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S: Charlie Gitto's Chesterfield One Year Anniversary

FC: Charlie Gitto's One Year Chesterfield September 2011

1: Congratulations, Charlie and Paula: For all that you do, for all that you are, and for all the dreams you have yet to see come true.

2: Dad, You are the most talented person I know. You taught me about courage and drive. I believe your passion and determination brought you the success that you deserve. Not just in business, but in your life in other aspects as a whole. Your willpower is shocking to me, that a person can put their mind to anything and succeed. You made me believe in myself, and taught me what it takes to achieve what I want in life. That is dedication. I remember when I was younger you told me to “put my blinders on.” I will never forget that if I want something, it is in my reach if I want it bad enough. When you and Mom walk through those doors, the feeling I get is sometimes a rush. It is so powerful to me to observe you in the kitchen. Your passion for cooking and hospitality radiates on your audience. I feel so proud of the accomplishments that you and Mom have achieved. You both are so beautiful and make a great team. I only pray that I can have something half as special as you and Mom have.

3: Mom, I look up to your extraordinary way with people. You always welcome everyone with open arms. When people meet you, they are always coming back to me telling me how special you are. Your loving and compassionate nature is incredible. Your magnetism touches so many people’s lives and most of all inspires me. That is a quality that is so rare and sets you apart from so many. You are a special figure in making the restaurant’s what they are today. You magnify all of them with love and class. You and Dad compliment each other spectacularly. Now, it is up to us to carry on the success and make you proud. I Love you so much Mom and Dad! We are so blessed! Your daughter, Suzanne

5: Dad and Mom, I am so proud of what you and Mom have accomplished after one year in Chesterfield! You, our family, Eric, and everyone here have worked so hard to keep the restaurant going, and like you said: "if you throw stale bread into the ocean you, will get stale bread back". You have shown that the ingredients for success are: a hand full of hard work, a full cup dedication, and a pinch of love is what it takes to keep a great company going day in and day out. Happy one-year anniversary and many more to come. Your Son, Anthony

7: Dad, I always have trouble writing things like this. You do so much and inspire so much of my life; it’s hard to sum it up in a few sentences or paragraphs. I’m thankful everyday that I have such an amazing family. You have an unbelievable talent and this is another example of how true that is. Congratulations on an incredible year! I’m excited to see what the future holds for this company and for our family. -Charlie

8: While my Dad shines as an astute entrepreneur with his hand on the pulse of his customer’s appetites, to me he is a chef at heart. True chefs are passionate perfectionists. They are artists wielding a universe of flavors, inspired by the experience of life. When you sit down at a Charlie Gitto’s restaurant you are sitting down with my father and 40 years of dedication to his craft. The restaurant and the man are synonymous. Each Charlie Gitto’s location is part of an evolution. The original restaurant on the Hill is the root. Founded on old world tradition and the rustic tastes of my great- grandmother Russo’s kitchen, the Hill embodies the spirit of the first generation of Italian-Americans. The warmth of dim lights and flickering candles welcome you into a world of classic romance. For a moment you feel that you are the only one in the room being shamelessly wined and dined. Stepping into Charlie Gitto’s on the Hill is like stepping into a small, intimate place on a Manhattan side street. There is no place like it town. Charlie Gitto’s from the Hill at Harrah’s takes it a step further. This restaurant proved that it can compete with the corporate chain. In fact, show them how to have the fine-tuned systems and consistency in quality without losing the independent restaurant feel. While casino restaurants can often feel as soulful as an airport café, Charlie Gitto’s at Harrah’s keeps the Hill signature alive with its attentive service and classic atmosphere.

9: As the restaurant at Chesterfield reaches the end of a very successful first year, we can see Charlie Gitto’s is all grown up. The modern décor is elegant without trying too hard. The menu reflects a mature taste that respects its roots. Sophisticated and savvy, Charlie Gitto’s from the Hill at Chesterfield is a suburban gem. How many places are left that you still want to get dressed up to go to- even if it is Tuesday? Charlie Gitto’s restaurants are part of a burgeoning trend that is redefining Italian-American food. It has come so far from plates brimming with spaghetti and marinara. This generation feels just as at home with the cuisine from Asia or the local kosher deli and are incorporating those influences it into their menus. That is why is makes complete sense to see Matzo Ball soup or a seared Ahi Tuna appetizer next to toasted ravioli. However, many restaurants today fail to realize is that having this global palette is not enough. As my Dad once said, “some chefs and restaurateurs get so complicated in their concepts that they forget the basics”. As Charlie Gitto’s restaurants continue to grow strong, we can see that he has mastered his art. Cheers! Amy Gitto-Dharmani

