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S: Sarah's Bridal Shower 6.18.11

FC: Our Favorite Memories of You | Our Dreams for your Future | A gift from the women that love you Sarah's Bridal Shower - 6.18.11

1: Sarah, How difficult this has turned out to be... I have so many wonderful memories of you - my baby girl. I think of your warm little hand in mine when we went roller-skating, cuddling with you at night reading your favorite books - the "Miss Nelson" books, The Do-Something Day, Annie and the Wild Animals, Corderoy... we always had bunny with us! I remember when we were "roomies" at Laura's soccer tournament and stayed on the 5th floor of a dorm. It was so hot, you asked me if we were in Hell! You grew into this little girl who really knew herself and didn't much care what other girls wore - you did your own thing. I watched you cheer with my heart in my throat... you were awesome and fearless. Now you're an adult and I'm so proud of you - I love how caring and patient you are in your work. Sarah, you've always had a way to make me smile and to laugh at myself. I will treasure you and love you always. My dream for you and Chris is that you take joy and each other's accomplishments, support one another when one of you faces loss or disappointment, forgive one another when one of you causes the other pain, then let it go, take comfort in the love you have for each other and then watch that love grow to include others, and my fondest hope is that one day you will be creating a memory book for a child of you own. Love, Mom

2: Sar, Some of my fondest memories with you obviously start with our childhood, growing up at 4256 Laurel Ridge Drive. I may have pretended as though I was just being a good older sister by letting you sleep in my bed almost every night, but the truth is that I remember really enjoying the company. It was especially fun when Laura would join us by sleeping across the bottom of the bed :) Even though I may not have been your cool sister - sled-riding with you down the dangerous hill in the backyard or tying you to the back of a bike and whipping you around, we have always had a strong relationship as sisters. In our younger years, I remember you being our little family comedian. Whenever we had made Mom angry, we'd send you in because you were sure to make her laugh. Looking back on it now, I feel bad that you were the spectator for all of our events before you could participate yourself. You were dragged to every dance recital, piano concert, and high school graduation. But then Laura and I got to sneak in and watch your dance numbers finally. We got to come home from college to see you get ready for your first dance and eventually graduate from Hampton. Then it was time for you to go to college. I had no business getting in the car that morning to move you in to IUP, but I wasn't missing that for the world! Do you remember when I drove up to IUP to visit you for the first time? You showed me around, took me out to a dirty frat, and we had a blast. That was one of the first times that I was able to see you as more than my baby sister but instead as a good friend. Then when it was time for you to graduate, Laura and I decided to show up in the same outfit... Sorry about that! Your 21st was an awesome time for all of us. I think I recall Mardi Gras being celebrated on the South Side??? I also recall most of us being sicker than you the next morning. Almost exactly three years ago, you stepped up for me big time and offered to drive me wherever I wanted to go out after Shaler's graduation. And because of you and Chris, I asked Justin out that night and the rest has been history! Sar, we have had so many amazing memories, and we have so many more to come.

3: My wish for you and Chris is Simple: | ALWAYS remember why you fell in love and to continue to fall deeper in love each year. When things get a little tough or a lot stressful, you have one another and that’s an amazing thing. Have fun, enjoy, cherish and honor one another. I am being honest when I say that I am positive you two have a lifetime of happiness and joy ahead of you. I love you both., Kate

4: proud and armed with candy for another day. We would head home, wash off the sunscreen and sit in front of mom and dad's tiny tv, braiding mom's hair. And now, we are older, but I still love meeting you at the pool, though more likely for a salad, some trashy magazine reading and girl talk. You've always been there to listen and not judge what I say. What an amazing sister and friend you are to me :) | Sar - Almost all of my childhood memories involve you. In the winter, we would transform our basement into grocery stores, Aerobics studios, and Olympic gymnastics sets. You were truly the best Dominique Moceanu I've ever seen... In the summertime, we were even more inseparable, riding our bikes or racing on rollerblades. My favorite memories with you are probably from Wildwood pool... the hours we spent perfecting our dives, emerging red-eyed,

