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S: The Strange Door

FC: The Strange Door By: Taylor Jackowski

1: This book is dedicated to people who think they have seen something different.

2: The Strange Door By: Taylor Jackowski

3: Chapter 1 . . .

4: Once upon a time there lived an 13 year old girl named Jessy. She lives in a pretty decent-sized apartment with her mom. She also has a dog, Rufus, which is probably her closest companion besides her best friend Lizzie. She tells Lizzie and Rufus everything!

5: Now, let's check in on Jessy. BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! As Jessy groggily started to open her eyes she glanced at the digits 6:45 on her alarm clock. Great, another day of school, I thought. Smacking the snooze button, I crawled out

6: of bed "Jess, c'mon I know you're awake." "OK Mom! I'm coming!" I'm so not fond of school, or the people there. So I packed my usual lunch-PB&J sandwich, applesauce, a pickle, a cheese-stick, and goldfish. Then I hugged my mom good-bye, and went

7: out the door. I don't like to be made fun of on the bus, so I simply walk to school. While I was walking, I noticed a strange door. It was oddly painted in various stripes and hills of color-different from every other door in the neighborhood. "Oh well,

8: I guess they just have awkward taste in color. Besides, I just a door." Or is it?

9: Chapter 2 . . .

10: The bus seemed to be going extra slow that morning because I was able to keep pace with the bus. When the bus and I finally reached school, the bus came to an abrupt stop, smoke flew up in my face, and the smell of gasoline was very strong in the air.

11: Later that day, the Recess bell rang, and all the kids screamed in a rush to get outside. All kids except for me. My best friend Lizzie was absent that day so I wasn't the least bit excited about Recess. Lunch came and I had no one to talk to except for Sophia and Kathy.

12: Great. I thought. The only topic they ever talk about is boys. I really couldn't have cared less. "What do think of Austin Tyler?" "I think he's cute!" "Do you want to know who I think think is even cuter? Jason Jackson!" I sat there wondering if there could be a more

13: pathetic conversation. "Umm...I have to...go to the bathroom." Figures, they were too busy talking to even notice I said anything. Well that may have been semi-lie. because I did walk to the bathroom, but all I did was sit there. I thought about my dad. What was

14: he like? Does he have long, blond hair or short, brown hair? Was he tall or short? What really happened to him? Questions that may never be answered. I wish I could just see him. My mom never mentions him, (not really sure why) so I really don't know

15: anything about him except that his name is Markus Forest; which is where I got my name- Jessy Forest.. It was soon after I stopped thinking, that I realized I missed History! "Darnet! I worked so hard on that essay on Thomas Jefferson! I even put in little fun facts. Well let's

16: see how this goes. Wish me luck!"

17: Chapter 3 . . .

18: "Mrs. Mullineaux I'm really sorry! It won't happen again!" "Where were you?" "I was in the bathroom, I didn't feel well. I didn't even realize I missed History." Which really wasn't a lie because my stomach hurt from thinking about my dad. "Well Jessy, you missed turning in your essay, 3

19: worksheets that are homework, and a 50 question pop-quiz." "Oh." "It's all due tomorrow. Jessy, do you need to see the nurse? You look a little pale." "Yep...I'm fine, I said that more sarcastically to myself. "I'll see you tomorrow Mrs .Mullineaux."

20: I walked out of the classroom slowly. "Wait, can I turn in my essay now?" "Sure." "Thanks." Just wonderful! I already have Science homework, Health homework, and French homework! And my mom is probably going

21: to make me take a shower!` Later that day my mom picked me up from school and asked how my day was. I told her it was great. That night I got an email from my English teacher saying he wanted us to retake a test we took last Tuesday. .

22: Oh that's just awesome! More homework! Then to make matters even worse, my mom got a call from my Math teacher saying he forgot to assign us a project due on Friday! I looked at the calender and today is Monday! And just to top it off, Lizzie texted me

23: saying that she got sick and wouldn't be in school for the rest of the week! My stomach was churning. I sprinted to the hallway bathroom and threw-up. The only good thing I got out of today was not taking the stupid shower.

24: Chapter 4 . . .

