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S: 2011

FC: Lyman Family 2011

2: Jason starts school again in a week and we are squeezing in as much as we can before he heads back. Walking around North Beach in SF has been on our list of things we have wanted to do but weekends in the city are always a little crazy. | North Beach

4: Golden Boy Pizza was delicious and hit the spot. It may have been a bar and we may have brought our 18 month old. Oh well.

5: Next, we hiked some hills and climbed some stairs (with a stroller) to Coit Tower. The views were amazing!

6: After exploring at the top of Coit Tower and sitting for a minute to wait out the rain, we made our way to the car. We didn't realize we parked a block away from Lombard Street so we hiked another very steep hill and took some pictures. It was a fun two hours in the city (even in the rain).

7: eighteen months old

8: Weight - 24lbs 14oz Height - 34" Head - 47.5cm

9: Landon has really grown up the last few months. He is definitely no longer Baby Landon. He's become quite the chatter box; unfortunately, he is not a phone talker. Sorry grandmas. He is busy. Busy. Busy. He loves watching his "shows." His favorites are Elmo and Buzz (when he says Buzz he means Woody). He loves to color and do stickers. He loves to be outside and really loves the park, especially going down the slides. He has started the slippery slope of picky eating. (We are trying to fix that.) The doctor warned us that around this age little boys start to do naughty things like opening doors and climbing out of cribs. Well not a week after his appointment I lost him in Target. That little rascal is getting too fast. Luckily I was in the back of the store and there were some nice dads and an employee that helped me find him. (He was in the freezer aisle holding a block of cheese.) On top of that he started climbing out of his crib. Well, to be fair he only did it once but he has been attempting it for the last week. He is too chicken to drop when he can't see the ground so the one time he succeeded in his escape was at night. We're crossing our fingers he learned his lesson and won't try again. We love our little boy and are excited for what new adventures are coming our way.

10: Embarcadero Farmer's Market - January 2011

11: Landon is in LOVE with Buzz and Woody. Nothing else keeps his attention for an hour and 20 minutes. We are continuously rotating between all three movies. I tried sneaking in a little Sword in the Stone and The Rescuers but they don't do the trick. All he does is ask for Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. Until I finally cave. So thank you Pixar for babysitting my child while I get dressed, clean the house, and read my email.

12: thirty!!! | Jason's BIG birthday was today! Tonight we celebrated in grand fashion. We had a delicious yogurt chicken dinner, opened presents, tickled the little one and sang happy birthday before eating yummy chocolate cake. Okay, so it wasn't that grand but what do you expect when have school all day and have interviews all week. The big celebration is next weekend, when things around here are a little less crazy. Happy Birthday Jas. Love you tons.

14: Landon LOVES to color. So when his little friends invited him to make Valentine's cards/crafts we were pretty excited. Landon loved it. Mostly he loved the painting table. He decided the paintbrushes and paint were so much fun that he should stick the paintbrush in his mouth and give it a good taste. Thus ended our crafting.

15: "colors"

16: Jason has class ALL day today so it is just me and this cutie. Happy Valentine's Day!

17: President's Day Weekend | My mom, dad and sisters came into town over the holiday weekend. We had fun showing them our rainy city, and I mean rainy. We hit Coit Tower, Half Moon Bay, Golden Gate Bridge, Cafe M and too many shops to list. Some things we learned from our weekend of adventuring: a pair of rainboots is essential in the bay, Landon LOVES Buzz (maybe too much), Caitlin can still threaten Kelley with a call to our parents, San Francisco traffic is worse than LA's, and Jason can't remember to close van doors (no vans in our future, hallelujah). Thanks for coming to play and please come back soon.

18: We joined some friends at the zoo for lunch, and to get outside before the rain arrives. After eating lunch, Landon was following his little buddy around and decided to follow him into the trees. Short story short, he fell. Hard. Some guy picked him up and kept telling me that "he fell pretty hard." And would NOT shut up. Landon would have been fine but some stranger picked him up and of course he was freaked out. He is now sporting abrasions around his eye that look a lot worse than they are. It will just makes him look tough when we go to the park. Right? | battle wounds | The zoo trip wasn't all bad. We did see a tree snake wind himself off a branch, take a drink from the waterfall and wind himself back around the tree. Landon watched him pretty closely and when asked what the snake did, he sticks out his cute tongue. | February 24, 2011

19: A few weeks ago, there was a great deal on Groupon for Pump it Up! (We jump at any opportunity for inside play, especially when the weather is crummy.) Our first visit was a little rocky but after a good 45 minutes Landon finally felt comfortable in the bounce houses without me next to him. That afternoon he had a great nap. | Pump It Up! | March 3, 2011

20: Funny Kid

21: Landon 19 months - March 2011

22: We just got back from a very fun and extremely relaxing spring break. For Jason's week off we headed to Casa de Reese in beautiful St. George (have I mentioned how much I love being in school). We were gone for a week and loved it (except the drive home). The Simmons joined us on the adventure and we were glad they decided to come. It was a bit rainy and cold but we still showed them a good time. At least I hope we did. The boys golfed. The girls got massages. And the kids were shuttled around from one exploration to the next. Landon discovered his love in life: throwing rocks in rivers or plants. (Weird I know. Plants? Where does he come up with this stuff?)Here's to a fantastic week away from the rain (and snow) in Berkeley.

