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S: Brayden Michael Mikkelsen - Birth to Age 1

BC: 1 Year Old Little Boy! February 28, 2012

FC: Brayden Michael Mikkelsen February 28, 2011

1: A baby is something you carry inside

2: 4 Weeks | 8 Weeks | 12 Weeks | 33 Weeks | 35 Weeks

3: Doctor visit - Find out gender | We found out mommy was pregnant on July 5th, 2011. Due Date was 14, 2011 Last picture taken was with Auntie Nicole (24 1/2) and mommy (37 weeks). | 16 Weeks | 20 Weeks | 25 Weeks | 37 Weeks

4: The Story of your... | Family HealthCare Pharmacy Baby Shower Hosted by Kristi Shae Febuary 10, 11

5: Grandma Cindy, Auntie Nicole and Mommy decorated your room when mommy was 35 weeks pregnant

6: It's A BOY! Brayden Michael Mikkelsen | Mommy was in labor for 24 hours before going to the hospital, we went to the hospital at 1 a.m. and got sent home. At 3 a.m we went back and mommy got an epideral and slept a few hours.

7: Febuary 28, 2011 | 11:42 A.M. | 7 inches 6.2 ounces | 20 Inches

9: Everyone was so excited to meet you. You slept the whole time you had visitors and stayed up all night. Mommy didn't want you to have a pacifier but soon changed her mind after nothing else worked.

10: First Bath in the Hospital

11: BATH TIME | Mommy keeping you warm, You screamed the whole time.

12: 3 Days Old

13: Memories: Grandma Cindy changed your first diaper, daddy soon followed with your second. Daddy also put you in your first "sioux" outfit that Uncle Casey bought for you. | Daddy bought mommy a dozen roses after you were born. We were so excited to finally bring you home.

14: Brayden's Baby Shower March 19, 2011

15: Hosted by: Auntie Nicole Koons

16: Milton Lutheran Church April 3, 2011 Godfathers: Evan Mikkelsen and Casey Stremick Pastor Ryan Fischer | Brayden Michael's Baptism

17: Church Service got canceled but we still had your baptism.

18: Great - Grandpa and Grandma Stremick with Brayden. 4 Generation Picture Grandma Carole, mommy, Grandpa Brad, Grandpa Les, and Bradyen Grandpa Les passed away in August 2011 | Grandpa asked mommy whether you were laughing or crying, when mommy said crying he didn't want to hold you anymore

19: Great - Grandpa and Grandma Mikkelsen with Brayden Grandpa Gerald passed away in May 2011. | 4 Generation Picture Grandpa Pik, Grandpa Gerald, Daddy, and Brayden

20: Great - Grandma Hazel with Bradyen. 4 Generation Picture Great - Grandma Hazel, Mommy, Grnadma Cindy & Brayden

21: 4 Generation Picture Grandma Mavis, Great - Grandma Elna, Bradyen and Daddy Great - Grandma Elna with Bradyen

22: Mikkelsen | Family | 5 Generations

23: Made with Love by: Mommy | Made with Love by: Grandma Cindy | Made with Love by: Great - Grandma Hazel | Made with Love by: Great - Aunt Susie

24: First bath at home given by Grandma Cindy. You held on to Uncle Casey's finger and screamed the whole time.

25: First Few Weeks of Life.

26: At 7 weeks old you started to find your thumb and liking your bath. You also started sleeping in the swing because you slept longer than an hour at a time.

28: First smile @ 8 1/2 Weeks First laugh at Grandma Cindy @ 15 weeks. First giggle spell at Daddy when he was barking like a dog @ 18 weeks. First shots you had you did really well, you got 3 shots at 11 weeks old. You took a long nap after that trauma.

29: Easter was at our house, you had your first ear infection so you were a little fussy. The Easter Bunny gave you books and a nursery rhyme cd. | 2011

30: Daddy and Me | We were back in Langdon for Grandpa Gerald's funeral. You got to spend a lot of time with your cousins.

31: Family Photo.

33: "A hundred hearts would be too few to carry all my love for you." | Mommy got a beautiful card from daycare for Mother's Day (May 8, 2011), you were 10 weeks old. I also recieved a cute picture frame from you and daddy. Mother's day was also mommy and daddy's 1 year wedding anniverary and you slept 3 straight hours for us that night. Auntie Susie came and watched you while mommy and daddy went out for our anniverary supper.

