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S: With Love...A Tribute to Our Parents

BC: WITH | ...a tribute | LOVE

FC: WITH | ...a tribute | LOVE

1: The love of a family is one of life's greatest blessings. To Dad and Mom with all our love. Your girls, Julie, Kim and Erin

2: ...but she will never outgrow your heart. | A daughter may outgrow your lap...

3: Give a girl the right pair of boots & she just may sleep in them... | wish hard enough & dreams really can come true

5: Local Excursions, Outings & Family Vacations Trips and outings make up so many of the great memories I have with our family. Lizard Hunting Expeditions in Littlerock Insect & Butterfly Collecting in the Desert behind the 3rd Street house Gold Panning in Gorman Crystalaire Country Club Days... entering from our "secret" entrance, picnicking, tadpole collecting, swimming and ordering lunch from the clubhouse and putting it on your tab! Skiing at Holiday Hill in Wrightwood Summers on the Jenny M, Zipping around the Marina in the Dinghy, Fishing off the Dock for Opal Eye Perch, Dramamine, Deep Sea Fishing off Anacapa Tahoe - rental house, bike riding tour around the lake, and of course... horseback riding! Tour of the Western United States Smelly Sulfur, Ford Dealership, Journaling, KOA's, Montana Wind & Lighting Storm, Ford Dealership, Sapphire Mine, Camping, Gold Panning, Ford Dealership, Hunting Hellgramites

6: I appreciate that you instilled the importance of spending quality time with each other. Family game nights that included Noah's Ark, Uno, Risk and Perfection. Special Movie & TV Nights Spreading a quilt on the living room floor, popping popcorn, melting real butter and pouring us a glass of soda, brought out on trays... It's the simple things in life that matter! | Quality Time | Devotionals One specific memory I have is one of dad complimenting me on something I'd contributed to a family devotional- you always encouraged participation - I was so proud that I suppose I felt the need to reiterate my point again and again and again.. oh the patience you had! Looking back now, I think the "motor mouth" syndrome has always been in me! | Family | & games

7: It's The Little Things In Life That Matter

8: Grandkids

9: Family Field Trips | Teachable Moments

10: Sun Moon | IndianMaidens

11: "Thank you" seems so inadequate a way to express the appreciation I have for you both. I am so thankful to have been raised in such a loving, caring and faith filled home. I'm thankful that you loved us enough to teach us those values which I hope I have successfully passed down to my children. I'm thankful that you have always been there for me, no matter what foolish decision I've made or trouble I'd gotten myself into. Your love and support has seen me through so much. You both continue to be a wonderful example for us to model our lives and families after. I love you. Julie aka #1; Cookie

12: To have been cherished and treasured by your parents as a child is to have been given something far beyond price, worth or value. Love is the most precious of all gifts...and the love of one's parents is irreplaceable. -THE MIDDLE FART

13: Kimberly's Memories On these pages I've written little glimpses into memories I have tucked away in my heart. These memories are more than just moments, they are more than just trips, or special events or milestones. They symbolize so much more than laughter and smiles and good times. These memories have become the foundation stones of what has made Thank you Dad and Mom, for each care and kindness, for each moment of grace, for teaching me that hard work, honor and integrity are precious and that no matter how hard things get, love is always greater. You have made every difference in my life. I love you both so much.

15: Train a Child... Whenever anyone asks me about my childhood, I always say I had as close to a perfect childhood as anyone could have. From my earliest memories I remember knowing I was loved and treasured because there were more smiles and laughter in our home than there were days where there was not. Everyday life was full of answered curiosities, gentle but firm discipline and moments of thoughtful and intentional teaching. Dad, you provided not only for every material need and desire, but through years of hard work and sacrifice, you taught us the value of a job well done and what it means to live a life of integrity, humbleness, verve, honor and compassion. I have come to dearly love and treasure these qualities and values because I now know the breadth of heart it takes to display them consistently through love. Mom, you tirelessly gave of yourself day after day, year after year in ways that spoke directly to my heart. Through your actions, you made Scripture come alive, by showing us first hand the gifts of gentleness, kindness, patience, and selflessness, that nurtured, lifted, and encouraged our little souls. And now, as a wife and mother myself, these times with you double not only as dear and precious memories, but as a standard I find myself striving to reach for. Together, you make one incredible team and in many ways, although you are opposites in many regards, because you each shared your gifts, strengths and love with us as children, we will be forever blessed as adults. Thank you Dad and Mom for loving us so much, for showing us what a family should be. I will not depart from what you have taught me. It is forever etched on my heart.