23: Exploring the Dixie Rocks above St. George. Landon loved following his buddy Jack around. He would climb where ever Jack went and mostly refused help. He is getting big. | Spring Break | March 2011

24: Zions National Park. We did two hikes: Weeping Rock and Riverside Walk. Weeping Rock was freezing. We thought Landon's hands were never going to thaw. He had fun running across the bridge and walking all by himself. The Riverside Walk was a little warmer and this is where Jason taught Landon to throw rocks in the river. Little boy LOVED it. He screamed most of the way back to the car because we left the rocks and the water. Zions was beautiful and we're excited to go back next time we're in town.

26: Samurai 21 was a hit. Landon loved the fire and didn't freak out at all. I'm not sure that's a good thing. He remembered he liked edemame and ate most of our order before scarfing down noodles, rice and little of Jason's meat. We'll see how he is next time.

27: It was a little to cold to enjoy the water on Main Street but we did enjoy walking around the stream, climbing stairs and driving around the temple.

28: Last Fall Caitlin convinced me to sign up for a half marathon. And race day has finally arrived. Our day before activities were super low key and got us all pumped and ready for the race. We drove into the city and walked along the marina and around the Palace of Fine Arts. After a crazy (hour) drive home we made some yummy gnocchi as a pre-race dinner. We then relaxed and had an early night to rest up for the race in the morning. | Bear Visits

29: Funny story: at about 5am a pot and pan on the drying rack next to the sink fell. Jason and I were already sort of awake after Landon had woken up moments earlier. Caitlin on the other hand was not awake and woke up making weird noises trying to find her voice. She was terrified. She says she didn't know where she was. Needless to say we didn't sleep well after that but it did help her during the race and is still making us laugh. Seriously, her voice was hilarious and the noises she made were not human.

30: April 2, 2011

31: This was a very long day. Caitlin, Molly, Rachel and I drove to Rodeo Beach and got all ready for the big race. The creator of the racing series and this route, Dave, warned us that the trail was tough. He also told us we probably would be cursing him during the climbs...he wasn't kidding. Damn you Dave! This is how he described the trail: climb, climb, climb, descend, climb again, descend, road, beach and more beach. Oh and the full marathoners had to do this twice. No wonder only 5 people raised their hands to say they'd ran the race before. You have to be crazy to run this trail. He also forgot to mention the mud. (Good thing I bought new shoes last week. Damn you Dave.) | Golden Gate Headlands Marathon

32: The good news is we all finished. And we finished well. My half marathon trail time was 2:12:46...which is pretty good for all the walking uphills, the stopping to wade through mud, and running on sand. Seriously, we ended the race with a 1/4 mile run on the beach with a little run through water to finally climb a cliff to the finish line. Worst end to a race ever but so awesome at the same time. | After all that, I am a converted trail runner. Would I do it again? In a heartbeat. Too bad this was the last year for this particular race. Now onto my amazing sister. Caitlin ran the full marathon. Mud, hills, sand, cliffs, stairs. All twice. She was also the first girl to cross the finish line for the marathon. She was amazing! She won the purse and some wine for her efforts. Okay the purse was a chicken purse (the male finisher won a rubber chicken) and her wine she gave to her running buddy. I am convinced you have to be nuts to run the full. I can't believe she did it. Well I can believe she did. She was totally awesome.

33: When we got home we went and got a much needed pedicure and then headed to dinner before Jason went to Priesthood. Dinner was great. We took Bear to Cheese Board and it was soooo good. The perfect post-race dinner. Plus, they have live jazz on Saturday nights so Landon was grooving to the music. After Priesthood we went to Fentons Creamery. You know Fentons? From Up. It was some good ice cream.

34: Cherry Blossom Festival | Only four weekends left until we leave the bay for the summer. So we are spending each weekend exploring new areas. This weekend we drove into the city for the Cherry Blossom Festival in Japantown. It wasn't what we expected but we had a good time. There weren't many cherry blossoms but there were fun vendors and some great food. Jason waited in a very long line for some tempura fish balls. They turned out to be pretty delicious.

35: After the festival we walked through a farmer's market. Landon loves strawberries. He loves sharing them even more. | Then it was over to The Painted Ladies. Jason had never seen them so we parked and walked around the park. Landon loved the swings but was more interested in all the dogs. I will say for having a mom that doesn't love them, Landon sure does. Lucky for us dog owners here are super friendly. Landon could have played catch with one dog all day had we let him. | April 9, 2011

36: Easter | Sacrament Meeting is always interesting in the Berkeley Ward but this meeting was especially interesting. We had some bongos, trumpets and interesting musical selections. Good thing we were sitting in the back. My primary lesson was one of my better ones. We talked about Jesus Christ dying on the cross, being resurrected and visiting the Nephites. After Church we attempted some Easter photos but Landon was having a melt down because his Nursery buddy (one of the leaders) left the class room. It took him at least 15 minutes to calm down. I don't know what we're going to do when we move to a new ward. These were the best ones. Oh well. We'll try again another day.

