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BC: Jeanne, Sydney, and Justice World History Period 3 Group 2

FC: The Idiots Guide to Asian Religions and Philosphies

1: Table of contents | Chapter 1- Hinduism Chapter 2- Buddhism Chapter 3- Confucianism

2: Origins | * The Hinduism religion oriented from the Aryan people who settled in India. *

6: Chapter 2 Buddhism

7: Life of Buddha | *Believers think buddha was born in the 6th century *Buddha is the son of the wealthy and powerful ruler of a small kingdom *The legends say that an old sage said that prince would become ascetic or a surpreme monarch *Gautama's father was so eager to make sure that his son would be the ruler of the kingdom

8: Life Countuing.. | *king wants buddha to be a great warrior he did not want Siddhartha to be an prophecy as an acetic *Buddha was isolated from all the other kingdoms *he was living life with surpreme luxury *Siddhartha made sure he wanted the life of a monarch nothing eles * When Buddha was Still A teenager he got married and became a father *Buddhas 29th year he finally made his way out of the palace * Prince Gautama never encountered about human suffering before

9: * Buddha saw a guy grining from ear to ear. he asked "how is that man so happy in a world like this?" later, he was informed that he just seen a holy man. a holy man who obtained complete liberation *Siddharta went out to try and find the meaning of life *under this tree mediating he found his answer * buddha spent the rest of his life teaching and preaching what he learned and soon later it truned into a religon of buddhism

10: Origins | * buddhism was formed in northen indina * it is a rival of hinduism * Siddharta Guatama also known as buddha was the founder of buddhism * 500b.c. *in the foothills of the himalaya * buddha was beyond handsome * In his late 20's he became of illness sorrow of death and the effect of old age

11: buddha's quote "Would that sickness, age, and death might forever bound" *he decided to spend his life seeking for the cure of human suffering * buddha gave up his royal clothes, shaved his head, abandoned his family and set off to find the true meaning of life * he started off following ascetic's but it only led to brush with death from not eating *abanding ascetic's he went to an intense period of meditation

12: * sitting under a tree meditation, he reached enlightenment as the meaning of life * the things he discover became his life's teachings * it is not certain if buddha was intending to create an religon * "Do not go by what is handed down, nor by the authority of your traditional teachings. when you know yourselve these teachings are good nor not godd only then you accept or reject them" -buddha

13: * in his life buddha got thounsads of devoted follwers *"are you god?"-follwer "no"-buddha "are you an angel?"-follwer "no"-buddha "are you a saint"-follwer "no"-buddha "Then, what are you?"-follwer "I am awake"-Buddha *buddhism is a religon that began with a man who claimed that he had awakened and seen the world in a new way

14: Differences between Buddhism and hinduism.. | *Hinduism is not found by someone *Hinduism believe in efficacy and supremacy of vedas or any hindu scripture * buddhist don't believe in extistence of souls *Hiduism believe in existence of atan *buddhist don't believe in hidu gods *buddhist think world is full of sorrows *buddhism has no four ashramas *Buddhist organized themseleves *buddhism believe in concept of bodhisattvas

15: Four Noble Turths | *"What am i suppose to do with this wisdom, this bidhi" -buddha * at 1st buddha wanted to keep this infomation to himself but, later he decided to share the awakening experience 1st noble turth: taught that humans life is suffering 2nd noble turth: suffering is caused by craving and desire 3rd noble turth: craving and desire can be made to crease 4th noble turths: eight fold path

16: Eight fold path | * 1. Right Way : means you believe in buddha and his teachings. must believe you to can relize an awakening *2. Right Intention : means buddha has the right intention *3. Right Speech : means to tell the turth and to not gossip *4. Right Action : means to not murder, steal, or be violent in any sort of way | *5. Right Effort : means you must strive with attitude and tireless resolve *6. Right Livelihood : means you can't have no jobs as butcher, hunter, fisherperson *7. Right Concentration : Means don't worry about the past and just focus on the future *8. Right Mindfullness : you can't pratice unless there is awakenness

17: * | this picture is a picture of buddhist in a buddhism school practicing the teachings of buddhism..

18: Role and purpose of mediation.. mediation basically helps the buddhist be one mindful and become closer with the awakening. | Main sect or branch of buddhism.. Major Branches of buddhism 1. 185,000,000 mayayana 2. 124,000,000 theravada 3. 20,000,000 vajrayana (tibetan) | Worldwide impact of buddhism.. some of the countries culture changed like china. their traditions changed, chinese communist party won't stop persecuting buddhists.

19: Buddhism today.. * Remains popluar in asia * branches found around the world * has the most of the same teachings * Siddhartha Guatama is still the founder and teacher * Buddhism schools found around the world

20: Chapter 3: Confucianism

21: * Originated from China. * The Idea was created by Confucius who was a Chinese Philosopher. *Even scholars, who were created by the Emperor of China, believed in the words of Confucius. *Many of these scholars tried to pass on to other generations Confucius' ways of life and ever since then it has been passed down. *He was a very influential part of China and created a whole new idea for China to follow.

22: * The main core of Confucianism is humanism. - Ren (Humaneness) - Yi (Righteousness or Justice) - Li (Propriety or Etiquette) - Zhi (Knowledge) - Xen (Integrity) * Ren and Yi happen to be the most important of them all. * The 5 Relationships: - Ruler to Ruled - Father to Son - Husband to Wife - Elder Brother to Younger Brother - Friend to Friend

23: *As a teen he was a passionate learner especially in arts. *He focused more on the government, society, and education. *He believed that the government and country he lived should respect their fellow elders and friends. *Not only that but he believed that if one did treat others with respect, it would somewhat benefit them in the future. | *During his time alive many scholars believed and honored him. *He was not treated like a God of some sort; people just trusted in his beliefs. *Throughout his teachings he never spoke of god to his disciples or of anything religious like. *Confucianism did not have any sort of rituals or practices but there were temples created for those who followed Confucius' words.

24: *He preached others to have duty towards their neighbors instead of god. *He also tried to weaken the being of god by referring to him as an abstraction. *After his death, many scholars tried to pass on his teachings. *One being, Mencius, who stressed the goodness of human nature.

25: On top is a statue presented at one of the Confucianism temples.

26: Confucianism's Impact on China *Even though Confucianism had to somewhat compete against Taoism (Daoism) and Buddhism, it had the best influence on the moral fabric of Chinese society. *Confucianism was considered the Han state cult which introduced religious elements to others around. *The cult of Confucianism soon declined after the Chinese Republic was created but it still ceased to exist.

27: Confucianism Today | *Today many people still preach Confucius’ and his teachings. *Some of the temples are now seen as historical sites, but it is very rare to see someone worshiping there though. *It is not as popular as it once was but people in fact still talk about Confucius

28: Impact on America | *Each of these religions and philosophies have had an effect on America in some way. *In America we have had the opportunity to explore these different beliefs behind their culture. *We have even taken in some other religions personal beliefs into our own, such as karma. *The idea of karma is basically what goes around comes around, and it all generated with Hinduism.

29: *In America, we have our own religions and beliefs and with all other kinds emerging into our country, we have developed their ways and modified them into our own individual beliefs. *These religions and philosophies have let us understand other cultures, and their ways. *It's given us an outlook on others' ways of life.

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