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S: Happy 60th Birthday

BC: legend important special huge heart sappy generous confident dad friend son patience proud selfless provider teacher father conservationist amazing counselor partner mentor absolute unconditional agape Ruston-Rifle uncle husband grandfather old remarkable goof warm generous enthusiastic special faithful self-contained mobile unit ready threatening enlightened barefooted player best blessed kind southern professional quarterback country damn overgrown kid young old amazing consistent caring friend hot cool rawboned uncontrolled complete polished intelligent confident leader MVP greatest great faithful stable honest good family special blessed affection skinny Mr. enormous tenacious admirable compassion endless great famous powerful citizen sold mortal American Top Shot marksman hunter amazing better awesome phenomenon regular devoted generous champion athlete white trash horse-trader impatient southern white authentic friend groovy injured kind-hearted child ragged kind generous little successful dependable generous kind compassionate quiet funny fortunate brother in-law legend husband father unbelievable competitive teddy bear happy sleepy funny weird passion surprised great impossible quintessential friend fun interesting generous gracious partner human trusting good sport single-minded focused hard-headed particular wonderful friend turquoise good smitten selfless giving kind caring compassionate conservationist honest generous considerate wonderful class young draft quarterback winner compassionate professional

FC: Happy 60th Birthday

1: Happy Birthday Dad! We Love You, Tram Molly Stephanie Beaux Mom

2: A Legend to Many | But most importantly to his family

3: Always Giving... And creating special places for his family and friends to appreciate the outdoors

4: A man with a huge heart- and a whole lot of dogs!

5: And he loves taking the perfect picture...

7: Especially if it is on a Sunday morning

8: Without filling this book up or getting entirely too sappy, let me tell you what I have seen in my 33 years of my father’s 60. He is the most generous person I know. Want to go fishing or hunting?... Just show up in your underwear and be confident that you will leave fully outfitted in top notch gear from head to toe. No fishing rod?... no problem! No shotgun?... no problem! No bird dog, take mine., horse lame, borrow mine, Boat break?... no problem! Need a place to stay?... how about the cabin or Paducah camp or Buras. If that won’t work let me make a few calls. Need a ride?... no problem, take the plane or truck which ever you like. Before anyone knew what Gore-Tex was, half the town of Ruston was wearing it. Most of the kids anywhere close to my age were running around in TREEBARK camo before you could by it in a store. Anybody that knows Dad has at least 3 G.loomis rods, and most of them are riding around on a Suzuki 4wheeler. Just about any one he knows has seen at least 3 concerts, 2 Sugar Bowls and 2 Super Bowls in the Super Dome. He will be wearing a 25-year old jacket ,shooting a broken down shotgun, wearing leaking waders, hunting the same old dog because he gave all the good stuff away. Most of all I have seen a dad, son and friend that I can only strive to equal.

10: Happy 60th Dad! I feel so blessed to have you as my dad. How to acknowledge and describe 33 years of thankfulness with words is impossible. I could not imagine a childhood or adulthood with a more loving father. Dad, you have such an incredibly large heart and give such much to your children. You are selfless in your love, time and all that you do for us. I am truly truly blessed... I look back over the years with you and some highlights that stand out to me- runs at the pond, Sundays at the farm, Mr Mom days with mom in school, incredible vacations, sitting next to you in church, and hanging out on the cabin porch. Mom recently said something that reminded me of some of our high school “encounters”, I laugh looking back realizing that the message at the end of the day was always to tell the truth no matter the circumstances - I will always hold that philosophy. You and mom have shown us the world with wide open hearts. I am eternly grateful. Unfortunately the world has led me far away from Ruston. No matter how far away I may live, know that I continue to strive in my everyday life to be all that you and mom taught us to be. My heart’s home will always be with yall. Happy 60th and I wish you many more happy healthy birthdays! Molly

11: "My Dad always said that patience is a virtue!"

12: A million stories of who you are to's only one. Sundays mornings, on the way home from church, you would get to the driveway and drive soooo slow, and point out how the trees were growing and which birds were migrating. Oh, how it was painfully boring! All I wanted was to just get home and get out of my church clothes before you told us to stay on the porch for, what seemed, our weekly family photo. I look back to those Sundays now and realize a few things. You drove slow in hopes that we would stop and pay attention to the important things, (and maybe to annoy us a bit). Now that I have a family of my own, I understand that you were so proud of your family and what you had created that you wanted to savor it as much as possible. Dad, thanks for taking those Sundays to instill in us the value of the most important things and the characteristics that define you: family, nature, patience, generosity and selflessness. If Ammen and I can offer Ella a small portion of what you and Mom provided for us, she will be a lucky girl. I love you and Happy Birthday. -Stephanie

13: Father | Teacher | Conservationist | Provider

14: Dad, It is no secret that you have been an amazing father to me. I am the baby so I have been blessed with a lot of one-on-one time with you. You have been a role model, a friend, a coach, a teacher, a counselor, and an egg toss partner (sorry about my inabilities in that arena). You have been so many things to me and the word "Father" has become the most loaded word in my vocabulary. But what really amazes me, is that however many things you have done for me and however much you have meant to my have done the same for so many people. I have realized later in life that it is not just me or your immediate family that you love and care for, it is every single person and thing that you come into contact with. From you ballboys, to your workers, to your enemies, to my friends, to those people that have betrayed your trust, to the little guy, to The Man, to th litterbug, to your dogs, and to the trees. If this book shows you anything let it show you that you have a "midas touch" and everywhere you walk, you become a legend, a provider, a mentor, and a friend. Quite simply, you are the most loving human being I have ever seen. I dont mean the sappy story-book love (that is there too) but I mean the absolute, unconditional, agape love for all those around you. It is truly inspiring and an honor to be your son. Dad, I could write a book on you, and one day I may do tht, but I will end wit my fondest memory of you. When I think of my father, the great Bert Jones, the Ruston-Rifle, the barefoot-bomber, I dont think of an MVP trophy, or a beer commerical, but rather my mind drifts to a spring morning at the pond, with sond birds singing and turkeys gobbling. The hours upon hours that I spent in your lap and next to you (often dozing off) on the dew-covered ground, pretending to wait for turkeys are my most cherished memories. And frankly Dad, I never really cared if a turkey came around the bend...I was as happy as a boy could be.