5: My Dream for you and Chris is: That you remember the feeling you had about him when you called me at Penn State to tell me you met this hot guy... That you go back to college from time to time (in spirit) -- have fun going out with each other and getting a little silly... That you open your hearts to new experiences and possibilities you haven't yet considered, and That your concern for one another never fades as time marches on. All my love, Laura

6: Sarah just loved babies and could not wait to hold her new nieces and nephews. When our family would visit in Wheeling or Pittsburgh , Sarah would battle her two older sisters to have first dibs at holding and feeding either Alexander or Adele. Sarah and I still laugh about all the precautions put in place so that the baby would not roll off her lap or choke! | I will also remind Sarah that once her cousin Alexander was mobile, she felt a little different when he visited her family and rearranged a few things in her bedroom. She complained to her mother that Alexander had messed up her room and "she knew that baby would be trouble!" This has become a favorite quote in our family for many years.

7: Sarah, It seemed obvious from the first time we met Chris that you each felt deep fondness for each other and only time would tell if that were the case. Your engagement just confirmed that it was your destiny to marry and spend your lives together. The marriage is just one of many dreams that you will have as husband and wife. Our dream for you is that you have a long life filled with love, family, friends and support for each other regardless of the problem or challenge. Give each other space to grow as individuals and take time to grow together. Cherish the good memories and even when things do not go so well, look for the lessons and count your blessings. Love, Aunt Laura and Adele

8: My Favorite Memories with You: I am so thankful and lucky that you are part of so many of my childhood memories. I don't know how Id pick my favorite memory with you because every moment we've spent together was special in some way. All of our times at Grandma and Pap Paps are memories that I treasure. I remember the countless hours that we played The Anything Store, and how excited we would get when Pap Pap let us eat our lunches on the porch. I can still picture Pap Pap appearing at the third floor window when Grandma called up to him to bring creamsicles to his granddaughters at the pool. I love thinking about all of our special sleepovers. It became a ritual that when you’d spend the night in Emsworth we would play in my garage and go to the wave pool with my dad. Sleepovers at your house were extra special to me. I vividly remember the day when we realized that we were too heavy to ride in your Power Wheels together. I remember the day we went to see your new house and how nervous I felt that it wouldn’t be the same as the house you grew up in. I quickly realized that it didn’t matter where you put us, as long as we were together we would continue to make wonderful memories together. It was hard going away to school knowing that we wouldn’t be a quick car ride away from one another, but we never lost touch and I never felt like we were far away. When we came home after our first year of

9: college, we somehow managed to make a summer job seem like anything but work. Even on the hottest days of the summer when we were forced to work on the patio of Diamond Run, I had fun because I was with you. Although I have had countless fun times with you, I know I can always count on you when times get tough too. You are always one of the first people at my side that can make me smile when things aren’t looking up. You have such a positive outlook on everything and you’ve always helped me to see the bright side. I hope that someday my daughter has someone in her life that is as special as you are to me. Someone to laugh and cry with and call her not only her cousin, but her friend. | My Dream For You and Chris: I remember sitting in my dorm room sophomore year and getting the IM from you when you told me you’d met Chris. The happiness and excitement with which you spoke to me on that day is the happiness and excitement I hear in your voice when you still speak about Chris. My dream for you is that you and Chris will always hold this happiness in your hearts. I know that you both will live a lifetime filled with joy and love for one another. I have never met two people that are a better fit for each other and I couldn’t be happier for you! | Amanda

12: My wish for Sarah and Chris is that they remember how happy and in love they are. I've seen them together from the beginning when they first started dating... to when they got engaged and got Foxy... and to now, when they're celebrating how truly in love they are. Always remember those times, Sar, and build on them to create the wonderfully happy future that I know is in store for both of you. I love you guys! | Honestly, I don't think I can pick a favorite memory... we had 6 great years together and I wouldn't trade them for anything. Sar was my second half throughout college and I couldn't have done it without her. Like I've always said, you are like my second sister! Brittany

