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S: I'm A Big Girl

FC: I'm a Big Girl

1: Forward This book documents your highlights at age 2 between May and December. It was an eventful 8 months, indeed. We both agree without a shadow of a doubt that we are the luckiest parents on the planet. You are the nicest, cutest, sweetest, and most polite little girl we have ever met. You have a wonderful sense of humor, which translates into a lot of laughter for all the members in our household. Mommy and Daddy have so much fun with you. We truly cherish and love every moment we have with you. We are so thankful that you are our daughter. You make every day a great and special day for us. We are excited that you are going to be a big sister. Your little brother or sister is going to be one lucky baby. We hope you will enjoy this book as much as we will. All our love, Mommy & Daddy

2: She loves hats | Siena's Silly... | taking baby and doggy for a walk | Sena Help! | Always happy | skinny leggies | I want a jelly bean | Baltimore Zoo, May 26th | Bathing beauties | Nice to meet you, Annabel | I don't know...

3: Popular Remarks hold my hand Sleep on back Excuse me Sorry I don't want to Thank you I'm 2 I want snuggle, color, ect.

5: To the world you may be one person, but to me you are the world. | Newlin Grist Mill Park Glen Mills, Pa June 15, 2011

8: Siena loves playing in the pool & playing Ring Around the Rosie with the cousins. They dote over her the whole time. | We're going to the beach! We're going to the beach!

9: Father's Day weekend was really extra special this summer. We surprised Pop Pop by saying in his b-day card, "Happy birthday Pop Pop. I'm going to be a big sister." | Pop Pop is a real trend setter with his BBQ leisure suit attire.

10: Best Buddy in the Whole World! Jerry is with us every where we go, especially at the kitchen table. "Mommy, call Jerry" is what Siena says when he sits too close at the table. They love to look out the window together. She is always asking about him when we leave the house. Siena loves her big brother.

12: Milburn Orchards 6/29/11

13: Coverdale Farm Fun Day July 16, 2011

15: BBQ | You started to to get your eye teeth over the 4th! Lots of well deserved snuggling.

16: July & August

17: Swimming at Greenville, visiting DCM with the cousins, petting the animals at Milburn's, & playing with new friends like baby Patrick at Longwood Gardens

18: More Siena Phrases Ssshh! I need a hair clip I want to play puzzles Mommy/ Daddy do it No, no, no! Sleep in Mommy's crib Pull Mommy's hais I want to jump Look what I did! What happened? What did I do? Go Downdairs Daddy play tennis I'm sorry Let me tell you something

19: Cape May, NJ | We decided to drive to Cape May the very 1st day of our august beach trip. We took a carriage ride through the city and went to visit the cement ship that melted a long time ago (joke between Mommy & Daddy). We ended the day with a ferry ride to Lewes.

20: August 13, 2011 Dear Siena, I am happy to be writing this entry in your new book. We had your most recent book printed and it arrived in the mail yesterday. It was FANTASTIC. Mommy’s love for taking pictures of you is evident when you look at all these books. It is by far one of her favorite things to do. She buys the latest camera equipment and even takes photography classes. I can tell you that she wasn’t doing any of that stuff before you were born. You are 4 months into your third year of life so far (to eliminate confusion to our readers, you are two and a quarter years old). Your ability to do and say things have been increasing at an astronomical rate. You continue to get more and more fun as a result. As always, work picked up for daddy in mid-April. But he has done a pretty good job of sticking to his morning routine of waking up with you at about 6:30 a.m. and taking you “down-dares” to the basement to watch a DVD while daddy works out. Daddy will pop in one of your favorites such as Frosty, Baby Signing Times and most recently, A Garfield Halloween. At the same time, Daddy pops in one of his movies he gets from Netflix on a different TV while listening via wireless headphones. Of course all this happens after our morning “Jerry routine”. This starts with Daddy putting you in your swing and pushing you while he throws balls for Jerry to retrieve and then cleans up after he goes to the bathroom. We then go in the laundry room and both hold on to Jerry’s food scooper as we put the right amount in his bowl. You have improved quite a bit in this department in the last couple months. . You would frequently spill some of his food on the floor until recently. You then insist that we spray the fish oil on Jerry’s food. You let me do this lately because one day you pinched your finger when you were with Mommy and tried to do it yourself. I know I only have about 25 minutes to get a workout in. After that, you are done with your video and either want me to “hold you” or go upstairs. Some days, that time limit is more and others it is significantly less. We then go upstairs and scare Mommy. Because of her morning sickness, she’ll either be on the couch in the family room or still resting in bed. Our typical scare is to quietly walk up a few feet away

