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S: Jackie and Tony, 50 (minus 20)

FC: it's Complicated Jackie, Tony and 50 minus 20 | it's Complicated Divorce with benefits! Jackie, Tony and 50 minus 20

1: July 29, 2011 Congratulations Mum and Dad - Jackie and Tony - on your 50-minus-20th anniversary!

2: From Tita: I was pre-pubescent when Jackie & Tony got together, but the thing I remember most about those early days, is that they had a loyal group of friends who got together regularly -- and often at our house!! Mum & Dad seemed to enjoy Tony's 'gang' coming over after the 12 o'clock Mass to enjoy a leisurely breakfast and discuss the latest sports, politics or movies, with much passion. It was lively and entertaining -- we young'uns (Mary, myself, Huffy & Pat) looked forward to these gatherings to hear strong opinions and much laughter while we contributed our appreciation and curiosity. The age gap shrinks with the passing years but I still remember Jackie and Tony as 20-year olds. I'm so pleased that they have re-claimed their betrothal. I knew they really liked each other and to see that their love never died! I still enjoy watching them enter into discussions on sports, politics and movies as it takes me back to those days in Aylmer and watching them amongst their friends from across the dining room table!


4: From June and Jimmy . Memories that I have are when you were born I went to Cornwall and spent the weekend with your parents. Jim and I went to Pembroke when Jennifer was born. Trip to Toronto, your parents had a party in the bungalow across from Al and Joanne. We had a great time. Jennifer's wedding and a few times spent the weekend when Kim was skating in Toronto. And now we look forward to visits in the summer with your parents. Wishing them good health and happiness Happy Anniversary love June and Jim.

5: From Judy and Bonnie Memories from Judy: Mom's earliest memory of Jackie and Tony together was a wedding they attended together with Jim. That would have been when the friendship began, more than just family. Tony and Jim developed their friendship beginning then. Jackie and Mom shared many movies together and although they are cousins (family), friends would be a better way to describe their relationship. Memories for both Mom and I: When you first moved to Toronto (Guildwood) we had many get togethers at your home and ours, the most memorable were the carolling parties, standing around the piano singing and laughing, drinking and eating. We celebrated many family times together, always a great time. When hearing they were back together after so many years apart it was a little bit of a shock but what a happy ending. Both us of couldn't have been happier to see them together. A special memory was a dinner at my house at Mussleman Lake after they had gotten back together, it was like they had never been apart. Tony walk in and the big bear hug was there again. Time never stopped. Then when Bill got married last summer and my brothers and Dad were in town and they came to help celebrate at a barbeque the day after the wedding. It was great to have them there on such a special occasion.

6: From Nonnie HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO AN UNUSUAL COUPLE! Tony was always a favourite brother. He was the one who ‘protected’ me from the two older meanies, Bill and Sandy! Lying in a heap of tears and frustration (having been teased to death by those two) Tony would say, “Don’t cry, Nonnie. When I grow up I’m going to beat them up!” He never did! He was the gentlest guy! Full of life too. Always got along with everyone. Had so much lovableness and charm, I can remember the aunts and great-aunts remarking on the little guy, when we moved down from Rouyn Quebec to Ontario and were at Balsam Lake. I was 7, Tony was 4. “Did you ever in your life see such a charming little boy!” they said to one another. When I moved to England in 1959 I had been there over two years when Tony wrote to tell me he was getting married. I couldn’t believe it! Why so sudden? “ Can’t you wait until I come home?” I said. No, he couldn’t wait. It never occurred to me that a little girl was going to arrive. I was a convent girl to the core and very pure. He said in his letter, “I’m marrying a girl called Jacqueline Dinelle. She’s pretty and smart and I think you’ll like her.” I did like her. I came back late 1961 and there was Jackie – pretty and smart as Tony said, and very happy and delighted with her new baby and husband. She said to me, “I’ve never been so happy in my whole life!” The baby was adorable (that was Kathy) and I was honoured to be chosen as her godmother. She was a prize worth everything Tony and Jackie must have had to go through. I always loved Jackie’s mother, Kay, who said in answer to a neighbour’s caustic remark about the baby arriving early. “Who wouldn’t want a baby like this one to get here as quickly as possible!” she said. [more to come...]

