. | Smithsonian Museums: Air and Space Natural History American History

20: The White House is the home of the President of the United States. Everyone in America looks up to the president, and the president is housed in the White House. People use the president as a form of inspiration, and therefore look at the White House similarly. The White House represents the presidents over the ages, and something that has survived throughout all of the difficult times in the United States is a form of inspiration. | The White House

22: Ford’s Theater is a place of national mourning for one of the most cherished presidents in United States History. Abraham Lincoln, the man who helped to end the civil war, was assassinated in Ford’s Theater. Abraham Lincoln, after the civil war was over, tried to go on with his normal lifestyle, despite numerous death threats from angry southerners. This ‘push through it’ attitude inspired many Americans at the time. When Lincoln was assassinated, so many Americans mourned him as if he were family. Because of this great loss, the American people joined together and used him as a source of inspiration to get through the hard times ahead. | Ford's Theater

24: Gettysburg is a place where brave soldiers, truly committed to their cause, fought and died for what they believed in. Whether they fought for slavery or against slavery is not important; what is important is that brothers were fighting brothers, and they killed each other. It was a dark time in American history; a time when families were turned against each other, and the country was wrenched into two separate parts; no longer the United States of America. Gettysburg was arguably the most important and influential battle in the Civil War. Today, after the country has been reunited, people from all over the country (and world) come to learn how such a separated country can come together again to become one of the most promising lands in the world. Something that so many people come to learn from can only be called inspirational. | Gettysburg

26: The Newseum was, in my opinion, the most interesting place that we visited in DC. I truly found it inspirational. The 9/11 video that was playing was incredible. I truly did not know how devastating the 9/11 attack was on our country. I knew that the attack was bad, and sad, and many people died, but watching the video, I really felt like I was there. This is just one example of how news and video report really bring the news of the world to life. News is so incredibly important in everyday life. The news reporters that captured the 9/11 attack were risking everything just to get the story. This is inspirational because people like me, who did not know how terrible the attack was, now know because of this one news report. I was individually affected by it, as I’m sure many people around the world were also. | The Newseum

28: The Vietnam War, Korean War, and World War II Memorials were all very moving and inspirational memorials. The Vietnam War was very controversial at the time, and the memorial was meant to bring the people together and appreciate the great sacrifices that the men and women gave for their country. The Korean War was fought in a country where the men and women did not know any one, and they had to fight for complete strangers. World War II had staggering losses of people on all sides, and this memorial represented that. All of them were inspiring in their own ways; whether to unite a country, or commemorate brave men and women. | War Memorials: Vietnam, Korean, World War II

30: Arlington National Cemetery was breathtaking. Walking through the paths and looking upon rows and rows of headstones was an experience I will never forget. These brave men and women fought for our country and paid the ultimate sacrifice. Eventually everyone dies, but what sets these people apart is that they were willing to sacrifice everything for their country. Whether or not they actually died in battle is irrelevant; the fact that they were consciously willing to give their lives in inspiring. I only wish that someday I would be able to make that big of a commitment to something that important. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is inspirational because these people were never recovered, and their families were never able to see them for the last time. Overall, these people were so committed to a cause; if everyone in the world were committed to whatever they were doing, the world would be a much better place. | Arlington National Cemetery

32: Mount Vernon was George Washington’s beloved home, during the time he was president and during the time he was fighting in the Revolutionary War. While he was away from home, I would imagine that one of his motives for ending the war quickly was so that he could return to his home. In other words, Mount Vernon was his inspiration. This is important because everyone must have some form of inspiration, or else they will not be able to finish what they started, and George Washington, with the help of Mount Vernon’s inspiration, definitely finished what he started. | Mount Vernon

34: September 11th is a day of remembrance and reflection for our country. It is a time to sit down and look back to the same day in the year 2001 and remember how many people’s lives were lost and drastically changed. The memorial was set up in an array of benches above reflective pools of water. Each bench represents a person that died in the attack. If, when reading the name on the bench, you are facing the pentagon, it means that the person died in the pentagon. If you are facing the sky, then the person died in the plane. The benches are meant for people to sit and remember, and the reflective pools of water are meant to reflect what this means to the United States. This is inspirational because so many people come to remember and reflect what a hard time this was for our country, and that we got through it and will be able to get through anything in the future. | The Pentagon and September 11th Memorial

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