21: away from Mommy and say “1-2-3 ROAR!” We usually whisper our plans for this on the way upstairs from the basement. Somehow we always manage to surprise mommy as she shouts with fear and then a few laughs in response to our scare attempt. You get so proud and giddy after successfully scaring someone. After that, we all go downstairs together and have breakfast. Up until recently you have religiously asked for “Daddy’s cereal” every morning. This past week you have gone back to your old favorite, Raisin toast with cream cheese. Daddy cuts it into shapes for you, which I think is the main reason why you’ve started eating it again. You still don’t like to go to bed by yourself. We had you going to bed around 7:30 for a while, but a few weeks ago you were teething and this messed you all up. You began going to bed much later and even spent plenty of nights sleeping with us. We are currently trying to get you back used to going to bed earlier and sleeping in your crib throughout the night. Hoping to have this all nailed down by January (in time for your little sister or brother). You have spent much time at the Greenville pool this summer. While Daddy is working his long days, you and Mommy go to the pool. Daddy always meets up with the two of you for lunch. Your favorite thing to eat off the GCC menu is their Mac N Cheese. Daddy always orders the sandwich that is named after him called the Centrella Slammer. It’s a chicken salad sandwich with Old Bay and Avocado. He always offers his fruit and Avocado to you. You have become very friendly with Daddy’s tennis staff. You always ask about Jackie, Shane and Jonah. You also hit your first tennis ball. Daddy gently tosses the ball to you in the pro shop and you make contact with it and bump it forward. We’ll do this for five minutes or so. You seem to enjoy it. I find it funny when folks ask me if I have plans to make you some sort of tennis star. Let it be said to you right now that I don’t care whether you play tennis, volleyball, soccer or even rugby (well, maybe that wouldn’t be the best idea). Heck, maybe you won’t like any sports. As long as you found things that you enjoyed and could learn some life lessons from them, I am thrilled. Although I do look forward to sharing a few common interests with you, just so I can spend some more time with you. And one more thing. If you do find a sport or hobby you enjoy competing in, know that your winning is not a priority for me. As long as you work hard and don’t give up, that’s all I or anyone else could ever expect from you. As a coach, I have seen too many parents criticize their children for not being the best or simply having an off day. Mom mom and Pop pop never did this to me and I have no intentions of doing that to you. Right now we are on day #2 of our annual August trip to Bethany Beach. We actually drove to Cape May, New Jersey on the way up yesterday and spent the day there. The highlight for you was riding in a horse and carriage! You also enjoyed playing in a water fountain in the central plaza. We took the Cape May/Lewes Ferry back to Delaware and arrived here last night. We are here through Wednesday. We have some fun weeks ahead of us! Later on this month we are visiting Mommy’s family in Michigan. This will be your first trip there. Then a couple weeks after that, the three of us go to Tampa, Florida for Daddy’s tennis conference, followed by DISNEY WORLD AGAIN the weekend after the conference. Then the week after that, the MONTH OF HALLOWEEN begins!!! Daddy cannot wait to share these great times with you. Love, Daddy

22: Michigan

24: Labor Day

25: "Don't grow up too quickly, lest you forget how much you love the beach"

26: "Cousins are friends who will love you forever"

28: Sandlebrook Resort, Florida | We stayed at the Sandlebrook Resort from September 16th-22nd. It was beautiful. Alligators were visible in the ponds all over the resort. We went to the Lowry Park Zoo & the Florida Aquarium while we were there. We also spent an afternoon at Clearwater Beach on our way home from the aquarium.

30: Horsie, Horsie, Horsie: Nay, Nay, Nay...

32: "Don't cry because it's over, Smile because it happened." - Dr Seuss

33: summer fun creates lasting memories

34: Chef Mickey's Our 1st night in Disney World

36: Magic Kingdom | Attractions 1. Many Adventures ofWinnie the Pooh 2. Mickey's Philharmagic 3. Cinderella's Golden Carousel 4. It's A Small World 5. Peter Pan's Flight 6. Country Bear Jamboree 7. Flying Carpets of Aladdin 8. Enchanted Tiki Room 9. Pirates of the Caribbean 10. Jungle Cruise 11. Haunted Mansion 12. Space Mountain (Mark) 13. Buzz Lightyear 14. Carousel of Progress 15. Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor

37: Fun | Disney World! Disney World! Disney World!