7: From the Hughi-Gillians Sorry to be late in responding to your message. But we did want to send our best wishes to Tony and Jackie on their 50-20 anniversary. Perhaps it's appropriate to be late. Huffy and Gilly remember being on the Toronto island with Tony when Dominic was just two. Jerry was trying to think of adjectives for groups. Tony came up with the best description for a gathering of Griffins -- a "procrastination". Huffy has of course known Tony for his entire life, and perhaps knows more about Tony than he might wish to, as he shared a bedroom with him for a number of years. He remembers meeting Jackie for the first time - she was very happy because he was actually shorter than she was. Gilly met Tony and Jackie first when she and Huffy came over to Canada for a visit, prior to their marriage. We remember being at their house in Scarborough for Thanksgiving dinner - there were so many pre-dinner nibbles, especially jelly beans (Huffy's favourite), that he couldn't eat his meal. It was lovely that Tony and Jackie came over to England for our wedding. Gilly remembers meeting them at the airport. Jackie asked Gilly if she had had a shower, Gilly explained that not many bathrooms in Britain had showers, but that she had washed that morning (wondering whether she smelled). Yes, they were speaking the same language if not the same meaning. Tony and Jackie not only came to our wedding, they also came on our honeymoon too, which made the occasion somewhat interesting. Please see: 'The Griffin Guide to the Perfect Honeymoon'. None of us were happy when they separated, and we are all thrilled that they are back together. Dominic and Amy are enjoying getting to know the aunt that they never had, and Gilly is pleased to have a formative member of the "Griffin wives club" back in place. | Dominic remembers a solo "grown up" trip to Toronto to stay with Tony, with Gilly's last words being "Tony might not be there when you arrive, but don't worry: he will come for you." He remembers the stay being full of late nights, sweets, laser tag and a game of pool that turned out to be a lesson in just how good Tony is at it. Another favorite memory is staying with Tony the night before heading off to work at a camp near Kitchener for the summer. Two Griffins together guaranteed that Dominic missed his train in the morning, and so Tony drove him all the way there. His memories of Jackie are more limited but he remembers his delight in learning that she, too, had gone to the University of Ottawa, and talking about how it had changed. Amy remembers when Kathy and Charles had come to visit Tony with Esme, Michael and Sasha. We were pulled into a room by Esme to make plans for her grandiose play to be presented at Bill and Anne's the next day. One example of Tony's enthusiasm was when we were driving downtown and he was showing us some building and oops! we hit the back of a policeman's motorcycle. Thankfully, he managed to stick on the Griffin charm and talked himself out of too harsh a punishment. Amy remembers Tony's place having a fridge that made ice and that was SO high class for her at the time. Tony's apartment was across from a window where you could see a man inviting different ladies and interesting naked things happened... didn't quite get it at the time!! Also, lots of ice cream was definitely a welcome addition to different hours of the day [note from editors: more on this theme to come]. Amy has somehow still not met Jackie, but very much looks forward to it!

8: shoots

11: From Jennifer I sure can't remember half of the things that everyone else said... watching The Way We Were with Kim and shopping at the Eaton Centre, or Shelley's great memories [you’ll read about these in the coming pages]... but I guess that's what happens to the experiences we have in our lives. What may mean very little to you might have incredible significance to someone else. I have so many great memories of my childhood. When I look back I can honestly say that I'm not remembering it and making it something that it wasn't. It really WAS a pretty special childhood. Mom & Dad were so social and there were so many great gatherings in our home. Dad was Mr. Charm and a great bartender and Mom was Martha Stewart before Martha Stewart was Martha Stewart. Everything had such an elegant and classy touch. Our friends were always welcome and our house was always a little too perfect. I say 'too' perfect because, if anything, its been a struggle to know that we/I can't recreate that childhood and I'd have to come up with my own creation for my kids. [more to come]

13: From Kathy One childhood memory stands out because it shows just how opposite my parents are. This was the Keith Richards court case (had to get a Stones mention in here somewhere). I had skipped school to try to see Keith and while I was there, the Globe and Mail interviewed me and some other fans. It was fun at the time, but later I started to worry. What if they run this in the paper? Then everyone, my parents and teachers, will know I skipped school. The guilt got to me and I was withdrawn and couldn’t eat dinner that night. Mom, you noticed and started questioning me, and I confessed up. As expected, you were really angry. You said you would speak to dad about this, but fortunately for me, you were out that night and didn’t come back until after I had gone to bed. The next morning the story was on the front page of the paper, with my name in it. I was in the kitchen and mom, you came down glowering and said, “Your father is furious with you.” Dad, you rarely get angry but when you do, it’s unbending, so I dreaded you coming down. Finally you appeared holding the paper. You came up to me, put an arm around my shoulder and chuckled: ”He-he, my daughter on the front page of the Globe.” Thank goodness for opposites!

14: From Christina | I My first memory of Granny was of her taking me to Top Banana to shop for toys. My first memory of Grandaddy was his scratchy beard. But my first memory of the 2 of them together was the Christmas when they came to Santa Barbara for the "International Tour of Love". I was so happy we were all together. They balance each other perfectly - height-wise.

15: From Grace My earliest memory of Granny is of her babysitting me and me not wanting to go back to my parents. Me earliest memory of Grandaddy is how he's always said "'Oh Darling' since I was little. My earliest memory of them together is when we visited them in Toronto in 2006 and I thought that their cheesy footrubs and kisses were gross. But I loved the way Granny would scream 'Tony!' | From Theo Grandaddy is eternally grateful for me & Michael because this family needed more good-looking, charming, blond men to overshadow all of those loud women. Grandaddy - You're welcome.!!

