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S: In Loving Memory... Kenneth E. Keiser

BC: May the road Rise up to meet you, May the wind be always at your back, May the sun shine warm upon your face, And the rain fall soft upon you fields, And until we meet again, May God hold you in the palm of His hand. -The Irish Blessing

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1: "A golden heart stopped beating, hard working hand put to rest. God broke our hearts to prove to us, He only takes the best"

4: We started off the summer at our cottage in upstate Michigan. Ken had what he thought was a persistent cold, but than he also noticed a lump on his neck. Within a week we were in our Doctors office for treatment. After an ultrasound and a CT scan it was clear that it was a tumor on his thyroid glands and that it was likely cancer We prepared for immediate surgery, which occurred on Monday, June 27th. Ken's surgeon removed both thyroid glands and 8 lymph nodes. She let us know that the cancer cells appeared very aggressive and "angry" and that we would know more once we got the pathology results. Two days later the surgeon called with the news that Ken had Anaplastic thyroid cancer, a condition which affects less than 1% of those with thyroid cancer. This diagnosis means that we will have a fight ahead of us. Since surgery Ken has been focused on keeping up his health - walking, biking and even a bit of running. He is building up his strength and getting ready to fight this thing. We are in the midst of exploring our options for chemotherapy and radiation. We will be using this site to keep our friends and family up to date on his condition.

5: Ken went to the doctor today and surgery is scheduled for next Monday morning at Abbot Northwest. Surgeon wanted to wait for another surgical counterpart to get back in town and be on board to assist. Ken will be in overnight. Doctor still feels that the cancer is contained in the thyroid glands. Because of the size of the tumor (5 to 6cm), the surgery could be a little more complicated; wont know until then. Will keep you updated. Thanks for all your wishes and prayers. . | June 20th, 2011 | Ken underwent his surgery this morning to remove both of his Thyroid glands. The surgery was approximately 5.5 hours and the doctors removed all of the cancer that they could see. There will be some follow up test to determine the type of cancer and treatment as needed. We should know more Thursday. Ken will be in the hospital for the next two days as he recovers - he will be hoarse for the next couple of weeks. Please keep your thoughts and prayers with Ken as we await further information. | June 27th, 2011

6: Ken came home today and is recovering well. He met with the surgeon this morning and as I said yesterday the surgery was long - about 6 hours. One of the voice box nerves was damaged due to the size of the tumor. The nerve was repaired and will hopefully regenerate over the next year. Ken's voice is good, but needs to rest it for a couple of days. His voice will work even with just the one working nerve. Doctor said no marathons for a couple weeks but he can and should walk as much as possible as well as putt and chip. The Thyroid cancer is out, and we hope to find out late tomorrow the type of cancer and what course of follow up treatment will be needed. Thanks for the continued prayers and emails. | June 28th, 2011 | Well -- The news we got from the doctor today was not what we really wanted to hear. Ken has Anaplastic thyroid cancer. It is an uncommon cancer which will involve chemo and radiation and we know we have a fight ahead of us. A fight Ken will win!!!! We will be seeing a radiation oncologist at Abbott and at Mayo... hopefully next week as Ken needs to heal a little more from his surgery. Please keep your prayers coming and call or email Ken. His voice seems to be healing better each day. | June 29th, 2011

7: Ken and I returned from out fist visit with an oncologist at Abbott this afternoon. He confirmed what we had already been told regarding Ken's treatment plan. His treatment will include simultaneous radiation and chemotherapy, both of which are expected to be intense (no surprise given who the recipient is). Our next job is to plump Ken up a bit in preparation for his treatment. Please know that despite my inability to respond to each of your messages, we are reading and listening to them all. Please continue sending prayers our way. We are receiving strength from them. | July 1st, 2011

8: It was a long day today given that our first appointment at Mayo began at 8am. We have now consulted with both Abbott and the Mayo Clinic. They are both recommending an aggressive combination of 4-6 weeks of radiation and chemotherapy (with two different types of chemo drugs.) They Mayo Clinic is renown for this treatment and has highly experienced radiation oncologists. This means that we will likely be relocating down to Rochester for treatment at the end of the month Our primary doctor, Medical Oncologist, will be DrKSideras. We are hoping to start treatment as soon as possible. Typically they would wait one month after surgery, but they are considering an early start due to the fact that Ken is in such good physical condition and that he is recovering so quickly. We will visit Mayo again this week for a PET scan and to finalize our treatment plan. In the meantime we will be focused on getting Ken ready to fight. He has given up caffeine and will be focused on healthy, organic foods. Please keep the prayers and positive thoughts coming. Feel free to share this website with others. It has been really hard to keep all of our friends and family up to date. We are hoping that this site will help. Know that Ken i getting, reading and appreciating all of your good wishes. | July 5th, 2011

9: Hi Ken and Sue, Just wanted to let you know that there are alot of folks in this area that are praying for the both of you. -Dennis Keiser | Ken and Sue, Please know that I'm honored and thrilled to be part of "Team Keiser", and that I have/will take very seriously my prayer warrior work. Know that you are in my prayers and thoughts daily. -Jim Lieske | Hey Keiser's Glad to see Anne's name in the loop. We are at your back and will be at the front of any line to be of assistance to you. Positive thoughts, prayers and all the best for you and all your family -Love, Doc and the Missus (Diane Killian) | Ken, Rita and I just heard the news. Knowing you, I feel sorry for the cancer... it doesn't stand a change. You will be in our prayers every day. Get well my friend. CheersAndre & Rita Hawaux | Hi Sue and Ken, We've been thinking about you for the last 2 days and this is a great way to cover a lot of ground. Thanks for filling us in. As always, we'll keep those prayers and good thoughts coming your way. Glad to hear they want to move the treatment up and that Ken is recovering so well from the surgery. He is amazing! keep it up Ken! love to you both. -Kathleen and Jim Nolan

10: Ken, If you fight as hard at this as you did at hitting the numbers at PAS, you will be back to full healthy status in no time! And the team behind you then is the team you can count on now. You are in our thoughts and prayers every single day! Stay Strong -Barb Kallay | Ken, Stay strong and positive, you will beath this! You are in our prayers. God Bless. -Ken Johnson | Ken and Sue, We will be with you 100 percent in thought, prayer, and anything else you need from now until your victory lap. Stay strong! -Matt and Ana Carter | Knowing my big brother like I do he will fight this cancer. My sister-in-law will fight with him! Together they will win! Many Prayers and love are being sent from Northern MI -Kathy Kenroy | Ken, Sue, and Amy; Annie and I have you in our prayers. Ken is an amazing person. We are with you in your battles. Our god can deliver!! -Brad and Ann Williams | Ken- I am saddened to hear of the struggle you and your family are currently going through but I know that you are strong and will fight this with everything you have. Always remember your Pepsi family is standing beside you, cheering you on. Many thoughts and prayers being sent to you from Fargo, ND!! "Feed your faith and your fears will starve to death." Kelsey Nogosek | You are a fighter and you will beat this!! God Bless -Greg Bartz | Ken you always had guts, and have always made the long putts of life. Every blessing. -Joe and Lesley Heron

11: Hi Ken and Family, This is Michele, an old friend of Molly's. I haven'tseen you for quite some time but just wanted to send a note of support for your struggle. Ken you have always been an individualof fierce determination and will and I have no doubt those qualities will serve you well in your battle with cancer. I will keep you in my thoughts and wish all good healthy outcomes for you and your family -Michele Farrell | Hi Ken, I went running today and in meditation I decided I will run, bike ride or do yoga everyday you are working at getting well and in recovery000so hurry up my body can only move so much. I love you and will honor you with every step in my workouts. -Molly Deprekel | Ken, suzy, and family, Heard the news and wanted to let you know that my family will be praying for you daily sending strength and power your way. God is good and will be with you constantly. Thanks suzy and Amy for keeping us updated with this web page. Love and prayers. From your cousins in saginaw. -Cindy Ankoviak | Hi Ken, Learning to email here so see if I did it right. -Mom | Ken: Sending positive thoughts your way and keeping you and your family in our prayers. Stay strong!! -Mary Klocke Power | Hi Ken, Glad I can Email you here on this website. Denny and I are going to the sacramentines and let a Sister Barb know who we are as Denny said she used to come to the farm. Maybe I will recognize her to as there was a couple of sisters that came in for blood work. They are praying for you too. So glad to hear your good report. -Love, Mom and Dad

12: T | Today, we headed back down to Mayo to meet my dad's radiation oncologist who will be our main "go to" doctor over the next few months. He delivered the good news that the PET scan did not reveal cancer anywhere else in my dad's body, meaning the cancer has not spread. However, there were two small tumors that were detected in the neck region, above the thyroid area and under the jaw line. These were present prior to my dad's thryoidectomy, so they did not grow since his surgery last week. Due to the nature of dad's type of cancer, it was decided to go back in surgically to remove them, along with some surrounding lymph nodes, before starting his treatment. Surgery is scheduled for this Tuesday, July 12th at Mayo Clinic. It is expected to go relatively smooth and should be easier than dad's first surgery last week. These two remaining tumors are small, mobile (meaning not connected to anything) and able to be removed. Despite this minor setback, God is answering our prayers. We are hugely relieved that the cancer had not spread elsewhere. After roughly three weeks following surgery, dad will begin his treatment which will consist of radiation 1-2 times/day, M-F and two chemo drugs given one/week This protocol will last for 61/2-7 weeks. As was mentioned previously, Mom and Dad will be relocating to Rochester for a couple months and will have LOTS of visits from Chris and Amy! Due to the aggressiveness of this type of cancer, and the fact that dad will always need to be on top of it even after surgery and treatment, we urge you, our family and friends, to do a little exploration of your own of anaplastic thyroid cancer. Despite what you read, don't be misled. My dad is in a better position than many diagnosed with this cancer. He is young and healthy. The cancer was contained and able to be removed; and he is a candidate for the intense treatment protocal outlined above. Thank you for all your thoughts, prayers and well wishes. We continue to gain strength from them and ask for your continued prayers. Don't be alarmed if you don't reach my parents this evening. I am ordering them to power down and power off so they can catch up on some much needed zzs. Love to all - Amy | July 7th, 2011

13: Ken, Sue and Amy; Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this time, I only hope our prayers can be as strong as your will power. P.S. We're only serving Pepsi at our wedding. -David and Stephanie Sutton | Ken, You will win this, I have total confidence in you. Your always in my prayers. -Jerry Schwalbach | Hi Ken and Susie, Not calling because Denny and Kathy are keeping us posted but we're thinking about you all day long and you need to save your voice so you don't have to repeat everything again. Love, Mom and Dad | Ken, Sue, Amy and Chris: Ed and I have no doubt that you are going to overcome this challenge and we are adding our prayers to all the others being sent your way. Thank you for keeping us updated on your success. Sending lots of Hugs. -Ed and Trudi Pierami | Ken and Sue, Colleen and I are thinking of you and the challenge ahead. Mayo is the best of the best in all respects, so were planning on seeing you this winter in Florida. I'll bring the red, and the Venturi. Your in our thoughts and prayers. If there is anything we can do, know that were here for you. Get well soon. Love. Mike and Colleen O'Donnell | Ken, Sue, Amy and Chris, Tom has been warming his rosary beads... think of you all often during the day. This will be a family flight and Mayo will deliver. Amazing place. We keep you near and love you all. -Tom and Mary Behan in Harbor Springs. | Ken, You will win this , I have total confidence in you. Your always in my prayers. -Jerry Schwalbach

14: Thanks for giving us all this information Amy. No doubt you're all exhausted and need to "power off" a bit. What good news you delivered today regarding the tests and we will keep praying that it continues this way. Your dad is a health example for all of us. It does show not only his physical shape, but, his mental shape as he takes this on with such focus and positivity. He's a strong guy! We send you all our love and prayers. -Kathleen and Jim Nolan | Dear Ken and Sue, I just heard the news day. Robin and I wish you both the very best. I have every confidence you will come out on top, as usual. You are truly one of the strongest fighters around. We look forward to having dinner out with the two of you after your triumphant rebound! - Bill and Robin Evans | Ken, It was great to read the upbeat and positive update from Amy today. Glad to hear that you had a good news day today. Thanks for the brief chat yesterday too - great to talk with you. Hang tough, my friend. -Jim Lieske | Ken, Sue and Amy, Just received word today of your battle. Ken, thanks for the note back. I remember a couple years back skiing down the mountain with you to Beaver Creek medical center. "Drink plenty of water, take it easy, and get some rest." was the diagnosis then. Wish it was that simple this time around! In a different way "we'll be by your side again" praying for you to beat this thing. I met Steph when she was working at Mayo. She assures me your in the hands of the very best. Thinking of you and your family. -Keith and Stephanie Reimer | We love you guys and keep you in our thoughts and prayers everyday. We are sending hugs and more hugs! -Elizabeth and Ken Bechler p.s. your gardens are amazing, full of fresh blossoms and all the birds singing their prayerful songs for you as well. | Ken, Suzi, Amy and Chris, Love and prayers to each of you! And I will see you Monday at Mayo -Love, Kathy and Dick

15: Ken, Sue, Amy, Chris -- Thank you for the update. The PET scan is a BIG deal and Mardi and I are so pleased to hear that you have the RIGHT point person at Mayo, and a plan to WIN. The strongest motivation is love and you have plenty of that even when the tank seems empty. We will check in by phone soon! -Love Tom and Mardi Spitzer | Ken and Sue, Going to the sacramenting for Mass said for you today at 11/30. Denny is going to try and go too. Have a more relaxing day. -Mom and Dad | Ken and Sue, It is very difficult to add anything more to what has already been written by the multitude of family and friends already posted. It was uplifting to read Amy's entry yesterday, great news! Just know that your Gulf Costers have you in our thoughts and prayers as well. -Dan and Lynn Hochradel | Hi Ken and Suzi, Thinking about you guys all the time! We love you and will be here whenever you need us!! We are all praying-hard-and you know kids' prayers go straight to heaven! Love Always, Bill Missi, Brody and Heather Keiser | Wishing you a full recovery. You will be in our prayers.... -Bernie Steeves | Ken, Great to hear the positive outcome from your surgery. my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family as you beat this challenge together. All the best during your upcoming surgery, treatments, and recovery. Your overall positive attitude, focus on being healthy, love of life, and family/friend support will help pull you through. I look forward to seeing you soon. God Bless, Tim Trant and Family.

16: Ken, Suzi, Amy and Chris, We were so THRILLED to read Amy's notes from yesterday. Prayers do get answered... and we know that they will continue to be answered. This is the biggest race you will ever have to face and we know that you can do it, together with all your family and friends beside you. We are here for you all and can be reached anytime!!! We LOVE you all. Cheryl (or Shurell to Amy) and Dee Smith | Ken, My family and I will keep you and yours in our prayers. My mom had a brain tumor 40 years ago, as you can image the technology when was pretty dismal, but the doctors told her when you go into surgery you tell your body you will make a complete recovery, he was a strong believer in the power of the mind. 40 years later, mom is going on 83 and still going strong. Keep positive thoughts, keep the faith, and we will all send our prayers your way. -Ro Micele (PAS Alumni) | Hi Ken, Wanted to let you know I was thinking of you and you are in my families prayers. Having a brother who has gone through this just 3 years ago I am confidant it will all work out. I think you're the best!! I look forward to catching up with you soon. Know that many people are thinking of you! Tim, Joanne, Keegan and Kellen Donnelly | Hi Ken and Family, My name is Connie and I work with your brother Denny. Denny has kept me updated on how you are doing. I would like you to know that i am Praying for you and your family. God Bless, -Connie Golding

17: Dear Ken, I recently heard the sad news about your surgery from Ann Sample! The message that your daughter, Amy, wrote was great... so clear and to the point! you must be very proud of her to help "take care of you" in your time of need. Please know that my prayers and warm thoughts are with you and Sue and family for a complete recovery. If anyone can do it, you can! with love, Ellen (your Marquette "buddy" PS Nice picture of you too!! -Ellen Illg | Ken Sue and Family, We will be thinking of you and keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. Wishing you all the best during your remaining treatments and hoping that your full recovery comes very soon. All the best, Tim and Kathy Gorman and family. | Ken - Get well soon, we miss you on the golf course. Thoughts and prayers - Mark Meadows | Ken, I too will be praying for a fast and complete recovery. I was stunned when strems gave me the news, but I know how determined you can be and am certain that you will whip this thing. Take care, get well sooner, and remember it do-be time to get this job done and back to Minneapolis. All the best. -Rick Tanelr | Love you all. You are in our thoughts and prayers all day every day. Be Strong. Love, Tim and Mary Behan

18: You all are in my thoughts and prayers! If there is anything I can do to help please let me know... Shadow and Kioni, Gabby or anything else!! Love to you all :) -Wendy DeCamp | Ken, As you patiently and tenaciously pounded in my head over the past 30 some years, there is only on way and that is forward. Good to hear the surgery is a major step in that direction. You have always sidestepped the nay sayers and found the right path and this will be no different. All of your friends and colleagues stand with you in your fight back to good health, which I'm confident is imminent. My thanks to Sue and Amy for keeping us posted on your progress, and of course you will be part of our daily thoughts and prayers until this thing is licked. -Mike Holmes | Mr. Keiser great to hear from you and appreciated the update that the cancer had not spread. Thinking about you many times during the day and providing you with all the moral support I can. Go get em. Beat this thing!!! -Steve Schmidt | Hi Ken, Just heard the news through Jim Rogers If you can beat me in marathons... I am sure you can beat this thing too!! Our thoughts are with you Ken, Sue and Amy. -Katy and Christopher Guille, with love from Belgium

19: Hi Ken, Glad to hear you went golfing yesterday! Just wanted to let you know that we're thinking of you and Sue and praying for all of this to end. See you on Monday. -Denny Keiser | Hi Ken, We're having a beautiful day today and I'm sure you are too, so hope your out relaxing and boating. Will see you on Monday nite. Love, Mom and Dad. | Ken, Susie, Amy, You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Ken, you are strong and a fighter. I will be praying for you daily as you find your way through this challenge. Pat Hart | Hi Keiser Family, After hearing from Ken about the Caringbridge site, we found it and we'll be following the journal entries and thinking often of you, Ken. We look forward to your full recovery and to playing golf again with you in November in Florida. -Ron and Zoe Wilson | Hi Ken and Sue, Just got back into town and discovered this website. Awesome. You have so many friends that care and are cheering for you. Sounds like you are in excellent medical hands and surrounded with love. Take care, -Valentina Selleck

20: Hi Uncle Ken, Aunt Sue, Amy, Chris and Mason. Ryan and I will keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Its amazing to see all of the support from others on this website! Love you -Anne Deprekle and Ryan | Hi, I was so shocked to hear the news!! You all will be in my prayers!! You are at the best place to be and we are so fortunate to have it so close. My best Laurie Chozen | Sue and Ken, Good Luck at the Mayo tomorrow. We're sure things will go well. Please know we are with you and that you are in our hearts and prayers as you both go through this. We'll miss you on Fridays over the next few months, and look forward to teeing it up when you return. Please let us know if there's anything we can do to help out. Again, Good luck, and God bless. -Tom and Mary Williams | Got the whole crew here praying... - Tom DePrekel | Ken, Some guys will do anything to get more stokes on the course!Seriously, my friend, your attitude is terrific - and I am sure will carry you to a complete recovery. All the best, Stan Donnelly | Ken, Sue and Family, You are in our thoughts and prayers every single day. - The Hulbert Family

21: Ken and Sue, I was shocked to hear the news. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you. Ken, people tell me your attitude is fantastic. I believe that is very important. Remember it is often the darkest before the sunrise. God bless you both. -Paul Harmel | Dear Ken , Sue and Amy, You will be in my thoughts and prayers always but especially tomorrow as you undergo yet another surgery. I know you have a very strong will and lots of determination Ken and that is what will get you through this. I know God and his angels will be watching over you and will also pray that God will guide the hands of your physician. Bless you and know what you are loved. Your Cousin, Barb Stoddard | Ken and Sue, Amy and Chris, and little Mason, My prayers are with you all today and throughout your complete recovery. The mind is a powerful thing and you will see your way through this Ken. God bless, -Terri Jenstad.

22: Ken, Sometimes it is difficult to put our thoughts into words, however, I found this poem that really seems to say it all! We are sending positive thoughts yoru way! -Stan and Lori Volkman When God comes to heal us It's final and complete There is nothing that is lacking When He meets us in our need Whether it be in our body Or the hurt within our soul He will touch the point of need And will truly make us whole His healing is there for you Just receive it from the Lord Believe upon the living word That you can be restored Wherever there is weakness He is the strength we need And He will gently lead us through And heal the heart that bleeds Jesus came to restore us To fullness in our God But Satan has come to devour And to kill, destroy and rob But Jesus won the victory So we need not be afraid But claim the victory that is ours And no longer live enslaved We need to rise up in our faith And not depend on how we feel Keep on praying and standing firm For our God surely heals -By M.S.Lownde

23: Ken, Best of luck on the surgery tomorrow and on the regimen to follow. I'm totally confident that your great attitude, tremendous fortitude, and growint faith will get you through this in flyin colors. It was great to be with you Friday and I can't wait for our next chance to play golf together, so get well soon. God is real. Jesus is real. The Spirit is genuine. Jesus experienced suffereing and knows pain, both physical and emotional. So, when we suffer, Jesus suffers with us. When we hurt, Jesus hurts too. When we cry, Jesus cries with us. Also though, when we laugh and rejoice, Jesus laughs and rejoices with us too. Trust in Him... He is real and He is there for you, and He can't wait to laugh and rejoice with you. Keeping you and Sue in my prayers daily. God's blessings! -Jim Lieske | Ken, Blessing to you tomorrow for the procedure and during your ongoing battle, which you will overcome. -Tony/Amy Williams | Uncle Ken, Wish you the best of luck on your surgery tomorrow, I will be thinking of you. -Mark Keiser

24: Ken, Just heard the news and wanted you to know you are in my thoughts and prayers everyday. As strong as you are and with the many friends you have behind you good things are going to happen. Good luck tomorrow my friend and I will follow your journey. Thanks for all you have done for me, -Mark Schafer | We will be thinking about you tomorrow. Our prayers are with you. We are in your corner! -Terryn & Larry | All the best. -Mike J. O'Donnell | Hey, Just got back from Michigan yesterday and glad to see the CaringBridge site is up and running and even more glad to hear the PET scan was good!! Our thoughts and prayers are with you for the surgery today! -Susan Mahaffy

25: Dad is out of surgery. The nurse said he did well. He went in at 2pm and they were finishing things up at about 4 O'clock, so things seem to be going as expected (phew!). The doctor has one more surgery to go and then he will stop by to talk to us later this eventing, at about 7 O'clock. Either my mom or myself will be in touch tonight with another update, once we've had a chance to see my dad and speak to the doctor. Luv, Amy | July 12th, 2011 - 4:16 p.m.

