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1: Hi Risa, What a fabulous weekend! So very special in every way. It was wonderful to see you, Cyril and your beautiful family. You must be so proud of each and every one of them! Thanks very much for your very kind and generous hospitality. We so appreciate being included in such a memorable and special occasion. Hope you are able to relax this week - you deserve it after all your planning over the past year. Hope the newlyweds have a wonderful honeymoon. Looking forward to seeing you in TO next week. Keep me posted on your plans. BIG hugs, Jill Adolphe xo

2: Beautiful wedding. Great kids-you should be very proud. Thank you for the wonderful week-end. xoxo I have been thinking about the week end all day and about each of you. I hope you are relaxed and smiling. You did an amazing job and you looked terrific. Daniel Betrand

4: Katie and I were delighted to share in the celebrations for Daryl and Daniel on the weekend. You and Risa should feel very proud! Everything was carried out to perfection. More importantly, there was a very happy, warm feeling emanating from the families. I am sure the photos will show you with a record breaking wide smile while you were under the chupa! Mazel Tov to you, Risa and your wonderful family! Best, MB (Michael Bregman)

5: Risa and Cyril: Just a quick note to let you know what a wonderful time Leah and I had at the wedding over the weekend. It was a beautiful event, and every detail – from the century old bank building venue in the Bowery to the fresh squeezed orange juice at the brunch on the Upper East Side – combined to make this a memorable celebration. Daryl and Daniel are a wonderful couple, and all of your children are very impressive. We look forward to the next three weddings. Bob Charney

6: Thanks for food. You did great job. I am hiring u for wedding one day Gail Cyklert

7: Cyril, Risa and Daryl, On behalf of Robin, Zachary and I (along with my immediate family), l would like to wish you along with Daniel, Cayle, James and Ally, a very Happy and Healthy New Year. I wanted to personally congratulate you three for creating a truly memorable and exquisite wedding and weekend event. Alicia, Robin and I are so proud of you all. The immediate sense of family brought forth by being part of your extraordinary celebration meant so much to Alicia and I and for that, we humbly thank you. Please give everyone a big hug from all of us in Toronto and we certainly look forward to seeing you soon. With great affection, Marc Drabinsky

8: I got the Facebook post of Daryl at her wedding. She looked lovely, as did you. Alicia and Marc said they had a wonderful weekend celebrating with you and the family. Xo Pearl Drabinsky

9: Dear Risa & Cyril, Daryl & Daniel, I don’t know where to begin with the praise for your wedding. Forgive me for the triteness of creating a list. Here are some of the many things I LOVED about it: The band The Lenny Kravitz look-alike singer in the band The dancing Risa dancing with her friends The dearth of negative energy in the room The positive energy coming from the bridesmaids Meeting your friends, family & neighbours-Elisa & Gil and Ben & Jiyeon Capitale – it’s spectacular! The delicious food Allie – everything about her! Mr. Nussen’s speech The rabbi The lovely ceremony Daryl & Daniel – you are a great couple! Thank you so much for your warm hospitality. Fred & I had a really fun time. Love, Christina Eaton

10: Risa Dropping you a quick email from Paris. Dale and I had a wonderful time in NYC enjoying all the wedding festivities. The love between Daryl and Daniel is heartwarming and we wish them all good things to come. You did a terrifIc job on the wedding and everything was wonderful!!! We are so glad we were able to attend and thank you and Cyril for your warm hospitality. Fondly, Karen & Dale Emmer P.S. Please excuse my writing, as I am in car on the way to Normandy

11: I've landed. Was on the "wedding plane" with others who are attending the wedding. Very excited to see you. Now its time for you to party. We had an incredible time! The food and decor were impeccable. We enjoyed every detail. Most of all it was a hamish wedding with wonderful people. Thank you for including us. Elyssa Feldberg