16: The Meaning of Grace | I was about eight or nine at the time, and I don't remember the reason, but I what I do recall will be with me for the rest of my life. I was arguing with you (Mom) over something, I truly don't remember what it was, but I do remember what I said; it came in the sound of three deeply hurtful words: I hate you. The instant I said it, I wanted to cry. I knew I had said something extremely spiteful and it couldn't have been further from the real truth. Oh how it made my heart hurt, but my pride got in the way! I didn't want to apologize, but I so wanted you to know what I'd said wasn't true! Instead of becoming angry with me, you looked at me with understanding eyes and told me to sit on the bed a minute and you left the room. | When you came back into the room, you gave me a little box with a Bumpkin in it. You told me you had been saving it for a special occasion and thought the moment to give it to me was now. I remember the tears running down my cheeks as I told you how sorry I was and all you did was hug me and tell me it was alright - and that you knew I loved you. In that tender moment, you showed me what grace and forgiveness was all about; you so lovingly put my little heart back together although I know what I said must have broken yours. Thank you Mom for teaching me, through your patient, kind and gentle actions, what grace really is and why we all need it so desperately. I love you Mom!

19: More Than Skin Deep I would have never chosen that dog. She was skittish, snarling, growling, and bared her teeth at anyone who stopped in front of her cage. But that didn't stop you Dad. You stopped and spent the better part of an hour getting acquainted with her, earning a small portion of trust because you had the compassion to look past her edgy demeanor. On that day, you taught me that sometimes you need to look past the surface because there are times when you will find someone in desperate need of kindness, gentleness and love. Sometimes, it just takes someone who can see past the fear and pain of our past to bring out the best in who we can still become. Our sweet little Molly-dog was a humble and affectionate soul, who I'm sure, would never have had the opportunity to experience the love of a real family had you not stopped for her that day. Like so many other times, the kindness you displayed towards animals ingrained in me a sense of how I should treat others, especially those who are less fortunate than me. Thank you for taking the time to be so kindhearted to that dog...for seeing past her fear. Compassion gives us the ability to see past perception and outward appearances, to see the possibilities and potential, not only in animals... but in people too. I love you Dad!

20: You Took the Time to Care When I think back on the memories of my childhood, I always smile. Dad came home from work one day and I ran to greet him at the door. As he walked in I noticed he had something behind his back, and when I asked what it was, he said he had made a special trip out to the music store to buy me a new music book. I loved that book. I still have it. It's a little ragged and worn, but every time I play that book, it reminds me of that day and how extra special I felt to have gotten that gift from you. Thank you Dad for all the "I love you, yes I do..." moments, for the sock fights, the games at our birthday parties, the radio commercial tape-overs, all those long hours teaching me how to use a computer, even the moments where we fixed broken pipes in the yard together. Those are memories I will treasure forever. Mom, when I got the shingles, I didn't feel real great. My leg hurt a lot and I couldn't go to school so I just toodled around with you all day. I can remember thinking how great it was, just you and me and how much I wished I could keep my shingles just so I could hang out with you more. You got me Carl's Jr. french fries and made sure I was all stocked up on Bit-O-Honeys and then you'd tuck me into the back seat with a blanket and a pillow. It was the best time I ever had being sick. Thank you Mom for all the "boo-boo" kisses, the taxi-rides to soccer games, the adventure of music and appreciation of culture, and Christmas ornaments that adorn my trees with love. You have given me precious memories full of laughter and the warmth of a childhood filled with love... all because you took the time to care.

21: Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do... but how much love we put in that action. -MOTHER THEREA

22: Love Bears All Things Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never ends. What an amazing example you have been of this verse! How many times have you chosen to bear my burdens? How many times have you hoped and believed the best for me? How many times have you endured with me and cried with me and held my hand? And yet, no matter what decision I have made or predicament I've gotten myself into, you still love me, no matter what. There are so many memories tucked away in the storehouses in my mind - so many remembrances of times where you lived this verse in my life. I vividly remember Dad rescuing me from the ants in my mud-pie, Mom enduring countless sibling spats, and both of you caring for me when I was sick, even as an adult - you were there. Not telling us "I told you so," when soooo many times, it would have been completely appropriate. You have willingly helped to shoulder so many of my burdens, believed and hoped for the best for me and have endured the agony of having a child who many times acts before she thinks, yet you still love me! Through watching you, I've learned that love is a choice to stick it out, even when things get uncomfortable, require sacrifice or are hard to do. You've taught me that love will allow failure so we can learn, while it supply's us with grace to pick ourselves up to go on. Thank you Dad and Mom, for never giving up on me and for seeing my true potential, for teaching me that love is not merely a feeling or an emotion - it is an action and a choice.