25: That night I had a dream about the door I saw, and how odd it was. I dreamed about what was inside the door and I got trapped in a never ending maze of questions. The next morning I didn't go to school because my mom thought that I

26: was sick. Although, I couldn't stop thinking about the door. So I told my mom to go to the store to get me some Tums., but I knew I had to see the door again. So, I did. While my mom was at the store, I was able to sneak out to where the door was.

27: I knocked loudly three times. KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK! But no one answered. So I knocked again KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK! "Hello? Is anyone there?" I didn't mean to be nosy, but I noticed the door was unlocked. I slowly opened the door and

28: cautiously walked in. All the lights were out. I felt around and felt a lightswitch and flipped it up. Instead of a normal house I saw three more doors. There was one red door, one blue door, and one yellow door. My favorie color is purple. Blue and red are closest

29: to purple, and I couldn't decide which one to choose. So I chose the yellow. When I touched the doorknob the door automatically opened. Before I could process what happened I fell down a big black hole! I was still falling when I landed on something soft and squishy.

30: Chapter 5 . . .

31: What the heck did I just land on? Do I really want to know? Slowly lowering my head I saw that I had landed on a massive, fluffy marshmellow. Oddly enough, I had been craving one so I tried a small portion.

32: Once I was done licking my fingers, I decided to move on. Continuing on, I encountered what seemed like multiple backdrops. Three to be exact. If I had to describe them, I would described the first one as royalty- almost a castle. The second one, maybe an underwater theme with

33: with lots of fish an all sorts of coral and underwater plants.. The last background looked like the sky with an infinite number of clouds. I wasn't quite sure what to make of the themes. It finally occurred to me that they might be tangible. I wearily reached my arm out in front of me

34: Then I remembered the doors I had come upon earlier. I remembered that there were three doors, like there are three backdrops. I wasn't sure what would happen if I touched one of the backgrounds, or what they meant in relation to everything. The only

35: thing that was clear was that there was only one way out of the maze-through it. | Chapter 6 . . .

36: What do I do? Hoping there wasn't a right or wrong answer, I jumped head-first into the underwater picture. I thought it might be risky considering that I hadn't been in water since 3rd grade. I used to be an amazing swimmer, but I stopped because...why did

37: I stop? I don't remember now. Honestly, I'm not sure. All I know is that I'm underwater and I haven't passed out. I realized I could breathe! Then I went to swim and my legs were numb; like they were glued together but i couldn't move them. I looked down and I has scales and a

38: tail! I'm a mermaid! I pinched myself to make sure I was dreaming, "Ow!" Okay, so it's not a dream. I am actually a mermaid! Being a mermaid is so incredible; you can speed-swim, hold your breath for-so far-16 minutes, and I have three special powers

39: -freezing water, heating water, and moving water. It's so amazing, but I almost forgot about the fact that I was practically trapped in the ocean. Suddenly I saw a light; not like a bright flashlight, but like a faint shimmer or stream. It was very thin, but I was

40: able to trace it to its source. The shimmer led me to a pool it seemed like. It was the size of a lake, but it was deep. I looked up and saw that I was in the cone of a volcano. I got out of the water and used my powers to dry myself off; then I found steps that led to

41: a water-tunnel that was lit up with the same shimmery thing that led me to the pool. I got in the water and i was going so fast and I couldn't breath until I became a mermaid again. I had to speed swim to keep up with the water. The tunnel of water seemed to last forever when

42: the tunnel spit me out on a random beach with 3 docks; a dock shaped like a seashell, a dock shaped like a wave, and a dock shaped like a dolphin. I got to shore and watched as my imprints in the sand went from being a line to transforming into footprints.

43: Chapter 7 . . .

