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S: Santino Anthony Trenga Birth to Age 2

FC: Santino Anthony Trenga | September 3, 2010 | Your life increased our love... Love, Mommy

1: We invited Nana, Grandma Sharon and Grandpa Joe to our ultrasound appointment to announce you were a BOY!!! Mommy and Daddy cried happy tears when we found out you were a boy!

2: Mommy found out she was pregnant with you on December 30, 2009. This was one day before Mommy and Daddy's 1st year Anniversary! Mommy could hardly believe she was pregnant, because Mommy and Daddy tried so hard for you! Mommy never wanted anything so bad in her entire life. | ..... Mommy decided to surprise Daddy by making a sign and hanging it around Mommy and Daddy's dog, Kilo's neck. She asked Daddy if he wanted an early anniversary present. Kilo walked over to Daddy so proud.... Daddy took the sign off of Kilo and read that he was going to be a father. Daddy was elated!!! Mommy showed him her pregnancy test because he didn't believe her!!!

3: Mommy and Daddy shared the news right away! Mommy called Nana on the phone...she was beyond excited!!! We tricked Papa into coming over by saying something was wrong with Daddy's Expedition. Mommy wrapped up her pregnancy test in a gift bag. Papa opened it and thought it was a toothbrush! Papa cried he was so happy!! Mommy called Aunt Kara and Aunt Krissy on the phone to tell them, while Daddy text the positive smiley face pregnancy test to ALL of his friends! Mommy and daddy went to an early anniversary dinner at the Tara. Then traveled to tell Grandma Sharon, Grandpa Joe and Uncle Joey. Mommy made a card for Uncle Joey telling him he was going to be an Uncle. Grandma Sharon was overjoyed! We then went to tell Aunt Courtney, Uncle Mike, Gabby and Grandpa Trenga. Everyone was so excited for you! We then told the rest of our family and friends! Mommy had an uneventful, good pregnancy. I only gained 14 pounds with you. I was sick for the first 25 weeks. Mommy NEVER complained because she was so happy to be carrying you. Daddy felt very bad for mommy and would tell her that he thought she was going to throw you up! Mommy and Daddy loved feeling you move...their excitement was beyond words.

5: Aunt Courtney and Mommy were pregnant together!

6: Mommy loved being pregnant with you!! Nana, Aunt Kara and Aunt Krissy planned Mommy's baby shower at the Meadville Country Club!

7: Daddy arriving with flowers for Mommy! | One of Mommy's dearest friends Lindsay Coulter | Mommy gave flowers to your Nana and Gramcracker. She also had one rose or each aunt since Grandma Kightlinger had already passed.

8: Mommy at 5:30 a.m. getting prepped to have you. She was feeling very nervous and VERY excited to meet you. A scheduled C-section was planned since you were breech. | Daddy loved wearing his scrubs to go into the surgery room to welcome you.

9: CHOOSING YOUR NAME | We chose to name you after Daddy's Middle Name- Santino! Your middle name came from Daddy's side as well- Anthony. Your name came to be: santino anthony trenga | This tag was on your bassinet at the hospital.

11: Your temperature was a little low, so they put you under a lamp to warm your body. | Our love for you is indescribable.

12: 2 hours old Mommy couldn't believe how perfect you were.

13: Daddy loved having you wrapped like a cocoon. | "A new baby is like the beginning of all things - Wonder, Hope, a dream of possibilities."

14: Nana | Papa | Aunt Kara | Gpa and Gma Hyland | Aunt Krissy | Look at everyone who came to see you at the hospital. | "Gram-cracker

15: Grandma Sharon | Grandpa Trenga | Aunt Courtney | Uncle Mike | Gabby

16: Aunt Jen | Uncle DJ | Uncle Brian | Aunt Kim | Aunt Bobbi | Aunt Doris

17: Greg and Erica Beveridge | Mike and Sabrina Richards | Jack and Patti Loutzenhiser | Rich and Retta Houk | Mike and Tammy Fetzner | LuKay Weatherby

18: Lindsay Coulter | Nick Mogel | Bridget Swick | Daddy tried to make sure he got everyones' pictures that came to the hospital to see you, but a few people were left out on accident....Grandpa Joe, Uncle Joey, Brady and Lisa Sheik, Uncle Jim Mushrush, and Mike White.

19: Dr. Noticewala came up to check on all of us. He provided excellent care for you and mommy during mommy's pregnancy and your birth. | Doesn't Daddy look like a doctor?

20: We captured your first beautiful smile! | A child's smile is one of life's greatest blessings! | 2 days old!

22: Daddy and Mommy decided to look for a bigger house when they were pregnant with you. They sold their house 3 months before you were born. They bought a new house, but couldn't move into it until October 31, 2010. Papa graciously allowed Daddy, Mommy and Kilo to move in with him. This is a picture of his house (your first home.) Your nursery wasn't completely set up at Papa's house. You slept in a bassinet. Your changing table was set up and Mommy kept all of your clothes in big bins. Daddy and Mommy wanted to keep your nursery a surprise for your new home. Papa lived on Adamsville Road in Atlantic, PA.