15: I strive every day to be more like you as a person, as a son, as a brother, as an uncle; and one day as a husband, a father, and a grandfather. Keep kicking old man! May the next 60 be more remarkable than the last. -"Head Goof-off"

16: You have blown me away with your “grandfathering”. I love watching you with Pax. It is such a joy to see you both light up around each other. You are so caring and patient with pax. You continually amaze me. | Big Bert

18: Happy Birthday Big Bert! I love you, "Ella" Danielle Therese Jordan

21: When I married Tram Jones, I knew I was beyond lucky to hitch my wagon to such a wonderful man. But I had no idea I was also becoming part of such a wonderful family! Of course Bert offered his necessary and proverbial, “It’s not too late!” moments before walking down the wedding aisle, but the moment “I do’s” were exchanged, he completely and warmly welcomed me into the fold and has treated me as one of his own. Yes, his generosity is legendary, but it is his enthusiasm for sharing that makes him so special. As I grow older I find that I am deeply appreciative and amazed by lessons learned as an adult. These are three “lessons” that my adult self has learned from Bert Jones. 1."It is what it is" a simple saying packed with so much wisdom. I’m sure Bert is not the first person I ever heard say this, but he is the one that made it resonate with me. 2. "We need to be a self-contained mobile unit!" This one might be my favorite. And one that I now faithfully abide by. It just makes sense! 3."You need to be ready to run." Once, when Ruston was under a particularly threatening tornado warning, Bert offered this advice and I have never forgotten it. Again it just makes sense. Where my former self would have hunkered down under the covers in my pjs with my slippers on stand-by, my new, more enlightened self knows to be fully dressed with tennis shoes tied and READY TO RUN! THANKS, BERT!

22: Wow, we have come a long way since that first time that we met at the cabin. You were still a young sprout in your 40’s and no dogs were allowed on the 100 year old porch. Now you are turning 60 and your dogs growl if you try and sit on the new living room furniture next to them. Yep, we have come a long way and I am glad Jasper was able to be such a positive influence for you (or at least your dogs think so!) Bert, it has been an honor to be your son in law. I have observed and learned many things from you. The love, time and energy that you devote to your family has been the most special to witness (and be a part of). Your generosity to me is something that I will never be able to reciprocate back to you (all of the trips, flying us all over the south, teaching me to hunt, being my arborist, sharing cigars, making fine cocktails, given me a rifle and the list goes on and on). | You have created so many special memories and experiences for me and it would be impossible to pick out just one as my favorite. But a few definitely worth mentioning would be: 1) Making a boy hood dream come true of not only going to the Superbowl but doing it in VIP fashion. Sitting in a suite, going to the into the player lounge and to all the exclusive parties – Priceless! 2)You getting up early to take me Turkey hunting, setting up everything so perfectly that all that I had to do was pull the trigger 45 mins after sitting down and I had my first turkey 3)All of the many horse rides that we have been on . The greatest gift that you have given me has of course been your beautiful daughter, my loving wife, Molly. Now seeing all the love that you give my son and see how much he loves you is precious. I hope that you have a wonderful birthday and I look forward to spending many more with you! Happy Birthday, Zach (son in-law #1)

23: Your support for Steph and I, over the past couple of years especially, has been meaningful for us both in so many different ways. Thank you. I look forward to sharing the adventure that awaits. Ammen | First hike after Mayo | First Danielle Therese | First visit to see Paxton | First trip to the new cabin

24: One time Bert hurt his big toe bad by sticking it in the spokes of a tricycle. Guess what his father gave him as a" get well" conciliation....a bird dog puppy! Do we see motive in this gift? Bert named him Pat after Pat Garrett, one of his heroes. When Bert was playing Little League Baseball, he kept losing his baseball shoes. After buying him his third pair of baseball shoes, I said that was his last more shoes. Sure enough he lost them, so he showed up at the next game barefooted. You should have seen the coaches looking at all the shoes in the stands for a pair of baseball shoes to fit him. I can't remember, did they find some shoes for you to wear or did you pitch barefooted? Whatever, he is still our favorite barefooted, hurt big toe baseball player. How are those 60 year old feet doing? Love ya, Mama and Daddy

26: I remember the fun days of our childhood Bert and I were always barefootedand he almost always had some type of injury: cuts, scrapes, bruises. As I recall I was often helping with those injuries and offering comfort. We had designated seating at the Jones family dining table and Bert sat to my right so we were elbow to elbow for many years. Bert was an especially kind-hearted child a little ragged around the edges, but always kind. Through the years of his good life, his kindness continues to be revealed in his many generous acts of sharing. I am very proud of my little brother, Bert and not just for his worldly success, but for who he is and how he lives his life well done that is true success. Happy 60th Birthday, Bert! Love, Hasson

