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S: Theodore's Heart

FC: 03.07.2011

1: Theodore Abram Enns was born on Monday March 7th at 10:52am. He weighed 8 pounds and 8 ounces at birth and is 21.5 inches long. He was with Mom and Dad in the hospital for 24 hours after birth until his condition was noticed by a nurse. He was then taken to the intermediate care nursery at the HSC in Winnipeg and from there transfered to the NICU where he stayed until March 12th. On the 12th he was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect and was transfered to the University of Alberta Hospital in Edmonton. Theodore's heart does not function the way it should. He has what is called TAPVD (or TAPVR)which essentially means that the blood in his heart mixes and therefore does not deliver fully oxygenated blood to his body. It means that his lungs have to work twice as hard to keep up his oxygen levels. It is a problem that can only be fixed with open heart surgery. Theo and his Mom and Dad need lots of prayers. Theodore is a very handsome little boy, all the nurses think he is the sweetest thing. He is very strong, he loves to hold on to Mom and Dad's fingers and can squeeze them very hard! He loves his soother and as long as he is fed on time is very very content. | Theodore's Story

2: Visitors | Allan Seibert alvina Enns Amber Eidse Andrew Enns Andrew Giesbrecht Anne Friesen Anne Klassen Arleta Martin Ben Banman Ben Banman Bena Ting Brenna McGregor Candice & Andrew Redekopp Catherine Marshall Cathie Kearsley Charlotte Kroeker Charlotte Penner chris lenshyn Christina Redekopp Christine Enns Colleen Enns Conny Krampitz Corinna klassen D Enns Darlene Enns-Dyck | David Waller dolores jardine E B E ENNS E Penner e penner Edwin Epp Elaine Enns Elizabeth Esselmont Emily Peters Erynn Unrau Esther Dyck Evelyn Peters-Rojas Frank Enns Garry Wiens gerhard enns Ginny Sauder Glenda Hollinger Glenn Buck Heather Good Heather Neufeld Heather Ward Helen Peters Hildegarde Peters ian peters | Irene Letkeman Isabelle Jones J P James Friesen Jen Hildebrandt Jennalene Brink Jennifer Enns jennifer forshaw Jennifer Owens Jeremy Kroeker Jerry Klassen Jim Peters Jo Eidse Jocelyn Gordon Jonah Langelotz Josef Estabrooks Joy Perrott Joy Schenkeveld Judy Epp Blatz Julie Daniels Justin Enns Karen Dyck Karen Peters Karin Ens kat peters | kathe leyser Kathy Peters Kerri Pries kim funk Konrad Chan Kristin Buhler Kristy Friesen L Nickel Laura Peters lauren cechvala Lauren Donnelly Leanne Hiebert Lennie Lou Liz Haacke Lora Dyck Lorie Smith Lorraine Plett M B Marcus Enns marcy rothones Margaret Owen Maria Dueck Marilyn Kliewer

3: Mary Penner Mason Jardine megan R Michelle Stoesz Naomi Langelotz Noelle Enns Noni McNichol p k Ramona Turner Ramona Turner Rebekah Koop Robb Nickel Rudy Enns Sandra Krampitz Sarah Yoder Sophie Harling Steph Nickel stephanie estabrooks Stephanie Lambert Stephanie McGregor Sven Krampitz Ted Klassen Tiffany Enns Vanessa Wiens Vicki Eidse | Wendy Sundberg Wilma Johnson | So Cute! Noelle Enns | Oh my goodness, Theo. You look halfway to grown up already! Grandma

4: March 14th- Big News Posted Mar 14, 2011 11:32pm We were told today that Theodore will have his surgery tomorrow. This was a bit of a shock for us as we were told by several doctors and nurses that they like to wait until babies are bigger before they operate. We were prepared to be shipped back to Winnipeg and have him in the NICU there for a few months before coming back here for surgery later. Suddenly everything is happening right away. Because Theo is a full term baby and is so big and strong they are able to operate now. We met with the surgeon Dr. Ross and he was very confident about the procedure. He told us that there are three aspects of the surgery, first to connect three veins to the left upper part of the heart, second to close the hole between the left and right upper parts of the heart, and thirdly to connect a forth vein to the left upper part of the heart. The forth vein is the tricky one, he said it is the most at risk to narrow later in life (It will narrow before age one if it does). However he also said that that one vein only collects 8% of the oxygen from one lung. Apparently some adults have narrowing of that vein and don't even know it. He assured us that Theo will probably not need a follow up surgery later in his life. The surgery should take between 4 and 5 hours from the time they begin to sedate him until they have completed the procedure. As reassuring as all of this sounds its very scary. They are going to open up our little boy, and that is very hard to fathom. The surgery is scheduled for 12:00pm but the time is somewhat dependent on how the surgery before his goes. We will have to wait and see, which is the story of our lives right now, wait and see. Mom and Dad are holding up fairly well most of the time, tomorrow will be a very difficult day for all of us.