23: The happiest moments of my life have been the few which I have passed at home in the bosom of my family. -THOMAS JEFFERSON

24: I was your little baby bird following you around everywhere. At the market, you let your Dinkie-Pie put all kinds of things into the cart. Trips to the Paperpotamus were some of my favorites, I’d follow you around the store and we would look at stationary or pens together, then you would go pick out a card while I would look at stickers. (Even now, I still like going to the stationary store with you!) I loved going places with you because it made me feel loved and special that you would take me with you. | It was always a treat to have a golf day with just dad. You would take us to Crystalaire and “play” a round of golf. Although I don’t recall hitting many golf balls other than the putting green, it was terrific to spend a day with you learning to drive the cart, fishing golf balls out of the lakes and sharing Mr. Goodbars, maybe even stopping at Charlie Browns for candy on the way home. Although there wasn't much golf, I have wonderful memories of dad spending a precious day with just me. | Mom | Mom | Mom | Mom | nurturing | teaching | Enclosed on these pages are just a few glimpses of thoughts and remembrances of our family, a small handful in a lifetime of memories of how your love has helped change and shape me into the person I am. As I sit here and think over the years, I become ever increasingly grateful to both of you. As parents, you provided, taught, cared for and loved us, giving us an amazing gift; you raised a person who understood and felt what it was to be valued, loved and cared for beyond imagining. More than that though, you were our examples of patience, integrity, compassion and selfless love. How blessed we are to have such wonderful parents!

25: One of my favorites things when we were little is that you would get us gifts at the most unexpected of times. Whether it was a bookmark, stickers, or beads waiting when we came home from school or a hair clip or a necklace from a trip, even the smallest of things became profoundly dear because I felt enormously treasured and loved when I found that little surprise that meant you had been thinking of me while we were apart. | Fun! You made even the smallest things fun, like raking leaves! After we raked them up, dad would scoop them in the trashcan and would set us on top so we would be human compactors, jumping up and down and giggling while he held us steady. Planting flowers and helping dad sweep the “woodshop” floor was enjoyable and never a chore because we were your special helpers and that made me feel valued. | I still love to hear the story of Dad and the black widow spider. It never fails to make me giggle and completely explains where Kim gets her sense of mischief! | mischief | You both have a wonderful sense of fun. I love that dad races with | mischief | mischief | mischief | treasured | treasured | treasured | Courtney to get to Big Thunder or that mom is usually the first to ask what game we are going to play. It makes "coming home" and spending time with the family a true joy (even if we have to watch Kim & dad carefully).

26: Whether it was letting us crawl into bed with you because of some awful nightmare or painstakingly checking bagfuls of Halloween candy, you both worked tirelessly to protect us and made us feel safe. I'll never fully appreciate the worries and trials we put you through, but I always felt safe and secure because Mom & Dad were watching over me. | selfless love | Whenever you would tell me how Auntie Skip helped you in your own struggles as a teenager, I never understood how my selfless mother could ever have been like me, a spoiled little fart. Because you understood me, you became my every day example of selfless love and sacrifice. To this day I struggle, but your example still gently reminds me and guides me.

27: provider | Even as we grew older your protection followed us. I can remember Dad consoling me the first time I realized that not all boys are so nice. We walked on the property that evening and you shared your own memories of teenage trials. You told me that such things heal in time and there was someone out there waiting for me. At that moment, I can remember feeling like I'd been wrapped in the biggest warm blanket of love and comfort. | guide | protect

28: Baking cookies with mom was a relished treat to look forward to because you made special jobs for us like making the thumbprints or putting noses on the reindeer. I felt trusted and precious, taking part in what you were doing especially because you're so neat. It made me feel valued and you must have had a lot of patience to let us bake with you knowing now how messy we were! | When we were little I remember sneaking out into the hallway to catch a glimpse of Santa. Although I never saw him, I just knew he was real because the cookies were eaten, there was fancy writing on all of the tags and notes he left (he and the tooth fairy must have had the same teacher), and presents and stockings magically appeared. You both worked so hard and stayed up late to make each Christmas a wondrous time for us. Even now, Christmas brings back a feeling of sparkling wonder that stems from the love, care and blessings you have given to each of us over the years. | patience | joy

29: compassion | love | I think about Auntie Kay and Bob and how each year they became more a part of our family because you welcomed and embraced them at celebrations. You endeavoured to make each celebration a special time whether it was for family, Donny Muscoe or Mindy. When I was little, I couldnÂ’t figure out why Donny Muscoe came to our house; he was a bit different. Over the years, I began to understand as I watched you reach out to other people who were unnoticed or forgotten, an example of compassion for those who are unloved or unwanted. Your compassion for others is a reminder of what Christmas truly is about. It also taught us that holidays have more significance than gifts, games or food, giving this time of year an even greater feeling of joy and deeper meaning. | Merry Christmas

