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S: A Book of Memories

2: Jennifer and Kyle I remember dad working a lot, but when he wasn't working, he took some time to have fun with us. I remember racing around the trees in the front yard. I never beat him. I also remember building the big snow mountain in the front yard the year we got tons of snow. I remember when we would get in trouble and dad would have us go to his room we would have a talk. I always hated that. I would have rather had a spanking. Dad always made me feel bad about what I had done and I didn't want to disappoint him. Dad playing his loud music and us begging mom to make him turn it down. The smell of car paint. Dad always smelled like that when he came home. To this day I love that smell. It is comforting.(all is right in the world, dad is home) Kyle can never watch Austin Powers without thinking of going to see those movies with dad and he talks about how dad laughed through each movie.

3: Whenever I think of mom I think of the holiday's. She always made us cool costumes for Halloween and had the house decorated for every season. I remember decorating Christmas cookies and listening to Christmas music and watching Christmas movies. Kyle and I think mom and Christmas go together like peas and carrots. I remember her teaching us songs and playing the piano. I always love listening to mom play the piano. I think of all that she sacrificed to stay home at the zoo and raise us kids. She took me to all of the stuff I was in to whether it was dance or girl scouts and probably dragged tons of kids along in the process and never complained. Both mom and dad- homemade ice cream on the 4th of July. Fireworks, fires that had to be put out, dad barely being able to hear anyone after he shot his gun on the 4th. Mom getting hit with fireworks in the mouth and dad actually acting concerned.( didn't say "oh your all right, just walk it off)

4: Hannah One of my favorite memories of Grandma and Grandpa was probably this summer. I was having some problems with a boy who was confusing me a lot. I was talking to Grandma about it, and she started telling me about her and Grandpa. It was really fun to listen to some of how they started dating and then decided to get married. I had never heard this story before, and it was really cool to get to hear it. And then, of course, Grandpa came in, I think to have some chips and queso from Rio Verde, and he offered his two cents as well. It was just really cool to get to hear their story. Savannah Me, Katie, and Zachary were staying with grandma. She took us to Target and we bought a bunch of candy and we were idiots and ate all of it. We got sick and grandma stayed upstairs with us all night to make sure we were okay.

5: Grandpa taught me how to swim when we lived in Texas. He came to our house and we would go out to our pool and he would hold me up and have me practice kicking my legs and moving my arms and then he would have me swim to him. Zachary I remember riding around in grandpa's old Z and grandpa would take the sides of the roof off. I remember grandma always getting us the toys we like or candy we like and giving us hugs and taking care of us when we were sick and staying with her.

6: Jeremy and Monica How do you find one memory of mom and dad? Christmas, Thanksgiving, Conference Weekend, Church callings, buddy systems, vacations, Snow mountains, large pumpkins, 4th of July fireworks (firearms and setting fields on fire) homemade ice cream, driving lessons, Shaklee – take you vitamins, building the house, piling into that Nissan pickup, trading the station wagon for the Celica, dancing to Elton John in the living room with green carpet and the yellow couch, mom’s helping hand, eat your vegetables, you watching the TV while us kids took hours to clean the kitchen, homework talks, 6th week report card talks, reading from Book of Mormon stories, birthday secrets (ie, you can wear it on your arm and tell time with it), going to their bedroom for a talk (especially the closed door kind), putting up with us and all of our friends – all hours of the day and night, inviting (more or less having) kids to move back in, planning weddings, giving advice on raising kids, helping during tough times, etc. Monica and I couldn’t think of just one, so I guess that is the answer. You have always been a part of our lives and always will be. Thank you!