37: Easter was so fun with Landon this year. We started the celebrating Saturday with a great ward Easter Egg Hunt. We practiced all week, as I didn't want Landon to be left out of the fun. When the time came to gather those eggs, Landon was king. He loved putting them in his bucket and man was he fast. He did get distracted once he learned candy was inside. Then it was time to sit and enjoy. | April 24, 2011

38: Sunday morning Landon slept in pretty late so we did his Easter basket pretty quick. Landon was spoiled (but what did you expect?). Thank you Grandma for the fun stickers, trains and book. | After Sunday naps we headed over to our friend's house for a mini egg hunt and a delicious pot-luck Easter dinner

39: We got a little taste of summer today as we headed to Stinson Beach. It was on our list of places to go before we leave The Bay. And with one week left we can finally cross it off our list. | Stinson Beach | May 4, 2011

40: Landon is his mother's child. He doesn't like sand. And when it got hot he really didn't like it. He did, however, really like chasing the birds and playing with the other kids' soccer balls and footballs. The ocean was fun until Landon wasn't quick enough to run from a wave. He was a little upset... but I was too. The water was freezing. Overall, we had a GREAT day and can't wait until next year when Jason can join us.

41: You might be surprised. It is the refrigerator. He LOVES sitting in there and screams when we make him get out. He could sit in their all day. You'd think he would open the crispers, take things off shelves or climb but he just sits on that little "step", drinks, waves bye and closes the door. I don't know what he'll do if our next place doesn't have a side-by-side. We sure love all the funny things this boy does. | Landon's Favorite Spot

42: Mini Jason | Landonbug is obsessed with the iPad, or "puter." Forget letting mom have a turn with the thing. I keep telling myself it is educational. I mean, he is learning shapes, animals and colors. So it can't be that bad. Right? *I forgot the best part. While in San Diego I had to wake Landon up from a nap to go out and the first thing he said was, "puter?" It was so cute.

43: Aunt Stacy | Stacy and Matthew moved a few days after we arrived in Utah. We didn't get to spend a ton of time with them but we did enjoy a break from the rain and headed to Gardner Village. Landon loved watching and chasing the ducks with Aunt Stacy. We hope you guys have fun in your new town and we can't wait to see you when you come visit us in Seattle.

44: One team, two vans, three legs, twelve runners, 36 exchanges, 194 miles and lots of laughs (mostly because we were exhausted and everything's funny after 1 hour of sleep). But we did it! We ran from Calistoga (north of Napa) to Santa Cruz. It only took us 27 hours and 12 minutes. I was still on a runners high even after I slept for 12 straight hours. It was the most fun I've ever had running. There has to be something said for total team comradery. | The Relay 2011 | Top row: Mark, Elle, Jenny, Elisa, Susan, Aubrey, and Scott Bottom row: Marianna, Me, Jared, Wayne, and Justin | We each ran three legs, ranging from easy to very hard. The very hards were all uphill. If you live in Berkeley think Marin past The Circle...but miles longer. Those legs were reserved for our elite runners (I'm talking 6 miles up hill in under 40 minutes elite). My legs were 4.5 easy, 6.5 moderate, and 6.3 easy (which turned out to be 6.8).

45: My first leg I was feeling great. Ran about an 8 minute pace. Which felt pretty amazing as I haven't ran a short distance race in quite a few years. Second leg was at 4:30AM in the DARK. It was fine until we got off the highway and started running on a bike trail. It was so dark you couldn't see the hills in front of you. I guess that's one way to get through a run...total blindness. The last leg was HARD. It was in the middle of the day. It was HOT and my legs weren't moving quite as fast. I ran about an 8:30 mile, which felt more like an 11 minute pace. I finally gave up on running fast and passing people and joined a guy with a nice pace. We followed each other to the exchange leap frogging for the last 3 miles. Also on this leg we were running on a two lane forest road. So nearing the exchange traffic got pretty bad. One local lady leaned out her car window and yelled, "don't you people know we have lives?! CHP is on its way to deal with this." Seriously lady. You don't think CHP knows there is a race going on? It did make for a good laugh and got me through the last 200 yards. | My first leg of the race. Feeling pretty good and the run was beautiful. | 3rd leg. It was so hot my van had to hydrate me. Seriously the hottest 7 miles EVER. | The team at the finish (minus Susan, she had a previous engagement). | I was really nervous about this race but would do it again in a heartbeat. It was so fun and my team rocked! Way to go Breath Savers!

