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S: Flying Pancakes 2008

1: Flying Pancakes 2008... a few of our family adventures

2: OK, So I finally figured that this would be a good idea considering how much fun I have looking at all of my cousins blogs, thanks to Julia (Witto Sisto), and also because our favorite ninja is going into further training to become the ultimate ninja that he has wanted to be. Therefore as a means of keeping him secretly aware of our movements, I have taken it upon myself to help him figure out what we are up to. We have a few weeks left before training begins, so I figure starting now will only get us ahead. Hope you enjoy, and I will try to keep this up at least weekly... wish me luck. Also thought you would all enjoy a few recent pictures to feast your eyes upon.Robby and Sofia are sure growing fast aren't they?

3: Easter 2008

4: Ah Wub oo oo! In case you couldn't guess this is Sofia's way of saying I love you! She figured it out a few weeks ago after church, and said it the whole way home! I love it! Now we are constantly trying to get her to say it because it is the cutest thing that you have ever heard. I was reminded of it today because Robby keeps talking about being "in Love". (which is really his way of saying he loves you) He talked about being "in love" with Ninja when father's day rolled around and today he decided that when Sofia was 100 years old that they could get married. I didn't mention that he would be 103 when this occured. I did mention that Sofia was his sister and that he could always love her no matter what, but not marry her. We then went on to discuss friends not related to us that he could some day marry. He thought very seriously on the matter for a few minutes and then announced that he was going to marry the Bishops youngest daughter. Too cute. I wonder how many of these preschool predictions actually come to pass when it comes to "the right one".

5: The other thing that has been going on lately is that a little personality has announced itself in Sofia. Not that it wasn't there before, but now we are beginning to see the likes and disliked coming forward. She has been going around the house for weeks saying "tobie...tobie" we kept trying to figure out who she was talking about since we don't know any Tobie's, not even from Nursery. Well I finally came across it today. Tobie is really Hobie from the barbie movie "Rapunzel". I finally figured it out because she added "puzzle" to "tobie" when it was her turn to chose the after nap (mommy makes dinner) movie. She loves it. She is also very good at pointing out PINK lately. I have been trying to get her to notice other colors which she does notice yellow (or in her case lellow) but she definitely prefers the PINK. She has taken to coloring a lot lately and she ALWAYS picks out the pink first. It will be interesting to see what she will take to next I love this stage of life where you get to visually see all the things they are truly interested in, because they are so vocal about them. So fun!

6: We decided to have a little fun with Robby last night and took him to a movie. We didn't want to disapoint him if we decided at the last minute not to go, so we told him that we were going to go see "garbage". It was driving him crazy that he didn't know what the surprise truly was but it was fun teasing him. We dropped Sofia off at a friends house, since she currently is of the mind that movie time is wander around the theater time. We also took two of my friends daughters with us since they were dying to see the movie as well. They were awesome at helping us with the garbage ruse. They kept talking about the one legged birds that they hoped to see and the leftover food that they were hoping to eat, they were hilarious. We got to the theater and of course Neal figured out where we were really going from there, but it was a fun gag. We went to see Kung Fu Panda, which I highly recommend...really fun movie, we all loved it. Later on that night after the movie and after we had dropped off the girls and picked up Sofia, we came home got the kids in bed and then discovered something. On our back porch (where we have not been going because of the heat) spider webs have been appearing. I didn't think much of them until last night when I saw the size of the spider...Black Widow Spiders... in them. There was at least two HUGE spiders.(okay,they were probably the size of a half dollar including legs...too big for me) Obviously, The ninja got out the bug spray meant for Black widows and displayed his awesomeness, by way of taking care of them for me...they were too grotesque. If you look closely you can see him in the middle of the picture he is the darkest blob with spindly legs...eww.