12: Hi Susan, We are back home now & still recovering from our wonderful trip to N.Y. I'm expecting my masseuse any minute. The airline story is really funny,but I will tell it to you at another time. Susan,I want you & Cyril to know how much we appreciate your efforts on our behalf . You didn't know what to do for us & it was so obvious . You really are your mother's daughter . Her presence was felt everywhere because she would have done it just the way you did. In Yiddish there is an expression " mit gantzen hearts" which literally translated means with your entire heart. However ,so much is lost in translation,because it implies much more than that. From the Sat. dinner & Mon. brunch ,to the care package in the hotel, to all the e-mails with information & of course THE WEDDING, which was the most beautiful wedding there ever was.Your happiness & joy in all that you did kept shining through & also your concern for everyone there.You wanted to share your happiness & we were so happy to share it with you. I know what an ordeal you went through & how rough it was . I can't imagine how exhausted you must be because of all the emotion, good & bad ,that you endured ,not to mention all the physical exertion . Take time now to look after yourself & just do for yourselves. Again , the entire weekend was something from a fairytale. It had a very happy ending. With all my love, Marilyn Feldman

13: What a beautiful family! Thanks so much for including us in Daryl and Daniel's wedding. The warmth and welcome both Saturday and Sunday were palpable. You all were glowing and everyone had a fabulous weekend. The tables, food , band, candles, and bridal party were so perfect. Love to you all and hope to see you on Oct. 1st xoxT&G Tamara Fine

14: Lovely party. V warm and spirited. Got everyone in mood. Can't wait for the main event tomorrow. U looked beautiful and ur kids r so wonderful. Tough night but u must be so proud! Sleep well. Xxxxxxxx Rena Gill

15: What an amazing weekend! Charles and I were honoured to be included in the celebration of your daughter's wedding. She is simply magnificent and the rest of your children are amazing too. We are so happy for you on so many levels. The event was simply the most perfect function that I have ever been to. We will be back in NYC for Columbus Day weekend (Cdn Thanksgiving) and if you are available it would be great to connect. Thank you and good night. xox Donna Gordon

16: Risa, Cyril, Liz and I had a great time at Daryl and Daniel's wedding.It was a wonderful excuse to get out of town and wander around NYC for a few did a terrific job of organizing multiple events. Each one (including Toronto) was intimate and interesting. You've set a mean pace for the rest of your kids, not to mention ours! We are keeping an eye out for some ladders on sale for our brood! It was nice for us to have an opportunity to mingle with some of your friends from all over and to reconnect with your family roots. Also the gift box at the hotel was a very nice touch; a nice welcome to the Big Apple! As parents you have clearly lucked out. We don't get to choose our kids spouses family and as a result could suffer for years to come!

17: Clearly you have gained a son and another/new branch of your family wwhich has the same values and expectations. Life doesn't get any better. Enjoy your new family. Liz and I hope that you both have a chance to get away yourselves and catch up on some needed sleep. We were tired just soaking up all the hospitality. By comparison, you two must be whipped given your hosting responsibilities. Certainly everyone had a great few days, thanks to your generosity and hospitality. Again, thanks for inviting us to participate in such a momentus event. regards, Ian/Liz Grant

18: Cyril, I know that this must have been such a hard week for you. From the depths of sadness to the upcoming joy of Daryl's wedding... all in one week. You are most special to us,really like family,and you deserve to enjoy this happy time. We who love you dearly are looking forward to celebrating with you. So...ENJOY!!! Love you, Janet At wedding ever! Enjoy the morning- LOVE, me Will call tonite Soooooooooooooo beautiful! Have been thinking about the wedding weekend all week... Everything was more than special and so are you. Have guests here from NY til sat. Janet Imerman

19: We had such a great time so thank you!!! It was absolutely beautiful. Sruly named it "the nicest wedding he's ever been to". Daryl looked incredible (as did the rest of the family!!) > Thanks again!! Shana tova Dori Isakow

20: You should be so happy and headed to some spa filled with hot rocks and relaxation! All the planning, the details, the logistics, the shopping for daughters, the endless needs of friends and family, the stress of who sits where-it was all so wonderful. The bride and groom had a great time...they looked so happy and spoke with sincerity and joy. And most of all, be proud of what you and Cyril have achieved. An example of how to still be in love and deeply care for the person you chose three decades ago! Thank you for letting us share in your family's joy!!! xoxoxox Leslie Kantor

