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S: Sherry Wells: 50 years of memories

FC: "winter must be cold for those with no warm memories"

1: To our dear Wife, Momma and Meema. This year you turn 50 years old. We wanted to make darn sure you know how much we love you! You do SO much for all of us! You have worked so hard for all of us and for your friends, family and even strangers! Your effort has NOT gone unnoticed. The things you have done throughout your life have enriched ours in so many ways. You taught us to work, love, serve and be happy. We are endelessly endebted to you. Every word we say is true! Thank you for sacrificing yourself to make our memories so full! Happy Birthday! Love, Clayton, Jenn, Zach, Alexis, Boo, Victoria, Monica, Meredith and Amanda

3: Sherry, my friend, my lover, my wife, as you approach your 50th birthday and the three year anniversary of beating death itself, I think back over the 13 years you have blessed my life. How you have saved me. I remember the first time I noticed you in that blue dress at church. In my mind's eye I can still see you as my eyes moved from the floor up your legs and shapely curve of your body to those beautiful eyes that pulled me in. Those eyes I still look into today for love, understanding and forgiveness. I remember the first night I came over to your house, the feeling of coming home and still belonging. I can feel the hug you gave me that night. The gentle touch, the touch I still yearn for today. I can still see your reaction when you saw for the first time what I wrote you in your backyard. Big enough that any aircraft flying over could read. Remember what it was? "Sherry I U" and I still do today. I remember the first day we spent together: the horses, your test, the horse race, O"Charley's, the movie. Titanic! I remember the first Christmas as a family. The one end of the living room was packed with Christmas gifts. As if it was a scene from a movie. I remember everyone sitting down as a family for the reading of the birth of Jesus and thinking this is what it is suppose to be like as a family. It is one reason I enjoy Christmas so much today. But, I also remember the utter fear when I almost lost you three years ago. It is still hard to think about those days. I still can hear the doctor telling me there is nothing we can do but pray. That you only had about a 2% survival, your body was shutting down. I still hear myself telling that doctor that you were going to walk out of here. I brought her clothes. You walked out of that hospital August 28, 2008. I thank God all the time for saving you and me. Honey, I know that my communication skills are inefficient. But I have always loved you and will always love you. I will do my best to walk before you to protect you. Walk beside you to make you equal and behind you to suppost you. You are my better half. It is you that holds me together and it is for you I do some of the things I do. You have saved me many times over these past 13 years. I joke sometimes, but I believe this is why you are still here. The Lord could not chance what I would become without you to real me in when I get a bur under my saddle. I love you more than words can say and it is your love that holds me together thru theough the good times and bad. Sherry I U and Happy Birthday!

4: We love you so much mom! Happy birthday!

5: I love you so much, I made you a list of all of my favorites from while you've exist(ed). -lion king rythm of the pridelands -lunch at Friendly's -picking apples at snipes -making goodies for the neighbors and the post man -your kindness to everyone! -big sunday dinners -you always did something for someone! -family bike rides in Ft. Campbell -cinnamon bread, homemade bread, broccoli chicken, EVERYTHING you make! -the way you made every home homey -teaching me to sew, bake, work and clean -the coolest thing in the world was to make you laugh. To tell a joke funny enough to make you laugh.....ahh...such joy -going to church in pennsylvania and afterwards hitting up the german bakery or dunkin donuts -brush your teeth, get dressed, wack up mom -when you had flowers and food and a clean house all ready for me after Porter was born -you didn't make me clean the stalls when my allergies got too bad -you birthing the baby horse -pickwick society in the attic -your visit to Logan when I was in college and our trip to Salt Lake, visiting grandpa's grave -you went down the water slide when porter was a baby and I was too scared -honey bear school -when you would write me little notes or give me the extra boost I needed -the way you make food look so beautiful -the smell of your hair, your room, your pillows even when I was little I wanted to snuggle in or steal your pillow because it smelled so lovely -you're beautiful face Mom, you've been the best mother! I have so many more memories with you and because of you. I can only hope to be as wonderful of a mother as you are for me. All of these little things have made for a wonderful life-thank you for all the work! I love you so much! Love, Jenn

