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S: 2012 A Year in Review


FC: 2012 52 weeks, 12 months, 7 birthdays, 2 new years, countless memories

1: As we start this book of a year of holidays, We are a little nervous as to how it will turn out. We never knew that there were so many holidays in a year, from heritage months to awareness weeks. This will be quite the adventure. | As we finish this book, we look back at all the fun times we've had. From Chinese New Year to Fourth of July. From April Fools to Christmas Day. There will always be memories gained from this adventure that will last us a lifetime.

2: New Years- Jan 1 New Years is one of my favorite holidays... | ...Not only do we celebrate the end of a year and the beginning of a new, it is a time to get together with family | JANUARY

3: Everyone loves counting down the last 10 seconds before the calendar changes over. The first time I ever stayed up past midnight was for the millennium. The other thing that makes New Years fun is that there isn't school for another week.

4: National Human Trafficking Awareness Day- Jan 11 Human trafficking is a form of modern slavery. They are young children, teens, men and women. Many are forced into sexual coercion and forced labor. | Approx. 600,000 to 800,000 victims annually are trafficked across international boarders worldwide

5: Chinese New Year is celebrated by several countries. Lasting for 15 days, it is the longest celebration of a New Year that I know of. | Chinese New Year- Jan. 23- Feb 6

6: Day 1- Jan. 23 The first day is for the welcoming of the deities of the heavens and earth, officially beginning at midnight. Buddhists, abstain from meat consumption on the first day because it is believed that this will ensure longevity for them. Some consider lighting fires and using knives to be bad luck on New Year's Day, so all food to be consumed is cooked the day before. For Buddhists, the first day is also the birthday of Maitreya Bodhisattva, the Buddha-to-be. People also abstain from killing animals. | Day 2- Jan 24 the Chinese pray to their ancestors as well as to all the gods. They are extra kind to all dogs and feed them well as it is believed that the second day is the birthday of all dogs.

7: Day 3- Jan 25 Generally a time in which you don't socialize with friends and family | Day4- Jan 26 Sam celebrated her 19th Birthday. It was a pretty fun day.

8: Day 5- Jan 27 Many people in China eat dumplings on the morning of Po Wu. This is also the birthday of the God of Wealth | Day 6- Jan 28 | The day of the pig, it is also a time to plant a tree

9: Day 7- Jan 29 On the seventh day, the common man celebrates their birthday. | Day 8- Jan 30 The eve of the Jade Emperor's Birthday, Toast!

10: Day 9- Jan 31 The Jade Emperor of Heaven's Birthday | Day 10- Feb 1 The after Party!!

11: Day 11 & 12- Feb 2-3 Taking a Break from the festivities

12: Day 13- Feb 4 Eating vegetarian meals helps clean the body of all the food that we ate for the past week | Day 14- Feb 5 Making our lanterns for the light festival

13: Day 15- Feb 6 Known as the Light Festival, Families carry lanterns and hang a lighted candle outside their homes to help any lost souls find their way back

14: George Washington Carver invented 300 products for peanuts including peanut butter. The folding chair was invented by Nathaniel Alexander. Alfred Cralle patented the first ice cream scoop. His original design remains in wide use, even today. | FEBRUARY | February was chosen to coincide with both Lincoln's and Frederick Douglass' birthdays. | Black History Month- February

15: Groundhog Day- Feb 2 So is it 6 more weeks of winter or is Spring coming early!? | EEK! A shadow or was it a bug? | According to folklore, if it is cloudy when a groundhog emerges from its burrow on this day, then spring will come early; if it is sunny, the groundhog will supposedly see its shadow and retreat back into its burrow, and the winter weather will continue for six more weeks

16: Wear Red Day- Feb 3rd Its a good thing that Chinese New Year was going on, that made this little holiday easier :) National Bird Feeding Month-February February is also known as Nat. Bird feeding Month, so I tried to feed the birds, except they are still on vacation.

17: Lincoln's Birthday- Feb 12 We celebrate the birthday of the 16th POTUS. He ended slavery and united the country. | Single People Awareness Day- Feb 14 Who says you need love to celebrate Valentines day?

18: Flag Day [Canada]- Feb 15 Our neighbors to the north may have a simple flag, but their love for their country is anything but. Ay. | The National Flag of Canada, also known as the Maple Leaf, and l'Unifolié (French for "the one-leafed"), is a red flag with a white square in its center, featuring a stylized 11-pointed red maple leaf.