28: Practice Makes Perfect I have been the recipient of Bert”s generosity probably more than any of my other siblings because I didn't live or work in the Ruston domicile and had some great times with Bert outside of Ruston. Ball games in Baltimore, skillet shots on the eastern shore, stealing the Miller Lite All-stars’ limousine, etc. Man I’ve had fun playing with Bert’s stuff, and he has got GREAT stuff. I think Bert loves me more than my other siblings, probably because he owes me for having made him the success he is today! Step back with me in time and I will explain: Bert and I were two Alpha males born into the middle of a very vibrant wolf pack. Couple this with the fact that both of us had genetic mutations; Bert was born with an abundance of growth, ego, and “bleeding heart” genes and I got the runt, shy, and “fill the moat with alligators” genes, plus I got his share of the “middle child syndrome” on top of my “third child syndrome”! This made me what Aunt Peggy laughingly spelled out at times, thinking I couldn’t spell, “SOB”; I just didn’t know the definition. Yep, a real terror and a maverick to boot!! Needless to say, Bert and I, were not like “Peas and Carrots”. Boy, did I terrorize him; beating him at least twice a week and in between the lickings, there was the verbal abuse and the thumps to the head or ears (they were big and easy to hit on the run)! This led to his ability to take a lick and keep on ticking in his college and professional ball playing years. Then, the growth hormone started kicking in and I had to employ Sun Tzu’s element of surprise, hit and run tactics! Bert could never out run me, so more often than not, our altercation would end in an airborne projectile hitting its target (that would be the SOB). I am Bert’s all time leading receiver, in spite of being an excellent jinker (no trophies, just body scars to prove it). Now think about it, if Bert could hit an unwilling jinking target with whatever projectile (not designed to fly) was in his reach; how easy did it make the game of football when he would throw an aerodynamically designed projectile at a target wanting to receive it! I gave Bert plenty of practice and it paid off!! Bert finally got smart, realizing I would only pick fights outdoors where I had a chance to escape, so he would start picking fights with me inside where he could corner me; darn those growth genes, my fighting days were coming to an end! This led to our final fight and the one that Bert claims to still “owe me one” for! It was a doozy, fur flying everywhere, me throwing furniture, I’m wanting to box and Bert is wrestling/throwing me around like a rag doll and laughing, only making me madder! Bert is standing in the doorway to the Butterfly room and I’m upside down in the doorway to mamma’s office (where he threw me) when Mamma enters the hallway from the kitchen screaming at the top of her lungs to stop! Bert freezes as he had turned to face mamma. You see, Bert was afraid of mamma and daddy’s large leather belt which hung on the door of the “dungeon of inquisition” (hall bathroom), that place from which he had heard my blood curdling screams many times. I on the other hand, was not scared at all by what lay beyond that door, unlike Bert, I had visited that place many times before! Those screams were a mere ruse, and a good one, I must say, the whimpering, screaming and balling could be heard even through Grandma’s brick walls. These sounds would make the screams of a two year old getting a booster shot sound like a faint whisper! Even on that rare occasion when Mamma would beat me, it was no big deal; I was blessed with a titanium butt-ox. So I chose not to heed Mamma’s demand, sprang to my feet and prepared to continue my struggle with Goliath. Wow, there it was, Bert’s chin exposed and vulnerable! “Eye of the Tiger” music started to play; I cocked my weapon and let it fly, connecting with my target! Raising my fists over my head in jubilation, expecting to see a bobble-headed Bert go limp and fall to the arena floor---suddenly the music stopped! After a slight shrug, I find myself facing his steely eyed look which is telling me; you can stand there and personally witness the beat down of an SOB or “Run Forrest Run!” Well, “Stupid is, as Stupid does”, I quickly jinked behind Mamma using her as a shield and crawfished into the Dungeon. Scene one, take 50 something, Ready, Set, Action! I’m 17 now and it’s getting harder to mimic a 2 year-old.

29: The reason I tell you this story, is so you understand that Bert and I have our differences which go back many years and we can still push each others button when we want to. I mentioned that Bert has a bleeding heart, more importantly, it is a heart of gold! He also wears it on his sleeve, I don’t know who’s worse, John Boehner or Bert? When they talk about something they are passionate about, they tend to tear up, family is one of these things. Case in point: When I retired from the Air Force, trying desperately to find a flying job in a bleak market, I had to work odd jobs trying to make ends meet. Two of these jobs were driving a truck for Ronnie Edwards and working as a substitute teacher in a marine mechanic school in Naples Florida. Bert turkey hunts just outside of Naples and asked me to join them for a hunt, and I did. The hunt was fun, as they always are, but us getting together and visiting was the most important thing. Bert manages to get me alone and I’m confronted with a teary eyed Bro who is genuinely concerned about me and my families well being. He offers any help that I need, knowing that Jennifer had just entered college, he offers to pay her expenses. I end up consoling him and explain that we will be all right. This is what Bert is about; being there for one another, family. It makes no difference what your political differences may be, or the construct of your particular gene pool, you are still part of what makes up the DNA of a family. Family is there to watch your back, give you encouragement and help when needed. If the world had more of what Bert has we wouldn’t be having the riots in London! Life in the Jones‘ wolf pack has been easy knowing you have 8 like Bert backing you up! Happy Birthday. I love you man! Schump

30: I had the privilege of catching Bert as a baseball pitcher in Little League. He may have had a better baseball arm than a football arm. He had a fastball that I wish we’d had speed camera to record; it was a rocket!!! I think my left hand has never recovered to this day; it would be bruised by the end of every game. I can still hear the echo of the ball hitting my catcher’s mitt reverberating through the ball park. It was a continuous source of humor. It was rare that anyone ever made contact with the ball; opponents had a sense of accomplishment if they hit a foul. I lost track of no-hitters; they were many. He had this awesome windup, his leg would rise so high it would hide his face; but when he came down and over, he looked like Paul Bunyan! It was an optical and physical phenomenon. Regularly guys would fall out of the batter’s box out of fear on a perfect strike! Well, one time Bert and I slipped off to Darbonne to fish on the day of a game (we were supposed to be home resting). We were eating Vienna sausage for lunch and Bert took a nasty cut while opening the can of three fingers on his pitching hand. I thought he was done for the season! He bandaged them up and threw a no-hitter THAT NIGHT!! Bert is devoted to family and incredibly generous with his people. He champions their advancement. I will never forget the Spring Game of 1972 at LSU. I was a walk-on trying to make the team and I caught a 60 year touchdown pass. Bert was not in the game at the time and on the sideline. Before I had even turned around in the back of the end-zone, he had sprinted 55 yards, picked me up (which was pretty easy at 156 lbs) and carried me halfway to the sidelines.