7: Serenity I like it when Grandpa plays the keyboard. On one of our last trips to Grandma’s, Grandpa was playing the keyboard and Grandma started making up funny words for it. I think it was a Beatles song. I thought it was funny. Now, I laugh and think of Grandma and Grandpa when I hear the song. Isabel Grandma and Grandpa have Gophers in their yard, but my dad chopped it with a shovel. Grandpa saw it but Grandma just got in the car. Then my dad threw it into the scary place (side yard better known as the hole). Breanna I love you and I love when we come over to your house for Easter. All my friends come and we get to look for Easter eggs and we get lots of candy. Sometimes we even get money. And Grandma, I love you as much as Grandpa does.

8: Jamie I have so many wonderful memories of Mom and Dad. They have been a true example of what marriage is really like. What its supposed to be. True Love. Of course I love Dad's song...."Waitin on the Grandma sitting round round round. Waiting on the Grandma. Hope she don't slip down". And Mom calling Dad...."David.....Baby.....David!...Jamie call your father.....Daddy!(Me)....What?(Daddy)" But over the many many month's Katie was so sick, I will never be able to repay them for dropping everything and basically moving in with us. They were there for every hospital stay, Doctor's appointment and bad day. Not only did they help me take care of Katie but they took care of me as well. They are "my twin pillars without which I cannot stand". I love you both so much. Jamie

9: Katie I am fond of saying that Grandma and Grandpa are more like the parents and Mom's just my sister. Thank you for all the Hershey Bars and Bugels. Katie Scarlett O'Gentzler loves her "G'pinator" and Grandma very much!

10: Carrie and Nathan Congratulations on 40 years of Marriage! What an example you both are to me! Dad, I’ve come to realize as I’ve gotten older exactly how to describe you. You are our very own version of Bill Cosby, except white. “Dad is great, he gives us pancake.” We never knew what was going to happen when you ruled the roost, but we knew it wouldn’t be boring. Whether it was rock parties, car washing, cleaning up toys (or sometimes burning them), playing Led Zeppelin while dismantling the Christmas Tree, etc. Thank you for making life fun and unpredictable. I love you. Carrie

11: Mom, You and Dad are the perfect balance of parenthood. We always knew where Dad was, because you always made us feel secure. He was the crazy and you were the nurturing. One of the things that has always meant the most to me (there are many memories of this to look back on) is that you wrote letters, left notes, sent cards and bought little things to let me know you were thinking of me. I always loved that no matter what Holiday, you always wrote/sent me a card. You always added Dad’s name and I thought that was funny, too. I know he loves me, but probably had no idea you sent it out. You did anyway and I loved it. As I look back, I remember you giving me a little resin Winnie the Pooh and Eeyore on a sled with Piglet pulling them both with all of his might. I still kept the card that went with it. You wrote: “I know things have been tough lately, but do like Piglet-just Hang on! Love, Mom” I still have that Piglet and look at it often. I always knew no matter how sad, poor, lonely, etc. I was that you were there for me. You still are and I am blessed because of it. I love you. Carrie

12: Raven

13: Tessa I love when Grandma reads Madeline to us and says goodnight like Miss Clavel.

14: John and Krystin When I think of Mom, I think of 2 things relatively close in time to each other. 1. When I decided to run my small Nissan pickup into a real Hummer Senior Year. I remember little from it but I remember the first thing I cared about was whether Christopher was okay and then hobbling down to the school to call Mom. She was right there at the hospital telling me she loved me over and over. Though I did not say “I love you” back until Aunt Linda told me she loved me, I know she was there and when I was drifting in and out of consciousness over and over, she was always there when I came about. 2. One of my teachers called Mom telling her I kept falling asleep every day in 6th period Senior Year. Instead of laying into me, she proceeded to lay into the teacher telling him how I started my day with seminary at 6am, went to school all day, soccer practice after school, and work after soccer practice. The teacher left me alone after that. When I wanted the brutal truth, I asked Dad. When I wanted completely biased support, I would talk to Mom.