34: Our little Honey | Favorite Toys 4 to 6 Months

35: The Cutest Baby in the World

36: We went to visit Auntie Nicole the weekend before Chloe was born because Uncle Ryan was working. You talked to Auntie Nicole''s tummy and told Chloe to come out. The first time you meet Chloe she was 1 week old and you were 14 weeks old. Chloe Marie Koons was born on June 8, 2011.

37: Chloe's Baby Shower | Hosted by Auntie Heather July 11, 2011

38: Happy Father's Day June 19, 2011 (16 weeks old) You started sitting up in a chair.

39: 4th of July at Mark and Ger's Cabin You were an excellent little boy, you enjoyed watching your cousins playing in the lake while you relaxed in the tree swing. You even went into the lake your first time but thought it was a little cold so you started to cry. You slept really good that night even though it was your first night in your crib in 2 months because we had you sleeping in your swing.

40: Stremick Camping Trip at Renwick 2011

41: We had our annual camping trip at Icelandic State Park in Cavalier. We spent 4 beautiful days in the camper (July 7-10). You and Chloe were on opposite nap schedules so we spent most of the time in the camper because the weather was to hot for you. You tried rice cereal, bananas, and a sucker for the first time and loved them all. | First time you tried food (4 months)

42: Chase | 1

43: Chase celebrated his 1st birthday on July 16th, 2011 at his house with friends and family. We also found out that Auntie Lindsey was having a baby girl! You enjoyed playing in the pool.

44: Hit one out of the park! | Twins vs. Cleveland July 20th | Mikkelsen family trip to the Twins game. We left after the 8th inning because it was 100 degrees outside and you and Chase were getting tired.

46: Mikkelsen Family Trip July 21, 2011 We went to Valley Fair, mommy, daddy, Grandma, Uncle Todd, and Uncle Evan enjoyed some rides, while Auntie Lindsey and Grandpa watched you and cousin Chase play in the pool. It was your first time in a pool and you didn't like it very much but you did enjoy sleeping and watching all the people walking around.

47: Evanger Family Reunion @ Mary's lake cabin in Deedwood MN. July 22-24, 2011. We spent time visiting with family and watching the older kids play in the lake and serve ice cream out of Mary's Ice Cream Shoppe. You got to see your first fish that Uncle Todd and Chase caught. Mommy, Daddy, and Uncle Evan ran their first 5k. Mommy came in before the boys :)

48: Given by Grandma Cindy at Auntie Nicole's house. You were 22 weeks old. Daddy didn't like it because you didn't look like a little baby anymore, he liked your fuzzy hair (like he had when he was a little boy). | DATE_____________ | July 30, 2011

49: Chloe Marie Koons baptized at Milton Lutheran Church Sponsors: Kyle and Heather Mikkelsen and Dustin Koons

50: Not sure what to think of the pool. You got scared of the water falls. | Weekend getaway to MN enjoying time with Daddy's friends playing in the pool. (Oct 1st)

51: Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. You enjoyed playing in the leaves and relaxing, you almost fell asleep. (8 1/2 months)

52: Buffalo River Pumpkin Patch

53: Trick or Treat! | You, Daddy, Grandma Mikk, and Grandpa Pik went to the pumpkin patch. You enjoyed the maze, hay ride and the petting zoo. (Mommy had her annual mother/daughter weekend) | October 22, 2011 | 2011

55: October 30, 2011 Chloe (5months) & Brayden (8 months) It was a little chilly outside but the kids did great.

56: Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn.

59: Halloween was a beautiful evening. We stopped at 4 houses and you were exhausted. You got $5.00 from Auntie Susie and $1.00 from Great-Grandma Hazel. You had one of the cutest outfits at daycare. You wore the smaller pooh outfit throughout the day because the other one was too hot.

60: You started to figure out how to rock back and forth on your hands and knees at 8 1/2 weeks. You learned to crawl and walk behind a walking toy at 9 months.

61: Mikkelsen Family | Brayden - 9 months

62: Thanksgiving with the Mikkelsen Family @ Great-Grandma Mikkelsen's house in Langdon

63: You enjoyed seeing your cousins and trying the wonderful food.