5: by Frank Enns Theodore is a precious gift; we are praying you through this day and for a quick recovery knowing that God is with you all. Frank & Brenda by Judy Epp Blatz We have experienced the power of prayer by friends who pray for us during a difficult time. I know you will also be strengthened by the many prayers on your behalf. by Anne Friesen We are praying for Theodore and you all. Jerry and Anne by Jo Eidse Praying that all goes well and that Theodore heals quickly. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. Uncle Kerry and Auntie Jo by Lauren Donnelly Sending you nothing but good thoughts. My prayers are with your family today. by Ben Banman Thinking of you guys today! by J P You are in expert care...both surgically and with God. May your belief and faith give you peace. Joan/Derek by Candice & Andrew Redekopp The human body has an amazing capacity for healing...babies in particular. We'll be keeping Theo and his family in our prayers. Candice & Andrew by Irene Letkeman Marble Falls RV MDS down here in Texas has grandparent volunteers who have a year old grandson who is on this road. We'll be praying much for y'all. Love you!!! by Jeremy Kroeker We are holding you in our prayers and hearts. Know that we love you. Sarah and Jeremy by jennifer forshaw We are praying for all of you Jen and Dave by Emily Peters Love you guys. Praying for ya. by Mary Penner Sounds like your in the right place for Theodore's care. He'll do great! Babies have so much stamina.God made him and will help to complete the miracle.Hug a lot! Mary & Abe Penner. by Jen Hildebrandt PRAYING! by Rudy Enns Wish we could be there to wait with you - but we will wait and pray here. God is near to each one of us, and so we are near to each other. mom & dad by Edwin Epp You are in our thoughts and prayers. May God give strength for this day and guide to full health for Theodore. Ruth and Edwin by Anne Friesen you are in our prayers. Today will be a difficult day for you, but just remember to lean on God. by E ENNS Our prayers are with you today and in the days to come. Love R & E by Vicki Eidse Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Shaun & Vicki by chris lenshyn oh ya... and we miss you three! by chris lenshyn you have a very special little boy. Much love and prayer for you today and the days to follow. by JIM PETERS remember that today like all days we in Gods hands. We love you so much and we will be praying constantly today Daddy by L Nickel We are keeping you all very close in our hearts and prayers. I get choked up just thinking about you are going through and how beautiful that little boy is! Lois Nickel by Darlene Enns-Dyck Unceasing prayer...Darlene by Jennifer Owens Theodore is beautiful! We are holding you all in our thoughts and prayers. by Lora Dyck Praying for you! God be with all of you today! by Charlotte Kroeker May He who loves all of you beyond all measure hold you gently in the palm of His hand. by Julie Daniels well that is exciting, and scary! i can't even imagine! i love you both! even people at my work who don't know you are thinking of you!! xo by Ramona Turner Praying for all of you and especially to guide the doctors hands. Sam says she misses having you at youth, can't wait for you all three to come home. Ramona, Tim, Mandy & Samantha by Robb Nickel May you feel God surrounding you with his love and care on this day. We offer our prayers to God for those doing the surgery today, for Theodore, and for you, Rebekah and Michael. Sally & Robb by Anne Klassen Our quilters and our small group all have heard and will be in prayer for you. God is good, His timing is perfect, and He will be with you and Theodore forever. Praying hard - Anne K. by Hildegarde Peters Our thoughts and prayers are with you ! H&H Peters by kim funk we will be praying for you all. With much love John Kim and family by Sophie Harling All my thoughts are with you three!!!!!! by Sven Krampitz Thanks for sharing the news. I have been praying a lot for Theo and the two of you and you will be in my prayers and thoughts today!! God is with you! by Helen Peters Thank you for the info. We are praying, and have our church praying. We will send a note out for prayers during the surgery. Aunt Helen & Uncle Fred by Karin Ens Theo will do great tomorrow! He has all of us backing him up in our thoughts and prayers. Try to get some sleep tonight, beautiful family of Enns's. Soon all three of you can come home. by Ted Klassen Dear Theodore's Family, Thank you for making it possible to get the updates & communicate. What a beautiful baby! We have been & will continue to hold all of you in our thoughts & prayers. We pray that God will guide all aspects of the successful surgery and every step of a quick recovery. May you find comfort in knowing that "He's got little Theodore in His hand." Blessings to you all. Ted & Joanne Klassen by Esther Dyck Holding all 3 of you up in prayer right now. We will be praying throughout the day!

6: After the surgery Posted Mar 15, 2011 11:09pm Theo went in for surgery at noon as planned. It was hard to let him go, we snuggled with him all morning knowing that we won't be able to hold him for a few days is very emotional. The surgery was uneventful and the surgeon was very pleased with how things went. He was out of surgery by 3:45, but we couldn't go in to see him until 5:00 as he was getting set up in the PICU (pediatric intensive care unit). He is doing pretty well considering, they tell us the next 24 hours are the most important. He has a lot of tubes, wires and IVs in him. He is on a respirator for now so he can rest, and if need be they will put him on a pacemaker to help his heart out for a while. His heart rate has been pretty high which the doctors tell us is normal, and they will control it if it becomes a problem with the pacemaker and medication. It never occurred to me that the heart would swell up due to the surgery- just like any injured body part. I am just so glad that these doctors know so much about this. Dr. Ross was so routine about the process, he does this everyday after all. Unbelievable. Theo is on a lot of morphine (well a lot for his little body) so he is totally unaware of the pain, and everything else. It is good to know he is not hurting, but it does hurt us to see him this way. For now Theo is resting and Daddy is sitting with him. Mommy became quite faint upon seeing him and could only sit with him for a few hours before she needed to rest, she is trying not to feel badly about that. Thank you for all the well wishes, thoughts and prayers we can feel the support. Please keep praying for us as Theo recovers.