30: I have such great memories of waking you up with pillow fights and pummeling (mostly) dad with Shamu, or times when Dad tried to teach us Greco-Roman wrestling in the living room and we just turned it into a giggling, dog pile exhibition. I think back to those days and feel completely loved and cherished. Spending fun time with you was one of the best gifts you ever gave us. | When I was younger I must have wanted to be a horse, the goofy way I ran, making you read me horse books over and over and over. When we had horses, I never understood the sacrifices you made for us to have them. You both ran the business while dad still worked another job. It was only because you both worked so hard that we were given privileges and opportunities that most people donÂ’t experience. Even though Ginger tried to take my fingers off and Skip tried to kill us, I am thankful that you gave us that opportunity and allowed us to have them. Thank you. | encouraging

31: You were incredibly supportive of us in whatever sport we were playing. Cutting countless oranges, buying all that equipment, bundling up for frosty game mornings and driving us to practices, games and tournaments. What a tremendous sacrifice! It always meant a great deal to me when you came to games, especially when you came to encourage and protect me when the coach refused to let me play and most of my team didn't like me. Mom would take me to extra practices and I still remember dadÂ’s stern countenance talking to the rink employees. Your encouragement and support gave me courage to keep trying and persevere even when it wasn't fun. Thank you for allowing us to learn the value of perseverance and team work through sports! | support

32: For some reason, this is one of my favorite pictures of Dad and I. I can remember standing there on a crisp October morning, watching the sheep and being happy just to be standing there with my dad, enjoying a quiet moment. | You introduced us to camping, skiing, and all kinds of exciting things, some of which we have shared and passed on to others, like sapphire finding, although it was more exciting in Montana, with the lightning storm and high winds.... Mom always put together an incredible itinerary full of surprising new ideas and places, like Cape Cod and Sturbridge Village and they were the best part of the trip! | Cafe Sacher, Vienna | Sturbridge Village | Oregon | “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller | When I was younger, I imagined seeing other parts of the world. You made that possible and opened doors I could never have reached on my own. How very fortunate we are to have parents who shared and opened our eyes to new worlds! I cherish the memories of seeing new places and exploring with you and am grateful to both of you for those opportunities. | Mammoth

33: I remember standing on the top of the Eiffel Tower, looking at dad and realizing he wasnÂ’t too happy about being that high up or scrounging a quick breakfast with mom in Florence. WeÂ’ve traveled to incredible places and seen some amazing sights but I remember the time I spent with you best and those are the most wonderful memories. I always thought travel was about experiencing new places but now I think that it's not so much the destination that's important but the people you share your adventures with. Although, I am sorry for walking your legs off and for being a grumpy bear. | USS Constitution | Loire Valley | Pompeii | Rome | Paso Robles | Rome

34: Being able to attend UCI was a truly incredible experience. It was a tremendous honor and privilege to embark on such an adventure, studying and learning, meeting people and experiencing cultures from around the world. Without your support and assistance that time would never have been possible. There are not enough words to say how grateful I am for that opportunity. | I still remember going to orientation and being nervous, excited and overwhelmed. Touring the campus with you that day was like being at the gateway to another world. It was an intimidating yet eye-opening experience and I am thankful you were there with me. | I still don't know how we found each other in that mass but I was so happy that you were there and we spent the day together despite the crazy crowds! | All those years you both worked so hard and made incredible sacrifices to send us to private schools, giving us the best education possible. Even though we may have complained about too much homework or mean teachers, I am grateful you sent us to schools that challenged us and pushed us to learn. You never even complained about my crazy idea to switch schools at the beginning of senior year, which I am still very thankful for!

35: Words cant convey how grateful Chad & I are and how much I appreciate our family for making this a beautiful day. You supported our crazy choices and listened to our family drama without complaint. You generously provided a wonderful meal, brought me my spare shoes, helped me with the veil and put decorations on the getaway car. I know these are only a handful of the things you have done for us and that you have given so much of yourselves in time, support and sacrifices. How truly blessed I am to have such amazing parents! P.S. TP-ing the hotel room was a stroke of genius!

36: Kimberly's Last Thoughts Dad and Mom - this book celebrates you as our parents. As much love and care we put into making this, and as many wonderful memories we recalled in creating it, we want you to know that was only a fraction - a snapshot - of how much we love and appreciate all you have done for us. This is our tribute to you. I love you both so much. | Julie's Last Thoughts This book could not possibly contain all the wonderful memories you both have lovingly created for us. It only contains mere facets of the wonderful life you provided us -full of love, commitment and values. I will be forever grateful for the way you have blessed my life. I love you, Dad and Mom. | Erin's Last Thoughts These pages are just a small way for us to let you know that we recognize that being a parent sure is a tough job and that we appreciate that you are not only wonderful parents but amazing, loving people. We are incredibly blessed and grateful to be your daughters. I love you both so much! Thank you.

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