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S: Topham Family 2011

BC: ...And Everything Nice | That's What Our Girls Are Made Of!


1: December 2010: Tuesday, December 14, 2010;Dashing Through The Snow: I haven't posted much this fall, and that is mostly because life has been SO CRAZY for us, lately! Normally, during the holidays, I don't get very stressed out. I remember often times driving in the bad weather and terrible traffic as people rush around trying to get presents and goodies purchased in time. I would look in the windows of neighboring cars and kind of chuckle to myself about the stressed out look on the drivers faces. But this year, I have to say, that I FEEL STRESSED! Not only have I had the normal holiday things to worry about (all the Christmas shopping, Christmas parties, Christmas service projects, etc) along with Brian's birthday (in the beginning of December, which means I have to think of double the presents for him, all at basically the same time), not to mention having 2 toddlers, this year...but ALSO, there has been a lot of stress in our house concerning HOA problems (as Brian is on our HOA board...and, yes, I am COUNTING DOWN THE DAYS till his term is up!), PLUS our house is up for sale. So I have had to keep my house clean enough for people to walk through, at any time. I have to be home to show our house, during the times that people schedule to look at it, and be home to accept FedEx packages (because now that Brian works at Adobe, we have a lot of people buying their products through him, and suddenly have been receiving a LOT more packages). Add to that, my Grandpa's passing on Nov 18th, Trina's wedding (Brian's sister) in Salt Lake on Nov 23rd, Thanksgiving in Idaho on Nov 25th, my Grandpa's funeral in Orem on Nov 27th, then Alisha's (Brian's other sister) Bridal Shower Dec 3rd, Brian's Grandma's passing on Dec 14th, Brian's Grandma's funeral on the 20th and Alisha's wedding in Bountiful on Dec has been and will be a CRAZY MONTH!!!

2: Ready for Santa--Finally: Last year, we made family stockings for Brian, myself and Maliya. Brian designed his own, and conned his sisters into doing a lot of the actual construction. Luckily, I had my mother in law to oversee the work that I did. I am not much of a domestic person, and am really not good at sewing, so by the time I finished mine and Maliya's, I was DONE! Some months later, I bought some fabric for Rachel's stocking. Which fabric, sat and sat and did not get used until JUST NOW. I have been slowly putting Rachel's stocking together over the last few weeks ( I have had a hard time getting it done, because I can only work on it when BOTH kids are sleeping and I have felt like I had MILLION other things I needed to get done during those times, as well. But JUST TODAY I FINALLY FINISHED RACHEL'S STOCKING! And I did all by myself! HOORAY! After finishing Rachel's stocking, I finally put a hook on my own, as well. So our stockings are officially up and ready for Old St. Nick!

3: Saturday, December 18, 2010 Kids Say The Darndest Things Can I just say: "I love my little girls"? They are simply adorable! Not that I am biased or anything... This evening, Maliya sat on a barstool at the counter eating a peanut butter sandwich. Rachel, who was wondering around keeping herself very busy, found Maliya's special 'blankie' and kindly brought it to Maliya. Maliya just looked down at Rachel and said, "When I'm done eating. Put it on the couch and I will get it later." Rachel stood there, still holding the blankie up to Maliya, who then said "I'm still eating a peanut butter sandwich, remember Rachel?" I don't know what it is, but I just think every conversation she has with other little kids is just adorable! This morning, I was teaching Maliya the song "Families Can Be Together Forever." Later on, I was sort of quizzing her on it. I sang a line, and paused to let her fill in the last word. It went something like this: Me: "I have a..." Maliya: "family" Me: "here on earth, they are so..." Maliya: "beautiful" Me: "I want to share my life with them through..." Maliya: "all day long!" Haha, I like her version!

4: Christmas at the Cabin: We had Christmas at the cabin with the Myler's this year, and it was super fun! It never did get blogged about, though, because I woke up, the day after Christmas, feeling pretty sick. By the time we got home from the cabin, I was so sick I could hardly move. Turns out I was pregnant! Which means the sickness did not go away for a couple of months. Eek! | Christmas Eve Performances included singing by the kids, and a visit from some little elves!

5: Yes, we let MJ drink bottles for WAY too long! | Bedtime stories, and sledding. So fun to spend time with Dad!

6: That cold, wet, white stuff was *not* Rachel's favorite! | And, of course, PRESENTS!

8: Playing with our Christmas loot... | Cuddling up and watching Toy Story... | And counting down the days till Christmas comes again!

9: Wednesday, February 2, 2011 18 Month Stats: My little baby hit 18 months, already. It's funny. With Maliya, I was always looking at her and thinking "Oh, you are such a big girl!" and with Rachel, I keep looking at her and thinking "You are just a little baby!" Maybe it is partly because compared to Maliya, Rachel IS just a baby...and maybe it is because she is (physically) quite a bit smaller than Maliya was at her age. At Rachel's 18 month check up, she weighed in at 24 lbs, and 31 inches tall...putting her under the 50th percentile for both measurements. She is just our little tike! But being small does not slow her down at all! She LOVES to play with her big sister. Despite their being over a year age difference, they are each other's favorite friends. Rachel started nursery, and I arranged for them to be in the same one (there are 3 nurseries in our ward). Rachel did FANTASTIC! And Maliya did better having her little friend/sister there with her, too. Rachel is talking more and more, and definitely learns words faster if it is Maliya teaching them to her as opposed to her parents (why does it always work that way?). Rachel LOVES to dance, loves reading books and putting puzzles together, loves to eat (especially if there is something to dip her food in, ketchup, ranch dip, etc), and LOVES to tease! She also LOVES her Daddy. As soon as she hears the door open in the evening, she squeals and chants "Hi, Daddy! Hi, Daddy! Hi, Daddy!" over and over again. Or, if she hears Dad's footsteps on the stairs in the morning, she reacts the same. We sure love this little angel!!!

10: Monday, March 7, 2011 Camping Out At Grandma's House: For those of you who don't know: I am pregnant! Yay! Sadly, this has not been the easiest pregnancy, thus far. I know there are a lot of women who have it worse, but what can I say? I am a wimp. Anyway, the day after Christmas, I started feeling sick. So sick, in fact, that I really didn't move for about a month and a half. My kids and my house were TOTALLY neglected. My kids became TV addicts, because...I just laid on the couch all day. When the morning sickness finally started to subside, I got put on a partial bedrest. Lovely. I was supposed to "take it very, very easy" and "not lift anything heavier than a jug of milk." As a mother of two kids under the age of 3, can I just say: NOT EASY TO DO! So, when we got this news, we went and spent the next couple of weeks at Grandma Topham's house. She took GREAT care of us! It was so nice not to worry about cleaning the house or making meals or grocery shopping, and she was there to lift my kids in and out of highchairs, up to the sinks to wash their hands and in and out of the crib at bedtime. WE ARE SO, SO GRATEFUL to Grandma and Grandpa Topham for putting up with us for so long! It was also fun, to have new things to entertain the know, things OTHER than the TV... Number one favorite activity: playing with this keyboard, and Maliya would dance to it! Maliya LOVES to DANCE!