22: Risa, I do not know where to begin to tell you what a wonderful weekend we had with your family and friends. I won't mention all the details that went into making the wedding so spectacular...the flowers the food etc. But honestly the love your kids have for each other and you have for your kids is so special. I can only describe it as joyful. Thank you so much for allowing us to share in your joy. Now that the wedding is over, we must make time to see each other. A trip to NYC or Cincinnati or anywhere would be so much fun. We love and adore all of you...I still hope and pray that my girls marry one of your boys and I would take either one or even better both! Ellen and Mark Knue

23: Risa & Cyril, I don't know where to begin. First of all, thank you so much for including us in Daryl and Daniel's wedding weekend. What a beautiful weekend to the last detail, but more importantly the love between Daryl and Daniel is obvious. They will have an amazing life together. We had such a great time with all of your friends and family. You are so blessed to have such amazing people in your life. I hope that you know that Ellen and I love your family. Your kids are so much fun to be around. I could talk hoops with Cayle and James all day long. Aly and Daryl are such wonderful young ladies. We need to make a pact that we will go away together and also in the future get together with all of the kids. Let us know what your schedule looks like after November 1st. Thanks again for being such great friends. Love, Mark Knue

24: Risa, Thank you for inviting Ben and me to the best wedding ever! It was so beautiful, so elegant and so much fun. The food was delicious, the music was incredible, and just the whole thing was amazing from the start to the end! And thanks for the cookies last night. Ben and I would love to invite the newly-weds and you guys (and whoever else available) to our house sometime. Let’s catch up once you take a good rest. Congrats! Jiyeon Lee

25: The wedding was made it that way. The warmth of your family & Daniel's was everywhere. And you looked gorgeous, along with the bride & maid of honour. Mazel Tov again! We had a wonderful time in New York. Thank you again, & sending my love. Sandy Moranis We're just about to board our plane to return home. We had a wonderful weekend and while every detail of your hard work was sooooooo incredible, the best part for me, was the wedding ceremony and catching up with your children. I love you very much and it was a beautiful sincha!!! Steven Moranis

26: Wow. What a moving night! Seeing your kids paying tribute to each other, hugging, sharing this special night was an inspiration. They're truly amazing and we're delighted to be here celebrating with you. Daryl's friend and Daniel's brothers, also adorable. And you and Cyril looked so happy and glam!! Wow. That's all we can say. And thank you, had a blast at the Toronto table and meeting your NYC apt friends! Thank you! RISA!!! That email was after the Saturday night party - I couldn't even begin to write about Sunday! What an amazing wedding ceremony , party, feast, rave, etc etc. Can't wait for the full debrief when you're here in October - what are your dates? Liz Ondaatje

27: Thanks or including us in your wonderful simcha. It was a truly special weekend. We enjoyed meeting / visiting with people in the more intimate setting saturday. And then the service and party last night were both fantastic. The band, and especially the singers, were incredible. Daryl looked beautiful, and spoke so eloquently. And your new machatunim are really wonderful people. We hope you are catching your breath now. Enjoy the attached pic, g+e Gil Palter

28: Cyril, Wonderful news about your daughter’s wedding this weekend. Please send my best to Risa. Debbie Perelman

29: Risa, What a beautiful, elegant and joyous wedding!! You did a magnificent job from start to finish, and the closeness and love of your family shined through, and Daryl and Daniel were so impressive in the thought that went into their speeches. Thank you for including us in this wonderful and memorable celebration!! Let's get together soon. xo, Nancy and Steve Peters

30: Hey there Risa: That was an exquisitely beautiful evening! Hope you are basking in the glow! Congrats! Every detail perfect! I loved talking with Allie! Thanks for having Kevin and I there to enjoy your celebration. xo, Pamela Reis

31: Forgot to tell you how much we liked the agenda for the wedding. It was so nice to know about the attendants in the wedding. Marty was impressed by their profiles. Who was the designer of your dress at the wedding. It was perfect - loved the neckline, shoulder and shape of the gown - fit you perfectly and as I told you Allie's (SP?) dress was the perfect compliment. Where did Daryl and Daniel go for their honeymoon? Do you have any plans to come to Toronto in the near future? Linda Richmond

32: Hi Risa. Fantastic beautiful wedding with lots of love in the room. You all looked so happy. A great way for them to start their lives together. Lisa Shiff

