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S: Lacey Gene Quigley 01/14/2011


FC: Lacey Gene Quigley January 14th, 2011

1: On May 13th, 2010 Mommy thought she might be pregnant so she went to the local dollar store to get two pregnancy tests. She used one and briefly looked at it but only one line appeared. Naturally she assumed she wasn't pregnant, so she threw it in the trash. When Daddy came home he asked if Mommy thought she was pregnant because of the test in the garbage. For some reason Mommy got up and pulled it from the trash. She glanced at it before handing it to Daddy and took a double look. This time she saw two lines! She exclaimed to Daddy that she was pregnant! He didn't believe her and read the directions. The test was considered invalid after three hours. Mommy took another test and this time waited two minutes. Sure enough slowly the second line appeared. Mommy began to cry because she was so surprised and nervous. She was in nursing school at the time and didn't know how she could do it. Daddy was so happy and reminded Mommy that she has always wanted a baby!

2: Since Mommy was about 14 weeks pregnant with you, she thought you were a girl. Daddy would never say what he thought you were, but down deep he always knew you were a girl too. (Daddy never likes to be wrong haha!) We found out when you were 18 weeks along that you were in fact a girl. Grandma Celia was able to be there when we found out what you were! A few weeks after we found out you were a girl, Mommy and Daddy went to the Temple and in the Celestial room decided to name you Lacey. We both had liked that name so it wasn't difficult to agree. We had decided on Gene as the middle name before then, after your Great Grandma Gene (Margene Seltzer)! So, Lacey Gene Quigley it was! | It's a...

3: Right before Daddy and Mommy found out you were coming into our lives, Mommy got a bad cold and was on antibiotics. Mommy went from having a bad cold to being really nauseous all the time. Mommy thought it would never end, but when you were about 16 weeks along, mommy felt much better. Thankfully, she got all of her morning sickness out during the summer and felt much better when she finished her last semester of her LPN program. Mommy didn't really crave crazing food with you, just a lot of carbohydrates. Nothing ever really sounded good to her during the first few weeks. Mommy first felt you kick around 18 weeks and Daddy felt you kick around 20 weeks. You loved to move around and you would always move around at night when Daddy would tickle Mommy's back. Mommy did her school clinicals in the Special Care nursery at the hospital where you were born. You were about 34 weeks along while she did this, and when you heard another baby cry you would start to move and kick around. A month before you were born, you would kick so hard that Mommy's stomach would come up a few inches. Daddy would push where you had just kicked and you would kick back again! You stayed head down since you were at least 28 weeks along with your bottom near Mommy's right ribs and your legs by Mommy's left ribs. Mommy gained about 20 pounds with you and ate chocolate with you way too much! She lived off that during her last semester of her LPN program.

4: Lacey's 21 week ultrasound pictures | Your heart, beating away! | Your princess parts! | Your little foot! | Your little shins! | Your cute little face and body!

5: Around 16 weeks pregnant

6: Almost 21 weeks!

7: 29 Weeks! | 36 weeks!

8: When you were 33 weeks along, Mommy had a really bad fever. It got up as high as 103 degrees. She thought she might be having contractions because she had some lower back pain and abdominal pain but figured it was just braxton hicks (she had those all the time). She decided to call the doctor to make sure that you would be okay since Mommy had such a high fever. The doctor said for Mommy to go to the labor and delivery unit at the hospital just to make sure she didn't have a kidney infection. They hooked Mommy up to the monitor to see your heart rate and to see if Mommy was having contractions. Sure enough she was. They were pretty regular too. They got a urine sample from her and the results showed no sign of a kidney infection. They took blood from Mommy and started an IV. Mommy got poked over six times and finally the nurses called in the anesthesiologist to start an IV. He got it in on the first try. The blood work came back and Mommy's white blood cell count was 27,000. They suspected a possible intrauterine infection and contemplated doing an amniocentesis. After Mommy became hydrated the contractions slowed and the next morning her WBC was down to 17,000. They let Mommy go home and told her to be on bed rest for a few days. Mommy felt better and went back to school after a few days. Sadly, she started getting a fever again. She was told to go on bed rest a few more days and luckily with the help of Tylenol, she stayed fever free! After the brief hospital stay, the end of Mommy's pregnancy went well. Mommy graduated December 15th, 2010 and took her nursing state boards at the end of the month and passed! Mommy didn't get too uncomfortable with you, just anxious to meet you and wanted to know when you were going to arrive!

9: Mommy at Timpanogoes hospital in Orem, Utah being monitored. Mommy went home later that day.