13: Sar/Sar bear/Sarsie/Swells/Bia (remember that song?!?), It is so hard to choose a favorite memory with you because so many things cross my mind! I still think back to undergrad and totally understand why everyone says college is the best time of your life. I’d have to say one of my favorite memories is Halloween weekend of freshman year. It was right after we met in front of the house we were going to move into as sophomores. I had never even seen you before, despite the fact that all of our classes were in the same building. We went out just us new room-mates that weekend and I remember us being attached at the hip. I remember feeling so relieved and excited that we got along so well and were going to be room-mates. Then we started hitting up the caf daily and the rest is history! I always had so much fun with you regardless of what we were doing shopping, going out on the weekends, attempting to be studious in the library, or just sitting in our apartment talking. Thank you for being such an amazing friend :) I still remember the first time we met Chris (when we were like 19 it’s crazy how time flies!!!). I also remember you running into my room and jumping on my bed to wake me up the night after your first date. You were so incredibly happy. I am so excited that you are getting married! I wish you and Chris all the best. You are both such caring people who truly complement each other. If you guys ever end up in Boston (or feel the urge to come do touristy New England things like whale watching or something), you know you always have a friend to stay with (and I’d take you places!) Can’t wait to see you!!!! Jazzy

14: It is funny, because if I hadn't met Kaylan, I don't think I would have ever met Sarah, which would have been a real shame because she is one of my favorite people. Kaylan and Chris were already friends when I met Kaylan and the 4 of us instantly clicked. Even with our busy schedules, especially with Sarah and Chris at IUP and Kay and me at Duquesne, we still managed to meet up every once in a while and it felt like we had just seen each other the day before. I don't think I have ever laughed as hard as when the 4 of us get together. One of my favorite memories with Sarah was when we went up to IUP to visit for the weekend and Sarah and Chris decided to throw a cookout. Being 2 years behind Sarah in school, I was only a freshman in college and was in awe over Sarah's domestic skills - making dinner for so many people. With her instruction, I helped Sarah to make hamburgers for the cook out. "Make them small, they really cook up" she said. Well I didn't know, so we made them smaller...only to discover when Chris went to grill them that instead of burgers we got minuscule charred beef cakes that cooked through in about 4 minutes. We thought it was hilarious, but I still think of her and that night every time I make hamburgers. It turned out to be a great party otherwise

15: I am so happy for Sarah and Chris and feel blessed to share this time with them. They are a great example of a loving and caring relationship (even if they don't think they are!). I hope that they always remember the way they felt when they first started dating - that giddy and excited feeling every time you look over at your date is irreplaceable. Also, from what I have witnessed, a happy marriage usually entails never losing yourself - always remember your friends and every now and then spend time without your significant other. I know you two will be so happy -- you guys are Bensoncence! :) | Missy

16: My Dream for Sarah and Chris is that the smiles and laughter they now share continue through their entire life together. Also, a few grandchildren would be nice. Amy | There are so many memories to choose from. My favorite memory would have to be her at the beach. She seemed to be smiling and laughing every time I looked at her... even during the 10 hour trip in the back seat of a Cavalier with Chris complaining about having no room.

17: This picture was taken at King Street Grille in downtown Charleston, SC in May 2008 when you and Chris came to visit. The day before we went on the most "amazing" water tour of the city with 7 people crammed in the back of my parents 20 foot boat due to some "unruly" waters. I believe there is a picture somewhere of everyone on the boat with towels on their heads, soaking wet, but we'll spare everyone that beauty! Love, Brandy | I love playing with my Aunt Sarah, but most of all I love helping her check her email and updating her Facebook status on Uncle Tofe's laptop! Love, Emilia | Our wish is that your love for one another grows more each day!

18: My Favorite Memory: When I first saw my mom. I was so confused - she was laughing and crying at the same time. I didn't know if she liked me or not! | Foxy | My Wish for Sarah and Chris: That there is always enough money for doggy treats. That there is a big back yard for me to run in and play. That we will all grow happily old together.

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