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FC: A Never Forgotten Experience

1: I dedicate this to Dominique because she's really special to me. | I also dedicate this story to her because I now that she's always there for me.

3: The sound of the bell goes off once someone steps in, right then I knew that it was a start to a brand new day. Sitting on the brown second shelf towards the bottom was a pain in the behind. I despised that I was placed here. It was hard for people to see me. Everyday was the same feeling of not being wanted by anyone. As tremendous as the feeling was I had to suck it up and just put a great big smile on my face. I spend every hour of the day sitting on the shelf. Wondering if it’s because no one likes me or I’m just not one of those favorable toys. I feel alone and unloved. I look around and ask myself am I just not cute enough? Am I just not fluffy enough? I can’t even remember the last time that I was picked up. My ears are a light pink with a pinch of brown, I’m small and not much smaller than the others. I’m the softest one here, but it doesn’t seem to matter to the children. My one and only dream is to find a owner that will play with me every day, love me like never before, and take care of me so I know that I will never be in wrong hands.

4: Erik

5: Since I’m at the bottom of the shelf I think that it’s hard for children to see me. Every day I see the same thingli3ttle girl and boys running around playing with the first thing they see. Not long after the store opens a little boy picks me up and was feeling me. It felt awkward and really unusual. He didn’t have such a strong grip so it didn’t really hurt. As soon as he picked me up the smell of apple juice came to me. I felt really uncomfortable because his fingers were slimy and sticky. I see this little boy running towards him thinking that he he’s going to hit us, I start to wiggle and try to get out of his hands. It was difficult and I wasn’t able to. I closed my eyes and just waited for the kid to get pushed and that’s exactly what happened. We both fell to the ground and it really hurt. “Move it kid!” screamed the little boy with rage

6: Lizzy

7: “Hey, watch out where you’re going.”Erick said while he was getting up I guess he really didn’t care about me because he left me there with my legs over my head. He might have not known it, but it did really hurt me. When I fell towards the ground everything went blank. I might of known that he was going to get bumped in, but never did we were going to fall and that my chance of getting bought was over. I guess it was just another fantasy I thought. I try my hardest to get up, but I failed every time, I see a little girl come over looking straight at me, I notice the twinkling sparkle she has in her big blue beautiful eyes. She comes over and she’s wearing this really pretty pink poca-dotted dress with pretty white sandals. It was fascinating just watching her. She picks me up and then I hear “Lizzy!” yelled her older sister

8: Suzie

9: “yes,” She announced. “Where were you, I’ve been looking all over for you?” Suzie addressed I didn’t want to make any sudden movement because I really believed that she would get me, and if I moved she would drop me and leave me their like Erick did. Her older sister grabbed Lizzy’s other hand and started to walk with her. | “Lizzy,” exclaimed Suzie. “Yes?” answered Lizzy. “Where’s the toy you want?” Suzie insisted. “I found this teddy bear,” Lizzy said, “so right here.” “Are you sure?” She asked. “Yes.” Lizzy stated. I was brought to this big box where this man stood. The man picked me up and passed me by this dark glowing little box that went “BEEP.”

10: Lindsey

11: They pointed my soft behind towards it and it kind of tickled, at that same moment I jumped in fear hoping that the man wouldn’t feel my jump. I was thrown into this big white smooth plastic thing that felt like wrapping paper. When I hit the bottom of this thing I noticed that Lindsey, my one friend that has been there with me since the beginning.“What are you doing here?” asked Lindsey. “The little girl with the pretty poca-dotted dress got me,” I explained with such joy. “Well then I hope were going to the same place,” she said “Because I don’t know how I would be without you.”Almost dying because the bags were placed in the back exactly where the sun was directly hitting us.

13: We were getting so hot that we had to climb out this weird looking plastic thing. We climbed out and sat next to the window in the ack. everything was new and so beautiful. Green long things that I’ve never seen before. Sometimes I thought of all the wonders and things that were on the outside of the store. The view was gorgeous and I was amazed I never thought that it was going to be so nice. I see small, big, beautiful blue birds flying like there’s no tomorrow. There beautiful wings open with suck great beauty. The moving car started to slow down. It turned onto a long street, drove into a driveway and stopped. It parked and I got that feeling again. The feeling when you have little butterfly’s in your stomach. Lindsey turned around and claimed “What do we do I’m scared?”

15: “I don’t know, I’m scared to let’s just hope nothing bad happens,” I said with fear. I see Suzie her older sister’s head and then I see that the back door was being opened and all you can hear is “CREEEEEEK.” The back door was really old and it was not opening right so her older sister had to grab us with her small little arms. Me and Lindsey notice that it really wasn’t opening so we started to freak out. When she finally got a hold of us and she pushed us out and I fell to the ground. I never thought I was going to reach the floor, it was terrifying and I wanted to burst into tears, when I finally hit the ground I never expected it to be as cold and hard as it was. Everything went blank! After losing all the caution of everything I see that Lizzy bending down and reaching for me, picking me up and squeezing me as if she actually loved me. I’ve never had that feeling before.