16: From Esme I don’t know if I’d call it my fondest memory of the two of you, but I do think the memory that sums up your relationship is the first half of our trip to the rodeo in the Summer of 2009. Michael and I were driving in the backseat of the car with you two with Grandad driving and Granny, being the expert that she is at the activity (may I direct all attention to the incident where Granny hit the same car twice within a five minute period), was directing him. Both Michael and I knew that when we were off the main road and in areas where the speed permitted was higher, we would hit some trouble. Michael and I are rarely wrong about anything and this was no exception. Granny started full on yelling at Grandpa to slow down for a good half hour, saying he was making her sick and was going to kill us all and for some reason unbeknownst to anyone who has ears, he didn’t respond and just didn’t slow down (and at one point actually started going faster). Needless to say that when we finally pulled over to grab a bite to eat, Michael and I sprinted out of the car faster than we thought was humanely possible and tensions were running high, resulting in limited interaction with you two. Five minutes later though, Michael and I looked over and you were joking around and holding hands as if nothing had happened. You’re both such different people, but you’re aware of this (Grandpa if you have yet to tell Granny the story of how we literally had no gas while driving across a deserted mountain and how everyone’s mutual reaction was ‘thank goodness Granny isn’t here’ - you’re welcome for doing so!). You often clash over the little things, but you have such a great deal of love for one another that when it comes to things of great importance, all differences are set aside and you work together for a solution. Congratulations to the both of you. I hope to see you very soon

17: From Sasha Granny and Grandpa were in Hong Kong. I was upstairs and they were downstairs. I walked down and saw Granny sitting on Grandpa’s lap and I jumped back behind the wall because I didn’t know what to do. She went, “oh you hot dog”. He went, “oh you cookie monster”. And then they started to make out. I went “ahem” and came around the corner and Grandpa shoved Granny off his lap and said “Sasha darling” and acted like nothing happened. | From Michael One of my fondest memories of Granny and Grandpa back together was, 4 years ago, when we all went to California to visit aunt Jen. We were on our way to Las Vegas as a group and while we were still in California, we made a stop at a Big Boy restaurant. We were all ordering breakfast and Grandpa chose to have a few donuts alongside his morning coffee. Granny thought this was absurd and snatched his donuts so that ‘he wouldn’t gain weight’. After she had snatched HIS donuts on the grounds of ‘watching his weight’ she decided to eat them right in front of him, unbeknownst to us watching her and to seeing the problem of the situation. Our father very accurately gave her the nickname ‘The Donut Nazi’ there forth. We love you guys and wish you the best on your 50 – 20th anniversary.

18: The shades! | The hair! | The wallpaper! | The cute chicks! | The 'we're joining you on your honeymoon' fashion!

19: Fashion | The G R O O V Y Guys! | The shower caps?

20: From Joanne and Al We met up with your family when you moved to Sancrest Dr. in Scarboro, 1966 or 67, and became instant and long lasting friends. Our young blond-haired daughters spent lots of playtime hours together. The adults played as well – and enjoyed lots of party events. We, “The Whites”, always hosted the Grey Cup party and “The Griffins” hosted the Caroling Party. Before the 1st Caroling Party, we had a practice session at our house. Remember Mario’s red wine. We loved our football teams – Argonauts and Roughriders! A drive to Ottawa in 1968 taking babysitters and all to stay at Jane’s house. A bus trip to Ottawa, staying at the “Beacon Shit” and a train trip to Montreal – five hours in the bar car. Also, Barry Sproule drove us in his van – for a weekend. Those were the days my friends! Was that when Tony fell asleep in the john? Especially remember Jackie’s team not performing all that well and she up and left Herb and Emily’s rec room and went home. She did return later, after the Roughriders scored. We spent several New Year’s Eves together. There was that famous road crossing event (after Jennifer’s favourite Xmas decoration had been broken). Christmas mornings alternating between homes so that Tony and Allan could exchange gifts. Enjoying the Shaw Festival and staying at the Prince of Wales for several years is another great memory. Then there was a Caribbean vacation in Barbados. Could go on. When Jackie called to tell us that they were a couple again, I guessed it before she could tell me. We were very pleased and happy for them. Allan in his “French” style always has called Jackie his “petite feel” – make that fille.