11: Congratulations on your success in Chesterfield! You made a good move, it took a lot of nerve to do what you did. It was hard work, but because of your knowledge in food and business, it worked out well. A job well done! Dad

13: Dear Charlie and Paula, Congratulations on your first year anniversary of your beautiful restaurant. Bob and I wish you both good health and many more successful years. Love, Mother and Bob

15: Charlie, Congratulations on our one year at Chesterfield. It seems like yesterday that we opened the doors. I am so proud to be part of this great company. Thank you for the years of friendship and being a tremendous mentor. From the first day that you asked me why I was in a suit and not a chef coat, to the present, you are always there for me. I love you and look forward to many, many more years of success and friendship. Anchor Status! Eric

17: Dear Charlie, It wasn't that long ago that we were standing on the first tee at Meadowbrook ready to enjoy a great day of golf and you mentioned you were opening a yet another restaurant in West County. I got so excited that we would finally have a great place in the neighborhood to dine operated by a dedicated and fantastic guy. I remember telling you before the restaurant opened that it would be your most succesful place by far, and I believe that has been the case. You care about the quality of the food you prepare, how it is served and you have been a stickler for training and service. Having had many meals in your new restaurant, I can attest that as usual, you exceed your customers' expecations which is indicitive of your success. I enjoy spending time with you and have the utmost respect for what you have accomplished as a business owner and as a family man. Congratulations on your one year anniversay, and I wish you nothing but continued success in the future! Best personal reagrds, Arthur W. Johnson

19: Charlie, Congratulations on your first year of the restaurant. I remember the first day we walked into the building and you told me all you wanted to do was some paint and maybe replace some of the floors. WOW, the plan changed! You are a great friend with a fabulous restaurant and I am proud to be your friend as well as part of the transformation! Michael

21: Sachs Properties and all of our Chesterfield Village tenants are thrilled that Charlie Gitto's Restaurant has opened in Chesterfield. I have been asking Charlie for about 20 years to open a restaurant in Chesterfield, and feel so fortunate to finally have him and his fine staff within our Chesterfield Village development. The quality of the food and service is top notch. "Happy First Anniversary"................... Kathy Higgins

23: Charlie, Congratulations on your 1st anniversary in Chesterfield. I wish you even more success in the future. You deserve it. When it comes to doing things right, I always refer to Charlie Gitto. I feel very lucky to have you as a friend. You are the BEST! Arnie

24: (The first quote is what my youngest son wrote on a piece of paper for Charlie;) Dear Mr. Gitto, Even tough I am too young to earn my own money (I am 12) my favorite place to celebrate my birthday and other special days is at your restaurant. I love your food and the people that work there, they always treat me with respect, I like them all. My dad ask me to write something nice for you, I think telling the truth is always your best companion (my dad says that a lot), Congratulations on you 1 year anniversary and wish you many more..Hope to see you soon. Thank you for cooking the best food in st. Louis Your good customer, - Austin Fortuny PS: I hope you can give a job there when I turn 17! I'll be old then

25: Dear Friend, I am one of very few Happy People that leave on this beautifl planet we call earth. The reason why I am so very happy with my life is because I am surrounded with good family and incredible friends just like you. Charlie I want to congratulate you on your first year of success here in Chesterfield and want to wish you many more, but, better than that I want wish that you can truly get to enjoy happiness with all of your family and friends that love you very much. From my heart to your family and sincerely said -Albertto Fortuny

27: Charlie: Congratulations on your first West County birthday. I am always proud to bring both clients and manufacturer partners to your fantastic eating destination. Quality and atmosphere are always perfect! Thanks for everything! Graham Hill

29: Dear Paula and Charlie, Hard to believe one year already!! I would like to share some feelings and words to express the special experience of helping design your restaurant in Chesterfield. First of all you two are the nicest people I have ever had the fortune to work with. Your passion for your business made me look forward to those Tuesday morning meetings! Anyone who takes pictures of food and has so much pride and perfection in what they do is my hero! Every aspect from brainstorming concepts, researching olive trees, finding awesome light fixtures, even ones that look like candy to selecting Italian art reflecting Italian beauty was a joy. I have to tell you from my heart it is an honor and a privilege to have been able to work with you two in creating such a beautiful space. It takes caring, special people to do what you guys do everyday and I am proud to have been able to be a part of that! Sincerely, Debbie Donnelly