46: Our visit to Utah was a cold one. Who'd have thunk May in Utah would be cold. Lucky for us, our last Saturday in town the sun decide to shine. So we headed to Willow Creek. Landon wasn't too sure about the pool but after Payton showed him how to splash he was more than happy. It was good practice for our visit in July. That's if the weather decides to cooperate. | Swim Pool

47: My mom helped Landon and me drive from Berkeley to Bellevue last week. It was a long 14 hours but we made it and are loving our new summer home. With both Landon and I sick she was a huge help. To begin our exploration of the Seattle area we headed to Pikes Place Market. I've been to city markets before but this one was totally different. Rows of fresh flowers, fish freshly caught that morning and people everywhere. Jason and my mom tried the crab cocktail and couldn't stop talking about how good it was the rest of the day. It was a fun adventure, the first of many I'm sure. | Grandma & Pikes Place Market

48: The great part of business school internships is you get to try out a new job/city the summer before "real life" begins. This summer Jason landed a dream internship at Microsoft. So we are in beautiful Seattle (Bellevue) for the summer. We are in a swanky apartment (10th floor) with all the amenities we have missed living in student housing. You know...a dishwasher, washer and dryer, gym, a disposal and a cleaning service comes every other week. We're a block away from a great mall and delicious restaurants. It has been fun exploring our area this week and we look forward to finding out what Seattle has to offer. Stay tuned for lots more adventures. | Our Summer Place | June 18, 2011

49: Landon's moved on from sitting in the refrigerator to sitting on the windowsill. It is the perfect height and makes an excellent table for his puzzles, books, "puter," or daddy's phone. Plus, when you open the window you can wave outside to the ant-sized people below. | A New Favorite Spot

50: Kelsey Creek Farm | Today was a beautiful day. The first day the sun has been out and shining before two in the afternoon. We took advantage of the dry, sunny weather and headed to a new park. Kelsey Creek Farm Park did not disappoint. We played on the playground, ran around on the grass, and saw the animals at the farm. Landon was really good about sitting in the stroller while we found the different farm animals. The highlight was the horse parade. There is a kid camp going on and the kids get to ride horses (Landon's too young). While we were heading to see the chickens, eight horses came walking up the lane. Landon LOVED watching them. We definitely will be heading back to this park. The perfect way to spend the first day of summer. | June 21, 2011

52: We've been told to check out the Green Lake area. So on Saturday we did just that. We ran around the lake. There was a fantastic park and lots of things to do and explore. Landon enjoyed the swings, slides, watching the ducks and dogs. It was a great area. After the lake we headed to Paseo for some delicious Caribbean sandwiches. We'd heard the lines get crazy long so we had an early lunch. When we left the line was just starting to get long. Glad we went when we did. | This past weekend was full of new adventures. Friday night we took Landon to his first movie in the theater. He didn't do so well but we learned a few things. First, don't go to a movie when your kid doesn't get a good night sleep. Second, always go to a matinee. And finally, never sit in the middle of a row. Next time we'll be more prepared. | Weekend Adventures

53: The weather continued to cooperate on Sunday. We planned a trip to the Temple but were disappointed to learn the grounds were locked. Bummer. We headed down the street and found a fantastic park. The night and weekend ended with our first summer bbq. Here's to more exploring and adventures. | June 25-26, 2011

54: Woodland Park Zoo | This was a great zoo. We saw everything from peacocks to dinosaurs. Our first stop was the African Savanna. We saw hippos, elephants, giraffes, wild dogs and monkeys. The highlight (if you can call it that) was the lions mating. There were kid camps watching and the leaders hurried the giggling kids out so fast. | June 30, 2011

55: Next was Tropical Asia. We saw elephants, orangutans, and tapirs. Landon really loved watching the monkeys. Then we moved onto the Northern Trail. We watched some brown bears for a while, looked at the bald eagle, elk, wolves and mountain goats. Landon was more interested in climbing in the "wolf cave," climbing on rocks and begging people for their food. I loved watching the brown bears. They were brothers from Alaska and they were really active and showing off. | Dinosaurs were next. We walked the Dinosaur trail. Landon was really excited about the stamps he got on each hand and loved walking right up to the dinosaurs. They each made noises an some squirted water. Landon was really into them. I guess we have officially moved onto the dinosaur stage.

56: We quickly walked through Australasia. The Emus and Kangaroos weren't very cool to watch. We saw the sleeping tiger and the boring sloth bear before heading to the Gorillas. Landon was really excited about the gorillas. He ran right up to the glass and watched them sleep. | Tropical Rain Forest was next. We saw penguins (not sure they belong in this area but they were near the entrance), a jaguar and lemurs. Next up, the Temperate Forest. Kind of boring but Landon had fun watching all the birds. Then we quickly walked through the bug house. They had a huge spider, not behind glass, on display. It was creepy and we booked it out of there real fast. | The Family Farm was the last stop. Landon loved the cows and even said "bye cows" before we moved on. We watched a rabbit being groomed. We starred at a beautiful peacock before we left. It was a fun 3 hours at the zoo. Landon was really fun and excited about everything (mostly climbing on rocks).