31: Later, in the summer of ’76, I was working offshore in the Gulf. Got a call from Bert trying to get me to come to the Colts training camp. They’d had a rash of injuries to the receiver corps; and once again, as is his mantra, he was championing his people. You children only know your Dad as a first-class kind of guy. But there’s really a po’ white trash guy behind that faade. I can still remember him teaching me how to get a little more gas out of the pump by lifting the rubber hose after shut-off to drain the residual in the hose between the cut-off vavle and the nozzle. And he’s got more that a little of that Jones horse-trader in him. He was driving our old Bronco on North Stadium drive after practice one day and it was missing. He was impatient and flooring the gas to try to get it to fire. I told him to back-off. He kept it floored, the engine started firing on all cylinders and BOOM!! The drive shaft snapped and hit the street. We howled with laughter! I said, “how we gonna get this fixed?” He confidently asserted, “I can get it fixed!” Sure ‘nough for 2 Ole Miss tickets, we get it towed, a new $350 drive shaft installed, and returned to Broussard Hall. I’ve never had the heart to check the NCAA regs on that one. -Ben

32: Camp Counselor in training! | This is you and Steve standing outside my room with a view. Getting ready for a great day of fishing. And I might add... the two best looking men in Lincoln parish. :) | The Rogers first trip to the cabin. I had to put my little touch on the place | Camp Counselor! We all knew we were in for a great adventure with this guy as our leader | You & Danni have been our dear friends for many years. It has been so wonderful to watch all of our children grow into young adults. You have been a great Dad and a terrific role model for your children. One thing that stands out in your personality is your generous spirit. It is obvious that you receive great pleasure in sharing with all of your family and freinds. As a result, we the Rogers, have made memories with the entire Jones family. It is hard to think of ourselves as becoming old. I would rather believe that we will always be young at heart. Steve and I will always love to fish quietly together at the pond and of course look forward to many more trips up to "My Room With View". With much love, Julie Bert Jones is the friend you have for life. If you see him every day or once a year he is still the same friend. His gift is his gift of sharing. He has shared his life, his family and his possessions with me and my family. Being with Bert and his family is always an adventure with projects thrown in. I'm honored to have been able to share some of the great adventures and projects with Bert. What more could you ask except lets continue with new projects that bring us closer together. Steve Rogers

33: Happy Birthday Bert! Love, The Woodards

34: I have heard it said that one telltale sign of a special person is when he chooses to do for others knowing full well that there will be absolutely nothing coming back in return. Clearly, when I first got to know you, I had nothing to offer in return for your time and kindness. I was a mere ballboy blessed with the joy of hanging around with a professional football team. You were the star quarterback of the Baltimore Colts – a Louisiana country boy who somehow came to hold the attention and adulation of a whole damn northern city. The cover of Sports Illustrated was not enough for you – you made the cover of People as well. You played in Pro Bowls and made TV commercials and had the prettiest wife of any football player I knew. Yet you always had time for me. And I was not alone. You also had time for James and Matt and Bradley and others. You threw footballs to us. You spoke with us. You messed with us. You cared about us. What did that tell usabout you? It told us that you were an overgrown kid always enjoying the heck out ofthe adult world and that you wanted everyone else – young and old alike – to enjoy it as much as you did. I thank you for that. And here is the truly amazing thing about ourrelationship: As much as I look back with fond memories on the time I got to spend with you when I was a kid, I equally cherish the friendship we have enjoyed as adults. Simply put, you have been one of the most consistent and caring people I have ever known. You have shared your family with me. You have shared your state with me. You have always “been there” for me. On the occasion of your 60th birthday, I want to thank you, my friend. Thank you. Happy birthday. And here is wishing you many more birthdays to come. -Jeff Marx

35: Since Bert is Andy Hamilton's cousin, I knew him before he came to LSU. I had only been around him in social settings, but never on the football field. He had a reputation that was going to be hard to live up to, but he got my attention the first day of practice when I walked out onto the field and saw him kneeling on the 50 yard line throwing footballs into the endzone. I knew he was something special. He could throw a football so far and so high that the pass looked like a punt, but the ball continued to sail. Fortunately for us, he had a brain and an intensity to go along with his arm, a very rare combination. The rules in Broussard hall stated that refrigerators were prohibited in dorm rooms, but since I had a small refrigerator and needed some place to keep it I put it in my closet. I would accidently unplug it for room inspections and then accidentally plug it back in when they were done. Late one fall Bert came back to the dorm and said he had found a woodduck roost, so off we went. We ended up with three or four woodducks that we cleaned and put in the freezer of my small refrigerator to keep until we went home for the holidays. Since an electric cord coming out of my closet might have raised an eyebrow, we emptied the refrigerator and accidentally unplugged it once again then proceeded to lock it in my closet. After four great weeks of Christmas holidays, we returned to the dorm only to find a rather peculiar odor in my dorm room. Assuming it was my roommate's shoes, I wasn't greatly alarmed until I went to accidentally plug my refrigerator back in and realized the source of the stench. We had cleaned out the refrigerator, but we had forgotten to check the freezer. When I opened the freezer door, an odor previously unbeknownst to mankind knocked me over backwards. The ducks were still in the freezer and had obtained their revenge. Bert and I hauled that source of olfactory assault outside, hosed it out and laid it to rest in the bushes. I asked him if he thought I should chain it to a tree so that no one would steal it, but he promptly assured me that that would not be an issue. That refrigerator remained untouched outside of Broussard hall with a grand view of the parking lot for the entire semester and may still be there as far as I know. I have never hunted woodducks with Bert since. "Bert Jones is one of the few people that I know that is totally unaffected by fame and fortune. He could be king of the world and would still wake up every morning to go to work in a pickup truck with loose-fitting clothes and flip-flops." Happy Birthday! Tommy Casanova