22: From Cathy [Robinson]. [A poem that makes her think of you] Thank you I still believe that generosity is its own reward that kindness will prevail that might does not make right that a soft answer turns away wrath I still believe that there is power in gentleness that there is more to us than flesh and bone that life will bring more happiness if lived for peace and not possessions I still believe people of gentleness and faith can change the world one unseen unsung unrewarded kindness at a time and nothing in this world can make me stop Thank you for proving me right. | From Barb and Ron Weir Ron & I met Tony thru my brother Bill Morgan about 40 yrs ago when Bill and Tony worked at IAC Acceptance!! Ron and Tony played indoor tennis at the old Centennial Shed (no heat available)and then upgraded to playing in summers at Curran Hall Tennis Club. We lived in the same sub-division as Jackie & Tony (they lived on Madras and we were on Botany Hill). Kathy and Jennifer were dear little blonde toddlers just the delight of their mum,dad.and all their friends and family. We enjoyed a holiday together with several families down in Myrtle Beach and we all met up with a family called the Riley's from Saranac Lake, N.Y. The Riley's had 6 sons and made a few visits up to Toronto to stay with us for a few days. Jackie and Tony invited ourselves, Bill/Donna Morgan and The Riley's over for a barbq. It was quite elegant.. Jackie had the dining table all set up beautifully. We had several drinks/appetizers on the patio. As the evening moved along, Tony was carrying a heavy tray of drinks out of kitchen towards the patio and went right straight thru the screenA moment for memory is a picture that Jackie has of our twins in her father's arms a month or so after they were born. It was one of the last pictures of her dad before he passed away. Ironically, when our oldest son Heath was born in 1972, Ron was building their rec room on Merkley Sq. and he and Tony came to Scarb. Gen. together to celebrate the birth of this little guy. Then .. several years later, Ron was working on their second home's rec room in West Hill and lo and behold .. the twins were born while he was doing so.Ron, Tony and Heath were together at the hospital for the birth of Brent and Scott. It was like Uncle Tony all over again..except it was double indemnity! door .."he thought it was open". Well he came thru the opening, door and all hanging over him and the tray of drinks still holding up!! As a matter of fact, he leaped over the concrete step and just kept on 'truckin' never spilled a drop!! YIKES! _What an impression he made on the Americans!! We laughed about this for weeks on end!!._Boy he sure had a good sense of balance in those days!! | Fom Jerry As for a funny anecdote, you were present at THE funniest scene involving Tony and I'm sure you will know which one I'm talking about. I'll give you a hint in case you've forgotten - Snookums! Can you ever forget the look of horror that swept over the three of us - followed by the thunder-clap of laughter? We actually didn't stop laughing all the way to Montreal! Then we passed Nonnie as she walked innocently by on the street in Montreal, did we not? We were terrified of telling her! I really can't remember her response, can you? And I have no memory of our actually telling her what had happened either. Tony always makes me laugh anyway but it's his attitude really and hard to wrap it around an anecdote. Your mum is always fun to be with precisely because her sense of humour throws a bright light over the most mundane happenings.

23: From Barb [Robinson] I met your Mom and Dad because they were friends of Gil and Doreen when we were living on Merkley Square, in Scarborough. I used to baby-sit you girls. You were great neighbours. I really got to know your Dad when I was learning to drive (16 years old) and my Dad and I would fight when he would take me out to practice. Your Dad offered to teach me. He was a great teacher, so calm and encouraging. I passed my driving exam because of your Dad. Your Mom was the first woman I knew who had children and worked full-time. I thought she was amazing. She looked beautiful, had a wonderful family, a handsome husband and a career. I began to realize that that’s what I wanted, too. Your mom also got me a job at the University. I would go into work with them – down the Don Valley parking lot – everyday. They were very good to me and I’ve never forgotten how they treated me. I will always, always remember Tony (your Dad) flying to Moncton to be with us when Gil (our Dad) was terminally ill. His being there meant more than I can express. It was January 11th, 2008. Your Dad was so good with our Dad. It meant so much to have him with us. He gave me strength when I didn’t think I had anything left. He chatted and made jokes – he made us laugh. It was a special time.Your Dad helped guide Cathy and I through the labyrinth of emotions that we were experiencing. It meant everything to me that he flew out to be with us and our Dad. I will always be grateful for the time he spent with us. | From Ken and Karen I have been trying to think of anything special, but as you can guess any photo memories got thrown out during the change in “Administration”. All I know is that Tony is my oldest friend and he and Jackie have always had a very special place in my heart as well as Karen’s. I’m sorry i can’t be more tactile of verbose; We just love them! | From Sue and Dave When I look back on those wonderful choir years, we were only 28, with lots of energy and I think a bit, no , a lot of playful fun making of Mother Church. Actually I can't get over how Holy Jackie and Tony are now. I think Jackie is 6 months older than I so maybe 1/2 a year makes a difference. I think their reuniting is wonderful. They just belong together-right! We always look forward to Jackie's yearly 7-8 hour party during the Christmas season.