57: Seattle Aquarium | We started our 4th of July weekend celebrations touring the aquarium. We got there at the perfect time. Not to crowded until we'd seen everything and were ready to leave. Landon loved walking from one exhibit to the next. Some highlights were the octopus, starfish, lion fish, nemo fish, blow fish, sea otters, and jellyfish. | July 2, 2011

59: 4th of July | Our morning began with a parade. It was nothing like the big Days of 47 Parade in SLC... and it was fantastic! Very small town. Just what we were looking for to begin celebrating. | We saw dogs, old fire trucks, unicycle club, a wannabe L'il Sebastian, a caravan of DeLoreans, the Rainbow City Band (twice), lots of City Council candidates, a very orange and old Queen of Kirkland, and numerous veterans. Landon enjoyed watching all the big trucks drive by and honk their horns. | Parade

61: The highlight by far was the eight or nine DeLoreans that all drove down the street with their doors up and open. Two had great plates. | It was a fun small town parade and we'd do it again in a heartbeat. After naps we are heading to the park for games, music and fireworks.

62: We attempted to camp out at Downtown Bellevue Park for fireworks but it didn't work. Landon wasn't quite old enough to do any of the fun rides and we can only watch juggling for so long. So instead we hiked to our favorite waterfront park and played on the playground and watched boats. Then we headed back home for ice cream and cookies before heading up to the rooftop to watch the fireworks. Definitely more convenient with a tired almost two year old. Plus, it gets dark here after ten so the rooftop was awesome.The fireworks were spectacular. Landon loved them and had fun yelling out different colors and telling us when he saw an airplane. While waiting we watched fireworks over on Mercer Island. It was fun to see fireworks on the horizon. We also saw a fire start. It was pretty crazy. | Fireworks

64: Saturday Adventures | Our Saturday started with a nice 4 mile run (2 laps) around Seward Park. It was beautiful. We saw boats, people kayaking, fishing, biking and walking. The trail was paved, which made it super nice with the stroller and it wasn't over crowded. Landon ate snacks, did some people watching and was unusually good in the stroller. When we pulled up to the playground he got very excited. He started saying, "cool! cool!" He could have explored and played all day. We'll definitely be putting this on our list of great parks.

65: For lunch we headed to Chace's Pancake Corral. Our breakfast for lunch was delicious. | July 9, 2011

66: Reese Family Vacation 2011 | This year we headed back to the Oregon Coast with the whole Reese family (minus Jason until the last day). Not being nine months pregnant made the trip a whole lot more fun. Plus, Landon got to spend some time with his cousins.

67: There was crabbing. Our boat kicked major butt thanks to a competitive pregnant lady with no fear and the best boat driver around. We caught Big Bernie...and ate him. Well, everyone else ate him. We did get too close to one of the other boats and were quickly attacked by flying crab.

68: Bike riding on the beach. Jason was there to pull Landon in the chariot race. Landon, of course, played the iTouch most of the way. Grandma and Logan got stuck in some water they weren't supposed to ride through, which made for a few laughs. But mostly we took over the beach with our 20 bikes.

69: Exploring the beach and tide pools. When the tide was low the kids were out exploring. We saw beautiful starfish, found some sea glass (or glass from Michaels depending on who you ask), climbed a waterfall and explored caves. Landon doesn't love sand but his uncles were there to show him a good time.

71: Night games on the beach. Each night was spend on the beach. Bomb fires, smores, bacci ball, ladder ball and digging in the sand.

72: Two Years Old | loves sticker books and dogs. pretzels, hotdogs and chocolate milk. is a great talker. we love to hear him say "love you" then blows a kiss from his forehead. still loves all things Pixar but falls under the Elmo spell every once in a while. learns new things daily. knows letters and numbers and goes through them daily. recognizes store signs but sometimes not for heir name but what we buy: McDonald's is "nuggets" and Target is "sticker books." he is our little buddy and we love him. Happy Birthday Landonbug! We love you to the moon.

73: Grandma and Papa Lyman were in town to help celebrate Landon's birthday. And celebrate we did. To begin the birthday weekend we headed to the zoo. Landon loved running from one animal to the next but he mostly loved climbing and laughing with Papa. We love the zoo and were excited to share our favorite animals. | August 29, 2011 | July 29, 2011

74: After a quick nap in the car, the birthday boy was spoiled with dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. He loves himself some pizza. Then it was back home to open presents. He wasn't too sure what to do but after seeing the first toy unwrapped he quickly got into opening. As soon as he opened one he would say, "more. again," and wait for us to give him the next present. He is very loved and was very spoiled.

75: Cake time. This was his thing. The singing, the candles, and the cake. He loved it! He knew to blow out the candles but apparently the cheap Target sparkler candles are trick candles and lit back up once blown out. Oh well. You live, you learn. All in all, this little two year old had a fantastic birthday.