38: Hello Bert, I am honored to be asked to contribute to the celebration of your 60th birthday. It has been a long time since your rookie year and those bachelor pad days at the Colony in Towson. You did qualify for the NFL’s Long Term Care policy didn’t you? You were simply the best football player that I ever had the privilege of playing with. Although you’ve never received the recognition you deserved, your accomplishments weren’t completely ignored. I always took great pride and felt included in the honors you received. You enhanced the career of every one of your teammates but mine maybe more than anyone else. Those details have been shared so many times; they don’t need to be retold again. I am especially grateful that you took the initiative to maintain our friendship after we had retired from football. For years you phoned at Christmas and I always looked forward to hearing from you. Thanks for maintaining contact and not letting our relationship become dormant. The framed autographed picture of you and I lined up against the Lions along with opportunities I would have never otherwise enjoyed are deeply appreciated. I am grateful for your friendship and kindness to me and I remain indebted to you. A man’s success isn’t found in the accolades he receives from those who vaguely know him. But rather from those who have a close relationship with him and whose lives have been enriched because of him. I hope that on this day you will gracefully receive the love and affection of your family and friends and truly understand how much you mean to so many. May God bless you and your family in the same manner and measure that you have blessed others. With deep admiration and affection, Ken

40: I have probably caught more passes from Bert Jones than any man alive. Hot summer days, cool autumn nights, hundreds of hours, thousands of balls - low, hard screaming missiles on a line at sixty yards or sky bombs dropping in at 75 to - yes even 100 yards - I have seen them all. From the beginning when he was brash, rawboned and uncontrolled, I - and everyone else that lived football - knew he would be great. And so he was - the complete package - polished, intelligent, confident, a leader of men - the MVP All Pro that all knew he would become - simply one of the greatest talents to have ever played the game. This is the great Bert Jones known to the world. | But there is another Bert Jones. Another definition of greatness that emerged when the bright lights faded - a greatness not according to glory of the world but a greatness in the Eyes of Heaven. A man that feared God, that loved one woman all his life, a faithful father that reared a stable family, a man that got up every day and put in an honest day's work, a man loyal to his friends - a man that did the"right thing" simply because it was the right thing to do. Another Day will show that these things are the evidence of true greatness - and this is the Great Bert Jones I know - and I am honored to call him both family and friend. So, Bertram, my prayer for you this special day is that the God who has blessed you and brought you this far might strengthen you to finish well until the end. With sincere affection and appreciation, Your old, skinny dried up cousin- Ladelle S.W. China Sept. 2011

42: Getting to know Bert (I am to never to call you Mr. Bert again or I am banned from the camp in Paducah--per you) and the entire Jones family has been an enormous blessing in my life, one that I will treasure for a lifetime. Without a doubt there is a core of courageous love and support that stems from a man who finds it very difficult to fail. You Bert have taught me to do the things that I love with the people that I love and to not sweat the small stuff. As I have had the opportunity to bear witness to your character and passion it has caused me to strive to be a better father and son. Tenaciuosly you strive to be with your family in ways that I hope I can emmulate in years to come. Your ability to lead and get things done is admirable; however your care and compassion for those oppressed or mistreated fulfills your soul. I pray blessings over your next 60 years.... Praise God from Whom all blessings flow! On a lighter note-- I proudly own far too many bird dogs and two horses..... If the bishop doesn't move me soon I'm sure I'll have an endless desire to fish down south and own more bird dogs :) And, Thanks for introducing me to your dad~ What a man! Love ya Bert In His Service, Rev. Brian Mercer

44: Of course, the most famous episode that Bert and I shared was the F-----g Hellicopter goose hunt. Folks all over the world still talk about this fiasco. Breaking 4 ribs and riding out on Bert's 4-wheeler was an experience one would never want to recreate. Just about every outing with Bert turns out to be a survival test. We have shared more laughs than most folks ever get. All the hunting and fishing trips have been memorable. Making the Suzuki Outdoors programs for ESPN provided lots of chances to see and do things most folks can only dream about. Serving with Bert and Jimmy Jenkins on the Wildlife & Fisheries Commission was quite a trip for all of us. Although now long past, we were right in the middle of the speckled trout and redfish wars. Against powerful forces we were able to save these fish from possible extermination by the commercial fishing interests. It has also been a treat to meet and get to know many of the Jones family. You are products of what makes America great. Solid citizens all and I am proud to know you. At 60, one starts to contemplate one's mortality. Hopefully that is a long time in the future for all of us. Happy Birthday to you Bert, and may God Bless all of you. jfs Jeff Schneider

46: Tram recently told me about the television show Top Shot. The show put some of the world’s greatest marksman up against each other in challenging shooting events from skeet shooting to knife throwing to hanging upside down from a crane shooting a pistol to determine who was the Top Shot. After watching a few minutes of the show I decided that Uncle Bert would easily win the Top Shot. Uncle Bert used to take me and Tram dove hunting as kids (I’m guessing we were four and five years old). Tram and I took turns laying over the barrel of a .410 and pulling the trigger when Uncle Bert would yell shoot. It takes a “Top Shot” to hit a dove flying sixty miles an hour shooting a .410 shotgun from the hip with a knucklehead kid laying over the gun manning the trigger. Tram and I were too young to realize we were hunting with “The Top Shot”, we just thought it was cool that he took us. A few years later in a dove field at the end of a hunt, Tram and I were picking up our empty shotgun shells. We always picked up our empty shells because we knew that “trashy people litter” and we did not want to fall into that category. As we picked up our couple hundred empty shotgun shells we talked about how amazing is was that Uncle Bert could hit a dove flying sixty miles an hour shooting a .410 shotgun from the hip with a knucklehead kid laying over the gun manning the trigger. Now that I have a knucklehead kid of my own, I still think it is amazing that Uncle Bert could hit a dove flying sixty miles an hour shooting a .410 shotgun from the hip with a knucklehead kid laying over the gun manning the trigger, but I also think it is really cool that he always took us. | Will Jones

