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S: Jake Thomas Geiser

FC: Who Am I | Jake Geiser

1: Introduction | My name is Jake Geiser and I am 14 years old. I completed this Who Am I Portfolio as a Freshman at Caldwell Early College High School in 2011-2012. I learned a lot about myself from this portfolio, including goals, my personality shape, and patience. My favorite pages are my personal metaphor and family tradition, because the metaphor fits well and I love the story of the Pink gorilla. This year flew by for me with some memories of friendship and water being spilled on me(twice). I hope I can remember the good times and get through the hardships of the future.

2: Life Timeline | Birth - 6/28/1997 1st b-day - 6/18/1998 on goat island Cousin is born - 10/25/1998 Kindergarden - first day of school 4th grade - joined Kung Fu 5th grade - Dad's heart attack 7th grade - went to DRG summer camp 7th grade - Joined track 9th grade - Joined the Early collage

3: 5 Relics | My Chest- It was given to me by my dad. My Bible- My parents gave it to me and it has my name on the front. Beer Bread Recipe- It was made by my grandmother and my family and I like it. My Computer- It's my first computer and I wan't to see how technology advances and compare it to my computer. My Genes- They are specific to my family line and I have to take them with me anyway.

4: Greatest Accomplishment | One of my greatest accomplishments is when I got 3rd in the conference at throwing discus in middle school track. Both the years I threw I was the best thrower at my school. My coach was coach Hessle. The conference meet was at South Caldwell High school. This is the only accomplishment I could think of.

5: Dear Mark Geiser, Thank you for everything you do for me. I never thank you enough. You've helped me grow into the guy I am today. Thanks for drilling into my head how to repair things and build. There is almost never a time when I screw up and you let it slide by. You work so much on you job. The people you manage should thank you for all the time you spend helping them. You are the hardest working man I know, because you have a full time job, a decan, and all of the marriage ministry work you do. You made me responsible and hard working. I have you to thank for that and all of the food you have to provide. Love, Jake! | Thank You letter

6: Living Links My mother, Shawn Geiser, is who I interviewed. What I interviewed her about was a very tragic incident for our family and what happened changed our family’s outlook on life. The main topic happened to my father. Some other topics are about other things that happened to our family. Shawn Geiser is telling me what happened when my father had a heart attack. My mom was thirty eight and my dad was thirty nine when he was struck by his heart attack. I was ten, Zane was eleven, and Zachary was thirteen. My dad worked for a business called Providence. They were home owners and builders. This job inflicted way too much stress for my dad to handle. My mom had just started her own business called Shawn Geiser Photography. She also still worked with my grandparents for an air filter company called Ecoquest. We attended and still do attend Mountain Grove Church. Both my parents were very much involved in the church as my dad was a Deacon and they ran the marriage ministry. So they had many friends in our church and people who would back us up. Our church also did life groups which is where there are about four to five families that get together every now and then. They were also very supportive. Mom had been home cleaning the house all day when my dad finally got home from work after dinner. He looked exhausted and sat down and ate his dinner. He finished his dinner and went up stairs to lay down. Mom thought why is he not helping me? My mom went up stairs and sort of slammed down the basket of clothes trying to get my fathers attention. But my dad did not respond so she went down stairs pretty mad. She than heard a slight yell up stairs and it gave her the feeling like when something bad happened nine or ten years ago. When I was one, Zane two, and Zach four, we were all outside except for me. My brothers were doing whatever toddlers do and my mom was watching them. She heard the phone ring so she went in side to answer the phone. Some seconds later Zachary came in and started to try to tell mom something was wrong. This is when Zachary did not talk very much. He was making a strange face and mom realized something was wrong. Call it mother’s intuition. She dropped the phone and ran outside. She looked all around and could not see Zane. She had a strange thought and looked underneath the jacuzzi cover and saw Zane face down in the water. After picking him up and getting him to breath Zachary showed mom what had happened. What they were doing was they were sitting on the rim of the jacuzzi with there legs in the water. Then mom assumed Zane slipped under the cover and since he was only two he could not swim.