76: While Grandma and Papa were in town we decided to do some more Seattle exploring. First on our list Pikes Place Market (of course). We enjoyed people watching, strolling through the stores, eating delicious cherries, crab cocktail, and award winning chowder. | Weekend Adventures with Grandma and Papa

77: Next up, the Ballard Locks. We watched the boats move from the lake to the ocean and could have watched all day if it weren't for the rain. Then it was off to Red Mill Burgers where we the best onion rings.

79: Clyde Beach Park & Blue Angels | We were thrilled to learn the Blue Angels were practicing today for their big airshow this weekend. Landon and I walked the mile to our new favorite park, Clyde Beach Park. It is right on Lake Washington and the view is spectacular and perfect for spotting the jets. Too bad we aren't going to be here this weekend to see the real show but we are excited to see them in October back in San Francisco. | During the show Landon enjoyed wearing his new hat. It didn't quite fit but he wore it for a good three minutes. | August 4, 2011

80: The Petersens invited us to Mt. Hood for two nights. We gladly accepted their invitation and took off for Oregon Friday afternoon. After a very long, traffic filled drive we made it to the beautiful mountain. If you've never been to Mt. Hood, or heard of Mt. Hood, it is a mini Park City. Very mini. Government Camp, the city at the foot of the mountain, is very quaint. I'm talking maybe a 1/4 mile long with restaurants and a general store. | Mt. Hood, Oregon | August 5-7, 2011

81: Saturday morning we headed across the interstate to an alpine village. There we enjoyed the kiddie playland, kiddie canoes, pony rides, trampolines, hamster ball wars, and kiddie jeep rides. Landon loved it all.

82: He especially loved the pony rides. It was his first time that close to a horse and he LOVED it. Landon was two young to ride the alpine slide so we enjoyed a few rides while he napped.

83: Sunday morning we attempted a hike to Ramona Falls. Landon was too tired and refused to sit in the backpack. We shortened the hike and walked to the bridge to throw rocks in the river and then turned around.

84: We had the privilege of showing Auty and Clark around our little city. Of course with Auty it is all about great food so our time was spent packing on a few lbs but it was worth it. | Auty & Clark Visit | Saturday we headed into the city to the Embarcadero Farmers Market. Then it was off to COIT Tower but it was too foggy to see anything. By the time we hit Lombard the fog was burning off, barely, and we could see somewhat of a view from the top of the hill. Then we dropped the two visitors off on Embarcadero and sent them exploring. We met up again at Union Square where we shopped, shopped and shopped. Our favorite Thai restaurant was delicious after all that walking and shopping.

85: Sunday was filled with more exploring. Golden Gate Bridge was covered in fog so we opted to drive across it, which was an experience. The further you got the foggier it became. Kind of crazy. Then we headed to the Marina district to watch the boats and walk around the Exploratorium. We tried some yummy Kara's Cupcakes and then headed for the Painted Ladies. Auty, Clark and Landon enjoyed reenacting the opening scenes of Full House. We played at the park and then went for some delicious BBQ.

87: Labor Day 2011 | September 5, 2011

88: Never again will we have five days to say farewell summer and hello fall. Five days full of some of our (new) favorite things: Little Farm, football, barbecuing, Cheese Board Pizza, farmers markets, trail runs, golf, kiddie hikes, breakfast with visiting friends, Justified and relaxing. It was the perfect way to spend our last Labor Day as students.

89: Solano Stroll 2011 | Berkeley might not be our number one place to raise a family but they sure have a lot of fun traditions. One is the Solano Stroll street festival & parade. We missed it last year and we're excited to join in the community fun this year. For almost 2 miles there are booths, local bands, fair games, carnival rides, firetrucks, police cars and loads of people watching. We walked all the way to the end of Solano looking for the firetruck. No luck. Instead Landon watched the crowds on the ferris wheel. He was mesmerized. | September 11, 2011

90: Berkeley has spoiled us with good food. Great food. In addition to the Gourmet Ghetto, Cactus, and Barneys Burgers they have recently added Off the Grid every Wednesday. So, Wednesdays Landon and I pick Jason up from school and head down the street to the food truck circus. We stand in lines, sit on curbs, eat from our laps and people watch. It has become our "thing" and we love to get others involved. | Food Truck Wednesdays

91: Landon with his "sucker ball." These are lifesavers for car rides...I am not above bribing.

92: Lake Anza | September 7, 2011

93: We had a little heat wave. I am talking 80+degrees! (In the bay that is HOT.) To cool off, we packed up some of our favorite beachy treats and headed to Lake Anza in Tilden Park. Last year Landon wasn't too sure about the water but this year he turned into a little fish (or a big fish). He could have stayed out there all day if I'd let him. His favorite thing to do, and my least favorite, was to see how far out he could walk. Lucky for us, the lifeguards were called on duty due to the heat.