19: Presidents Day- Feb 20 Our nation has elected 44 Presidents can you name them all? | International Mother Language Day- Feb 21 Being born in America, I was born to speak English, but what language do you speak? | Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Adams, Jackson, Von Buren, Harrison, Tyler, Polk, Taylor, Fillmore, Pierce, Buchanan, Lincoln, Johnson, Grant, Hayes, Garfield, Arther, Cleveland, Harrison, Cleveland, McKinley, Roosevelt, Taft, Wilson, Harding, Coolidge, Hoover, Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama

20: Washington's Birthday- Feb 22 Happy Birthday to the first President of our great Nation. | Ash Wednesday- Feb 22 | Ash Wednesday, in the calendar of Western Christianity, is the first day of Lent and occurs 46 days before Easter. It is a movable fast, falling on a different date each year because it is dependent on the date of Easter. It can occur as early as February 4 or as late as March 10. | February 22, 1732- December 14, 1799

21: Flag Day [Mexico]- Feb 24 ¡Viva Mexico! Hoy celebramos la bandera de nuestros vecinos al sur

22: Leap Day- Feb 29 It may only come once every four years, but it makes it that much more special | Since each year is 365 days and one quarter, we add another day to February, which still makes it the shortest month

23: National Nutrition Month- March With all the junk we have eaten since the first of the year... its time to get in shape | MARCH

24: American Red Cross Month- March In time of disaster, they are there to help put your life together... thank you | an international humanitarian movement with approximately 97 million volunteers, members and staff worldwide[2] which was founded to protect human life and health, to ensure respect for all human beings, and to prevent and alleviate human suffering, without any discrimination based on nationality, race, sex, religious beliefs, class or political opinions

25: National Pig Day- March 1 An event held annually on March 1 in the United States to celebrate the pig. The holiday is most often celebrated in the Midwest.

26: National Reading Day- March 2 Let your mind wonder and enjoy a good book. From mystical lands of wizards to bloody fields of war... books are a way of opening your imagination.

27: Women's History Month- March Slowly the hands of time have worked to make women equal, but there are still obstacles to over come

28: Mardi Gras- March 4- 9

29: World Math's Day- March 7 1+1= 2 Around the world people compete online against each other to be the best MATHMATICIAN | 7+3= 10 | Algebra | Trigonometry | Calculus | 10 x10= 100

30: World Kidney Day- March 8

31: Daylight Saving Time Begins- March 11 Spring Forward! Hooray, we lose an hour and we have to move the clocks ahead. Everyone seems to get mad when this time comes, but really I only change the clock in my room and leave my car's clock the same... by the time I figure out how to change the clock, I'll have to change it again.

32: Pluto Planet Day- March 13 Back in my day we had nine planets, just as many pizzas my very eager mother just served us! | DID YOU KNOW: PLUTO NEVER MADE ONE FULL ORBIT AROUND THE SUN BETWEEN ITS DISCOVERY IN 1930, AND WHEN IT WAS DECLASSIFIED AS A PLANET? *one orbit taking 248 years

33: White Day- March 14 Usually celebrated in Japan and Korea, it is a time for a man to give chocolate to the girl who gave him some on Valentines Day | Pi Day- March 14 | Save a Spider Day- March 14

34: National MS Awareness Week- March 14- 20 An inflammatory disease in which the fatty myelin sheaths around the axons of the brain and spinal cord are damaged, leading to demyelination and scarring as well as a broad spectrum of signs and symptoms.[1]

35: The Ides of March- March 15 This day has seen the changing of the world time and time again. From the Plot against Julius Ceaser to Columbus returning from America the first time.

36: St. Patrick's Day- March 17 Green must be the color of luck, cause with out it, you get pinched... | ... A lot! And just cause your underwear is green, it doesn't count. The laws of the day state that it has to be visible | TOP O THE MORNING TO YE LASSIE

37: Taking a break from all of this excitement. The year is only a quarter done and we have accomplished so much. | Break Time

38: < Sun- Earth Day- March 18 We learn the power our sun has over the Earth | Spring Equinox- March 20 > The Sun lays above the Equator

39: World Water Day- March 22 Help save the planet, don't waste water | 93% of the water we use, goes down the drain A leaky faucet can waste up to 2700 gallons a year A quarter of all drinkable water goes down the toilet

40: Autism Awareness Month- April From someone that has Autism, it is nice to know that there is a month dedicated to the problem I have... National Child Abuse Prevention Month- April ... While talking about problems, this is a major problem our country has, and needs to stop! | APRIL

41: Jazz Appreciation Month- April Hey Jazz Cats, get down with your cool self | April Fools- April 1 Tricks and Schemes, my favorite day of the year

42: World Health Day- April 7 Everyone get healthy! Staying healthy isn't always easy, but taking some small steps and you can add years to your life.

