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S: Erik & Emily Ehrengren

FC: Erik & Emily Ehrengren June 24th, 2011

4: Best Man's Speech: Luckily, our subsequent interactions went far smoother than the first. Of course we were no longer immature high schoolers competing in meaningless sports like tennis, but young adults, eager to become worldly scholars, thirsty for the knowledge of educated men and beer bong victories. Soon our past discretions were forgotten (although I’m fairly certain I was the only one hanging on to them) and I was basically living on a futon in Erik’s dorm room. Over the course of the next four years I got to know Erik as more then the stoic competitor that crushed my dreams of a state tennis title. I got to know the kind hearted, compassionate and loyal person he is, all the while cementing a lifelong friendship. Erik has always been unique, and I mean that in a bad way. Just kidding. He always did things a little differently than most people. I remember returning to the dorms during finals week after the library was evacuated because of Tornado warnings. Erik had left about 20 minutes before me but when I went to his dorm our other buddies informed me that they had not seen him.

5: I thought this was strange since the Library was across the street and there was a raging storm out side, where would any normal person have gone? I’ll try to make this long. The first words I ever said toEric were “I hope I don’t look like that guy when I run.” The words were actually said to a high school Tennis teammate of mine while we watched Erik play our fellow teammates in a regional finals tennis match. That statement, along with some other un-pleasantries was meant to distract Erik, hopefully causing him to screw up. I didn’t know at the time that when Erik plays sports, he plays with the emotional diversity of a trash compactor. I watched helplessly as Erik continued to dismantle my teammates, with little more than a glance in my direction. His silent retort was eliminating my school from the state tennis tournament something that meant far too much to me at the time its cool now Erik, I’m over it now, I swear. Needless to say, my initial interaction with Erik left me with a rather pungent dis-taste for him. And yet now I stand before you as Erik’s Best Man. Oh sweet irony. As fate would have it we would meet again a few months later when we moved into our college dorm and happened to live just two doors apart.

6: About an hour later, a dirty, soaking wet Erik came meandering down the hall with a huge grin on his face. When I asked him “where the hell were you?” He simply said “Chasing the tornado” It’s that unique personality that made him study abroad not once, but twice and on two different continents. And fortunately for all of us here today that he did because it is was during that second session abroad in Australia where he met up with Emily and started to see her as more than just a friend. I think the best way to sum up Erik is through a story about our experience while working as counselors at a summer camp in upstate New York. There was a boys camp and girls camp across the lake and every summer the 14 year olds would take a 3 day, 75 mile canoe trip. As a sort of rite of passage. And every year a couple of counselors from the boys camp were sent along with the girl campers for additional “protection”. Without volunteering, Erik and I were selected to be those counselors. At first, we were both happy to help, it was going to be a cool experience, three days out in the Adirondack state park, on the water all day and camping in lean-too’s at night.. We set out on the trip like it was the blonde ambition tour. We quickly realized the real reason we along.

7: 14 year old girls are not good at carrying 100s of lbs of food, water and canoes over the various land crossings that were required. We were brought along as mules. We were also quick to realize that 14 year old girls are not good at paddling, staying quiet or being confined to the limited space of a canoe for 13 hours a day. At one point on the very first day Erik pulled up alongside my canoe, he was seated in the rear, with three campers sitting on the floor of the canoe, lazily placing their paddles in the water, barely going through the motions of paddling. Each time the girls got a little too lazy and stop moving their paddles all together, Erik quickly delivered a small splash of water to their backs. After a muttled slue of profanities no 14 year old should know, the girls returned to paddling. Erik turned to me, gave a large smile, and paddled away. The very next day I came up to Erik’s canoe and saw a much different scene. Two of his campers were perched at the front of the canoe, paddling in perfect unison, the third was lying in the middle staring dreamingly at Eric, and all three were talking his ear off. Chatting about boys, clothes, their schools, they even started to sing a camp song in which they changed the words to prominently feature Erik.

8: They had also started to refer to Erik as Shiloh, the adorable and loyal main character in the movie of the same name. If you’re not familiar with the movie, Shiloh was a beagle, but that’s beside the point. Were I had resigned to paddling my canoe myself, and allowing my three campers to just be passengers, Erik had managed to get these unruly, braty, 14 year olds from New York City to not only participate, but even enjoy the experience. They had also all fallen in love. That is the type of person Erik is, patient, firm and yet caring enough to bring out the good qualities in you. That is how he always was with me as a friend, and I am sure that is how he will be as husband. I’d like to toast to the both of you and extend my sincere congratulations. And Emily, remember that from here forward, you will always have Eric there right behind you to carry the heavy stuff and do the paddling when you need a break. Or at the very least offer a motivational splash of water. - Dennis Boyle

12: Maid Of Honor's Speech: It's official...I need to learn how to spell Ehrengren! I really can't contain my excitement for this day. You two are the most perfect pairing and have put together such a beautiful memory here today. Erik the first time I met you, you made a lasting impression. First of all because you towered over me but most importantly because Emily had this calm confidence about her. I had never seen her so at ease and genuinely HAPPY. You have fit into our family as if you have always belonged and even won over our smallest critics. You are so caring, patient, and supportive of Emily among other things and we could not be more proud to welcome you with open arms into our family. The two of you have a relationship that people admire, it's built on friendship, love, a lot of laughter and never taking each other to seriously. When preparing for this day Emily and Erik attended a marriage preparation class and were asked to list two qualities that they loved about each other. Erik's two qualities were that Emily is so sweet and so hard working. Emily's two qualities about Erik were that he is tall and she can always find him in a crowd. The marriage counselor then suggested "yeah that is nice because you don't need a ladder". Clearly Emily loves Erik for many many more reasons but it goes to show the light hearted fun of their relationship

13: Emily, you truly are a great only moderately complained when I forced you to ride on the back of my banana seat bike, dressed you up in ridiculous outfits and made you participate in dance shows and cheerleading stunts against your will. You always have a way of making me laugh, with one glance we know exactly what the other is thinking and we relate on so many levels. I enjoy every minute we spend together which usually consists of us laughing until we cry at random things like expired toothpaste, emilio estavetz and being escorted out of Kinko's because we overwhelmed the poor worker with wedding programs. You are the most beautiful bride I have ever seen. The day you put this dress on I lost it and I have been fighting tears (unsuccessfully) all day today. You have an energy about you that people are drawn too and I admire you on so many levels. Proud is one of many words I can think of to describe being at your side today and everyday. You are more than my sister you are my very best friend. I love you both more than words and wish you all the happiness in the world! Please everyone support me in raising your glasses to the new Mr. and Mrs. Ehrengren! Cheers! - Andrea Showers

16: Cheers!

19: Pier Wisconsin Milwaukee, Wisconsin

22: Marc Cohn- True Companion

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