7: OK, OK I know I am not a morning person and anybody up at 4 AM is CRAZY...but today that was me. I got to drive the Ninja to a reclassification in Ninja skills, therefore we were up before the crack of dawn this morning. It was fun in the sense that the kids think it is some sort of special treat when we get to do this, and because of the sitting time to get to the Ninja headquarters there is ample time for any ninja to open up a little which is my favorite. It is the only time we truly talk about things. The car. I think it is lack of distractions...BONUS. Anyways, as we were driving back to the house two awesome things happened, first we got to see a train on its way somewhere, which in Neal's case maked the day the best ever if we see anything to do with trains. Also it took long enough that we got to see the sunrise. For those of you that know me this is something that I just do not see very often, but oh what a glorious wonder our Father in Heaven has given us. There is nothing to rival the colors in the sky right before a sunrise. To see all of the colors and notice the peace and quiet (and sleeping kids) that it brought, made that moment one I will remember for awhile. Sure enough within moments of noticing it Neal happened to wake up and was so excited when he saw the sun peak over the edge of the Earth, it was definitely a special moment. The hard part was explaining that is was time to go back to bed for a little while because I really needed more than 4 hours of sleep. Neal kept saying the suns up Mommy why can't I be. I had to remind him that we were definitely up too early and that the sun gets up this early for all the people that need to work early. It was a rather peaceful part of the day. If it weren't for lack of sleep I really would have gotten up though and gone outside and pulled weeds. It was definitely just the right temperature for that. Oh well, back to bed I went and I am thankful for the sleep that did follow. | 4 am and the Sunrise

8: Recently I figure out that Sofia was ready to grow up a little more. I figured out that I was ready to turn her bed into a Big Girl Bed or in other words I took off one side of the crib and converted it into a toddler bed. You would have thought that it was Christmas Day the way that she and Robby were acting when I did it. Sofia climbed up and started bouncing and then Robby brought books over and they started reading together. Then the bouncing and laughing continued for another hour. I finally went and worked on something else seeing as how turning Sofia's bed into a big girl bed had suddenly improved brother/sister relations. Coincidently I was at the point of starting to time out for never getting along with each other. It was so nice to have a day of getting along. The only problem was that Sofia thought that she couldn't get out of bed still. She would stand up and wait by the edge for me, just like she did with the crib. I had to teach her that it was OK to get down. I was all ready for the in-out-in-out of bed wars... not so with this girl. She stays in bed when it is time for nap or bedtime and then when it is time to get up she gets up, but stays in her room and plays quietly...she absolutely loves it. I love it too, because she seems so much more ready to see us when I get her out of her room, plus I think she feels refreshed because she doesn't have to worry about brother taking toys away. She can play away and have no worries for a few minutes. So much fun! Hopefully the staying in bed thing will last. I am truly enjoying it. I also am in no mood for a fight about bedtime. Bedtime is time for Mommy and Daddy and I will not give that up.

9: Today we finally went swimming. We worked it out to do our church playgroup at a friends pool... we had a ton of fun! I think we definitely wore everybody out, I am totally ready for a nap and I hear at least one little one snoring away. It is interesting to see how each swim session that we have is different. Robby was so afraid today. Last time we went swimming (last year) he was a little fish. So Cute! Even Sofie was less afraid that time than she was this. Perhaps it was that the Ninja was with us last time. Everything is better when the ninja is around. He is so fun-loving that I think it rubs off on our kids and they have an even better time because of it. Anyways, today it was all I could do to get them to try the area that was a little deeper with me. They were both wearing life jackets and were just happy to hold on to me for the most part. Thankfully my friend has a shallow portion of the pool that is perfect for toddlers. Robby stayed there as much as he could. That is where he wanted to be and nobody was going to take him from it. Sofie totally preferred it there as well until she fell a little and got the side of her face wet. After that she was pretty much done. She eventually asked to get out of the pool and she wandered around for a bit and then came over and said "Hand"... she wanted me to get out of the water as well. Too cute. We were pretty much done by that point so we packed up and headed home. Even though they were afraid, it was still fun and I had a great time. Always fun to get out of the house and together with the other moms and see how everyone is. rBy the way the picture is from last year when Robby thought he was a fish.

10: Today we finally went and saw the movie that I have been hearing about since CARS came out. I still cannot believe that Robby has remembered that it even existed this long. There was a reason we saw it this fast though. We are not normally the go see it opening weekend kind of people, but this time Robby earned it the really hard way. Apparently we need to be watering Robby more often. (We thought we were doing OK, but alas not) Yesterday after I posted about our fun time swimming I discovered that Robby was not his usual tell me about everything self. In fact he seemed a bit wilted. I put my hand on his arm and thought he was kind of warmer than I thought he should be so he got a popsicle. After that did not cool him down, he got a bath, then a ton of gatorade and alas a trip to the ER everybodies absolute favorite waiting place. I have never been out of a waiting room so fast. We sat down after checking in, and as soon as they saw him they immediately took him back to a room. Thankfully the Ninja was nearby and could drop what he was doing to come over, and help us out. I am so glad that he could for the meer fact that he is able to entertain and explain and tell stories and then bribe just enough to get Robby to be happy and help us out, even when he has to have an IV cause he cannot keep stuff down. They were both amazing, and in the end my biggest job there was being the Mom to give hugs and smile and keep Sofie occupied and happy, which usually meant that we were roaming the waiting room while the IV was put in. Smart docs were worried that Sofie would get upset because the rest of us were upset. About 5 hours later, we finally got to go home, but not without lots of promises of a trip to Wall-E tomorrow (today). It is amazing what a kid will do when he knows that he is getting what he wants sooner than he thought he was getting it. Wall-E, in true Pixar fashion, was awesome and one I think will probably be seen twice in the theaters, which is another thing that we never do. We loved it. I kind of wish we could have stuck to the original plan which was to see it this coming week for the 4th or something.