24: From Jane MacDonald and Kelly Wylie Tony and Jackie are the parents of our close high school friends Kathy and Jennifer. We got to know them when we were in our last year of high school at Laurier Collegiate. Their warm hospitable open door approach to Kathy and Jennifer's friends soon made the Griffin house "Party Central". We thought they were the coolest parents going. We remember a lot of great dinners with the extended Griffin family. It as always fun, lively, and entertaining. Lots of wine and song, wonderful food. We felt paradoxically absolutely shocked when they got back together but...that it was meant to be. We also felt that it really made Kathy happy after such sadness in her life with her devastating loss. It was great to see you together at the party for Kathy last year. It felt as thought you didn't miss 20 years together. This will sound strange but with respect to 'events' that make us think of them, we think of Tony and Jackie whenever there is a Federal election. In our last year of high school, Kathy hosted an Election party at her house. We were just getting interested in politics and this was an amazing event, which sparked a lifelong interest in political issues. There was excitement in the air - it was 1980- Trudeau swept back into power with a majority unseating the hapless Joe Clark. There was a sense of great optimism for the future. We think Tony and Jackie fostered a climate of intellectually curiosity where lively discussions and enjoying life were well practiced and preached. Congratulations to you both!! | Barb and Ron Weir We always enjoyed their Xmas parties where we all walked through the community knocking on doors and singing Xmas carols and of course we had several jugs of "heart fixer uppers to drink!!

25: PARTIES! (thrown and attended)

26: From Kelly Dart My most special moment with your parents is Christmas. The Christmas poem that got bigger and bigger every year as more people attended I loved our caroling night and standing around the piano singing Another most favorite memory is when your dad took us to see Elton John and Kiki Dee in the pouring rain. It just shows what amazing and wonderful parents you have. I felt that I was also one of their daughters because I was always there and they never ever minded. We also can’t forget when your parents talked my parents into going to Myrtle beach. Our family spent a week together. That was a so wonderful special time. | What's a party in this family, without family?

27: The kitchen - where all good parties end up! | From Wendy Two memories spring to mind. The first was one wintry night, again in the early 1980s on a weekend sojourn to Toronto with Sandford. We all went to dinner at a Greek restaurant and ordered round after round of flaming shooters. Tony was in his buoyant element, the ringleader of many HOPAs!! Jackie was the sober counterpoint. I remember Jackie's wry enjoyment of Tony's antics. It amazed me they could enjoy each other in this way. The second was at Kathy and Charles' wedding in Hong Kong. Tony and Jackie had each found other partners, but these partners had stayed home. They had the maturity to cast aside the baggage and focus on their beautiful, wonderful daughter and her big event. After the ceremony, Tony dropped his arm across Jackie's shoulders in a familiar gesture and gave her a squeeze. She smiled and looked up at him. It was poignant and sweet. | Everyone in the pool! | Has there ever been a Griffin gathering without song?

28: From John I have no shortage of fond memories of your parents. I'm sure you know, I think the world of them. If it's O.K. to pick favorites, they are mine. They have always been very special to me, to say the least. The greatest love story I know is the story of them getting back together. I will share some random thoughts below: This just can't be said enough. Christmas's with Aunt Jacquie & Uncle Tony and our cousins was such a special tradition, for so many years. It seems hard to imagine the incredible amount of work that Aunt Jackie & Mom put in to make this such a special time of year. Of course, that pales in comparison to the work that Uncle Tony & Dad did pouring drinks, carving the turkey, and organizing games. Those 2 days were the most memorable of each year, and I will never forget them. A particularly special memory that I have of Uncle Tony was when he was my sponsor for Confirmation. When Mom & Dad told me I could choose whoever I wanted to be my sponsor, I knew exactly who I would choose. I always thought that it was so cool having Uncle Tony around. He gave me an Alfred Hitchcock book (very spiritual), which I still have. I remember fondly as a kid when Aunt Jacquie & Uncle Tony lived nearby on Sancrest Dr. Mom & Dad used to let Shelly & I ride our bikes over on Saturday mornings and they would make a big breakfast for us. We loved that. It seems like yesterday. It was always clear that life was a little bit less structured at Aunt Jacquie & Uncle Tony's, as compared to our house....and all of the kids in our family LOVED it. Tony served us unlimited pop, we could watch all the T.V. we wanted, and you could turn your music up loud. It was a happy place to be. I don't remember the exact moment when I heard that Aunt Jacquie & Uncle Tony decided to "reunite", but I distinctly remember telling Huffy the news. Huffy & Gilly were at the Chateau Lake Louise attending a conference, and I visited them while they were there. I'll never forget the look on Huffy's face when I told him the "rumour" that was going around. I thought he was going to fall out of his chair when he heard the news.