26: Mom and I are back at the hotel following the completion of my dad's second surgery. As usual, he looked great in recovery and even better after a warm meal, family conversation and some good pain meds. He had four nurses caring for him and every one of them had the same question/comment upon checking my dad's vitals: "you must be an athlete" or "are you an athlete"? His pulse was low indicating that he is well conditioned. Yes, my dad's years of practicing a healthy and active lifestyle are paying off.. His Surgeon visited us this evening, and although he did not yet have the pathology reports, he confirmed that he did get the two remaining tumors they went in for and took several lymph nodes as well. Although it would be great to hear that there was no cancer found in th tumors and/or lymph nodes, we were reminded that it's quite irrelevant since his cancer is notorious for leaving behind microscopic cancer cells which is why his intensive treatment protocol has the ever important job to destroy them. This is why your prayers are still so important to us - dad will need strength to get through his treatment to kick this cancer in the butt! We have received some signs from God today. He certainly works in mysterious ways. Thank you all for you words of encouragement and prayers. We are felling their power. Love to all, Amy | July 12th, 2011 - 4:16 p.m.

27: Hey, Just got back from Michigan yesterday and glad to see the CaringBridge site is up and running and even more glad to hear the PET scan was good!! Our thoughts and prayers are with you for the surgery today! -Sue Mahaffy | Ken, You'll be in my thoughts and prayers as you tackle this important challenge. I know how competitive you are and I'm confident that you'll beat this thing.. My money is on you! Best wishes - Shorty (Brian Shortall) | Thanks so much for the updates... We are sending lots of positive thoughts your way Ken and hoping for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery! - Kelly and Jay Altman | Ken and Sue, First Cindi and I are praying as are so many others. The lord is being bombarded with all of us lifting you both up to HIM. Your approach makes us proud and we are so blessed in this area to have the best doctors and medicine for your treatments. Thanks for all the updates and we ditto Lieske's message. - Robert Sutter

28: Thanks so much for your updates. I remembered you and your family at Mass this morning. Sister Sue from SMU, you know we are here for whatever you need. We believe you are in excellent hands and that, even more importantly, there is an army of angels praying for you. Love, Jeff and Midge Burzinski | Ken and Sue, Glad to hear things went well in surgery today. We'll be checking in for updates. Way to go!! -Tom and Mary Williams | Hey Kenny, Glad to hear things went well today with the surgery. Hope you, Sue and Amy are felling the love and the prayers. Lots are headed your way and more are coming. -Jim Dauwalter | Hi Ken: Heard from friends of your fight and that things went well today. All the best in Rochester. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. -John and Allyne Budesa | Good Evening... Good news on your surgery. We will all sleep better tonight. -Jerry and Pat Evenson

29: Hi Ken, I was so saddened by the news of the need for a second surgery. I'm relieved to hear that it went well for you today. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Your determination and positive attitude will definitely help you at this unfortunate juncture in your life. I'm very thankful that you have the best medical team on your side. If any one can beat this, it's you! Stay strong. -Carole Holmes | Glad to hear the surgery went well today. Ryan and I have been keeping you in our nightly prayers. -Anne Deprekel | What a beautiful day today - God is good! Ken and Family, we are so grateful and happy for you that the surgery went well! We will be praying that the pathology report will be even better news. Take care of yourself and know that you are still in our prayers and thoughts! -Stan and Lori Volkman Family

30: Hi Ken, I was so happy to hear that yesterday's surgery went well (Thanks for the updates, Amy) and am even happier to know that you are felling the presence of God. He is with all of you, and He so much wants you to totally depend on and lean on Him. I'm glad to know that you can feel the power of all the prayers. As a testimony that you are quite the guy, it is evident by reading these guestbook entries that you have the Catholics, the Lutherans and even the Baptists all pulling in the same direction and competing over who can pray for you the hardest! All of you, and your medical team, remain in my prayers daily. Be good, eat your vegetables, we'll talk soon... -Jim Lieske | Ken, So glad to hear the surgery went well. Before you know it you will be running another Chicago marathon or out on the boat! Hope you have a great day and wanted to let you know my family is thinking of you and yours. -Tim Donnelly

31: July 13, 2011

32: Ken, Your strong will and internal drive will steer the way for you during these challenging times. You will be in my prayers daily. There is a biblical phrase I'd like to share... Psalm 30:5 says that Weeping may endure for an evening, but Joy comes in the morning. So, no matter how difficult the challenge... you know you have great doctors who, will provide the best of care and you have God to look over them all. Your Friend, Richard Wilson | We are glad to hear the surgery went well. We know you will recover from this quickly and be ready to proceed with your treatments. Amy is right all that training was worth it. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Thanks for the updates Amy and Sue, Derek and Marilyn Sutton | Ken and Family, I was so blessed this morning reading that surgery went so well and you are doing good. It is evident that God is working on your behalf. Here in Petoskey, Michigan you have many praying for you too. We will continue praying for strength for all of you as you start treatment and that you will feel Gods hand holding you during this difficult time. He is our strength in times of weakness. God answers prayer. Connie Golding (I work with Denny)

33: Dear Ken, Thinking of you as you recover from your second surgery. Know that you are in our daily prayers. Hugs to you and Sue and Amy! Carol and Mike Lutgen | Ken, I have you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. You have impacted so many lives in so many positive ways. We all know that you have always risen to any challenge you've faced. I know you are up to this as well!! May God give you and your family strength. -Keith Sanders | Ken, Glad to hear you are making terrific progress, hang tough as you always have, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. -Jeff Laughlin | Hey, I am sending you a book. Its called "Prison to Praise". Its not about prison. Its a short easy read. I know you have lots to read. But is is a must... Read. Trust me brother on this... The first 32 pages or so are background.. and then the book gets really interesting.. I have read it at least 20 or so times.. -Tom DePrekel

34: Ken, Every time I see that pic of you on the water, one memory is brought to mind... It was the time when a bunch of us were at the stein house in BayView... and you said something about buying all the rounds, and Peter grabbed a twenty and threw it in the middle of the table... and you felt bad that Peter, who was not working and in college, was going to buy the next round... what you didn't know then was that my little brother, had grabbed the twenty from in front of YOU... and when you found out you thought it was really funny and laughed along with Sue and the rest of us... oh what a memory I have... Sorry thats all I got.. except that... here in MI there is this great bunch of people who are daily holding you up in prayer... My heart is with you my brother... -Tom DePrekel | Ken, Glad things went well Tuesday. When you are finished with your treatments and recovering I intend to take full advantage in our next one on one drill! My Best, John Peckham | Hi guys-- Thanks to you, Amy, for keeping us all posted. We are so glad to hear that the surgery went well. Now the hard part begins, but we know that if anyone is suited to the fight, it's all of you. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Take care and try to rest up! XOXO Dick and Mary Salib

35: Ken, Glad to hear surgery went well. I sent the following quote to you yesterday but it bears repeating: I have heard there are troubles of more than one kind. Some come from ahead and some come from behind. But I've bought a big bat. I'm all ready to see. Now my troubles are going to have troubles with me! -Dr. Seuss I know that you'll keep swinging that bat! -Cheryl Craft | Ken, I can say with complete certainty that everyone in the PAS family is pulling for you. If anyone can battle -- and win -- it's you. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Thank you for telling your story and letting us cheer you on. Mary Viola | Ken, Sounds as if you're in quite a battle. I have every confidence you'll win given your physical and spiritual strength! My prayers will be with you and your family. -Jim Kackley | Ken, Sue and Amy, There is nothing a little attitude and the right pair of boots can't do (cowboy boots)... Now go out there and "kick it". Of course nothing is better than Faith and Prayers!!! You all are in our daily thoughts and prayers... Love & Hugs, The Tanlers

36: Ken, Thinking of you as you embark on the road to a full recovery. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. - Phil Sanfilippo | Ken, Carrie and I wish you and your family all the best in this battle. If anyone is prepared to take on this type of challenge it is you. As is evident in this guestbook there are a lot of people rooting for you. Would you rather another bottle of Dierbergs Pinot or Ram's Superbowl memorabilia? I think I know the answer, watch the mail. -Rich and Carrie Frey | Ken, Hope you are resting and feeling okay. -Richard Wilson | Ken and Sue, You are with us everyday. Love you BIG!!! -Mary Behan | Glad to hear that the follow-up surgery went well, Ken. Another prayer answered! Hugs to you, Sue, Amy, Chris and Mason. XOX and praying now for your recuperation as well as a productive gear up in preparation for chemo and radiation, my friend! Here for you if you need anything. -Ruth Travis

37: Sending love, health, healing and many prayers your way! xoxo -Marilee, Patrick, Maggie and Henery Hunt | Ken, It was great to hear that your surgery went well. It certainly doesn't surprise me that you escaped for a meal so quickly. If for another meal give me a call. -Dale Mahaffy | Ken, It was comforting for all of us to be together to support you, Suzi, Amy and Chris. We are all dealing with your cancer as best we can. Sometimes we sat in silence, or together in prayer, there were tears and laugher, we were scared and yet so brave. We are the Keiser team and we are here to help you beat cancer. I love you big brother... take my hand and I will share this journey with you! -Kathy Kenroy | Ken, It is good to hear that you are sneaking out and will be back at the ranch to recharge before the stay in Rochester. I hope you have discovered that Rochester CC has a decent range! -Robert Sutter

38: Ken, You're looking good. So happy to hear you were out of dinner already. Keep it up. Thinking about you. -Pat , Arlie and Sam Hart | Sneaking out for dinner... that is awesome! :) Love and prayers and if there is anything you need please let me know! -Wedny DeCamp | Ken, We have been thinking about you and want you to know that you're in our prayers. -Jim and Lisa Leone | Ken, Holding down your home fries. Gabby snores very loud. Fix that will ya. Glad you are getting "home" today. Your house misses you. We here have been praying for you. Much love to you and see you soon. -Love, Molly Deprekel | Ken, I am happy to see you are up and moving about... keep up the great work!

39: And per usual, he's still smiling! Thanks for sharing again as we keep thinking about all of you everyday and the updates really mean so much to all of us. I actually know exactly where you went to eat across the street. Mayo is such an amazing place and the fact that you can leave in your gown and get out of the hospital is so great. you're right in fashion wearing what so many other people have on. There's a kinship isn't there? Anyway, we're glad this part is over for you Ken and knowing you, you'll be ahead of schedule with the treatment. We hope this morning finds you heading home with a more comfortable throat and resting in your own bed or on your couch in front of the big T.V.! Glad they removed the other areas and this part is behind you. Our prayers and thoughts are still all coming your way my friend. Love to you. -Kathleen and Jim Nolan | Ken, You are looking great. Glad to hear it went well. We are all thinking about you. -Tim Donnelly

40: To everyone on this site, As you already know, Ken had his second surgery on Tuesday and is on his way home. We all know Ken to be a fighter and a fight he will WIN! As Ken heals up in the next couple of weeks he will then start his next phase of treatment with radiation and chemo. I just want to thank everyone for all the thoughts and prayers you have been sending Ken's way but ask that we all expand out and tell another family member or friend about Ken as he starts round two. With Ken being a fighter, Sue, Chris, Amy and little Mason and all the rest of us helping through thoughts and prayers, this cancer doesn't stand a chance. God bless all of you, Denny Keiser | Ed and I are sitting here laughing as we picture you leaving the hospital for a bite to ea. was the back of Ken's hospital attire open or closed? Thanks for the update and picture. Thinking of you and sending lots of prayers. Hugs all around! -Ed and Trudi Pierami

41: Ken, We are so glad to hear everything went well with your surgery. Next time you get to escape from the hospital, I think you should definitely wear those awesome plaid Christmas pants! With the wonderful love and support you have from so many people and being in such an amazing place as Mayo, you'll be back to your old self before you know it. -Alison and Nate Stewart | Ken, your all in our prayers each and everyday. We are always thinking about you, Sue, Amy, Chris and Mason. God speed and best wishes for a speedy recovery. Love, Pete, Joanne, Anne, Peter and Jenny. (and from the Spartan Nation) | Ken, Will think of you the rare time I correctly hit you "short spinner". All our love and support, Marilyn and Derek Sutton.

42: Ken, Thank you for being a great leader to so many of us at PepsiAmericas. I always enjoyed your visits with Jay to our plants in the Midwest... even had the chance to sit next to you at dinner with you in MN at the place on the lake. You have always tackled any challenge and won. I think you will look back in a few months and see the same result... the good lord works in wonderful ways. God Bless you and your family through this difficult time. -James DaPuzzo | Ken, Good to hear that round 2 went well. We continue to say prayers fro an effective treatment and quick recovery. all the best to you, sue and Amy. -Matt and Ana Carter | I work with your brother (Denny) and I know that you are praying for us that have to work with him. He has been keeping us informed on what is happening and we are all praying for you. i have had a few ask about you and will pass this site onto them. Well take care and will keep you and your family in our prayers. -Al Welsheimer

43: Dear Ken, Sue and Amy, Thanks be to God for your successful surgery. One more hurdle out of the way. So glad to hear that you are doing well if not even better then expected. It's hard to keep a good man down. Was surprised to hear you were out for a meal at the restaurant. Hope you are out on the golf course soon. We continue to hold your in our prayers. We know you have a lot to face in the coming weeks but just know in my heart you will come thru with flying colors. You just make sure when you get through this and back home to Petoskey that I get to see you. I just want to give you a big hug in person. But for now hugs and prayers being sent your way. I know this is also hard on Sue and Amy and all of your family. I keep in touch often with Kathy, Denny and your mom and dad. God bless all of you and many your guardian angel remain at your side. Love, Your Cousin, Barb Stoddard

44: Ken was released from Mayo on Thursday after his second surgery. Amy stayed with them the whole time and was truly amazing. He and Sue really want to thank Kens's sister, brother, parents and the nieces and nephews who also stayed with them down in Rochester. They were an incredible source of strength ans support! When Ken woke up this morning he had a lot of extra swelling and discomfort in the neck and throat. He had the continual feeling that he had to clear his throat. He and sue decided to head back down to Rochester to check in with Doctors at the Mayo. This was especially challenging given the bad weather and intense rain. The good news is that these symptoms are pretty typical and that they now know what to expect. The frustrating news is that they are likely to continue for the foreseeable future. Ken will head back down to Mayo in 2 weeks to learn more about the next stages of treatment. The Doctors are hoping to begin Chemotherapy and Radiation Treatments in 2-3 weeks. | Friday, July 15, 2011

45: In the meantime, Ken needs to rest and heal. His activities are restricted and he can't do anything that will cause his blood pressure or pulse to rise. That means no golf or running, but he is allowed to walk and plans to do so. He (and Sue) would welcome those who want to stop by for a visit or to join him for some low impact activities. Ken and Sue are looking forward to a weekend with lots of time with mason, Chris and Amy. THey are planning to get out on the boat and enjoy the lake. They are very excited to fly to Michigan on Wednesday to visit with their extended family. They want to offer their thanks for all of the good wishes, prayers and support. | Friday, July 15, 2011

46: Ken, You have always been a role model to me and this has only reinforced that. i have no doubts that you will beat this and recover quickly. Keep that Spartan spirit and fight like I know you will. Your in my thoughts and prayers. Take Care, Patrick Mahaffy | Ken, My thoughts and daily prayers go out to you and your family. I too believe in miracles. Today's report appears they are all working. My best to you, Bill Dohm | Ken, it's hard to grasp why this happens. For 4 years now I have fought hard with my cancer. Be positive and have faith. Our lord reminds me every day that "all is well". All my best to you and your family. Regards, Mike Hill | Ken, thanks for the walk last night. It was good to get the stink blown off me. rest some today and enjoy your yard and walks. love , molly deprekel

47: Good Morning Ken: Heard you were back from Mayo, rest and enjoy. I heard you maybe in Petoskey next week. We will be on Burt at a cottage near Maple Bay. Stop over and Pete will make blueberry pancakes.....and I will treat you to my experimentations with Strawberry-Rhubarb pie You are in our prayer. -Joanne Deprekel | Hi Ken and Sue....Well, I welcome you to the world of cancer survivorship, but it's not a welcome that many would want! However, the world looks great as a survivor, and each day is better than the last. Burt Lake is gorgeous, and I'll see you here next week. Kick it! Carol Carol Garlinghouse | Ken, No surprise you are doing so well ahead of schedule ...can't say you ever had tons of patience to just wait around for things at Pepsi. We wish you the very best in your speedy recovery! Sincerely Eric Tolman | Glad to hear surgery went well, wish you and your family the best of luck. -Stan Komperda

48: Ken: Very glad to hear that Round 2 went well. That you are ready to move to the next phase early is a real shocker! Reminds us all of many a meeting, trip or meal with you leading the way. All kidding aside, know that your indomitable spirit will serve you well in the weeks ahead. You and Sue remain foremost in our thoughts and prayers. Enjoy the weekend and a little of the British Open while you rest up. Best Always, Scott Nehs | Ken, glad to hear how quickly you bounced back after your surgery. Stay strong! Amy, thanks for the updates. If your dad wants to play golf, I'll play in the group in front of him to slow him down abit. Lorraine & Jay Hulbert | Such s blessing to have family to support you!! We are here with you in our prayers and thinking of all of you often. Let us know when you are ready for a dinner- I will prepare anything-so you can relax and enjoy some home cooking, We are praying also for the team that will soon bring you back to full health! Hugs...the B's -Midge Burzinski

49: Hope you woke up feeling better today than yesterday. Hope you are having a good morning. Just want you to know we are thinking about you and continue the prayers for all of you. Hugs Sue Mahaffy | Ken and Sue, we are thinking about you and look forward to the updates. Enjoy you weekend and your visit next week with your family. We are praying for you every day. Ruth and Don Detzler | Hi Ken and Sue You know me and now Dad with me as we started our day going to mass at the sacramentines. Ive been making a visit every day at St Francis and feel so positive with your recovery. Hope the weather is good for your boat ride. Love MOM and Dad | Hi Ken, You have the determination and spirit to weather any storm. We send our very best wishes for successful outcomes and prompt recoveries. Take good care, my friend. Dick Cline

50: Ken, Keep Faith. -Richard Wilson | Ken, Colleen and I keep you in our prayers every day. We believe in the power of prayer and have been it's incredible power. I have never known a more disciplined, strong willed, and determined individual as you. I have known you to always put all that you have into everything you, running, skiing, Mason, your family and your friends. With your incredible attitude and approach to life and the abundance of prayers from family and friends all over the world, you are in God's good and loving hands. God Bless you, Sue, and your beautiful family. -John leen

51: Hello Ken, I am very sorry to hear of your troubles and struggles with your thyroid. No doubt this is a terribly difficult time for all of you and Greg and I have our thoughts on you and high hopes for a speedy recovery too. Dan thought so much of you and respected you more than anyone I am aware of and one of the things he admired about you was your ability to take on a tough challenge and triumph. I am sure you will handle this as you have all of your struggles. God's blessing on you and your beautiful family and know that the Sellecks are all pulling for you to feel healthy soon and get your strength back quickly. Warmest wishes for a speedy recovery, Nanette Rendall (Selleck) | Hey Ken; I was thinking about you this morning like I do every day. Missi, Brody, Heather and I are praying for you, Sue, Amy and Chris every night. We know you are very strong and will beat this cancer. God has the power to heel and many people are praying for you. We are really looking forward to see you guys this weekend. Take care. Love you big brother!!!! Bill Keiser

52: Hi Ken, Hope you had a good weekend. Just a quick note to say and to again assure you that you are in my thoughts constantly and in my prayers multiple times a day. Please take comfort in knowing that God's loving Hand is on your shoulder and that Jesus is right beside you. Jesus wants you to lean on Him, and I know that you are. Have a safe trip, and a good and fun week with your family. You are a good man, and you have a lot of people pulling for you and praying diligently for you. Jim Lieske | Ken, I learned about your condition from John Budesa. So sorry to hear it old friend. You've always been a winner, so I know you'll win this fight as well. Please know that our thoughts are with you as you go through your treatments. Margaret joins me in prayers and best wishes. Keep us posted. Warmest regards, Chris Sinclair | Hi Ken and Susie Constantly thinking about you and going to make my visit to church, Been going every day. Will see you on the weekend. Love MOM and DAD

53: HELLO KEN,SUE,AMY, CHRIS AND MASON, JUST WANT TO LET YOU KNOW THAT YOU ARE IN OUR THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS DAILY. SO GOOD TO READ THE GUESTBOOK AND ALL THE WONDERFUL FAMILY AND FRIENDS WHO LOVE YOU GUYS. US TOO!!! BLESSINGS TO YOU ALL AT THIS TIME OF DISTRESS. ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT THE LORD IS WITH YOU AND SO ARE HUNDREDS OF OTHERS LIKE US. YOUR FIRENDS, ROSE ANN AND DICK ODETTE | Kenny, Barb stoddard tod me about this web site. I wanted to let you know I and our church have been praying for you. Think about you often and hope Sue and the kids are doing well. Love, your cuz Donna House | Ken, Suzi, Amy, Chris & Mason This evening the family is gathering at the Mission Church down by Magnus Park. We will be praying the rosary for you! Love you guys! Kathy Kenroy | Kenny, Your are one of the toughest guys I have ever met. Keep up the fight and beat this thing. You have always succeeded at everything you have put your mind to. This is just another challenge that Ken Keiser will beat! My prayers are with you and your family. God bless. Phillip Yieh

54: Hi Ken: It's me again. Thinking about you as I do often these days. Just wanted to share with you our sermon at church yesterday. We had a bishop from St. Petersburg, FL. I think he was sent to Petoskey just for us to hear his sermon. Mick and I just looked at each other and your mom and dad, Kathy & Dick and Denny and Kay were there also. It was meant for your family to hear. He talked about the virtue of HOPE. He started out "If any of you here today have a family member battling cancer and having Chemo and Radiation in the near future we HOPE. We hope for a cure, we hope for you to have the strength and fortitude to beat this and we hope for God to be at your side thru all of this. Keeping you in our prayers, Love, your cuz, Barb stoddard | Hi Ken, Ginny and my thoughts and prayers are with you and your whole family. God bless you Steve Schreckengaust | Ken, have a great trip. Our prayers will continue. We know this is just a short term set back. I look forward to a golf game soon. Gary Hansen

55: Hi Ken Just wanted you to know that Debbie & I are thinking of you and praying for strength & comfort to you and your entire Family! I'm enjoying working w/Tim Trant and many of your old legacy-PepsiAmericas Teammates. We're currently kick'n-up a real Red- Hornets Nest through new Pepsi Fountain and B&C availability to Local/Street via National Broadline Distributors. You're welcome back to join us anytime you want some low-impact activity kicking Atlanta-ass (...STILL FUN even after all these years! :-) Best Wishes for your speedy Recovery!, Scott, Debbie, Dylan & Nicholas Hughes | Ken, I received a phone call this evening from Diane Killian telling me about your recent life challenge. My thoughts and prayers will be with you and your family as you continue your treatment and recovery. I look forward to seeing you fit and feeling much better soon. Take Care Candy Rowlette | Ken, I know you are standing tall and staying in charge! All the best, Richard Wilson