15: Honorable Mention – Me telling Christopher there was a cat in the shower when Mom was in there. We were about 5 and 3 at the time and he had to go check it out. She was a great woman for not killing me. I can still remember how she yelled at Christopher. You could not lie to Dad. He always knew what was going on with you and always wanted to have the chats in his bedroom. I HATED those at the time but glad he took the time to be interested in what was going on in my life. A few moments that always stick out with Dad. 1. When he ran over the wasp nest mowing the Grass on Forges Drive and how we watched him run around yelling. 2. More serious, how he gave me a kick in the pants after my mission to get on with my life. Ended up moving to Utah and marrying Krystin as a result. 3. When Dad was sick right before my mission. I was having doubts about leaving and he knew that because he sat me down and told me the most important thing I could do was go on a mission and not worry about him. Won`t ever forget that.

16: Favorite things about Grandma: 1. eating dinner with her 2. I like playing at her house 3. I love her. She is beautiful and pretty. | Isaac and Cole | Favorite things about Grandpa: 1. I like when he tickles me 2. I like to have pillow fights with him 3. he makes me laugh

17: Christopher and Keaven Taylor and Madison A memory I have of Dad is when we were hiking on the side of a mountain. There was a rock in our path that covered the whole trail. While everyone was climbing across the rock, I decided I would climb around it on the outside. I slipped and fell. As I was hanging on the side of the mountain looking down to about a 50-100 foot drop, dad came and grabbed my back and pulled me up. After that day, I knew he would do anything to take care of me. Mom, I have lots of stories of her. I was in seminary and we were playing pictionary. My scripture was "Revelation". I drew a picture of a man mooning someone. I remember playing around like that in seminary. I loved seminary with her teaching. Many times on my mission I would need to know an answer to a question. Everytime I couldn't think I would close my eyes and I would see mom teaching me the answer years ago in seminary. I never had a question I couldn't answer because my mom and her teachings were with me.

18: Candace and Matthew One of the things that Mom and Dad have in common is their love of music. It has been one of my favorite things about them. I love listening to Mom play piano. It doesn’t matter what she is playing, from the simplest child’s song to something by one of the classical greats, I love to hear her. And it seems like she can play anything. Growing up, I loved hearing Dad play the piano. It wasn’t very often. That has now changed and I still love it. Some of my fondest memories are of Mom, Dad, and me sitting on the swing on our back porch singing songs. Mostly The Beatles or The Beach Boys. Dad would play his acoustic guitar and we would all harmonize, and sound pretty good. I have always known that no matter what kind of situation I have been in, Mom and Dad always stand up to the plate for me and my family. They’re always prepared to give what they can. “As long as I got a biscuit, you’ve got half” is their motto. I know that it’s true. Mom got that from her Dad and that will be my motto with my kids too. Individually, I always remember Mom making sure she was home when I left for school and when I got home from school.

19: She would wait with me for my bus in the mornings and when it rained in the afternoons, she was always waiting at the top of the drive way in the car so I didn’t have to walk all the way down to the house. It was a big deal to me. That has stuck with me. Matthew says that ever since he met Mom, she has treated him like her own son. She is not just his Mom in Tennessee, she is his Mom all the time. She is easy to talk to and she can make lemonade with any situation. I remember the day that I moved out of the house after high school, Dad woke me up to say goodbye. It was a simple hug and kiss and he was out the door for work. I later found a letter waiting for me on the kitchen table. The contents of that letter are probably the best advice I could ever need and the sweetest goodbye from a parent to a child. I still have that letter and read it often, especially when I need a boost. Matthew still talks about how he thought Dad "hung up" on him when he was asking Dad's permission to marry me. "Can I take your daughter to the temple?" Click. The phone only cut out. We love you Mom and Dad! Thank you for the example you are. We are so blessed to have you so close.

20: William I love Grandma and Grandpa. I like when Grandpa takes me golfing and Grandma takes me to the store to buy toys. I like to sit with them at home and at church. I like to play silly stuff with them. | Lily I like to hug Grandma. I like to "clay" (play) with Grandpa. And he tickles my legs. I like to cuddle with Grandma and watch Snow White. I like when we eat noodles for dinner together.

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