94: San Francisco Fleet Week 2011 | We missed Fleet Week in Seattle this summer so we decided to brave the crowds along Embarcadero to watch the air show in San Francisco today. And it was awesome. We sat on the grass in front of Ghirardelli and the planes flew right over our heads. Maybe next year Landon will appreciate it as much as Jason. Maybe.

95: October 8, 2011

96: We joined our friends the Simmons at a cute farm in Fremont for some pumpkin picking, haystack climbing, mazing, peacock chasing and train riding. Landon was grumpy after his car nap and refused to give up his blanket, so most of the pumpkin pictures are with him clutching the thing. Oh well. | Pumpkin Patch

97: October 15, 2011

98: Landon was in pumpkin heaven. He kept telling us we were at the "punkin catch." We love our little talker.

100: Climbing the haystack and wandering the maze. Landon loved these and was not happy when it was time to take pictures.

102: The pumpkin patch was on a huge farm. After picking out our pumpkins we headed over the see the animals and ride the train. Landon and his buddy Jack had fun chasing the turkeys, chickens and peacocks. Landon got inches from a turkey before Jason snatched his hand away.

105: Riding the train. We saw monarch butterflies and lots of corn fields.

106: A group of us got together for a little pumpkin carving party. We had some delicious chili, pasta salad, homemade breadsticks and fun. It was the perfect way to kick off the week before Halloween. | Pumpkin Carving

107: Landon wasn't too into the pumpkin after he saw what was inside. Jason wasn't too thrilled either. Apparently, organic pumpkins have a lot of guts which Jason can't handle. People were done craving by the time we cleaned out our medium size pumpkin. We opted for a less traditional design and went with a friendly spider. We think it turned out pretty cute. | October 23, 2011

108: We were lucky this month to have Grandma Reese and Aunt Kelley come visit. Kelley was on Fall break and I hope we showed her a good time. There was a trip to the zoo, shopping (of course), and a fun walking tour of our favorite San Francisco neighborhoods. | Grandma & Kelley Visit

109: First on the agenda was a trip to the zoo. It was the first day four new tigers were introduced and the place was busy. The chimpanzees put on a good show, as usual. Grandma wanted to take Landon on the train and carousel but he was easily distracted with the car carousel. Of which, he was too short (according to the grumpy attendant). So we went on the train and saw some wallaroos and emus instead. | My mom had never been the Embarcadero Market so we headed into the city early Saturday. We tried some delicious donuts, ACME bread scones and sampled some fruit and cheese (seriously the best blue cheese around can be found at this market).

110: After an hour of walking the market we decided to walk to Ghirardelli Square. We stopped at Pier 39 to ride the carousel and watch the sea lions. Landon loved them both but mostly wanted to climb on the giant anchors. Then it was off for some ice cream at Ghirardelli. | Next up, The Marina. We love this neighborhood and always say if we lived in the city this is where we'd want to live. We walked the shops and then headed to The Exploratorium. There was a wedding in the arch so we opted to have Jason run and get the car while we waited. Landon had fun running in the grass, standing in the bushes and laying under trees.

111: We have officially signed with Microsoft and will be moving to Seattle after graduation in May. It was a tough decision between LEK and Microsoft but in the end Microsoft is the better job for our family. We are excited for this new adventure and are anxiously waiting for our real grown up life to start. | October 31, 2011

112: Halloween | Landon loved Halloween this year. He was really into bats, ghosts and pumpkins. Every morning he'd want to watch "It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" or as he calls it, "punkin patch movie." His favorite lunch was a peanut butter sandwich cut into the shape of a pumpkin or ghost. And the only books he wanted to read were Halloween themed. I think he will be pretty sad when I pack up all the decorations tomorrow and get out our Thanksgiving decor. Let's hope his enthusiasm for holidays continues. To start off our weekend of celebrating we attended our ward Halloween party. In the Berkeley Ward, Halloween is a big deal. The Lymans, however, are not that into the holiday...or at least the dressing up part. Landon had fun decorating pumpkins, eating donuts and throwing bean bags. On Halloween we attended a fun Halloween lunch and Landon had fun handing out candy to trick-or-treaters before we hit the pavement. I wasn't too sure if Landon would like knocking on doors but he quickly was into it and could have gone all night. Our little pirate had a fun Halloween and I'm sure will be asking for candy and chocolate for the next few days.

114: Halloween Cookies

115: For family movie night we watched "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" and decorated cookies. Landon got a little carried away with the sprinkles.