56: Hi Ken, Spoke to "Buda" last Friday and just confirmed with Cathy B that it was Ok for "just anyone" to sign on to the site. After reading some of the posts and learning of your progress since last weeks surgery, it sounds like you are well on your way to recovery. Hang in there Ken. I know you can beat this thing. Have taken the liberty to pass this link onto Schreck and a few others. Expect to hear from them soon. Needless to say, both Irene and I will keep you, Sue and your entire family, in our daily prayers. Hope to see you soon in Florida! Peter Swanson | Hi Ken, wishing you a blessed fun and hopefilled weekend with all the family. I will be holding you close in my heart. You are strong and will beat this. Maybe I can run with you this winter if you run reallllllllllly slow for me. love ya molly deprekel | Ken, Just wanted to reach out and say you are in my thoughts and prayers. (And you know us Notre Dame guys have a direct line....) I hope you are enjoying your family time and staying strong. I will check in again soon. Let me know if you need anything in the Windy City. Keith Melaragno

57: Dear Ken, I hope this message finds you in good spirits. Nick and I are pulling for you in more ways than I can count. First of all, we both know you have a strong heart (how else could you run in those marathons?) and your heart is strong in other ways-you love Sue, Amy and all of your family and friends and Ken we all love you. But never seem to say this enough to each other and both of us have probably never said this to you. Please remember that even though we are not able to visit you in person and tell you how much you mean to us, we are thinking and praying for you every day. The power of love is stronger than the power of fear. And we hope that you can face the upcoming challenges with confidence and strength knowing that you are surrounded by love. We love you Ken, Sarah and Nick Giachino

58: As I am healing from my surgeries and approaching treatment, I wanted to pass on a few thoughts. I am overwhelmed and humbled by your support, encouragement, thoughtfulness and prayers that have been expressed here or in the emails, phone calls and cards. I find myself reading them over and over. I don't have words to describe what they mean to me and the motivation and inspiration they provide. I am healing well from the second surgery. While it was a shorter surgery, it was much more difficult. One of the side effects of a neck dissection is a medical term called lyphmademia, which is an extreme swelling of the glands in the throat area. It caused much discomfort last weekend as it was difficult to swallow and my throat was very soar. I found myself gagging and gurgling often, which was very uncomfortable. I was unprepared for this effect but it is getting progressively better. While I don't know the exact treatment protocol yet, it is very aggressive, paralleling my cancer. I know enough to share that I am feeling a level of intimidation. This is a difficult word for me to say. The potential side effects range from quite extreme on the downside to a mix of good and bad days on the other. While I am not going to get into describing the side effects, they can be a little scary. However I also know that many others have successfully completed this type of treatment. | July, 21 2011

59: I have learned a lot about cancer over the last five weeks, more than I ever imagined. Despite millions of cases of cancer each year, it is all very individualistic based on each persons medical team, their faith, health and wellness, mental outlook, support and many other factors. Statistics become meaningless. Beating cancer is much more that sitting in a chemo chair. It entails all of the assets available, starting with our faith. I have always been a practicing Catholic, but rather that just going through the motions, I have rededicated myself to my faith and to the Lord.The best possible medical team is a must and I am fortunate to have Mayo Clinic in my backyard. My doctors are the most skilled in the world in treating my type of cancer. Science plays a role and we are constantly monitoring new clinical trials. Health and Wellness plays an important role. I have become even more disciplined in my nutrition, eating only natural and organic products. Yes, that means giving up my Diet Dew and this one really hurts. I continue to be active walking 4-5 miles or biking 10 miles each day. I sneak in a jog or a hill climb during that activity. (Oops, don't tell Sue.) I am also participating in a natural healing program called Qigong, an ancient Chinese energy transformation called Qi. So you can see, I am firing all of the bullets | I have talked with many of you. Someone asked me if I was angry. I wasn't sure how to answer other than to say that in all honesty I have spent virtually zero time on self pity or asking “why me”. I learned a long time ago that beating ourselves up over things that are out of our control is a waste of energy and detracts from the focus and energy we all need to deal with the go forward issues. | July, 21 2011

60: The biggest change for me has been the shift from being totally self-reliant and independent to having to rely on others, mainly Sue, to care for me. As I told Sue, my entire staff at PepsiAmericas could not even do that, and now she has to try to do it on her own, along with help from Amy, my sister-in- law Molly and Chris. My life as always been about thinking about the next move, the next deal, the next idea. I have had to adjust to taking it a day at a time and focusing on the next treatment. I do look forward to getting to the finish line of this treatment so I can start to rebuild my body, my mind and my life. I have told many people that cancer tries to break your spirit. It weighs on you every minute. Your thoughts go from the excitement of being cancer free, to the high anxiety of what happens if it returns, to questions about how it will impact my quality of life, or even so far as will I have a life? I now understand why some cancer victims throw in the towel. That is why I am so lucky to have the level of support and care that I am getting from all of you. I can assure you that there is no person strong enough to deal with this alone. Thank you for being here with me. So, things should be pretty quiet over the next couple of weeks. My next appointment is July 28. Amy, Sue and Anne Sample will continue to get you updated. Be assured that I will fight every day. I know this what you expect of me and I will not disappoint you. Best Regards Ken 17,424 VISITS 9 TRIBUTE DONATIONS Ken's website is made possible through donations. Donate now to CaringBridge in tribute to Ken. Read the tributes in honor of Ken. HELP A FRIEND Do you know someone facing a significant health challenge? Share CaringBridge with them HEALTHCARE FACILITY Mayo Clinic 200 First St. S.W. Rochester, MN 55905 United States a

61: Ken Great to hear you are thru the first phase of the battle. I know your determination and know that you will conquer the "medical marathon" in front of you. I am late reaching out to you as I have just returned from a vacation of a lifetime with my boys visiting such majestic points of interest including Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Sedona and Bryce canyon. I know that is the exact type of trip that you will look forward to accompanying Mason and the rest of the family on. All the very best to you , Sue and the entire family. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Randy, Petra and the boys (Pankevicz) | Got Kens Message the other Day and continue to keep his progress in my Prayers. Can't wait for his full recovery to get in a game of Golf; For now enjoy that Boat ride on the lake. Nick Giachino | Bert and I are heading off to Mayo to face Bert's surgery. We trust he will come through it with flying colors just as Ken did. We hope you two are having a relaxing time with family and friends in Michigan. And, yes, Sue -- you betcha, next summer this time, we Willow Drive Michiganders are going to have a jumbo cancer free party! -Elizabeth Goodman

62: You never, ever disappointed me. -Joe Heron | Thank you so much for your heartfelt message. You are a remarkable spirit and your sharing is just a tiny indicator of the person God has given all of us in you. You are such an awesome example of courage, faith and tenacity. You have chosen the path of leadership even in having to sometimes surrender to the cruel twists that cancer can bring. I, too believe that this is a faith, body, and spirit challenge and God has armed you with the right tools to do battle. It must be difficult to allow others to help you, but maybe just look at it as your "turn" to receive, as you have blessed so many with your kindness and generosity over the years. Please know that Jeff and I are at the ready for you and your family. I will continue to offer my morning Masses in your name, asking that an army of angels storm this disease and you will be blessed with a quick return to full health. Blessings, M -Midge Burzinski | Ken, I think about you every day. You are in my prayers and I know that hundreds, if not thousands, of people are pulling for you. Your can-do attitude is a comfort to those who know how driven, disciplined and focused you are. Thank you for keeping us informed, and thank you for staying so positive. We feel your great energy. -Mary Viola

63: Ken, We are thinking of you often knowing full well you will bring all of your spirit and strength to fight and recover. Ed and I are looking to your visit to Memphis for some golf and I think it is about time for us to run together again. -Ray and Dawn Stitle | Ken: So many asked about you at Hazeltine today and I was happy to report your courageous approach to the fight. You may be fighting alone but you are not alone. So many are in your corner but the Lord does hear all of our cries for Him to help. You are bringing glory to His name with your words and attitude. PTL my brother. -Robert Sutter | Ken, every adversity carries with it a seed of greater or equivalent benefit. Keep the faith pal. You have this beat. You are in Colette and my thoughts and prayers. We pray for you to always have the courage of David and strength of Samson. -Larry & Colette

64: Ken, Thank you for your terrific inspirational message. Anyone reading it must be humbled to know you and your faith, attitude and spirit. You are in my thoughts and prayers daily. Keep up the good fight. -Bill Dohm | Ken, It is great to hear from you...almost feels like I was sitting in your office about to discuss the Ardea Strategy! You have my Prayers and I sincerely wish you well. -Richard Wilson | Ken, I just read your last post and I am sitting at my desk crying because you are such an inspiration to me and many others. I have been praying for you and your family and I believe Jesus is our healer and still heals today. In your writing you said you rededicated your life to Jesus. That is so awesome. Our faith is what sustains us and the more we draw closer to HIM the stronger we get. I hope to meet you and your family sometime when you are here in Petoskey visiting Denny. God Bless you as you endure what is ahead of you with the strength of Jesus and your family and many friends who hold you up in prayer. Connie Golding

65: What a beautiful inspirational message to all of us. Thank you Ken for sharing your very personal thoughts and feelings. We never know when the Lord will call us to fight a battle with our body that will affect us to the very core of our being. I am in awe that you are so courageous. Our human nature is the fear of the unknown. You are presently in a walk with Jesus and your dedication to him and your faith will prevail.Cease the good days Ken when you have them and on the bad days remember when we suffer the closer is our walk with God. Lean on Sue and Amy and all of your family and Mick and I continue to pray, pray, pray. You are forever in our thoughts. I would love to see you while you are back home. If time permits let me know, if not I understand. Love to you, Your cuz, Barb | Ken, I just read your latest and I have this friend, Gary, who worked at a cancer clinic in Mexico many years ago. ... He tells me the spiritual well being is as much a part of treatment as is the physical..... In fact, He has outlined the 'how to' and "what to do" much better than anyone I ever met... Should you wish to talk with him, I will give you his number...... might just be worth a call.... let me know........... bro -Tom DePrekel

66: Dear Ken and Sue, Having just read your latest message, we are reminded how precious our health and well being are to us. Your strength and grace in the face of the unknown is a lesson to all. You are in our thoughts 24/7 We love you Diane and Dennis Killian | Ken: Based on your last post it sounds like you have the information you need, a plan of action, and the mental aspects of the problem all worked out. Just like the Pepsi days. Thanks for sharing. As always, we are rooting for you every step of the way, and you are always in our thoughts and prayers. Matt & Ana Carter | Hello Ken and family - the Oxfords are thinking, and praying for you, everyday. Harrison in only 6 but asks for 'healing for Ken' every night at bedtime. I suppose the two of your will have to meet sometime. ;) All our love and prayers Ken! -The Oxfords | Ken, You will be in our thoughts and prayers as you tackle this challenge with the same enormous resolve, focus, and intensity we've come to know from you these many years. Larry and Janice Flood

67: Ken, You are and have always been such a inspiration and wonderful leader and continue even when your leading down the path of cancer. As my brother when I was troubled in my life you have always been there for me as you have done for so many others. It's so great to see how many people from around the world are there for you and praying for you. Between family, friends, medical staff and most importantly your faith you will beat this. -Denny Keiser | Ken, It is great to hear that your faith is being strengthen by this experience. I think adversity is designed to remind us who's in charge. God has a path for you to follow...this is just a part of it...keep listening for where he wants you to turn next. Our prayers and best wishes are with you and your family. -John and Lisa Fortini | ken, i just read your journal entry and am moved and touched by it. it is great to hear you are fighting this cancer. isn't it amazing to see God's hand in everything we do. not only is He there for you but also using you, to remind us of Him. just wanted to let you know that we will continue to be with you. praying for you and your family every step of the way. take care love your cousin in Saginaw, cindy ankoviak

68: Ken, Sorry for the late know how slow things are down here in Mississippi. ha! Actually I just received the information and want you to know that you and your family are in our daily prayers. I enjoy the privilege of being in a church that believes and practices healing and rest assured you now have many "prayer warriors" praying for your total healing daily! Keep the faith and hope to talk to you soon, -Rick Wooten | Hello Ken, I found out this week that you are going through a difficult time in your life. I like what you wrote on your page about things we cannot control. I read a quote once that said, " the hardest Aritmetic for us to master, is to count our blessings. Just want you to know that you and your family are in our prayers. Another Wooten, -Charles Wooten and Family | Ken, Peter shared with us the health challenge you and your family are facing. Ken, you and your family will be in our families' thoughts and prayers for a speedy and full recovery. Best Regards, Liz & Hugh McMullen

69: Ken: I just found out from Schreck about your recent illness. very sorry to hear however know you will beat this thing and come out stronger then ever. All the best! John & Sarah Bain | Ken, I guess we never really got to know each other, with you moving out of State, but we know your Folks and Denney well. We also knew your Grandparents real well. They and my Folks were real good friends. You sound like you are doing everything right. You are at a very good hospital and most important you seem to have very good connections with the Guy upstairs. Our prayers and wishes will be with you daily. God Bless, Ron Steffel | Ken: Thinking of you today and hope you're feeling good. These Guestbook pages reflect some of the many lives you have touched in a positive way. It's great to see how many people are pulling for you. Hopefully the words of encouragement have buoyed your spirits. We know your appointment on Thursday is an important milestone in determining when you can begin treatment. Anna and I will look forward to the update. -Scott Nehs

70: Ken; It has been a while but I just wanted to let you know that I am praying for you and your family.Reading your comments there is no doubt that your priorities are in place and that the good lord will take care of you. The last time we saw each other was in the south side of the island in Puerto Rico ( Costa Caribe Resort).I appreciated the opportunity to serve with a great company such as Pepsi Americas. As Hubert Humphrey one said ;"Never give up and never give in" ! Again Ken I wish you the best and God bless you. Mike | Hey Ken & Sue; Just wanted to say a quick thank you. It was so great to finally see you. It was awesome to get our whole family together and to spend some quality time together. You look great and are continuing to heel. We continue to think about you and are praying everyday. Just remember this. "You are not alone: God is with you". You're my big brother and I love you!!! Thanks again for getting us all together. We enjoyed every minute of it. -Bill Keiser

71: Hi Ken ! Just got the news from Rick and want you to know that you and your family will be in our prayers. I am sure that you will overcome this challenge and come out stronger than ever. Keep the Faith !! Believe in miracles ... hang in there!!!! -Griselle Jimenez -Pepsiamericas Puerto Rico | Ken, When I learned of your illness I wanted to contact you right away. However, I couldn't find the words to adequately express my thoughts (I know you may find that hard to believe). You and I have had many conversations so I am confident you know how much respect I have for you as a person; not just as a business executive. I was moved by the dignity and grace you expressed in the message last week. It is a perfect example of the way you are in all aspects of your life. My thoughts and best wishes are with you and your family. Take care, Andy Kinigson | Hi Ken and Sue, I feel that if we sat down together, so many years since High School, we could talk for hours about the old days, the days of raising our kids and the new adventure as grandparents. Thank God we were raised in families who by example showed us how to face unexpected challenges and that there is always hope. Be strong, but remember you are not alone. You have a whole congregation here in Petoskey praying for you. Your friend, Pat glaser

72: Sounds like you really have a schedule ahead of you. Dad and I make a visit to church every day and an extra mass thru the week for your recovery. When this is over you will be healed and can start over again. Love you Mom and Dad. | Ken, What a very insightful and inspirational message from you...and it is obvious from the many guestbook entries that you have been a constant source of inspiration to many people along the way...I am proud to know you! -Dan Hochradel | Ken, Just got a note from Rick that you are in the midst of a personal battle. Please know that you are in our prayers and that I have every confidence that you will win the day (as always). You touched many lives in the years as our leader at PAS and we are much the better as a result. Hang tough, Stuart Zenner | Ken, Reading your letter over the weekend makes me realize how lucky I am to have a father-in-law like you. The strength and determination that you have with the biggest fight of your life is second to none. I believe that from a spiritual, mental and physical standpoint you are ready to take this on. As a family we will beat this. -Chris

73: Hi Ken: Just knew about your illness and wanted to let you know that your friends in Puerto Rico are praying for you and your family. Faith is important and thanks to God we all have it. Hang in there and remember that you have a staff to help you get over this unexpected challenge.. Mayra Rodriguez PepsiAmericas Puerto Rico | Ken, I learned of you challenge a couple of weeks ago. My initial reaction was shock. For as long as I have known you , over 20 years, you have been a picture of health. I can remember the days in Mpls when we would be at the club running on the track. I think in my 3 mile run you would lap me 5 times. Those days don't seem too long ago. My family has faced several members who battled cancer. It is a challenging time but one that can be won. You have faced many challenges in your life and I know this one while great, you will attacked with all you have. Also know that you will have hundreds of friends and relatives behind you every minute. I will be thinking/ praying for your speedy recovery. Good luck, stay strong and I look forward to seeing you soon. -Brent Franks

74: Hello Ken, My name is Maribeth Conley and I worked for PepsiAmericas before the sell out. I never had a chance to meet you, but was devastated to hear you have been sick. I check in regularly to find out how you are doing and I just wanted to say that I admire your faith, attitude and spirit. I wish you the best of luck during your road to recovery and I will keep updated through yours and your family's posts. May God hold you in his hands throughout the days and weeks ahead. God Bless, Maribeth Conley | Ken - I played golf yesterday with Charlie Rooney and for the first time heard about your illness. Cancer is really scary - our daughter got breast cancer 6 years ago at age 35. She went thru pretty aggressive treatment and has now been cancer free for 6 years. Hopefully you will have a similar outcome. I think you are smart in fighting the battle with all available weapons including faith and prayer - Marilyn and I will join the prayer team for you and your family. Hang in there Ken - good luck! -Art and Marilyn Wick | Ken--Hope you had a nice time in Mich. w/ family. Best wishes to you for tomorrow's appointment. May you continue to experience God's presence during each turn. -Tom/Amy Williams

75: Hey Ken, I was devasted to learn from John and Jim of your bought with cancer. After reading your last report I certainly have a full grasp of the challenges that you are facing but in true Keiser style you are meeting them head on. We should expect no less. Please know that the Reinhard's are thinking of you and are praying for your successful treatments and recovery. We look forward to once again devouring the slopes of Vail and Beaver Creek with you...Prima Cornice, Red Square, Lovers Leap, and of course the back side of Grouse Mountain are all on the list!!! Thinking of you Ken. Eric & Andy Reinhard | Dear Ken, Sue and family, We just recently learned of your struggles from Brian and Father Laird. Nancy and I join your many supporters in wishing you well in your treatment and recovery. We have always admired you for the strength of your convictions and determination. We know that God will add his power to your strength if it should falter. This we pray for and believe. Our farm is just a few miles from Rochester. If should want to rest in the country the latch key is out. We love you both. John and Nancy Bierbaum

76: Ken, Brian Wenger mentioned to me that you've had some health concerns arise and I have certainly had you in my thoughts and prayers. My two young boys keep asking me who this Ken Keiser is that we're praying for, so I've been explaining our connection through PAS and our common love of the Burt Lake area. A little small world story for you. Last weekend, we were at the 10:30 mass at Cross of the Woods and as the two people walked up with the gifts, I leaned over and told my husband and the boys that I was sure it was you. Then it dawned on me that Brian mentioned that he had seen you and you were preparing for some further procedures, so I convinced myself you had a twin up there and my eyesight was waning. I saw Brian this morning and asked how you were and he mentioned that you had been up North last weekend. So sorry I didn't walk over and say hello! I'm confident your time at the lake was healing and that your faith will guide you through this process. Please know that my family is praying for you. Fondly, Jackie Daylor

77: Ken, Best of luck with your appointments and doctor's visits today. I hope you feel the loving and powerful Hand of Jesus in yours. He has drawn you closer to Him with this challenge, and He desires only to have a close and personal relationship with you. Lean on Him and depend on Him - He is there for you and He craves the opportunity to help. Looking forward to future updates and the chance to visit again soon. Your attitude, courage, strength, and transparency are touching way more people than you will ever know. You and Sue are an inspiration to all of us. All the best, my friend. Jim Lieske | Ken, your Burt Lake neighbors are behind you and will add our prayers to those of others specifically for: Strength and peace for you and your family. That God, who created you and knows your body cell by cell, guides your doctors to design care specifically to fit your needs. I read your message age feel your determination and willpower. Susie Nolan | I am at Grandma's. I hope you feel better, Uncle Ken. You are awesome. I miss you. I pray for you. From Haley. P.S. I love you. Kathy Kenroy

78: Ken, Sue and family, Ken, your journal is both wonderful and uplifting. I have been in Louisville off and on this summer. My mom too has cancer. I wish she had your spirit. Take care of yourself and keep that positive approach. All of you are in our thoughts and prayers. Since most of the gang is back in Minneapolis, we will just have to come up and hang out. Love to all, Robin Pullias | Greetings Friend on this fine summer day, Your message was inspiring, our message to you remains the same; keep your faith, be strong, fight like you mean it and know that you are loved and prayed for daily. On a lighter note, can you believe they closed the golf course just because you can't play. Love you, Virgil & Cheryl Schneider | Ken, Our prayers and thoughts are with you and your family. God Bless The Steffel's

79: Dear Ken, I just got news today from Jeanne Robbie about your condition and I was so sad about it. Yes, for a good man like you, "Why me?" Life is very uncertain...but anything that comes to our lives has a reason. Your journal is wonderful and uplifting. I'll pray for your speedy recovery. God Bless You. Sincerely, Justine R. Alvarez-Barnes Ex-PAS employee from Finance Department Asset Management | Ken and Sue- Thinking of you guys and praying for Ken's progress. We miss you both and look forward to the day when we can share some time together ... a few laughs, some political debate and catching up on our families and Hazeltine's golf course. From the depths of my heart, Bill Travis | Ken-Your faith, courage and determination are uplifting and speak well of you as they always have in the decades I've known you. I can't wait until we can once again reflect while dining out at Leggs Inn. You are in our prayers. Rick and Sue Fowler

80: Hey Ken and Sue, Praying for you both as this journey continues. I hope that your next appointment is positive on all fronts. It never ceases to amaze me the strength and great attitude that you have. I credit your faith in God and the knowledge that He is with you always - providing all that you will need in your fight with this cancer. Take care and know that I am thinking of you both. Donelle Wandrie | Thinking about you and praying for you every day, Ken. Pat, Arlie and Sam Hart | Love, prayers and healing for you! If there is anything I can help with please let me know! Wendy DeCamp

