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S: The Higgins Family... The Year in Review (2011)

1: Highlights from 2011: Madison finished her final year on the Thunder Ridge Developmental Race team; Brinton enjoyed his 1st year on the team, and Madison taught Callie how to ski!!! In addition, to trying new activities, the kids continued with karate and swimming. Mommy and Daddy managed to squeeze in one grass doubles volleyball tournament, and much to their amazement won!!!! Sometimes wonders never cease!!! Madison started gymnastics in Feb & after 5 classes was asked to train for the traveling team. She did awesome at her 1st year in soccer... a combination of speed & determination made her a worthy opponent! Madison loves to read & is a Harry Potter fan! Brinton tried baseball for the 1st time with Daddy as coach. He also enjoyed his 1st year in soccer, and was a defensive monster! Legos (especially Star Wars Legos) was definitely his passion! Callie continued with ballet, and had an awesome recital in May! She also enjoyed her 1st year of soccer, and was a defensive monster like Brinton! Reading, and arts & crafts were her passion! Anna grew by leaps and bounds this year!!! Her conversation & use of "big" words were quite impressive!! She is a combination of the other 3... she has Madison's drive & determination, Brinton's ability to make people laugh, & Callie's princess side!! In Sept she started learning how to read & write ABC's... very impressive for her age! Mommy trained with Roxanne and Michael Cohen for the NYC Marathon, but never actually wanted to run it! The most miles she ran at once was 18 miles... the training was absolutely brutal!!! This year, we enjoyed the following trips: Skiing at Killington, VT with the extended family... Madison and Brinton were daredevils at the terrain park! Callie was awesome and managed to keep up with everyone!!! We visited Washington, D.C. with Grandma Carol and got to see many of the tourist sights including the White House, the Capitol, the Bureau of Engraving, and many of the awesome museums and memorials (Lincoln, Jefferson, and World War II). At the White House, we saw Bo Obama leaving to go for his morning walk. We went to California (Stinson Beach, San Francisco, Monterey, and Pebble Beach) for Uncle Albert and Cindy's wedding. It was an awesome week! We visited many CA sights, & had a great time! We were able to take our annual trip to Lancaster, PA to visit Grandma Carol's family. Always a great time, and so nice to see how the family has grown! We capped off August with a trip to Manitoulin Island in Canada to visit Grandpa Doug. The kids had a great time with Grandpa and the dogs, Cloudy and Gnome! They also played a lot of pool! Finally, we went to Cape Cod, MA to visit Great Grandma Phyllis. She's doing awesome & loves seeing the kids! Unfortunately, this year's trip was interrupted by a trip to the ER. Madison stepped on a large piece of glass, causing her to get 3 stitches! | This year's poem: 2011 has quickly flown by Another creative poem, we'll try The kids are bigger, the parents older Gone are the days when they cry on our shoulder! Madison has great drive and focus She loves Harry Potter and hocus pocus In competitive situations, she thrives The smell of victory is what she strives Cartwheels, splits and handstands galore Her athletic ability is hard to ignore Her determination is very impressive In negotiations, she's quire aggressive She's going to be our future CEO The sky's the limit as to where she'll go! Brinton bounces off the walls Selectively listening to our calls He loves building creative Lego places Interesting characters with all kinds of faces! He enjoys karate, soccer and baseball too Happy and silly, through and through Star Wars Wii is his passion The Force and light sabers are still in fashion! Studying can wait for another day, Right now, all he wants to do is play! Callie is our silent observer Attacking sweets with crazy fervor! She loves reading, and arts and crafts Nothing's better than her full belly laughs! She's the undisputed Bop-It Queen And master of the school social scene A convincing storyteller who loves to chat The future author of "Can You Believe They Fell for That?!?! Her humor is dry and oh, so quick! What can we say? She's one sweet, cool chick! Anna has a smile that beams Matched with a personality that gleams She insists on doing things on her own And definitely makes her presence known She already reads and writes some ABC's And has mastered how to tease Her conversation is very advanced We love watching our princess dance! Wise and manipulative beyond her years, Every calculated move demanding cheers! We can't wait to see what '12 brings And hope the economy no longer stings!

