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S: The Life and Times of Dick and Sandy Mercier

BC: Created by: Barb Mercier 2012


1: 50 years of memories . . . There are many ways to leave your mark on this world. Some leave their mark through their work, others by their wealth. Very few choose to leave their mark through love, children, and family. Because of you, the center of our lives has always been family.

3: Richard Thomas Mercier born December 23, 1939 Sandra Gene Allen born October 25, 1942

4: Growing up in Hazel Park, Michigan

11: First comes love, then comes marriage . . .

12: The marriage of Richard Thomas Mercier and Sandra Gene Allen on Saturday, the twenty third day of February, nineteen hundred and sixty two at St. Mary Magdalen Catholic Church in Hazel Park, Michigan

13: To love, honor and obey till death do us part

14: making memories

15: Home Sweet Home

17: The family begins . . .

18: Tracey Lynn Mercier born January 18, 1963

19: Michael Allen Mercier born April 12, 1965

20: Our wonderful family | God Bless Us All

23: Parents say the darnedest things I'm going to spank your gizzard Don't spend outside your means Dag nab it Pay yourself first Close your eyes. What do you see? Oh Trixie! I don't snore It doesn't matter, my friends can't see anyways I love you all the way to the moon and back The apple doesn't fall far from the tree

25: Mike & Barb June 16, 1994 | Mike & Tracey June 17, 2000 | Jessica & Keith February 15, 2008 | Billy & Rachel March 23, 2010

26: Tracey & Mike

28: Congratulations on accomplishing what most people can only dream of . . . 50 years of marriage! What a beautiful accomplishment. Your love and commitment to each other is beyond commendable. You have modeled so well, the beauty of what God intended when He created marriage . . . oneness. There are few things in life today that is worthy of praise and this is definitely one of them. I thank God for the gift of loving parents who selflessly give to anyone that has need. I am so proud to call you my parents. I love you both deeply. Love, Tracey

29: Mom & Dad, Congratulations of 50 years of marriage - wow - that's commitment! As you celebrate this significant milestone, I wanted to say that you are both a true blessing to me. Coming from the less than ideal family background that I do, you have been a real bright spot in my life with your love, consistency, great friendly and helpful personalities, maturity, and kindness. Like I mentioned to you before, my parents-in-law was a big part of my decision on who I would marry the second time around, and I can honestly say that you are about the best father and mother-in-law that a guy could ever ask for. Thanks for being who you are, and thanks for blessing my life, and congratulations on 50 years of commitment to each other! Love, Mike

30: Mike and Barb

32: Dear Mom and Dad, I can't express to you how much you mean to me. I couldn't have had better role models than you two growing up. Also in my adulthood, you still guide me with my problems and helping me and Barb with pointing Mikey in the right direction in life. I wish for another 50 years!!! Love you both, Mike

33: Congratulations on 50 years of marriage! What an outstanding example of true love you have set for all of us. I can only hope Mike and I will continue this Mercier tradition. I am so proud to be your other daughter. To me your just my Mom and Dad. I couldn't love both of you more if I was born of your own flesh and blood. From day one, you've made me feel loved and part of this caring and amazing family. I hit the jackpot when I married Mike. Not only did I get an wonderful husband and family, but a kind sister-in-law and brother-in-law and a whole bunch of loving nieces and nephews. I cherish all our family times together. May God continue to shine His love upon you both. Love, Barb xoxo

34: Jessica and Keith

36: Rachel and Billy

38: The Grandkids

39: Jessica Erin Fletcher Shampine | Rachel Ashley Fletcher Bartley | Heather Eleanor Wade | Holly Kay Wade | Megan Rose Mercier | Michael Christopher Mercier

40: Grandma and Grandpa, It is hard to come up with words to truly explain the magnitude of how you both have impacted our lives and our marriage . . . There is just so much to be thankful for, and so much to love. You have been an exemplary example of what a marriage should be - how to love each other, unchanged, for so many years. I am proud to share your accomplishment with my friends and other family, and I am proud to have you both for my grandparents. Words cannot express the love and gratitude we have for the both of you. Cheers to many more years of happiness, love, and leading by example. Love you both all the way to the moon and back! XOXO Jessica and Keith

