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S: 2010 Olsen Family

1: Cover: Nolan Raymond, 5.29.10. We celebrated New Year's Day in South Dakota. Top left: Ayn practicing her winking abilities for the camera, 1.3.10. Top right: Grandma Amy, Nolan, Ayn and Grandpa Loren, 1.2.10. Middle left: Grandma Amy enjoying snuggle time with Nolan, 1.1.10. Middle right: Grandpa Loren and Ayn watching a show together, 1.3.10. Bottom left: Ayn watching Sesame Street back home in Kansas City with headphones so that she wouldn't disrupt Nolan's nap, 1.13.10. Bottom right: Nolan, 1.7.10.

2: Left to Right: Ayn breaking in Momma's rocking chair that Grandpa Jeff repaired for her as a Christmas gift, 2.6.10. Nolan, 4 months, practicing sitting, 1.16.10. Ayn visiting with Nolan, 1.15.10. Nolan showing almost all of his dimples, 2.1.10. Ayn and Grandma Diane playing baseball when Grandma and Grandpa came over for dinner, 2.6.10. Ayn made sure they were both wearing the appropriate hat.

3: Top left: Nolan and Grandpa Jeff snuggling after dinner, 2.6.10. Bottom left: Nolan needed his albuterol inhaler for bronchiolitis in Dec., Feb., and Apr., 2.10.10. Center: Ayn "Go Yotes!", 2.9.10. Right: Nolan checking out his toes, 2.10.10.

4: Top left and right: Gloria and Ayn giving Nolan (5 months) some loving, 2.19.10. Bottom left: Momma and Nolan napping on Valentine's Day, 2.14.10. Bottom right: Nolan lounging on the futon, 2.14.10. | Opposite page, clockwise: Grandpa Jeff and Nolan; Jesse and Sam helping pack at Dartmouth Manor; Nolan and Diane playing with blocks, 2.21.10. Jeff, Diane and Nolan; Gloria and Ayn at Uncle Gabe's birthday party, 3.21.10. Ayn, Jeff and Nolan reading books, 2.21.10.

6: Left: Uncle Hunter and Nolan taking a nap at Uncle Gabe's birthday party, 3.21.10. Below: Nolan exploring the kitchen, 2.26.10. | Above: Nolan, 3.22.10. Nolan and Aunt Christin, 3.28.10. Emilia and Uncle Gabe helping Ayn pin the entrails on the buzzard at Gabe's birthday party, 3.21.10.

7: We had a play date at the park with the Orrisons, 3.29.10. Below and right top: Ayn and Jessi. Right center: Nolan and Eli Orrison. Right bottom: Jessi and Nolan.

8: Top left: Ayn finding candy inside her egg on Easter, 4.4.10. Top center: Ayn visiting with the Easter bunny at Christ the King, 3.28.10. Top right: Nolan with his first Easter basket, 4.4.10. Bottom left: Ayn and Nolan digging into their Easter baskets, 4.4.10. Bottom right: Ayn hunting for eggs at the Christ the King Easter Egg Hunt, 3.28.10.

9: Top left to right: Ayn and Emilia enjoy the Chipotle burritos that Jesse won with his business card, 4.16.10, Emilia and Ayn napping, 4.20.10, Nolan hiding under the couch, 5.5.10. Center left to right: Isabella Large, Nolan, and Annika Wirz at Loose Park, 4.11.10, Emilia and Ayn playing in the sprinkler, 6.3.10, Ayn hitting the pinata at the Parents as Teachers fiesta, 5.1.10. Bottom left to right: Steven Large and Ayn at Loose Park, 4.11.10, Ayn pinning the tail at the fiesta, 5.1.10.

10: Top left to right: Emilia, Diego and Ayn at Grandma and Grandpa Olsen's house, 5.2.10, Nolan at Grandma Diane's graduation, 5.7.10, Nolan swinging at the park during Daddy's softball practice, 5.4.10. | Bottom left: Ayn and Miriam investigating the fountain after Grandma's graduation. Bottom right: Diane's graduation for completing her Masters in Pastoral Studies - CGS at the Aquinas Institute in St. Louis, 5.7.10. We attended graduation festivities and spent some time with Emily and Jeff Griswold. Opposite page: Nolan and Ayn, 5.29.10.

