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S: Poetry & Photography by Krizia Ketchum

BC: Poetry & Photography

FC: Poetry | & Photography

1: Poetry & Photography by Krizia Ketchum | December 2011

2: Butterfly Kisses Roses are Red Violets are Blue I Love Butterfly Kisses You Should Too Every Night I Get One Not One But Two Then I Fall Asleep And Dream Till I Hear A Peep Then I Wake Up And There Are No More Butterfly Kisses Waiting For Me Now I’m Sad As Can Be Then The Day Comes To An End Now There Are More Butterfly Kisses Waiting For Me

3: I'm Running This Marathon Like I Can't Stop I'm In 1st Place I Can See The Finish Line From The Top Of The Hill There's A Sudden Blur My Body Hurts I Can't See Because Of All The Grass In My Face I Hear Footsteps Passing Me I Can't Get Up No One Is Stopping To Help Me It Seems Like No One Cares I Have To Stand Up On My Own I Got Up And Jogged To The Finish Line My Body Is Aching I'm About To Fall I'm Limping There But I Make It I Realize All The Runners Were There Not One Missing I Got Depressed Watching All The Reporters Going To The 1st Place Winner The Trophy The One I Have Dreamed Of I Watch The 1st Place Winner, Then She Turned And Walked Up To Me Handing Me The Trophy She Said, "Here, You Deserve It More Than Me” I, Pushing The Trophy Away, Said, “Unlike You, I Don't Need A Trophy To Remind Me That I'm A Winner!! I Might Have An Empty Shelf, But Not An Empty Heart”

4: You're My memory You're My mind You're My chemistry You're everything I can find You're the best You're My knife You're My nest You're My life | You're My...

5: !Drip Drop! Drip Drop Drip Drop I hear With a little fear 'Cause the lightning is near Drip Drop Drip Drop I hear the flop Of the drop That's a flop Drip Drop Drip Drop It's dark and dreadful and just so pitiful Drip Drop Drip Drop | The Boy With The Balloon The boy had a balloon Which he loved very much Then some guy came with a needle and popped it Then the boy screamed, "Mom!!" Now he's never going to live his life with the balloon again

6: Spring | Flowers bloom Grass grows Butterflies fly As the boat rows Birds chirp And frogs croak Water moves Very slow Trees grow leaves As ducks float The fish flow As the earth turns slow Thats how everything should go | Spring is around No more need to frown Hear the sound All around The prettiness in the air And love everywhere And there is need to stare At the little hare

7: Just Like The Birds I can’t sing like the birds Or fly with their tweets So I guess I’ll just have to take a seat But hear no tweet Thy is why I want to fly with the birds To hear their little tweets So for now I'll dream and take a seat And hear the birds greet With their obnoxious tweet So when I walk down the street And hear a tweet I’ll get nice and neat And take a seat Just to get ready for their tweet The bird’s tweets Never go offbeat Their tune won’t be concrete But very neat And they will always be complete So next time you hear the tweets When you’re walking down the street Go take a seat And your heart will be complete Because it’ll be dancing to the beat

8: Every knot can be tied to others There can be five knots or more at a time But when one knot gets untied Then another Then another 'Til there are two knots left Which were the tightest knots of all!

9: I cry cry But you can't hear my sigh sigh I might say "hey" to hide behind a lie I always ask myself, "Why? Why?" So I can fly Pass the tears and my broken cry | I always hide behind a smile But like hide-and-go-seek You can't hide forever | Don't wanna fall asleep Going to miss all the good thoughts Don't wanna stay awake Going to get all the bad ones

10: Friendship, Love and You What is friendship without fights? What is love without conflict? What are you without me? | When I die You'll still hear my heart beat Because it's beating for you So you won't know when I'm dead 'Til I stop loving you | I'm going to soar pass the clouds and the rain Because pass the clouds and the rain is a blue sky and a free world.

11: I am laying here wondering what to do Getting goosebumps every time I think of you | Be you all the time Be you so you can be mine Be you everywhere Be you in the air Be you in Kansas Be you in Tennessee Be yourself, you gotta be | It's soothing It's nice But you don't add spice You jump to it You dance to it So you can guess...It's MUSIC!