44: Honestly, I was so tired I wanted to go back in the water and swim over the reefs, but sadly, I knew I had to keep going. You know, I am probably one of the most indecisive people I know, and at this point I really don't care.; but this is one of those things where if you don't choose the right

45: one then you will probably regret it. So as far as I'm concerned, I'm on an obscure beach with random docks and I'm guessing that I'm supposed to chose one dock and walk on it or something. Why was I so curious in the first place? Why couldn't I just

46: throw-up again and be sincerely sick so I wouldn't be compelled to do stupid things! Way to go me! I deserve a pat on the back! Honestly, choosing a dock is going to come down to eniee meenie minee moe. I wish I could talk to Rufus. He would understand. I miss

47: how he wouldn't say anything, but I know he's really listening. How his soft, mangled fur brushes up against me. In order to pick one of the three docks, I decided to think what Rufus would do. What would he do? Probably pee on it,

48: and that's not exactly helpful. So then I thought about Lizzie. What would she do? She would ask me what's bothering me and if she could help. She always knows how to fix my problems. Well I finally decided to narrow it down to the seashell or the dolphin. I decided to

49: go with the dolphin. Of course who knows, now I might turn into dolphin with a seashell under a wave. All I know is I haven't slept in days and if I walk on this dock I better not have to use my brain.

50: Chapter 8 . . .

51: Well, sadly you need your brain for just about everything so I didn't really luck out. Although, it's kind of funny because when I jump into various portals I get a boost of energy. So maybe this will help me. I walked onto the dock,

52: and began to crash every which way, but none of them touched me. When the waves settled down I found myself in some sort of chamber underwater. I didn't really think it was a big deal considering I was a mermaid, but then I realized I wasn't wet. That's odd. Then I

53: realized that I was in a cage surrounded by nothing. However, the cage was unlocked so I took advantage and pushed the door open and water flooded into the cage. I jumped out of the cage and into the water, and I kept falling and falling and falling. Just when I

54: thought there was no end, I hit rock bottom. It was dark, but I thought I saw a light. I ran towards the light and found myself in a chamber with four walls. Each wall had a pattern, and I don't even have to tell you what has to happen next.

55: The first wall had polka dots, the second wall had all sorts of stripes of color, the third wall had hills and a sunset, and the fourth wall had stars and swirls all over it. This room was like entering a big room of deja vu, but I can't seem to place where I've seen all of these

56: patterns before. THen I remembered; It was the door! The door I just had to go see in the first place. Because if you combine all of the patterns then you get the odd door that was in the middle of the neighborhood. Before I thought about

57: jumping into a pattern, I had to take one thing into account;the pattern broke (no pun intended). THere are usually onlythree things I need to choose from, and now there are four. Is that a good sign or a bad sign?

58: Chapter 9 . . .

59: Even If that isn't a sign, what does it mean? Does it mean I am close to getting out of here, or does it mean that I'm so far away it's not even funny. Whatever the case is, I don't know what to do. What happened was I closed my eyes and spun around a couple times

60: until I came to a stop; I was pointing at the wall with polka dots on it. My strategy was which ever wall I landed on was the wall I wasn't going to pick. The next time I spun around I was pointing at the swirls and stars. followed by the stripes. So I guess I'm walking through

61: the pattern with colorful hills and a sunset. After walking through the pattern I don't know if I took to long to decide, but it was night-time. If it weren't for the moon, it would have been pitch black. I wasn't sure what to make of the darkness,

62: but I took it as a sign. If found the nearest-i guess you would call it a cave-and drifted off into my dreaming mind. I woke up the next morning, but I had no idea whee the heck I was. Not that I could could really tell where I was

63: last night, but I was no longer in my cave. Ya know, the golden rule, according to survival rules, is to stay where you are; I guess I ruled that out a while ago. I mean look at how many scenarios I've seen. Speaking of moving, I should start moving

64: along myself. Suddenly I started thinking about my mom. What was she supposed to think; that I just went missing within a 30 minute time span, and she hasn't the slightest idea of where I could be. What about everyone at

65: school? I mean I. . . ."Darnet!" I completely forgot about all of the homework I was supposed to do! My teachers are going to kill me! Although, I would hope that considering I have lost four the last five days, they would understand the circumstances. Or

66: would they? Even if I do make it out of here any time soon, who is going to believe me? Certainly not my mother; she would say that I was sick, and maybe I was sleep-walking or some stupid excuse. In all honesty, my story isn't the least bit believable. The only person

67: who might believe me is Lizzie. Chapter 10 . . .

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