34: Hi Susie, The traffic was dreadful, but we left early for the airport, [thanks to Obama] the police were everywhere, they had cement barriers in front of the Waldorf, across from the W hotel, our limo couldn't get close to the hotel, so he parked and came and got us. I wanted to tell you what an amazing job you did-everything was beautiful. Daryl looked absolutely exquisite, her dress looked like something out of Vogue, also the mother of the bride looked stunning, as usual. You have great children, you should be very proud. You handled everything very graciously with your father and Mitzy, I know it must have been difficult. When you walked down the aisle, I thought how very proud your mother would have been. It was our pleasure to be with you during this wonderful event. Charlotte Solway

35: Received your gift box this evening. Great treats. Thank you. See you tomorrow. Luv, Harriet Tarshis

36: Beautiful, it actually makes me weepy. Pam and I had the greatest time at such a beautiful wedding between two young adults who belong together and hosted by a couple we truly love and miss. Thank you for including us. Mark Teitelbaum

37: Risa, Got home around 12:00 and was thinking of you all day and how you must feel. I lost my phone, as you know. But I have Rick's phone if you have a minute. His number is 310-990-9987 and my home phone is 310-475-3222. I'm sure you are exhausted, so I will talk to you in the next couple of days. I want to thank you for a wonderful weekend The wedding was so beautiful and touched me on so many levels. Daryl and Daniel are an amazing couple and I know they will have a wonderful life together. They start out with the support of two wonderful families.

38: There was so much love and joy in the room last night. Daryl looked so beautiful and her dress was gorgeous on her. I will never forget being a part of that day in Saks when she tried it on. You looked gorgeous and were the perfect hostess. Don't ever tell me that you don't have any friends. I wish I had more time to get to know them. The people from Toronto seemed great and Joyce and Larry are our new best friends! Didn't meet any of the New York friends but did see a few. The Capitale was beautiful and the food was great! The band was incredible! Well, that's it in a nutshell! A great weekend! Can't wait to talk to you. xoxo Susan Vann

39: Back to the wedding, the little white box we got, your apt, the brunch and of course the wedding, unbelievable. You are amazing. Thanks for the entire weekend. The hostess with the mostis. We are heading out a little later Love you. (Best weddin) (hamish) Karen Willer

40: Hi Bridesmaids! Hope you are all well and rested up. Things are finally settling down for us from D and D's wedding weekend. I had to write a personal note to all of you because one of my most favourite memories of Daryl's day was seeing how supportive and loving you all were to Daryl. It must have been a wonderful feeling for Daryl to enter this new chapter in her life with the comfort and security of such strong friendships. I was deep in thought with last minute details and trying to keep cool (DIANE!!)but you should all know that all of your efforts to enjoy the day with Daryl and make her day one that she'll never forget meant so much to me. Thank you all so much. Happy New Year to anyone celebrating, good luck with school and your jobs and most important please visit us when you have time or are in town. With love, Risa

41: Thank you, Risa! Honestly, it was my (and all our) pleasure to celebrate with you all. You were the consummate host and most importantly, you all looked so happy. It was such a beautiful wedding! I had a blast all year long between the bachelorette weekend to the wedding, it was all so much fun! Everything was perfect and you guys should be so proud of D&D. I can't wait to see their honeymoon pictures and see you in nyc soon. Love, Jess Ansehl

42: Hi Risa, This was such a sweet note. You should know that we all had such a wonderful time at the wedding and you should be so proud of how well everything turned out. Daryl is such a special person and we are all so lucky to have her in our lives. It was great seeing you throughout the last year and getting to know the family better as well. Happy new year and I hope the year brings many wonderful things for the Drabinsky family. Love, Marissa Pines

43: Hi Risa, Thanks so much for your email. I was so happy to be able to celebrate with Daryl and your family - it was such a beautiful event!!! Lauren and I had a blast writing our speech and going down memory lane. Daryl has been a wonderful friend to both of us for many years and it's so exciting to enter into this new phase of our lives together. Shana Tova! Love, Danielle Rodin

44: Thanks Risa,It was my pleasure and a joy to see Daryl and the whole fam so happy! I hope to see you all very soon and Mazel Tov again! Love,Alicia Rosenblatt

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