38: Dinner with Pooh &Friends | Crystal Palace

39: Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party

41: Attractions 1. The Seas with Nemo 2. Turtle Talk 3. Imagination 4. Soarin 5. Living with the Land 6. Spaceship Earth

45: Attractions 1. Playhouse Disney 2. Great Movie Ride 3. Little Mermaid 4. Muppetvision 3D 5. Star Tours

49: Fall Days Are Fun Days | The Great Pumpkin Adventure

51: "Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower."- Albert Camus

52: October 12, 2011 Dear Big Girl, Where did the summer go? More importantly, where did my toddler go? Time has gone by so fast with you. I can't imagine what it will be like with two. We have made many special memories over the summer. I always want to have a picture in my heart of all of the precious little things you have said and done. For instance, the cutest little phrase you say is when we see Daddy off to work every day. We walk him out and stand on the front porch. You give him a big kiss and say, “Bye, bye, Daddy! Be careful driving. Watch out for garbage trucks.” Then we blow kisses to him as he waves goodbye all the way throughout the neighborhood. We shared the big news of Mommy being pregnant down at the beach over Father’s day weekend. You spilled the beans in Pop Pop’s birthday card by saying, “Happy birthday Pop Pop. I'm going to be a big sister.” Going to the beach was a blast. You forgot all about Mom Mom and Pop Pop once the cousins arrived. You weren’t crazy about the beach at first, but, by Labor Day weekend you were playing in it with everyone else. The Rehobeth boardwalk was a blast. You loved all of the rides. You always managed to find your way into our bed by the end of our stay at the beach. You even got to have a sleep over in the cousins’ room one night. You slept next to Leah and Lauren. You were so excited you couldn’t sleep. Then by the time we got you back on schedule at home, it was time to go back. Our trip to Michigan was nice. We stayed with Aunt Beth’s family. You played with your cousins so well. You loved the first official pedicure you had there. You met your other set of grandparents and aunt Sharon’s and uncle Mike’s family. We also met with my friends from school too. As of yesterday, you are officially 2 1/2 years old. You are a very sophisticated one at that. You have been dropping the -my and –dy in Mommy and Daddy the past few weeks. I don’t know how I feel about that. You are getting bigger too. You like to go to my doctor appointments and check my blood pressure and measure my stomach. I weigh you on the scale and check your height. You weigh about 26 pounds and you are 35 inches tall. You love my nurse, Mimi, too. She lets you play with the Doppler to check the baby’s heartbeat. This has really motivated you to play with your doctor kit. You check our blood pressure and listen to our hearts. You got lots of teeth this summer, eye teeth and molars to be exact. And they all take a very long time to come in. Your upper left eye tooth started to come in over July 4th weekend. Your bottom left eyetooth was next. Then one day in August, while I was brushing your teeth I realized you were getting 3 molars in at the same time. Oh my goodness. They were all a third of their way in. Your bottom right eye tooth came in during September along with your bottom right molar – the last molar to come in. You like to be snuggled a lot when your teeth are coming in. You have been sleeping with us usually 1 or 2 times every couple of weeks. That’s okay, I don’t mind. You are such a pleasant little girl. You are very thoughtful too by asking, “What happened?” about others when they seem upset. You are very motherly to your babies, making sure to feed them, take them for walks in the stroller, and, “hold them like a baby”. You like to sit on the window sill in the kitchen and take care of them. You made your own baby carrier with a purse the Pala cousins gave you. You tell us there is a baby in your belly too. When you want silence you say, “Shhh! There is a baby in my belly!”