7: by Jerry Klassen Folks We want you to know that Doreen and I are praying with you as you walk this very hard road. Let God be your Strength. Jerry and Doreen by Garry Wiens Thanks be to God...Rebecca you have been through lots and need to rest. I'm sure Michael is very willing to be with Theo so you can recover and get strong so you can both assume your "roles" when you get home and back to normal. Blessings to you (all three)! Isn't God amazing thru the faciity of modern medicine and doctors...he gives the knowledge and gifting to even those people to carry out his will and miracles :) Love Garry &Anne by JIM PETERS Hi Well you made it through day one. They should go better each day. I love you all so much. Tell Theo tha opa can't wait to play blocks with him by stephanie estabrooks Theo please tell mommy and Daddy they are doing great. that they should rest lots and hold each other when they can't hold you. we are all praying for you and hope you are well. by Konrad Chan hooray for Dr. Ross!! by Lorie Smith it's so good to hear the surgery went well! i'm still sending a ton of love and prayers your way, i miss you bex and can't wait to meet theo =) by Cathie Kearsley We are standing with you in prayer. Cathie by Elaine Enns We've been praying for all three of you, and will continue to do so. We're so happy to hear that the surgery is done, and that it went well. Love and prayers, Elaine, Sieg, Natalie, Emily & Maddy by Arleta Martin Thank you for keeping us updated. I'm glad to hear that surgery went well. Thanks also for sharing your feelings about how difficult it is to hand Theo over to the doctors for surgery. Katrina had her baby at 1:30 AM on the same day Theo was born. Having just spent a week with baby Mona, I thought of you so much last week when I heard about the heart condition and the bittersweet of me holding my precious little granddaughter and how hard that would be if we had to face what you are. You are so brave. God's blessings to you as you go through this difficult time. -Arleta by e penner Thank you for sharing this journey with us, so that we know what to pray for. We will continue to pray for Theo's full recovery, and strength and guidance for the two of you. We love you Aunt Elsie, Uncle Jack by Jen Hildebrandt So good to hear that the surgery went well. Did a lot of praying yesterday and will keep on! Thanks for keeping us updated on how things are going. Stay strong for Theo! Love you guys by Anne Klassen Yippee - well, at least part of it is over. Remember to rest and eat well when you have a chance so you are at your best when you do get to hold, cuddle, and play with Theo. by Jerry Klassen Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Our prayers are with your family. Praying for a good recovery for Theo. We know that God is in control and we need to keep our focus on Him now and always. Jerry & Doreen by Erynn Unrau Becca, Mike & Theo, It's so good to hear that you're on the road to recovery! The PICU can be an intimidating, scary place, hang in there, you're not alone through any of this! Continuing to pray... Erynn by Sven Krampitz Thanks for the good news that the surgery went well! I will keep praying for you and that Theo will perfectly recover! by Jennifer Owens YAY Theo!(and Mom & Dad too) Big hugs sent to you all from the Owens family. Stay strong! by jennifer forshawWe are so very thankful for wonderful surgeons and nurses who took care of Theo so well during the sugery. Rebecca and Mike, keep yourselves well too! Jen & Dave by Michelle Stoesz We are praying for all you! by Rudy Enns We had given oma & opa a picture of Theodore on Sunday. Today oma was working at the Thrift Store, and she had Theo's picture with her. They knew the surgery was supposed to happen today, and you know that they prayed all day. They were so happy to hear the good news. Mom by Ben Banman So happy to hear that the surgery went well! Get some sleep, you deserve it! Love, Ben and Sam by Ramona Turner Great News Becca! We are thinking of you. Take care of yourself, your body needs rest too. Feel our BIG, but gentle hugs. by alvina Enns We feel with you Mike and Rebecca. May God continue to give you strength and patients as you trust that He is in control. Wishing for a speedy recovery. we love you all and hope to see all of you soon. Uncle John and Tante Alvina by Charlotte Penner What a relief it must be for you to have this surgery over. We will continue to hold Theo and you as parents in our prayers. by Judy Epp Blatz I'm so glad to hear that the surgery went well. Please remember to sleep so you're ready for Theo as he recovers. Theo is such a darling in the photos! by Vicki Eidse Praise the Lord!!!! Praying for you. by lauren cechvala Thinking about you guys big time! by Emily Peters PS - So proud of his Mom and Dad too! You guys are amazing! by Emily Peters So glad it went so smoothly! Lots of love from Aunty Em.

8: back in the NICU Posted Mar 16, 2011 9:11pm Today has been a good day. Theo got to move back to the NICU at around 4 this afternoon. Last night they had to use a pacemaker to get his heart to beat slower and since then it has been doing good. And since that was the only real concern coming out of the surgery he was ready to move back. Becca also had a better day and was able to sit with Theo without the queasiness. He still has lots of tubes and IV's but those will decrease as the days pass. They are hoping to remove his chest tube this evening or early tomorrow morning. It is still almost impossible to believe that yesterday his heart was stopped and fixed and restarted! We are also feeling very grateful for our health care system and we will be paying our taxes quite willingly this year.