48: "MY FAVORITE BERT JONES STORY" (And I even remember the day and the year) On one of his business trips to Chicago, I took Bert for lunch to a famous "Chicago Institution"-a Jewish delicatessen cafeteria called Manny's Coffee Shop. As we progressed through the line we stopped at the sandwich station which was manned by a very large black man who asked Bert what he would like to have. Bert answered: "I WOULD LIKE A CORNED BEEF ON WHITE WITH MAYONNAISE" The black man looked at him incredulously and said: "YOU WANT WHAT?!!! Bert repeated his request. The man looked at him in disgust and said: "NOT HERE YOU DON'T"! At this point all of us within hearing range convulsed into laughter. The picture of a southern white man trying to order a corned beef on white with mayo, in a Jewish deli restaurant, from a black man who refused to make it, is a scenario never to forget. And what did Bert get? CORNED BEEF ON RYE WITH MUSTARD! The authenticity of this tale can be confirmed by his brother Bill. He was there!!!. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BERT JOAN & JERRY STEIN When Charles Zube was asked if he wanted to contribute to your birthday album he described a day in which the two of you were working in Springhill, LA. Apparently, while yall were waiting on your customer a young lady pulled into parking lot with a flat tire. She had a small girl with her, the car was full of clothes like she was moving & every tire on the car was in bad shape. You made a real impression on Charles and showed a side of you he had never seen before when not only did you change the flat for her but you also gave her some money to get a new tire because the flat tire was so bad it could not be fixed. We all know this one of many many stories we could all tell about your large heart!

49: Hey, The Bertmeister....great big 'ol HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my friend. Hope all is great with you and yours, and hope we get to do some hunting together again 'fo too long. In the meantime, keep it all in the groove and have a great one!! Yer pal, Chuck Leavell

50: Happy 60th Birthday, Bert. Bert, it has been a pleasure and a privilege to work for and with you these last fifteen years. As captain of the Mid-States ship, you have a wonderful gift of leadership, knowing how to keep calm and cheerful amidst the storms, guiding us clear of icebergs and rocks, leading us to and from our ports-of-call. One of our “secrets” of success has been having a good team. But developing and keeping a good team is a tribute to you. You have created an environment where everyone knows their job and does it well. Your loyalty, encouragement and support of your employees mean the world to us and we owe you a lot in return. I know I speak for everyone at Mid-States when I say from the heart, thank you for being a terrific boss and friend. May you have many, many more years of health and happiness. Gerry

51: Dependable, generous, kind, compassionate are the first words that come to mind when I think of my brother-in-law. Over the years I have witnessed his quiet way of being and expressing all of these characteristics. He has a funny way of not wanting you to know just all he does for EVERYBODY, but I want you to know Bert, you are not getting away with it!! I feel very fortunate to have shared some wonderful memories with you and because of you and I look forward to many more! Let me know how "60" feels! - Steph | Most people think I am lucky to have Bert as a brother in law because he is such a LSU legend. I could care less. I'm lucky to have Bert as a brother in law because he is such a great husband and Father and sure to be an unbelivable grand father. When he married my sister, I told him he better take care of her because she was our favorite. Well he has more than done that. To see someone who was the most competive QB I have ever seen turned into such a Teddy bear has been fun to watch. I realized how special he was at Molly's wedding when he couldn't hold back the tears any longer. He helped me realize how hard it will be to let them grow and spread their wings. But with the love that he and Danni have taught all of you I know that yall will always be happiest together in the nest on Madera Drive. Happy Birthday Bert We Love You Stevie, Laurie, Barbie, Reno and Danielle.

52: Stories about Bertram Hays Jones from Vici Jones Fallin. When Aunt Schump came home from the hospital with Bert, the children were allowed to view and hold the baby. We lined up beside the bed according to age then one by one we would sit in the middle of the king-size bed (so as not to “spill” the baby) I, being the oldest, was the first to hold Bert. He was the first baby I had ever held and he was so sweet! Bert was about 4 years old. Grandma Jones was teaching me how to embroider. I was sitting in Grandma’s large cane chair. Bert was leaning on the wide arm of the chair, swinging his feet, watching the two of us stitch. He said “Hey that is pretty, bet I could do that!” This was early evidence of the confidence that would take him far in life. We all would go to the movies (Saturday double feature), the whole group including Johnny Armstrong. Bert would fall asleep, but usually woke up to go home. One Saturday he rolled off the seat. Jeanne Armstrong came to get us. By the time we were heading down the back drive we realized Bert was missing. We went back, I ran in, and he was still asleep on the floor, none the worse for wear! Mother and Daddy (Aunt Peggy and Uncle Richard) once gave Schumpert Cassity a ticket to ride in an airplane with Mr. Stuckey (at the Ruston Airport) for his birthday. Schump was afraid to go by himself and Bert offered to go with him, so they both flew, and the rest of that story you know. Happy 60th Birthday, Bert! “Heard it is snowing in El Dorado” Love, Vici

54: Bert Jones on Camera from CC Lockwood Bert was a funny guy to work with on videos. I recall the time we were on the Pearl River shooting PSA’s for the Clean Team. Tommy Casanova, Hokie Gajun, Grits Gresham, Keith Sliman were there with Park Seward’s team doing the shooting. When it was my turn to talk on camera, my buddy Bert was behind the cameraman making all kinds weird faces and gestures at me. It took over 20 takes to get my lines right as I could not stop laughing when Bert made me goof up my lines. I hunted turkeys with Bert for one of his TV shows and the great hunter he is made him keep his jokes and funny faces to a minimum so we could see some turkeys. Another great time was when Dr. Chic Fowler took Bert and I on what was supposed to be a six hour canoe trip down Bayou L’Outre. After four pull unders (logs), seven portages, forty-seven minor obstacles and a canoe flip we made it to our truck eleven hours later in the dark. Not bad at all, we all enjoyed it. I especially liked hearing Dr. Fowler’s stories, especially his trip to the Singer Tract in 1943 when he saw the ivory-billed woodpecker. As he paddled Bert and I almost all day long, I could not believe he was 91 years young.