11: First blankie capes. Got to love 'em! I didn't get a picture of Maliya with her blankie cape, but she even pretended to fly around the room once or twice. So fun! | Practice Easter Egg Hunts. The girls LOVED this game! We are very ready for Easter, now. | Practice Easter Egg Hunts. The girls LOVED this game! We are very ready for Easter, now.

12: Time to invest? Maliya and Rachel (especially Maliya) spent HOURS playing with these Barbie/Pollypocket dolls and their furniture. I couldn't believe how much time they spent entertained by this stuff! There was a little 'playground' with several slides etc, that was especially a big hit! | Cuddles and movies. I guess we didn't take 'em off TV cold turkey :) Before I pulled out the camera, they were leaning their little heads together. It was adorable. I love my sweet girls!

13: Tuesday, March 8, 2011 Stories of Kiddos: Rachel has started singing "I Am A Child Of God," and it is simply adorable! It sounds something like this: "weed, me, died, me, walk side me, help me waaayyyy, weed me, died me, walk side me..." over and over and over again. She knows this song, because that is our bedtime song (until, of course, they get old enough to start requesting something else). When it is Rachel's bedtime, Maliya has started coming in and singing a quick round of "I am a Child of God" to Rachel, too. Grandaddy Dalton gave this little rocking chair to the girls and they LOOOVE it! Yesterday, Maliya decided to use it to rock Rachel to "sleep" and sing her the bedtime song. So cute! | Rachel has started saying "No!" to everything. Lovely. Rachel: "MY piwow!" Me: "Is that your pillow?" Rachel: "No!" ... Me: "Do you want a candy?" Rachel: "No!...nanny?" ...We're working on it.

14: This cold, dry, Utah weather is murder on my girls poor little hands. We've been trying to coat their hands in lotion several times a day. The other day, I had given Maliya some lotion, and a few minutes later, after having rubbed and rubbed her hands together, she asked "Is all the lotion gone, now?" I felt her hands and told her it was, to which she replied, "Can I eat my finger, now?" Hahaha (apparently, sucking thumb = eating finger) | I have not been allowed to lift anything, lately, so, out of necessity, we have taken the side off of Rachel's crib, so that she can climb into it herself. Sadly, this means that she can fall out. And she does. Several times a night. It is very sad. I think it's time to just move her to a REAL big kid bed and barricade the sides so she can stay in her bed.

15: The other day, it was somewhat nice outside, so I let the girls go outside on my balcony for a few minutes while I got ready for the day. For some reason, as soon as they ran out there, they became convinced that their daddy was out there, somewhere in the neighborhood. They looked and looked, attempting to find him, and I heard little Rachel saying: "Wheh aaaarrre yoo, Daddy?...Bye! I uv yoo!" This was the first time I had ever heard her say that phrase, by the way. | Rachel has been screaming in the car, lately...she thinks it's funny. Maliya has been stepping in to try to teach Rachel not to do that. She says things like: "Screaming is NOT talking, Rachel. You need to just TALK to us," and "Mommy and Daddy are my friends, Rachel, so you need to be NICE to them, not scream!" So. cute.

16: Tuesday, March 8, 2011 Spring Cleaning This morning, I stripped the kids down and fed them smoothies (smoothies + clothes, after all = BIG, BAD STAINS). As soon as Maliya finished hers, she ran off, got the vacuum, plugged it in and started vacuuming the living room! Random. But I wasn't about to complain. Definitely not the best vacuuming job the living room has ever seen, but that ONE spot, sure got clean! | And, of course, anything Maliya does, Rachel HAS to get in on. Maliya helped her to vacuum, too. | Every now and then, Rachel would fall down (on purpose) and they would both giggle. Cheap thrills, I guess.

17: Tuesday, March 8, 2011 Kickin' Back After a nice meal, there's just nothing like sitting back... | ...and cleaning out between your toes.

18: Saturday, March 19, 2011 H.E.Double Hockey Sticks! We have incorporated family prayer and family scripture study into our "bedtime routine" with the kids. Once they have brushed their teeth and put their pajamas on, we all go in Rachel's room and read a few verses of scripture. We pick a a short verse and have Maliya repeat it. A week or two ago, Brian started asking Rachel to repeat one as well. The first time he did that, I was very skeptical, but then beamed with pride as I watched how well she (attempted) to repeat each word! Since then, we have had her repeat a verse each night, as well. Her annunciation has improved greatly, which I attribute to this practice. Last night, Rachel was repeating each word that I said to her, until I came to the word "hell." When I said that word, she just stared at me blankly. I wasn't sure how to handle the situation from there. To be honest, I didn't feel comfortable pressing the issue by saying "Rachel. Say 'hell.'"...Brian stepped in by saying "Say 'Mom, we don't say that word.'" and all Rachel said was, "yeah." I guess I will remember that for next time?

19: Wednesday, April 6, 2011 Fun in the Sun For my birthday, Brian gave me (drum roll...) a family trip to Saint George!!! We had to put it off for a couple of weeks, but it was definitely worth the wait! We went at the very end of March, and it was the PERFECT time to be there! The weather was absolutely gorgeous! It was in the upper 60's to mid 70's the whole time we were there (which was only 3 days, but they were 3 beautiful days...can you tell that I am ready for summer?). We got to St. George Monday afternoon, checked into our hotel, then I hung out with the kids (who had NO desire to get back in the car) while Brian went and picked up some groceries to get us through the next few days.

20: Once Brian got back, and we coaxed the kids back into their carseats, we went to Jumping Jacks, a place full of inflatable toys (mostly slides) where the kids had the time of their lives! I don't know if they have ever loved their dad more than that evening, while he ran around and helped them up and down all these slides! | And, of course, we had to ride the horses...

21: We hoped that after having close to no nap, and then wearing the girls out at the jump house, that they would sleep really well. Sadly, that was not the case. Rachel just did not want the party to end! And she definitely didn't want to miss the party by sleeping! She did not finally doze off until around midnight. Here I am, trying to trick her into sleeping: | The next day, Maliya COULD. NOT. WAIT. to go swimming! It was all we could do to get her to eat breakfast first.