29: CHRISTMAS and Family time

30: From Shelley Earliest memory: I was about ten years old when Jackie, Tony and the girls moved to Sancrest Drive which was just around the corner from my home. My brothers and I were able to bike over – something we loved to do as we were always made to feel welcome. What I always loved about Tony and Jackie was their spontaneity. On one occasion, I had biked over for a visit. While the girls and I were thinking about what to do for the day Tony just announced, “Let’s go to Niagara Falls!” So, without much ado, off we went, Tony, Jackie, Kathy, Jen, and I. We had a great day – I had never seen the Falls before so it was a real thrill. We even went on the Maid of the Mist. Later that evening we had dinner at a restaurant – not something our family did often with six children. We didn’t get home until after midnight – exhausted but happy – it was the best day ever! An event that makes me think of them: Grey Cup! Every time it comes on I remember how they were filmed in the stands kissing each other after the Ottawa Roughriders scored a touchdown! They were larger than life to me! Of course, I would be remiss if I did not mention that Christmas is another time that always makes me think of Jackie and Tony – our families spent many together – and they were always wonderful. I know my mom was especially appreciative because Jackie was always so helpful and did more than her share to make the events a culinary extravaganza! It was always a double feature – one would host the Christmas and the other would be in charge of the Boxing Day event. Of course Tony and Dad played their part - making everyone feel welcome. The conversation flowed freely as did the singing and the love. We were very lucky growing up surrounded by such generous people – Christmas still holds a special place in my heart – and it is largely because of the happiness that revolved around those times spent with Jackie, Tony, Kathy and Jen. | From Cathy I've known them FOREVER and I've always thought they were the coolest couple EVER who let their kids eat ice cream with whip cream for breakfast and play ICE HOCKEY!!! (I was soooo jealous!) My favourite story about them: Seeing them kissing on TV at the Grey Cup game! We waited and waited to see if we could catch a glimpse of them and instead - we got a CLOSE UP!! Only Tony & Jackie could pull that off!! Something that makes me think of them: CHRISTMAS! We've shared so many incredible Christmases with them including the infamous Carolling parties! I remember crying that first Christmas that Aunt Jackie wasn't there.... and I wasn't that young! Christmases just weren't the same when they weren't together. Let's just say, Christmases are complete again!!!

31: From Colleen I’ve known Aunt Jackie and Uncle Tony my whole life. Everyone in my family was so jealous that I got them as my godparents. Every year, without fail, I got not only a birthday present, but a Xmas present as well. I swear, if it weren’t for Tony reminding your mom I don’t know how she could have done it. They were always two people I felt especially close to, and knew from a very young age that they would be part of my life forever. I always remember your family coming up to Balsam Lake when we were there and bringing the BEST junk food. Then I’d look over and Tony would be putting a sugar substitute in his tea. You guys were always doing the latest fad, trying out the latest trend. I just always remember laughter in your home....and thinking that Tony and Jackie were like a real “modern” couple. Of course, the event that comes to mind that makes me think of them is the Caroling Party. The smell of your mom’s perfume as she’d greet us at the door and we’d hear laughter and music from the front room. Christmas in general was always a time with your parents that will mark my childhood forever. John getting your mom to sit on the whoopi cushion, your dad carving the turkey, Griffin singalongs, and of course, the long, drawn out, walk down the driveway Griffin good-byes. This past summer in Scarborough, around the pool, at one of those singalongs, we were all singing Harry Chapin’s “All my Life’s a Circle”, and I looked over at your parents. When the words “let’s go around one more time” were sung, they looked at each other and I’m pretty sure your dad winked at your mom. It was a really nice moment. | From Kim Pilon I’ve known them forever since they are my aunt and uncle. Always thought they were the cool aunt and uncle since they lived in Toronto (no disrespect to the rest of my aunts and uncles but they did live outside of Ottawa!) I was barely a teen when they broke up but I do remember going to their house in Toronto and they had partieseither cocktail or dinner party. I remember someone spilled red wine on their white carpet.which meant the party must have been pretty fun! Some things that make me think of them: -Lola’s – because I got lost in Scarborough walking back from the convenience store to by 1 – I mean really, who would let their kid go out in a strange place on their own? ;) -The “Go Train” – they lived next to it -Their laughsI can still hear both of their laugh when I think of it.

32: From Joe Earliest Memory- Living on Sancrest and getting together for Christmas. Favourite stories: Playing baseball at Balsam Lake. The ball was hit up in the air. Tony said “Jackie, catch it in your boobs”. Tony serving up the turkey and asking, “Does anyone want anything from the poop shoot? Jackie playing the piano while we sing Christmas Carols and everyone trying to harmonize. Thoughts at reuniting- We were very happy for them. Even though they’d been apart for many years it seemed like nothing had changed. If you hadn’t noted the 50 (-20), we would have forgotten they’d been apart. Jackie was always still very much a presence at so many family gatherings. Events that make Joe think of them: The famous carolling party and the song to go with it Sitting around Christmases wearing our silly hats. (Tony always being on time). Non-competitive volleyball games at the pool. | From Karleen Song- Karleen has always thought that this song from the end of the Mamma Mia Movie soundtrack fits the Tony and Jackie story: “When All is Said and Done” Here's to us one more toast and then we'll pay the bill Deep inside both of us can feel the autumn chill Birds of passage, you and me We fly instinctively When the summer's over and the dark clouds hide the sun Neither you nor I'm to blame when all is said and done It's been there in my dreams the scene i see unfold Who at last flesh and blood to cherish and hold Jealous fools will suffer yes i know and i confess once I lost my way when something good had just began lesson learned its history all is said and done In our lives we have walked some strange and lonely treks Slightly worn but dignified and not too old for sex We're still striving for the sky No taste for humble pie Thanks for all your generous love and thanks for all the fun Neither you nor I'm to blame when all is said and done It's so strange when you're down and lying on the floor How you rise, shake your head, get up and ask for more Clear-headed and open-eyed With nothing left to try Standing calmly at the crossroads, no desire to run There's no hurry any more when all is said and done Standing calmly at the crossroads, no desire to run There's no hurry any more when all is said and done | Every year a picture of the tree. Why?