55: February 2009 your Dad carried me quail hunting in Paducah. Having a love for Texas & Horses I've never enjoyed a trip more than that one. I also remember the Yard Art he loved showing us on the other side of Weatherford. The funniest story your Dad ever told me was about one of the guys at the mill asking him for money. You Dad quickly figured out if this guy did not show up the next day he would not be able to pay the $50 he owed back. You Dad told him he didn't have $50.00. The guy turned around and starting out the gate at the mill. Your Dad asked him where he was going and the guy told your Dad " I ain't working for no man that ain't got $ 50.00 in his pockets ". This caught your Dad by complete surprised and he hurriedly told the guy " BUT I CAN GET IT !!!!!!!! ". Happy Birthday! Charles L. Zube

56: ON BERT JONES How does one attempt to commit to paper, and do justice in a brief note, thoughts on my great friend Bert? Since his family has asked, I will attempt the impossible! When I think of Bert, I get a sense that he embodies the quintessential definition of a great friend. In fact, the best kind of friend anyone could hope to have in this world. What makes that so? Bert is just plain fun to be with, he is interesting and interested in a whole range of topics, issues and activities. He is generous to a fault and, most of the time, unfailing gracious. I met Bert, along with Tom Gattle, at a land auction on Big Creek in Searcy County, Arkansas many years ago. We have been friends and partners since that very day.

57: While I think and hope it is obvious, I have an extraordinarily high regard for Bert, I would not want anyone, especially Bert, to believe he has no faults! Contrary to Louisiana and Baltimore lore, Bert is human. He has been known to be a little too trusting. The following photos may remind him of falling for the old poule d’eau caller trick at the Florence Club in Gueydan (photos are before and after). | Now, all that reminds me that among other things, Bert is a seriously “good sport,” even when the joke is on him! He is usually very easy going and rolls with the punches. That said, Bert did not become successful without having the ability and discipline to be single-minded and focused. Some may call that plain old “hard headed.” I suppose I might just say sometimes Bert can be a little “particular.” Personally, I find that refreshing when someone knows what they want and sticks with it. All joking aside, I consider myself fortunate to have a wonderful friend in Bert Jones. He and the whole Jones family have enriched my life and my families’ lives in so many ways. I am honored to be able to call him my friend and I am much the better for the association. Happy Birthday my friend! Sincerely, Madison Murphy

58: It’s hard to come with words that can grasp almost 40 years of friendship, especially as it means so much to me. Words and stories do it an injustice. Let me give you some “I remember” thoughts. Maybe too many, but I will try it anyway:

59: I REMEMBER being called by Van Pratt to go bird hunting with WA Jones, Bert in Union Parish. It was late fall of 1973. Bert showed up at my house in his new Bronco, heavily armed with turquoise jewelry. We all drove to Union parish and after whistling up a covey in an old watermelon field, we cast the dogs. When they pointed, WA told Bert and I to shoot the covey. I shot 2 and Bert shot 1 bird down. I looked at Bert and ask him if that was the best he could shoot? I guess no one, other than family, had talked to Bert like that in a while. As a result we became good friends and it was the first and only time I have ever out shot Bert again, at least in his mind!

60: I REMEMBER while in college at Tech sitting on the front porch of Edna and my “country estate” listening to Bert tell us of a new girl he had met in Baton Rouge. It was very obvious to us that he was most smitten with this young lady! Her name was Danni Dupuis.

61: I REMEMBER sitting in Chemistry Lab at Tech and looking (day dreaming) out the window to see Bert standing outside trying to get my attention. How he knew where I was is beyond me. Once he saw that I was looking he began to simulate fishing for bass and motioning for me to “come out to play” . It’s a miracle I made it through Chemistry Lab. Late evening fishing trips that spring got me in trouble. We once, under the influence, tried to bring Edna a banana split to get me out of the “dog house”.

62: I REMEMBER: Tequila and frogs in Bayou de Loutre. Three wheelers and fly rods in Bayou de Loutre. Wearing my Coker Seed hat on Monday Night Football. Playing pre game catch in Baltimore Stadium. Chesapeake Bay goose hunting. Being traded to the Rams while turkey hunting in Arkansas. Weegy Boards and Turkey hunting Ducks, Ducks and more Ducks. Being stuck, drunk and skunked. Turkey hunts in San Saba and Ozona. Flying to Florida turkey hunting for the first time. A tradition that has lasted over 30 years. Hunting leases in Texas. Thanksgiving trips with all of our children. Enjoying their first deer and hunting experiences. Saw Tooth Mountain Elk. New Mexico Elk and the same day take. Lengthy hunting stories. Texas Bird hunting. Fishing in South Louisiana with Bubbie and the boys. Bert having 4 of everything and willing to share it. My boys and I wore his clothes for years. Big Creek, and our relationship with Madison. Emerger LLC. Partnering in everything. Tom

63: Bert is the most giving, selfless person I know. He goes out of his way to help anyone in need ----------while in KW early one morning before a fishing trip Bert and a few other guys in various stages of dress, arm in arm sung and danced to YMCA,-------oldies station playing in back round-----Your father started the whole thing. I will never forget it, I will carry this image to the grave bubby | When I think of words that describe you Uncle Bert I think of: kind, caring, compassionate, conservationist, honest, generous, and considerate. I hope you have a wonderful 60th birthday with many more to come! Love you, Jessie