7: Back to my dad. When mom heard the sound she ran up the stairs. When she got there dad was walking towards the bathroom and then he clutched his chest and leaned over on the bed . He then fell on the floor. The door bell rang so I went upstairs to tell mom that the Tutles were here for their photo shoot. Mom told me to go get Kevin and tell him to come here quickly. So I ran down stairs and told Kevin, who is the Tutles dad, that my mom wanted to see him in her bedroom. With hesitation he went up stairs to find my mom trying to help dad. Thankfully Kevin told my mom what to do and got her through it. Some of the things where like propping his head up and repositioning his arms. They called 911 emergency straight away. When the ambulance arrived they took dad’s pulse and checked his vitals. They then asked where mom wanted him to be taken. She was about to say Catawba Hospital but Kevin said that Frye is better for heart reasons. If he had gone to Catawba he would of been sent to Frye anyways. When the paramedics left we followed in our van. Kevin drove our van to Frye, and Janus Tutle took their kids home. When we arrived dad was in the emergency room and they where doing several different test on him. Mom said its a long waiting game. Take a test and wait for results, take a test and wait for results. They took some precautions before having surgery. It was confirmed that he had a heart attack because one of his arteries failed. The first precaution was to get a little spring in to his artery to expand it so it can flow naturally. After they finished doing this the procedure did not work. This either concerned and or amazed the doctors because this had never happened before. They said it was strange how it did not work. All of this was told to my parents in front of the x-rays and when they said they where going to have to go into surgery, Mom almost feinted. Mom got to ride up the elevator when they were about to begin and kissed him before the surgery began. It was another six hours in the waiting room for our family. Every now and then they would come in and tell us what the progress was. When they finished it was another week of intensive care for my father. The night of the surgery dad had a very rough night. He stopped breathing and nurses where in the room telling him “Breathe Mr.Geiser, Breathe!” He was somewhere else talking with God. He then came to struggling for breath. Dad then told mom this but stayed away from telling her he almost died. My mom says looking back there where some good things that came out of this. One thing that was funny was when I told Kevin that my mom wanted him in her bedroom. We now eat with less sodium in our diets. Dad can handle stress much better now. Mom says to grow strong, wise and trust in the lord. The cost for all of the medical bills was alone about two thousand dollars. The church helped out enormously by holding a fund raiser for our family. This has been the most tragic event that happened to my mom, father, and our entire family. I thought that this was very humbling interview with my mom. I learned that time is short and you need to love you loved ones. Also live life to the fullest and get what you want out of life. You never know when you are going to die and go to whatever afterlife you believe in. The main thing I learned from this interview was how life changing it was for my parents.

8: Family Genogram

9: Family History | My dad's side of the family is all Swiss. Both of his parents had Menanite backgrounds. His family came to America for religious freedom. They settled in Ohio because it was a similar area to where they came from. My mom's side of the family is a melting pot. She is Scottish, Irish, English, and Swiss. Her family had come to America for jobs.

10: The Pink Gorilla Story | One stormy night a man was driving down the road and conveniently his broke down. Beside his car was a mansion, so he got out and walked over to it. he knocked on the door and several seconds later an old man opened the door. "May I use you phone?" asked the stranded man. "No I don't have a phone, but you can stay for the night if you like." replied the old man. With some thought the man decided to stay for the night. "Here is where you can stay for the night." said the old man pointing to the couch with some blankets on it. "I need to show you something before you go to bed. Follow me." said the old man with some authority. The man followed the old man into the kitchen and thought to himself where is this going? The old man moved the table to the side, then he rolled the rug up. After that he pulled what looked like the floor up and it was a trap door. In the trap door was a long ladder. Down and at the bottom was a large room with lots of junk in it. Then they walked through a door and down | Family Tradition

11: a corridor into another room. In the room there was more junk and a cage. In the cage was what looked like a pink rug. Then the old man said to NOT touch the pink gorilla. The young man thought that doesn't even look like a gorilla. So they went back up the ladder and covered up everything. While the man was trying sleep he couldn't get past the pink gorilla in his mind. So he went into the kitchen moved the table, rolled up the rug, opened the trap door, went down the ladder, and walked through the corridor. When he got there he saw the rug or gorilla said the crazy old man. He slowly reached out his hand and poked the rug. All of a sudden the gorilla came to life and broke through the bars. The man ran through the corridor, went up the ladder, and slammed the trapdoor. He sprinted outside, got in his car, and revved the engine. It would not start and the pink gorilla came running towards the car, ripped of the car door and pocked the man and said "Tag your it." | Story told when I was younger.

12: Family Recipe

13: Technology Timeline (WWW) | 1997- 650,000 web servers in existence. And web TV is introduced. 1998 - 3.6 million web servers. 1999 - 4.3 million web servers. Java and XML control data over Netomat(web browser). 2000 - Viruses start being spread. 2001 - Wikipedia is created. 2003 - Illegal music downloads reaching around 2.6 billion each month. 2004 - Internet worm "Mydoom" or "Norvag" spreads. 2005 - is launched! 2006 - More than 92 million websites online. 2007 - Illegal music downloads triple to 6.7 million downloads per week. 2008 - Microsoft buys Yahoo for $44.6 billion. 2012 - SOPA act is discussed in Senate which could give the power to tech companies to close websites.

14: My Three Favorite Technologies! | 1. Air Conditioner It keeps me cool. :) | 2. Computers I can play video games, watch videos, and use it for research. | 3. Cars We don't have to walk everywhere.

