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FC: The Storm of Wolvenskorn

1: I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock, going off with its annoying beeps. i hurriedly threw the blankets off. Quickly brushing my teeth, and throwing on clothes. As i stood in front of the mirrior i am 6ft tall, bright blue eyes, and curly golden hair, and about 180 pounds of all muscle. And this year finally, a senior at my highschool, Lucas the home of the wolves. I made my way out of the house after a hurried goodbye to my single mom. ibegan to think about the long dreadful drive. Then i saw it just the glimpse of grey fading into the green of the trees surrounding my house. i walk towards to the trees, where i saw the grey dissapear. As i walked closer and closer to the tree line the hair on my arms and neck began to rise, my skin felt like it was crawling it felt someone was right in front of me looking in to my soul. i opened my mouth and said ''is anyone there?'' I bearly finished my scentence before two massive hairy hands grabbed me and i dissapered into the undergrowth.

2: As i felt the soft cut of tree limbs and thorns in to my jeans and shirt, all i could think about was how giant and strong the hands were. I tried to scream and struggle but even as strong as i was from football resisting was futile. Finnally i hit its giant hairy chest, and started to pound on it with my fist and get away, it grunted and held me tighter in its bear hug . I started to feel the wind pick up and i could hear the leaves and trees rustling, it felt like being in a minature tornado, it kept picking up till it felt like a Hurricane then i passed out. When i awoke again the sun was shining in my eyes and long grass brushed against my body, then i realized im on a prarie. i hurriedly stood up till a strong case of vertigo hit me and i fell back down on to my knee. when i looked up again i saw him. He was standing up looking at me with the sun behind him, as it began to set. He had to be atleast 9 ft tall he was a man from the neck down, coarse brown hair covered his arms and hands everything else was covered by his armor but his head was the scariest part the head of a bull. then he spoke '' Welcome to Eugia Luke, Your new kingdom if we can take it from the rippers. I am Rico the Minotaur''.

3: Rico The Minotaur King

4: I Quickly stood up and stared at Rico, my mouth falling to the floor he was massive in his armour and his shield and axe on his back made him look even more menacing, he stared at me quizicly probably wondering if i was gonna run. I stood up, trying to be taller then i actually was. When i spoke it came out as a whisper until i made my voice deeper and louder " what do you mean Eugia is my world to be king of? and what in the world are the Rippers? and who are you?" all of the words coming out in a hurried rush. Rico began to smile his bull lips curling a little bit. Then he spoke in his deep booming voice " Calm down Luke, i am the king of all minotaurs on Eugia, The rippers are evil knights , made by the Ceberus the master Ripper, and you are the only Human that can weild the power of the four Mystical creaters on this world the Dwarf, Centaur, Elf and Minotaur. You can borrow our strengths but never our weaknesses. Be as strong as a minotauror precise as a Elf or as Fast as a Centaur and as Resistant as a Dwarf. The 4 kings need you to lead our Armies and take back Wolvenskorn as Yours Under the Suncrest banner we will Unite all of Eugia". The Whole time my mouth slowly began to fall open as he told his tale. Then suddenly i could feel it the diffrence when i came to Eugia, I could feel all he was talking about, and knew without a doubt he was telling the truth. I looked into his dark brown eyes and said" then why are we waiting here? i have people to save" Rico began to laugh.

5: The other three mystical races of Eugia

6: Rico began to walk close to me and looked me in the eyes and smiled and said " i know what you mean young one every minotaur in the world is just as eager as you every mystical creature can feel you right now and know that you have entered our world to lead us, there is a gathering of the Mystical elders. The kings of all four races, i was voted to come get you our hero from Earth and now we must go to the Grandest city in Eugia and meet with The Council. I couldnt help but ask " y'all have cities here" Rico looked at me quizaclly of course we do we arent just animals running around eating each other!" i couldnt help but laugh until i realized he was getting angry and quickly hid it with a cough. " He grabbed me by my shoulders and said " Now prepare to Teleport to our Capitol Chailin, and make sure to hold your breath". it happened so fast i wasnt able to hold my breath, and when we were on the ground again we were in front of the council of Elders, everyone of them staring at us, as i was bent over trying to catch my breath. When i looked up, the elf had his Bow out an arrow knocked at my heart, The dwarf standing on top of the table with his two axes out, and the centaur with another arrow pointed at my head. Such anger welled inside of me, it was like something ive never felt before i stood up straight, walked to the table and punched the table straight in the center the dwarf king dropped hs axes as fast as an elf i grabbed them out of the air and threw one at the elf and one at the Centaur, just as they let their arrows fly, the axes missed both of their heads on purpose, i could see the arrow heads flying at me they seemed so slow, it was easy for me to grab them out of the air. Rico stood behind me, with a stunned expresion on me then got on one knee and said "my king".