22: Their indoor, heated pool was... not...that...heated. But Maliya did NOT mind! She was LOVING it! Rachel, however, DID mind! That girl hates being cold! She wanted nothing to do with the pool, but she did want to dive right in to the hot tub! I couldn't keep her out of it! She called it the "bubble bath"! | On the last day, we tried the outdoor pool, and it was MUCH warmer!

23: And even Rachel eventually braved getting in. | ...Then fell in, face she hung out on the side for a little while. But it wasn't long before the girl hopped right back in to the water.

24: While in Saint George, we took the girls to see the temple and checked out the visitors center.

25: And, of course, we played in parks two of the three days. The girls were just in heaven on this vacation!

26: I really enjoyed the warm sun, the relaxation, and the time spent with my family. Thanks, sweetheart, for the PERFECT gift!

27: Thursday, April 7, 2011 Spring Cleaning The problem with cleaning, is that the more I clean, the more places I find that need it. least I have some good helpers!

28: Friday, April 8, 2011 Princess Tent Grandma Topham gave Maliya a Princess Bed Tent for Christmas, which we promptly hid away. I finally broke it out, and the girls LOVE it!

29: Friday, April 8, 2011 Training Wheels...and Bras Maliya got a big bike for her birthday! She LOVES IT!!! She calls it her "ABC, flower, birthday bike" or, for short, just her "birthday bike." Somehow, while riding this bike, she managed to fall into the street...and scrape JUST her armpit. Of course, she insisted that she needed a bandaid on her owie, but how do you keep a bandaid on a kids armpit? I put gauze on it and then wrapped it in place with an ace bandage. She is pretty proud of her big bandaid...I just think it looks like a sports bra!

30: Saturday, April 9, 2011 Snack Time: Maliya loves apples with Peanut Butter...but especially the Peanut Butter part. | One day, the girls helped me make muffins, then watched in fascination as they baked.

31: Saturday, April 9, 2011 All Girl All dressed up and ready for church. They insisted on each having their own sunglasses, their own purses, and even some baby links to use as bracelets. These kids are all girl. | And, speaking of "All Girls", we had our ultra sound last Saturday, and we are 3 for 3!

32: Saturday, April 9, 2011 Candy Gram: The morning of my birthday, I woke up to the sound of my kids: Maliya: "Mommy! The sun came up!" Rachel: "Mommy! Whewe awwww you???" I felt very tired and just groaned, but Brian jumped up and got the kids and took them downstairs, letting me sleep in an extra hour! Whoa! Best birthday ever! When I finally decided that I should probably let Brian go to work, and made my way downstairs, Maliya immediately said "Hafty Birfday, Mom!" (Which Brian had been coaching her on, all morning). Then they gave me a giant candy gram and a few other gifts. | Yes. It WAS a Hafty Birfday.

33: Thursday, May 19, 2011 Maliya Turns Three!!! About a month before Maliya's Birthday, I started to wonder if changing ages was going to be a hard concept for her to understand. She already knew that she was 2, so I told her that she was going to have a Birthday and that then she would be 3! Apparently, it wasn't that hard of a concept. I told her once and she never forgot. For the rest of the month she was talking about her Birthday and telling people that after her Birthday she was going to be 3. Needless to say, by the time her Birthday actually came around, she was one VERY excited little girl! Maliya's Birthday landed on Conference Sunday. We had been wanting to get her a "big girl bike" but I wanted to get it some time when she wasn't with me, so that it could be a surprise. Saturday night, after she was in bed, we went to Walmart. What a joke. We got to the bike section, found the tag for the bike we wanted, but there weren't any of those bikes left. We thought we would ask if they had any in the back, but do you think there were any employees anywhere to be found? No. We searched the entire half of the store. No one. Then, I heard someone over the intercom, asking for someone to go assist a customer in the bike section. "Perfect!" I thought, "I will just go back there and wait!" 20 minutes went by before anyone decided to wander over to the bike section to see if any customers were still waiting. Ridiculous.We asked if there were any of the desired bikes in the back, and explained we would be willing to put it together ourselves. The employee left to check, and --what a surprise--took FOREVER to get back to us! When he did he said that there were NOT any in the back, but that they had a bike in the Saratoga Springs Walmart (not in the next closest Walmart, or even the 2nd or 3rd closest...great).

34: So we drove out there, found the bike and a helmet and proceeded to the checkout lane. By this time of night, there were only about 2 lanes still open, both had RIDICULOUSLY long lines! And the one we got in? The guy right in front of us ended up wanting to make a whole bunch of complicated returns (customer service had been closed by this time). I think that man alone took about 15 minutes. We got home SO late! It was so frustrating and ridiculous! Sunday Morning came, and we sang "Happy Birthday" to Maliya and she was just as giddy as could be. She came down stairs and saw some wrapped presents on top of the entertainment center. "Are those for me?" She asked with a big grin. She was so excited about them, I told her she could open just 2. Then, the rest she had to wait until after dinner. | She got a stick horse...

35: ...and a book. | (We got Rachel 1 matching present, too. They loved 'em!)

36: When evening came, I made Maliya go potty. While she was there, we pulled out the big awesome present! She was SO EXCITED!!!

37: And then came the cake! Look how giddy she is, as we sing "Happy Birthday" to her and she prepares to blow out the candles. | Best. Birthday. Ever.

38: Thursday, May 19, 2011 Maliya: 3 Year Stats Maliya is in about the 80th percentile for both her height and weight, measuring in at 38.5 in tall and 33.5 lbs. The doctor told her that she was "getting SO big!" Which she responded to by saying that she was going to get "bigger, bigger than Mommy and then get married!" Haha. Girls start thinking about their weddings at such a young age! | At 3 Years Old: Maliya picks a favorite movie, and watches it first thing every morning, and again while Rachel takes a nap...every single day, for 2-3 weeks straight, before picking a new movie to love. Some favorites include: Tangled, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Incredibles, and Despicable Me. She loves to speak nonsense and use made up words. She thinks she is pretty funny when she does this. She loves to dance, sing, ride her bike, and is OBSESSED with the park/swings/slides. She insists on being the one to offer the prayer...every time. Her prayers consist only of gratitude, we have to prompt her to ask for anything. She insists on sleeping with the light on and the door open. First thing, every morning, she tiptoes into her parent's bedroom and whispers "the sun came up!" She still wears diapers to bed, but insists that she wear the diapers that have a picture of "Mickey and Minnie dancing and jumping."

