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S: Our Mother: A Tribute From Your Children & Grandchildren

FC: Our Mother | A Tribute From Your Children & Grandchildren | Sharon Dean Weight Stauffer

1: To Our Mother & Grandmother | Happy Birthday!

2: Hi Mom, Since I can’t be part of this discussion, my siblings have asked Dad to express my love and gratitude to you for giving me the short mortal experience I enjoyed. I know you will not forget my delivery. It was your longest and hardest and they finally had to use forceps to get me out of there, but you were a real trouper and soon I was cuddled in your loving arms. Then we moved to Afton, and I smiled for the first time on camera on July 4th at Cottonwood Lake while Dad helped some kid who was trying to catch a trout using a hot dog on the end of a fishing line by whirling it around his head without the assistance of a fishing pole. The kid had noticed that Dad was the only person catching trout and asked for help.

3: Then came March and the flu epidemic. I caught the bug and you took me to see Doc Perkes who listened to my chest and noticed the bags under my eyes...he said I was in heart failure and you would need to take me to the Primary Children’s Hospital. At the hospital, you spent many hours talking to me. I could tell I was not going to be able to stay in this life much longer, and had learned to say the few words I knew for this occasion, “Bye, bye Dada” and “Bye, bye Momma”. A wonderful Person dressed in white came to me and told me he had just visited you to help you understand why I must leave you for awhile. I am so grateful you and Dad still love and cherish each other and that you have prepared yourselves to be where I am. All my love, Your son, Randall Keith Stauffer | Summer was fun and I loved the baths you gave me and all the fun attention. I remember you had a parakeet which I enjoyed watching. You also liked to take pictures of me with the big trout you and Dad would catch. In December at my checkup with the pediatrician, you found out that I had a heart murmur, and soon you had me at Primary Children’s Hospital for tests which indicated that I would need a hole in my heart repaired when I was old enough. Christmas was fun, although I didn’t like being wakened early to enjoy it. I continued to grow and love life through January and February, although physically I was not doing much by myself, because it made me tired. You didn’t know that, but I think you were beginning to wonder.

4: I Love You, Mom! -Sharolyn | Mom, thank you for teaching me how to create so many beautiful things, from cooking and baking to gardening and sewing. You always possess a loving touch to make anything you create wonderful. I am grateful for what you continue to share and teach me. I am blessed to live next door to my mother.

5: Boy, were we all happy to greet you home from your mission. You did it and made a great impression on all of us. We love having Sunday dinners again with you and piano lessons. | Your gifts as a grandmother to my children are priceless. We will all forever remember the water parties, books you read, treats you make and fun activities on camping trips. You also bless us with a listening ear and shoulder to cry on.

6: Dear Grandma, I have so many wonderful memories of spending time with you that I cannot fit them all on this page. Thank you for teaching me piano. I may not become a famous pianist some day, but I am certain your guidance will help me excel as I grow older. I am proud of you for serving a mission with Grandpa, and I thank you for setting that good example so that I may serve my own mission some day. I really love reading the Why book with you and hope to start the How soon. I equally enjoy working in the garden with you. I know how much work it is to you, so may I congratulate you on the most beautiful yard in Star Valley. Lastly, I cannot thank you enough for the valuable life lessons and constant love and care you have given me since the day I was born. You have been the best grandma in the world to me, and I am absolutely positively certain that you will be an equally perfect great grandma to my children some day. Love, Your Grandson, Randall (age 12) | Proud New Grandma

7: You're the best Grandma on earth. Love, | Grandma, I love doing activities with you. I love you teaching me piano. Going to the grocery store with you is awesome too. You spoil me like crazy. You make everything fun when all the grandkids come. | Avery (age 10)

8: Dear Grandma, I like doing art projects with you, like when we made the popcorn trees. You are the BEST grandma. You always make me feel special. I like doing piano practicing with you. I like learning the notes. I especially love when you let me have treats and read to me. I like reading the baptism book with you. I love you so, so, so much! | Love, | Amelia (age 7)