2: Another great season of skiing at Thunder Ridge in Patterson, NY!! Madison's last year of devos, Brinton's 1st, and Callie learned how to ski!!! Brinton's new devo friends (Ian Johnson, Emily and Matthew Hutchings) with Coach Colby (Jan/Feb 2011)

4: Guess who tried luge this year?!?! We did!! Brinton, Haley Wahl and Madison with their luge coach! Thunder Ridge, Patterson, NY | Brinton with his new devo buddies (Ian Johnson and Matthew Hutchings) Jan/Feb 2011

5: Anna asleep in the crib she made for herself! Moose ears!!! Madison, Callie, Anna and Allie Brocato (Feb 2011)

6: Ninja Brinton, bending air! (Mar 2011) | Basket full of goodies!!! The girls getting ready for bed! Madison, Callie, Anna and Brinton playing in Anna's crib (Mar 2011)

7: Anna trying skiing for the first time on our annual family ski trip to Killington in Vermont Madison having a great time in the Timberline terrain park! (Mar 2011) | Brinton skiing between the trees, and having a great time in the terrain park!!! We have quite the daredevil skiers!!

10: Our little daredevils having a great time in the Timberline terrain park at Killington in VT! Madison flying!! (Mar. 2011)

12: The girls being silly! Anna with Lily at her 2nd b-day party! Kelsey Wahl's 6th b-day party at Build-a-Bear! Madison with Alyson Kaplan at their 3rd grade music performance Madison with Callie, Daddy and Grandma after her music performance Brinton & Callie with Jared at their Karate promotion test Anna snuggling with Daddy! Celebrating Brinton's 7th birthday! (March & April 2011)

14: Celebrating Easter with cousins Tyler, Max and Lily at their house and ours! | Celebrating Daddy's birthday, and Brinton playing in the Armonk Baseball League (Apr 2011)

15: Brinton celebrating his 7th birthday party with friends and family at Armonk Martial Arts (May 2011)

16: Callie at her dance recital with Grandma Carol and Erica Kaiser (May 2011)

17: Mommy participating in an obstacle race (Metro Dash) with Amylynne Frankel, Jenn Maiorana, and Hiroko Kiurihara at the Meadowlands in NJ. We came in 1st against all other women teams!! We were a petite powerhouse! | Bath time fun for Anna and Callie (May 2011) | Callie with everyone at her dance recital (Crittenden Middle School - Armonk, NY - May 2011) | (May 2011)

18: Anna being her silly self... not sure where she learned "Peace Frog" from (May 2011) | Anna enjoying her favorite dessert... Italian ices/ice pops... she was a champ snacker!!! (May 2011) | Brinton and Callie looking adorable! (June 2011) | Anna dressed in her princess ballerina dress... she loved that dress and demanded to wear it to school constantly! (May 2011)

19: Callie and Brinton at their Karate promotion test; Brinton (looking just like Daddy) at shortstop; Madison, Brinton & Callie with Alyson Kaplan for a Harry Potter party at the town library (June 2011)

21: Celebrating Madison's 9th birthday with a trip to "Harry Potter The Exhibition" in NYC Madison demonstrating her love of sports!!! Brinton at his year end music performance (May/June 2011)

22: Another fun year at Fol-de-rol!! (Wampus Elementary School in Armonk, NY - June, 2011)

23: Callie at her Kindergarten flag day performance Anna dressed as a cheerleader at the TimberRidge parade Anna, our daredevil, going down the big inflatable slide at the Timber Ridge carnival Madison going for a pony ride at the Timber Ridge carnival (June 2011)

24: Madison with her 3rd grade friends (Alyson Kaplan, Abby Lewick, Ariana Ishkanian, Sophia Gifas, and Taleen Postian); Anna being silly with Daddy! (June 2011) | Madison with Taleen Postian & Kathryn Eisenhower after a grueling Karate promotion test to earn their Green belts! Madison taking a swing at another Green belt during her test! (June 2011) | The kids having a great time with whistling balloons while Mommy & Daddy play in a volleyball tournament at Sherwood Island in Westport, CT (June 2011)

25: Washington, D.C. (June 2011) - One of our many trips this summer! We did A LOT of walking while we explored!!! Unfortunately, no pictures of us at the White House since cameras are not allowed. Madison & Callie in the butterfly garden at the Museum of Natural History... Brinton & Anna hid in the corner! Family photo at the Museum of Natural History (Anna was napping after a LONG day of walking and exploring!)