33: Toilet Break (Before we get to the really important matter of......) | "Most Telling Story" From Shelley Jackie and Tony offered to help us arrange a surprise 25th Anniversary party for our parents. The plan was that they would take Mom and Dad out for a brunch. We had agreed upon a time when they would bring them home where we would have all the guests waiting in the garage – ready to surprise them. Well, on the day of the party – the pre-arranged time came- and went – no Jackie and Tony – and no Mom and Dad!! Finally, about an hour later they arrived and were greeted by a garage full of guests (many a bit less sober than when we had started). When I cornered Jackie later she explained the delay. They had been walking along a downtown street on their way back to the car, when suddenly they realized they were minus Tony. After an extensive search they located him in the “john” of one of the hotels – nature had called and Tony, being the spontaneous (and time-challenged) person he was, had answered. Jackie was furious with him – but Tony took it all in stride and arrived at the party looking relaxed and quite pleased with himself! How could anyone stay angry at that guy!!!!! | One by one, the children fell asleep on the ping pong table and awoke days later to see Tony and entourage arrive. Or so it felt.

34: LO | Anne and Bill Tony & Jackie have always been a favourite aunt and uncle in our family. With our families growing up together we spent many beautiful Christmases together when the children were young sharing fun and laughter and good times. Wonderful memories were formed which have lasted all through the years. Needless to say we were delighted when Jackie and Tony got back together again. It just seemed like the right thing to do because they always seemed to complement each other so well. What a great couple they are together. Seeing them so much in love with each other makes us all feel so happy. Happy Anniversary Jackie and Tony and may you have many more happy years together. | Jennifer I guess the bomb was dropped when they split up. It was a shock, to say the least, and at first I thought it was kind of cool in a very twisted way. I do know that I never really let go of that fantasy that lots of kids from 'broken homes' have that Mommy & Daddy will get back together. In my adult mind I knew it was just a fantasy and I'd have to be content with those childhood memories. Reconciliation never really happens does it? I know where I was when I found out. Mom came to visit my family for Christmas and arrived in the early evening and stayed up late chatting with me, Alex and the girls. I thought she'd definitely need to sleep in late the next day but she was up at 7am and came bouncing down the stairs to tell me her news - She was seeing someone. I was so happy for her. Oh but there's more. "You know this guy...he's your father". I don't remember if there was stunned silence or if I screamed but if I didn't scream I sure felt like it. I was ecstatic from the minute I found out. After a few gliches they were finally together and together they will stay. In some ways I've forgotten the last 20+ years of apartness because these last few years have felt so right. I used to describe them as the most opposite couple. She's a little reserved and uptight (sorry Mom but you know its true) and he's outgoing and carefree (a kind word for irresponsible). The truth is they're perfect for one another. Yin to the Yang, whatever. She gets a lot of stuff done mainly because she just likes to do it herself and he keeps her from taking it all too seriously even when he's working and being surprisingly very responsible for the people he loves the most. He's just made it look effortless over the years but he really is a real man who took care of his family. He just made sure that he was having fun too. To see the 2 of them now, so in love, so social, so busy with living their lives and making up for lost time, I can only hope that we all can have the kind of love and adventure that these 2 have had. They sure travelled a difficult road to get them where they are today. I don't care about that anymore. The point is they're here. At the apex, the summit, the climax of their lives lifting one another up every day. With love. I guess some things may never get easier but the love will always be there because it never really went away. I love you Mom & Dad. | Colleen When I heard they got back together it felt like a fairy tale. I think those were Jacquie’s words, actually. She kept saying “it’s like something out of a fairy tale”. It just brought so much hope about things in general. That anything can change, and in some ways, that true love will always find its way home. And it couldn’t happen to two nicer human beings. I know one thing for sure, it warmed all of our hearts, especially mom and dad’s, who love both of them. | Cathy I was THRILLED when I heard!!! To me, they're like chocolate and peanut butter - two great tastes that go great together! | Bruce and Carol Bawden We had the pleasure of knowing Jackie for several years before the return of Tony. Tony is a natural co-captain of the Jackie-Tony partnership. Always calm, always accommodating, always contributing to the marriage. It is a pleasure to be in their company (although, unfortunately we don’t see them nearly enough). We wish them many many more years of healthy happiness and singing on key together.