81: Ken, It was great to get a little time to visit with you on Tuesday. It is obvious that your attitude is good and that you are prepared to beat this thing. I hope that your visits with the doctors went well on Thursday and Friday and good luck as you start your treatments next week. I look forward to playing with you at the Fisher Cup. Dale Mahaffy | Ken thinking about you and starting your treatments.May God hold you in the palms of his hands. Gone to mass today at the sacramentines and the nuns are praying for you and some of the people there came up and told us they were praying for you also. Love MOM and DAD | Ken: A big week ahead and many prayers from our end. With the Club closed and the possibility of that lasting most of the summer, we will be very ready for you to return after the process is completed. We can have a second opening in your honor! Blessings to you and all of your care givers. Robert Sutter

82: Dad visited Mayo this past Thursday to meet with his radiation oncologist and to have some dental assessments done. Dental assessments are important because of the potential side affects of the radiation and the impact on the mouth and teeth. Dad's incision sites look great, but as astonishing as it sounds...they suspect what could be another small tumor has grown in his neck under his chin area. It was only two short weeks ago that Dad had a PET scan AND a surgeon poking around in there, at which time there was no visible signs of tumor. This finding couldn't be verified because he also has swelling due to Lymphedema (fluid collection) from having had many lymphnodes removed. This is exactly the reason why dad's treatment of both radiation and chemo is so aggressive - and why it's so important we get started immediately -otherwise, the cancer would undoubtedly grow back. Dad's treatment for chemo is scheduled to start this Wednesday, although we still have many questions unanswered since we don't meet with the medical oncologist doctor until 8:15 Wed. morning. We do know for certain that radiation will begin this Thursday at 1:30 as Dad went through all the preparations last Thursday. We are eager to get this part of the process underway. | July 31, 2011

83: Finally, we returned from a wonderful trip to Michigan where we spent time with friends and family. Thank you Nanny & Grandpa, Uncle Denny & Aunt Kay, Aunt Kathy & Dick and Uncle Bill & Missie for all of your love and devotion to our family. We love you all so much! Thanks also to all our friends and family who continue to reach out during this time. This recent finding serves as a reminder of just how icky this type of cancer is and how important it is not to get too comfortable and let our guards down. Please remain vigilant with us, especially through your support and prayers. Love always, Amy | July 31, 2011

84: Ken, Sue, Amy and Chris, Thank you so much for the update. You are all in our thoughts, our hearts and our prayers everyday. We do know the unbelievable strength you all have individually and together it's remarkable! Please know how much we all are thinking of you and supporting you from afar. This feels like a different marathon for you. We were with you for the first here in Chicago and know what a team effort that was! In the end, Ken did an amazing job conquering this one with all of you at ever mile. Any one who knows you, knows you'll all face this the same way, together.We're always here too, and we love you and pray for the greatest outcome to this fight. Kathleen and Jim Nolan | Ken, Sue, Amy, and Chris, I check on you daily. Ken, thank you for sharing in your journal. I am amazed and inspired at your attitude, faith, and feelings. You are a strong individual. You definitely have such support and love from many. especially your family. I think of the "handicapping" days at the track days with Dan. You were and are a winner!!!!!!!!!!!! Smiles. Val Selleck

85: Ken Jim Wolf told me yesterday that he is daily praying the rosary for you! So many people are continuing to pray for you. I know you feel them. I love you, big brother! Kathy | Ken, Just a little note to let you know I'm following your progress, and praying for you every day. God works miracles. Keep the faith. Bill Dohm | Ken, just checked for updates this morning and read that this was going to be a tough week for you. Just wanted to say I am praying for you. You will be in my thoughts and prayers all week. Stay strong and know that lots of folks are with you. Keith Keith Melaragno | Hi Ken Thinking about you all day and every waking moment at nite. Im glad your getting started at your treatments this week and we go to church every day,also were getting started at the KC hall for the rosary on Wed nites as people we know will be praying the rosary for you. Love You Mom and Dad

86: Hi Ken, Sue, Amy & Chris, Keep the faith! You have a strong team to support you. We wish you a smooth sail this week. Love, Terryn & LarryHofmann | Ken, Sue, Amy, Chris and Molly, We had such a wonderful evening with you all on Friday and though we had many serious moments of reflection and discussion, it was a blessing to laugh with you as well! Laughter is such good medicine, so try to find the lighter moments in whatever situation you can this week. We will continue to pray for your strength and healing Ken. Remember that "(you) can do all things through Christ who gives you strength". Philipians 4:13 We love you all very much, Jana and John Stermer | Ken You are in my families thoughts and prayers. There are many people thinking of you. Have a good week. Tim Donnelly | Ken, Sue, and Amy, We saw John and Jana this weekend and they shared your story with us. Please know that our thoughts are with you. Ken, you are in the best shape of any of us and so we pray that your hard work pays off big time! -Brian, Donna, and Shelby Lieffers

87: Hey Ken and Sue, Just wanted you to know we are following along with your progress and routing for you along the way. This Caring Bridge site is wonderful. No only does it keep us all well informed, but it reminds you how many friends are out here, thinking of you both and keeping you in our prayers. Good luck this week, we're all with you. Tom and Mary Williams | Hi Ken Sue Amy and Chris, I shared a glass of wine with Mike Wigley over the weekend and he sends his prayers and best wishes for complete recovery. I am forwarding this site to him. I can't tell you how often I think of all of you and hope and pray for you as you continue on this journey. Hang in there, you can beat this!! -Terri Jenstad | Ken....just found out from Rick & John.....please know you and your family are in my prayers. It was so good to see you & Maus & Fowler last summer for a beverage or two and think back to those after practice sessions at St. Francis gym......I'm convinced we won at least 1 more game because of it. I have a feeling you will win this battle. Godspeed my friend. Dick Stewart

88: Ken and family, We continue to pray for you and your family and I have you on several pray chains here in Petoskey, MI. God Bless Connie Golding | Ken, are thinking of you all the time and praying for you. We know you have the strength to pull through this. All our love, Don and Aunt Ruth Detzler | dear ken & sue, not sure if you remember Mike and me from being at Diane's house on New Year's Eve, but heard about all that you are going through and want you to know that all of your FL friends are thinking of you and praying for a quick recovery. after reading your story, you are so on the right track with a great attitude...with that positive outlook, we know you will be back here playing that great game of golf with your friends. prayers, karen & mike paquette | Ken, pray for you and your family everyday. Hopefully chemo and radiation will be effective. Love,Donna Donna House

89: Ken, You are in my thoughts and prayers every day. Stay positive! You will beat this! Love, Julie Wills | Ken, Had a nice chat with your parents. They are hanging tough and sending positive thoughts. My dad said to remind you to pick something you really want to do and aim for that. He has beat it for about 35 years. You need to get this done and get on with the retirement that you earned! Willy Krusell | Ken and Sue, Blessings, prayers, thoughts, hugs, Masses, cheers...we know the joy Mason and your family bring to your routine...we have our kids with us for ten days. The dock is open, we have ice, stop by if you grab a run on the lake. Remember that perseverance is not a long race but is many short races one after another. We're with you...with love, Sue Schwalbach | Ken We continue to pray. Sending you love and hope and remember I am at your side! Love you, Kathy Kenroy

90: Ken, I read your note dated July 21 a number of times. As you have always done, you provided inspiration and the dogged determination we have all come to rely on. While it reflects a certain humility we don’t often see, it is riddled with prioritizing the people around you vs. your own well being. Now I am the one lost for words so I will just say you are the most remarkable and strongest person I have ever known. For those of us who have had the privilege to worked beside you and proud to say we are friends, we know this is not a one timer rather the person you are. The next phase is underway and knocking this thing out once and for all is the only option. I can’t help but to think that regardless of the millions of cases that preceded your fight, this will be one that it losses as even this dreaded disease is not tougher than you. I think of you everyday and know a victory celebration is ahead of us. Mike Holmes

91: Hi Ken Thinking about you getting started with your therapy and be glad when its over.Praying for you every day and a visit to church. Your in our thoughts all day long. love MOM and Dad | Good Morning, Ken and family! Ken, you looked so great when you visited our Pohlad offices a couple weeks was hard to believe the attack cancer has made on you. Your fight is a hard one but with all the love and support you have plus your own "built-in" spirit........half the battle is already WON! With love and caring thoughts, Ellen Illg | Hi Ken, I know you are in for a big week. I hope you know that you have a whole bunch of people thinking of you, pulling for you, and most importantly praying for you. And, can you believe the amazing loyalty and sacrifice of your Hazeltine friends?! If you can't play golf - NONE of us are playing golf! Hang tough Ken, and feel the loving power of God's hand in yours. Jim Lieske | Ken, Just wanted to let you know Kay and I are thinking and praying for you as you prepare to start your treatment tomorrow. I think we are all as anxious as you are to get started so you can get to the end and be cured. Thoughts and prayers for you always, Denny and Kay Keiser

92: Ken May you feel our support, love and prayers as you receive your first chemo treatment. Your greatest accomplishment in life will be the end of this path of beating cancer! You will be wearing the hat I buy for you with pride........ "I Am A Cancer Survivor" Much love to you! Kathy Kathy Kenroy | Ken Sue and Amy and Chris Thinking about all of you today and praying for Ken on his first day of chemo. Im glad hes getting started and get this cancer destroyed for ever. Love you all Mom and Dad | Hey Ken, Thinking about you this morning and wishing you all the best today! Looking forward to having you in the Cancer Survivor Club!!! Love Always, Missi | Ken, Keep fighting the good fight! Sincerely, Richard Wilson

93: Ken, I played at Spring Hill today with Rick Soskin and we were thinking about you. I hope that your first day of treatment went well. Dale Mahaffy | Ken-- Thought about you several times today. Be strong. I'm praying for you Tom Williams | Ken Talking to you last was so uplifting. Your spirit is amazing. I knew you would do well with the chemo just because of your approach of fighting cancer. Now today another hurdle.......your first treatment of radiation. You will feel so powerful experiencing this treatment today because your taking control of killing off those rotten anplastic cancer cells.Your determination for life is tremendous. May God continue to bless you, Suzi, Amy, Chris and Mason and all the wonderful physicians that are working with you to cure your cancer. Love ya, Ken (even tho your now a chemo junkie!) Kathy Kenroy

94: Dearest Ken We understand you are facing another challenge today and our thoughts are with you all the way. I was so touched by Amy's letter to all of us on your update. I can tell you have enourmous support from your family and friends like us. News from this end, Nick is departing today for 10 days of golf in the UK and I am currently in Germany with Victoria. She is horseshowing over here in Neiderbacheam, Gornheim and Gerra. Its been a fabulous three weeks of international showing across the big pond. Olivia is the only one back home holding down the fort and working. Ken, we think of you so much and want you to know that you, Sue, Amy and all of your family are in our daily thoughts and prayers. Ken, please remember that you are never alone and that many many of your friends out here are thinking of you even in your darkest moments. Love, Nick and Sarah Giachino

95: Ken, We are thinking of you lots and wishing you all the luck we can today, We really appreciate that you and your family are taking time out to keep us updated here. Stay strong and keep the faith. Tim & Tammy Blair | Ken, Sue, Amy, Chris and Mason, Not a day goes by that we don't have all of you in our thoughts and prayers. I truly believe that Ken you WILL get through this. You are a fighter and now have a very special angle looking out for you. Life throws us punches it seems left and right, but somehow we battle through because we have to and are able to with the love and support from our family and friends. All of you are an extension of my family which means a lot. We love you and will continue to pray for a complete healthy recovery. So years from now we will look back, ALL of us together and be thankful. Love, Lisa, Brad, Bobbe, and Annika Evenson

96: Ken, we have been thinking of you everyday and want to wish you all the comfort possible as you go through the first week of treatment. You are in our prayers. Brian & Donna Wells | Ken, Sue, Amy, Chris & Mason You must know how often we are thinking of all of you. A new challenge has begun for you this week. There is not a more committed husband, father, "pop pop" and friend . To no ones surprise your family and friends are committed to supporting you in your weeks ahead.If anyone has the strength to get through, this we know you will. Our thoughts and prayers are with you always, Derek, Marilyn, Scott ,Jaclyn, David and Stephanie Sutton. | Ken, Just wanted you to know that just like every day, you are on my mind and in my prayers today. Please do not hesitate to lean on Him, to cry out to Him for help, and to depend totally on Him. You are in good hands. ~Jim Lieske

97: Hey Ken; I'm glad I got to talk to you last night. You sounded great and had a very strong, positive attitude. I know you will contiune to be strong throughout this yucky treatment. The good thing about this yucky stuff is that it will get rid of the cancer. Keep your faith in God and he will take care of you. My prayers are with you, Sue, Amy, Kris and Mason. I love you big brother!!! Bill Keiser | Ken: What a ride you have been on! It is so disorienting to not be in charge and not be in good health. But you are right to not look at the hard core cancer stats on the internet. Too scary and besides, you are not a stat. Reed and I have found that with this cancer BS, you just have to work on baby steps. There are a ton of survivors, so why not you. And to comment on Leiske's entry, who says He is not a She?? Things would be a lot better :-) Jane Mackenzie | just want you to know that I am thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers. Stay positive! Danielle Bungarden

98: Hi to Ken and Company!!! Dee and I are praying and routing for you and will not stop. We feel so badly that we can't see you to give you a hug and a pinch! The internet is certainly better than nothing..... We wish all the best to you as you meander through a maze of uncertainty and crazy roads of life. Our LOVE to you all, Shurl and Dee Smith

99: Ken, With the many people you have met over the years with Pepsi I doubt you would remember me. I worked as the HR Person in Twinsburg the time I was introduced to you. I just recently have found out about your illness and had to write. I thoroughly enjoyed each and every time you presented at our HR meetings, especially your updates on Mason. I seen a quote recently and thought it was very fitting for you, as I think your positive attitude, strong family and friend's support will carry you through this obstacle in the course of your life. "Your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties." - Helen Keller I wish you well and look forward to your positive progress. Kathy Lonczak

100: Well, this week was an eventful one! As you know, Dad had his first chemo treatment on Wednesday. He was prescribed two pretty potent drugs, and was able to handle them without any reactions. He has experienced some of the typical side effects of chemo, including nausea, fatigue and loss of appetite. He also experienced quite an unusual effect from his chemo - an almost immediate case of the hiccups - which lasted three days! He also had his first two radiation treatments on Thursday and Friday, and those appointments will continue every day Mon-Fri for about 6 more weeks. Dad continues to experience effects from his Lymphedema which causes a feeling of tightness in his throat making it difficult to swallow. He will be seeing a Lymphedema specialist this week at Mayo to help with these symptoms. He is also planning on receiving acupuncture treatments beginning this week as well. It has been shown to relieve some of the effects of radiation in the throat region. So, as you can see, it will be another busy week ahead! As the weeks progress, Dad will experience more and more of the side effects of radiation which will be extreme swelling, difficulty swallowing, dry mouth and thickened saliva secretions. This coupled with the chemo treatments will make eating quite a challenge. | August 7, 2011

101: This afternoon, Dad decided it was time to show this cancer who's boss by shaving his head since he would lose his hair in the next couple weeks anyways (he looks mighty handsome by the way)... His spirits are okay - it's important for him to take things day by day and not get too far ahead of himself as there is a long way to go. Thank you for your continued support and prayers. They continue to mean the world to us.

102: Think about you all thru the day and got you in another prayer chain in Twin Lakes Wisconsin. Will be thinking about you this week and counting the days down for your radiation. Dad and I make a visit to church every day and pray for you. Keep strong and the outcome will be free of cancer again. Love MOM and Dad | Hi Ken and Suzi, Thinking of you constantly. I'm glad you shaved your head to show who's who. As I recall, Mary did the same thing. Will continue to keep you in our prayers. Thanks to Amy for keeping us informed. Debbie & Jerry Krans | Dear Ken and Sue and Amy, Thank you for the updates. Know that we are with you in thought and prayer EACH and EVERY DAY! Love and Hugs, Carol and Mike Lutgen | Thanks for the update Amy! Love and prayers :) Wendy DeCamp

103: Ken - You know you're in my thoughts and prayers. Our EPPC prayer team and my Women's Bible Study group are also offering prayers of intercession for you. You know the old wive's tale that claims an itching nose means someone is thinking about you? or sneezing three times in a row means someone secretly loves you? Perhaps 3 days of hiccups mean a whole lot of people are praying for you... Three days of hiccups had to be extremely annoying and hard on you. Sorry you had to deal with that and hoping it doesn't happen with your next round of chemo. So when do we get to see this freshly shaved head? All those years ago, I knew those silly do-rags were going to make another appearance! ...thinking about you all the time and am glad to hear you are in command mode, Captain Ken! Love you, my friend! Ruth Travis

104: Ken, Sue and Amy, You remain in our daily prayers and in our thoughts. Typical of Ken to take the initiative and shave his head rather than wait for the treatment to do it. God Bless. John and Colleen Leen | Hi Ken Seen your picture and you looked good and your in control of things again. Good keep that cancer licked. Dad had his hair cut like that for years. Think of you all the time and counting the days ahead when this is all over. Mom and Dad | Ken, I heard you're emulating my haircut these days! No hair is low maintenance...less time in front of the mirror. Nonetheless, know that we're praying for your full recovery. Keith & Steph Reimer

105: Good Morning Sue and Ken, These updates mean so much to all of us who think of you constantly and by reading them, it makes us take this journey with you a bit. No surprise the way you're handling all these steps with such strength and control.Amazing how Sue's natural medicine practices and your connection to Mayo has worked through out all of this. Best of luck with the acupuncture. It seems to really work on so many things,hopefully this as well.Taking control of your own timing on going bald is just one perfect example of your determination to stay in the driver's seat as much as you can. Be careful with that one, you may be so sexy with this new look that you never go back! It's very " freeing " and I for one am a fan of the look. You're one week down and we hope this week goes well for you. As always , we're keeping you all in our prayers. Love and our best to all of you. Kathleen and Jim Nolan

106: Well Ken, you're on the road! I'll bet you do look great with a shaved head. Janet's husband (one of Jack's daughters) has kept his head shaved since his chemo 11 years ago - he looks pretty sexy. I will be really interested to see how the acupuncture goes. I'll just bet it works. Tough journey ahead, but you've had tough journeys before and look where you wound up! Thinking of you every day. Just think....the fall colors will be starting to turn when this leg of the journey is over. 1 week down! Carol G. Carol Garlinghouse | Ken, We continue to pray for you for strength and healing. Keep your eyes on Jesus. He will pull you through. You have a great support team. ~Connie Golding, Petoskey | Ken you can always audition for the Medina Players latest production. The King & I. I am sure that you will do a great Yul Brunner. Stay well bud, keep it up. The Bald Eagle will soar soon. Joe Heron

107: HI Ken and Sue, Hope the week ahead goes swift and easy for you. We are thinking only positive joo-joo! xoxo Doc and Diane killian | Thank you Amy for such a thorough update. I am thinking about Ken every day. Ken, I can remember when I had to have my head shaved. It was something I will never forget--probably much more traumatic for a women. After lots of crying, we turned it into a fun event. I had my picture taken with the bald head and then with me modeling my new wig that I wore for almost a year! Anyway, you look great in the picture with Mason. I know you are totally on top of everything and facing this with all the strength you have. And we are sending all our love, Mary and Mac Upton | All of your Florida neighbors are cheering for you from the south- and holding you and Sue in our hearts and prayers. We miss you and will be thinking about you every day. Love to each of you, Caroline and Svend Nielsen

108: Hi Ken - Like the haircut!! Nice to see you over on my side of things after all the years of the shag. Your shampoo KPI's are already trending in the right direction. We saw Amy's update. Congrats on the progress last week. Know this one will be tough too, but you're moving forward and that's the most important thing. We're experiencing some hiccups in our house too - Isabella came home with us on Wednesday afternoon and seems to prefer hiccups to burping after she'd fed. Our prayers for you, Sue and the rest of your wonderful family continue. Be strong Boss. Scott Nehs | Ken, ...New photos are good and remind us that there's nothing like a grandchild in the lap to soothe one's soul and to feel true love!!! Ours just left after a great visit and our hearts are full... A million good to be able to give one to you, Sue, and to Amy in person on Friday night. Smooches for each of you, too... Love, Sue Schwalbach

109: Dang, Ken! Your new retro style becomes you! Just remember, YOUR hair will come back, Jeff's will always be gone!!! I so admire your tenacity and your battle plan for success. I continue to keep all of you in my prayers. Mother Theresa said it best, "I know God will never give me more than I can handle. I just wish He didn't trust me so much!!!" God's mighty plan unfolds in His time. Wish I could fast forward through all of this for you, but God's plan is ALWAYS better! God bless you! Midge Burzinski | Ken, Glad you have started chemo and radiation. Sorry the side effects are so crappy. I pray the next six weeks go quickly. I am a strong believer in acupuncture. I hope it helps with some of your symptoms. The hair cut looks great! Very nice photo of you and Mason. Hang in there! Love, Julie Wills | Ken: Just want you to know that I am keeping track of your progress and want you to know you and your entire family are in my prayers and thoughts. As I said before I know you are going to beat this and be stronger than ever. John Bain

110: Ken and Sue, John and I just got back from the "Island" tonight and went right to this website to read Amy's update on your treatments last week. We love the buzz-cut, but John says its still not short enough! Stay strong and keep reading your Yellow bible ;) there is comfort in God's Word and promises. We love you dear friends...You are never far from our thoughts and always in our prayers. Jana and John Stermer | Ken, May God bless you as you continue your battle fighting cancer. The treatment is rough, dear brother, I wish I could help ease your side effects. All I can do for you is pray and send you positive thoughts. I love you so very much! Kathy Kenroy

111: Dear Ken, I have been thinking for a while of what to write to you. Still looking for the words – pretty strange for a PepsiAmericas' marketeer, isn't it? Creating and presenting to you a new advertising campaign for Prigat juice, for example, was so much easier (remember the funny “Ordinary People's Olympics” campaign in 2008?) But I want you to know that, since Mike told me about this, I keep thinking of you and pray for the good end of it. So, many thoughts travel all the way from Romania to US. I am one of many that look at you upwards, with admiration, trust and pride, knowing that being part of PepsiAmericas team was the best thing that could happen to me as a professional. Each time I had the chance to meet you, I took back home a lot of inspiration, positive energy and most of all the will to aim for the victory. And you know what? I've got them again only by reading the note you wrote on this site. It is amazing how you keep giving instead of taking. That's why I know cancer will not break your spirit. Nothing will ever break your spirit. ~Oana Stincel

112: Dear Ken Sue and Amy Thinking about you all the time and the first time in my life that I can hardly wait until the time goes by.Keep looking at the calendar and wishing the time could go faster. I feel helpless but don't feel there is anything I can do but pray for you. Dad and I haven't missed a day that we go to church and pray for you that God will keep you in his care. Love All of you Mom and Dad | Ken I hope you are feeling better. Hang in there and know we are thinking about you!!! TDonnelly | Good morning Ken and family!!!!! After seeing you WITH hair last week and now WITHOUT...........guess what, who knew,?? you look fantastic!!!!! Keep up the good ARE a winner, that's for every way!!!!!!!! Hope to see you again SOON with that great smile and spirit! With love and prayers, Ellen Illg