10: On Wednesday, January 12th, 2011 Mommy went in for her weekly appointment and the doctor checked Mommy and said that he thought that you might come a little early. He said Mommy was dilated to a one and stripped Mommy's membranes. It hurt Mommy really bad, but was worth it! After the appointment Mommy went and got a pedicure and picked up a few groceries at Walmart. That evening Mommy hardly slept because she kept having contractions. They didn't hurt too bad but they hurt enough to where Mommy only slept a few hours. The next morning, January 13th, 2011 the contractions were starting to get worse. Daddy was at school so Mommy decided she would drive herself to the hospital to get checked out. Around 1:00 pm, Mommy got hooked up to the monitors and was having contractions but was still only dilated to a one. She waited an hour to get checked again to see if she was in "true labor" but was still only a one. Mommy asked for pain medication before they sent her home but Mommy needed a ride because once she was given the pain shot she wouldn't be able to drive. Mommy called daddy and asked for a ride but he was about to start work so he couldn't come.

11: Mommy called Aunt Heather who was about to start class and couldn't come either. Mommy called Daddy back and said he needed to come get her. Thankfully, Fedex (who Daddy worked for) gave him the day off. Daddy picked mommy up around 3:00 in the afternoon and they headed home. Mommy was still having regular contractions, but the medicine helped Mommy sleep in between them. By 8:00 pm, the medicine started wearing off and the contractions were hurting Mommy really bad. She called the doctor to see what she could do. The doctor said that some women feel pain like this for days before they actually deliver. With tears in her eyes, Mommy said that the doctor would be seeing her a lot then because she would be needing medication! Mommy decided to go in to the hospital again to get another pain shot then hopefully leave and be able to go home and sleep. | Last belly shot before Mommy left for the hospital!

12: Mommy and Daddy didn't even pack a camera to take to the hospital this time because mommy wasn't planning on staying. When she got into the hospital, she asked if she could just get the pain shot and leave. They said they needed to check her and watch you for at least twenty minutes on the monitors. Mommy said that was alright. When they checked mommy she was now dilated to a two almost a three. The nurse said she had to go talk to the doctor. Mommy thought she now had to wait another hour to see if she would dilate any more. Mommy just wanted to go home and sleep by this point! Thankfully, the nurse came in with IV supplies and said, "good news is you're gonna have a baby. Bad news is, I have to poke you!" Mommy was totally fine with that and asked for her epidural. The nurse said that she had already called the anesthesiologist and that he was on his way. He finally arrived after what seemed like an eternity and mommy got her epidural around 11:00 PM. There was an ice storm, but daddy had to go get our camera at the house.

13: Mommy waited up while daddy got the camera, then they both fell asleep around midnight. At around 1:40 in the morning, Mommy's nurse came in and said that the doctor was outside and wanted me to be checked so that he could maybe break Mommy's water. Mommy was so drowsy but saw the shocked look on the nurses face when she said that Mommy was dilated to a ten! That woke Mommy up though she still wanted to sleep because it had been a long time since she had slept. A little before 2:00 in the morning the nurse started having mommy push. Mommy's epidural was working so well that she didn't feel ANYTHING! The only way Mommy could tell she was having a contraction was by feeling her stomach tighten with her hand. Mommy didn't know if she was pushing in the right area or not but daddy and the nurse assured Mommy she was doing a great job! The doctor came in and watched Mommy push and then said that we were going to have a baby soon so he went and got gowned up. Mommy pushed through a few more contractions and then at 2:25 in the morning, January 14th, 2011, you were born! Four days before your due date of January 18th, 2011. You came out pink and crying. Daddy cut your cord and then you were placed on Mommy's chest.

15: You didn't cry too much so you weren't clearing out your lungs. You started turning purple on Mommy's chest so they had to take you over to the warmer to assess you and rub you down so that you would cry and clear out your lungs! After a few minutes you were doing great! They just needed to make you mad so that you would cry. Your APGARS were 7/8.The nurse who assisted with the labor and delivery guessed you would weigh 6.10, Daddy thought you would weigh 6.7, Mommy thought you would weigh 6.6, and Dr. Jacobs (the OB/GYN that delivered you) guessed that you would weigh 7.1. You ended up weighing 7 pounds 2 ounces! The doctor was only off by 1 ounce! You measured 19.5 inches long. You were a good sized baby! You continued to stay healthy at the hospital and passed your hearing exam! You just had a little bit of jaundice that we had to take you back a few days after you were born to get your labs redrawn.

16: Daddy's first time holding you! | Daddy's first time changing your diaper!

18: Mommy loves you!

19: Going home! | First bath at home!

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