17: I could honestly tell you it was the best feeling ever. She squeezed me so hard, but at the same time so gentle. Her warmth and flowery smell had never touched me like that before. I didn’t want to let go. Once she picked me up she said “Oh my, I thought you got hurt, I would be devastated if anything happened to my new teddy bear!” she screamed with love. After all that she walked in still squeezing me and then you hear “Honey how was it?” asked Lizzy’s mom. “It was amazing, as soon as Lizzy walked in all she wanted was that teddy bear, which made it extremely easy for me.” Claimed Suzie Her mom giggled and told Suzie “Well I’m glad and hopefully that toy will last like the rest.” Lizzy then took me up to her room. It was like princess paradise. Everything was pink with princess’s everywhere.

18: Barbie

19: Everywhere you looked you would always see he pink wall, dolls everywhere, teddy bears that all looked different, and pillows everywhere. I felt so right to be there and never as comfortable as before. As soon as I came into the room I saw Lindsey. “Hey Lindsey, what are you doing here?” I asked all confused. “Suzie brought me up here, I'm not sure who's I really belong to, but I hope Lizzy is my owner.” She cheered happily. I would love if you and me have the same owner it would be as if I never got away from my best friend. A little bit of red starts to appear on her cheeks. I was placed on this little pink princess chair next to a doll named Barbie. “Hi, I'’m Barbie, what’s your name?” “Cherry,” I replied. “Thats a really nice name you have there, when did she get you?” Barbie had asked. “Today,” I said, “is she going to play with us soon?”

21: “Well of course, were going to be having a tea party and after she will be heading off to bead because she has her fist day in kindergarten tomorrow.” She explained to me. Lindsey was then placed on the other side of me and Lizzy joined us on another pink princess chair. While Lizzy was walking in the cookies and tea had caught my eyes. The cookies had that warmth smell as if they have just came out of the oven, and the tea smelled like never before. The smell of chocolate chips filled up the room and I couldn't get enough of the smell. “Hold up your pinkies like this and don't drink your tea fast, but not slow either, more towards the middle.” Explained Lizzy. Everything was how I’ve always wanted it to be. I stared into her big light blue shinning eyes and at that moment I could tell that she was going to love me and care for me until I’m a stuffed animal without any eyes. After finishing all the cookies and the green tea, she headed off to go brush her teeth and to say her goodnight as well. She came into the room smiling with those small pearly whites and her footy pajamas. Lizzy looked adorable. I lost track after she left the room for a cup of warm skim milk.

22: Mom

23: I started to look at the moon it was a full moon and it was glowing like never before. I couldn't tell if it was really yellow, but it looked amazing. “CREEEK” Lizzy steps into the room. She takes off her fuzzy slippers and places them neatly on the side of her bed so she should just slip into them the next day, she hopes into her bed shaped as a castle. I got grabbed and so did Lindsey. I was placed on her right side and Lindsey on her left. “MOM!” Lizzy yells. Her mom walks in and kisses her on her forehead. “Sweet dreams baby, and don’t forget that you have your first day of kindergarten, you’re only able to bring one toy so pick carefully okay.” Mom told her. Lizzy’s mom turns around and shuts off the light and leaves. “I love you.” She said to me, and that’s the moment I knew that she really did love me and that I wasn’t fantasizing it in my head. The next morning came and she got out of bed and went so that she could take a shower. She ate breakfast, got ready, and was ready to go.

25: “Lizzy get one toy that you want to take with you and let’s go hunny,” her mom announced, “hurry.” Little did she know that I was dropped while she was sleeping? Lizzy going crazy because she wasn’t able to find me. I felt devastated because I knew that if she didn’t find me I wasn’t going to be able to go with her to her first day of kindergarten. “Lizzy I’m going to leave now!” her mom yelled angrily. Lizzy grabbed Lindsey and went on with her life. She cleaned up her tears with her shirts sleeve. I know that I wasn’t the only one that felt a big hole in the heart because I love her and she loves me. I couldn’t stand it anymore every time heard the “CREEEK” I would look hoping and wishing that it would be Lizzy when really every time it would be her mother. I was getting inpatient and couldn’t stand the feeling of not having her hold me, hug me, and kiss me. It’s been eight hours since her and I didn’t know if I could keep up my patience to finally see her. I heard her, I knew it for a fact. She comes screaming in the room picking things up throwing them looking everywhere.It looked as if she were looking for something, Id already forgotten that I was the lost toy.

27: She turned her whole room upside down looking for me. If only she would just look under her bed. What if she never finds me? What if she forgets about me? Nothing good was going through my head and i didn’t know what to do. I didn’t see Lindsey anywhere and I couldn’t find anything that would help me get her attention. I give up, there’s nothing that I can do to get her attention. I roll over and face the was because it’s to tragic to look at her looking for me. When I feel a grip, it’s her my face turned into the biggest smile that anyone could ever seen. She gets me and holds me against her. Never will I forget the different smells of kids that she smelled like. She hugs me and says “I’m so sorry, I love you and promise I will never loss you again.” She said. That was the highlight to my everything, I could never be with anyone, but her. I know I wasn’t there for her first day at kindergarten, but there’s no hesitate to say m going to be there for her second day.

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