113: Ken, Talked to your parents just before leaving P Town. They are on top of everything going on in your treatment and are optimistic. Your mother is counting on your strength and conditioning. I fully expect to hear that your golf trip comes off next year. Best of Luck, WK PS Nice haircut! Willy Krusell | Glad you posted some recent pictures. Like the hair cut. And you do look more like your dad! Love the picture with Mason. Debbie and Jerry Krans | Ken: One lap down, and five to go. Keep it up and stay strong. We are thinking about you. Matt & Ana Carter | Keep that great attitude Ken---love you a lot and the haircut as well. We think of you often and pray for you each day. Virg and Cheryl Schneider

114: I said a prayer for you today And knew God must have heard I felt the answer in my heart Although he spoke no word I asked that he be near you At the start of each new day To grant you health and blessings And friends to share your way Love MOM and Dad | Dear Ken, Thinking of you and keeping in touch with your family back home in Petoskey. My prayers continue to be with you as you are now half way thru your second week of treatment. I pray for strength and renewed energy to help you in your fight. Just remember how many people love you. All the words of comfort that you have received from so many friends and family is truly amazing. May you feel God's comforting touch and trust that he will bring you thru this. Lots of love to you, Sue and Amy. You look great with the buzz cut. Your cousin, Barb Stoddard

115: Ken Thinking of you today,so I wanted to say something a little different.Truly wish we could put a team together as we had at Pepsi Americas to help you fight this health issue. I would join today and help if that was possible. We often go through life wondering if we had any impact on peoples lives present and future. I just wanted you to know that the last three years of my career with your team and at Pepsi Americas in Kansas City plant was the hi-lite of my career after working many years for a competitor. Those three years felt like I was part of a company and management team. So i will finish wishing you and your family well,thanks and God Bless you. Respectfully James E. Gammons | Morning Ken; Cool hair cut, perfect for summer humidity! I didn't see Mason standing in line. He'd look cute in a buzz cut too. God is watching over you and Sue. Love, Jerry & Pat Evenson

116: Ken: Kathy told us about your cancer last week at Nancy's class reunion. We visited this site last night and read about the cancer and your efforts to beat it. I read many of the postings on your site from family and friends and it is so very clear how many people are pulling for you and how you have influenced all of our lives. Nancy and I have added you to every prayer chain that we are associated with. We will continue to follow your progress and keep you in our prayers. Don & Nancy Wodek | Ken Your the type of person who is stronger then any one I know, even in the midst of some of the most challenging things in your life you have triumphed and now you will prevail the enemy of cancer. With loving friends and family you have to support you and with your faith, you are never alone. God bless you. Kathy Kenroy | Good morning, I woke up thinking about you and your family. Keep up your courage and light heartedness. Pat Glaser

117: Dear Ken, I heard of your most difficult challenge through you brother-in-law Pete. Although we haven't had much of any interaction since high school I am very eager to support you through prayer. I have made contact with your friend Jim Lieski. You have an amazing number of friends and family who are supporting you and Sue during this time. I echo Jim's thoughts regarding drawing close to the Lord. In good times and in hard times Christ is our comfort and our strength. He is nearer to you than your own flesh. He cares and he is our hope. He will not disappoint! Jim and I have decided to add to our prayers, fasting on Wednesdays. If you want to let family and friends know this they can join us on those days as we storm the throne of heaven on your behalf! On a lighter note I have an old News Review picture of you from the sports section. If you would like I can pass it along. Your kids and grand kids will get a kick out of it. Take care Ken and may the peace of Christ that passes all understanding be upon you and Sue. “We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; 9 persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed. 10 We always carry around in our body the death of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus may also be revealed in our body”. God bless, Tom Giles

118: Hi Ken, I don't know if Chris has ever shared old hockey stories with you. But I grew up playing outdoor hockey with Brad and him. Besides our parents, their Grandpa Ira was equally devoted at bundling up for those frigid games. I liked to think that I wowed Ira with my stickhandling. But I had a terrible habit of staring down at the puck rather than scanning the ice for the opponent who was about to drill me. In downhill skiing, as you know, they use the term "yardsale" for a wipeout when one's skis, poles, hat, gloves and whatever else go in every direction. Well, I never heard that term used in hockey, but some of the licks I took required the retrieval of multiple pieces of equipment I'm sure. You'd think it would only take one hit to learn my lesson. But I have numerous memories of skating off the ice--past Grandpa Ira--who'd quietly say, "Keep your head up," as he shook his head. We laugh today at the number of times we ever heard it. But that simple phrase has become more of a hey-hang-in-there-I'm-with-you. So keep your head up, Ken. Blessings to you, Sue, Amy, Chris, Mason and the rest of your family. Tom Williams

119: Good morning, I woke up thinking about you and your family. Keep up your courage and light heartedness. Pat Glaser | Just want you to know were thinking of you and one full week down. Love MOM and DAD | We are still here keeping track of you and praying for a quick recovery. We have been real busy with combining and second cutting hay, but we check on you every day. Keep strong. The Steffels

120: Ken- It was great to walk the beautiful fairways of Springhill with you, Wayne and Dennis last weekend. There's nothing better than to share some time on the golf course with good friends. I continue to think about you every day and I include you in my prayers. I am impressed with your resolve to beat this challenge and your competitive spirit and great physical condition are significant assets on your side. Your ability to walk up the steep hill on the back nine last weekend in the heat and humidity demonstrated the great strength and determination you have. I hope you feel the positive energy of the support of so many friends on your side. We are all looking forward to the day when your doctor tells you that you are cancer free. All the best, Bill Travis | Ken, I heard about your condition this past week thru Tim Donnelly. I hope you have a speedy recovery and wish you all the best in getting well soon! We go back a long way in the Pepsi system. Knowing you like horse racing and your strong desire to win, I'm betting that you are the odds on favorite to beat this! mike brown

121: Hello Ken, Sue and Amy~ I am so sorry that you have this challenge in your lives right now, but there is no doubt in my mind that you will beat this. I think about you everyday and we include you in all of our prayers. If you ever need anything, I would be honored to help!! I can't tell you how much the 3 of you have inspired me through the last 17 years. I am really looking forward to introducing my 3 girls to you when you are ready for visitors. Much love, Monique Werry

122: Dad is going on radiation treatment #9 and has 1 chemo treatment under his belt so far. Good thing the negative effects of the two chemo drugs is letting up some... Almost immediately following his chemo treatment a week and a half ago, he lost his appetite and since then has found it quite a challenge to eat - only one of the many unpleasant side affects of "The Red Devil" - the name given to one of the nastier chemo drugs and referred to as such amongst the nurses. Over the last few days, it appears that Dad's appetite is slowly rebounding and his nausea seems to be more controlled, thanks to a new anti-nausea med and the likeliness that the chemo drug is starting to move out of his system. Therefore, we're hoping that dad will get a few days in of feeling fairly decent before getting slammed with his second round of chemo next Wednesday, the 24th. It sounds counter-intuitive, but doctors said that the chemo acts stronger when given in longer intervals versus on a more frequent basis. My dad's lymphedema (the swelling in his neck due to the removal of many of his lymphnodes) looked fantastic yesterday! He has been meeting regularly with a "Lymphedema therapist" (who knew there was such a thing!) and it appears to be doing wonders for his neck and throat area. (Just one less thing to worry about and cause discomfort, assuming they can continue to keep it well managed). | August 15, 2011

123: And somehow, my dad...true to form, has continued to play some golf and even walked the course a few times - all 18 holes! He's walking and riding his bike regularly and picked up Qigong (Chi Gong), a Chinese practice of aligning breath, physical activity and awareness for mental & spiritual health - a regimen he practices faithfully. My dad never ceases to amaze me. He even looks good with his head shaved! This Wednesday, Mason and I will be joining my parents at Mayo and will even be crashing their sleepover at the townhome. And my dad's youngest brother (my Uncle Bill), will be visiting from Michigan with his family over the weekend. So, as you can see, we're taking advantage of my dad's good days by keeping busy. Thank you all so much for your messages of strength. We gain so much from your kind words and support. Amy

124: I said a prayer for you today And know God must have heard I felt the answer in my heart Although he spoke no word I asked for happiness for you In all things great and small But it was for his loving care I prayed the most of all Thinking of you Love MOM and Dad | Ken, It was great to get a chance to play golf with you on Saturday. We were all amazed that you would be out there walking 18 holes. As we were hacking it all over the golf course I loved your comment that at least you had an excuse. It was also good to see that you had the appetite for a little soup after the round. Good luck with your treatments this week. The Mahaffys will be thinking about you. -Dale Mahaffy | Ken I am still smiling after talking with you last sounded great & it does not surprise me that your still doing your biking, golfing and most importantly, praying. Glad your feeling better. A day at a time, Ken! I am so proud of you. ~Love, Kathy

125: So great to spend time with you this past week. Patrick is deciding which he is looking most forward to next w you- 18 holes at Springhill, the next heli-skiing trip - or cocktails on our patio.... Our love, support and prayers are with you at all times. xoxoxoxoxo Marilee, Patrick, Maggie & Henry Hunt | Ken; Praying for you......keep moving forward with a positive outlook! -Mike Hagan | Ken, Keep fighting the good fight! Your strength will endure and I will keep you in my prayers. Sincerely, Richard Wilson | Ken Glad to see you are getting through it. Have a good week!!! ~TDonnelly

126: Hi Ken, coming home from Lansing today. Will see you later. On sunday Pete and I went to St. Johns Newman Center (campas church) and it was neat to be in green town Spartan country again. I let a candle for you after mass and said prayers. Also lit candle for Sue and Amy's family so lots of flames burning for your recovery and healing for all. will bring you back some green today. Yesterday went to Saginaw with Joanne and Aunt Elly, Patty and Colleen and Kris and Cindy Klement all asking about you and want to send you hugs and love. Aunt Elly asked me to tell you she prays the rosary everyday and you are on that rosary. Cindy Klement has you on prayer line. I am suppose to hug you and Sue from Patty and Colleen. Hey did you Sue tell you Andy Wilson moved to Petoskey full time far cry from Bismark ND. He is consulting in Washington on Health care. well I will see you later tonight. Love on you, Molly

127: Hi Ken, It was great being able to spend part of the day with you on Saturday - thanks! And, Dale was did have the line of the day. As I told you on Saturday, there's only so many ways to continue saying "I'm praying for you", but you ARE in my prayers daily. To quote that wise sage Tom Williams - "Keep your head up!" Jim Lieske | Thanks for the update. You are an amazing family! I remembered you and your family at Mass this morning. Your determination is inspiring! Hugs. Midge Burzinski | Ken, We are so happy to hear that you have had a better week. Your appetite returning is so important. :) You are always in our thoughts. Lorraine and Jay Hulbert XO

128: Ken is my hero. What courage! Ken, stay with it. You have a great attitude that will produce positive results as you go through the process. My admiration for you is unparalleled. ~Herb Baum | Hi Ken, Glad to hear that your feeling better and hope you can enjoy the rest of your week. That darn little Mason called me last night to rub in that the Twins beat the Tigers last night. I wanted to let you know that no matter where I go people are asking about you and when I share the web site with them they are just amazed at your strength, courage and spiritual belief and that you will get thru all of this. Your in are thoughts and prayers daily including Sue, Amy, Chris and Mason. ~Denny | Ken, We follow your story with great interest and concern. You and the family are in our prayers. You are seeing the recent of positive thinking and we all take comfort from that. John and Nancy Bierbaum

129: Team Keiser is my new name for you guys as it does take a team to go through this. Ken, your ability to stay strong both mentally and physically is amazing. Sue, you have always been special in my book and this proves it. Amy, your love and support will help your Dad more than you know. Ken, keep up all the positive things and they will outweigh the negative that is going on in your life. My Mom is also going through intense radiation and does not have your spirit. (I will let her read your journal). You guys are in our thoughts and prayers daily. Keep up the good work and hug one another often...... Robin Pullias | Ken, Continue thinking and praying for you. Your story continues to inspire. Hope to see you soon. The Leone's

130: Denny and I went to the sacramentines this morning at 11/30 for a special mass for you. Dad had to go to therapy. Also a candle burning for you at St Judes altar every day since your were diagnosed with cancer. Have to keep praying and cant let up. Many people and even strangers say they are praying for you. Hope you have a good week. ~Mom and Dad | Ken, Sue and family. You all amaze me by your strength. Thinking about and praying for you daily. Keep up the positive attitude. Love, DONNA House | Dear Keiser family, We look forward to Amy's updates. We know how strong and determined Ken is, think of you ALL every day. Love Tom and Mary Behan | Ken,it's hard run and I know you can make it through all this. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. George and Mary Haugo

131: I'm so impressed with the progress and fight Ken continues to put at the forefront. Of course that is Ken; a competitor with Fight and Spirit. I Just returned from Scotland, Ireland Golf trip; always a fantastic experience. When Ken is ready it is a trip we must take to fine tune our Golf Game and have pure fun on the links. Nick Giachino | Just signing in to say "Love you, buddy!" We're praying for you, my church prayer team is praying for you, my Bible study gal pals are praying for you. Glad you're getting your appetite back and getting outside to walk and bike. (Watch out for the excessive goose do-do around Silver Lake!) And remember, when you feel attacked and sick, the hope is that so do those tumor cells. Hug "the goddess" for me and many thanks to Amy for posting the updates! XOXOX! Ruth Travis

132: Hi Ken We think of you and your wonderful family everyday. Mason is getting so tall. You know I love your hair, but your summer do is great. Amy, thanks for keeping us updated. Books on CD are great for the drive. All our love and prayers, Debbie Debbie Schmidt | Good Morning! This is God. I will be handling all of your problems today. I will not need your help, so, relax and have a great day! Ken, Suzi, Amy, Chris and Mason, Lets live our days by this saying! Love to each of you. ~Kathy Kenoy | Ken, I'm following your venture by this excellent forum. Your fortitude is awesome and inspiring. There's not much else I can do but pray for you and your family daily. You should know that there are a lot of others at Zion Lutheran in Petoskey praying for you as well. Bill Dohm | Ken, All the best. I am sure that with your strength and family support you will recover ~Luis Montoya

133: Ken, We follow your story and battle and never forget you, Sue, your family and this journey you are all on and always keep you in our daily prayers. Remember... One night a man had a dream. He dreamed he was walking along the beach with the Lord. Across the dark sky flashed scenes from his life. For each scene, he noticed two sets of footprints in the sand, one belonging to him and the other to the Lord. He noticed that many times along the path of his life there was only one set of footprints. He also noticed that it happened at the very lowest and saddest times in his life. This bothered him and he questioned the Lord about it. "Lord, you said that once I decided to follow you, you'd walk with me all the way. But I have noticed that during the most troublesome times in my life there is only one set of footprints. I don't understand why when I needed you most you would leave me." The Lord replied "My precious, precious child, I love you and would never leave you. During your times of trial and suffering, when you see only one set of footprints in the sand, it was then that I carried you." God Bless. John and Coleen

134: Jack Pezelj told me about your recent challenge. In the 12 years that I knew you I never saw you back down from anything, your focus, diligence and determination was amazing and it appears that you are applying those same principles to this. My prayers go out to you, Sue Amy and your family. Your Grandchildren are beautiful and obviously a delight to you. Jeremiah 29:11 11 For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. I am fortunate to have known and worked with you, many of the successes that I have enjoyed are attributable to Jay, Brad, you and the rest of the guys. Obviously, you have affected many lives positively reading these posts. The Lord asks that you treat your body as a temple, have faith in his strength and know that he only wants what is best for us and his plan is complete for us and to trust in that plan. You are certainly doing your part physically and mentally; we will do our part for you with Prayer. May you enjoy the peace that God's love can bring to you and your family while you overcome this cancer (and I personally think it stands little chance). Thank you for all that you poured into each of us over the years, we all appreciate it. Hey, I just thought of this, we had to drag you out of Puerto Rico in front of a Hurricane, with that level of determination I am confident that you will win this. Ed Diamond Wednesday, August 17, 2011 6:32 AM

135: Hi Ken Bob Greenway here! I recently heard of what you are going through. My wife works as an office manager for your Mom and Dad's Doctor, and your Mom shared the news with her, because she also knows I know you and knew I would want to know. Got all that? Ken, I simply wanted you to know that you are strongly in my prayers everyday, and knowing the man you are, you will beat this. I have let Jim know also, and he's also praying for you. He is thinking of you and sending his very best. Jim does not use a computer, and asked that I send his message to you also. I have somewhat changed my lifestyle this summer, as I have closed the physical storefront of Homestead, and gone on the web, and it seems to be working nicely, considering tthe overall economy. It's been 42 years of retail for me, and it was time for a change! And Jeff Pagel and I, (as JUSDUIT), are playing together as a duo in the Noggin Room at the Perry and other venues such as Stroll the Streets,(Boyne City), and Street Musique, Harbor Springs, etc. A nice hobby we got back into in the last couple years. You'll get a kick out of JUSDUIT, playing Brown Eyed Girl at the BVCClub on YouTUBE. Just type in JUSDUIT. Your Mom and Dad are a great couple, and are special to both Renee and I. Your Mom promised to keep us in the loop, and I know she will. Renee has known your Mom since she worked in the lab at NMH. Ken, all the very best to you, Suzi and your family. Your daughter sounds like a keeper in how she is keeping up the journal and is so proud of her Dad! We're all proud of you! God Bless, my friend! Bob Greenway

136: Ken, wishing you all the best regarding this recent personal challenge. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Pepsi Twinsburg, Ohio ~Rick Bodzenski | Ken - Sending you lots of prayers from Memphis, all of us old "Delta Beverage" peeps just got an email from Jack Pezelj regarding your challenge. God is good and I know he will be good to you. You were always an inspiration to all of us at Delta & PAS is was a pleasure to work with you. I always enjoyed being invited to dinner with you & Brad, Jay & Ray when you came in town so I could try some new wines - you always had such great taste. Good luck - I know you will beat this "beast" Robin Beeson Enck | Dear Ken: I am sending you a "Bank Account" I have just deposited Love and blessings into your Bank Account. And the very best part is that it will cost you nothing. I only ask that you use it in abundance. Your PIN number is J-E-S-U-S. It is important not to lose your PIN. May your troubles be less, your blessings be more and nothing but happiness come through your door. Love you, your cousin, Barb

137: Ken, My name is Jay Springer, I work for Pepsi in Batesville, Arkansas, formerly Delta Beverage Group. I remember you coming here to recognize us for an award in the early 1990's and wondering why the President of our company would take time out of his busy schedule to come and speak to us. Thank you!!! At that time I was a route driver, I am currently a TSM in Batesville. I want to thank you for your leadership over the years and hope you have a speedy recovery. I will be praying for you that God will watch over you and your family. Jay Springer | Ken, I'm from the "good ole days" at Delta Beverage and PepsiAmericas. I have been with Pepsi 40 years last July 31st, and I have always loved my job, but, the best was when you, Jay, Bob Pohlad and Dave Crossman 9 (my boss) were our Leaders. You guys are honestly "people" people. You treated us like we were human. I love all you guys and I will have you and your family in my prayers daily. God Bless You. Bea Sandridge

138: Ken, I want to wish you the best and I know that you will attack this head on as I have known you to since having met and worked for you. I want you to know that you and your family will be in my prayers as you fight and win this battle. Take Care.... Pierre Evans | Ken First, I want to personally thank you for the great leadership you provided for us in the Delta/PAS days, and the impact that you have had on me personally throughout those years. I appreciate all the times that you encouraged me, even when the "numbers" were down :). You ARE in our prayers and thoughts daily. Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you. - 1 Peter 5:7 The LORD is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I will trust; my buckler, and the horn of my salvation, and my high tower. - Psa 18:2 Keep the Faith. God Bless you and your family. Chris Conger

139: “If children have the ability to ignore all odds and percentages, then maybe we can all learn from them. When you think about it, what other choice is there but to hope? We have two options, medically and emotionally: give up, or fight like hell. “ Lance Armstrong You beat the odds with all of us at DBG and PAS, and you've fought through several injuries. It’s just another challenge for someone who's a prove winner. You have a lot of people in your corner. We’ll be checking in on you. God bless you and yours. Larry Lemon | Ken and family, clearly you have met an unexpected challenge that many of us cannot begin to imagine what it is like. For me, I remember the early morning runs we took while on the road for PAS where you showed me incredible stamina and endurance. You have touched me personally and many others in a positive way. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you conquer the hill in front. God bless you. Jim DeStefano

140: Hi Ken - I don't believe I've ever had the opportunity to meet you (although I have heard your name mentioned many times). I just wanted you to know that you and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. Stay strong & keep fighting. Amy Lindsey Pepsi Beverages Company Tupelo, MS Amy Lindsey | Lord Jesus,you held out a hand of mercy to so many who sought your help Take hold of Kens hand this day and see him thru this time of trouble Renew his faith in your healing touch and help him to put his trust entirely in you in the days that lie ahead Keep Ken close to you,that he may find comfort and peace in the days that lie ahead. From MOM and DAD | Ken, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Thanks for all you did for me and my family, Ronny and Joyce Lindsey | Ken: I experimented with different foods to find something palatable. worked for me. Keep up the good spirit. Larry Martin

141: Ken, Jackie and I heard of your situation from Dan. We are praying for a successful and complete recovery for you. Dan and I connected back up with Warren recently and spent the weekend of August 6th in New Orleans. It was great catching up and reminiscing about our days at CMU with you and Sue. The other day I ran across a picture of you, Sue, and Amy from August 17, 1975. I'll post it when I figure out how so you can see it. You must have come to Sturgis because the picture was in my back yard. Hang tough. We are all pulling for you. Brad and Jackie Hess | Ken, Just as in all the years through Delta and PAS, you continue to lead by example. Keep fighting the good fight! (By the way, you still have a lot more hair than I do!) We'll keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Dave (aka Homer) Crossman

142: Hi Ken, I just heard about your illness today. You are one of the most intense people I ever met and if you focus on the cancer the same way you did the Pepsi business - I know you can defeat it! I will never forget the "good ole" Delta Beverage/PAS days. I looked forward to going to work every single day because of the wonderful people I worked with! There was one particular day at the office on Democrat Road when Jay Hulbert was going out of his way to avoid your phone calls! Every time the phone rang - he would disappear somewhere in the building. Finally, you told me to find him and have him call you immediately! Jay had been caught! You knew he was avoiding you! And you always managed to call for Brad after he had casually strolled down the hallway with his Wall Street Journal tucked under his arm! One day I actually had to go get him out of the men's room! Must have been mighty important but Brad never got ruffled. I loved all you guys! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers! Jennifer Golightly | Hey Ken and Sue. We continue to think of you every day.We know how tough this medicine must be. Stay strong, every day you can tough it out is one more day behind you. We keep you in our prayers and our heart. Love you! ~ Tom and Mary Behan

