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S: John's Journal

BC: BY: Jamylex Santos Steff Cabrera Karlos Del Rosario David Garcia George Ramirez

FC: John's Journal

1: Everything started one morning in Paris. When a seventeen year old boy falls in love with the new girl in town. He had a journal for a long time but now is when he decided to reopen it and write about this beautiful girl he met and wants to make happy but most of all wants her to be his girlfriend.

3: Characters: John Parker - Main Character Isabella Jones- The Crush David Monroe- Rugby Player Mr. Parker - John's Dad.

5: Day 1: I met the prettiest girl in Paris! This morning I woke up to the sound of a truck , when I looked out my window it was a moving truck I got super excited to see who was new in the neighborhood , I put on some cloth and brushed my teeth and ran outside. When I crossed the street to meet the new neighbors, I saw this beautiful girl with long blonde hair and light blue eyes, but other than her beauty I noticed she was carrying boxes into her new house and I thought why not introduce myself. Me: “Hi, My name is John Parker. What's your name?” Beautiful girl: “Isabella, Isabella Jones is my name,” she said in a nervous voice. Me: “Do you guys need some help?” Isabella and Her parents said “Yes that will be awesome.”

7: Day 2: First Day of School Today it was the first day of school, I was kind of anxious to know if Isabella was going to my school, to know if I had classes with her and if she was going to talk to me. First period I had to go to Chemistry and when I walk in the door there she was I walk to my seat and said hi to her. The teacher said “ Today I am going to assign to lab partners” , I was praying and wishing that Isabella will be my partner and that’s when the teacher said “ Isabella Jones and John Parker , you guys will be lab partners” I couldn’t help it but smile, when she looked at me. My heart was beating fast throughout the whole class. A couple hours later it was time to go to lunch and there she was once again. I sat next to her and asked her: “How was school so far?” she replied “Really good”. Today was an amazing day, let’s see how tomorrow goes.

9: Day 3: Rugby player causes trouble. While I was walking Isabella to her locker, David Monroe (Rugby Player) decides to show up and introduce himself to Isabella. I was kind of upset because I noticed them giving each other looks and even though I’m not in love with her I still like her. I was just there standing looking at them talk and asking each other questions. That was one big awkward moment. At the end of their little talk David invited her to go their first rugby game which was on Saturday. As we were walking she asked me: “Do you want to come with me to the game tomorrow?” I didn't even think about it I said “Yes, of course I will go”.

11: Day 4: Rugby game and After Party. The rugby game today wasn't very good to me but I guess it was for Isabella and David. During the game David was giving Isabella looks and winking at her and so was she. Even thought the team won I was still upset because Isabella basically ignored me the whole game, she was so into David that I think she forgot I existed. David invited her to the after party since the team won and she invited me I was hoping that there she would talk to me and stuff but no it was the same thing over again. She was talking to David and laughing I mean at least SHE had fun. What a horrible day, I hope tomorrow things change.

13: Day 5: Awkward Date. When I went to work today I was in a very good mood until I was called to serve a table. When I go to the costumers with a big smile and being nice as always, guess who my costumers were Isabella and David on a date at the place I work. Isabella said “Hi, I didn't know you worked here!” I replied “Yes, I do work here” “So how may I help you?” They ordered their food and I had to be nice to David even though I didn't want to at all. On my way home all I can think of is them laughing and holding hands at the restaurant I mean they don't even go out that I know of.

15: Day 6: “I don’t care” In Chemistry today I was in an alright mood even though ‘That’ happened last night. But Isabella decides to tell me about her whole date, she was telling me how cute David is, How nice the date was, she even told me that she is starting to grow feelings for him but little did she know that I like her a lot. Why can’t she just realize that? Meanwhile she was telling me the whole story I was kind of ignoring her I was just writing on my paper, I looked at her once or twice; I thought she was going to notice my signs but I guess she didn’t. She talked about him all day, and the only thing that was going through my head was “I DON’T CARE”.