9: by Esther Dyck Still praying for you guys! Theo is a blessed little boy to have you both as parents and such good medical staff to take care of him. May God's presence be felt by you both. by Jo Eidse Checking up on you all and glad to hear all is going well with good steps towards recovery. It is truly amazing what can be done to fix hearts, and we are so thankful that God can heal through the hands of surgeons and other medical staff. Take care of yourselves too, Mike and Becca. Love Auntie Jo by Karen Dyck Thanks so much for the updates (and the very sweet pictures). So happy to hear that surgery is done & things are looking good. You are all in our thoughts & prayers! Blessings, Karen & Kevin Dyck by stephanie estabrooks joijogjhogjhojhogjokfgggggggggggggggggggggggggglkkkkkkmlkgjhkglhghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhlghmlkgmhglhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhh,glklgkmgkgn klg j james by Liz Haacke So glad things went well with the surgery and that recovery seems to be going well. Praying for you all. by Candice & Andrew Redekopp That is wonderful to hear! Looking forward to when our little ones can play together :) Our health care system truly is a blessing. Hope you are able to stay's hard to remember to take care of yourself when you're so focused on your baby. Praying for continued healing and strength for all of you. by kat peters Hey you guys! So glad that things are going better. Can't wait for you all to come home, but I will have lots of patience because the wait is worth it! We send all of our love your way. Auntie Katja (and Dan) by dolores jardine Love to all.You are in our prayers.Can't wait to hold and snuggle our dear wee one. God bless you and keep you all. Love GG and gramps by Karen Peters Glad things are progressing as the docs think they should. We are all still praying and look forward to seeing you all Mom by Helen Peters Praise God for his sustaining, healing presence, as well as a great country with a fabulous health system. Uncle Fred & aunt Helen by Josef Estabrooks Stephanie says "my co-workers are all willingly paying their taxes and thinking of you as they do it, hoping that all our taxes go to such worthy causes" by JIM PETERS Hi becca, mike, & Theo. Glad you has a better day today. If your wondering why I respond so sun, its because I check everytime I sit down. I look at the pictures all the time. More interesting than tax returns Love Daddy by Judy Epp Blatz We're so glad to hear that Theo is making progress. Hang in there, Becca! You have a wonderful family to lean on.

10: No more yucky tube Posted Mar 18, 2011 10:43am Yesterday Theo had his chest tube removed. This is the tube which was draining extra fluid from around his heart. It was very fast to remove it, and they closed up the hole and now he just has the ventilator and 3 IVs. which seems like a lot on a little guy but it looks way better already.Each little step is a bit closer to coming home.We find that we are still unable to relax about Theo, we still worry about if he is breathing enough or too much and how fast his heart is going. Its difficult to believe that just two days ago they opened up his heart and fixed it.Today is another day, and hopefully he will be well enough to remove the ventilator. He has been "breathing over it" which means he is breathing on his own and the ventilator is just kicking in if it needs too. This is apparently a good sign.Once again we wait and see what today will bring.

11: by Michelle Stoesz Thank you for the update. We continue to pray for you. May you feel God's presence. by Jeremy Kroeker Thanks for the update! I'm glad things are going well for Theo. I hope we can talk sometime in the future when you're feeling up to it. by Joy Schenkeveld we were so happy to hear that wee Theo is doing so well--What a little fighter ! We continue praying for a quick recovery and return to Winnipeg. Thinking of you--Love Aunt Joy & Uncle Cor by stephanie estabrooks Theodore your big cousin James tells everyone to pray for you - just like mommy and daddy, nana and opa do. we pray that you will be home soon so James can hold you again. James has so many things to teach you. .lrkt.lrkttv kl; tk; k;vk;;k;lk; jtk hkt t kth t.gljkltj/jhgflg.djfhjd/dnjkk.ddhs/djfhkdfhknhrjkcjkjd kthkjhkrhkj kjhkr vkkkkkkh hjkr k krh h kr kkkkkkkkkk k kkkkkhrkjh krh we Love you lots (James says) Love James and auntie Annie by Emily Peters Lots of love from Aunty Em. Wish I was there to help you take your deep breaths Becca. But you're a big girl now so you can do that all by yourself. Just remember I'm super proud to have a sister like you. I'm impressed by both you and Mike for being so brave and keeping up with that great sense of humour. Don't forget to take care of yourselves. Love ya. by Irene Letkeman Sounds like he's a fighter and definitely has the Great Physician on his side! Our MDS team prays for y'all at morning devotions. Thanks for the updates. by Garry Wiens Hi BEcca & Mike: Are you able to get any rest. It is difficult to go thru this with your little one and leave to sleep. We know we had a ctitical baby many years ago when one of our twin daughters arrested a the age of five weeks. So May God continue to makes his presence felt and may you know that you are in many prayers continually through this experience. Love Garry & Anne by Allan Seibert All of you are in my thoughts and prayers. Theodore is competing at the level of an Olympic athlete, proportionate to his age, and the prize is life and love and fulfilling all the promise God has poured into his tiny body. -Allan Siebert by Rudy Enns So much has happened in the last (almost) two weeks, it's perfectly understandable that you two new parents are a little tense. It's sometimes hard to relax even around a 'healthy' baby. As you said, today is another day - we wait and see what today will bring. Try not to fear what might happen; trust that whatever does happen will be ok in the big picture. love you all; mom by Lorraine Plett Hi Becca & Michael, I continue checking the website each day for updates on your little angel. My thoughts and prayers continue coming your way; looking forward to see all three of you! Lorraine by Rudy Enns So very glad and thankful that Theo continues improving each day. There are so many people waiting with you and praying for quick and total recovery. by Charlotte Penner Every step no matter how small is an encouragement. So glad that tube is gone. What a relief, so all of them will be gone as well. I too pray that you are able to get the rest you need, and hold on to the truth that Darlene speaks...may that speak peace into your hearts as you journey forward, and homeward...what a homecoming that will be. by JIM PETERS nice to read your update. It was so nice to talk to your yesturday. Please tell Theo that I am very proud of him, and you two as well. by Ramona Turner I only begin to imagine how hard this is on you two, your immediate family, and your friends who are family. We're praying for all of you. Theo is taking baby steps to come home, one day at a time. Thanks for keeping us in the loop this way. Its a great way to keep the information flowing. by Darlene Enns-Dyck Hooray for the removal of the yucky tube!! Seems natural that you would find it hard to've been through a whole lot. What an introduction to parenting. I will be praying for God to grant you peace...and rest...knowing there will be NO sleep for God...God's eyes remain ever open and alert...hopefully allowing you the ability to close yours! I trust today will bring you some more gifts...that's what I'm asking Him to do for you!! Darlene by Evelyn Peters-Rojas I came in this morning and no update but I am so glad to have received one now. Continued prayers and much support across the miles. Your little boy is a trooper, as are the parents. Evelyn