31: From the moment I met Charlie years ago, the thing I will never forget is the passion that he exuded for what he did. I quickly learned that he approached all aspects of his life - his work, his family, his recreation - with equal passion. This common trait let to a friendship with Charlie that I have come to cherish. When he told me about the restaurant he was opening in Chesterfield, I quickly saw his energy levels rise and his passion drive him to a successful opening. One year later, I have heard Charlie talk about his new restaurant re-energized his professional life. I would argue that it has re-energized his entire life. Congratulations on a successful opening year and the prosperity still to come. Your friend, Samir

33: The great Italian artist, Leonardo Da Vinci, once said that “Art is never finished.” Perhaps, this is what inspired Charlie Gitto to open his new restaurant in West County. Yes, the décor is beautiful, the cuisine is incredible, and wine needs no adjectives, but what keeps us coming back, it is the hospitality and sincerity of the staff that makes dining at any Gitto’s restaurant a pleasurable and memorable experience. “Chi trova un amico, trova un tesoro”, or “He who finds a friend, finds a treasure”, and Charlie Gitto’s From the Hill, is a treasure in every respect. Happy 1st Anniversary, to Charlie and his staff. We toast you for the past year, and wish you the best for those to come! With Love, Gene, Jodi, Caitlin, Kelsey and Kerri Pegg September 2011

34: Charlie, There is one person responsible for the success of Charlie Gitto's from the Hill in Chesterfield, one person that is seen on a regular basis, who promotes the restaurant, the happy hours - and brings crowds of people to the Chesterfield location... So kudos to... ME. It's about me today! It's about me who is seen, its me who recomends this Chesterfield hot spot. It's about my face that is most recognizable!

35: Joking aside... You had a vision: One that we could remember countless conversations of what you hoped to accomplish. Watching the construction, the new landscaping, the patio - and finally seeing the large black Charlie Gitto's sign, visible from all four corners in Chesterfield. Brilliant. We've never heard talk of such anticipation of a restaurant opening! We must also recognize - and congratulate - Paula - the "gracious" wife. We can't begin to imagine the countless hours and sacrifices that go into such an endeavor. Paula did an amazing job behind the scenes orchestrating, decorating and supporting. The examples you have shown first hand to Suzanne and Anthony are a testament to the two of you - your commitment to one another, your business and to your family. Hard work really does bring about pride and success! Congratulations on your first anniversary! Wishing you continued success! Salute! We love you, Pat & Robin Parkin

37: Charlie, Thanks for taking great food to an even greater level. There is no better place to be in all of St. Louis and that's because of the care you put into everything, from the food to the drink to the staff. Congratulations on a great first year and I look forward to amny more as a customer and more so as a friend. Cheers, Bernie Federko

39: Charlie, Congratulations; before you opened, I was hoping for great foo, great atmosphere and great service. I got that plus a great friend! Thanks and many more years. Dale Turvey

41: Charlie Gitto’s Charlie, Happy Anniversary!!!!! I can’t tell you how excited we were when you opened the new Chesterfield location. Our relationship started in the late 1970’s and I have continued to move farther west of the Hill and finally out to St. Charles. After an evening of eating and drinking at the midtown location the drive home got a little precarious. Now your just 10 minutes away! Carolyn and I eat out almost every night and you new store is consistently excellent, and like I tell all my friends unbelievably reasonable in price. You’re just what we needed in West County. Don’t ever take the Chicken Nunzio off the menu or Carolyn would be distraught. Keep up the good work and continue making us all feel like part of the Gitto family and not just customers. Rick Steinberg

43: Congratulations!! I have learned a great deal about the restaurant business and life from Charlie, over the years being part of the Charlie Gitto family. It has been a real honor and pleasure to be employed with Charlie. He has taught me many things, but most importantly " today is the best day of my life" and that positive message is one that I try to live daily. GRAZIE MILLE!!! Derek Andrasko

45: Congratulations on another HOME RUN ! Success could not have found a better partner and neither could I. Michael Garozzo

47: Congrats to Charlie and Paula on your 1st anniversary. A great restaurant great staff. Charlie wishing you many years of success. Gene and Ellen

49: Congratulations Charlie and Paula on your first of many forthcoming anniversaries!! You have worked so hard for your success and what a delight it is to see such close friends and wonderful people earn the success they deserve. Much Love, Susan