39: Friday, May 20, 2011 Prayers Maliya generally insists on being the one to offer every prayer. Rachel got a chance to say one for the first time, just a couple weeks ago. After being prompted on the opening of the prayer, Rachel immediately said "Dank Dee, Fwapa" (translation: 'Thank Thee for Grandpa'). Aww, so cute! She repeated this a couple of times. Since then, she still doesn't get many chances to pray, but some times she will say her own little prayer at the same time that Maliya is saying a prayer. And some times randomly during the day, she will fold her arms and say a prayer. Her prayers consist of being thankful for one thing...over and over. One such prayer occurred while we were reading scriptures. Rachel folded her little arms, bowed her little head and said "Dank Dee, Seesa-Dan. Dank Dee, Seesa-Dan. Dank Dee, Seesa-Dan." (Translation: 'Thank Thee for Alisha and Dan). For the last few days, her prayers have been: "Dank Dee, Aiden's house" (Translation: "Thank Thee we could go to Braiden's house). Apparently going to Braiden's house is exciting enough to warrant thanks for several days afterwards. I'm glad that I have such grateful little girls!!!

40: Tuesday, May 24, 2011 Tulip Festival 2011 We went to the Tulip Festival this year to celebrate Grandpa Myler's Birthday. So fun! | I could only get Rachel to smile while she was running, so...forgive the cutting off her body, thing. | Then she found a goose, and, well, who can compete with that?

41: Then the kids found the fishies. We were stuck at that bridge for a long, long time, looking at fishies. | Maliya thought she'd climb over and take a dip with them...

42: You probably can't really see what's going on here. But it was a dance recital. Our girls thought they would hop on stage and make their debut. This is Brian trying to grab them. | Family picture: Never doing this while pregnant again! Gross!

43: At the end of the tulip festival, there is one crazy big hill. Perfect for rolling down! (Though Rachel didn't quite grasp the concept. She mostly just scooted)

45: Daddy had to go help them make it back up that huge hill.

46: Tuesday, May 24, 2011 Easter in Inkom We had planned on a quiet Easter at home, but just a few days before Easter, we got a call from Brian's sister, Sharee (who lives in Texas and we don't get to see very often), saying that she was in town! So, we decided to follow her up to Idaho and take advantage of the opportunity to spend a little time with her. All the grandkids!!! (except Lincoln, who is too young for an Easter Egg Hunt)

48: Discovering that there are treats inside! Sweet!

49: Rachel giving good hugs to Uncle Dan... | And becoming his best friend... | Preping Easter Dinner/ Sharee's Birthday Dinner!

50: Tuesday, May 24, 2011 Colored Bubbles! Our neighbor brought out COLORED BUBBLES to share! How fun is that??? | It was quite the mess. We went inside and took baths and the bath water turned -instantly- bright blue! Luckily, the blue came out of their clothes!

51: Tuesday, May 24, 2011 Water or Milk? Both please! | Saturday, June 11, 2011 Oopoos! For some reason, about half of Rachel's vocabulary is missing the first consonant.... She has recently begun insisting, from time to time, that she has to go sit on the potty and go "oopoos" or "eepees." I have no intention of actually potty training her any time soon, since I am expecting to both have a baby and move some time in the upcoming future. But, if she asks to go potty, I let her. Usually, she does nothing, but she has actually gone "eepees" once in the potty as well as "oopoos" once. Such a big girl!

52: Saturday, June 11, 2011 Welcome Summer! ...And all the fun that comes with you! Like some of this:

53: ...And a little of this: | (this is not our dog. A neighbor had her out and let all the kids take turns "walking her." It was a BIG hit!) | ...Some chillin' with neighbors and friends:

54: ...Some sprinkler fun:

55: ...And some avoiding the sprinklers: | ...all followed by some of this: | ...and some of this:

56: Saturday, June 11, 2011 Princess Smile :) In an attempt to get Maliya to ACTUALLY smile for pictures, lately, I have tried asking her to do a "Princess Smile." Apparently, this is what a "Princess Smile" involves: A little twirl and THEN a smile!

57: Saturday, June 11, 2011 Mirror, Mirror On The Wall... Who's the dirtiest of them all? Got to love little handprints EVERYWHERE!!! | Wednesday, June 29, 2011 Have I Shared This Pic? I don't know why, but I love it. Is it the freshly cut bangs? Or the boots that Rachel is obsessed with? I don't know. But I sure think she is a cutie!

58: Saturday, June 11, 2011 Garden Fresh With a baby on the way, needing to sell our car, buy a new car (that can fit 3 carseats in it), and needing to -eventually- move, I figured I would have enough going on this summer. I therefor had no plans of doing a garden, this year. But then, one day, Maliya asked if we could have a garden. How could I tell her 'no'? So, I decided we would have a "potted garden" this year. Each of the girls got to pot a flower seed. Here is Maliya's, which is doing awesome! | And here are Rachel's, shortly before they suffered their untimely death. Uhh...oops.

59: In addition to those, I also potted some strawberries, tomatoes and peas.

60: Wednesday, June 29, 2011 1st Bowl A little while ago, we had (most of) the Topham family in town. While everyone was here, we decided to go bowling. This was our kids' first experience bowling.

62: Wednesday, June 29, 2011 Ghetto Booty: Why use swim diapers? Ever wonder what a diaper looks like just before it explodes?

63: Rachel is my binki baby. We only give it to her when she is sleeping, but anytime she sees other babies with binkies in their mouths, she gets jealous. I have been slightly concerned about how she would handle seeing the baby with a binki all the time, and have been tempted to wean her from hers far enough in advance that it wouldn't bother her. But...who really wants to go through the trouble of weaning their baby from a binki? So I just didn't do it. One night, when Brian was putting Rachel in bed, he couldn't find her binki, so he just put her in bed without it...he just didn't bring the topic up to her, and apparently she didn't bring it up to him either. When I found this out, I waited and listened carefully to the monitor, expecting her to begin crying for her binki (which she calls 'si-si') at any moment. She never did. The next day, I thought, "If she asks for her binki, I will give it to her, but I won't offer it to her and we will see how it goes." She didn't ask for it. Two weeks went by and Rachel never did ask for her binki! "That was so easy!" I thought. But, then, it happened. After two weeks without any word about the binki, one day she just started crying and crying for her "si-si." So, what did I do? I did what any good mother would do: Pretended like I had no idea what she was talking about! As it turns out, she also calls her blankie "si-si," so I said, "What? You want your blankie? Here it is!" "NO! I. Want. My. Si-si!" she said. "You want a fishy?" I 'guessed.' (Yes, the word si-si, in Rachel-language has MANY meanings). "NO! I. Want. My. SI-SI!!!" "Your blankie is right here!" I said again..... Ok, maybe NOT a mother of the year moment. But, on the bright side, Rachel has been binki-free for about a month, now! :) | Wednesday, July 6, 2011 Bye Bye Binki