7: The dwarf king Heric was the first to recover, " how dare you put me on my butt like that i edmand respect" as he picked himself up it was very ungraceful for him in all of his armour. i looked at him with no emotion showing and said" you demand from your king? i have already showed you what i can do when i am threatend, i am the one that demands respect, i am your king that will take back Eugia from the Rippers , and you will show me that respect Heric." He stood up with new found respect in his eyes and said " as you wish my king," Rico was still on his knee i looked at him and told him to rise "stand rico and take your place, at the right hand of your king". Rico stood and walked next to me, he was massive, but i did not feel as small as i did before i could feel the new found power coursing throough my veins. i turned my glance to the Centaur Riordan and said " Riordan why would you shoot an arrow at your king, even if it was just a test that i know you three pulled together to test me." a smile began to creep on his face as well asa on the king of the elves face i belive his name was Castor. while i was in my thoughts studying their reactions Riordan spoke " im sorry king Luke but Castor and i were not as believing as Rico and we apologize" he bowed as well as a Centaur could. Castor spoke up next " My king i am loyal to you without a doubt t was just a small test and i can see now, that you are my king". his answer puzzeled me, then i looked down armour had appeared on my body, it was silver, then i looked closer it was plate mail and dragon scales. it had to be atleast 300 pounds but with the strength of the minotaur, it was as light as a feather, then i felt the two swordds strapped to my back i pulled them free of their scabbards, the hilts shined gold and silver but the blade was the most impressive. Made from dragon fangs one blue and one red. Castor spoke" Those swords are the twin dragons fire and ice, these armour and weapons appear only on the chosen one, my king". a smirk coovered his face and i couldnt help but smiling back.

8: When everyone stood up spoke " everyone please sit down and listen to what i have to say." Everyone found their seats a the round table. I looked them in their eyes and said " gentlemen we must storm the castle of Wovenskorn tonight i can feel it deep in heart a horrible darkness threatening to consume all that stands before it." they all knew it, i could read it in their eyes that tonight was the night for war. " i need your armies here in Chailin tonight, Rico how many minotaurs will we have?" Rico answered "20,000 eager and ready for war my lord". i shook my head and said "good that will serve as our infantry along with herics dwarves, how many do you have Heric?" Heric stopped stroking his beard to answer "i Have 15,000 strong my lord ready to break down the stone wall of Wolvenskorn." I nodded my head and said " good Heric, you and Rico will lead the charge on the walls, behind me of course." i turned to them and smiled then said " Castor and riordan i need you in the reserves, when the gate is broken Riordan you must charge in with your Centaur how many do you have?" Riordan answered " 25,000 my lord" i answered " good, very good indeed, Castor how many elven archers will i have?" " 30,000 my lord we will blacken the sky with our arrows" I looked at all of them commiting their faces to memory everything was happening so fast. " This is very good my four Generals but we are outnumbered two to one, the rippers have 200,000, rest before battle my friends, get your armies here now and prepare them tell them our plan if i can get at ceberus and slay him we will win,have faith."

9: I could feel it,the battle that was about to happen as my soldiers were taking the field in front of wolvenskorn, the evil coming from the capitol was thick and full of decay and misery. I could faintly make out Ceberus as he prepared his rippers athop the walls for battle. The malevolence of him was terrifying but i kept a straight face for my men they needed their king more then anything now. Rico walked up next to me and i was bearly at his eye level even on a horse. he spoke to me " the dwarves have begun to batter their gate with the ram" i responded " good Rico good". Then a Dwarf captain captain came up to me "my lord we have broken through" i quickly responded Rico prepare the minotaurs and the Centaurs prepare to charge behind me sound the horn!" The horn sounded and a great roar took up as we charged into the Wolvenskorn. We ran into terrible fighting as i entered the gates my swords whilrlwinds spnning and stabbing and killing rippers like a scythe cuts grain. Rico and Riordan were next to me the whole time Rico billowing war crys and ferocious curses, Riordan slahing and killing calm and collected with his two handed broadsword. finally after what seemed like an eternity we had captured the courtyard. Rico came up to me and said " they have retreated into the keep and ceberus has sent a messenger with an offer, he wishes to fight you one on one my lord. we have had many loses my lord this may be the smartest choice. i answered " i agree with you Rico send a messenger i wil meet him in the center of the court yard where he may find his death". Rico answered " yes my lord". and left. i sat there on top of my horse my body was already fatigued what would i do now?

10: Ceberus the king of the rippers strode out of the keep acting as if he was to meet a child in battle instead of the king of Eugia. This angered me to no end i vowed to cut his head off. He wore black plate mail and black chain mail beneath the three headed dog ceberus who he was named after was painted on his armor. He had long straihgt black hair that ended at his shoulders his skin was almost white it was so pale and his eyes the worst of all, were blood red and souless. He spoke across the make shift ring to me " so you are the child king of Eugia, that thinks he can kill me in battle, i will destroy you child." with those words he drew his two handed long sword and pointed it at my chest. I drew the twin dragons their power seemed to pulseate up my arms into my chest. i spoke to him strong and defiant " i will kill you for those words and what you have done to this world, i will cut this evil from this world with one single stroke of my swords. We began to fight lightning strike fast slashes and cuts. my body began to tire and my form began to slip, but i would not lose to this monster. then it happened his block wasnt high enough, with one move i cut his hand off then his head. It was finally over i could feel the evil rising off of my kingdom, the rippers screamed as the dissapated into nothing. Finally it was over and the storm of Wolvenskorn was over.

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