12: End Of The World The sun is shining less and less each day We're all soon going away Into a world dark and gray That's what people say I'm going away today | Written During the Holocaust I'm living inside these bars And the sun won't stop its shine I'm living in this world And I've gone out of my mind I want you to be here But you're so far away I have no fear I'll get out some day I'll pass the storm Even if I get struck by lightning I won't be very warm But I'll keep running

13: Balls Being Thrown And Ice Cream Cones I Know When It Is No Silence In The Air And Water Everywhere I Know When It Is Fun Is Here No More Fear I Know When It Is Sunny All Day Long And Playing Ping Pong I Know When It Is | Playing Ball By The Waterfall No More School Halls Everyone Falls Ice Cream Everyday As We Play I Know When It Is I Know When It Is I Know I Know I Know When It Is SUMMER

14: <3 My Text to Natalie :) Just laying outside looking into the ocean With the waves crashing on the sandy floor And the wind in my face carrying a salty ocean mist :* | Before The End I can’t say goodbye now Because it’s not the end I wish I would miss you But I shall not Because I am going to ascend No more tears Or fears of the end Because I will ascend Just right before the end

15: I Am From... I am from a place where a door stands From a place where pictures and lights hang I am from a beach room Where daisies bloom I am from a place where wind blows and trees grow The tree I claimed has gotten smaller as I have grown Its long limbs I remember as if they were my own I am from a place where we celebrate holidays And we gather for birthdays From sisters to abuelas and cousins to grandpas I am from a place where we love and care And from a place where we share I am from a place where we have to be kind and cannot fight And where we sing "Ice, Ice Baby" all night I am from a place where we celebrate New Year's in January I am from Florida and Cuba And from a place that we eat croquetas and pasta From a place where my great grandmother died We don't call them great for no reason I remember the day she smiled She will be in my heart But let's not even start

16: I Love You More Than I love you I love you so much You're everything to me Now I don't need wings to fly Or hands to write Or arms to hug Or lips to kiss Or thumbs to hold Or legs to walk Or a mouth to smile Or a nose to breathe Or eyes to see Because I got you And that's all I need | Where Is The "Clicky" Sound? I love the dancing leaves It helps my needs The clicky sound it makes There's no fake Sitting near the lake For goodness sake It's no fake Watching them rain down But it's not a frown 'Cause I hear the clicky sound Which turns my frown upside down All the leaves I just found They're not round But they make a clicky sound

17: A Drop of Love A Drop of What's Right A Drop of Lemonade Is Just Fine | The moonlight at night It catches my attention In the midnight sky | OK, you're right But let's not start a fight It's crazy, I see But your love is inside me I know you knew You can see how I look at you Now I see How you look at me

18: At Midnight I see the shooting stars in the sky I hear the crickets chirp nearby I feel the wet grass I taste the cold wind pass While smelling the midnight dew And everything settles in like new | The Life When your life is simple, easy, loving, happy What happened? What happened to the simpleness? What happened to the easiness? What happened to the lovingness? What happened to the happiness? What happened to the liveliness? Live the life again But how? How do I live it again? Sorry to say it but you can't! Because there is only one life to live

19: Mommy Don't Take Fall Away From Me Dear Mommy, Fall is... Leaves crunching Birds chirping Leaves falling People laughing Family loving People caring Cars running Grass dying Puddle jumping Leaves coloring Fall is that And that's all it can be So, Mommy, Don't take fall away from ME!

20: 'Twas the night of prom, I await my knight Not a sense of sadness, only happiness and delight I spot my knight, he is yards away But he came very quickly, on this cold special day I ran out the door, and my dress floated and swayed I jumped on the horse, and we rode away We were both very scared, we've both never done this before And my red dress glistened as we walked up to the door We spoke our names, and we walked ahead The music was loud, then he grabbed my hand and led The music was slow, but there was a lot of tension in the air He looked in my eyes with a lovable stare My dressed flowed to the rhythm and my heels clicked to the beat But I got tired, and I took a seat I drank some water, and I wanted to dance again But it was too late, my night was at an end We got on the horse and we left in a blink When I got home, he turned around and did a little wink I'm so sad, I can't believe this night is at an end But I have this memory, of tonight, with my best friend | 'Twas The Night of Prom

21: The Dream Of... The dream of laughter is going away The dream of kindness is turning dark and gray The dream of crying is sadly coming back The dream of sadness is not going to lack The dream of people saying "Why? Why?" The dream of people's sigh sigh The dream of good dreams is turning blue The dream of badness is coming true | The Wind The wind in my face pushes me backward But it will always be pushing me forward

22: Life's like a roller coaster.... you never know what's gonna happen next 'til it actually happens | The Last Life The last step we take The last breath we make The last tear we shed The last sight we dread The last hand we hold The last paper we unfold The last kiss we fore take The last promise we break The last love we see The last one life in me

23: Amar alguien Es a tener su corazon Y guardarlo para siempre | Sometimes you just need to turn upside down to see what the world really is right side up

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