64: Sunday, July 10, 2011 Kids Carnival Our local Macey's Grocery Store opened a new location, recently, and celebrated by throwing a kids carnival one Saturday. I had considered going, but it wasn't until my friend, Geneva, texted and asked if we wanted to go with her, that I really decided to do it. We showed up right when it started, in order to avoid some of the excessive crowds. It got crowded quickly, but it was fun! First, we went on a little "train" ride that drove around the parking lot. Then, we let the kids run/bounce through the bounce house obstacle course thing. The kids quickly went through three or four times. They had TONS of fun with that...until the crowds started showing up and a bunch of big kids started taking over. With all the craziness that comes with bigger kids, Maliya and Geneva's kids just got out of the bounce house and put their shoes back on to go. Rachel, sadly, found herself stuck. She had just climbed to the top of a set of "stairs" in there, but didn't dare come back down, because of all the bouncing and kids that were running her over. She just sat at the top and cried. It broke my heart. Darn big kids. I told Maliya to go in there and help her, but before she got a chance, luckily, another mom saw what was going on and told her child (who was probably like 11 yrs old) to help the baby out. She did and Rachel was returned to me. Poor thing. Maliya attempted a "bobbing for donuts" contest (which was hilarious! I wished I had my video camera).

65: We got some snow cones, we got the girls faces painted and finished it off with a cheap lunch. Thanks, Geneva, for inviting us! It was fun!

66: Tuesday, July 12, 2011 Meeting the Dentist Maliya and Rachel both had their first dental appointments ever, about a month ago. I know that Rachel is a little young, still, but putting Maliya on our insurance meant putting the whole family on. So, I figured, as long as Rachel's insured, I may as well take her in, too! I set it up so that my appointment was first. They were able to watch me and see that it wasn't painful or scary. Next it was Maliya's turn. Let's be honest. Maliya is a pretty timid kid. I talked to her about visiting the dentist for about a month...maybe preparation for this appointment. I had been pretty nervous about how this visit to the dentist would go, but I was very surprised and proud to see that Maliya was PERFECT! She did not whine or cry or try to run away AT ALL! She sat in that chair all by herself and opened wide and let the hygienist do EVERYTHING! She got her teeth scraped, cleaned, polished, and even got some fluoride. I was so amazed! | They didn't do X-rays, but said that her teeth were looking good. The dentist said he liked the spacing between her teeth. He could tell by her bite that she is a thumb sucker, but said it is not too big of a problem until her permanent teeth start coming in. So...we will work on that. Rachel climbed up on the chair for her turn and let the hygienist clean her front two teeth (I was also amazed at this!) but then decided she was done. She locked her mouth closed and climbed back down. Oh, well. We didn't push it. It was a good first experience, right? We'll try again in a year.

67: Tuesday, July 12, 2011 Let Freedom Ring! Thanks to Brian working at Adobe--a company that takes VERY good care of their employees!!!--celebrating the freedom of our nation, comes with a week of freedom from work! Yay! So, how did we spend our week of freedom? Well, we started the weekend off by having Brian take yet another day off! :) Yep, he took Friday, the 1st, off so that I could go to a wedding in Salt Lake. Once I got home, we took off for a one-night, family camping trip. The kids came down with colds on Saturday. Monday, I started to come down with a cold, as well. We did go to a family BBQ at Camille's house, which was lots of fun, with lots of tasty food! Then we did some fireworks in the driveway. My girls were not big fans and ran in the house. We were able to coax Rachel back out for the 'quieter' fireworks, but once they got loud again, she ran right back in the house. There was no convincing Maliya to come back out at all. Tuesday and Wednesday we tried to get well. At one point, Maliya said that she wanted to go on a train ride. I looked up various trains online, including the Heber Creeper, but was horrified by the exorbitant price for a ride, and decided our train ride would have to be on plain old UTA Trax. Thursday, we rode Trax up to Salt Lake and walked around Temple Square. We first walked into the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. We went through the revolving door (how fun is that, for a kid?) and as soon as we stepped foot into the building, Maliya looked up and said "Is this for getting married?" Haha. I told her that the temple is for getting married, but that after she gets married, she could have a party in there, if she wanted.

68: While there, we made a stop in the restroom. Maliya and I used the same stall, and some other lady came in and used the stall next to us. She got a good laugh. This is what she was privileged to listen to, while she relieved herself: (Maliya had finished her business and was waiting for me to do mine. She noticed that someone entered the stall next to us, and started to try to crawl under the divider into the neighboring stall) Me: Stand up. You can't go in there. Maliya: Can I look? Me: No. Maliya starts squatting and peeking under the divider Me: No peeking Maliya: I want to see her. Can I see her when she's done? I hear giggling from the next stall Me: Maybe when we go out to wash our hands, you can see her. Maliya starts trying to open the stall door Me: Don't open the door Maliya: Why? Me: Because I'm not done yet. More giggling from next door... To be honest, I can't remember everything that Maliya and I talked about or all the millions of questions that she asked while I was trying to go to the bathroom, but I do remember a lot of giggling coming from our neighbor. I am just glad that she had a good sense of humor! After the JS Memorial Building, we walked over to the Reflection Pool, had some snacks, walked around the temple and headed back to the Trax stop. By then, it was already getting past nap time. It was a fun little trip! Friday, we went house shopping. That was pretty much our week! Nothing super exciting, but it sure was nice having Brian home all week! We weren't sure what to do with ourselves when he went back to work, today!

69: Tuesday, July 12, 2011 Kicking and Screaming Friday, July 1st. Mom's gone. Dad's in charge. Kids eat lunch and go down for naps...kicking and screaming. 3 hours pass and Dad still has not convinced them to go to sleep. He finally gives up. Mom FINALLY returns, and everyone finishes preparing for our camping trip...kicking and screaming. We get to the campgrounds much later than anticipated. We eat a quick dinner (fast food), then get the camp site set up. We play on the playground. Maliya suddenly announces that she is tired and ready for bed. Mom takes her, washes her up, brushes her teeth and gets her into the tent. Then it's Rachel's turn. Once Rachel is ready for bed, Maliya is nowhere near sleep and is saying that she is done sleeping and is ready to play again. "Not happening," says Mom. The kids go to bed...kicking and screaming. It takes hours. Mom and Dad try everything. Finally, at about 11, the kids give in to their exhaustion and fall asleep. About a half hour later, Maliya wakes up kicking and screaming that she needs to go home! This wakes Rachel up. Mom gives in and takes the kids home...kicking and screaming... to sleep in their beds. The kids cry and panic that Dad got left behind, all alone. The kids finally fall asleep in their beds around 1 AM. They wake up in the morning around 9. Mom and the kids get dressed and head back up to the camp grounds. They arrive at about 10, and make breakfast... pretending they had stayed there all night. :) After breakfast, Mom and Dad take the kids on a "nature walk"...kicking and screaming. Then the kids play on the playground a bit. Mom and Dad pack up camp, and take the kids home...kicking and screaming. It was a screaming good time!