35: VE | Barb Robnison LOVEI thought it was wonderful that they rekindled their love for one another again. I always thought they were good together, but then no one truly knows the personal side of any relationship. They have a history together and they have you and Jennifer, and 6 amazing grandchildren. How special for them to be together to share that again. Love comes in many forms and ‘time’ changes many things. They will grow old together in the comfort of being with each other. Life doesn’t get any better than that! | Shelley on hearing you'd reunited: There is a God! | Barb and Ron Weir LOVEWHEW .. thank goodness .. that sabbatical was far too long!! We were so glad when they reconnected .. it was a long burp in both of their lives and I'm sure they appreciate each other and what they have now with family and grandkids!! | Congratulate Jackie and Tony on our behalf. I will be spending a few days with them next week, we get together every year for a few days. All our love, Joan and Eldred | Kathy Sandford When I first met Tony and Jackie, they lived in the shining and comfy house at the end of the long dark drive from Ottawa – we were obnoxious teenagers, and they were always so tolerant and gracious. Time passed and I am happy and proud to say that our relationship(s) evolved, so when they fell in love again, it was as if two old friends had found happiness together. (Actually that’s exactly what it was). I’ll never forget the look on Tony’s face when he told us about it – smitten (or the look on the kids face when they told be about catching their grandparents kissing – but that’s another story). This is a love story – and love will never cease to surprise us all.

36: Nonnie I knew Tony wasn’t the ideal husband. He wasn’t as steady and reliable as some. He was a marvellous host though and the two of them entertained beautifully and were always welcoming and generous to everyone. Ah, the Christmas Caroling parties. The feasts, the sing-songs, the two little girls, Kathy and Jennifer. However, one could see, in spite of the lovely picture of married life they presented, that there were problems. “Tony! Will you PLEASE take out the garbage! I’ve asked you FOUR times!” “Sure, sure. I’ll do it.” (But did he?) Jackie was enormously frustrated with that certain complacency of his. That passivity. Surprising in someone with such vitality. But, it was driving her mad. It was turning her into a nagging wife, something neither she nor any woman wants to be. It was a hard time for Tony when Jackie made her life-changing plans. He was inconsolable and I saw a lot of him that summer. “How about a movie, Tony? “Sure!” But he felt he’d failed Jackie and saw clearly his part in the reason for the separation and his great loss. In fact, he was broken-hearted. I haven’t seen too many in my experience who have that positive approach to life that he has, and a willingness to see and admit his own imperfections. Tony picked himself up, just carried on and got himself going. It was a terrific show of the kind of strength Tony has and had at that time. The fact that they got back together after a separation of twenty years or more, is mind-boggling! He was with someone who was very fond of the family and him and they were pretty compatible. Somehow though, the linking up with the mother of his children, to be there for their grandchildren, to try and be the husband he hadn’t been, was something, I assume, he had to try for. I see that they are happy and comfortable together. Jackie seemed to take on a new kind of joy and gratitude I hadn’t seen in her before. The fellow she had married was another who was far from perfect and the realization must have come to her that Tony, with all his faults had so many great qualities. She too, I gather, wanted another chance. So, bless them both. They have made a go of it and continue to do so. It’s working out and they should be congratulated for their courage, hope and faith. May they have many more years. They are an inspiration of what many people aspire to and would like to bring about, but cannot: to forgive and forget. | Kim I thought it was fantastic when they got back together. We loved and missed Uncle Tony plus why did they ever break up anyway!!! When we saw them the next summer it was like time didn’t skip a beat. Being in my 40’s now and going through friends who are splitting I always say you never know if they’ll get back together . my aunt and uncle did 20 years later! | Kathy Everyone here has said what I felt. I’ll add one thing: I’ve seen you both apart and together, and I have no doubt that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Something happens when you two are together that makes life for each of you, and all of us, so much richer. I love you. | John I have always felt that Aunt Jacquie & Uncle Tony compliment each other perfectly. In my opinion, they are meant for each other, and it warms my heart that they have come to realize this. So what if it took them a couple of decades to figure it out. I only wish I was around more often to hear that famous "Tony" call from Aunt Jackie. I final thought I want to share is how special it is to me to know that Mom & Dad and Aunt Jacquie & Uncle Tony have picked up right where they left off. Mom in particular missed the time she had with Aunt Jackie after the breakup, and it is so nice to hear of them picking up where they left off. I can clearly picture the 4 of them standing in the driveway of 3 Manorwood Rd. on a beautiful day in July 1983, when the garage door was raised to celebrate Mom & Dad's 25th anniversary. Oh great. Now I have tears in my eyes.

37: Happy Anniversary, Mum and Dad! (And many more to come) xo

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