43: National Poetry Writing Month- April

44: Bhudda's Birthday- April 8

45: Easter Sunday- April 8 From decorated eggs to a big scary rabbit, easter brings our family together

46: National Arab- American Heritage Month- April Arab-Americans can trace their family history to an aray of countries | From Steve Jobs to Tony Shalhoub. Whether from Syria or Libya, many great people are from the Middle East. | According to the 2008 ACS, there are 1,573,530 Arab Americans.. | .. accounting for 0.5% of the American population.

47: Tax Day- April 15 Taxes are due, stress levels rise | Boston Marathon- April 16 Run off the stress | $

48: Patriots Day- April 16 A day most commonly celebrated in the state of Mass. it is a day to honor the ride of Paul Revere and the alarming of the coming of the British Troops

49: Earth Day- April 22 Treat the Earth with kindness, it's the only one with life | Arbor Day- April 27 A holiday that started in Nebraska

50: May Day- May 1 Leave a basket at the door and run | MAY

51: Kentucky Derby- May 5 And their off! It's basically NASCAR for rich people | Cinco De Mayo- May 5

52: South Asian/ Asian Pacific- American Heritage Month- May Whether from the coast of Japan or Papua New Ginea, the heritage of Asian- Americans has its ties to our own lives... remember Chinese New Year? | As of 2008, Asian Americans had the highest educational attainment level and median household income of any racial demographic in the country, and they attained the highest median personal income overall. | Accounting for 4.8- 5.6% of Americans

53: Zombie Awareness Month- May > Quick! there is a half-alive corpse chasing you... this ain't thriller, they aren't looking to dance Bike Week- May 6-12 > If the zombies are chasing you, grab your bike and get the heck out of there! | Braaaaaains! Braaaaains!

54: Gold Spike Day- May 10 Our Nation wouldn't be the same if not for our strength through the Industrial Revolution, and its vast miles of rail | Completing the last link in the Transcontinental Railroad with a spike of gold was the brainchild of David Hewes. The ceremony was originally to be held on May 8, 1869, but it was postponed two days because of bad weather and a labor dispute that delayed the arrival of the Union Pacific side of the rail line.

55: International Nurses Day and CIND Awareness- May 12 > From saving lives to delivering lives, nurses do a lot for us. They are there for us when our bodies are suffering.

56: Jewish American Heritage Month- May > Throughout time the jewish culture has seen horific times. | Mental Health Awareness Month- May If you are mad that a certain group of people have worked for what they have... you might want to check your mental health

57: Mother's Day- May 13

58: Armed Forces Day- May 19 We salute the men and women who protect us National Military Appreciation Month- May

59: Skin Cancer Awareness Month- May Be safe during the summer, you might think that laying in the sun for a few minutes to get a tan is popular, but how many cheerleaders have tumors? Exactly Towel Day- May 25 Maybe you can protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun with a towel?

60: Older American Month- May National Moving Month- May Must be moving grandpa to the senior home month, just kidding

61: Memorial Day- May 28 a day to remember

62: JUNE

64: Gay Pride- June 10 In a nation that prides itself on being a nation built on diversity, we still do not accept those who are different

65: Flag Day- June 14 The birth of our Nation's Flag, from Ol' Glory to the Stars and Stripes

66: < Father's Day- June 17 Though he won't admit it, this is the best day of the year... he finally gets some of his money back he gave you | < Summer Solstice- June 22 The longest day of the year

67: National Ice cream Month- July I scream, You scream, We all scream for Ice cream!! | JULY

68: Family, Fun, Food and Fireworks

69: Knee High by the Fourth of July

70: Captive Nations Week- July 15- July 21 A week to remember that there are still people in this world who have not voice in the way their nation runs.

71: National Immunization Month- August Make sure that you are protected from all the deadly diseases that are out there | National Psoriasis Month- August Approximately one third of psoriasis patients report being diagnosed before age 20. | AUGUST | an autoimmune disease that affects the skin. It occurs when the immune system mistakes the skin cells as a pathogen, and sends out faulty signals that speed up the growth cycle of skin cells.

72: National Water Quality Month- August It is important to all forms of life that the water that we drink is safe and clean | Happiness Happens Month- August When your water is clean, you'll be happy. When you're happy everyone is a little happier.