65: Thanksgiving with the Stremick Family

66: Bowling on Thanksgiving night, Grandma Mavis beat everyone. You loved watching us bowl, we have never seen you that quiet.

67: Lauren Ann Tescher 12/3/11


69: 2011 | On Christmas Eve we went to Bottineau and spent time with Great Grandma Evanger. You and Chase played well together (minus the times when you wanted the same toy because neither of you like to share).. You loved walking down Grandma Evanger's halls in your walker.

70: Showing off your walking skills at Grandma and Grandpa Mikk's house on Christmas Day. (10 months)


72: Visiting Santa Claus with Grandma Cindy. You checked out Santa for a while then started playing with his beard.

75: Christmas with the Stremick's You and Chloe played well together but neither of you liked to share. Chloe finally started to stick up for herself!

76: Bath Time with Chloe. (you weren't sure what to think at first) This was also Chloe's first time in a big bath tub. | Chloe 7 months & Brayden 10 months

77: 10 months old you started eating big boy food and walking (which means finding all the fun cupboards). You also loved your blue fuzzy blankets. | First time in the snow on January 22nd. - almost 11 months old!

78: At 11 months old you started to carry your blanket with you whenever you found it. You knew there was always one in your crib so you tried grabbing it out of there if you could. You were able to walk all over, daycare said you were going to be a handful because you never looked back and were extremely curious. You also stole pacifiers at day care even though you didn't have any of your own there. You took 2 at one time and went and hide in the corder. - You are in the tub with Mommy's Friend Kathy's little girls at 11 months. (Lyla, you, and Brilee) You were a little nervous so you didn't move much. Lyla was in your daycare room with you.

79: Lauren Ann Tescher Baptized on January 28, 2012

80: Valentines Day Fun Week! Monday: Backwards/Inside out day Tuesday: Pink/Red Day Wednesday: Mismatch/Strips Day Thursday: Crazy Hair Day Friday: Pajama Day | MONDAY | TUESDAY


82: You graduated from the infant room and moved to the transition room on February 13th. Mommy had to take a picture of you sitting at the big kids table!

83: Go Sioux Feb 17-19 | The Stremick Family spent the weekend at Grand Forks at a hotel and you and Chloe attended your first FIGHTING SIOUX hockey game. You LOVED walking the the hall with daddy and getting all the attention. You also played enjoyed playing in the hotel until you hit your tooth and got hurt.

84: February 28! You enjoyed your day at daycare and then we went out for supper with Uncle Casey and Bobby. Uncle Casey got your a 4-wheeler which you loved to play on even if it was too big!

85: Hip Hip Hooray, It's My Birthday Today

86: Our Little Pooh Bear is Turning ONE! We celebrated your first birthday at Days Inn in Casselton. You enjoyed swimming, eating cake, opening presents and running around.

90: Birthday Weekend | 6 months | 12 months

91: Spending time with your cousins. You loved to bug Chloe and Chase loved to bug you.

96: GROWTH CHART | AGE IN MONTHS WEIGHT HEIGHT | 2 Days | ------------ ------------ ------------ | ------------ ------------ ------------ | ------------ ------------ ------------ | ------------ ------------ ------------ | ------------ ------------ ------------ | ------------ ------------ ------------ | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 20 in. | 7 lb 6.2oz | 7 lb 11 oz | 20 1/4 in | 13 lb 6 oz | 22 1/2 in | 16 lb 8 oz | 26 in | 16 lb 15 oz (90%) | 24 in (25%) | 19 lb 2 oz | 27 in

97: AGE IN MONTHS WEIGHT HEIGHT | ------------ ------------ ------------ | ------------ ------------ ------------ | ------------ ------------ ------------ | ------------ ------------ ------------ | ------------ ------------ ------------ | ------------ ------------ ------------ | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 20 lb 3 oz (90%) | 26 in (50%) | 27 in | 22 lb 2 oz | 28 in | 21 lb 8oz | 23 lb 4 oz | 28 in | 28 1/2 in | 23 lb 8 oz | 25 lbs | 29 in