26: Visiting the Washington Monument (June 2011) | The kids showing off their Squinkies

27: Madison getting a ride from Daddy on the way to the Lincoln Memorial | Callie, Brinton and Madison at the Lincoln Memorial

28: The family at the Lincoln Memorial; Brinton, Madison & Callie at the World War II Memorial | With Grandma at the Lincoln Memorial | At the World War II Memorial

29: Madison, Anna and Brinton walking to the heart of Washington, D.C. Paddle boating at the Tidal Basin (Jefferson Memorial) Washington, D.C. - June 2011

31: Having fun at the Museum of American History Brinton and Madison trying a windsurfing simulation Playing in front of one of the many train exhibits (Washington, D.C. - June 2011)

32: Visiting the Bureau of Engraving and Printing where they print money... we saw lots of bills! Our visit to the U.S. Capitol on our final day in Washington (June 2011)

33: Another fun year at Lake Compounce (Britsol, CT) with the Beer's (Otto, Benny and Emma), the Wahl's (Haley, Kelsey and Mackenzie), the Postian's (Taleen, Tanya and Gregory), the Kaiser's (Cole, Dale and Erica), and the Holland's (Nicholas, Joshua and Jonathan) (June 2011)

34: Spending the afternoon with the cousins at Oakland Beach in Rye, NY (June 2011) | Lily, Anna and Callie at Tyler's 7th and Max's 5th birthday party (July 2011) | Pinata aggression... Brinton swinging for candy! (Tyler & Max's b-day party - July 2011) | Callie getting ready to take a shot at the pinata! (Tyler & Max's b-day party - July 2011)

35: Madison rocking the hoola hoop challenge at Tyler's 7th and Max's 5th birthday party (July 2011) | Anna showing off her hoola hoop skills (Tyler & Max's b-day party - July 2011)

36: Spending July 4th afternoon with the Wahl's at the Whippoorwill Country Club; A major accomplishment this year was Brinton and Callie jumping off the diving board! Anna and Mackenzie having a great time in the kiddie pool (July 2011)

37: The girls trying on their flower girl dresses for Uncle Albert's wedding in August (July 2011)

38: Celebrating Madison's 9th birthday at IBM Community Park (front row left to right: Tanya Postian, Lainie Ornstein, Kyra Higgins, Taleen Postian, Sofia Gifas, Haley Wahl, Madison, Alyson Kaplan, Lily Tse; 2nd row: Nicholas Ishkanian, Max and Tyler Tse, Aaron McGirr, Nicholas Holland, Kelsey Wahl, Victoria Khaldarov, Mackenzie Wahl, Jonathan and Joshua Holland, Brinton, Kathryn Eisenhower, Anna, Arianna Ishkanian, Izzy O'Brien, and Gregory Postian Daddy, Anna, Callie & Lily at Madison's party Daddy and Anna at the Pepsi pool (July 2011) | Anna putting on one of her many musical performances dressed as a princess ballerina (July 2011)

39: July 30th through August 7th began with our highly anticipated trip to CA for Albert and Cindy's wedding! We began our trip at Stinson Beach, visited San Francisco and Muir Woods, then made our way down to Monterey, CA. During our stay in Monterey we visited Dennis the Menace Park, the Monterey Bay Aquarium, My Museum, and Dan got a chance to golf at Pebble Beach (either a golfer's dream or a nightmare depending on how the golfing goes!). We ended the weekend with Al and Cindy's wedding at the Inn at Spanish Bay (Pebble Beach, CA) followed by a beautiful reception in the Barrel Room at Chateau Julien Wine Estate (Carmel, CA)!

40: Spending our 1st day in CA at Stinson Beach... it was COLD, but that didn't stop the kids from going in the water! What a scary, twisty and narrow drive to get there! (July 2011)

41: Touring San Francisco! We got to ride trolley cars and toured Fisherman's Wharf!

42: A fun hike up the famous Lombard Street in San Francisco, CA

43: Our hike up the Ocean View Trail to the Lost Trail to the Panoramic Trail and back at Muir Woods in Marin County, CA... the kids did an awesome job hiking!!

44: Hiking at Muir Woods in Marin County, CA (Aug 2011)

45: The kids in the humongous trunk of a redwood tree at Muir Woods!!

46: Spending the day at Stinson Beach... the water was COLD, but that didn't stop the kids from going in!!

47: Having a great day playing and exploring on the beach (Stinson Beach, CA - Aug 2011)

48: Anna burying Brinton in the sand; Madison showing off her awesome handstand! Brinton enjoying himself on the beach! (Stinson Beach, CA - Aug 2011)

49: Guess who got to try surfing?!?! Madison and Brinton!!! Madison getting up easily and riding the waves! (Stinson Beach, CA - Aug 2011)

50: Brinton's turn to surf! (Stinson Beach, CA - Aug 2011)

51: Look at Brinton ride the waves!! Awesome job by both Madison and Brinton!! They LOVED the experience! (Stinson Beach, CA - Aug 2011)

53: Look at the starfishes we found on Stinson Beach... they were gigantic! What a beautiful and amazing experience!