23: Some of the visitors that came to see you at Papa's house for the first time. | Lamarcus and Robin Thurman | Mia Thurman (Daddy's Goddaughter) | Stevie Kurt and Janine Crawford | Aunt Linda and Uncle Ted

25: Our Sweet Santino Anthony

26: Daddy loved laying you by Kilo. We think Kilo was a little jealous of you, but he didn't mind you by him. Kilo was 7 years old when you were born.

27: A baby is born with a need to be loved -- and never outgrows it.

28: two weeks | 1st Steelers game!!

30: Your first 3 weeks

31: 4-7 weeks

32: 4 Generations!

33: Just precious!

34: On Halloween Day October 31, 2010 we moved into our new house!

35: This was your moving day outfit! | You were almost 2 months old

36: We forgot to take more pictures of your nursery. You had an animal theme. Nana, Aunt Kara, and Mommy put all the animal decals on your wall. Daddy and Mommy put up your big tree.

37: pics from after halloween to before xmas thanksgiving | Just because pictures...you had a very serious look when you were a baby.

39: Aunt Courtney brought cake for Daddy's Birthday. Cousin Gabby used to call Daddy "Uncle Bince". Daddy turned 37 and you were 2 months.

40: Happy 1st Thanksgiving!!! | Uncle Tom & Shane

41: You and Izzy wore matching sleepers... apparently, you thought you looked like a girl!

42: Pulling yourself up

43: Camo Baby...such a sweet sleeper


46: The only thing worth stealing from a sleeping baby is a kiss!

48: Kilo was always by your side... | Tummy Time

49: Snuggle time with Mommy!

50: FIRST MOMENTS | I found my hand | I found my hand!

51: love

55: Deep Dreamer

56: Bath time

57: some random pics

59: I took this picture of your video monitor... when you were 4 months old... Daddy made mommy let you "cry it out" during your nap, because you preferred to have mommy hold you while you slept... mommy took this picture and sent it to Daddy.... Mommy sat in the living room and cried. :( It only took you one time for you to realize you needed to sleep in your crib...Daddy was right... Though,Mommy would hold you forever if I could.

60: Daddy and Mommy decided we did not want to take you out in the snowy weather over the holiday season. Everyone came to our house to celebrate your first Christmas. The festivities began with your first Santa experience!

61: Seeing isn't believing. Believing is seeing!

62: You were fun to dress during the holidays!

64: Christmas morning 2010

65: Almost 4 months | Present from Santa: JollyProp and Play Present from Daddy & Mommy: Jump & Go (became your favorite exercise) Presents from Gramcracker: Books, hat, shirt, glowworm (you loved your glowworm)

66: We had brunch at our house for Nana, Papa, Gpa Jack, Mary and Aunt Krissy. Nana spoiled you. Your favorite toy was your very first riding truck. Aunt Krissy got you 2 huge stuffed animals and books.

67: Nana bought you your very own Santa outfit! | Gpa and Mary gave you money for your savings account. Papa bought you a crib mobile-you loved it. He was also generous to your savings account. Aunt Kara sent you a big exersaucer and one of many recorded storybooks. Gpa Trenga gave you money for your savings account too.

68: Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Joey gave you a savings bond, books and a sweater. Aunt Courtney, Uncle Mike, Gabby and Izzy gave you a frog exersaucer.

69: Holiday Memories Warm Even The Coldest Of Days

71: "And the Grinch, with his Grinch-feet ice cold in the snow, stood puzzling and puzzling, How could it be so? It came without ribbons. It came without tags. It came without packages, boxes or bags. And he puzzled and puzzled 'till his puzzler was sore. Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn't before. What if Christmas, he thought, doesn't come from a store. What if Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more." ~ Dr. Seuss

72: 2011

73: We had a big New Year's Eve Party! Chuckie Longo and Sabrina Richards holding you!

74: Snuggle time

76: Cool Dude!! | 4 months

77: First time eating cereal | You weren't super impressed...though ended up enjoying cereal for breakfast until you were 1 1/2 years old!

78: GO TEAM! | Steelers Baby!

80: Baby Mohawk | You spent a lot of time in your exersaucers.

82: "May your blessings outnumber The shamrocks that grow, And may trouble avoid you Wherever you go." ~Irish Blessing | Nana's Lucky Charm!

83: Six Months

84: Mommy was so excited to try baby food with your on St. Patrick's Day!

85: Your first food was SWEET POTATOES! It ended up being one of your favorites!

86: 5 months | The camera flash always startled you!

88: Dress up time! | We weren't going anywhere...

89: Mommy just liked to make you cute and text your picture to people! I ALWAYS put shoes on you...you had a laundry basket full!

90: Mommy liked to dress you up in all sorts of styles... Daddy wasn't fond of this one! Knee high socks...so adorable!!