143: Ken; It was great to see you last weekend. We enjoyed ourselves very much. Brody & Heather had a great time playing with Mason. Once again I can't thank you and Sue enough for letting us stay with you. I'm really glad I got to spend some time with you guys. I think about you everyday. You are an amazing and strong person and will get through this. It's the Keiser way!!!! Love you and take care... Bill Keiser | Dear Ken, Just learned the news of your illness, and wanted to add my very best wishes for healing and recovery to those of your vast network of friends & family. Please know that you're remembered in this corner of PEP (International) with great affection, and our positive thoughts, energy and prayers go with you on every step of your journey. My best, Barbara Burek

144: All in all, Dad has been doing well. He has been playing golf, riding his bike and spending time with friends and family. He actually has way more energy than I would have ever expected a person going through cancer treatment would have (much less a treatment regimen that is as difficult as his!) His voice kind of comes and goes, but generally speaking its been growing a little bit hoarser as time goes on, no doubt due to his daily radiation treatments. His lymphedema has remained consistently better thanks to the magical touch of his therapists at Mayo and my dad's committment to his daily therapy at home, including wearing a compression mask two hours a day to try to reduce the swelling. Each day, my dad dedicates a couple hours to his neck, throat and mouth health to try to lessen or prolong the side effects from his treatment, including painful mouth sores that often accompany radiation when given in the head/neck region. He performs a variety of swallowing and vocal exercises to increase the strength of his throat and vocal chords. He also spends a lot of time gargling, brushing, flossing, spraying & rinsing his mouth. With all the time he spends on his mouth, he must have the cleanest, freshest breath and nicest teeth of anyone I know! Dad gets his second round of chemo tomorrow (Wednesday). I'm sure he is dreading it, now realizing what is to come, but I think he is prepared to combat the nausea (and hiccups if need be!) with an arsenal of anti-nausea meds that his doctors have prepared for him. He somehow has managed to maintain his weight thus far (although I have no idea how since he only eats smoothies and soups). I imagine my mom's got something to do with that (watch ya sneakin' in those smoothies mom???) The big news of the week is that this coming Friday will mark the halfway point of my dad's treatment. His doctors can't believe he has not yet resorted to the heavy shevy painkillers that they've prescribed to him. Although he's quite uncomfortable at times, he's been able to manage his pain with Ibuprofen. Unbelievable. Finally...Dad's hair is starting to go. It's been "shedding" for a good week, but it's officially starting to fall out pretty regularly now. I'm sorry that you're losing your hair Dad, but each time we've gone shorter, you've only gotten better looking and the shorter your "do" has become, the more you can see your beautiful blue eyes. What can I say? You've just got a handsome head! | August 23, 2011

145: We spent a wonderful weekend with my Uncle Bill, Missi and my young cousins over the weekend. Mason LOVED spending time with the kids and especially enjoyed their slumber party together at Nana & Pop Pop's. My parent's dear friends will be flying in from bothToronto and Boca Raton this weekend for a visit. They are very much looking forward to spending time together and catching up. Sorry Minnesota won't offer much relief from the humidity that you all are so accustomed to in the Florida summer! Finally, my mom wanted me to thank the guys who have driven my dad to and from treatment over the past couple weeks. It allowed her a little free time and a very necessary break (it even allowed her to tag along to the zoo with Mason and I yesterday!) So again, thank you very much for taking time out of your busy days to help. Luv, Amy

146: Ken, I received your website from one of our old DBG alumni and wanted to let you know that everyone in the MSMU has you and your family in our thoughts and prayers daily as you battle your illness. As we battled through the beverage business for the last twenty plus years we have all fought some tough battles and faced difficult decisions But through all of those battles you always supported us and helped guide us down the right path to make the correct decisions during those tough times. We are here now to support you and your family as you battle your illness and we will continue to remember you in our prayers in the days ahead. May God Bless you and your family, Greg Barrett | Ken and Sue, I heard today of your illness and send my prayers for a swift recovery. You are an inspiration to all who know you and understanding how you tackle problems, know you will overcome this obstacle. Reading all of the notes from your friends, I know the prayers are support in this battle. ~George Fisher

147: Hi Ken. Sending good thoughts your way, wishing you continued strength as you go through your treatments. Glad to hear you are surrounded by your family. Be strong. Sending prayers for your full recovery. All my best, Lori Marcus Lori Marcus | Hi Ken, Just wanted to greet you. Praying for your comfort. Tom Williams | Hey Ken, We are so grateful to your wonderful Amy for these updates on your treatments and recovery. So glad to hear you staying strong and active in light of all they are throwing your way. Let Suzi know I have a great butternut squash soup recipe I will send her :) We are in your corner cheering you on through this fight dear friend and all bets are on you! Lean daily on the Lord and watch for the God moments that are there, each and every day. They are a sign of His love and grace in our lives. Jana and John Stermer | Ken Sending you lots of positive thoughts, prayers & love as you receive your second round of chemo. Keep up your fight.....God Bless you! I love you dear brother! Kathy

148: Greetings from your nearby neighborhood sufferer, Ken. I'm glad to hear how little weight you've lost since I'm down 40 - 50 pounds myself. I get about 75% of my nutrition from our Norwalk juicer. Hope you are doing the juicing thing too. It really makes it easier to eat. Betty and I send you best wishes on your trip today. We are with you with you in spirit. -Bert Gardner | Hi Ken Thinking about you today and may your angle Eric sent by God guide you and walk beside you. Be your guardian and protect you. Love you Mom and Dad | Hi Ken Just a quick note to let you know I'm thinking of you and praying for you. Reading your guest book and Amy's journal gives inspiration to anyone who reads it. You are an amazing guy, and with God's help you will win this battle! Sending you all my best. Bob Greenway | Ken, Stay strong my friend and you are in our Prayers! Richard Wilson

149: Ken, Just heard of your illness from Barbra Burek. Keep up the fight. Karen and I will keep you in our thoughts and prayers and wish you a speedy recovery. ~Denny Larabee | Uncle Ken, You, Aunt Suzie, Amy, Chris and Mason our in our daily thoughts a prayers – stay strong, we love you. Carrie & Andy Strobel | Ken, you are our hero and such an inspiration to all of us for your determination to healing yourself and overcoming this dreaded disease. Fight on Warrior! Jerry & Pat Evenson | Ken & Sue, Just thinking of you both and sending up some prayers for strength and comfort as your treatment continues. Your attitude is remarkable and I am so glad that you have been able to be golfing and enjoying some family time as well. Know that many are praying for your whole family as you fight this cancer. God is the one solid rock. Donelle Wandrie

150: Dear Ken, Sue and Amy, Thank you so much for your newsy updates. Amy you are a beautiful writer and I can feel your love an devotion to your dad and mom through the lines of your messages. Just wanted all of you know that Nick and I are thinking of all of you during this difficult time and we are inspired by your hard work in getting well. Please remember there are volumes and volumes of friends that are pulling from you all over the country. Hugs and many hugs, Sarah and Nick | Ken, It has been a long time since our paths crossed. I heard the news from Barbara Burek. Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers and we extend the very best of wishes for a speedy recovery! Dale Morrison | Ken and Amy Thanks for the updates. I wish you the best and you are in my thoughts. I wish you a good week at the 1/2 way point. Tim D

151: Ken: You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers and I will send some extra positive vibes your way today for a smooth treatment. Your daughter clearly has your charm and wit, and she has done a fabulous job of keeping us updated. I'm so glad that you and Sue have been able to focus on your continued improvement yet still keep us updated through Amy. Thank you! Take care, Jackie Daylor | Ken: Thoughts are with you today as you tackle yet another round of Chemo. I pray that our good Lord continue to stand by you and that you remain ever so strong and courageous as you fight this battle. I am always overwhelmed when I read the beautiful messages and prayers sent by family and friends. You have such a strong support and Suzi and Amy are angels from Heaven and your Mason must give you so much joy. Prayers remain strong back here in Petoskey and my mom (Aunt Eleanor) is thinking of you and praying. Love and God Bless, Your cuz, Barb

152: Ken Knocked at Heaven's door this morning. God asked me, My child what can I do for you? I said: Father, please protect and bless the person reading this. God smiled and answered, request granted.I know God is protecting you and blessing you every day, I know you feel Him with you. Love you brother, Kathy | Hi Ken, Long time no speak!! Was talking with John Stermer today and he mentioned your name, glad to hear you are fighting this thing head on. Last time we saw each other was at the engagement party John threw for Sharon and I in Minneapolis...quite a few years, but I often run into Pepsi people here in Memphis who speak very fondly of you. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family, and I wish you the best. Cordially, Bill Ryan Germantown Tennessee | Hey Ken; Just thinking about you and praying for you. Love you, Bill Keiser

153: Ken, Sue, and Amy Many thanks for keeping us up to date on Ken's treatment progress. Please know, that while we are new neighbors, we are here for you, for any purpose, at any time of day or night. God's love and healing power are with you and we add our prayers daily to those of your many friends. Blessings, Tad Piper | Hi Sue and Ken, We are thinking about you and praying for you in this tough time. Keep up the strength and courage. You are amazing! Mary and Andy Flynn | Ken and Sue- Sending you this greeting from the beautiful northwoods of Minnesota. I continue to think about you and watch your progress from your family messages on this site ... it's great to be able to keep updated from so far away. Glad you are halfway through and are doing so well. Stay strong and positive. The strength you both demonstrate to the rest of us is inspiring. All the best, Bill Travis

154: Ken & Sue: It is a beautiful sunny day in Lansing, Mi. Mick and I have been at Sparrow Hospital for the past 4 days. Mick's brother is critically ill. Have been thinking of you and hoping you are having a good day. We plan to attend Mass tonight at St. Mary's Cathedral. You will be in our prayers and we will light a 7 day candle there for you. We pray for renewed strength and God's blessings for you. Love to all of you, Everytime I drink a Pepsi I think of you !! Your cuz, Barb | Ken Hope you are feeling the blessings that so many of us our sending your way & every minute of the day! Love you......Kathy! | Ken, Suzi, Amy Chris and Mason Our hearts and prayers are with you all the time. I thank God that Ken is so well taken care of by Suzi, Amy, Chris & Mason. Your family, friends & people you don't even know are praying for you guys. Love you, Kathy

155: Ken I woke up this morning thinking about you so I said a prayer I asked that God be near you At the start of each new day To grant you health and blessings And friends to share your way ~Love MOM and DAD | Hey Ken; I was thinking about you all weekend. I continue to pray for you that God keeps giving you the strength to get through each day. I'm very thankful that you have Suzie, Chris, Amy and Mason taking care of you. They are very special and love you very much. I know you this but many people think of you and are praying for you. Continue your faith and God will get you through it. Take care big brother!!! Love you, Bill | Ken Joy and I have arranged with her uncle Father Ed Keyes to say a mass for your speedy recovery. We are thinking of you and your family in these trying times. Joy and Jamie Barron

156: Ken Joy and I have arranged with her uncle Father Ed Keyes to say a mass for your speedy recovery. We are thinking of you and your family in these trying times. Joy and Jamie James Barron | Continue to stay strong...and Pray! ~Richard Wilson | Hi Ken, Just wanted you to know that you continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. Hang in there, we don't always know why we are given the challenges in our life that appear there, but you have strength and faith and so much love from your family. I'm asking God to send you healing light and the strength to keep playing golf and enjoying that beautiful grandson every day as you pull yourself through this difficult phase. Pat, Arlie and Sam Hart | Hi Ken, I was down at Mayo yesterday for a business meeting with some of their executives and was thinking about you. What an amazing, impressive place that we are so lucky to have close by. I know they are taking great care of you. Cindy and continue to pray for your healing and know that God will answer. God's blessings, Tad Piper

157: Hi Ken! Hope you remember me - Joy Nichols from Delta Beverage Group / Pepsi Americas - I was an Exec Asst to Jay Hulbert and Ray Stitle when coming on board in 1988 and promoted to Office Manager, which is the position I held when laid off when the company sold about 8 years ago. Kelly Vail let me know about your CaringBridge site and I wanted to contact you to let you know that I am praying for you to have a complete healing and few side effects via your treatments. My Dad, who will turn 89 this December, is a lymphoma cancer survivor, so I know what you are going through. I also wanted you to know that it was a pleasure working for you those 15 years I was with PAS. That was my "dream job" and I was devastated by the layoff, but understood the circumstances. I have had 2 jobs since then, unfortunately they were NOT pleasant experiences, but landed a GREAT job this past March and I love it as much as I loved the PAS job. I did want to tell you one story about my Pepsi days (btw, I NEVER drank a coke product the entire 15 years I was employed there!) - Ray Stitle had "written me up" for using "southern slang" in those early days, and at that same time, I was working switchboard relief for Mary. They had hired a new girl in the accounting dept. and it was now her responsibility to relieve Mary for breaks, lunch, etc. You called in the office quite frequently and one day you got Ray on the phone and said "Who is answering the switchboard for Mary! Get her off asap and put Joy back on?" It made my heart happy as then I knew my southern slang must not have been that terrible, if you wanted me and my voice to make a first impression. I appreciated that very much! I will continue to watch for updates on your health from your family. ~Joy Nichols

158: Well...things started gettin' tougher this past week. Dad's got his second chemo treatment under his belt and five more radiation treatments since my last update. His nausea seemed to be better controlled this time around, but it seems that it's the radiation that really is the cause of Dad's discomfort. His throat is sore and swollen, eating has become more difficult, he's lost his appetite, he's getting more and more tired and just generally doesn't feel good. Despite all this, he managed to get 18 holes in on both Saturday and Sunday. Oh, and he walked the course both days as well. I've noticed that my Dad appears to have entered a new phase in his course of treatment. There's no question that things are getting more uncomfortable for him. Advil no longer appears to be giving him sufficient relief, so he has turned to Oxycodone (which frankly his doctors were shocked to learn that he only now has started taking it and wasn't on it all along). Mom and Dad will be joining us for Mason's open house tomorrow where we will have the opportunity to meet Mason's first grade teacher and tour the classroom. Their plans for the upcoming holiday weekend will likely have to be spontaneous, based on how my dad's feeling. Despite this recent turn, Dad's attitude is okay - his spirituality remains as strong as ever. Feel free to reach out to him via e-mail this coming week. He's gotten pretty good at multi-tasking at home with his iphone. Love to all, Amy | August 30, 2011

159: Hi Ken Again I said a prayer for you today I didn't ask for wealth or fame I knew you wouldn't mind I asked him to send you treasures Of a far more lasting kind I asked that he be near you At the start of each new day To grant you health and blessings And friends to share your way Thinking about you Love MOM and DAD | Hey Ken and Sue, Just read Amy's update and wanted you to know that Nick and I are thinking about you today. I can't imagine what you must be enduring but one thing is for certian, you are surrounded by love. And we are inspired by this and know that this will see you through the toughest times. Ken, you can beat this and we are pulling for you. Sarah and Nick Giachino | Ken, Just thinking about you today and hoping you are strong. I hope the upcoming holiday weekend allows you family time and relaxation. I am headed to South Bend to watch the Irish on their path to the BCS Championship. We play those Michigan teams over the next couple weeks. Time to take revenge on the Spartans for last year's sneak win. You are always in my thoughts. Keith Melaragno

160: Hey Ken: Just read Amy's update. Just thinking about you this morning. Take care.... Bill Keiser | Ken and family, We continue to pray for strength and healing for you. You are amazing to keep up on activities and exercise even though you are weak and not feeling good. You are a real inspiration. Jesus will pull you through. God Bless You. Connie Golding, Petoskey | Hi bro., Thinking of you this morning and in my meditation last night --it was told to me that your angels and guides are with you. Helping hold you up and we are all doing. Hang tough -you inspire me and I love ya Molly | Dear Ken. This is the 15'th at Hazeltine. 16 is still tougher but then only 2 to go. Drive straight, make the putts. Thinking of you bud, and saying my prayers. Birdies coming up soon. JOE Joe Heron

161: Ken, Time may be passing a bit slowly these days but the treatments are soon to be over. Your approach, as you can see from the various notes, inspires us all. We are blessed to have you showing us the way in the face of adversity. Thank you. Robert Sutter | Amy, thank you so much for keeping this journal--I'm sure there are days when you don't feel like writing. Ken, you are in our thoughts and prayers daily. Keep on golfing! Brian & Donna Wells | Hi Ken, Sorry to hear things are getting rough but know that we are thinking about you and your family and saying prayers every day. Don & Aunt Ruth Ruth Detzler

162: Good morning, Ken and family!!!!! I'm so sorry to hear all that you have to go "through" but once again, it sounds like you're still coming out on top! True to form as always! Hope you have a nice long weekend with family and grand-daughter, Olivia, will start Kindergarten this year and I think I'm more excited than SHE is!!!!!! They grow so fast and give more love with every day.........that's our blessing, isn't it! Take the best care you can, with love, Ellen Ellen Illg | Hey Ken, sounds like - as expected - you are in charge of this problem. It sounds like the red devil may be Adriamycin. If so, everything tastes like metal - remember how those old dental fillings used to taste? Or maybe you are too young to remember that! I found tonic water (unfortunately without the gin or vodka) worked - it was bitter to begin with. Sounds like you are ahead of this game. And the celebration is coming into view. Keep up the good work. And play when you can. My best to all of you - this time from Burt Lake...Carol Carol Garlinghouse | Ken, Take care and keep that positive attitude. ~Al Warner

163: Hi Ken, Sorry to hear things are getting rough but know that we are thinking about you and your family and saying prayers every day. Don & Aunt Ruth Ruth Detzler | Hi Ken - Sounds like the path is getting a little tougher, but I know you have more fight in you. Anna and I think of you daily and we continue to pray and send our good wishes. Your courage and strength are only part of the cocktail of amazing attributes that will see you through this challenge. Make this day better than the last and keep fighting. Scott Nehs | Amy, Thanks for the update. Steve really enjoyed his visit. I am so sorry I couldn't join him.He loved the new additions to the house. I will havetoseethem next summer. I'm glad he started the oxy, it really hoped my sister-in-law. We all know how strong he is. Love to all, Debbie Schmidt

164: Amy, you are so wonderful to keep us all posted. It must be a labor of love for you. Dearest Kenny and Sister Sue, know that I continue to pray for both of you at morning Mass and would do anything at all that would help. I'd offer to cook, but it sounds like WAAAAYYYY too healthy a brew that you are learning to concoct for me to master. I so admire how you have taken on this dang disease with a vengeance and left no stone un-turned! Blessings, M Midge Burzinski | Ken--Keep that spirit burnin' bright! Tom Williams | HELLO KEN, SUE, AMY CHRIS, AND MASON. DICK AND I HAVE YOU ALL NEAR AND DEAR TO OUR HEARTS. WE ARE KEEPING THE POSITIVE THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS. LOVE, Rose Ann & Dick Odette

165: Dear Ken Susie and Amy Thinking about you and found a prayer for you to say Lord for my sake teach me to take one day at a time Thats all Im asking from you Just give me the strength to do every day what I have to do Lord help me to day Show me the way one day at a time Love You Mom and Dad | Ken, I know you are "digging deep" to find that extra gear to get through the challenges of treatments. May God give you the strength to find that gear. Our prayers are with you all the way. Jim DeStefano | Hi Ken, Just checking in with you and letting you know that our prayers for your total recovery are still occurring daily. Maybe you need a week of R&R here in Mississippi? ha! The temps are extreme this summer and would love to have some of that Minnesota weather about now! Talk to you soon, Rick Wooten | We keep praying! Sending all of you lots of love. Carrie and Andy Strobel

166: Hi Ken and Susie Thinking about you and feel so helpless. Is there anything we can do? What a hard time to get thru I asked God to strengthen you I prayed all through the nite For you have burdens to bear that may not turn out right And then God did answer me He said the burdens will not stay Just trust my word and keep the faith I will lead the way And believe you will have the strength You are in my care There are churches for worship and songs to sing Blessings are yours to share And then I quickly realized If burdens come your way Faith will shield you God is there Answers come as we pray Love MOM and Dad

167: Ken Remember ,it is so rough right now, because you have taken charge of killing the cancer cells .We will celebrate with you when your cancer free! Keep won't be long & the bells will ring for you when its your last treatment! Prayers, candles burning, rosaries be prayed,& novenas are continuing to come your way. Mom & dad feel so helpless but we tell them they are helping you in the biggest way....the love and the dedication to praying. Our love is with you, Suzi, Amy, Chris and Mason. Kathy | Ken, Our thoughts and best wishes are with you. Hope you are getting to watch some Tigers and college football? Willy, Marta, Andrei Krusell | Hi Ken and Sue I ask the Lord to comfort you both when things are not going your way He said to me I will comfort you and Sue and lift your cares away I asked him again to walk with you when darkness is what you see he said Never be afraid for he will see you through Ken you are so strong to still go to church God must be so pleased. Think about you all the time Love you MOM and DAD

168: Hope everyone is doing well this holiday weekend. Chris, Mason and I spent the weekend, as we do every year, at Uncle Mike's "Bear Camp," an Evenson family up-north getaway where Chris grew up visiting every summer as a child. We had a nice time, but are now back, preparing for Mason's first day of first grade tomorrow! See below for an update directly from Dad himself: September is finally here. So to some of you, I am sure it means the ending of a great summer. For us, its a month closer to the end of my cancer treatment. On Tuesday, I begin the final two weeks of radiation treatment as they have scheduled two treatments on Tuesday and two on Friday which end my radiation on Friday, September 16. The cumulative effects of the 22 radiation treatments have taken its toll. My throat is very sore, severe strep throat like conditions. It is very difficult to swallow affecting drinking, eating and discharging saliva. Coughing is quite painful. My entire mouth and tongue is filled with sores. With that said, the pain medication has been quite effective by bringing enough comfort that I can at least manage some of these basic functions. I have more or less held by body weight during the 1st four weeks. I seemed to have passed thru my second chemo session better than the 1st one. My nausea level was much more contained. I have officially lost all of my head hair. I have a new-found respect for all you bald guys. | September 5, 2011

169: I continue to be in absolute awe with all of your letters and words of encouragement. Your words serve as a great and uncompromising inspiration to me as I continue this journey. I continue my daily commitment to prayer, meditation and Qigong, and to my overall health and wellness. Exercise has become challenging as the fatigue factor has been more limiting to what I can do. I was blown away from hearing some names of people that go way back: business colleague like Chris Sinclair, Barb Burek , John Bain, Dale Morrison, Bob Ffrench , Charles Stamper, Denny Larabee, George Fisher and Lois Montoya. And of course, the continuous network of former PAS employees, friends, relatives and other associates is very inspirational. I will never have the words to thank all of you for your words and thoughts. Despite being over one half done, I am still taking it a day at a time. Thanks for all your thoughts and support. -Ken