53: Our trip to Florida was so nice. The resort was awesome. We relaxed at the pool all day. You swam all by yourself the last 2 days we were there. Wow! This was huge for you. You insisted on me holding onto you all summer at GCC. We paid a visit to the alligators and turtles every morning. We went to the Florida Aquarium and zoo. We also went to Clearwater beach where you discovered your love for sand finally. I was amazed. After insisting on being separated by it with a towel all summer you were actually making sand angels on the beach. It’s funny how things can change overnight with a toddler. Then I realize how cute it was the way you USED to do things. Disney World was amazing. You knew you were there the first night when we went past the Magic Kingdom on the way to the character dinner and you said, “There’s the castle!” The characters were once again another huge hit. The rides were a whole new adventure for you this time. You loved them even though you were a little unsure of some of the parts. Seeing Playhouse Disney was your first official concert. You liked it so much we went to see it twice. You continue to ask to go back there just about every day. Daddy has it planned out that we will be going there the next two years: next year with the cousins and the following year during Daddy’s tennis conference. Disney seemed to help you break out of your shell a little bit. You aren’t quite as shy as you used to be. You don’t insist on me holding you as much and you don’t take as long to warm up to your friends during play dates. Usually you would sit on my lap for the first couple of hours and would finally start to warm up just before it was time to leave. Now you are much more outgoing. Maybe it was a combination of Disney and the trip to Michigan. Your Michigan cousins don’t dote over you like your Delaware cousins. I think they made you realize that little people are safe too. You seemed to be very unsure of them before. Your innocence is adorable. You ask, “What did I do?” when you get into trouble (which isn’t very often) or think you did something wrong. You tell on yourself and your friends. You say, “Look what I did, Mommy.” You get more into specifics when it comes to your friends giving a full description of the incident. You are very polite by saying, “Sorry” when you bump into someone, or “Excuse me” after you say, “Mommy, I burped”. You say, "thank you" when someone pays you a compliment. You like to hand them out yourself by telling people they look nice or something looks pretty. We walked into Five Guys today and you said, “It’s pretty in here!” with a big smile on your face. You are always smiling and happy. You were very helpful at the grocery store adding lots of things to the grocery cart. You said, “Ohhh, for Halloween night” while looking at all the candy in the Halloween aisle. You are excited about Halloween as much as Daddy. Daddy has rubbed off on you quite a bit. I now have TWO hummers in the house. You are constantly humming a tune. Just like Daddy, you have been humming the same tune now for weeks. It’s the Winnie the Pooh version of Sweetly Sings the Donkey. He reads lots of Halloween books to you, including It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. You watched the movie together too. He likes to ask you if his face is smooth or rough. You answer with 100% accuracy now while feeling his face all over saying, “Smooth there and rough right there”. Every day when he leaves for tennis you say, “Daddy, you going to play tennis?” He gave you your first official lesson this past Sunday. You LOVED it. My favorite memory is the little conversation you have together: Daddy: “Siena, What am I going to say?” Siena: “I love you.” Daddy: “What do you say?” Siena: “I love you Dad.” Then he gives you a big kiss and a hug. Then he says, “Oh, you made my day!” You have a cute little routine now when he gets home that involves him asking you questions. You say, “Ask me questions, Dad.” He begins to ask you all sorts of things. You could do this for an hour. For some reason I am not qualified to participate. When I try to chime in you say, “No, Daddy do it!” That’s okay, I know, you get to hang out with me all day. I wouldn’t have it any other way! Hugs & kisses, Mom

54: Happy Halloween

55: Fright Night

57: Trick-or-Treating 2011 1st house...Tenby Chase Then on to the cousins neighborhood

58: November Quotes No, yes! What happened? That was fun! I wake up. Jerry, you have stinky breath. I want more. Are we going to Disney World? I wanna listen to Deep in Hundred Acre Woods Say that! I wanna snuggle & watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse I sleep in my bed ALL night! My nail polish chipped. I want to wear squeaker shoes. Where's his mommy & daddy? I'm sweating. Why is she sad? We have to buy it at the grocery store. Here we are, 803 N. Waterford Lane, Wilmington, DE I have a tummy ache. I need to check my blood pressure. You pretend you are a baby I'm a big girl. Now I'm a baby. November Trends Loves Ms. Margie from music class Yo, Gabba Gabba! Pig tails! Learning ABC's. knows about 6-7 letters. Counts into 20s, learning 30's Pretends she is animals: kitties, bunnies, puppy, ect Has a deep voice when impersonating Jerry Loves nursing her babies, giving them pacifiers & lining them in a row Sits in a big girl chair. No more white high chair. Last baby tooth is coming in - upper right eye tooth Pretty much all potty trained with an occasional pumpkin Plays Sesame Street games on computer Loves visiting Ms. Terry & Ms Betty at the library & doing the puzzles, can do 12 piece puzzle. Still loves her animals and makes them talk in different voices Whenever we ask her what someone's name is she says, "Abby".

59: Longwood Gardens

60: "Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all." - Stanley Horowitz | Carousel Park Carousel Park

61: Fall...The Colors Leave You Breathless

62: A Harvest of Memories

63: May the bounty of the season fill your heart and home.

64: A Season of Love and Laughter

65: A Christmas to remember

66: 2009 | 1st x-mas

67: 2010

68: Siena's 1st haircut Essencia Salon 12/1/11 | Carlena gave her a reindeer as a present!


