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S: hiccup's thrash problem

BC: Hiccup is a peasent boy who is curious,weak,smart and absolutely loves the subject of science.He found a problem in his city and now he has taken initiative to figure out a solution.

FC: Hiccup's Trash Problem | By:logan Lawrence, and Victor

1: Prologue | Hiccup is a wimpy kid from Europe.Hiccup has a lot of problems that he has to fix on his own.To figure out his problems he goes to his room and thinks very hard.When he sets out toward fixing his problems he never gives up. Hiccup was brave and kept trying out for the army but they would never let him join because he was so small and was really weak.

2: Chapter 1 The rocky road Hiccup went to his school and was restless until science class came!Ya!When he got to science class,Hiccup went straight to the front of the classroom.He got out all his supplies and sat quietly for class to start. | Hiccups school for everything educational.

3: When class started he was listening to every single thing the teacher said.The class class was only two hours long and then they had to leave school after that.His teachers name is Mrs.Tomslim. She was tall and pretty. They talked about how water came from mountains.The bell rang and all the kids ran out of the class.

4: When Hiccup was walking home from school, he saw a quarter in the middle of the road.When he bent down to get the quarter, someone yelled "Gardy Loo"!To warn people below that theywere throwing trash out their window. | A cobblestone street where Hiccup found the quarter.

5: Hiccup didn't move fast enough to get out of the way, therefore he got trash dumped on him,Gross!Hiccup yelled,echoing across the street.The rest of the way home he had a foul scent.Hiccup got home and still smelled like trash.Since his family was poor he lived around the outer wall where there was poor protection or comfort.His parents smelled the scent and yelled "Hiccup go bathe in the lake!" Hiccup went to the lake and stripped down to his tiddie whities and jumped in.Hiccup scrubbed with bark wood tree bark which gets sudsie when you scrub with it in water.

6: When Hiccup was done in the lake he dried off and went over to where he left his clothes, put them on andwent home.While he was walking home he tripped over a pile of trash and sprained his left ankle,he got up and saw a girl he had a crush on and went over to talk to her. | This is Ellen,Hiccups crush.

7: Chapter 2 Lovers revenge When Hiccup gets to his crush, he asks her out.Her name is Ellen and she said no and slapped him.She started walking away and then looked back told Hiccup where she lived.So being curious he chased Ellen secretly to find where she lived.Because he truly didn't know much about where wealthy people lived.When he got to herhouse he had his mouth open and froze in his tracks.She had the biggest house Hiccup had ever seen.Inside Ellens house there wasatleast everything Hiccup had dreamt of.

8: . | On the way home,he was wobbling on one leg but was so happy because he had a pretty girlfriend.At home his parents saw his ankle was sprained and he stunk again.His parents dumped a bucket of water on him and sent him straight to his bed to rest.He was happy to be sent to bed so he could dream of Ellen and her house.When he got up the next morning a wood walking stick was at his door.His parents told him to take it easy so his ankle doesn't get worse. | Hiccups walking stick

9: When he was walking to school he got made fun of all the way.When he got to school he went straight to reading and did a giant sigh of relief because he could finally sit down.During reading class they talked about proluges and epilouges.He listened well but accidently started dozing off.He was dreaming about Ellen and how big it was.When Hiccups teacher saw what he was doing he got yelled at then whipped in front of the class.When reading class was over he was pretty happy to go to math.In math they learned about money and how to spend it.He was listening contently and didn't speak at all unless if asked a question.

10: Lunch came and they ate lunch then got to roam around the school for one hour.After lunch, science finally came!The teacher talked about what they knew about the human body.Hiccup asked and learned many things.When school was over he saw Ellen and talked for a little bit.

11: Hiccup went home and went to his bed and stayed there until they had his dad brought home dinner.Hiccup wobbled down to dinner, ate and then saw if it was still light outside.If it was he wanted to go and meet Ellens parents.When he checked and it was light outside he asked his parents if he could go to the inner wall.His parents said yes so he got his walking stick and set out to find Ellens house.When Hiccup got to Ellens house he knocked on the door as hard as he could because he was weak.Ellens parents opened the door and called Ellen downstairs | Ellens front door

12: to see Hiccup.When she got downstairs she invited Hiccup into the house and she introduced himto her parents.After being introduced Hiccup told them their house was amazing.Ellens parents had some doubts about Hiccup.Will Ellens parents let Hiccup date Ellen?

13: Chapter 3 Roaming the inner walls Ellens parents had some doubts about Hiccup but let him date Ellen!The first thing Ellen and Hiccup did together was go walk in the cathedral which was along quite a while away from Ellens house.On the way Hiccup tripped but Ellen caught him before he could fall.Hiccup said "thanks." They kept walking to the cathedral.When they got there they went in and looked at the glass paintings.Hiccup tripped again, Ellen caught him again then Hiccup looked up, made kissy lips and started getting up but she dropped him.He got up and walked her home. | Hiccups city cathedral

14: when she got up on her door step he said sorry but she slammed the door in his face.Hicccup wondered if because he tried to kiss her,Ellen did not like him anymore!He truly hoped she atill liked him.As the day went by Hiccup told Ellen about his trash problem. They tried to work things out and put it in the newspaper.People tried to figure out new ways to get rid of trash.One day Hiccup thought that they could bring trash to there backyard instead of throwing it in the streets.

15: When someone mentioned digging a well in everyones backyard and throwing their trash in the well.Hiccup thought it was a good idea.So in Hiccups backyard he dug a fifty feet deep hole!He dumped his trash down the hole. | These are the holes people mentioned to dig.

16: Hiccup then drew a picture of it and a paragragh on how it helps the village and put it in the newspaper. | The newspaper Hiccup put his article in.

17: People started digging small holes in their backyards but soon people were back to their unhygenic ways.I think that was worse this time , people never said "gardy loo"any more, infact they didn't have any warnings at all.Hiccup told Ellen of his new problems.Ellen said it was a brilliant idea but he needed to think bigger.

18: That is when Hiccup thought of taking an empty clearing,putting a very tall fence around it and digging about two feet into the ground all in the fence.Then they would put their trash in the empty land.Hiccup called it a trash hole.Everyone thought it was a brilliant idea.So brilliant the king wanted to reward the creator with a one hundred thousand dollars prize.Hiccup accepted the reward but gave it all to his family. | Hiccups king who rewarded him.

19: Chapter 4 Trash hole trouble Ellen and Hiccup became worried with the amount of trash in the trash hole.Hiccup decided to make two more trasholes and in just two more weeks he had to make two more!Hiccup was trying to think of a way to solve his new problem but couldn't.Hiccup thought that if more people dug the hole, the holes would become deeper.He did that and they filled slower than the other trasholes.Hiccup and a team of people made a few very deep holes.After a couple months the holes were halfway full.

20: Another problem about the trash holes is people complained about having to walk to the holes.When Hiccup thought about it,it was hard but he came with an idea to solve that problem.Hiccup got a carriage and tore off the back of it.With that wood he made a giant bucket in the back and put his plan into action. | Hiccup made his giant bucket with this carriage.

21: .Hiccup rode the carriage around the city and asked people to dump their trash into the bucket.When the carriage was full he dumped it in the landfill and rode home.

22: Epilogue

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