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S: The End of an Era! Eliot Weinman 2003-2011

FC: President, Events & Media Division of Yankee Group Founder of 4G World | The End of an Era! Eliot Weinman 2003-2011

1: To: Eliot From: Your Events Team You will truly be missed by all of us! | "I've been doing this for a long time. I've done all of your jobs. I did it all myself. It only took 10 minutes." - Eliot Weinman

2: Remember us this way... | Yankee Group Events

3: Sales: John Howard Mark | OPS: Jessica Erin Jen | Marketing: Kate Program: Andy

4: Michael Hughes Christie George Dan Kara Jim Wagner Karen Peabody Jonathan Singer Dan Gorgone Brian Dolan Vanessa Martinez Maureen Estony Seth Lawton Berge Ayvazian Angeline Alexakos James Hansen Emily Green | Vanessa Majkut Carolyn Jolin Linda O'Donnell Debbie Jennette Jim Sadusky Josh Weinman | Diary of the Departed | Temps & Contractors

6: WiMAX World 2006 Boston, MA - Seaport | We learned that Eliot doesn't wear deodorant on this night | Staff dinner at Fleming's Steakhouse!

7: Josh finished up everyone's champagne! | Cherie: "Josh! Your mother's going to kill me!!!!" | Jen's first event | HAHAHAHA! Another Irish Coffee??

8: WiMAX World Europe 2007 Vienna, Austria | Eliot's Birthday!

10: WiMAX World USA 2007 Chicago, IL - McCormick Place | Eliot was LOVING those registration lines! | Obviously Jen had the best seat in the house! | Kate: Allergic to shellfish Andy: "Lobster Please!"

11: Gene and Georgetti's | Staff Dinner! | On our way out we had to wake up Berge in the other room!

12: Mobile Internet World 2007 Boston, MA - Hynes Convention Center

14: WiMAX World EMEA 2008 Mobile Internet World Summit Munich, Germany | Jess's 1st Event! | Eliot left us all alone for this show!

15: BEER | ME | A | BEER

16: WiMAX World USA 2008 Chicago, IL - McCormick Place | We must have made money, Eliot sprung for a Limo! | Eliot: "Charge it to Jason Shore"

17: Moved to the West Building!

18: Mobile Internet World 2008 Boston, MA - BCEC | Howard's Birthday!

20: 4G World & Mobile Internet World 2009 Chicago, IL - McCormick Place | Eliot's Book Signing!!! | Emily was not a fan of Eliot's expense report after this dinner!

21: Jen & Eliot's STEAK!

22: 4G World 2010 Chicago, IL - McCormick Place | YG Staff Dinner at the Webber Grill | James: "I'm the 4Gest!"

23: Eliot: "Jen, how much $$$ did we get in so far?"

24: This is a funny story from RoboNexus 2005 Two guys from India attended the event and they wanted to pay us in cash for exhibit space. The normal cost of exhibit space was $5K and they offered us $2500 in cash. Eliot & I told them they could not do that and they had to pay the full amount if they wanted to exhibit at the show. The Indian guys got very upset and they would not stop arguing with Eliot. They were arguing for about 15 minutes and then I had to pull Mark off the Expo floor in case we needed help with these guys. Finally Eliot got very upset and I believe we let these guys exhibit at a discounted rate and the argument ended after about 1/2 hour. It was very funny watching Eliot argue with these guys. - Howard | Memories & Laughs from over the years... | Historically tough account/Sales Meeting Laughs –ohhhh: Up in Toronto 11/96, Eliot and Mark have a morning meeting with SAP’s Year 2000 Marketing VP for Americas, El calls SAP “sap” one minute into the meeting.the guy is totally uptight and says if you call SAP “sap” one more time, this meeting is overwell, it happened again within minute 4, and it ended pretty quickly from there! Incredible visionaries: Seeing Eliot introduce Mayor “Mumbles” Menino on the keynote stage in 2006, and then Mumbles trips all over what little he knew of the telecom sector to our WW audience! A true luminary! - Mark