11: Lately my absolute favorite thing each week has been a small group that 2 friends and I have put together where we get together including kids, have lunch and then let the kids play while we "play". Can I tell you it is the highlight of my week. I haven't gotten a ton done with my crafts, but it is more than I would have accomplished at home. I also actually get to talk to adults for a little while as well. I look forward all week to it. The kids do as well. Robby asks every day if it is our play day again. As it is summer we are constantly trying to figure out things that we need to do to get out of the house or distract for a while since it is too hot to simply go outside. Anyways, after we came home from yesterdays we have a new baby in the house. Yesterdays kid playing involved pretending to be babies and making this obnoxious sound that was supposed to be crying baby sound. Hilarious when all the kids are together... not so much when your preschooler decides that he is going to continue the tradition the whole rest of the day and the next morning. I guess that this just means that we are going to have to revert back a few years and make him take 2 naps and eat nothing but milk and squashed food. Perhaps that will help the baby-like tendencies that have come about. I do admit though I like the snuggling the "baby" has decided he needs because of the sudden loss of years, that part is nice. | Tuesday Lunch Dates...

12: This was a day full of fun for us, mostly the lazy type. We didn't really do anything until later at night simply because the Ninja was leaving the next day for Ninja Upgrade Training. Thus staying at home was a definite must. The Ninja pretty much took care of his setting up her car for the drive and then taking care of packing etc. The rest of us watched movies and were really pretty lazy. I did run off to walmart for a little while as my last trip away from home without children/or having to find a sitter. That was pretty nice. I actually got the stuff on my list this time, which is also pretty amazing. That night we had such a nice time. We were going to go into town and see the fireworks at ninja headquarters, but at the last minute decided against it, mostly because of the waste of gas involved. We decided to come home and make our own fun, so we pulled out a blanket to sit on, popped some popcorn and got out licorice, and camped out in front of whatever fireworks show was on TV. So fun. We then had the biggest tickle war, and just enjoyed each others company. Pretty small celebration I know, but it is probably one that I will remember for years and years to come, mostly because we made it our own and had our own kind of fun. My other favorite part of the day was when the ninja and Neal decided to give each other silly insults. They kept calling back and forth things like "you smell like dirty socks!' Well you smell like stinky cheese" and on and on and laughing their heads off the whole time. It is pretty hard to get the Ninja to all out laugh but Neal had him rolling with it. It was so cute to see them interacting like that. Another favorite part was Jane telling the Ninja I love you. She is getting so good at it, and it makes both the Ninja and I so proud that she know when to say it, and how it makes us feel special. I love it. Now the Ninja has left for his training and we are already seeing the impact, Jane was sad at church. Her nursery teacher came up and asked what was going on because she wasn't her normally bubbly little self. It was nice to know what was wrong and also that her teacher was going to keep a special eye on her, but sad that she already understands way more than you realize. I think we will make it though. We realized we had some recordings of Daddy playing guitar and a whole bunch of pictures around the house. So we came home and started going around and looking at Daddy. We also tried to call him on the phone which he didn't answer, but knowing that he is there and can be called easy will make things happier for both Jane and Neal. I hope that they come out of this like shining stars, but we will see how it goes. That which doesn't kill you can only make you stronger. | Independence Day | 2008

14: Over the River and through the woods... To grandmothers house we have gone. We will be getting back soon for those back home but for now we are helping my sister out and watching her kids. It has really been a fun vacation, but I think that I will definitely be ready to be home... even without the Ninja there. I will also post a lot more and give some details of all the things that we have been able to do while we went to grandmas. I will definitely have some stories to tell. | Grandma's House | Home | Daddy's Training

15: Hanging at Julia's for the weekend before driving the rest of the way to Grandma's house... we found a splash Park... FUN

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