64: In 1973-1979 I had the good fortune to have worked with the Baltimore Colts as an Assistant Athletic Trainer under the infamous Dr. Ed Block for three years and the last three years served as the Head Athletic Trainer. 1973, when I began in Baltimore, I had the good fortune to begin working with a young quarterback, drafted in the first round of the NFL draft, out of LSU named Bert Jones. Our first year training at Towson College in Towson, Maryland was an experience for all of us. The first three weeks we had three-a-day practices and then six more weeks of two a day practices with six, yes six pre-season games. Let’s not talk about that year any more. I am not sure of the year, but I remember a Monday night game against the Houston Oilers in Baltimore. Bert developed a fever on Saturday before the game and was in bed almost up to game time. On Monday at the Hotel I didn’t think there was any way Bert would be able to play, but he insisted he would. When the game started he still had a temp but insisted to stay in only to say he was shaking all over. But then after the second series he came to the sidelines and said he was feeling a lot better and his fever has broken. Needless to say Bert and the Baltimore Colts went on to win the game and Bert had a great game. The next morning he came in after going goose hunting with all his guys. That was Bert, a WINNER no matter what he has to overcome. Then the year he separated his shoulder in the Detroit game. This was tough year but Bert game back to play and injured the shoulder more than once after that but again wanted to play the game of football. In that year on Monday night, Nov 6, 1978, against the Washington Redskins, Bert Jones and the Baltimore Colts found a way to win another Monday Night Football Game. I really remember the times when Bert and several others would send the athletic trainers and equipment guys off to a night of fine dining from being picked up at our homes to a night on the town. That’s the person he was, taking care of those who took care of him. The stories go on and on but I guess the most fun was when Bert would sit down with Ed Block of the Colts, the long time Head Athletic Trainer of the Colts, and share some great stories and laugh at Eddies jokes that didn’t make sense, but always had the compassion to have a warm place in his heart for Ed Block. Bert Jones is Class. He was and is a true professional in everything he does. The part of my life that I was able to know and work with Bert Jones will never be forgotten. So with that Bert, Happy 60th Birthday with many more to come. I will never forget our years together. Michael O’Shea

66: If Elmer checked his messages or used email, we're sure he'd have something hilarious to say....

68: We have a tradition in our family celebrating birthdays. The birthday boy or girl is given a choice of a meal to be shared with the family and during said meal, the honoree is given the "special plate" to use. As the meal is winding down, the family gathered takes turns and shares with the birthday boy or girl why they think that person is special. It is my turn... One way I think Bert is special is his ability to see all people as equal and deserving of his time and attention. This quality encompasses so much of Bert's character and actions. It has given him a capacity for generosity, friendship, fairness and love. Even though God has given Bert many visible platforms throughout his life, he has used those in humbleness and gratitude, in service to others. I admire his energy and his desires to make his hometown, his state, his nation and this world, better than what he found it. Happy 60thbirthday! Love you, Dell

69: Sixty years old, the Big 6-0, six decades. I used to think that was old, but not so much anymore. Happy birthday, young man! One of the first things that come to mind when I think about you is your generosity. But I would like to take a little credit for developing that characteristic in you. If I had not been there when you left for training camp to pilfer through your closet, how else would you have learned to share your things so freely with others. O.K, so maybe I didn’t teach you to be generous, but at least I gave you plenty of opportunities to show your generosity. Oh by the way, that reminds me, I still have your tiller. If you need it back, you know who to call. On a more sincere note, I am grateful to you for how you have shared your things, your time, and your life with me and my family. I know you are a blessed man because you have given so much. Another thing I would like to tell you is that I am proud of you. I have always appreciated being Bert Jones’ little brother. Whether is was waiting for you to come out of a locker room, anticipating your return after a football season, observing you in your business, or watching you raise your children and now grandchildren, I have admired you and am proud of you. You are a good man. And you are still a young man, so keep it up. Happy Birthday!

71: Dear Bert, You are old. Regretfully, I am old enough to remember when you were born. I recall going to the florist with my mother to buy a gift for Aunt Schump, a plant in a small football pot. I think this was a very prophetic gift. Holsum bread balls are another childhood memory. I was impressed with your lack of concern over the dirt that was a major ingredient of the bread ball. I am going to try to duplicate one for your birthday. | Over the years I have been lucky enough to have some great trips with you. Too many to mention here but I am grateful to have been included. Those experiences have taught me that you are a logistical genius, although somewhat anal. I know to never question destination, gear or game. I accept the fact that I can’t pack a truck or clean a bird to your satisfaction. That is o.k. with me, you do a great job. | Now food is another matter, experience has taught me that you sometimes neglect that part of the planning. I also want to suggest pancakes as an alternative to that bowl of “gruel” you have in the morning. Your energy level is phenomenal. Play days begin early and end late for you. I hope that I can hang with you a few more years but you might want to consider a “how to” book on vegetating. You are a good cousin and a great friend. Happy Birthday ! Drew & Pat

72: Bert, I want to wish you a happy 60th! As I reflect back over the decades I continue to grow in my appreciation for the privilege to be your teammate and friend. As great a player as you were – your character, leadership and ability to put the team first is what I will always remember most about our playing days together. Off the field and into life you commitment as a husband and father was an example I desired to emulate. Your contributions as a citizen and man for others is what separates you from others as well as the moral courage you displayed by bringing your moral and ethical convictions to voice even when unpopular. I am honored to be your teammate, friend and disciple. Best wishes to all – and may this be your most impactful decade as a man, dad, and repairer of our broken world. Happy Birthday!!! With love, appreciation and great respect, Joe “rookie” Ehrmann | To my “younger” friend Bert, I’ll always remember going to the LSU football game with you, trying to keep up with your long stride. I have an etched memory of you and your family sitting in the pew to my right most every 8:30 service. And it was so good of you to come to Baton Rouge and speak to a crazy group of men at our steak dinner. I love you and your family and wish you a great birthday. I know that you know I stepped into those 60 waters this year, too. It’s not that bad. Fred Wideman

75: Our wedding song wished us a rainbow, and a promise to provide one for each other. I don’t think we could have ever imagined all the people, children, family and adventures that would color our life as it has. From a boat ride in Destin, to meeting our grandchildren; we have shared an abundance of blessings. I look forward to the simple moments with you, the clouds that sometimes hide our sun and many more rainbows. Happy 60th Love always, Danni

78: These pages were intentionally left blank for all those people that we couldn't get in touch with, all the lives you have touched that only you know about, and those special people that we all know about, but are no longer here to tell the story.

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