12: Our little Champion Posted Mar 19, 2011 1:59am Theo is still doing great. Everyone says he is a rockstar, and we are very proud. They did get to remove the ventilator today which is wonderful. He is still on minimal oxygen via nasal prongs but that is not such a big deal in comparison. The ventilator tubing blocks the voice box, so Theo is unable to "speak". He has started trying to make noises but they are very soft and raspy. We are told that will get better quickly, right now he sounds very sad. We look forward to hearing our little squeaker again. This evening we got to hold Theodore again for the first time after the surgery, we stayed up very late because we just didn't want to let him go. We are doing alright despite high stress and lack of sleep. Mike was able to donate blood today which was very meaningful as Theo required donated blood for his surgery. We are very grateful to whomever it was that donated that blood which saved our little boy's life. Go give blood if you can. Our little Champion (part two) Posted Mar 19, 2011 2:04am I forgot to mention that Theodore was also "primed" for feeding today. Meaning that they were able to feed him some breast milk through his feeding tube. They actually said that I could try breastfeeding him but he was too sleepy because of the morphine. They are decreasing the morphine everyday so he may be more awake tomorrow. Although today he was opening his eyes and they were pretty well focussed. We feel encouraged today, we are proud of every little breath and heart beat.

13: by Ramona Turner WOW - I was giving blood last Monday around noon! Coolest thing ever - the nurse that helped deliver Mandy was there and we reconnected (she was awesome) Just a little bonus of going to give blood that day! I'm looking forward to giving again! With Theo on my mind and in my heart. by Anne Friesen I am B+. Did he get some of mine? by Anne Klassen So thankful things are moving steadily along. Keep these moments in mind - for, God willing, there will be a day when you wish that Theo would be quiet for just a minute - like when you are on the phone... Thanks for the updates. by Joy Schenkeveld We are so happy with little Theo's progress-we will keep up the daily prayers for all three of you--God is with you every step of the way. Love & Caring Aunt J & Uncle C by Kristin Buhler A good reminder to give blood, for sure. Glad to hear things are rapidly improving. His cries, with his own voice, will be like music to your ears. by Sven Krampitz Great news! You guys are simply amazing!! All 3 of you! | by kat peters Happy Birthday Mike! Do something special today. Like maybe put on party hats while you snuggle with Baby Theo. And PD is right you should go for supper or something. Hope today brings much joy! Love Auntie Katja and Dan by stephanie estabrooks Dear Theo Today is your Daddy's birthday. make sure that he does something fun to celebrate it, tell him and mommy to go out for dinner as a treat and tell them to have some fun!! hope you do well today and make another yucky tube go away. remember that there is oxygen in room air and that can work okay for you. Keep up the good work and we will pray we see you soon. Also say thank you to mommy and daddy for more pictures and they should keep them coming. your favorite Auntie Annie by JIM PETERS Happy birthday Mike. hope this day brings you oodles of joy. by kat peters So glad to hear that things are going better. Everyday something drastically improves over the day before. He is our little Rockstar! Can't wait for him to come home and breathe, pump his blood, and cry (loudly) all on his own. Lots of love from Auntie Katja (and Dan) by Christine Enns Theodore is so sweet! We have be praying for all of you through this. Ethan, Abby & Caleb have been remembering little Theo in their prayers too. What a precious gift chosen by God only for you! Can't wait to meet the newest member of our family! Psalm 121:7-8 The LORD will keep you from all harm— he will watch over your life; the LORD will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore. Love Uncle Harold & Christine, Ethan,Abigail, Caleb by ian peters So Glad to hear all the positive news about baby Theo...We've been praying for all of you through this and are still praying that Theo will continue to recover quickly, that you will soon experience "normal" family life, and say good-bye to the hospital forever! Theo looks gorgeous by the way. Lots of Love Ian and Becky by Judy Epp Blatz I'm very happy to hear that you may breastfeed soon. Theo is making amazing progress and we thank God for every little step.