12: Bottom left to right: Miriam, Ayn and Emilia, 6.20.10; Gabe, Hunter, Jeff, Ben, Diego and Jesse on Father's Day, 6.20.10; Jessi and Jesse, 6.20.10; Nolan and Jesse at Eli Orrison's first birthday party, 6.13.10; Ayn hitting Eli's duck pinata, 6.13.10; Ayn, Jessi and Nolan, 6.22.10. | Opposite page clockwise: Ayn and Jesse "milking a cow" at Crown Center, Jessi and Ayn as a cheese stick, Ayn in the bouncy house, Ayn in Clifford's Playhouse, Ayn eating Blue Bell ice-cream, Ayn and Jessi, Ayn, Jesse and KC Wolf, Ayn tasting strawberry milk, 6.26.10. | Top left to right: Ayn giving Froggie a ride, 6.11.10; Daddy and Ayn at Loose Park, 6.6.10; Ayn helping Daddy plant tomatoes, 6.5.10.

14: Clockwise: Ayn trying on Daddy's batting glove at the softball field, 6.29.10. Paul and Ayn visiting at Lee and Nikki's wedding shower in Emery, 7.3.10. Jessi and Jia meeting Daphne (held by Jami), 7.2.10. Daphne was born at 8 lb. 1 oz. on May 17, 2010. Jessi, Ayn, Alice, Nolan and Jesse at the Emery Fire Hall for Daphne's baptism reception, 7.4.10. Nolan held by Uncle Lee, 7.3.10. Nikki, Kia, Ayn and Lee, 7.3.10.

15: Clockwise: Ayn, Jesse, Jessi and Nolan at Daphne's baptism at St. Martin's Catholic Church in Emery, 7.4.10. Jia, Paul, Jesse with Roland, Loren, Amy, Jami with Daphne, Milo, Mary, Jesse with Nolan and Jessi with Ayn. Jami holding Daphne for her baptism. Jessi, Nolan and Loren, 7.4.10. Ayn holding Daphne and Nolan going in for a smooch on Daphne, 7.3.10.

17: Top left to right: Nolan and Roland, 7.5.10; Loren, Paul and Jesse shooting fireworks at the farm, 7.4.10. | Middle left to right: Ayn and Roland dancing at the farm after fireworks; Ayn, Nolan, Roland, Daphne; Ayn watching fireworks and avoiding the mosquitoes, 7.4.10. Right: Jesse, Jesse, Roland and Ayn growing "worms", 7.4.10.

18: Clockwise: Roland, Ayn and Grandpa Loren watching cartoons, 7.5.10; Ayn playing catch, 7.6.10; Jessi and Nolan, 7.6.10, Nolan, Loren, Ayn, Amy, Daphne, Roland, 7.6.10.

19: Left top to bottom: Ayn opening gifts at her Kansas City birthday party, Alex Hanks watching Ayn blow out her candles while Mommy holds the butterfly cake, Ayn with her new Michael Jackson hat, 7.10.10. Right top to bottom: Emilia watching Ayn blow out her candles, 7.7.10; Nolan napping with Momma, 7.7.10; Ayn at her 3rd birthday party, 7.10.10.

20: Opposite page top row: Jesse and Ayn stretching before the baseball game, 7.27.10; Ayn, Nolan and Lee Orrison at the Olathe pool, 7.25.10. Nolan taking a nap on Daddy at the end of his first swim at a pool, 7.25.10. | Bottom left to right: Nolan climbing stairs, 7.23.10; Nolan greeting Daddy after his golf day, 7.23.10; Nolan waiting for Daddy to come home from golfing, 7.23.10; Nolan at the Orrisons', 7.16.10, Ayn at The Legends fountain after seeing Curious George in the theater, 7.14.10. | Top left to right: Nolan and Ayn checking on the neighbors, 7.10.10; Nolan with Daddy's headband, 7.14.10; Nolan playing at the Orrisons', 7.20.10; Nolan and Jessi, 7.16.10.

22: Clockwise: Ayn, Emilia, Diego and Great Grandpa Ray working the car wash at Uncle Gabe and Aunt Christin's house, 8.8.10. Uncle Sam and Nolan, 8.10.10. Ayn and Emilia at the Blue Bird Bistro for Aunt Gloria's graduation from her nursing program, 8.7.10. Miriam and Nolan going for a swim, 8.5.10. Ayn and Nolan, 8.4.10.

23: We traveled to Rapid City, SD for Uncle Lee and Aunt Nikki's wedding in August. Clockwise: Nolan and Jessi and Ayn enjoying the hotel pool, 8.27.10. Nolan and Jia relaxing prior to the wedding, 8.27.10. Nolan petting the buffalo and Ayn testing the saddle at Wall Drug, 8.26.10

24: Top left to right: Ayn dancing up a storm at the reception. Ayn waiting to board the bus to the reception. Ayn dancing with Uncle Lee, the groom. Bottom left: Jessi, Nolan, Ayn and Jesse at the reception. Bottom right: Paul, Jia, Loren, Amy, Lee, Ayn, Roland, Nikki, Jesse holding Nolan, Jessi, Jami holding Daphne, Jesse, 8.27.10. Lee and Nikki were married at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Rapid City, SD.