55: Getting ready to leave Stinson Beach to head down to Monterey, CA for the next part of our adventure... the beach house we stayed at was awesome!

57: Everyone having fun at the Dennis the Menace Park in Monterey, CA

59: The Tse/Higgins Pro Golf Tour hits Pebble Beach!!! FORE!!!!

62: Danimal rockin' Pebble Beach!

66: While Daddy was golfing, we visited the Monterey Aquarium and then rode back to our hotel a trolley car!! Brinton playing in a Mariachi band!

67: Uncle Albert and Cindy's wedding rehearsal on Peppoli Lawn at the Inn at Spanish Bay (Pebble Beach - Aug 2011)

69: Going for a surrey ride along the Monterey Bay coast

77: A beautiful reception at Chateau Julien Wine Estate in Carmel, CA The kids (especially Anna) danced up a storm!!! What a GREAT wedding!

81: The send off brunch! (The Inn at Spanish Bay - Pebble Beach, CA) (August 7, 2011)

82: A quick stop at the Children's Museum in San Jose, CA on our way to the San Francisco Airport to head back to NY! The kids on the tram at the San Francisco Airport (Aug. 7, 2011)

83: Anna touring the San Francisco Airport in the wee hours of the night because our flight was delayed for many hours!! Everyone was tired except Anna who walked around and around for hours! (Aug. 7, 2011)

84: Brinton and Callie at PEP Fest (Rye Playland)... Although it doesn't look like it, a monsoon passed through earlier in the evening! It was a SOGGY night! (Aug. 8, 2011) | Madison and Brinton having a great time at Geord and Francine's house for our annual visit to Grandma Carol's family in PA (Aug. 12, 2011)

85: Another great day of fun and games at Char and Liz's house! (Aug. 13, 2011) | Having fun at the Willow Valley Indoor Water Park... Anna trying to sit on the water and Brinton surfing on Daddy (Aug. 13, 2011)

86: The annual family photo... Geord, Francine, Bill, Megan, Jan, Tish, Bob, Carol, Jeremy, Gret, Lydia, Zett, Jack, Liz, Char, Judd, Travis, Amanda, Mommy, Elsie Kate, Jenna, Adrianna, Callie, Canaan, Riley, Daddy, Brianna, Nate, Brinton, Cody, Madison, Kyra and Anna (Aug. 13, 2011)

87: Jeremy, Lydia, Bill, Megan, Francine, Geord, Carol, Bob, Gret, Amanda, Liz, Char, Zett, Elsie Kate, Jenna, Daddy, Anna, Mommy, Travis, Tish, Brinton, Cody, Jack, Riley, Brianna, Madison, Callie, Kyra, Adrianna, Canaan, Nate, Jan, John (Aug. 13, 2011)

88: Brunch with Grandma Carol's family (Aug. 14, 2011) Mini-golf with Grandma Carol and Kyra before heading home from PA (Aug. 15, 2011) As usual, we had a great visit!

89: Celebrating Anna's 3rd birthday!! Unfortunately, the years are flying by too quickly... (Aug. 24, 2011)

90: Visiting Grandpa Doug and his dogs (Cloudy and Gnome) in Lake Manitoulin, Canada | August, 27-30, 2011

92: Celebrating Callie's 6th and Anna's 3rd birthdays with friends and family!

93: IBM Community Park in Armonk, NY (Sept. 3, 2011)

94: Daddy with Madison, Brinton and Callie on the 1st day of School Madison, Brinton and Callie's 1st year with AYSO Soccer... they had a great season! (Sept. 2011)

95: Celebrating Callie's 6th birthday! Anna being her rascally self while reading a book! Spending time with Grandpa Tse! Madison's soccer team playing against Mt. Kisco (Sept, 2011)

97: Our every other year photo shoot at the PepsiCo Sculpture Gardens in Purchase, NY (Sept. 18, 2011)

105: PepsiCo Sculpture Gardens - Purchase, NY - Sept. 18, 2011

107: Brinton and Anna... how cute?!?! (PepsiCo Sculpture Gardens - Purchase, NY - Sept. 18, 2011)

109: Apple picking at Outhouse Orchards in North Salem, NY (Sept. 2011)

111: Geocaching at Cranberry Park in Norwalk/Wilton, CT, and then a visit to Stew Leonard's for dinner and pumpkins! (Oct. 2011)

113: Our annual trip to Cape Cod to visit Great Grandma Phyllis Mini-golf at Pirates Cove... the kids LOVE mini-golf so much, we went to Pirates Cove twice on this trip!! (Oct. 8 - 10, 2011)

114: Playing at the beach and pool at The Corsair and Cross Rip Motel (Oct. 8 - 10, 2011)

115: Mini-golf (again) at Pirates Cove!