73: Get Ready for Kindergarten Month- August Oh the simple times of looking forward to a nap and finger painting | Back to School Month- August Is it Summer yet? Who ever invented homework never went to middle school.

74: International Beer Day- August 5 We drink to the year... and try to remember it | National Goat Cheese Month- August It is fitting that there is a month to a cheese the same time there is to a sandwich

75: Sturgis Week- August 6- 12 We ride into the sunset... taking the road as a family | Nuclear Weapon Awareness Day- August 9

76: American Adventures Month- August Lets go on a hike! National Left Hand Day- August 13 Are you left handed?

77: Cataract Awareness Month- August Never stare into the sun | Childrens Eye Health and Safety Month- August Even when your young, you should get your eyes checked

78: Statehood Day- August 17 | 19th Amendment Bday- August 18 | Under Article Four of the United States Constitution, which outlines the relationship between the states, the United States Congress has the power to admit new states to the Union. | The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

79: Neurosurgery Outreach Month- August If your head just doesn't feel right, get it checked. | Panini Month- August One simple test is, if you don't like panini's you should get your head checked.

80: What Will Be Your Legacy Month- August What will people remember about you when you're gone? Win With Civility Month- August | You will be missed | "Give the world the best you have and the best will come back to you." -Madeline Bridge

81: Labor Day- Sept. 3 We pride ourselves on our worker rights. National Grandparents Day- Sept. 9 We also celebrate the people who came before, and gave us the holidays we have today. | SEPTEMBER

82: Patriot Day- Sept. 11 I was in seventh grade when this day became so dear. We spent the day watching the news as the tragedy unfolded. It will forever be in my heart. German-American Heritage Month- Sept 15- Oct 15 We have a large German population here in Nebraska, there isn't a weekend that you can't find one town celebrating its heritage.

83: Hispanic Heritage Month- September Mexico's Independence Day- Sept. 16 We look back at the history of our neighbors to the south. The Mexican War of Independence (1810–1821) was an armed conflict between the people of Mexico and the Spanish colonial authorities which started on September 16, 1810.

84: National Talk Like a Pirate Day- Sept. 19 Ahoy Matey! Swab the Poop Deck. | International Day of Peace- Sept. 21 Give back the booty and make truce with those you have made enemies with.

85: Italian- American Heritage Month- October Polish- American Heritage Month- October They may have gotten a bad reputation during WWII but they gave us sausages. | OCTOBER

86: National Arts & Humanities Month- October

87: National Fire Prevention Week- Oct. 3- 9 Because you never know when a fire will start, and it only takes a few seconds for it to take over. International World Teachers Day- Oct. 5 The people that help shape our minds are our greatest treasures.

88: Brandon's 24th Birthday- Oct. 6 WAHOO! He might be a year older, but he still acts like a toddler. Will he ever actually grow up, let's hope not.

89: Columbus Day- Oct. 8 Let the wind take you around the world | Free Thought Day- Oct. 12 Let your mind wonder and dream.

90: World Food Day- Oct. 16 Not everyone has food, so don't waste it. | Apple Day- Oct. 21 An apple a day, keeps the doctor away... I guess. | United Nations Day- Oct. 24 Gonna take my problems to the United Nations

91: Halloween- Oct. 31 From Ghosts and Ghouls to Princesses, the night is filled with wonder. | Trick or Treat Smell My Feet Give Me Some Goodies to Eat! | EEK! | Watch out for the black cat!

92: Native American Heritage Month- November | National Homeless Youth Awareness Month- November | NOVEMBER

93: Dia de Los Muertos We remember those that have gone on this past year. | Alzheimer's Awareness Month- November A scary thing a lost memory is. | ?

94: Daylight Savings Time Ends- Nov. 4 Fall back an hour | Election Day- Nov. 6 GO VOTE!! | Veteran's Day- Nov. 11 Remember the Heroes of the Past, Present and, Future

95: Leonid's Meteor Shower [Peak]- Nov. 17 Watch the sky and wish for a better tomorrow | National Adoption Day- Nov. 21 Every kid should have a home and a family

97: International Family Day- Dec. 1 | Pearl Harbor Day- Dec. 7 A day which will live in infamy! | DECEMBER

98: Bill of Rights Day- Dec. 15 | Human Rights Day- Dec. 10

99: Christmas- Dec. 25 It's the most, wonderful time of the year. When the fire is going and filling the house with warmth. | HAPPYCHRISTMAS

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