41: I am so very thankful for the both of you. I love you both so very much. I can't imagine life without either of you. You both have been my rock during really difficult times, especially you Gram. When Billy & I decide to have a family, I look forward to you both coming down and staying with us, in our home and vice versa. I'm so thankful and proud of the 50 years that you both have just celebrated. What a major milestone! Congratulations on these 50 years and MANY more to come! I love you Gram & Gramp. With love and respect - your FAVORITE grandchild, I mean granddaughter. Rachel

42: Thanks to you two, I got to have four amazing grandparents in my life. I have always felt comfortable and loved in your home and in your presence and am inspired by your kindness, openness, and generosity. Congratulations on your 50 years of marriage. May the coming years together be filled with joy. Heather

43: Congratulations on your 50 years together! Love, Holly

44: Nana & Papa, Since I can remember you guys have been there for me. I love you both so much, and I'm so proud you've been married for 50 years! Not only am I proud to be your grandson, I'm proud to be in this family with you. The love of Dick & Sandy Mercier will live in everyone' hearts and their kindness will be with everyone they have touched. Love always and forever, Mike - your loving grandson

45: Our awesome grandkids

47: The Great Grandkids | Makayla Grace Shampine | Chloe Elisabeth Shampine

50: We love you both

51: This special anniversary wish That comes with love to you Brings warm and heartfelt thanks For all the thoughtful things you do It also comes to let you know You both mean more each day To everyone your lives have touched In such a loving way Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary Nana & Papa!

56: Florida

62: 50th Surprise Wedding Anniversary Party

63: 50 Golden Years

64: Another 50th Wedding Anniversary Party | I do - again and again

65: Live, Laugh, Love | Good times | Life is good | 2012

76: It will be a privilege to write a few lines about Sandra and Richard. We come from a close knit family celebrating everything together with our parents, aunts and uncles, cousins, etc. Many fond memories came from these gatherings. The birth of our children, marriages, holidays, birthdays, and in sadness when we lost those we loved so deeply. Richard was always there for Mom, especially after Dad's passing - doing things around the house and giving her a hand when needed. Sandra stopped by every morning after Mom retired before she went to work at the school to have a cup of coffee and to see how she was doing.

77: Sandra and Richard give much of themselves and are helpful to others not expecting anything in return. We were very happy to celebrate their 50th Anniversary in Florida with family and friends. Sandra has been a wonderful sister and friend, and Richard has been more of a brother to both of us. We love you both and are looking forward to a lot more good times and memories. Love, Karen and Cliff

78: Knowing you and watching, it feels like there must be some mistake because it does not seem that you two are celebrating 50 years of marriage! Congratulations! It was a day to be thankful for when we met in Florida several years ago! We have been "making memories" ever since! It is so fun even when we are apart during the non-Florida months, to share an endless number of phone calls. Dick, thank you so much for being a super golf partner for Dooley. The golf foursome of you, Tom, Bob, and Dooley are fun to watch! More good memories! Sandy, thank you for all the fun times we share together. Conversations, planning events, shopping, attending your Super Bowl Parties are all very special times and again more good memories!

79: It has been, and continues to be, so fun to have our Florida apartments on the same floor. Fun to just have you stop in for a reason or for no reason! Dick, the times you stop and say, "I'm here to wash your big ocean side windows" is always a bright spot in any day. Feels like there is not anything you are not able to repair - like the 2011 refrigerator project! We praise God for both of you and cherish the friendship we share. Happy Anniversary and our prayers and wishes for many more! Love, Dooley & Shirley

80: Happy 50th Golden Anniversary - Richard & Sandy! It was 1961, and I was in 10th grade. I remember feeling some anxiety about the news that my wonderful brother was going to be married! I will admit I didn't particularly like the idea that you, Sandy, were taking my wonderful brother from me. I would later discover that my future sister-in-law would turn out to be more like a sister to me. A couple of events come to mind . . . I was a majorette in the Hazel Park School marching band and all of the sudden Mom and Dad decided they were moving to Madison Heights. With your help and others, I was able to stay my last two years at my high school.