14: Homeward bound? Posted Mar 21, 2011 10:04am Yesterday was a big day again. Lots of wires and tubes and sticky things came off of our son. We can now see his beautiful face again, they removed the oxygen tubes, the feeding tube, and one IV. They also took the dressing off his chest- it doesn't look nearly as scary as I thought it would. For some reason I envisioned very large stitches and a raised scar, but it really looks very nice for a 5 inch scar on a 21 inch boy. At any rate its healing well. We were able to try breast feeding again yesterday and Theo did really well. He is already "demand feeding" again, which just means they feed him as much as he will take whenever he wants. Instead of regulating his intake. Today we are all supposed to go back to Winnipeg's HSC. We don't really know how long we will have to be there now. It sounds like he is doing so well they don't expect to keep us long. But we are used to things not going as planned, and we aren't pushing anything. We want to be sure he is totally healthy before we take him home, but we do hope that is soon. Thank you all for your well wishes and prayers we have loved reading your messages especially since we are far from home. We will continue to update this page from Winnipeg so that you can still check in with us. Here is hoping we can fly today.

15: by Robb Nickel So happy to hear that you are on your way home! We continue to pray for a quick recovery for Theo. I'm sure you are ready and eager to take him home when you get the word from the doctors. Sally & Robb by Candice & Andrew Redekopp Very exciting to hear you should be able to bring your little guy home soon! We have been keeping you in our prayers and will continue to do so. Thank you for keeping us up to date :) by Glenn Buck So very glad to hear that Theodore is making progress. We are glad to hear you are patient about when he go home. How wonderful they were able to help him so early in his life. Blessings to all. by Joy Schenkeveld Welcome back to Winnipeg ! What a little fighter-remarkable progress ! Soon you will be able to bring Theo home . Take care--you are in our thought and prayers everyday. Love Aunt J & Uncle C. by jennifer forshaw That is such great news Rebecca, Mike and Theo!!! We cannot wait for all of you to be back in Winnipeg. Know that we are always thinking of you and it's great to hear all the positive updates! by Charlotte Penner That is wonderful news. With Theo demand feeding that is a great sign. Things are moving along and soon he will be sleeping in his own bed at home. Until then being back in Winnipeg will be good with family and friends close by. We will keep praying. by Cathie Kearsley Praying for all of you and hoping that you are all home sweet home soon! Thanks for keeping us posted. Cathie by Konrad Chan its really good to hear updates so frequently! and we are thinking of you and theo!! see you all very soon!!! by Ginny Sauder Thinking of you all and wishing I could touch those tiny precious looking piggy toes!! :-) Ginny Sauder by Sophie Harling What great news!!!! Im happy about his healing and hope that you three will have a good fly and will soon be home Love from germany Sophie by kat peters Hurray! Looking forward to seeing you guys! Whether it be today, tomorrow, or the next day! I don't like having family so far away, and it will be good to have you here back in the city where I know you are all safe! Lots of Love, Auntie Katja and Dan by Karen Peters We can hardly wait to see you three! I hope and pray that today brings you everything you hope for. I knew Theo was going to be a big eater...he's like a big boy already! Love to you all by Ramona Turner YAY!!! That is fantastic! The demand feeding is great - that means he is doing exactly what babies do. Smart boy! :) by Jennifer Owens I'm sooooo happy to hear things are continuing to go well. I hope you are home SOON! Love to you all. Great Auntie Phud (that name is even WORSE in print) by Kerri Pries You three have been on my mind almost constantly for the last few weeks! I think about your little family so much that I even find you in my dreams! I have been praying a lot and I'm very excited to hear about your return to Winnipeg! Tim and I have a card for you and we look forward to meeting Theo. All our love and prayers, Kerri & Tim by Anne Friesen We're praying that you will get the full go ahead to fly today!!!! It's wonderful to hear that he is doing so well, and all those tubes are coming out! We'll continue to pray for you three

16: Home sweet home Posted Mar 26, 2011 10:39am Sorry it has been so long since our last update. Monday morning at around 11 Theo was discharged from the Edmonton NICU and flown back to Winnipeg. We followed him shortly after on a commercial flight. Theo continued to impress in the Winnipeg NICU and was discharged Wednesday morning!! So finally after over two weeks of hospitals the three of us were going home. Becca and I found ourselves having the same nervous feelings we had before about having a baby even though he was already two weeks old. There are no longer nurses and doctors watching over him, just us. So here we are with a couple of days at home behind us. Theo is still doing well and he is healing wonderfully. Becca and I are so used to knowing what his heart and respiratory rates are all the time so its hard not to worry about him sometimes. Especially when he is sleeping. Moe and Bob (our pets) have been very good with Theo so far and really have not had much interest with the new family member. Maybe they are hoping he isn't staying. Looking at Theo now it's hard to believe what he went through, if it wasn't for the scar on his chest I don't think people would believe us. Over the next few months Theo will have many appointments and such but those should get further and further apart and he gets older. I would also like to thank you all for visiting this page and writing messages. After a long day in the hospital it was great to come back and be encouraged by so many people. Your prayer for Theo and us have been greatly appreciated and felt. There were many times when I felt strength beyond myself. Thank you.