51: Charlie and Paula, we love the new restaurant, especially that we get to see you both a lot more often. Congratulations on a home run and we wish you many more years of success! Mike and Monique Hejna


55: Charlie, Congratulations on your great success! You're a true entreprenuer with a passion for winning. You have the best people in the business on your team. Best wishes, Mark Hadfield

57: It has been my very great pleasure for many years to recommend the outstanding food and hospitality of Charlie Gitto's to the readers of Where Magazine, all of them out-of-towners. I always know they'll be treated like family and they'll have great stories of the wonderful dining experience they had in St. Louis to tell the folks back home. -- David Lancaster Editor Where Magazine St. Louis

59: Charlie Gitto has done it again! He and his wife Paula have graced us with another fine dining establishment! This is our "GoTo" restaurant each and every time we are searching for a great place to dine. Starting with the best appetizer's, entree's, then finishing up with a sinful dessert! The service from Management to extraordinary Waiter's is always a welcoming experience. Thanks Charlie and Paula, we love you! Garry, Michele, Ben and Alex Scarato

61: Charlie, I can't believe it's already been a year since Chesterfield opened. I can remember the day we walked into that place. What a remarkable transformation that you and your people pulled off. I can remember you standing in the middle of that dump and describing to me what your restaurant was going to look like. The amazing thing is that its even nice than the way you described it. It's a fabulous restaurant, just what anybody would expect from Charlie Gitto. Good luck and continued success at all four of your restaurants. Larry Goldberg

63: Paula, Charlie and Family, Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary at the Chesterfield Restaurant! Time sure flies!!! Every time we are at the restaurant we always have the following: Fabulous atmosphere, Fabulous Food, Fabulous Service and the Best Wines!! My family especially feels at home every time we walk in the door! Cheers Always Chris Dodgen Terlato Wines International

65: A person who has faced adversity in his life and came out a winner. A person who forgot more about the restaurant business than I'll ever know. A person who has made his name nationally and internationally known. A person who came from nothing and made something out of himself. A person who has blazed trails for me in life to protect ,and show me the way. Words cannot express how proud I am of my Big Brother. Congratulations! John Gitto Sr.

67: Dear Charlie, Happy anniversary on the Chesterfield location. I want to thank you and the rest of your family for the opportunity that you have given me. I have a job I love and work for a company that is constantly growing. There's not much more a man can ask for these days. I really can't thank you and your family enough. Happy first year Charlie and many more to come. Michael P. Currie

69: Hats off to The Gittos for giving us so many happy moments in "the neighborhood". A truly St. Louis alltime favorite eatery, just ten times better because of Paula, Suzanne and THE Gitto Men Extraordinaire. "Breaking Bread" with Charlie at your tableside is simply the best! We thank you for making our lives better. Happy 1st Anniversary in Chesterfield Suzanne and Gus Otto

71: Happy anniversary, Charlie Gitto's! As loyal customers, we marvel at your ability to be innovative and consistent. We hope that you enjoy many more happy and successful years! Great servers too! From, Mary and Richard Fisher

73: Congratulations on 1 year sir! It’s been a great year! Here’s to many more! AJ

75: Sir, Congratulations on the 1 year anniversary of Chesterfield! What a successful and wonderful year it has been. I feel so fortunate to have been a part of the entire process. It was such an experience to watch the restaurant come together from the start. I remember the first time I came out during construction and how excited you were to show the future plans. And then like that, we were at opening day! All of the hard work and dedication sure has paid off. Here's to many more years of success! Sincerely, Libby

77: Without even knowing this book was being made, you still supplied all the ingredients it needed to take on a life of its own and become a true representation of the lives you have touched and the influence of your passion. However, the dedication of the people you work closest with, as well as your children, made it possible to come together like it did. So much love from so many people and in one family is something that is rare and special and will be a journey I will always cherish. One can only hope in their life to leave a footprint, impact people's lives, and know you gave it your all no matter what obstacles life threw your way. You've not only embodied these feats, but embraced them. You've built a legacy that will last generations to come, all the while standing strong to support those around you. This restaraunt, among all other accomplishments, proves you are a landmark in Italian tradition. Not only have you built your foundation on core principles, but you taught others the value of mastering the basics. Your passion has affected all who have crossed your paths, most importantly, your children. Their hearts run so deep they flood every room they walk into with their compassion and love. Their admiration and adoration of both of you are unparalled, and at times... magical. I've never been so proud to be part of a family, than yours.. The impact your company and family has had on my life will stay with me forever. Congratulations and thank you. Love, Karla

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