10: /Thank you for teaching me the importance of developing Christlike attributes through your actions and your words. You are the very model of charity, compassion, sensitivity and empathy. You taught me to be dependable, responsible and to have genuine concern for the feelings of others. You helped me develop talents in music and dance. You encouraged me to work hard in school and in my tasks at home. You made certain that I fulfilled my commitments. When the floor of the drugstore was clean, it was thanks to you. You were the one who taught me that a job worth doing was worth doing well. | Dear Mom,

11: I must confess that there were many times during my teenage years that I looked at how hard you worked and didn't desire that for myself. However, despite the difficulties, I am finding joy in my role as a mother because I have you for an example. Now I realize how much you loved me, how much you worried about me and how much you sacrificed for me. I will never take anything you did for granted again. And it seems like you always did it while wearing perfect make-up and well coiffed hair. Thank you for loving my children and for making Joel feel so comfortable in our family. He adores you as I do. We all love and appreciate you so much. | Love, Paulette

12: Grandma, you mean everything to me. One of my favorite memories of you is doing the hula dance at Cottonwood Lake. That was so fun. I would cry if we couldn't visit you. My favorite thing about you is that you care about everybody and try to make us all happy. You are an awesome cook too. I love you bigger than the universe. Love, Ashlyn (age 9)

13: `I love you Grandma. You are so nice. I liked all the things we did together in North Carolina. Thanks for reading lots of stories to me. You are very gentle with me. I like being named after you. Love, Ella (age 5)

14: Grandma is happy. I like to say 'hi' to her. I love Grandma. Love, Claire (age 3)

16: Dear Mom, The longer I live the more grateful I become for having been blessed with the perfect mother. When I read of the attributes of the Savior I think of your example. How come I didn't inherit your charity, patience, kindness and meekness? Hopefully there's still time. Though I often didn't have patience for your excessive worries about my adventures, I'm sure it was your prayers that kept me alive. How lucky I am to have such graceful women as my mother. My kids absolutely love you and adore you. You are the greatest example to them. You are also the worlds greatest cook. Love, Anthon

18: Grandma, When I am a grandma I want to be just like you. I want to have lots of friends, parties, make art projects, read books, cook, decorate, have a rainbow hot tub, and be sweet and kind. My favorite vacations are at your house. Sorry about throwing up all over your house. But tell Grandpa I didn't get any in his fishing room. I didn't want him to be mad. Thanks for being the best grandma is the world. I love you 100 times! Saige (age 5)

19: Grandma, you are so beautiful and Grandpa is so handsome. You and Grandpa are so cute together. You make the best treats in the whole world. I love it when Grandpa and Dad go fishing together and we have a girls party. I like to fish too, but not forever because I roast like a hot dog when its hot outside. I love to catch big fish and eat treats in the boat. I love you forever. Brooke (age 4) xoxoxoxo P.S. I love your hugs and snuggles

20: Grandma, I love it when we rock, sing, and read together. I love to play dress up and games at your house. I love your hugs, snuggles and kisses. I love getting into all your drawers and coloring on your walls. la la la . . . love you Savvy (age 2)

22: Dear Mom, As I reflect upon who has had the greatest influence in my life I think of the many lessons you have taught me. First you taught me that being a mother is the most important calling in life. You sacrificed all selfish desires for our family. You taught me the importance of being a stay home mom, which has influenced my choice to forgo a law career to stay home with my children. You taught me patience and unconditional love. Despite my tantrums (and I remember how violent they were) you patiently suffered through them. You fostered our creativity. You actually let us (mainly Paulette) have a library in the basement and check out our books to neighborhood kids. Who knows if we ever got the books back. You provided every opportunity for us to succeed in life and have confidence in ourselves. You spent countless hours practicing the piano with each one of us. You organized and taught 4-H classes on sewing and cooking. I remember unpicking a red dress a hundred times. You taught me to do a good job and to do it right. You spent hours sewing dance costumes for us. You drove us as far as Astoria Hot Springs for swimming lessons. You had impeccable parenting skills. I remember the privilege and job charts. I never earned a lot of privileges if I recall. I remember rewards to try to get me to stop sucking my thumb such as the nickel jar and treats, etc. I remember how you encouraged us to try new foods and to not be picky eaters. You made amazing homemade meals every day (although I will never forget the cow's tongue with cherry sauce on top). You made every holiday special with traditions and decorations. I especially loved the holiday good night kisses. I always had the most amazing themed birthday parties such as the back to school and the circus parties. You put up with lots and lots of parties and sleepovers at our house. Our house was the gathering place for my friends. My friends always wanted to hang out at our house. We put on many Ms. America pageants and when we broke your lamp, wooden goose, hand stitched quilt etc, you continued to let me have all the parties at our house. However, the most important influence you have had on my life has been your testimony of the gospel. Your unwaivering faith has been demonstrated through your Christ-like attributes and devotion to the gospel. Your many years as Relief Society President, compassionate service leader and Young Women's President taught me many things. You were always taking in meals to other families. You would have me take Sunday dinner over to Viola each week. You organized many funeral dinners, girls camps, and other ward activities. You were always helping the sick and needy by cleaning their homes and being there for them with needed things. You served every calling with all your heart. You always speak kindly of everyone and give everyone the benefit of the doubt. Thanks for your love and for the lessons you have taught me. Love, Melinda