17: by Lorraine Plett Theo looks beautiful and strong; I'm so happy to hear you're back home and out of hospitals. My prayers continue for the three of you! Lorraine by Judy Epp Blatz I'm sure all your friends thank God for the successful operation! It will be beyond wonderful for you to all be home together. It looks like Theo grew bigger during the last 2 weeks in spite of everything! by marcy rothones thank you for taking the time to share about theo! its been so nice to hear all the good news and how well he's doing. you guys are going to be great parents. i will continue to pray for healing for theo. by Vicki Eidse I am so happy to hear that Theo is doing so well after his surgery! Praise the Lord for He is good! Praying for you all as you settle into being at home. Vicki by e penner This has been great being able to follow your journey these past few weeks and knowing what to pray for specifically. You have a beautiful baby boy, can't wait to meet him in person. God is Good! Uncle Jack & Aunt Elsie by Hildegarde Peters We are so happy for you! Wishing you much joy as parents, Theo is beautiful,(how could he not be with such beautiful parents) look forward to seeing him .H&H Peters by Glenn Buck God bless all of you. We are so happy to hear you are home! Esther and I leave tomorrow for an MDS assignment in Nfld but our prayers are with your family. by kathe leyser It must be so wonderful to be home again. We will continue to pray for you and watch for anymore updates; you are amazing parents and Theo is a lucky little boy! all our love...Kathe, John and boys by Joy Schenkeveld Thank you God ! How amazing to have him home so soon and also to be blessed with such wonderful parents and competent surgeons and nurses throughout the past two weeks. All those prayers truly helped and they will continue. Love to all three of you, Aunt J & Uncle C by Noni McNichol We are friends of Theo's great-grandparents, Ken and Dolores. We've been following Theo's progress and are so happy for you all. Keep up the good work. God bless. Noni & Grant McNichol by Edwin Epp Thanks for the updates. It great to hear you are home. Blessings as you settle in to new family rituals and routines. Ruth and Edwin by Garry Wiens Praise God, Becca & Mike! He is wonderful and has created us wonderfully with the ability to heal and regenerate and has given "man aka doctors" the knowledge to help that to happen. In spite of the apprehension surrounding Theo's wellbeing it must be great to be home where you get into the "new normal" ryhthum. Garry & Anne by Julie Daniels i want to meeeeet him!!!! by Lorie Smith wonderful news!

18: Life at home Posted Apr 8, 2011 4:55pm Its been about two weeks since we have been home and life continues to be very hectic (as I expect it will be for a number of years yet). We sold our house and are now preparing to move on the 15th. Theo is doing awesome, all the tests for complications that usually go along with heart disease came back negative. At first he was down quite a bit from his birth weight, so we were really pushing the food on him. Being the superstar that he is he put weight on very quickly in a two day period he gained 2 ounces. Now he is up over 9 pounds, and not slowing down that I can tell. We are still working on the sleeping at night thing. Some nights we only get up once between 12:00am and 6:00am, which I am told is officially the 'night'. Other nights we get up twice, but all in all not bad. Theodore has a Cardiology check up on May 17th, and will continue to be checked every few months. At his last appointment with the pediatrician she was very impressed with him, he is doing all the normal baby things! We look forward to being finished with the move and settled into our new house. Its the last big thing to stress out about, hopefully. Thank you to everyone who has been continuing to think and pray for us. Thank you to all who brought us food, we really appreciate all your delicious cooking, it has kept us from eating out of cans. Theo is meeting new people all the time and looks forward to meeting you if he hasn't yet. God is truly good.

19: by dolores jardine Awsome is the word for Theo!!!Would two old geezers be of any help on moving day? Just ask. Love,GG and Gramps by Arleta Martin Rebecca, he is adorable. Thank you for sharing the photos and giving an update. What a miracle baby you have. -Arleta by Ginny Sauder So happy for you all! Ginny Sauder by Konrad Chan Aaaaah, so cute! Bena and I are coming in May, so we'll get to see you guys and little Theoooo :) by Cathie Kearsley What a beautiful baby! Thanks for sharing them and updating your story. We have been praying for all of you and are so encouraged by God's hand in your life! Enjoy all the newness around you! by Ramona Turner So grateful all is well for this newest member of our church family!!! He's doing all the things baby's do - eat, sleep, not sleep, eat and sleep some more YAY!!! by Garry Wiens It must be wonderful to relax and enjoy your beautiful baby boy. It's been quite an experience for you all, I'm sure. May God continue to be with you! Garry & Anne by Joy Schenkeveld We were so happy to hear that Theo is doing so well and good luck with your move . Soon you will be back to your normal routine and before you know it Theo will be sleeping through the night,but it is a good sign that he is so very hungry. Take care and God bless all three of you. Love Aunt J & Uncle Cor by Elizabeth Esselmont Glad to hear Theo is doing well! All the best with your move into your new home!

