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S: The Boylans Europe 2010 and Girls Trip Peru 2011

BC: Peru

FC: Europe

1: Italy | Turkey | Greece | Athens | Kudasi-Ephesus | Heraklion-Crete | Messina Sicily | Rome | Our Route | European Vacation

2: Scalinata di Spagna (the Spanish Steps). | Fontana della Barcaccia in the Piazza di Spagna. Modeled after a rescue boat found stuck in the muds after a devastating flood. | Oh the delicious...!!! | Rome | First dinner in Italy! | Other than the aggressive gypsy salesmen pushing roses... and umbrellas...and hats....beautiful atmosphere | After 19 hours of travel, getting lost for 2 hours in downtown with our luggage, then a long nap at the hotel, we were ready to see the sights!

3: Tradition says if you throw a coin into the fountain over your shoulder you will ensure your return to Rome. Hopefully it works ;) | Water to the Trevi Fountain is supplied from one of the original aquaducts flowing in from outside of Rome | 2 AM in Seattle=5PM in Rome plus traveling all night: that explains the blood shot eyes! | The Trevi Fountain

4: The Colosseum was built in 80 AD as a gift to the people of Rome. It was known by the Romans as the Amphitheatrum Caesareum | The Colosseum was built on the private grounds of the much hated previous emperor Nero. The Colosseum could house 55,000 spectators. | The Colosseum | Classic Ed

5: The stone structure of the Colosseum was originally covered in marble, however, most of the original marble was looted or reused for other city structures. | It is considered an architectural and engineering wonder, and remains a symbol of both the grandeur and the cruelty of the Roman world. | The temple of Venus and Roma | Awesome free audio tour-courtesy of Rick Steeves! | On my signal... unleash hell

6: The Roman Forum was the political and social hub during the Republic . It held the market place, temples, senate, and court houses. | Constantine's Arch; First Christian emperor | The Arch of Titus. Contains scenes of the siege of Jerusalem in 70 AD | One of the ongoing archaeological digs going on throughout Rome. | The Roman Forum

7: Crystal clean drinkable water!from the aqueducts | Circus Maximus | We were too cheap to purchase a tour so we followed other groups around and mooched off their tour guides ;) | A little Roman lady bug ;)

8: The Vatican | We've never seen so much amazing art in one place. From ceiling to floor-very inch of this place was covered! | The Sistine Chapel was beautiful-no photos or talking allowed though, the priests would yell at you... | Dang it | Well hello there Pope...

9: Saint Peter's Square

10: Scala Sancta, said to be the staircase of Pontius Pilate's residence that Jesus ascended for his trial. Considered so sacred that you can only climb it on your knees. | The Basilica di San Giovanni in Laterano. First Church in Rome. Said to contain parts of St.Peter and St.Paul's skeletons | Door of the Curia, or ancient Roma Senate. Attached to show the authority of church over state. | Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore | Remains of the ancient Roaman wall | The Famous Churches of Rome | Ed really wanted to do a Rocky Balboa up these stairs but we'd left our "Eye of the Tiger" CD at home... | Open for business | It ain't over till its over

11: Museo Nazionale Romano | The Discobolus | Hercules | Roman Uniform | Portonaccio Sarcophagus | Augustus | Triclinium of Livia (wife of Augustus) | Boxer of Quirinal | Epicurus | Julius Ceasar | Trend setter for the afro | Et tu Brute? | Dude... | At least you have arms | I wish I had hands

12: Taking the Metropolitana | If you can't find a space, use the sidewalk | About to brave crossing the street | Our little breakfast nook | How many keys does it take to get into our room at the Hostel? | There is some crazy pedestrian rush hour that goes down in the subway! | Mary watched over us...

13: I wish we could have brought some of this gelato home!! | Pronto? | Its good to know the Romans appreciate good drinks! | Roman men; -always stylin

14: The night walks were our favorite! | Ordering food was fun...mostly we just smiled and pointed ;) | Campo de Fiorno Theater of Pompey where Julius Caesar was assassinated Statue of Bruno the heretic, burned in the square | Piazza de Popolo | Column built by Marcus Aurelius depicting his campaigns against the Germans and Sarmatians | The Piazza's of Rome

15: Piazza de la Rotonda and the Parthenon | Getting to our cruise ship; Royal Carribbean's Navigator of the Seas! | World Cup-EVERYONE was watching | Lets get this party started | Our waiter couldn't understand why we wanted to leave in the middle of the soccer match, even though we'd been in the restaurant for 2 hours already | Piazza Navona Four Rivers Fountain

16: Tamorina | Ancient city at the port of Messina Sicily

17: Nice Engrish from the Asian Amway convention | Pizza Vending Machine?? | For the first time it felt like we were in picturesque Italy ;) | We bought a beautiful ceramic piece from an artist in one of these shops

18: The Celsius Library | Turkey | The ancient city of Ephesus | For Turkey we purchased a tour so we could see all the ancient sights...and be safe... | I wonder if these seats come heated...

19: On the Arcadian Way

20: The ruins of the port city of Magnesia | Greek Amphitheater in Melitus | En route to the faustina baths | The location where magnets were discovered | Both of these places were strategic port cities, but were abandoned after the waters rerouted.

21: The Temple of Apollo in Didyma | Delicious buffet lunch...except for the fish. Ed wouldn't even eat it. | We ditched our tour at the end before we were locked into a timeshare -like Turkish carpet presentation. | Really??