15: 50 I Cans | use chopsticks, roof a house, throw discus, make spaghetti, make fire, sing, play clarinet, play bass clarinet, repair a roof, mow a lawn, rake leaves really fast, play video games, solve a 2x2 Ribik's cube, solve a 3x3 Rubik's cube, solve a 4x4 Rubik's cube, solve a 5x5 Rubik's cube, type, make hamburgers, make hot dogs, make chicken, make cookies, recite Romeo & Juliet prologue, eat ice cream, make a dough boy, eat large amounts of wasabi, shoot guns, make a clamation, change a light bulb, deroof a house, paint a house, take wallpaper down, make a rocket with matches, load dish washer, take trash to the dump, pop millions of balloons, run a 5k, do magic tricks, watch videos all day, take good pictures, roller skate, sled, knee board, swim, claim I've never gotten the flu, claim i've never gotten the chicken pox, bowl, make lots of food, grill, eat a lot of onions, and throw shot put! | I Can...

16: 50 Favorites | I Like... | sushi, wasabi, Mexican food, Japanese food, Subway, Christian music, video games, computer games, my computer, Xbox 360 games, Cocoa roasted almonds, grilled steak, penguins, the color orange, my mother's meet loaf, ice cream, cold weather, cats, Root Beer, Alkaline water, hot chocolate, Fantasy games, Fiction novels, shooter games, rice, onions, honey mustard, BBQ, roast beef, root beer candy, Twizlers, Air head candy, Laffy Taffy candy, biscuits n' gravy, watching videos, acting, church, snow, good grades, swimming, knee boarding, playing cards, playing games with my family, eating, my family, laughing, comedy, working out, running, and throwing discus!

17: Personal Metaphor | When I am at my best as a classmate, I am a dry sponge absorbing others ideas.

18: I Am Poem | I am quiet and polite I wonder where I'll be in the future I hear people needing help I see giant figures in space I want peace for our planet I am quiet and polite I pretend to fit in with the crowd I feel like a penguin trying to fly I touch the clouds passing by I worry about the days to come I cry that i can't reach all goals I am quiet and polite I understand I'm not the best I say my family is great I dream about my past I try not to sin I am quiet and polite

19: Organized, procrastinate, work alone, logical. People Mrs.Chavers, Preston, Deanna(second), and Caleb(second) | Leader, argumentative, focus, and confident. People Josh, Nikol, Tyler, and Amanda(second) | Compassionate, wants everyone to get along, social, and work well with others. People Noah, Hayley, Mrs.Smith, and Madelyne | Spontaneous, lots of energy, can't sit still, and likes multiple choices. People Bernabe, Wanja, Patrick, and Samantha | Personality Shape Part 1

20: Square Loyal, honest, logical, procrastinate, would to prefer to work alone, and I like to stay home. | Circle Like to be comfortable, loves to have fun, and I want everyone to get along. | My Strong Traits: I procrastinate, I want everyone to get along, and I like to have my own way. | My Wanted Shape: My wanted shape is a squiggle because I want to have more energy and be more spontaneous. | Personality Shape Part 2

21: My Favorite Place My favorite place is my room. The first thing you'll see is my bed with white sheets and a red blanket on top. To the right of it is a wooden dresser with six cabinets. Below the dresser is a red rectangular rug that is not very big. On top of the dresser is a bowling pin, some lego cars and a small wooden chest. To the left of my bed is a night stand with 4 shelves. The walls are peach. Then even further left I have a desk wit ha lamp and a desktop. There is a window behind the desk. I have a closet to the left when you walk in to the left with no doors. It has a broken T.V. and hanging shirts. There is a ceiling fan that works pretty good.

22: Self Portrait

23: I Like To | My room My church Play video games and board games Rubik's cube I feel responsible Like a roofer

24: My Traits | Over thinker Procrastinator Christian Humorous Respectful Criticizer Slightly Shy

25: How I See My Self | I'm surrounded by a loving family, awesome friends, and the best learning environment.

26: Symbolic Picture | I love to hang out with my family. We play games go on trips with each other. I like to help out my family. It's hard to make me go another way if I'm already decided. I'll never forget the summer i roofed our house.

27: Me Throwing discus. This is one thing I do in Track. | My Grandmother is awesome. | My Brother is a great role model. | First day of high school. | 4 Important Pictures

28: Reading Interest Inventory | Do you enjoy reading? Yes, I enjoy reading. What types of stories do you enjoy to read? I enjoy Adventures, fantasy, and folktales. Do you prefer non-fiction or fiction? I prefer Fiction. Do you prefer novels or short stories? I prefer novels. Do you prefer magazines or books? I prefer books. Are you reading a book at this time? What is it? Yes I'm reading a book, and it is the hobbit. Why did you select this book? I have read it before and liked it. What is your favorite book of all time? "Ranger's Apprentice The Ruins of Gorlan" is my favorite book. Do you have a favorite author, character, or series that you like? John Flanagan(author), Will(character), and the Ranger's Apprentice series. Do you have many books at home? Sort of, I have about 15 books.