24: "Dear Grandma, Thank you for the stuffed animals. I like you reading stories to me. I like telling stories to you. I like dancing and singing for you." Love, Eliza (age 4)

25: "Dear Grandma, Thank you for playing with Edwin. Thank you for the cute little presents. Thank you for playing with me and telling me stories." Love Emmeline (age 3)

26: Edwin age 7 months

28: Mom, I have so many fond memories with you. You put so much love and dedication into raising me. I think my decision to become an educator was developed early on from having you take turns teaching pre-school with other mothers in our ward. I loved learning about the house with a chimney, no door or windows, and a star inside. I still think of that whenever I cut open an apple. I always appreciated the tenderness you showed toward animals. I’ll never forget taking a drive in the old truck and coming across Henderson. You couldn’t leave him behind, even though I’m sure you weren’t thrilled with the idea of a dog. I’ll also never forget the morning that Dad was hunting. I had climbed into bed with you that night and you woke me up after your morning walk. You told me I had a visitor outside. I ran out to greet the cutest little black kitten I had ever seen. You had taken pity on the kitten that tried following you around the town and finally carried her home. Even though you made me go around to each home on the street where you found her, I could tell that in your heart you had fallen in love with her too. You proved it again when Oreo was caught in the fan belt and you made sure Dr. Wilford tried to help her. I was grateful that you took such great care of her after I left for school, and even let her sleep on your bed at night.

29: Thank you for developing in me a love of the arts. Thank you for the countless dance costumes, play costumes, and Junior Miss projects you helped me with. Thank you for making me stick with the piano and eventually letting me switch teachers. Thank you for the Halloween kisses each year. Thank you for the incredible meals that filled my belly each day and the warm hugs that tucked me into bed each night. Most importantly, thank you for your example of selfless service, charity, and kindness. Your testimony has often been a beacon of light to me. You are an incredible mother, mother-in-law, and grandma. Mitch always appreciates the love and special effort you put into making him feel welcome. I strive each and every day to pass on what I have learned from you to my own children. I love you very much. Love, | Tricia

30: What do you do at Grandma's house? She has lots of toys. She gave me lots of toys. She reads me a baby book. I play with cousins and do games about monsters. I play with toys that Grandma has. I love Grandma. | Who is Grandma? Mommy's Mom | Where was Grandma for a long time? A mission. She brought me a drumstick and train book. | Love, David | Age 3

31: Tessa Katherine | You were the first person I called when I found out I was pregnant with Tessa. It was New Year's Eve, 2010 and I wanted you to be the first to hear the news since you were serving your mission and would miss her birth. While in the hospital, we skyped with you on the computer. You watched as David was introduced to Tessa for the very first time. It was a challenge being separated from you at this time. I missed your comfort and support but could feel extra blessings because you were serving a mission. | Since you weren’t able to attend her baby blessing, you sent her a beautiful white dress. It was your way of holding her in your arms on that special day. You were finally able to meet face to face when Tessa was 7 and 1/2 months old. | 10 months

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