22: Evzone Guards keeping watch over the tomb of the unknown soldier | Athens | Uniforms modeled after the Klephts (guerilla warriors who fought for Greek independence) | 400 pleats symbolizes 400 years of Turkish occupation | Just a little awkward...these guys were serious! | Pom-Pom toe tap. Intimidating ;) | OK Mr.Big Giant Head...Guess Who... | A little nervous about all the pigeons... | We decided to tour Athens on our own, with the help of our guide book | Manly Dress

23: The Temple of Zeus | Most exciting thing about Greece? Getting to eat GREEK GYROS | Once had 104 56 foot columns and a giant statue of Zeus inside

24: Propylaea Gate: Entrance to the Acropolis | Overlooking the 100 foot cliff that made the Acropolis the perfect fortress | A view from the ancient looking into the modern | Behold the Parthenon | The Parthenon was both a temple to Athena and a safeguard for the treasury of ancient Athens

25: The original steps leading up to the top of Mars Hill | View of Mars hill from the Acropolis. | View of the acropolis from Mars Hill | Temple of Athena | One more for the road... | Men of Athens! I see that in every way you are very religious. For as I walked around and looked carefully at your objects of worship, I even found an altar with this inscription: TO AN UNKNOWN GOD. Now what you worship as something unknown I am going to proclaim to you.... Acts 17-Paul | VERY slick

26: Ciao Europe! | Hola Peru!

27: Ollantaytambo | Peruvian Adventure

28: Just in case someone might try to steal your airline seat... | Seattle LAX Panama City Lima

29: Miraflores

30: Hauca Pucllana ruins and restaurant | After getting lost, a friendly neighbor walked us there with an invite to come by her house if we needed anything! | Chicken or Guinea Pig? Turns out Chicken. | Heres the REAL cuy... | Cute, but SO underdressed | Exploding chocolate deliciousness | ...that Celine gagged on ;) | The Rucu Hotel

31: Taxi Willy | Lovely!! | The Runcu Hotel | Scariest driving ever. | Catching our flight to Cusco! | So nap time!

32: Visiting the ruins of Tambomachay, Puka Pukara and Genko and the Pisac market with our guide Maria | No one knows where the water from this ancient cistern originates from | Is it just me, or do we look freakishly tall?

33: So..out..of..breath..! | Cute pet... or dinner? | Warm wood fired bread, yum!

34: Ollantayambo

35: Apu Lodge | Old Man in the Mountain | The residences are literally built into the ancient Incan walls | Mmmm..I'll have lions for lunch please! | Dog in a pants suit?Yes they did. | Little doors for little people | View from our room

36: Ruins of the Ollantaytambo Fortress

38: Random Dogs kept running on the Dance floor | Regional Dance Competition | Ya...still not sure...

39: Rupa Wasi Hotel | The reason Celine didn't sleep that night... | Instead of a gym, this hotel offered all of its guests complimentary stair climbing exercises to get to their rooms | Awesome sunburn - ouch! | On the train to Aguas Calientes | ???

40: Machu Picchu

41: The original untouched rocky appearance of the mountain. | Communal worship area with replica of Machu Picchu mountain in the background. | Steep switchback roads to get up the mountain. No natural dirt, it is all brought up and laid down for trails, grassy areas and, originally, farming.

42: A little privacy please?? | Alain showing us the equinox reflection pools | Just behind us is the princess house | We had every kind of weather that day! | Our tour guide, fluent in 4 languages, but will probably never travel outside of Peru.

43: Rainbow for Celine | What?? Jim Carry is down there?? | Lookout... Crazy reckless llama on the loose!

44: The cliffs of insanity!!! | Clinging for dear life! | Those Incans definitely had calves of steel! | Blocked off from crossing the scary old Incan bridge

45: Shalom and Tzbar from Israel | Earthquake proof window construction-smart dudes! | This proves it-we were there! | The llamas we cornered

46: Before Happiness tea... | After Happiness tea! | Cusco! | A lot of shopping went down here! | MmmHmm...snow... | Trying to warm up | Cathedral of Santo Domingo | Just like the original, except serving Chicha and Cuy instead of Wine and Bread! | Home to Saint Anthony of Padua where single women litter his alter with written prayers for a fiance. Oh look...a single woman... | Torre Dorada Hotel | Lunch at Heidis

47: Cusco by night | Coca Leaves (which contain a derivitive of cocaine) are the traditional cure for seroche (altitude sickness). Celine almost developed an addiction... | Dinner at the Inca Grill | Our FAVORITE dancers. Their dancing was beautiful!

48: We were seriously excited to finally get tickets out of there | Plenty of time for uncomfortable naps on the airport chairs... | Our friends from Italy and Spain | Our long day at the airport due to crummy weather and cancelled flights. | After almost getting robbed in our taxi, we made it safely to our hotel, the Peru Star Apartments and tasted Peruvian Chinese food

49: The creepy Catacombs and Library of the Church of San Francisco | We ran into a religious festival in the plaza armas where we saw parades of the saints, dancers in colorful costumes and Mel was pick pocketed by an old man with a cane. | El Presidente | The most delicious churros known to man...

50: The Magic Circuit of Water

51: Our Double Decker Bus Tour of Lima our last night in Peru | We got so caught up in shopping we had to run to catch the bus. We almost froze during the tour and Celine started wearing souveniers. I was the only English speaker needing translating. And we had our very own security guard to watch over us ;)

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