7: Hey Mom, I was asked to recall some fond memories of you. There are so many good ones that it's hard for me to choose. I wanted to let you know about these couple of times that really meant the most to me. One such time was when we lived in Clarksville and I was having an ever difficult time with the situation (as per usual). But you decided we needed to go for a drive, nowhere in particular just needed some time to talk. We listened to all the greatest Jackson Browne tunes on that drive. I don't need to go into what I was upset about but I do want to let you know that at that time in my life, it was really nice, and comforting that you were willing to take the time and drive the distance for me to be able to have a ONE on ONE conversation with you about my pains and sorrows. Looking back now I realize how difficult it must have been to juggle the emotions of six kids and still be able to find the time and strength to talk with them one on one. It made me feel more like an individual. So much of the time during those days I felt like the outcast, but during that drive you reminded me, without even saying so, that you really really cared about my thoughts, and you were willing to take the time to listen, understand and council. I remember getting in the car very upset and I remember getting out of the car feeling much better, and loved. There were actually several times like that one. When we lived in Pennsylvania, I remember you taking me along with you to your midwife appointment. Think you were pregnant with Meredith, and we stopped and got some subway and sat out on a park bench and ate and talked. This subway was not the one we normally went to. We were away from the normal area. I think there was a stream or a canal near this park bench. I remember I got a foot long sub and devoured the whole thing. I rememberyou had this joking attitude like--geez Zach--did you get enough to eat?--I had a lot of subways when I was a kid. I remember a lot of folks (dad, grandpa, uncle greg) would only let me get a half sandwich because they were sure that was all I needed. But my MOTHER knew I was a growing, starving young man and needed all the subway I could get. There were so many other great times. Times that might seem mundane or silly to others, but in my heart and mind it was the little things that proved you cared so much for me. I'm sure the others had their special times too. The fact that you were able to take all six of us on, one-by-one, Heart-to Heart, face to face, soul to soul, is something about you that I will never forget. There are plenty of other great times. I hope we get to talk about them soon. I LOVE YOU MOM, AND HOPE YOU HAVE A VERY VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

9: -Warm fresh cinnamon bread. -Homemade warm fudge -quilts of many sizes and colors -the Best chicken filled croissants -Movie nights filled with laughter -the Great battles of game nights... are some of the great memories I have of you. Mom, You're an amazing, talented woman. There are no words to describe how amazing you are and what you mean to me and what you have done in my life. Not only have you been a great mother to us all but also a grandmother to our children and that means the world to me. Love, Alexis

11: To: Mama From: Boo Bank & Trust Dear Mrs. Mama, I am sending this letter to remind you of a debt that is owed to me. The original principal on that debt was $50.00 USD. However with the compounding interest added that debt now stands at $23,749.67 USD. I was displeased with your feable attempt at acting ill and faking a sever liver problem to avoid paying me. I now demand payment in full and tahnks to the new "consumer protection agency" created by the Obama Administration, we now have the ability to plave you in a debtor's prison until you are able to pay. I suppose some consideration can be given to the fact that you gave birth to me (rumor has it that there is some mild discomfort associated with that). Also it is duely noted that you raised me from infant to adolescent, cooking, cleaning and keeping me alive all those years. You were always there to help me, whether it was bully big brothers, consuming copious amounts of urine at sunsplash or being viscously attacked by multiple 500+ pound bengal tigers (or a single 50 pound docile puppy depending on who is telling the story). I could always count on you to be there. I have also considered that you taught me how to read and write and I probably wouldn't have been able to earn the 50 dollars to lend to you in the first place had I been illiterate. Working out the math on your debt subtracting all the considerations here-to-fore mentioned it turns out that Boo Bank & Trust is indebted to you in the amount of 7.682 gagillion dollars. However I am sure you are ready to place this whole situation behind you. So what do you it even? Love, Boo A.K.A. Little Lamby