25: We squeezed in some other sightseeing before and after the wedding festivities. Clockwise: Roland and Ayn decorating each other at Firehouse Brewing Co. in Rapid City, 8.28.10. Jessi, Nolan, Ayn and Jesse at Mt. Rushmore, 8.29.10. Ayn with Aunt Jami and Daphne at Dinosaur Park, 8.28.10. Jesse holding Roland, Loren, Jia, Amy, Paul, Nikki, Jami holding Daphne, Lee, Jessi, Ayn, Jesse holding Nolan, 8.28.10. Jesse, Ayn, Paul, Jesse, Roland and Jia feeding the ducks at Canyon Lake Park, 8.28.10.

26: Top left to right: Nolan gave Great Grandma Alice a Birthday Buddy t-shirt for her birthday, 8.29.10. We celebrated her birthday early since many of us were in Emery after the wedding. Jia, Jesse holding Nolan, Roland, Amy holding Ayn, Loren, Jami holding Daphne, Jessi, Nikki and Sharyn watch as Alice blows out candles on her ice cream cake, 8.29.10. Roland gives Ayn a smooch, 9.1.10. Bottom left to right: Daphne, Roland, Ayn and Nolan pose for a picture, 8.31.10. Ayn gives Daphne a kiss while Uncle Jesse holds her, 9.1.10. Jessi and Nolan, 8.31.10.

27: Just after we returned home from SD, we traveled to Boston for Labor Day where we visited the Turners. From there, we drove to St. Johnsbury, VT for the wedding of Jordan and Liz Golinkoff. Left: Jessi, Nolan, Ayn and Jesse at the wedding along the Connecticut River, 9.4.10. Bottom left to right: Nolan at the playground with Heather Turner, 9.3.10. Nolan's first plane ride, 9.2.10. Ayn playing a card game with Steve Turner, 9.6.10.

29: Opposite page, top row left to right: Nolan, Nolan and Ayn, and Jessi and Nolan celebrating Nolan's 1st birthday. Middle row: Diego, Miriam, Jesse holding the cake, Jessi holding Nolan and Ayn singing "Happy Birthday". Nolan trying his birthday cake. Bottom row: the aftermath of Nolan's cake. Nolan getting washed off in the sink by Mommy and Daddy. Nolan opening his gifts with a little help from Ayn, 9.18.10. | Top row left to right: Ayn cheering with Jesse at the Wizards game. Ayn checking out the soccer field, 10.9.10. Nolan practicing his walk, 10.9.10. Bottom row left to right: Nolan and Ayn "taking a bath", 10.23.10. Nolan, Jessi, Ayn and Jesse celebrating Jesse's birthday, and Ayn with Grandpa Loren, 10.28.10. Grandma Amy and Grandpa Loren stopped for a visit on their drive to Texas to see the Barondeaus.

30: Top row: Princess Ayn and Cowboy Nolan met Daddy at work for the Lockton Halloween parade and trick-or-treating, 10.28.10. | Bottom left: Nolan taking a break from the Halloween festivities at the Hanks' to play, 10.31.10. Bottom center: Nolan with Daddy at Lockton, 10.28.10. Bottom right: Ayn trick-or-treating with Mom at Lockton, 10.28.10.

31: Top row left to right: Ayn, Diego, Nolan and Emilia hanging out in the backyard, and Nolan investigating the tree, 11.8.10. Nolan playing in the unpacked boxes at our new house, 11.22.10. Bottom left: Ayn decorating the boxes before our move, 11.13.10. We moved from our house in MO to Olathe, KS the weekend before Thanksgiving. Bottom left center: Father John Torrez baptizing our goddaughter, Marie Josefa Orrison, held by Jesse, at St. Paul Catholic Church in Olathe, 11.14.10. Marie was born 9.7.10. Bottom right center: Nolan and Hunter dressed alike for Thanksgiving, 11.25.10. Bottom right: Ayn getting a trim from Miriam, 11.28.10. Miriam began living with us in September.

33: Opposite page, left: We enjoyed cookies and hot chocolate at the Olathe Tree Lighting, 12.3.10. Opposite page, right: Ayn and Nolan opening St. Nicholas gifts with their cousins, Roland and Daphne, in SD, 12.25.10. This page, below: Meeting Mr. and Mrs. Claus at St. Paul's pancake breakfast, 12.12.10. Right, top to bottom: Jesse with Daphne, Ayn with Lee, 12.25.10, and Alice, Ayn, Nolan, and Jessi, 12.28.10.

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