70: Tree Trimming

72: Wilmington & Western Railroad Santa Express 12/04/11

73: Big Girl Room | Siena slept in her big girl room for the 1st time on December 18th. She has a sleeping castle for a bed to protect her from jumping out. She jumped out 2 times around Thanksgiving. She sleeps in a bunny sleeping bag that is so soft Daddy and I want one. Thanks to Katie, her room is filled with beautiful artwork including a bridge, trees, and adorable animals (kitty cat, bunny, birds, geese, and an owl). She has a reading corner where we read stories to her and a toy chest full of toys. She has a butterfly and a jewel night light to make her feel safe at night.

74: We went over Mom Mom & Pop Pop's for dinner and to exchange presents. We gave them their annual calendar and a homemade bird feeder. They gave you lots of fun presents including a horsey stick, puzzles, lap top, and Charlie Brown characters with a nativity scene.


79: Family Is The Best Part Of Christmas

80: Dear Sweets, What a FANTASTIC holiday season we had this year! As you will soon begin to figure out, Halloween in this household doesn't start in October, it starts in September!!! That's when we had all our decorations up this year. Guess who helped me do the decorating? You guessed it little chic - YOU! You loved it, and were disappointed when we ran out of decorations to put up. Of course the Hallloween season was interrupted by a little trek down south at the end of September to Daddy's tennis conference in Florida, followed by a few days in a little old place called DISNEY WORLD!!! (For the full low down on that, check out World Travelers - The Expansion Years). We did tons of fun things all fall to celebrate Halloween. We went to Ramsey farms for our annual pumpkin picking, Weaver farms with the Mastersons, Milburn Orchards and Coverdale Farms for thier annual Harvest Moon Festival. We carved pumpkins in the shape of Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh and Mommy made this unbelievable cut out of Cinderella's castle. We also watched Halloween specials. The Great Pumpkin was your favorite, but you also liked the Garfield Halloween special a lot, too. Halloween night kicked off with a bang as we took you to my old neighborhood, Tenby Chase to go Trick or Treating. We took you to two houses, my old house and one of my neighbors houses - the Browns. The Cupinis occupy my old house. Maggie Cupini answered the door and made a big deal about you. So did Mr. and Mrs. Brown. Afterwards we went to Hockessin Chase to go Trick or Treating with your cousins. You got off to a quick start as you ran from house to house. Unfortunately you could only sustain this pace for about 10 houses before you asked Uncle Jeff to pull you in the wagon. Your cousins (and Daddy sometimes) ended up getting candy for you. Thanksgiving was so much fun. As Mommy and Daddy have always done, we had our own Thanksgiving meal the weekend before Thanksgiving. This was the first Thanksgiving you could occupy one of the chairs like a big girl (instead of a high chair). Thanksgiving was early this year - only three weeks after Halloween. The Christmas season ROCKED and went by way too quickly. You got to meet Santa several times this year: at the mall, the library, outside of Everything but the Kitchen Sink and on Wilmington Western Railroad with Mom Mom and Pop Pop. You also went to Longwood Gardens with Mommy and Daddy to see the Christmas lights. This year you were even more into Christmas specials. But low and behold, at the top of our list of favorites again (by far) was Frosty the Snowman. Mommy organized tons of Christmas crafts for you. She is so good at providing you with fun and creative things for you to do. You are lucky to have a Mommy so dedicated to you. Christmas eve we went over Uncle Lou's where you played with your cousins. When we arrived back home Santa had left a bag of presents on the front door along with a note that basically said "go to sleep and there will be more under the tree". We opened the final day of your advent calendar. We gave you a candy cane and a special key that we were to leave under the front doormat for Santa Clause so he could get into our house. We then poured him milk and put cookies on a Mickey Mouse plate for him. I read from the Norman Rockwell's Christmas Treasury (like Pop Pop did to me) before you went to bed. Christmas morning was awesome. You loved your gifts. Then we went over to Aunt Lori's to spend the day with your cousins.

81: "I don't want to take the decorations down." ~Siena Centrella | Your baby brother or sister will be entering this world in a couple of short weeks. I cannot tell you how incredibly lucky they will be to have you as their big sister. You make me the happiest Daddy in the world. I could not be more proud of how cute, funny, polite caring, fun and loving you are. I can't tell you how many times I look at you and think to myself about how lucky I am that you are my daughter. I feel like I have to pinch myself. All I can say is I WILL LOVE YOU WITH ALL OF MY HEART FOREVER!!! Love, Daddy

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