81: The two of you helped me finance my first car, a Corvair, and established credit for the first time in my life. I don't think you realize how much I appreciated what you did for me! That started me on my adult journey. I love you both, and I thank you both for being so good to me through the years! You two have shared a life together and yet have shared yourselves with others who love you . . . and you have done it well! Congratulations to a very special and wonderful couple on your 50 Years together! May God Bless You with many more healthy and happy years together! Love, Helen

82: We have enjoyed your wonderful friendship and always look forward to being with you in Florida. Dick: Golfing seems to be your sport. I could never be able to beat your score. You are good - keep it up. We have the best foursome. It would never be the same if you were not a part of it. Sandy: You are a very big part of our social group activities and events. You give your all - always there to help. We get to go to lunch when we can, flea market at time, shop, all good stuff. We want to wish a very special couple "Good luck, good health and happiness, and unending joys!" Happy 50th anniversary and many more to be celebrated. God Bless You. Love, Rose Marie & Big Bob

83: Congratulations on your 50 years of marriage. Your friendship has made our Florida time fun and enjoyable. We wouldn't have much of a "hot dog" foursome without Dick. Good thing we have someone who can see the ball off the tee. Looking forward to our next winter together in Florida. Your buddy, Tom It's been fun to go out with Sandy the Shopper. We also enjoy the lunches. We usually meet for Bingo. Florida would not be the same without Dick and Sandy -- So happy anniversary. Fondly, Lois

84: Dear Uncle Richard & Aunt Sandy, Congratulations on your anniversary! We love you both. George, Leslie, George III, and Brett 50 years together is such a milestone, and we were so happy to be there with all to enjoy the celebration. Congratulations and continued good health and many more years together. Love, Jim and Diane

85: Uncle Richard and Aunt Sandy, You are very special to us all. Becky and I feel privileged that you are a part of our family. We wish you many years of continued happiness and health. Love, Chris and Becky My dearest Richie, my loving brother. Although my memories are from long ago, I treasure them all. I remember seeing your smiling face on my wedding day. You were the best altar boy. I want to thank the both of you for taking such wonderful care of Mother. I appreciate everything you two have done. Richie you are my wonderful, wonderful brother and I love you. I love both of you dearly. You will be in my heart for eternity. I wish you good health and happiness always. Congratulations on 50 years! Love, Catherine

86: Dear Dick and Sandy, Congratulations on 50 years of marriage. We are thankful for the privilege we've had to share small segments of your 50 year journey. You have endeared yourselves to us in a multitude of ways over these years. We appreciated the kindness and support and love you gave to Gene - and to your family and extended family including us. It's apparent you both have the gift of making friends and being a friend - in part because you have the knack of looking beyond yourselves to appreciate whatever is noble and loving in others. Both of you have a zest for life that is contagious. We cherish all the good times and laughter we have shared. Dick, we admire the fact that you are so amiable. You appear to have never met a stranger, and you're always ready to lend a helping hand. We have fond memories

87: of the day that, after you had a business appointment cancel and everyone else was on their way to Kentucky to attend Rudy's funeral, you called saying you were catching a ride on the plane with Rudy's body. Sandy, we appreciate your thoughtfulness to always call. Your cheerful and upbeat demeanor has comforted us time and again. Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves. We wish you many more sunshine filled years together. Love, Larry and Madonna

88: Dear Uncle Richard and Aunt Sandy, How do I began to write a note that describes the meaning you have had in my life. So many special memories brings tears to my eyes as I write this to you. You have always been such a positive, loving influence in my life. I love the stories you have shared with me like sitting in the tub crying when I was born and giving me my first sip of Pepsi. I love the hugs, kisses, and calling me "Sweet Pea." I am so blessed to have had many special memories - family dinners, birthdays, weekends up-north, shopping trips, and just talks. When I was younger, I took for granted our relationship, and now I cherish all our special family memories.

89: Special People God gives us special people of this I am sure They are most caring and beautiful And their motives are always pure God gives us special people They come in many different ways And as long as I live, I'll be thankful And give God all my praise For when God sends me special people My heart fills with joy each day And forever I'll be thankful Because God sent you my way Love you, Rick, Michele, Lauren, and Nate

91: All this because two people fell in love

93: In loving honor to our wonderful parents and grandparents. Love, Tracey &Mike, Mike & Barb, Jessica & Keith, Rachel & Billy, Heather, Holly, Mikey, Makayla, and Chloe

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