98: 1 YEAR OLD Weight: 24 lb 14 oz Height: 29 inches

102: Monthly Accomplishments | Birth - 5 days old you had your first outing with the Stremick Family to Applebees - Baby shower @ Osnabrock fire hall on March 19, 2011 - First doctor appointment (you had a cold and wheezing) on March 22, 2011 Month One - 6 week appointment (high in weight and average in height). Dr. gave you an Rx for Zantac for stomach trouble but we didn't give you the medication b/c we didn't think you needed it. You are still only sleeping no longer than 1 and 1/2 hours at a time. (mommy and daddy are tired). If you get up before 3a.m its mommy's shift and after 3a.m. it's daddy's shift. - Baptism @ Milton Lutheran Church on April 3, 2011. - Slept in Swing for 2 months straight - 7 Weeks old you started "finding" your thumb and enjoying your bath. -Started daycare at WeeKare at 8 weeks old. Mom started crying when she left you on the 2nd day. (April 25th) Month Two - First Smile on April 29th (8 1/2 weeks old) - Rolled to side @ 10 1/2 weeks old (you never really liked to roll) - Mother's Day _ First babysitter by Auntie Susie while mom and dad went out for our anniversary supper. - First sleep though the night only waking up to eat. Month Three - First laugh at Grandma Cindy (June 11, 2011) - Father's Day - You started sitting up on the couch.

103: Month Four - First giggle at Daddy when he was barking like a dog (July 2nd) - First time in the lake at Mark and Ger's cabin for the Fourth of July. - Started to pay attention to your hands at 18 1/2 weeks. - First time you tired food (rice cereal, bananas and a sucker) at 19 weeks old. loved them all. - 20 weeks old you found and started playing with your feet. - Trip to the cities, (Valley fair, Twins game, and lake cabin) Month Five - First hair cut given by Grandma Cindy at 22 weeks old. (July 30) - Moved to the Infant (bigger) room at Weekare on August 15 - Started to sit up good without help at 5 1/2 months - Slept 11 straight hours on 8/18 for mommy's birthday (only did that once) - Started to play in the bigger bath tub at 5 1/2 months. Month Six - loved to splash in tub at 6 months. Month Seven - First time to the pumpkin patch with Grandma and Grandpa Mikkelsen and Daddy (Oct 22) Month Eight - Switch to the 'big' carseat (you didn't like it at all) - Rocked back and forth on your hands and knees - Got your first tooth at 8 months. - First word at 8 1/2 months (Nov 13) was "da da" - 2nd tooth was 8 1/2 months. - Crawled backwards at 8 1/2 months.

104: Month Nine - Started to walk with toy at 9 months. - Stood up in crib at 9 months. - Said "mum" at 9 months (Dec 5) - Waved at 9 months. - In big (normal) tub at 9 1/2 months. - First visit with Santa Claus with Grandma Cindy Month Ten - Tooth #3 at 10 months - Walking in between people at 10 months. - Started trying normal food at daycare and started getting formula (not breast milk) - Walking all around at 10 1/2 months. - Teeth 4, 5, and 6 came in at the same time at 10 1/2 months. Month Eleven - Started using a sippy cup and 2% milk at 11 months. (you decided to didn't like the bottle anymore). - Moved to the transition room at daycare on February 13. - Started to climb on things and run around. - Went to your first hockey game - LOVED putting on hats. - You got your 7 tooth at 12 months Month Twelve = 1 YEAR OLD!!!

105: I loved you from the very start, you stole my breath, embraced my heart. Our life together has just begun, you're part of me my little one. As mother with child, each day i grew, my mind was filled with thoughts of you. I'd daydream of the things we'd share, like late night bottles and Teddy bears. Like first steps and skinned knees, like bedtime stories and ABC's. I thought of things you'd want to know, like how birds fly and flowers grow. I thought of lessons I'd need to share, like standing tall and playing fair. When I first saw your precious face, I prayed your life be touched with grace. I thanked the angels from above, and promised you unending love. Each night I lay you down to sleep, I gently kiss your head and cheek. I count your little fingers and toes; I memorize your eyes and nose. I linger at your nursery door, Awed each day I love you more. Through misty eyes, I dim the light, I whisper, "I love you" every night. You stole my breath, embraced my heart. As mother and child our journeys begin, my heart's yours forever little one. Love, Mommy | Mother's Heart

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