116: US San Francisco Half Marathon

117: before | after | My friend and I ran the US San Francisco Half Marathon this weekend. We signed up way long ago and were anxious for race day to arrive. Earlier in the week, the forecast said rain in the morning. The night before was pouring so we were a little nervous. However, the morning of the race was beautiful. Cold but beautiful. The race started near Ghirardelli Square and we ran towards the Golden Gate Bridge. Ran across the bridge and up to the Marin Headlands and turned around to run back. It was a huge race (5,000 runners) and the congestion on the bridge was awful (we stopped, stood and waited at two points each direction) but the view couldn't be beat. I would run this again in a heartbeat. Thanks for running with me Britt, sorry I lost you on the bridge. | November 6, 2011

118: Bay Area Discovery Museum

119: We are always on the hunt for fun kid friendly places to explore when the rainy weather arrives. We found just the right place a few weeks ago in Sausalito. This kid museum was awesome and after spending a morning playing and only seeing half the buildings we will definitely be returning. Landon and his buddies had fun creating and the moms had fun talking and trying to control the chaos.

120: These blue blocks were great. Landon could have spent all day playing with these things. | Discovery Hall was full of nature filled creativity. Landon loved putting "branches" on a tree trunk, playing with a wind tunnel, and having a pretend picnic.

121: This year we were with the Reeses in St. George. We flew in on a Tuesday night and drove the four hours to beautiful, sunny St. George. We were missing a few families but still had a good time. Jason played video games, golfed, and enjoyed Sonic hashbrowns. | Thanksgiving | November 24, 2011

123: Landon played ALL day with cousins, refused to nap, LOVED The Muppet movie, and learned to drive (sometimes with no hands). And I enjoyed late night chats, Black Friday shopping (on Thursday), and giving vegetable oil and salt manicures (trust me it works).

124: gingerbread house

125: This year we are spending a few weeks in Utah for the holidays. To start off the month of December we started a new tradition. My sister-in-laws do this and I thought it sounded super fun. We built ourselves a gingerbread house on December 1st and on Christmas Eve Landon destroys the house and gets a present we hid inside. The house itself took a lot of work. Let's just say the frosting didn't hold up the house and we only decorated the front. Oh well. The gingerbread house proudly sits on a shelf at Grandma and Papa Lyman's house for all to see. | December 1, 2011

126: We had fun visiting Temple Square with the Pearces last week. We met up for dinner at Blue Lemon downtown and then walked around Temple Square admiring the lights and nativities. Landon was very excited and the moment we crossed the street he was off running. The highlight of the evening was Landon looking at the Temple and declaring, "pumpkins in the Temple." (He is still very excited about Halloween and all thing pumpkin. We are working on Christmas, in case you were wondering.) | Temple Square Lights

128: My in laws were in charge of putting it together and did a fantastic job. We had lunch, Christmas photo booth, minute to win it games, and a traditional Lyman family present exchange. It was fun being in town for the party. | Lyman Christmas Party | December 10, 2011

129: The boys (and Amy) participated in the Oreo Race. We were laughing so hard watching them twitch and shake the Oreo down their faces. Jason almost had it but wasn't quite patient enough. | Jason competed against Emily in the Whipped Cream Christmas Tree game. He lost. Point girls.

130: The photo booth was a big hit. Or at least I pretended it was. The kids loved it and it was so easy.

131: The gift exchange, as always, was a big hit. This year the present hat was "stolen" a bunch of times (it could have something to do with the box of licorice that came with it).

132: We joined cousins at the zoo for Zoo Lights. We saw very few real animals but the kids had a fun. It was totally not what we expected. Maybe next year the zoo will have more animals among the Christmas lights. It was a fun night out. | December 17, 2011

133: Landon loves his cousin Maddie. Maddie was the only person that could hold his hand. She was a good sport.

135: One day everyone (but me due to a little bug) went to the new Natural History Museum. Landon refused to join the kids for a group picture but he did have fun playing scientist. Jason kept sending me picture updates of our cute little Bug. And he is cute! | Cousin Time

136: Landon loved playing with cousins over the holiday break. He especially loved meeting the newest additions to the family. Baby Ellie and Baby Drew were too cute and Landon was all for holding them.

137: We joined the cousins for lots of fun adventures. We hit Boondocks, again. This time Landon refused to climb and go down the slides. Instead, he opted for climbing the shoe cubbies and "playing" arcade games. | Boondocks

139: Christmas Eve was filled with Lyman family fun. We started the day with a delicious french toast breakfast made with yummy cinnamon bread. And Bruce's famous hot chocolate. Next up we opened presents. Landon got distracted by his Toy Story sticker book and wasn't too into opening presents. In his defense, he was sick. Poor kid. He did recover Christmas day and was more interested in opening presents. | Christmas Eve | December 24, 2011

141: Christmas Eve Bingo | After our annual Christmas Eve movie (MI4), we ate a very good Prime Rib dinner. Then it was time for the big Christmas Eve Bingo tournament. This years categories were candy, light, seen on tv, books, kitchen, and games.

142: Christmas

143: After church with the Lymans we headed over to the Reeses to continue the Christmas celebrating. Landon enjoyed running around with cousins, counting Baby Ellie's eyes (she has two) and helping sort presents. Landon was spoiled with trains and cars. At one point he was more interested in lining up the cars and trains than actually opening more presents. This kid is ALL boy. Thank you Grandma and Papa Reese for making Christmas so fun. | December 25, 2011

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