13: Memories of Mother -I remember you holding me tight, as I cried, telling me that everything will be alright. -You always listened to me whenever I came home from school or work after having a hard day. -I'm so grateful for all the time you put into cooking us amazing family meals, and requiring us to all be home together to enjoy them. -I remember, and am so grateful for all the effort you put into the holidays, especially the ones where it was just the four of us. You still made it so special for us. -I love being able to call you my mother, my friend, and my confidante. -I remember the times when we would have family home evening and all the effort you put into them so we could have fun and learn something (ex: making wreaths and delivering the 12 days of Christmas, that and having to run away from Beth Wocher as she tried to chse down the person who left it at the door...I ran hard that night). -I am so grateful and proud to have had the opportunity to be sealed to you for all time and eternity, to call you my mother forever. -You always tried to treat Alexis and I as your own flesh and blood. You love us all the same. -I love the way you treat my father and how happy he is with you. -I remember how you used to stick up for me, even when I was in the wrong, against dad and even jump in the way when he tried to discipline me, especially with the belt...I am grateful! -I love you so much, each and every day. Love always and forever, Your daughter Victoria

15: -snuggling to a classic movie, like Father of the Bride, on mom's bed. -Thier wasn't ever anything wrong with us that couldn't be cured by some type of oil rubbed on our tummy or feet. -I remember when Meredith, Amanda and I were still "the Girls" and mom would make goodies and after she poured whatever it was she was making in the pan, she would let one of us lick the bowl and the other two got beaters from the mixer. -I love the smell of mom's house. It doesn't matter if you haven't been there in years or if you were there two hours agao, everytime you walk in-it just smells like momma. -Being sick was the best. :) When mom knew I was really sick, she would bring in a cold Coke and some medicine and then she would rub my feet to make me feel better. -I remember listening to mom play the piano, mostly when I was waking to ask her for something, but I remember how pretty it sounded. I close my eyes sometimes and think about how I used to pretend to play what she was playing while I was listening to her. Now I am all grown up with kids of my own doing some of the same things mom did with us when we were young. I hope they grow to treasure it like I do. I love you! Monica

16: Mer loves her food

17: Dear mom, I first just have to say I love you so much. When I say you're the best mom ever, when you make me food, or do something that makes me happy I really do mean it! You have done so much for this family and I just wish there was some way I could repay you, but for now all I can do is tell you how much I love you and that you are everything I want to be when I get older, a strong and beautiful person who never gives up...In fact now that I think of it, the only thing I have ever seen you give up is the things that you have, to all your children and to your family. The thing I love most about you mom is your non-stop support. You have always been looking out for me and the things that I truly love doing. You have always embraced my beauty, the beauty which I still can not see, but knowing that you see it helps me get to see it too. Recently I have come to you when I was at my lowest point in life, I told you some things I am not so proud of and you helped me see past the bad and see something better. Things I will always remember about us mom, is all of our little chats that we have and how we talk about everything I just feel like I can tell you everything and you understand and sometimes have even felt or been in the same place that I have been at. My personal favorite thing that I will always remember about you is how you have been around me so long, you know exactly what kind of food, how much, what flavor and so on. I mean come on, does it get any better than that? I could tell you to surprise me and you know just what to do! =D Now for that last part of this random unorganized letter, come on, we both know I am no good at English and we both know that Amanda's letter will be the best of them all cause it will have heart and good grammar, but it's a slepper slop my friend. So for these last few words I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You may be getting old, but you will always be the amazing, wise, beautiful, loving, caring and stronger I might add (haha, just a little "Father of the Bride" for ya there) mother I have ever known. I hope you have the best birthday ever. With love from, Your Mer

19: Ma. We've known eachother for what, almost 17 years now? These have been the best years of my life. I want you to know how amazing you are. You're the best mother I've ever had. It's the little things you do that can brighten up a gal's day. Like getting home from school and you take us into your arms like it's been years when it's only been 8 hours. I love putting my head on your shoulder and smelling your wonderfulscent, it reminds me that I'm safe. Or the way you wake me up by scratching my scalp and rubbing my shoulders. And although it gets old, I'll miss you going after my nose and picking at my face. You do so much for me, and those are just the little things. Thank you for protecting me and teaching me right from wrong. Thank you for having the strength to raise me in the church and always being there for me. For comforting me when I'm sad. Making me feel loved when I'm full of hate. Making me smile when I'm frowning. Making me laugh when I'm mad. And for being my mother and best friend. Every night I pray and thank God for blessing me with a wonderful mother like you. Thank you for putting up with me for 16 and a half years, and many more to come. You truly are the greatest Ma a girl could ask for. I love you. Love: Amanda

21: Benjamin Richard Auld Junior Due November 12th, 2011

22: Jackson Justin Humphrey Due October 30th, 2011

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