70: Saturday, July 23, 2011 Name's Wuh-Wuh! Maliya was pretty young when Rachel was born. Too young to be able to pronounce "Rachel." She started calling her "Lala" and that nickname has stuck ever since. Now that Rachel is getting older, she knows her name, but SHE can not pronounce it. She refers to herself using her nickname, but when Rachel says it, it sounds more like "Wuh-wuh." If someone asks her what her name is, sure enough, "Wuh-wuh" is her reply. One day, we were driving down the street and I said, "Rachel, are you thirsty?".....There was a long pause. Finally, Rachel responded with: "Name's Wuh-wuh." ..."Are you thirsty, Lala?" I asked. "Yeah." Rachel answered. ...Apparently, she knows what she likes to be called.

71: Saturday, July 23, 2011 Rachel Turns Two! My little baby is two years old. I can hardly believe it. Don't get me wrong. There are some obvious ways in which she has grown up. She has recently been able to master, not only turning lights on but also opening doors. Yes, very grown up. No, not my favorite. She also has begun telling me that she is "NOT a baby!" I, then, ask her if she is a little girl, and she says "yeah." I can't believe she is old enough to object to being called a baby! Opening her Birthday Card from Grandma and Grandpa Topham

72: Rachel LOOOVES princess things, so--of course--she got a princess birthday, this year. | And, if Rachel has a bunch of Princess dress ups and Maliya doesn't...let's just say, the for Mom's sanity' sake, Maliya got a couple of duplicate presents...

73: And, while princesses are awesome, what could be better than a kitchen set??? Thank you Grandma and Grandpa! This toy is a HIT!

74: And top it all off with a princess, chocolate cake and ice-cream. Ahhh, birthdays are the best!

75: Saturday, July 23, 2011 Monsters Inc We introduced our girls to Monsters Inc, recently. You know, at the beginning, when the Monster Trainees are in the simulator, learning how to scare innocent sleeping children? At about that point, we turned around and saw the look on the girls' faces. Wow. They were not crying. But there was DEFINITE concern on their faces.

76: Saturday, July 23, 2011 Splash Pad! We went to the Highland Splash Pad with some neighborhood friends. After being there for about 20 minutes, Maliya had completely soaked herself, was freezing, and asked to go home...I told her no. We came out here to have FUN and we are NOT leaving until you have had AT LEAST an hours worth of fun! ;) Anytime she was not shivering on the side, asking to go home, she was just running and running through the water!

77: Rachel was not NEAR as adventurous, so she didn't get NEAR as wet, or as cold, so she wasn't NEAR as excited to go home, either.

79: Saturday, July 23, 2011 Saturday Is A Special Day... ...It's the day Daddy stays home from work! Ever since Dad had A WHOLE WEEK OFF, Maliya asks every day why Daddy went to work, and then asks if he just has to go to work "one more time, and THEN stay home???" Hooray for 2 days with Dad home again! Maliya stayed right by his side, almost the entire day! She "helped" him clean the garage... | ..."helped" him play games on his phone...

80: ...and we ended the day with a family trip back to the Splash Pad! | We LOVE Dad's days off!!!

81: Saturday, July 23, 2011 35 Weeks... ...4 weeks 'till Induction Day. | Saturday, July 23, 2011 "Best Coupon Ever" by Brian: I got coupons for Father's Day! | Best part is Shannon forgot the legal verbiage saying the coupon can not be reproduced. Pedicures for LIFE!

82: Saturday, July 23, 2011 French Braids: not very good at doing hair. Hence the fact that my hair is always in a pony tail. I have been trying to learn new 'do's for my little girls, though. I have recently been working on learning how to French Braid. This is my 3rd attempt... | (and 4th attempt, being Rachel's do)

83: Rachel's Two Year Stats: Rachel weighed in this week at 25.4 lbs and 34 in, putting her in about the 50th percentile for height and around 35th for weight. At two, Rachel loves all animals (mostly from a distance, though, if they are living animals). She is fascinated by bugs and gets very excited when she finds them. She loves playing with her sister and will play along with any pretend game that Maliya can think up. She recently learned to pretend like she is a dog, from her cousin, and does so OFTEN! Rachel also loves books, dolls, strollers, her new kitchen set, and anything involving PRINCESSES! She loves skirts and dresses, because they make her feel like a princess. She loves to watch Baby Signing Time and "Baby Movie" (also known as Despicable Me). She loves her Daddy, swings, slides, and pools, but is NOT a big fan of being squirted with water (like running through sprinklers, etc). She is a little dare devil and will try going down slides in any weird direction she can imagine. She also recently started lining up all our bikes and various other outside toys and trying to step from the top of one to the top of the other. Her balance is pretty impressive, in this game. Not that I approve of the activity. Rachel has recently mastered turning lights on and off, opening doors, and turning on our water spicket.

84: Saturday, July 30, 2011 Portrait Time! Industrial Style

86: Sunday, August 21, 2011 Portraits: Princess Style

88: This one is just too funny... | Kyla and Braiden jumped in, too! | Sooo cute!

89: Sunday, August 21, 2011 Taking The World By Storm: Raaarrrrr!!! | Let's just start by saying: this pregnancy was NOT my favorite. Not that being pregnant is ever really pleasant... But, right around 30 weeks, I started having contractions. I had them for 2 hours straight, that week, and they were pretty intense. I continued to have them some days and some days not. By my OB appointment at 38.5 weeks (Monday, Aug 15th), I was dilated to 3.5 and then I had the doctor "stretch" me, and then had him set up an induction for Thursday (the first day they would let me be induced...I was SO done with being pregnant!). I checked in to the hospital Thursday morning at 10:15. Here I am: 39 weeks pregnant, and about to have my baby!

90: They started me on Pitocin at about 11:15 am, broke my water at 11:30. I got an epidural shortly after that, and can I just say that I have never had an epidural work QUITE that effectively before! In general, those are just supposed to numb the lower body, but that thing had my entire body numb! Even my brain felt numb. I had to ask them to turn it down. The nurse then tried to talk me out of it, which I thought was weird. I guess, the anesthesiologist was helping in a surgery and was currently unavailable to turn it down, and she was only authorized to turn it off, not down. Despite her concerns, I told her to turn it off. By the time the anesthesiologist came in, my head felt normal again, but the medicine had not totally drained from the rest of me. I had him turn it down 2 points and it worked great from there on. By about 2:30 I was dilated to a 7. Then, about 30-40 min later, the nurse told me that I was dilated to 10, but not to push until the doctor got there. :) Uhh, good thing that epidural was working so well? The doctor didn't take too long to get there, though. Once everyone was ready, I pushed through 2 contractions and then our girl was born at 3:27 pm! | She weighed in at 8 lbs 8 oz, and 19 inches long.