29: Do you have someone you share titles or discuss books? No, I don't share my thoughts on books with anyone often. Do you go to the library after school? No I don't. Would you rather watch TV or read? It depends what is on TV. Do you prefer reading a book or seeing the movie first? I would like to read the book first. What is your favorite TV show or movie of all time? "The Office" is my favorite TV show. Who are your favorite movie or TV stars? Steve Carell is my favorite actor. What do you like to do best when you are not in school? Play video games is what would prefer.

30: Hobbies | 1. Playing video games. | 2. Watching Movies. | 3. Talking to myself. | 4. Playing board games or card games with others.

31: Multiple Intelligences | Linguistic42% Logical-Mathematical56% Visual-Spatial33% Intrapersonal50% Interpersonal38% Musical50% Bodily-Kinesthetic33% Naturalistic25% | I am very logical and love math, it is how i solve almost all problems. I'm always thinking to my self and talking to my self. I love to listen to good music and like to make my own little beats, I make patterned noise constantly. Hearing is how I learn best so I talk to my self. I learn about nature by watching it.

32: My Goals | My Career goals- Get a career involving math. My Financial goals- Debt free in my older ages. My Educational goals- Get a masters degree in engineering. My Health and Fitness goals- Don't have any weight problems. My Community goals- Help out at the food pantry often. My personal goals- Be more out going and be myself. My Spiritual goals- Increase my faith in God. My leisure goals- Play games with family.

33: Long Term Goals: Increase faith with Christ. Have a great education. Good grades every year. | Short Term Goals: Graduate from CECHS. Be one of the best at throwing discus. Increase relationships. | Immediate Goals: Making great grades. Increase self esteem.

34: Nice Quiet smart | Polite Strange | Funny Logical Responsible | What I Think | What Others Think | Self Image

35: My Wildest Dream | My wildest dream is to go skydiving. This is my dream because it is thrilling and I've been wanting to do it. I want to do this before 2026. My obstacles are time because I have to be old enough. I will have to save up for it. To get past these obstacles i need to get a job and age.

36: Resume | Jake Geiser (828)234-2792 6517 Mountainside Dr, Hickory NC 28601 Objective:I would like to work with math in an Engineering field. Skills and Qualifications: -I'm organizational -Hard worker -National Beta Club Member -Cub scout -I can re-roof roofs Education and Training:August 2011 - May 2016Caldwell Early College High School High School: Associates degree Hudson, NC

37: Accomplishments and Activities: Placing 3rd in the discus throw Running a 5K Making a 96 on first ever EOC Interests: Playing video games Playing board games with family Throwing shot put and discus Traveling Reading References:References available upon request

38: Letter To Myself | April 16,2012 | Dear Jake Geiser, | Your epic! You have no idea how far you have come, or do you? You set out to do good in throwing discus, you did it. you've grown so much. You set out to be nice to others. So far so good!(other than Bernabe) rofl. You are an awesome roofer. You've done done it more than 3 summers. No 14 year old can match your skill. | Your typing speed sucks. Your goal this summer is to get better at typing. You have worked hard enough this year to relax this summer and play video games. Also to hang with friends and family. I want to toss aside my procrastination and be more focused for years to come.

39: When I am 50 I will have started a family. My career will be awesome as an engineer, and me and my family will be happy. I will own a house in North Carolina and have 3 children in college. My parents will still be around and me and my brothers will be in the same state. We can keep all of our family traditions. You will be a responsible,caring man for your family. You don't have any pets and we have two cars. | Letter to Myself When I'm 50

40: Ready for College, career, | A college I have been considering is NC State | I see my self as an engineer of sorts.

41: and Life | I will in the future have everything a man really needs.

42: I have a Dream! | I have a dream that one day this nation will respect others opinions. I have a dream that one day someone can say an idea and not be criticized. I have a dream that we can get past our differences without violence. I have a dream today. I have a dream that one day we can fill each others lives with happiness. I have a dream today. I have a dream that one day all our pain will go away. This is my hope and faith. With this faith we will be able to spread love, joy, and education around the world. This will be the day when people come together as one!

43: Self-Reflection of "Who Am I" | - I enjoyed learning my personality shapes and percentages - My favorite was multiple intelligences - I would add more pictures of me - The technology timeline - I didn't like it because it did not fit my personality to scrapbook.

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