91: Dearest Santino, As a baby, Mommy could tell you were a thinker. You took everything in. As I started to watch you grow, I knew you were very smart...very special...and very perfect. You were my joy, my buddy and my little man. One day you will become a man and you will still be very smart, very special and very perfect in every way. I love you with all of my heart. Love, Mommy

92: At your 2 month check-up Mommy and Daddy told the Dr they were concerned your head was starting to get flat on one side. The Dr told us that sometimes this happens from babies preferring one side when they slept. Mommy felt guilty that it was because she held you constantly. The Dr reassured mommy that was not true...it sometimes just happens! So at 6 months the Dr referred you for helmet therapy! | You are getting fitted for your personalized helmet!! | You didn't mind getting fitted at all!! | SOOOO Cute!!!!!!!

93: And.. your helmet!! Your helmet never bothered you! Again, we thought you looked adorable...and so did everyone else!!! You wore your helmet until your 1st birthday and then had a PERFECT SHAPED HEAD!

94: More Helmet Pics!! | Playing with soap kept you busy!! | Aunt Sandy

95: Your helmet didn't bother you when you slept! Look how cute you were!!!!!!!!!!!!!

96: Woah! Don't tip! | 8 months

97: Grandparents and Grandchildren are God's gift to each other.

98: Your first cookie!

100: Happy Easter

101: 7 1/2 months

102: There's nobunny like you!

103: Look how adorable you were!

104: When Nana watched you, she was always dressing you up and sending us pictures! You had this same outfit in 3 different sizes! | 10 months

105: Your first time out to eat sitting in a highchair~ Cracker Barrel with Nana and Mommy.

106: Visiting Daddy at work! ~~~~ Daddy didn't like how Mommy had you dressed, but of course Mommy could have just eaten you up!

107: Then Grocery Shopping with Mommy!

110: This was your Big Rubber Ducky Bath! The beak quacked and made you giggle!

112: Daddy worked for the Erie BayHawks as a security Rep for the team. He brought you home a little stuffed Bayhawk! Daddy always wore a suit to each game. He is very handsome! You get your good looks from Daddy!

113: Dear Santino,


115: Kilo loved water too!

117: A day in the pool at Aunt Cindy's House

118: Best Buddies!

119: Your new swing set! It was given to you by the Longo's Grand- Parents! Daddy added some new wood, did the boarder and cover and Mommy helped Daddy stain it. Of course... it is a steelers play set!

120: Daddy and you playing in the car while Mommy had an appointment! | Fakers!!! Nice try boys!!

121: Getting Muddy!

122: Your 1st haircut on your 1st Birthday by Nana!

123: Your hair was long!

124: Your 1st birthday had a jungle theme! Mommy took many, many, many pictures of you to try and make the perfect invitation!!!

126: Smash Cake

127: Mommy made crocodile cupcakes!

128: Mommy made these cute sugar cookies and chocolate peanut butter trail mix!

129: Some of your party food!

131: Our cleaning lady Sue surprised all of us dressed as a beautiful zebra!!!! You were a little scared!

132: Izzy's 1st Birthday Party

134: Halloween 2011


136: It's the moments I spend with you that build the memories which last a lifetime. -M Gutierrez | You loved to clean! | Helping Sue!

139: SNOW FUN | This was the second year Santa came to visit you! You were a little hesitant at first, but warmed up to him!

140: CHRISTMAS 2011

141: You got Adidas shoes!!

142: Eating a snack like a big boy!...once you got to try a real chair, you then HATED your high chair!

144: Gabby's 3rd Birthday at the Roller rink in hermitage

146: You met a little boy at the beach! | Nana, Aunt Krissy, Mommy and you traveled to Aunt Kara's in North Carolina for Easter 2012!!

147: Easter Egg Hunt... you really didn't like it :( | You opened Easter presents 2 days in a row!

151: "My Nana has ears that really listen, arms that always hug & hold, love that's never ever ending, and a heart that's made of gold."

152: Daddy and you having a "Protein Drink"

153: Steelers Time!

154: 20 months

155: You first hanks cone! yum yum yum!

157: With Mommy being a teacher, I made sure you learned how to use the proper writing grip! I was surprised how easy it was for you to learn! You loved to write with pens and markers!

159: Sweet Dreams My Love!

160: Kilo, you and Papa looking at birds outside.

161: Kilo passed away on April 30, 2012 in Daddy and Mommy's arms. You were still sleeping. One hour before he passed he tried to hobble into your room to lay on your floor. He fell right outside of your door. You had a very special bond with "Budder", as you liked to call him. You asked "Where'd Budder go?"for a long time.

162: Erie Zoo trip Summer 2012

165: Picking colored bath tablets to put in the water was something you looked forward to doing each night!

168: 2012 | Izzy, Mia and you in the tub!!

169: The next day~ cuddling with Gabby!

171: Summer Fun with Rocco!!

172: Daddy and santino watching a plane fly by | You and daddy loved sitting in the driveway together... you also loved watching storms together!

173: I love my Daddy!!

174: You loved your bath! Even when there was no water and mommy was trying to get you out!

175: Hooded towels... you loved to run through the house like this!

176: Goofy Pictures!

177: Some of your favorite things to do!

178: you loved your thumb... we loved your curls!!!

180: When you were 22 months we welcomed your brother into the world!

182: Almost 2! What a beautiful smile!

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