25: How the temp agency described Trendsmedia to me: Trendsmedia was Office Team’s #1 choice for me BUT they did “warn” me that if I were looking for an office environment where people gather in the hall or around the water cooler to chat, then this was not the place for me. It was a quiet office, where people kept to themselves and worked hard. They had tried to place a number of people here, but none had worked out so they wanted to make sure I knew what I was getting into – they didn’t want to lose the business. I assured them that it would not be a problem, I could use some quiet after leaving my last job working as a teacher at a residential home for autistic children. They gave me the address and told me to be there for 8:30 Monday morning. - Erin | My first day: Eliot had told me that the Northboro office was just a mile or two from his house... Needless to say I got lost and couldn't find the place. I was worried that I was going to be late and look bad on my first day so I pulled into Dunkin Donuts (which as we all know, is a minute down the street) and tried calling the office. The phone rang and rang and finally after 20 minutes of calling Erin answered and told me how to get there. I found out quickly that Eliot wasn't generally in the office at 8am ;) - Jen | First Wireless Security Conference in Santa Clara Josh was helping us and basically building a house out of all our signage in the storage room. Now he is a college graduate. - John

26: 4G World 2009 - Staff Dinner at the Chop House Emily had promised Eliot that if we hit our Attendee revenue goal that she would take the Events team out for champagne. Well, Eliot was soo excited that we hit our goal that we went ahead and ordered the MOST EXPENSIVE champagne they had! (Without Emily) He proceeded to look at bottles of wine over $1000 until I had to step in and real him in a bit! Eliot and I did order the largest, most expensive "Tomohock" steak on the menu! It was delish! My mom still raves about that dinner!! Emily was not impressed with that expense report! ;) - Jen | Press Dinner 2009 - Prairie Room, Hyatt I was present for drinks and hors d'oeurves, then I excused myself as the guests sat down for a plated dinner. Early the next morning, I received a frantic message from the Catering Manager asking if Kate was OK. Apparently, Kate thought the crab cake was "shredded chicken", ate it and had a horrible allergic reaction. The hotel called an ambulance to give her an epipen. I am positive that Kate helped pick the menu and am baffled at how this happened. I will never serve shell fish at an event ever again! - Jessica | Our old office: 4 West Main Street, Suite 201 Northborough, MA This office was above Tom's Gourmet Market, next to a Law office, and below Anytime Fitness. Everytime a truck drove by the entire office would vibrate, the train would go by daily, and most afternoons the entire office would take cover at the sound of dumbells dropping above our heads and rumbles from the treadmills. It had a very little known back stairway exit, a large kitchen space, and the bathroom above would regularly leak into Eliot's office. Another regular occurance was the fire alarms going off whenever Tom's kitchen would burn something.

27: RoboNexus 2005 Prior to the event, we were projecting 15K attendees however a few weeks before the event we were all very concerned about attendance and weren't sure if the event was going to be well attended. On the first day of the show, the on-site attendee registration lines were very very long and we were not prepared for such long lines. There were thousands of attendees including business and technology executives, families and children waiting in line to pay their registration fees. We only had a few temps working registration so Eliot had to help out with registration. Most of the attendees were paying their registration fees with cash & Eliot was collecting all the cash and stuffing the cash into his pockets and bags. After collecting thousands of dollars in registration fees, Eliot asked me to walk with him to the bank so that he can deposit all the cash. It was a very memorable experience watching Eliot collect all this cash and walking with him to the bank with his pockets and bags stuffed with thousands of dollars in cash. - Howard | My first day: Since the temp agency had told me to get to Trendsmedia for 8:30am, I showed up to meet with Eliot promptly at 8:30. Luckily, the doors were already unlocked because Eliot did not show up until around 9:30 :) He filled me in on what everyone did and how I would be supporting them. Eliot planned to start me off slowly, answering phones and doing some spread sheeting, so I did not get too overwhelmed. Six months after I started he offered me the Client Services position, and I was no longer a temp. The “slow” time had officially ended!! - Erin | WiMAX World Europe, 2006 Eating at a bug infested swamp in Vienna after the best WiMax World Europe event and having mosquito's getting zapped right over our heads. Then Maureen got us inside and we had the whole place to ourselves for a great celebratory dinner. - John