17: Day 7: What a BRATCH!!! This morning I woke up to something good, Isabella wanted to walk with me to school. As we was walking and talking I was feeling a lot better from those past days; they were horrible. Next thing you know there goes David in his red convertible car and ruins my day once again, I couldn’t believe it. He stopped and asked Isabella if she wanted a ride to school, every time I’m happy he ruins it. Even though Isabella asked me if I wanted to go with them I said “no thanks” hoping that she will stay and walk with me but no she decided to go with him, I mean of course you choose the guy with the nice car over a guy who is just going to walk with you. What a BRACTH!!!

19: Day 8: Things just can't get better. Not too long ago I received a call from Isabella, I was kind of happy maybe this time she will have good news for me. I had my finger crossed wishing that she will not talk about David; but I guess my wish is never going to come true. This time it was worst she told me that David wanted her to be his girlfriend and she wanted MY OPINION in that. Oh My God I didn't know what to say, so I said “Do what makes you happy’’ I don't think I should’ve said that because she said “I know he is going to make me happy and I am going to say “YES”. That was worst than stabbing someone with a knife. I’m feeling super depress!

21: Day 9: Don’t talk to me. I saw Isabella and David holding hands in school today. It was horrible, and then she was talking to me and trying to be nice but I didn’t talk to her I ignored her all day. I mean what can she expect I like her a lot, I am nice to her, walk her to her classes and be late to mines and then she goes out with that kid. I’m never going to talk to her in my life.

23: Day 10: Father and Son talk Today I decided to stay home since I wasn’t feeling very good and I didn’t want to see Isabella and David. As I was lying in bed my dad walked in my room and asked me “why I wasn’t in school,” and I told him that I wasn’t feeling very well and that’s when he asked me why I’ve been acting weird lately and I couldn’t help it and told him all the things that been happening to me since Isabella moved into our neighborhood, telling him how I felt made me feel a million times better; he gave me a lot of good advice.

25: Day 11: Walk in the park I decided to apologize to Isabella for ignoring her and asked her to go for a walk to the park because I needed to talk to her about everything but on our way to the park I decided not to tell her how I felt I didn’t think she was going to care anyways she was still with David but I just wanted to be friends with her again. As we was walking back home she asked me if I can go to the game with her and I couldn’t say no to her.

27: Day 12- Getting caught After quite a long day in school, me and Isabella went to the game. During half time Isabella asked me if I had seen David, I said “no” and she asked me to help her look for him since there were a lot of people. As we was looking for him; BAMM! We find him making out with one of the cheerleaders under the benches, I didn’t say a word David tried to explain himself but there wasn’t much to explain. Isabella walked away crying and I went after her; I walked her home and told her I will be there for her no matter what. The only words I heard her say were: “Why did I even go out with him?” and “Goodbye”.

29: Day 13: Isabella didn’t go to school What happened yesterday really did hurt Isabella she didn’t go to school, I went to her house after school; Knocked on her door but it seem like no one was home. I called her like ten thousand times and she didn’t pick up at all. I went to her house a couple of times but there was no one home; at least that’s what I think. I hope I see her tomorrow just to see how she’s doing.

31: Day 14: Fight with Mr. Player In school today I fought with David because he wouldn’t leave Isabella alone. He kept on asking her: “Please can you forgive me?” and she kept saying “NO” and I got annoyed because if he liked her so much he wouldn’t have done that; I pushed him away and told him to leave her alone because she didn’t want him back, and he pushed me back saying to back off and that’s where the fight started. Between punches and all of that one of the teachers called the school security and they stopped the fight. Today was somewhat of an interesting day. I’m sure I punched him a lot!

33: Day 15: Finally made her my GIRLFRIEND Today me and Isabella walked to school; we talked a lot in Chemistry and in lunch. As we was walking back home I looked her in the eyes and told her that I liked her a lot and that I wanted her to be my girlfriend, she smiled and said “Yes, I would love to be your girlfriend” That was the best thing that happened to me ever since I met her. I hope this relationship lasts more than just two days!!! <3 <3 <3

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