170: Hi Ken, I had dinner last week in Brussels with Ken Johnsen and heard the news. You are surrounded by so many people who care deeply about you and your family. Count Pat and I among them and know we're thinking about you and praying for you. Get better, come to Frankfurt and drink some of your favorite European reds. Sincerely, Dave and Pat Bovee | Thinking about you to day and going to mass at the sacramentines at 11/30 which will be said for you. Denny and Kay are going with us. Love MOM and DAD | Hi Ken again Kathy and Dick are going to mass with us to at the sacramentines and praying to the Lord to take one day at a time and give you the strength to do every day what you have to do . Love you MOM and DAD | Ken Congratulations on being 1/2 over your treatment!! You are an inspiration to anyone who needs strength and fortitude!! The best of luck for your last half of treatment!! You are in my prayers!! ~Laurie Chozen

171: Ken, your attitude and will is amazing. Carrie and I wish you and your family all the best in the 2nd half. Rich and Carrie Frey | Hi Ken-- Amy always does such an excellent job with the updates--so passionate, yet lighthearted. But it's extra-special to read the entries you write. Thanks for putting your thoughts into words. Boy, what determination we're all witnessing from you! Keep fighting--we're with you to the finish line. Tom Williams | Keep up the fight and kick some "cancer ass!" :-) I will be waiting on the first tee for a little $2/$2/$2 whenever you're ready! Mark Meadows | Ken, We continue to pray for your successful and complete recovery. We really appreciate Amy's time and thought that she puts in to her newsletters regarding your progress. It was also nice to hear your letter today.You have a great family and a great support group. Brad and Jackie Hess

172: Ken, I lost my Internet this weekend and called in a service tech. to solve the problem, she was a great person. While she was here, she received a call that her mother had died, she proceeded to tell me that she lost here father on the 4th of July. She gave me a big hug and said, don't lose one day and live like the wind touching your friends and love ones. Ken, you are as strong as the wind, get well my friend. ~Bernie Steeves | Lord Jesus you held out a hand of mercy to so many who sought your help take hold of Kens hand this day and see him through this time of trouble In the spirit of St Jude grant him the strength to hope against hope and the courage to greet each new day Renew his faith in your healing touch and help him to put his trust entirely in you in the days that lie ahead Keep him close to you that he may find comfort and peace in the nearness of you unfailing love Thinking about your day Love MOM and DAD

173: Thinking of your journey and know you will win this fight. God Bless you friend. ~Dick Stewart | Ken, my prayers are with you every day and your name is on the prayer list at St Mary's Cathedral here in Gaylord. Ruth Detzler | Ken Dick & I took a long bike ride yesterday At times I just wanted to coast but I thought about your life & how you never coasted have always peddled hard. Now for just awhile you have to coast & yet you are working harder right now then you have in your whole life. Beating cancer is a very hard job, but your inner strength, determination, faith, and love of family and friends will get you through beating cancer. I know it's rough for you & taking baby steps is hard but those steps will lead you to the celebrations of being a cancer survivor. Talking to you & reading your entry inspires me & I know that my big brother is still in control! Keep up the fight. God Bless you, Suzi, Amy, Chris and Mason. Love, Kathy

174: I know Ken will move through this next treatment just fine as I personally can attest to his will power and fortitude from experience some 25 years ago. The story goes like this: Ken and I were aspiring Pepsi Executives whom recently were promoted from then PBG Regional offices to Purchase headquarters as Managers of Sales Development. Being 2 field guys from Lansing and Pittsburgh we thought we would work our tails off while in headquarters just to get back to our Field of Dreams jobs. While absorbing this Headquarter experience Ken and I wanted to take in all that was offered which included rubbing elbows and socializing with the Corporate World. Well one December Night we got our chance to experience the Socializing aspect of our jobs. Just like a script written for Mad Men we scored a couple of invites to the Annual BBDO (advertising company) Holiday Party at the Famous Studio 54. Can you imagine 2 Managers invited to this BIG TIME Afair...neither could we. Ken and I had a great time; but now we needed to navigate our way back to Westchester County and Purchase Headquarters where Ken's car awaited. Somehow Ken persuaded me to Drive that evening; actually he Sold Me on this concept; He is a Great Salesmen. On our return with Ken Fast a sleep in the Passenger seat I somehow dosed and Bounced our Car off several construction Barriers on the way back on the narrow Hutchinson River Parkway.

175: Ken Jumped up in the seat and asked what happened? I assured him we were fine but the car might have a few dings and he could return to his nap. Upon arriving at Headquarters to get Ken's car we noticed a few dings were really a creased door, dented fender and a side mirror was gone. Ken and I had to think quickly since we were not even to have a Company car as Managers; but were given special consideration as a way to convince us that Headquarters was a rewarding experience. Good thing Ken and I still had many of our field contacts that would always help in a pinch especially if we were to avoid a Headquarter Bust. The next morning Ken and I brought the Vehicle to the Mount Vernon Facility Fleet Shop where the Car was repaired and looking like new. Ken and I survived Disaster that December both Physically and Career wise because we were resilient and resourceful. Your Buddy; Nick Giachino

176: Partner- Thanks to you and your family for the updates. I appreciate the opportunity to stay informed of your progress while I am up on the Range. I'm sorry that the side affects are so painful. However, I know you are up to the challenge. That's what you do. You take on difficult challenges head-on, with determination and will, and you succeed. You are a great role model for all of us and we are in awe of your work to beat this. By the way, Ruth and I played Northland CC in Duluth this past weekend. The hilly terrain, lightning fast greens and spectacular views of Lake Superior made for an enjoyable and reflective experience. It's one of those magnificent places where the struggle of the game meets the awesome beauty of the land and you are reminded of all that is important ... those simple, but precious things and friends. Ruth and I are standing with you, Sue and your family. We look forward to sharing time together again soon. Bill Travis | Hi Ken, Great to get your update.I am so sorry you have to go through this and I can feel your pain. I will be looking forward to the date when you end your treatments and you can start healing and becoming stronger. This is a tough chapter in your life but soon you will be moving on to another more pleasant one. I think of you often and as always sending my love and prayers. Stay strong and positive. Mary Upton

177: Ken, As I sat in church last Sunday, i was thinking of you and i prayed to Jesus for a speedy and complete recovery. after all of this is behind you i would love nothing better than to go out on a nice leisurely run like we did back in purchase, way back when. remember that I think and pray for you just about every day. Phil Sanfilippo | Hi Ken, It's hard to imagine you without a full head of hair but I am sure you are still dashing! Reading your words reminds us all that this is a journey that you are on at the moment and it is obvious that you are strong in your fight. I pray for you daily that each day will get easier for you and your wonderful family. Terri Jenstad | Hi Ken, I remember having the pleasure of sitting with you at the "Ring of Honor" as well as at many meetings over the years. We spent a lot of time conversing about family; specifically about your daughter and Mason. It is obvious to me why they are so special as the updates that your daughter shares are very special. May each day be little less painful. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Cindy Ford Walmart Team

178: Hi Ken, I heard about your story from Patrick and got further informations from you guestbook, a really smart institution! Hey, I saw you fighting the Canadian deep powder at Wiegeles, you were so tough, I will never ever forget this and I am sure that you will fight this serious disease too. You will leave this terrible part of your life behind you and will meet Patrick, Sven and me again in the Cariboos and Monashees!! You are a fighter and you are going to make it!! My thoughts are with you! All the best from your ski buddy Baumi from Hamburg/Germany!! Detlev Baumgarten | Ken my friend: Your strength and determination were evident on the high school field and gyms we competed at. You have never left those attributes waver. You will be in our prayers and know, this is just another opponent that after studying tape you can whip. Rick and Sue Fowler | Dear Ken and Sue, I can't wait to hear you have the last treatment! My sister-in-law just finishrd. She said this period was the worst. I am so glad you are taking pain medications. Keeping up you weight is wonderful, She lost and it caused immune problems. We really hope to see your new hairdo in Florida. I have a new hat for you. Love, Debbie Schmidt

179: Ken: Just thinking about you and wanted you to know that you are in thoughts and prayers. Keep up the good spirits and I look forward to hearing more about your continued progress. John Bain | O ST Peregrine,you have been called the Wonder Worker because of the numerous miracles which you have obtained from God for those who have recourse to you,who for so many years bore in your own flesh this cancerous disease that destroys the very fiber of our being,and who had recourse to the source of all grace when human power do no more,you were favored with the vision of Jesus coming down from his cross to heal your affliction,ask of God and Our Lady the cure of this sick person Ken Keiser whom we are praying. Aided in this way by your powerful intercession,we shall praise God for his great goodness and mercy. Thinking and praying for you MOM and DAD | Dear Ken, We were sorry to hear what you have been going through, but we know that you are up for the fight. This is one of the toughest battles you will face, tougher than the North course from the tips. But you are prepared for it, as the saying goes if he leads you to it, he will lead you through it. You are in our thoughts and prayers, and we look forward to seeing you at Shadow Wood, Elliott & Judy Sirota

180: Dear Ken Hang in there and asking the Lord to help you today and show you the way one day at a time. Will let you know when another mass will be said for you next week. Thinking about you all the time. MOM and DAD | Hey Ken & Sue; I've been thinking about you guys a lot this week. I know these last few weeks have been very difficult for you. Hang in there Ken, you too Sue. After today you only have 1 week left of radiation. I'm coming out there to help out and will be there Thursday. I pray for you, Sue, Amy and Chris everyday. We will get through this as a strong family. I love you and see you in a week. Bill Keiser | Hi Ken, Thinking about you today Going out to the cottage this week end and start to close things up while the weather is still warm. Sounds like the weather will turn next week end. Love You MOM and DAD | Hi Ken The Sacramentines are having a mass for you tomorrow (Mon)at 11/30 am. We will be going and many people keeping you in there prayers. Thinking about you and Susie all day long and wishing we could be there on Friday to here the bell ring for last day of radiation. Keep and think strong because with all the prayers you are getting you will get thru this and be back out on the golf course. Love you MOM and DAD

181: Stay Strong - Keep Fighting -Chris Evenson | Dear Ken, Tad & I have finally started to connect with the real world as the workmen finish the big projects at the house "next door". They will do the new septic system the week of the 18th and the deck toward the lake will be replaced starting near Halloween. But in true horsey form...the barn is great and the new loafing shed will be ready mid week. Victoria reminded me of this Caring Bridge site so I am honored to be able to keep abreast of your coming and going. You are on my prayer pillar and everyday I spend time focusing on the needs of others, Please know we are keeping you in our prayers for good health and Sue for the stamina to care for you. Most sincerely, Cindy Piper | Dear Suzi, Ken, Amy, Chris and Mason We continue to pray for each of you. Keep fighting! Love to all of you. Kathy Kenroy

182: This past week has been met with many challenges. All of the side effects that the doctors prepared us for presented themselves last week and packed one heck of a punch. Dad has been battling with painful mouth sores that were making it virtually impossible to eat. After a lengthy visit to the ER, they prescribed an antibiotic for an infection caused by the chemo that resulted in the mouth sores. Somehow Dad still managed to get down just enough of his shakes to keep his weight loss for the week at a minimum. His mouth sores are starting to feel better, but just around the corner is another chemo treatment scheduled for Wednesday. We'll just have to wait and see what the next round has in store for us. A recent side effect came in the way of blisters on and around his neck. They are the result of the 28 radiation treatments he has had thus far. We've got a pretty structured regimen to treat his blisters that involve a vinegar wrap, followed by a special gauze wrap that burn victims use, then he's treated with Aquaphor ointment,and finally wrapped with gauze. After all this, and with the addition of his compression wrap (to help control his lymphedema), he winds up looking like a mummy! Poor Dad. But there is good news on the horizon...

183: Dad's LAST day of radiation is this Friday! Chris and I will be joining my parents at Mayo for the day, so we can experience the ringing of the bells. This is an important ritual that involves the patient ringing a big bell signifying their last radiation treatment. When the bells sound, staff and patients stand up and applaude. It is a big day, a big accomplishment and an important day for the psyche. Even though he will be done with radiation on Friday, it will take him some time to recover from the side effects, as they will likely continue for a few weeks following his last treatment. This, combined with two more chemo treatments (the next this Wednesday followed by another one three weeks later) will likely continue to cause discomfort for a while. He will also have a recovery time following his last chemo treatment. It has been explained to us that even after treatment has ended, both the radiation and chemo continues to work. Through all this, mom continues to run the show, managing all the medications and care taking. It takes a pretty savvy lady to be able to avoid accidental overdoses with all this stuff! Even with the difficulties of the week, Dads spirits are good and he even managed to make it outside this afternoon with Mason to help him fly his kite. Good thing for Pop Pops because kites just do not go up into the sky without them :) Happy Autumn. Love to all, Amy | September 12th, 2011 | September 12, 2011 | September 12, 2011

184: Will be thinking of you all week and your last day of radiation Friday. At least you can slowly start to heal from that. Were going to mass today for you and the sacramentines continue to pray for you. I know you have chemo Wed to but hang in there as I know you will. Think about you all day long and wished there was something I could do to help. Susie you to take care and wished I could help you to. Love MOM and DAD | Ken, You were in my thoughts this morning while reading through the Psalms..I know God has been your refuge and strength throughout this ordeal, and is growing you in your faith and dependence upon Him. Read psalm 91 and be encouraged by the promises of verse 14-16! Our prayers of healing and love are with you daily - Jana Stermer | Hello Ken and Family - Ken I'm keeping up to date on your progress while I'm in Japan. Lucky you have broad shoulders friend - you've been given quite a cross to bear. That said you're also the only man I know capable of the burden. May God Bless and Look Over You Ken David and Kari Oxford

185: Dear Ken: Thinking of you and so thankful for this last week of radiation. I will look to Friday and that last treatment and thank God for bringing you this far. Was talking to Sr. Barbara this morning at the Sacramentines and she said "I've got to go. Have to get to Mass. I told her that Mass is for my cousin, please pray extra hard for him and I know she did". I am sending you my "Knots Prayer" Dear God: Please untie the knots that are in my mind, my heart and my life. Remove the have nots, the can nots and the do nots that I have in my mind. Erase the will nots, may nots, might nots that may find a home in my heart. Release me from the could nots, would nots and and should nots that obstruct my life. And most of all, Dear God, I ask that you remove from my mind, my heart and my life all of the am nots that may hold me back. I know Ken that you are filled with a lot of I can's and I will's. Hang in there and continue to be strong. We will help to hold you up. Love you, Your cuz, Barb

186: God bless you Amy for the beautiful pictures! Ken you look amazing . I know your treatments are brutal and taking a toll on you. Your spirit and determination is an inspiration to me. Keep up your fight & will see you in a few days! Love to each of you! Kathy Kenroy | Ken: My children and I are walking in the Dana Farber Jimmy Fund walk this Sunday in Boston. We will be thinking of you as we walk with 8,000 others to raise money for cancer research. Mary Power | Ken, Keep the faith, it will only get better from here, you have wonderful family and friends rooting for your swift recovery, think of the Bell, and it will get you thru the tough times.... Praying for you Bill Ryan | Ken, Sue and Family- Thanks for the update. Stay strong and positive during this challenging time. I'll say a prayer for you and then ring the bell in Virginia, MN this Friday! Bill Travis

187: Ken, a prayer for you this week God speaks to each of us as he makes us, then walks with us silently out of the night. These are the words we dimly hear: You, sent out beyond your recall, go to the limits of your longing. Embody me. Flare up like flame and make big shadows I can move in. Let everything happen to you: beauty and terror. Just keep going. No feeling is final. Don't let yourself lose me. Nearby is the country they call life. You will know it by its seriousness. Give me your hand. ~ Rainer Maria Rilke, Book of Hours I, 59 molly deprekel

188: Ken, you are so brave and I pray that God will continue to give you the strength you need to fight this battle. You are in my thoughts and I pray that you will be victorious!! AMEN Respectfully, Bea (Ed Diamond and Dave Crossman's ex "OLD" admin. Bea Sandridge | Almost there Ken. Hang in. You have more hair than I thought you would have. Thinking of you bud. Very proud of everything you do. JOE Heron | Ken, hang in there - the treatments will soon be over and you will be on your way to recovery. Thinking of you all the time. Sue and Amy you are both doing a terrific job. Ruth Detzler | Hi Ken I am sorry to hear you have had so much discomfort these past weeks. Hang in there. Derek and I will be applauding from Aurora on Friday when you ring that bell. So great to spend the time with you and Sue and look forward to planning our next get together in Florida. You are always in our thoughts and prayers. Love and Hugs to you and "Nurse" Susie. Marilyn Sutton

189: Dear Ken Well you been walking this road for a long time And yes your walking very slow and the mountains sure have been hard to climb and sometimes you carried a heavy load But all in all it will be worth it when its all over When you have topped that last mountain and lay down that heavy load tears of joy will fill our eyes cause all in all it will be worth it when its over Well now ,sure there has been a lot of trials But God said these are to make you strong And though the night was dark and dreary I knew He would never leave you alone Love You and will be thinking of you on Friday MOM and DAD

190: Just reading about the side effects your are experiencing is difficult - I can't imagine going through all of that - I know God must be at work giving you and your family the strenght to get through this intense time of treatment! I got shivers when I heard about the ringing of the bell - What a joy that will be! And to have all who are also going through the trials to be able to stand up and celebrate the completion. I will be thinking of you on Friday! Thinking of you Ken and Sue and your whole family! Prayers daily! Donelle Wandrie | Ken, you are always in my thoughts. If you want to wager a bet this weekend between the best 0 - 2 college team in the country and your Spartans, I am ready. Let me know the bet. Talk to you soon. Go Irish!!! Keith Melaragno | Hi Ken, Irene and I just got back from NY and it pains us both to hear of last weeks treatment repercussions. Ken, stay strong and please know that Irene, Kelly and myself are praying for you, Sue and Amy each and every day for a full and total recovery. Amy indicates that the treatment process is almost over. Hang in there and before you know it, all of this will be behind you. Peter & Irene Swanson

191: Ken, It deeply troubles me to hear what you are going through, I honestly can not imagine the pain and discomfort. It is wonderful to hear that you have the best care possible, not only in your physicians, but from your friends and family as well. You were always one of the hardest working individuals I had ever met, and I am sure your fortitude and resolve during these tough times is helping you cope with the challenges. I think of you often and keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. I will leave you with one of my favorite quotes: Who can ask more of a man than giving all within his span? Giving all, it seems to me, is not so far from victory, George Moriarty Keep the faith! Jeff Laughlin | Ken, I will be thinking of you as you ring the bell. You are in my prayers. George Fisher

192: Team Keiser, Just got back from Louisville seeing my parents. Ken, I wish that my Mom had your spirit. She has decided not to continue the remaining four radiation treatments. Take care of yourself and ring that bell so we can hear it in Memphis. Love to the family. In our thoughts and prayers always... Robin and Chuck Pullias P.S. Great picture of you and your precious grandson.... | Hey Ken, We've been thinking of you a lot and are pretty pumped that you are in the home stretch of radiation. What a feeling it must be to ring the bell on Friday. We know it's been tough but are impressed with your determination. Congrats! We'll see you soon. Brad - Lisa - Bobbe - Annika | Hi Ken, There is not a day that goes by when you are not on my mind, and you remain in my prayers daily too. I'm thrilled for you that you are in the home stretch and very close to ringing that bell. Hang in there - and feel God's love and power. Jim Lieske

193: Ken It's really nice to catch up with your progress from Amy's notes. I can't believe how big Mason has gotten. The photos of the 2 of your are awesome!! I am sure he brings your spirits up every time you see him. I wanted to let you know that you are in my families prayers everyday. I know it's been tough but it sounds like the last of it is near. You look great in the photos short hair and all. Have a great remainder of the week and even better weekend. Tim Donnelly | Amy, your updates mean so much to all of us. Thank you for all of your efforts. Our prayers continue for all of you! Sue, you are a machine!!!! Ken, you are a phenom! I am sure it is a moniker you never hoped to acquire! You inspire all of us to live each day to the full. Picturing you and Mason flying a kite is an awesome image,especially when mere mortals would have defered to the couch!!! I am back teaching 26 second graders, I am unleashing the mighty prayer warriors on you first thing in the morning...Jesus said,"let the children come to me" so LOOK OUT!!! Know that we are here for ANYTHING! Looking forward to days of full health and golf in Florida! Blessings, Midge Burzinski

194: Ken and Family, I continue to pray for all of you. You are a strong family and are going to make it. There is nothing better than having a strong loving family to get you through the hard times. God Bless Connie Golding | Ken, The finish line is in sight! We're praying that you feel God's strength and comfort with you during Chemo today and throughout the week. On Friday ring that bell so loudly that we'll hear it down here in Chicago!!!!! Love you dear friend - Jana and john Stermer | Thinking about you today with your chemo and radiation. My votive lite is burning for you in and about all day long. I would sure enjoy hearing that bell ring but will sure be in our thoughts. Love MOM and DAD PS Susie you are in our thoughts and prayers to. | KEN, KEEP UP THE FIGHT AND WELCOME TO THE LAST DAY OF RADIATIONN...........OUR PRAYERS ARE WITH YOU......(I ASKED DORT TO PUT IN A GOOD WORD FOR YOU UP THERE THIS MORNING) GOD SPEED , PETE & JOANNE (AND THE KIDS) PETE DEPREKEL

195: Dear Ken & Sue, The finish line is in sight and we are ALL cheering you on from the side lines. Can you hear us roar? Can you hear our prayers? Can you feel our presence as you cross the line into the winners circle? You are so blessed to have such a wonderful running partner beside you. You are both blessed to have "Team Keiser" cheering for you. You 2 are the best followed closely by Amy, Chris and Mason. What better medicine for the soul than a loving family and good friends. Thinking about each step of your way to the finish line. Run on Ken! Jerry & Pat Evenson | Ken and Sue I said a prayer for you today I asked that God be near you both At the start of new each day To grant you health and blessings And friends to share your way You had a little set back with your chemo which is a very normal thing to happen. This will give your radiation a little time to heal before your next one.There is a mass for you tomorrow to celebrate your last day of radiation. Dont know the time as the nun will call me today and I will email you the time. Love MOm and Dad

196: Hi Ken - Wishing you well - especially tomorrow. I know that you will ring that bell with authority! The pictures look fantastic and you and Mason look as attached at the hip as ever. You're in great hands. Scott Nehs | Ken, Your one-day-at-a-time approach has carried you through to a special milestone tomorrow. I'll be thinking about you all. God bless-- Tom Williams | 497 messages, wow, what a testimonial to your life. Ken, you have influenced many lives positively including mine, thank you. Proverbs 17 Children's children are a crown to the aged, and parents are the pride of their children. You have served as an inspiration for so many for so long, just look at how many people have come here to testify to your influence in their lives. You are powerful and impact positively and powerfully. Sue, I just never knew how strong you are, now it all makes so much sense, your strength is amazing and Ken is so fortunate to have you and we are all better for having spent time with you. There are many of us praying for you, I know Rick Wooten is as well and certainly that adorable young man in the pictures, we all are with you on this. Ed Diamond