28: My pre-show routine regarding Eliot's hotel room: 1. Months prior, I let the hotel know that Eliot Weinman is our President and to reserve him the best room in the house. 2. Two months prior, I review the staff list with the hotel and remind them that Eliot is our VIP guest. Two years ago, he had a bad experience at the hotel and if they don't "wow" him, we will NEVER return to the hotel again. 3. One month prior to the show, the hotel wants to know my "hot buttons" to include in our group resume. I tell them that Eliot's room must be perfect. Pristine. Top Floor. Best Views. Shower him with gifts, wine and food (not on us, but from the hotel.) I make them believe that all hell will break loose if Eliot's room is not perfect. 4. Two weeks prior: Is there anything else I need? Yes, make Eliot's room perfect. See #3 5. Day of Eliot's arrival: I check Eliot's room to make sure it is immaculate. (Three hours after Eliot's expected arrival: He emails me that he decided to come a day late. There better not be any dust-bunnies in his room tomorrow!) 6. Show Day 1: Eliot tells me his room is OK, but they didn't send him a gift. PFTLKHPHT!!!!!!!! 7. End of Show Day 1: Eliot emails me that the Hotel did send him a gift, but he didn't see it on the counter...his room was too big. :-) I hope you had a good stay, Eliot! - Jessica | Sales Golfing outings with Eliot and Howard Always an adventure and really we should have all been wearing helmets when those guys were hitting. - John | WiMAX World 2004 Not enough ordered coffee drives attendees “bezerk” at the Park Plaza between morning sessions break! - Mark

29: Jen & Erin's Vienna Travel Adventure: 9 Hour layover at the Heathrow airport, Mark insist's that we get a hotel room. Grabbed a "hotel hoppa," which it took 10 minutes to purchase a ticket for, and got to the hotel around 1am. Had to pay for it, even though we had sent Eliot's credit card info. Got to the room, Panic strings everywhere, it was a handicapped room. One bed, only thing on the TV in English was a TERRIBLE London Game show. We were both dying of thirst, NO vending machine, had to eat ice chips! Jen falls asleep crying, Erin pretends not to hear her. (We weren't that close yet.) Wake up after an hour of sleep to take a shower in the middle of the bathroom, remember it's handicapped, and go back to the airport. Get to the ACV, where Maureen is ready for us to get to work... SIGHHHH!!! Jen's first behind reg. experience, had kanker soars the whole week. Return Trip: Another layover in Heathrow, this one only an hour, FIRE IN THE TERMINAL! Made Jen and Erin miss there flight, pushed Erin over the edge and she finally breaks down. Jen misses her sister's High School Graduation, Erin misses her College Reunion! ::MORE TEARS:: MIW 2007 Erin and Jen are to meet Maureen in a conference room at the hotel to sort freight and stuff tote bags. Something comes up and Maureen is MIA. Sooo... Erin and Jen spend the next 6 hours stuffing every tote and plastic bag! Completely dry eyed and dehydrated because of all the paper in the room AND our backs were throbbing... end up belly up on the floor stretching out our backs. Meet Maureen later in the rooftop VIP lounge for drinks and dinner. WINK.. WINK... Next year, the following Mobile Internet World we requested reinforcements for sorting and stuffing. Howard and Brian were happy to help ;) - Erin & Jen

30: Summer Outing 2010 - Duck Boat & Lego's We had just gotten back from the Duck Boat outing and they dropped us off for our community service. The ops team lingered behind to make sure that Eliot and Howard did not skip out. We were the last group to join the activities, which included "playing with Lego's." Eliot was less than thrilled, he proceeded to walk around chatting and "overseeing" the groups. He then came over to Erin and Jen, who had just finished putting together their pieces and scooped it up to pass in as his own work. Eliot was acting like misbehaving child that day. It was hilarious! - Jen & Erin

31: Each show on Conference Day 1, I would spend the morning standing in the back of the Keynote Room while Eliot sat in the front of the Keynote Room text messaging me for 2 hours. In between the messages, I spent my time threatening the Catering staff not to make any noise during our Keynotes! - Jessica | Belly Dancer rocks the house at Application Development Trends May '96 - Mark | Mike Hughes - what was up with that guy?! Berge and Eliot - what a pair. - John

32: The Launch of RoboNexus International Conference & Expo Eliot, our partner Dan and I launched the RoboNexus International Conference & Exposition in April 2004 and the event was held on October 21-23, 2004, at the Santa Clara Convention Center. In just six months, we produced the largest robotics event ever held in the U.S. with 15,000 attendees and 50,000 square feet of robotic exhibition space. RoboNexus featured over 50,000 square feet of robotics products, technologies, competitions and robots from the leading research labs in the world. It was a great experience working closely with Eliot to produce this event. - Howard | Eliot is: - Our best Editor - Loves hotel points - Innovator -Entrepreneur - A huge fan of receiving commissions from our vendors - Great at predicting registration numbers - An author - Going to be missed!

33: A Toast to you Eliot!

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