20: Excellent Surgical Results Posted May 17, 2011 5:30pm Theodore had a cardiology appointment today. His first check up since we left the hospital. The results of the tests were excellent, his heart looks great, we could see on the ultrasound that the walls of his right ventrical were back to normal size (they had been very thick because the muscle was working so hard). The cardiologist said that Theo's chart will say he has "excellent surgical results". His heart is pumping properly and the blood flow is great. Although a lot of times the veins narrow due to scar tissue were the veins were reconnected to the heart Theo has no sign of narrowing. Even his incision site looks fantastic. He will not need another check up for 6 months!! He is doing all the normal baby things, eating and sleeping. He is now almost 13 pounds and is 24.5 inches long. He is starting to try to grab for things and loves to play with his mobiles. He is locking eyes with us and smiles at us, he is blowing bubbles. Last night he even slept for 4 hours in a row! As I type he is happily sitting in his bouncy chair swinging at the purple hippo that hangs above him. Its hard to believe that this kid had surgery, we are so blessed to have him! Thanks again to all of you who supported and continue to support us, your prayers are so appreciated.

21: by Garry Wiens Thanks for the update, Rebecca and continued blessings and joy to you and Mike and your little sweetie! Love Garry & Anne by kat peters I noticed the bubble blowing the other day! Had to wash my shirt from all the bubbles that made their way onto it! But I love having them there. Always good to hear good news and that he truly is SUPER! by Joy Schenkeveld Thanks for the update on Theo--great news. All those prayers did help. What a handsome little guy and he is a good weight for just over two months. Take care--love Aunt J & Uncle Cor by Lorie Smith such wonderful news!!!!! great job theo! (and mom and dad too =)!) by dolores jardine YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Way to go Theo & Mom and Dad. Love from GG and Grampsn by Konrad Chan hmmm, I wonder who gave him the blue bombers shirt :P by Charlotte Penner that is praise worthy news.....Thank you Lord! by Amber Eidse SO happy to read this great report :) God is good!!

22: by Jocelyn Gordon He is beautiful. | by Chris Lenshyn beautiful! | What a sweet little boy! Kristy Friesen | by Brenna McGregor What a beautiful baby! Congrats, Rebecca and Mike. I'm so sorry to hear about Theo's heart, but I'm sending love and positive thoughts your way. Brenna | by Erynn Unrau Theodore, you are so perfect!

23: by Esther Dyck Thank you so much for these amazing pictures, especially this one. How fragile he looks but how strong at the same time. This is a good reminder of how God looks at us when we need His help. Praying for God's guidance and His peace for you and for the Doctors who will perform the surgery. | by Charlotte Kroeker Prayers for the hands of the surgeon and the healing of Theo's heart. | by Charlotte Penner This is such a beautiful and symbolic picture. Remember that his life is in the Hand's of the One who created him.

24: by Jo Eidse what a beautiful little boy! he looks so strong and healthy, and has those big boy hands! | by kathe leyser This is a beautiful picture of Theodore, I love the way he's holding onto your fingers and I think I see a little red in that head of hair! Congratulations! Know that you are in our thoughts and prayers for the journey ahead. Love Kathe, John, Aaron and Jason XXOOX | by Anne Friesen Wow! he's so alert! what a cutie! | by Stephanie McGregor What a sweetheart | by Stephanie Estabrooks I think He likes that blanket and Moemoe very much, at least that is the expression that he has, "ohhh, my blanky and moe" | by Amber Eidse Aw, he's adorable!! But of course that is nothing new to you :)

25: by Garry Wiens Becca & Mike: What a beautiful son you have! So sorry to hear they had to take you to Edmonton for surgery. God is With You and so are our prayers! Love, Garry & Anne Wiens (Airdrie, AB) | by Vicki Eidse He's beautiful! So precious! | by Julie Daniels baby has lots of hair! is it reddish...? he is very handsome | by Lorraine Plett Theo is beautiful! My thoughts and prayers are with you, especially today, surgery day. Peace and strength to all three of you. Lorraine | by Karen Peters Theodore, just like your name means - God loves you. We love you too and are praying for you and your Mom and Dad. | by Sophie Harling Cute little boy!!! and so brave and strong | by Corinna klassen Wow, He's Beautiful! Praying for you all!

26: by Konrad Chan aww, strong little guy. Is the scar gonna stay for life? | by Evelyn Peters-Rojas So glad the surgery went well and am praying during these 24 hours and will continue afterwards as well. Evelyn | by Lorie Smith heehee best face ever!

27: by Ramona Turner What a handsome little man!! Thanks for sharing updates this way. Praying for you all! | by Opa Theo, I hear, loves to eat. Nana will love that when he gets older! | by Karen Peters It is such a blessing to have you back. Love to you all | by Rebekah Koop sooo cute! | by Erynn Unrau Theodore, you are so perfect!

28: by Christina Redekopp he looks so sweet! and no tubes! I'd say that's a good sign! thanks for sharing these pictures and his journey with us. definitely praying for Theo and for you: mike and becca, too. | by Kristy Friesen Wow, that is one handsome dude!! | by Ginny Sauder so very happy for you all! How wonderful to all be home!

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