91: Meeting the family! Thank you to Bryn, Camille, Trina, Alisha and Sharee for watching our girls while we were in the hospital! As soon as Maliya walked in to our hospital room, she scoured the room to find her new baby sister. She was SO excited to meet her! She has been waiting and asking about this day for months now! | All us girls together!!!

92: After racking our brains for months to try and decide on the right name. We finally decided on her name (just as we were walking out of the hospital). Katie Topham. Welcome to the world, Katie! We are SO excited to have you!

93: Sunday, September 4, 2011 Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig What have we been up to since we came home from the hospital? Picking flowers for Katie... | Rocking, burping, and cuddling Katie... | Holding Katie...

94: Waiting patiently for our turn with Katie... | Kissing Katie... | Taking endless pictures of Katie...

95: And other things, too. Like hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa... | Brian hiked Timp with our neighbor and my brother...

96: Brian and the girls went rock climbing with Grandpa...

97: Being super goofy... | Comparing sizes... | And even a little cleaning.

98: Sunday, September 11, 2011 Jeepers Creepers: Where'd ya get those peepers??? | I think Katie has the coolest eyes. I have been trying and trying to get a good picture that really captures their beauty and awesomeness (too bad I have no photography talent/knowledge). I finally managed to get the above picture, which looks awesome. But it's not completely true to Katie's eye color. Hers are not actually as bright as they look here. But this picture DID inspire me to take pictures of my other girls' awesome eyes, as well: | I could not -for the life of me- convince Maliya to hold still for a picture. She was being super goofy. | Rachel just stared at me as still as can be. Par for the course, when it comes to taking pictures of worked out, this time, but normally I really wish that she would smile.

99: Sunday, September 11, 2011 Ouch! Not Again! Last summer, Maliya split her lip open and got stitches. This summer: | Yesterday morning (Saturday), Maliya went to Costco with Brian. While Brian was looking at some items, Maliya (of course) started climbing up on things and jumping off. Right as Brian was turning around to tell her to stop being "too crazy," Maliya started crying and saying that she had gotten hurt. She was bleeding from her tongue, and so Brian assumed that she had bit her tongue. But when the blood got cleaned up a little, we realized that it would be difficult for her teeth to leave a wound quite that shape. Maliya says that a box cut her tongue, and also that something on the floor cut it. So, we really aren't sure exactly what happened. When it first happened, Brian called me to ask what we should do. We decided that not much can be done for tongue wounds, so I told him to buy her some ice cream to "ice" her wound. Which he did. She licked and licked that ice cream, but did not swallow anything. She just drooled it all down her front. When she got home she got a couple of popsicles, as well. She did not eat lunch or dinner, yesterday, as her tongue just hurt too badly. She hardly drank anything, and wouldn't even swallow her own saliva. She just drooled and drooled all day long. When she went too bed, last night, she just started crying that she was hungry. Poor thing. But there was nothing we could do. I just kept telling her to go to sleep so that her tongue would feel better and she could eat in the morning. She has been doing much better, today. Her tongue is no longer bleeding (it bled all day, yesterday), and she is no longer drooling everywhere. She has been drinking pretty well and even eating some yogurt, pudding, mac & cheese, and even nibbled away a couple of graham crackers. Thank goodness.

100: Wednesday, October 5, 2011 Smiley Six Weeks The weeks have just flown by! I remember when Maliya was born, having people tell me that they just kept their babies in pajamas all the time, cuz they are so warm and comfy. But I always got Maliya and Rachel dressed. That has not been the case with baby number three! She is rarely in anything but PJ's! Here she is at 5 weeks. Kate is my least cuddly, but my most smiley newborn! | 1 Month Stats: 22 inches tall, about the 85th percentile. 10.3 lbs, about the 90th percentile. And here are her "six week portraits" :) | And here she is at 7 weeks: Love those smiles!!!

101: October 5, 2011 5 Years and 25 Pounds Ago...These are a few places where we spent our time: | This is where I lived when I met/dated Brian: | This is the pool and my building in the background. We are kind of acting out a story in this picture. It depicts the night that was the turning point in our relationship ;) One night, several of my roommates and others (most of who lived there at the Elms) were out by the pool chatting and what not. That was the first time that I had ever talked to Brian for more than a couple of minutes, and I really enjoyed hanging out with him. So, it was after that night that I really started to make an effort to see him more. Well, while we were out by the pool chatting, there was another group chatting just a few feet away from us. At one point, some boy (who was pretty vain...pretty in to himself) suddenly turned, walked right over to us, flexed right in Brian's face, and then walked away. It was pretty hilarious.

102: This was where Brian was living when we met/dated. | This is where I spent much of my time..."studying" when Brian and I were dating and first married. I actually ran into Brian here one day, he was on his way to go for a run with his sister. He stopped and said 'hi' to me and mentioned that he was going to try to get my number later. haha. | A park we used to go to...

103: This was our first apartment together! You can see our door over Brian's head in the background. #9 | This was a little Bed and Breakfast where we stayed our wedding night. | Where Brian proposed.

104: October 5, 2011 Conference Time! We spent this Conference up at the cabin with Grandpa Myler... | Enjoying the beautiful fall colors... | And some quick naps... | And, of course, ICE-CREAM!

105: Friday, October 14, 2011. Baby Face: I started singing "you've got the cutest little baby face" to Rachel, this morning. Then I thought, "hmmm, instead of making up the words, maybe we should watch/listen to it on YouTube and see if I am even singing it right." I pulled up a version of "Baby Face" by Dean Martin, and the girls immediately ran to the screen and started kissing it. "Are you kissing Dean Martin???" I asked "Grandpa!" They yelled in response.. apparently, Grandpa looks like Dean Martin.

106: Friday, October 14, 2011 MALIYA My sister, Bryn, came over one day, and told Maliya how to spell her name. She had it memorized by the end of the day. Needless to say, I was pretty impressed. She now walks around saying "M-A-L...I-Y-A" over and over again. Since then, over the last few weeks, we have been practicing recognizing and writing each of those letters. Maliya's new favorite thing to do is to write her own name...or just spell it out loud. Either one. In fact, she plucked out the letters for her name on the keyboard to name this post!