117: Mini-golf at Pirates Cove!! The kids playing at The Corsair and Cross Rip mini playground (Oct. 9, 2011)

118: More mini-golf... this time at Bass River Sports World 3 rounds of mini-golf... a new record for us! (Oct. 10, 2011)

119: Soccer, soccer and more soccer! The kids doing a great job even though this was their 1st season playing! (Oct, 2011)

120: Anna dressed up as a princess ballerina! Anna moving in on Daddy's ice pop... It was a nice calculated move!!! (Oct. 2011)

121: The kids getting ready for Halloween!! (Oct. 30, 2011)

123: The kids trying on their Halloween costumes... Madison dressed as Hermione Granger from Harry Potter; Callie dressed as Spiderella; and Brinton dressed as Darth Vader, a Clone Trooper, a Bakugan, and his version of a naked baby!! Madison and Brinton giving each other chest bumps! (Oct. 30, 2011)

124: Happy Halloween! Anna dressed as a fairy princess; Kelsey Wahl, Callie, Haley Wahl, Brinton and Madison at the Timber Ridge Halloween Parade Anna and Mackenzie Wahl looking adorable! Brinton, Josh Holland, Zack Youngblood, Jonathan and Nicholas Holland, and Dale and Cole (in the way back!) Kaiser

125: A, B & C getting a piggy back ride from Mommy | Callie on defense!! | Anna chasing Brinton | Look at Brinton's awesome knee kick!! | Nov. 2011

126: Having fun at the Wampus Elementary School playground in between soccer games! Callie hanging upside down! Survivor challenge Higgins style... Who will be the last person standing on the wobbly balance beam? (Nov. 2011)

127: Another great Halloween Party at the Whippoorwill Country Club with the Wahl's... a week late due to a rare Halloween snow storm! (Nov. 2011)

128: Brinton with one of his Lego creations! | Spending the day at Leapin' Lizards with the Wahl's | Celebrating Jessica's 30th B-day! | Thanksgiving with Clyde, Jodi, Lily, Shelley & Nana Edith | Nov 2011

129: Soccer, soccer, and more soccer! Madison, Brinton and Callie all winning their games!! | Madison's soccer team... Coach Dan, Samara Tabankin, Carly Rosh, Haley Harris, Sophia Villani, Victoria Khaldarov, Lauren Amico, and Coach Scott! (Nov. 2011)

130: Geo-caching at the Betsy Sluder Nature Preserve in Armonk, NY Daddy reading a story to the kids Callie looking adorable! Two princesses all dressed up! (Dec. 2011)

131: Our annual tree chopping trip to Jones Farm in Shelton, CT (Dec. 2011) | Princess Anna... she loved princess dresses and insisted on wearing them every day! (Dec. 2011)

132: Another great Christmas party at the Whippoorwill Country Club with the Wahl's (Haley, Kelsey, Mackenzie, Kris and Jim) (Dec 2011)

133: Madison, Taleen Postian, Samara Tabankin & Arianna Ishkanian at their Karate promotion test | Brinton at his karate promotion test; Two princesses... Lindsay McGirr and Anna (Dec 2011)

134: The kids decorating a gingerbread house... sweet and messy! Getting ready for Santa... snowmen cookies that the kids made for Santa (clockwise: Madison's, Brinton's, Callie's and Anna's) Dec. 2011

135: C | C | Christmas morning... the kids with Kyra waiting at the top of the stairs The kids after tearing open Santa's presents Picture with Grandma Carol (and the nice, warm and fluffy blankets from Grandma)

136: Madison showing off her handstand in her new gymnastics leotard! Skating with all 10 cousins at Rye Playland -- Dec. 2011

137: 3 Princesses... Emma, Anna, and Lily | Spending time with Grandpa Tse | Dec. 2011 | The kids with 2 of many Star Wars Legos sets that Brinton got for Christmas... one set was over 1,200 pieces and the other was over 950 pieces | Anna with her best friend, Trevor Wong! They were like an old married couple!

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