197: Ken I remember many weeks ago you telling me about the ringing of the bell. How special it was for the patients and you would be joyous when it was your turn. Well today its your turn, I know you will ring that bell with a prayer of thanking God for taking care of you. Your on your way of healing from radiation! Knowing you the way I do that won't take long! Looking forward to spending time with you guys for a few days. Love you big brother! Kathy Kenroy | Ken: This is such a big day today -- to finish all the radiation is a milestone in your one-day-at-a-time recovery! Stay strong and feel all the good vibes coming your way. Jane Mackenzie | Hi Ken, Harrah Ken Ring that bell loud and clear with Sue,Amy Chris and Mason beside you. Will be thinking about you about that time.Knew you would make it thru this and you will defeat this cancer. You have over 6000 visits. Hope everyone bows there head and say a prayer for you. Love you MOM and DAD | Ring that bell loud enough for us to hear it in Missouri! Always thinking and praying for you guys. Love you, Carrie and Andy Strobel

198: Dear Ken Hallelujah !! God Bless you on this your final day of radiation. You are now one more step closer to beating your cancer and we now pray even more for fast healing from this treatment. It gives me goosebumps to think of you ringing that BELL. I can envision a long long line of family and friends, cheering you on, as you run in to finish your race and I can hear that bell ringing. You may not be feeling the greatest YET but enjoy your family this evening and celebrate how far you have come. You are so much closer now. Onward you go ! Love and prayers to all of you , Your cuz, Barb | It's GREAT to hear you're wrapping up treatment. Congratulations! Now on to the tough work, keeping up with Mason. Best wishes your way from the Pajerski's. Amy- thanks for the updates! Mark Pajerski | Ken, Your strength and determination are inspirational! Our thoughts are with you during this challenging time. Lee Sapp & Diane Taylor

199: Thinking about you today and wandering how you are doing. Every day should be a little plus to feeling better but it will take time I know. Im glad your throat will have a little time to heal before your next chemo. Will see you soon. Love MOM and DAD | Keep fighting,Ken. I think of all the good you did at PAS. You deserve a happy, healthy retirement. Herb Baum | Hi Ken and Sue, Thinking of you both back in your wonderful home and rejoicing with you that the daily radiation treatments are becoming a distant memory. Continue to heal and enjoy this precious gift of life. Love ya both. Jana and John Stermer | Ken, Congratulations on the completion of your radiation treatments. I think that I actually heard the bell all the way out at Hazeltine on Friday. Your "one day at a time" strategy certainly served you well, and I am impressed by your courage, although not surprised by it. Dale Mahaffy

200: Hi Ken Thinking of you and just got back from going to church to pray for you.Sure will be glad when you can start to eat again. Hard when you dont have any taste. Time is going fast so will see you soon. Rest all you can as this is good for healing. I bet it seemed good not to go to radiation today. Think about you all the time. Love MOM and DAD | Hi Ken, Congratulations on completing another phase in your treatment - one step closer to recovery! Like many others, I got chills thinking of and visualizing you ringing that bell. Keep the faith Ken...God is with you, and His hand is on your shoulder. Jim Lieske | Looking forward to seen you. Will start out about 6am. Hope your up to walking a little as we can do that. Hope I can be of some help to Susie. MOM | Ken Just a short note to let you know that Barb, Ford and I are thinking about you and your family and hoping for an easy recovery. We will keep you in our prayers. Tom Brandau | Ken, I just wanted to send a note to let you know that you and your family are in our prayers. Your drive and determination continues to inspire. Keep the faith. Rick Gill

201: “To dream anything that you want to dream. That's the beauty of the human mind. To do anything that you want to do. That is the strength of the human will. To trust yourself to test your limits. That is the courage to succeed." -Bernard Edmonds -

202: Hello everyone, As you know, last Friday was my dad's 33rd and final radiation treatment. Thank goodness for that! And thank you - for making our return home from ringing the bell a special one with all the signs, balloons and the message banner. I know we didn't cooperate very well and wound up home a day early, but none-the-less it was still so festive when we pulled up the driveway. Unfortunately, the last day of radiation hasn't translated much to my dad feeling any better. It has been a rough week. We have been tending to his badly blistered and burned neck with frequent vinegar packs and dressing changes. It started looking a little better - like it was starting to heal - but it remains the main source of pain and discomfort for my dad. The main challenge has been related to my dad's inability to eat. He just doesn't have the appetite or desire to eat and has even given up on his shakes which really has been his only source of nutrition for quite some time. They taste horrible to him (radiation causes things to taste metallic) , they are too thick for him to get down (as we have to make with whole milk for the calories) and he's been fighting nausea off and on over the past few weeks. As a result, he has lost weight, is very tired and is really not progressing all that much. Therefore, at the advice of one of the doctors, my mom wisked him off to ER this morning to Abbott. They ended up admitting him and the gastroenterologist (sp.?) determined that it is time for a feeding tube. Dad will be staying the next two nights in the hospital and the procedure will take place tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. It will take approximately 1 1/2 hours and he can start receiving nourishment from it 24 hours later. I think we'll all find some level of relief with this next step - hopefully it will help with my mom's stress in trying to get Dad to eat and my Dad's stress in feeling "forced" to eat. We also had to take into consideration that in order for my dad to get his next round of chemo (scheduled for October 12th) he's going to first need to get some strength back. I'm confident that he will start feeling better soon. Thanks to all of you for helping out with meals, errands and visits.

203: Following is a note from my mom: I have an amazing husband; we have a fantastic daughter & son-in-law, a super-special grandson, wonderful families and great friends. I am so grateful to you all. I can’t begin to thank you enough. The help from family and friends, the visits, the listening and support you have given, along with the many texts and e-mails, thank you. Thanks also to the guys who are e-mailing Ken and to those who have driven him back and forth from Mayo to give me a break - and time to hang with my daughter and grandson (don’t know why Mason had to go back to schoolhey! Maybe Ken could home-school him!) Thank you also for all the messages from our extended family and friends from Petoskey and elsewhere; messages from our global friends, co-workers, business associates, people from Delta, Pepsi Americas & Pepsi Co. and to those whom I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting. I would love to respond to each and every one of you, however time does not allow me to do so right now, so please know that you are in my thoughts and heart. Do keep visiting the Caring Bridge site as Ken absolutely loves hearing from you. Thank you Dear Lord for all who have touched us and thank you to all who are supporting us. Love, Sue | September 22, 2011

204: Ken, I have been keeping you in my thoughts and prayers daily since I heard of your illness. I am so glad to hear that your radiation treatments are over. You are incredibly strong and courageous - I know in my heart that you can beat this. I can't wait to see you back in Florida running! Jean Hoffman | Ken, glad to hear you are continuing to make progress. You are in my and Rita's prayers. look forward to you getting better and being able to visit you and Susan. Cheers Andre Hawaux | Ken, I'll bet you were glad to hear that Bell? You have the heart of a champion. Willy Krusell | Hi Ken, Good to hear you rang the bell and continue to make progress. We think of you all the time and hope you're feeling stronger soon. Be good. Sincerely, Dave and Pat

205: You are a fighter. You are so strong. The way that you face this challenge is so indicative of you as a leader. You are in the thoughts and prayers of our family every day. As a leader at PAS you inspired so many people throughout your career. I hope that you can feel the love and support of all those people coming back to you and surrounding you. Ringing that bell is an important way to signify that you are moving forward. Keep fighting. Let the doctors load you up with nutrition so that you can fully regain your strength and get back to your fighting weight. Hoping to see you soon! Anne and Mike Sample | Ken, We think of you often. This has to be such a challenge, you are such a brave and strong person. Sounds like the feeding tube will help keep the nutrition coming in and help keep your strength up. Know that you are loved. Debbie and Jerry Jerry Krans | Good morning Ken and Sue. Mary and I hope every day is now going to be a better one for you and your family. A day doesn't pass without us both thinking of you, and how strong you have all become throughout this ordeal. Your entire family and group of friends are special, and something to be proud of. Have a better day each day from here on out. Love, Tom and Mary.

206: Ken, Stay strong and keep the faith. My family has you in their prayers and as i read a lot of the comments on your site, I too was reminded of the inspirations you unknowingly gave to me as a young Pepsi sales center manager. I know you have the strength. Charles Wooten | Hang in there Ken, you are almost there. You have shown such incredible strength throughout this ordeal, and our thoughts and prayers continue for the support of you, Sue, Amy and your whole family. Pat, Arlie and Sam Hart | Ken and family: Thanks so much for the update and, while I can only imagine how hard this time must be, I'm so glad you are celebrating the milestones along the way and "ringing the bell". Your patience is undoubtedly key to your success and I am sure that you will all feel better with the feeding tube as a solution. It's undoubtedly a marathon and not a sprint, and you have such a strong patient for this one that I am confident that you will beat this thing. Know that you're in our thoughts and prayers every day and I hope the weekend will bring some much-needed rest and strength building for all of you. Fondly, Jackie Daylor

207: Well you owe me, as my Irish manhandled your Spartans. I fully intend to collect. I know the time in the hospital will bring back your strength so you can continue the fight. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. Keith Keith Melaragno | Ken, Hope you feel better very soon! You and your family our in my families prayers. I wish you the best and hope you get some time with Mason and family really soon. Feel better and know I am thinking of you often. Tim Donnelly and Family | Ken, You are amazing! Even in your time of challenge you continue to inspire. Whenever I think about a challenge during the day, I think of your situation and just shake my head and appreciate my life a little bit more everyday. You are a lucky man, I don't know your wife or child, but just reading what they express in these notes tell me that you are in wonderful hands. Keep up the courage, I am praying for you everyday. An old friend, who is better for knowing you, Bill Ryan

208: Dearest Ken: Talked with Kathy last night and we shared a hug and a few tears. Wish I was closer so I could give you and Sue a hug but know I am sending hugs and lots of love to all of you. It sounds like the road is a little tougher right now but you have been so strong and persistent thus far. Just keep that positive outlook and God will get you thru this. What a testimony of love for Team Keiser to take turns coming out to be with you. It is amazing how family pulls together in the tough times. Continue to draw on each others strength. Some days it is tougher to hang in there than others. For I, the Lord your God, Will hold your right hand, Saying to you. "Fear not, I will help you." Isaiah 41:13 Love and Prayers, Your cuz, Barb | Ken and Family, I will have you all in my Prayers as you move forward. Regards, Richard Wilson | Hey Ken, I am thinking and praying for you today. My heart is full, and I know that you will get through this next patch. Keep up the faith and know you have a large football team to lean on and we will pull you through. love molly

209: Ken, as you recover from your last treatments....I hope you find strength from the thoughts and prayers from your teammates at PAS. We are all with you 100%. Jim DeStefano | Ken - congrats on ringing that bell! I am so glad to be able to keep up with your progress via CaringBridge. I can't wait until the last post that says you are healed and there are no treatments left! will continue to pray for you and your family. Your Delta Beverage/PepsiAmericas friend, Joy Nichols. Joy Nichols | Ken & Sue We are so glad that you are all done with radiation and look forward to when you are all done with treatment and can begin to find some peace and normalcy back into your life. You are constantly in our hearts, thoughts, and prayers. I wish that we could make it all go away for you, but know that we are here for all of you when you need us. You are our family and we love you! Brad, Lisa, Bobbe, Annika Evenson

210: Ken, congratulations on ringing that bell! We continue to think of you and pray for your full recovery. God bless you and your wonderful family. Donna Wells | Ken and family, I can't even imagine what you all are going through. My heart goes out to all of you. I continue to pray for strength and complete healing. You have such a support group of family and friends which tells me just how you have touched so many lives. God will pull you through. Blessings on all of you. Connie Golding | Ken- Sorry this has been such a rough stretch for you. You are a tough, determined guy and an inspiration for all of us. Hopefully you know we are all working through our thoughts, prayers and actions to help put wind in your sails during this time. I look forward being with you again soon. Your friend, -Bill Travis | Ken: I hope Abbott is helping with nourishment and all of the bad things you are feeling. The Institute of Health and Healing is great there as well. I hope you are home again in a few days so we can stop by and say hello. You continue to be the hero everyone knows that you are. God be with you and guide you every hour in the days ahead. Robert Sutter

211: Ken, You are an inspiration to so many you don't even know...I have been sharing your journey with others I know fighting illness and great challenges, and your determination, endurance and faith provides them with a real sense of hope and encouragement. To have gone this long without a feeding tube is what amazes me! Glad you are heeding the advice and direction from Drs. and Suzy. Get your strength back and get back out there on the greens before they turn white!!!! We love you and lift our prayers everyday to the Lord, who is our healer and helper. jana and john -Jana Stermer | Ken, Ginny and I have had you. Sue and Amy in our prayers. My thoughts and wishes for a speedy recovery continue. -Steve Schreckengaust | Ken: I hope Abbott is helping with nourishment and all of the bad things you are feeling. The Institute of Health and Healing is great there as well. I hope you are home again in a few days so we can stop by and say hello. You continue to be the hero everyone knows that you are. God be with you and guide you every hour in the days ahead. Robert Sutter

212: Ken, Glad to hear you rang the bell loud and clear. Just as on Wall St..... a start of a new day/chapter. With the direct nourishment at the hospital, I know you will feel better, stronger and more determined to continue your fight to a full recovery! Irene and I have you in our daily prayers. Peter & Irene Swanson | Hello Ken and family......... I am SOOOO sorry to hear what you are having to go through as of the past week or so. I think of you often with prayers and good wishes! You will "hang in there" as you always's just who you are and you will come out the other side a stronger, healthier man! Until then...........take the very best care you can! ~with love, Ellen Illg | Ken- Congratulations on ringing the bell, we have you in our prayers. Stay faithful and mentally strong, lots of people are pulling for you. Our prayers also go out to your wonderful family who so are so loving and diligent in your care. Ed Diamond DBG/PAS Barbara Diamond Cole Diamond

213: Hi Herr Keiser, Good to read you had the last radiation ! I am sure your appetite will come back soon Hang in there, like you did when we ran together in Chicago! Your marathon buddy, `Christophe Guille | Ken, Sue and family, We sure have been thinking of you all, knowing that last Friday was an end to the radiation. You continue to be a part of every day for us. The feeding tube will help you get your strenght back and give you the nutrition you need to keep getting better. Think of all of you often. Sending our love and prayers your way. Tom and Mary Behan | Ken, Sue and Family, Your strength and amazing family and friends will see you through this battle. Thanks Amy for keeping us posted and sharing with Ken's many friends. -George Fisher | Ken; Keep the faith and keep fighting.You will get thorugh this.Our prayers are with you. Mike Hagan

214: Ken, keep ringing the bell. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Played with Wayne D, Dave Hutch, and Dan Johnson today and we are all pulling for you. Looking forward to you "running at 100" again when you beat this thing. -Scott Stevenson | Ken, Glad the round of chemotherapy is I bet you are. Get strong, my friend, as the fight continues. My thoughts are with you. Herb Baum | Ken, Did you see the Spartans play yesterday? Hopefully that brought a smile to your face. Go Spartans! My Ken had the State flag hanging proudly. :) Hope you are starting to feel a little better with the feeding tube and your strength comes back soon. You are in our thoughts and prayers every day. Keep fighting! Love, Julie and Ken Wills

215: Ken We hope you and Suzi continue to feel our prayers......keep up your fight! Rest in the comforting knowledge that God is present and He is ministering healing to you. Love you! Dick and Kathy Kenroy | Hi Ken and Sue, I am sad to hear that Ken is not feeling better. I hope Abbott helps get the appetite more normal. I am sure this is very hard on all of you and my heart goes out to you, Amy, Chris and Mason and the rest of your family. I am sending great thoughts and prayers to the universe that you kick this and feel better soon! Fondly, Terri Jenstad | Hi Ken, Been thinking about you a lot lately and wanted to know you continue in our prayers. I'm sure you know that the course is reopened and it really is starting to look great---can't wait to see you on it. Hang in there. Jim and Lisa Leone

216: Ken, I was moved by your guestbook and how many messages of encouragement are written. Not surprised, but moved. I don't think you know just how much you impact so many people's lives with your leadership. I want you to know that we are praying for you and keeping you in our thoughts. I can't think of a tougher opponent for this illness to go up against. You never turn down a challenge and you always come out on top. It's your modus operandi, and this will be no different. I can't imagine what the last few months have been like for you, Sue, and the rest of the family, but know that you were not alone in the process. There was, and continues to be, a lot of faith and concern pushing wind into your sails as we all keep you in our thoughts and prayers. All the best to you, Sue, and the entire family. Manny & Tina San Migue

217: Hi Ken, Hope are feeling well and that your spirits are high. You, Sue, and the whole Keiser gang are such a great inspiration to all of us. Thanks! I hope you will be able to enjoy the beautiful early fall weather this week and that the warm sunshine will help you feel the power of God's healing love, -Jim Lieske | Hi Ken, Just checking in on you and letting you know that you are continuously in my prayers for a full recovery. Last night I was looking through some photos of our AOP trip to Italy and was remembering the great time we all had on the trip not to mention some great food and wine! Keep your focus and belief on your full recovery and I'm sure God has BIG plans for you! Rick Wooten

218: Hey Ken, we just took a look at your CaringBridge site and saw your latest photograph. Those jeans look a little baggy on you now but we are certain that in no time you'll be filling them out! You are still one good looking guy - just a little thin. Love you, Pat & Jerry Evenson | Hey Ken, thinking of you. Hope you are feeling a LITTLE bit better. Thinking and praying for you every day. Tom and Mary Behan | Hi Ken, Thinking of you today, and hoping your strength is being replenished this week... There's a PEP Marketing reunion this Friday at the Cobblestone (can you picture it?!); I am sure the 40-50 of us will speak of you and send boatloads of healing thoughts your way! My best, Barbara Burek | Hi Ken, You are in my thoughts and prayers. Warmest Regards, -Tammy Kanehl-Moore

219: Hi Ken A mass is being said for you on Sat at the Sacramentines at 9/00 am Well now for sure theres been a lot of trials But God said these are just to make you strong And though the night may feel dark and lonely God will never leave you alone. Thinking about you Love MOM and DAD | Ken Each day you remain in my prayers. God Bless you! Love you, Kathy | Ken, thinking about you and sending a prayer upstairs every day. Looking forward to spending time with you in a few weeks. rest and take it one day at a time we are all with you......god speed Peter Deprekel

220: Dear Ken, I just found out about your health situation last week at the AOP meeting in Dallas. I'm sure you remember all of the AOP's! Needless to say I was shocked to hear about your fight. My father is a cancer survivor for 26 years. When he went through radiation treatments he pictured in his mind the little pac man guy eating away at the cancer. It worked! I know how strong you are mentally and physically. Believe in the power of your brain, be confident you will beat this, and as I read through some of the messages remember you have a ton of people praying for your complete recovery. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers! Jeffrey Stauffer

221: Saturday,October 1, 2011 | Lots has gone on over the past week. Where do I begin? I'll start with where I left off from the last update...Dad was released from the hospital on Monday night from having received his feeding tube. It took a while to get him re-nourished, rehydrated and adjusted to the feedings. He was in for a total of 4 days, but it felt like 4 weeks! The biggest issue over the past week has been nausea. He just can't quite seem to shake it. As a result (and following a rough night with vomiting & dry heaves) we wound up back in the hospital yesterday, where he remains today. The goal will be to get him back home tomorrow evening or until we are able to get down to the bottom of things. The nausea is unlikely related to his radiation, so we're trying to figure out if it's remaining effects from his last chemo treatment or if it's the result of one of his meds. It doesn't seem to be related to the feeding tube. At this point it's just trial and error as we make adjustments to his meds.

222: t feels like it it weren't for the nausea he would be able to turn that corner. His pain seems to be pretty well under control. The only discomfort comes from the increased supply of thickened saliva that requires him to hack and spit constantly to clear his mouth & throat. Although this is extremely pesky and uncomfortable, it is very normal and is expected to improve over the next six weeks. The Docs told him that they expected him to be at his worst the two weeks following his last radiation treatment, and unfortunately we couldn't prove them wrong. We've had to keep Mason away this past week since he was battling a cold, but now that he has kicked it, he will be able to see his Pop- Pop as soon as he gets home from the hospital. This visit will no doubt put a smile on my dad's face. Finally, we are getting ready to start taking small outings again and the Keiser House is preparing to re-open their doors for at-home visits. So, please stay tuned and as as things start looking up, I'll put the word out so we can begin to fill his social calendar.

223: One thing I'd like to share before signing off...last Saturday night, my Grandparents and I were driving to the hospital for a late-evening visit with my dad, when we saw the most extraordinary rainbow we've ever seen! (My Grandparents are in their 80's so they've probably seen some rainbows in their lifetime). The thing that made this one so special was that it was pretty dark outside. It was kind of a weird weather night and at that time, part of the sky was dark, another part was cloudy and yet another section of the sky was lit up in a beautiful pinkish/orange color. Despite the darkenss some rays of light still managed to shine down in a very direct path in front of us and above us there was a HUGE bright rainbow fully arching across the sky. I know this was God telling us that things will be okay. Thank you everyone - for all your support and help during these past several weeks. Please keep your prayers coming so that my dad can get around this corner! Love to all, Amy

224: Ken, Just checking in from Nevada to let you know that we are with you in this battle. I hope the feeding tube works as well for you as it did my dad. He hated it but, he gained almost all of his weight back. Old PHS seems to have a great FB team this year. Cheering for you, Willy & kids Krusell | Hi Ken Went to mass this morning which was said for you and also St Theresa:s feast day which Ive been praying every day to her for your recovery so thought that to be a good thing that it came on the same day. Im sure when they can ween you off some of those potent drugs you will start to feel a lot better but it takes time. Lots of people surprised to hear of your cancer and say they will pray for you. Love you MOM and DAD

225: Ken- Just read that you are completing this phase of treatment and working at getting strong for the next phase. You are and have always been a source of strength to those around you, just focus that inside you for now. I am sure that you will be back on course by Christmas. As I am on the new journey at TurtleWax, I think about our great leaders at Pepsi, always working to make things better, stronger and proactive. Your leadership is inspirational, and how you focus on this part of your life's challenge is admirable. I remain a sound supporter and cheering for you to cross the goal line and come out on Top! God bless to you and your wonderful family. All the best Katie Bylak

226: Thanks so much for sharing the rainbow sighting. I agree with the interpretation as we continue to pray like crazy and share our prayer about Ken with many others who have added him to their prayers. God's warmth and healing power are with all of you. When the time is right we would love to walk over for a brief neighbor visit. Blessings, Tad Piper Page 14

229: "God saw him getting tired, a cure not meant to be, so He put his arms around him, and whispered... "come with me" | Kenneth E. Keiser - October 16, 2011

231: "God saw him getting tired, a cure not meant to be, so He put his arms around him, and whispered... "come with me" | Kenneth E. Keiser - October 16, 2011

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