107: Monday, October 17, 2011Favorites: Maliya is happy to tell anyone she comes across that her favorite colors are pink and red. She will then ask them what their favorite colors are. Randomly throughout the day, she will let me know what random people's favorite colors are, and reminds me that her favorite colors are pink and red. Often, at this point, Rachel will pipe in with "Yahhh! And. my. avorite. is. ink. TOO!!" Then, of course Maliya will begin arguing with her and insisting that Rachel's favorite colors are blue and green. Ahhh, the arguments of toddlers. | Monday, October 17, 2011. Hair Cut: A few weeks ago, I finally broke down and trimmed Rachel's bangs. Maliya watched on in amazement at the prospect of cutting one's hair (not an idea I wanted her to get in her head, as I fear the obvious consequence of her cutting HER OWN hair, or --possibly even worse-- SOMEONE ELSE'S hair!). Ever since then she has been telling me that she wants to cut her hair too. I kept telling her that I would have to think about it. ou know, when I was a child, my mom never let me cut my hair. I had ridiculously long hair, long enough that I would sit on it. Let's be honest: that is too long. I often resorted to trying to trick my mom into cutting my hair. I would tell her that I needed a "trim" and then wiggle as much as I could so that she would cut it uneven and have to continue cutting more and more off in order to straiten it out. The results were never as short as I had hoped for, though. I always thought that I would let my kids cut their hair if they ever wanted to.

108: But...Maliya's hair is just so incredibly gorgeous! It is a thing of pride for me. I love her hair. The thought of cutting it made me so sad. Finally, tonight, I talked to her about what kind of a hair cut she wanted, and told her that after her bath, I would cut it. She was SO excited! After her bath she went skipping/running into my bathroom to get her hair cut, then suddenly paused to ask "will it be soft?" She suddenly was concerned that cutting her hair might hurt. "It will be soft," I assured her. She climbed up on the counter and I began coming out her hair. With a big, nervous grin she clenched her hands together and pulled them up to her chin and said "I'm worried about cutting my hair!" I told her that she didn't have to do it and asked her if she still wanted me to cut it. "Yes," she said, "but I'm worried!" It turns out that she still wanted to have her long hair (I think she is kind of proud of how long her hair is, too) but she wanted to have bangs like Rachel. She I cut her some bangs, and just trimmed the rest. The "After" Pictures:

109: Wednesday, October 19, 2011. Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow: The BMW is officially gone. With 3 kids in car seats, it was time to "upgrade" to a mini van. We have been trying to sell the BMW all summer, in order to pay for the van. We finally had to get the van, even though we hadn't unloaded the BMW, yet. But we finally sold it yesterday. It was a good, fun car. Maliya learned to love BMW's because of this car. In fact, she would often tell us that she didn't want to go places in the Prizm car, only in the BMW car. And when Brian would go to work in the BMW, she would glare at him and be mad all day that he had left us with the Prizm. Haha, funny girl! Luckily, she does like the mini van. And, can I just say, "HOORAY FOR HAVING MONEY IN OUR BANK ACCOUNT, AGAIN!"

110: Saturday, October 22, 2011 2 Months Old! Little Katie bug is 2 months, already! She is cooing, and full of smiles. She doesn't really giggle when she is awake, but I have heard her giggle a couple of times in her sleep. It is the cutest thing! It sounds like a little squeaky toy! Her favorite thing to do is lay flat on her back and just kick and smile and coo at us. She hates people getting too in her face, she likes her personal space. She also hates tummy time...and...I don't really force the issue. Katie is now 12 lbs 4 oz, and 23 in.

113: Monday, October 31, 2011. Undocumented Events: I realize that there are a lot of events from this year that have remained undocumented. So, for your viewing pleasure, here are some pictures and brief explanations of some of those events. Rachel started -randomly- refusing to swallow food, from time to time. Some times, because she thinks it's gross, other times, just because. She will hold the food in her mouth indefinitely...until it is so dissolved that it is basically water. Even at that point, I often have to trick her into swallowing. | Maliya's first attempt at drawing a person (This was back in February...). Love it!

114: Our Poyfair cousins came to visit from Texas! (Of course, they have since MOVED here...) | Brian practically killed himself lifting a ridiculously heavy grate, behind our house, so that he could kid-proof it with some chicken wire. That thing has ridiculously large holes and I have watched kids get their feet stuck in it multiple times! Not to mention all the junk that gets stuck down there! | Bonfire and dinner up the canyon with the Wisemans. It turned out to be a little rainy, that day.

116: Myler camp out at Camp Timpooneke! Fun on the hammock! | Lily's birthday party with neighborhood friends!

117: Family Pictures with our new arrival: | It went really well! We didn't get frustrated with the kids for not cooperating AT ALL!

118: We actually took a couples picture! | Classic Maliya and Rachel! | Shortly after Katie was born the kids got sick. Here I am sanitizing all our toys...awesome. | Fun with Tyler and Trina:

119: My anniversary presents to Brian. "Home" with maps of significant places, and "Heart" with pictures of us through the years. | Kim's wedding receptions: | Dancing with Austin:

120: Dinner with Brian's cousin Trevor and his family. We played Just Dance with the Xbox Kinnect afterward. | Austin's Superhero Birthday Party:

121: Rachel, trying to survive life without naps: | Maliya, helping out around the house:

122: BBQ Party with neighbors. | The kids: obsessed with our Halloween and Fall decorations. | There is a little costume shop by our house that cons Shannon into buying everything in their store! | And Shannon practices more hair do's.

123: Monday, October 31, 2011 Happy Halloween! First of all, we would like to stress how important it is to put safety first on Halloween and all year...yes, this is a Halloween Decoration that we found buckled properly into an infant seat. | The girls could not decide what to dress as for the longest time! Finally (after my dress-up-buying escapade) Maliya decided on Cinderella... | She was so excited about me letting her dress up that she was actually working the camera (for once in her life!)!!!

124: With Maliya as Cinderella, I naturally had to dress Katie as one of her little mice friends... | And Rachel chose to be Belle...this dress was WAY to long for her, so I put a frilly skirt under it, to give it some puffiness, then tucked the extra length into the under skirt. I think she made a pretty stinkin' cute Belle!

125: Love her curly hair! | After having watched her sister show off her "Cinderella shoes" Rachel insisted on doing the same thing!

126: Friday morning, we kicked off the Halloween Weekend with a neighborhood parade! We had a pretty good turn out and it was SO CUTE!!! | After parading through the neighborhood, we ended at the clubhouse, where they got to check out their loot, get some pictures done, and enjoy donuts and milk! | Maliya and her bff, Lily... | Katie and Lily's little sister, Emma...

127: NEW HOUSE!!! Our Newest Love...

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