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S: Family, Friends and happy memories

BC: For I am convinced that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor heavenly rulers, nor things that are present, nor things to come, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor anything else in creation will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord. Romans 8:38-39

FC: Happy 70th Birthday Sue

1: ITS A GIRL!!! | God Blessed us ALL the day he gave us Sue!

4: Well Mom Happy Birthday! You have helped to make me who I am. You taught me how to make cookies, grilled cheese, & French toast, what more do I need to know. How to start singing a song on almost any word the kids say. How to get some help from a customer service person that could care less about your problem. How to enjoy a slow ride around looking at all the Christmas lights. Then there are the things you past to me through your DNA. Like my compassion and desire to help people in need. That the old saying "it feels better to give than to receive" is really true. My unconditional love that I have for my kids, like you have always showed us. Though my love for animals is not quite as nutty as yours is. Other things you have taught me through your actions not words. You may not have even realized you were teaching these values to me. How important God, prayer, and church is. The comfort I live with each day knowing you are always praying for me and my family. Take things one tough day at a time, and try to look for the positive things in a bad situation. How to challenge yourself to do your best each day, keep fighting and never give up. The Most important thing you have taught me is how amazingly strong you can be to overcome years of tough days of chronic pain and still smile, be thankful, care about others, and encourage others. The strength to do these things can only be possible through having Christ by your side daily. People that only see you from a distance think your weak. But we know and admire how amazingly strong you are on the inside. Some day I will sneak up on you and Nannie while your walking along talking and scare the living daylights out of you all. I believe a child can never love his parents as much as they love their child, But I Love You Very Much Mom. Cary

5: Hi Grammy, Grammy I think you are smart and encouraging. I think you should teach me how to cook more.I Like taking pictures with you and we both like to read a lot. I think it is great that you put together that Christmas sleepover at your house every year and we all come over and cook and play games and open presents!Thank you for praying for my cold-sores to come less often. I like when you take us out to eat and get ice-cream. Thank you for all that you do, you are one unique grandmother! Happy Birthday, Love, Jonah

11: Dear sister Sue, I look back on my years as a boy; but I can't remember 1 of your birthdays!!I don't know if its my poor memory or you had private all girl parties. They must have been nice. Lots of gifts, cake,games,&dancing. I remember some hard times,through thick & thin,just as your card recalls.Yes, we had all the other things on the cover of the card,but we had 2 things not listed.A Mother who talked with God & walked with God everyday of her life.So we gave our lives to Christ as little children,thats what made the difference.We followed Mom&followed Jesus.When God called Mom home he called us to be close together.We have done just that thanks to the Grace of our Lord. Have a Great Day!!! Looking forward to the healing of your body. God bless and Keep You under His Wing. Love, Brother Mac


14: I always smile when I think of Aunt Sue. She has always been so energetic and so much fun whenever I have been around her. Going to visit Uncle Jimmy Dale and her will always be part of my fondest memories growing up. Even as little as I was, I still remember loving to hang out with the adults, and listen to their conversations. Aunt Sue is such a creative spirit, and so crafty. I used to enjoy looking at all of her knick-knacks around the house, many of which she had created or painted. I also remember her amazing cinnamon rolls. We loved seeing Uncle Jimmy Dale knocking at the door, especially when he had a round aluminum pie pan in his hands! Her stylish fashion will always be part of her and the woman I will always remember. The bright colors reflect her personality, and the bold jewelry shows her confidence and strength. She may be short, but she's got the spunk! Even now, as an adult, it has been such a blessing to talk with her and listen to what she has to say about her relationship with our Jesus Christ, how she is so dependent on Him, and how he has blessed her and brought her and her family through so many trials. She's so strong in the Lord, and it's so evident in the way she lives. Aunt Sue, you were more like a grandma to me than an aunt. Thank you. I Love You and wish you the most blessed birthday. I just wish we lived closer to celebrate with you. Love, Vicki "Reed" Pauley

16: Aunt Sue, What a special birthday lady! As I reflected about what to write for this celebration, my mind immediately thought of the many celebrations we have shared as a family and the memorable role you have played in each one. I think of the Christmases at your house, the endless supply of delicious food, the endless fun the motorized chair provided for my six year old self, and the endless love we shared together as a family. I think of the birthday and Christmas packages arriving, always on time, full of divine cinnamon rolls, fudges and pies. I think of Nannie's 80th birthday party and how beautiful and glowing you were at that joyous celebration for our family. I am also reminded of the everyday celebrations that any given weekend together might have provided. The first time you showed me how to china paint, the coaster leaf project, watching the swans at your house in Fredericksburg and our exciting trips to Florida provide me with countless memories of beautiful celebrations in our family. As our family has grown in size and grown with age it has been more of a challenge to stay close. Knowing you are always just a phone call away to chat about exciting news, life updates or just to say hi, is a constant reminder of the love and devotion you have given to our family and how deeply you care about each of us. I don't think I have thanked you enough over the years for your prayers, kind notes and sweet gifts you have given to me and all of our family. You are constantly in my prayers for healing and peace. I hope this birthday is as marvelous as you are! I Love You, Bethany | Philippians 1:3 I thank my God every time I think of you.

22: Dear Mrs. Ferguson, As you've probably already heard so many times, "I'm not sure where to begin, there are so many stories I could tell about Sue Ferguson." Well for some reason this is the one(two) that sticks out in my mind. I was feeling very confident in our relationship, I believe I had been seeing you for a good few months for therapy and our friendship was certainly solid, or, almost. Perhaps I was being a little overly secure that morning when I got dressed, that's why I packed a spare in the car just in case. It was a Friday afternoon and you were my last patient of the day; all day long I had worn jeans(for "Jean Friday") and a white T-shirt with a front left pocket. That was my outfit. I had gone through the day with no fusses from anyone, nor did I expect any either, but when I walked into your porch room that afternoon I knew I was in for it. I don't remember the exact conversation, but I rehearse it in my head as something like this Sue:What are you wearing? Bryan:What do you mean?...Oh my jeans? Sue:No what is that shirt you're wearing? Bryan:It's my white shirt Sue:It's a T-shirt, are you really wearing a T-shirt today, certainly you can't be serious? Bryan:Yeah, it's the style these days Sue: No, I can't believe that...........Lydia! (exclaimed), come here and look at what Bryan is wearing, do you think it's appropriate? Bryan:you know I brought an extra shirt in the car in case you didn't like this one, I had a feeling you may not like this one so I brought an extra. do you want me to go put it on? Sue: Yes, I would. That would be very good. Go get it and put it on. So I went to my car laughing hysterically and put on my button down shirt over my white single pocketed T-shirt. It also reminds me of another time when I showed up to your house having shaved off my beard. You told me "you look like a little boy & I don't want a little boy doing therapy on me.. Don't come back until you've got hair on your face. Nadia don't you think he looks like a little boy, I didn't even know who he was when he walked in." And that sums up 2 of many many good times I had with Mrs. Ferguson during therapy. It wasn't all clothing and appearance though; in fact it was soooooooooo much more, it was the start of a dear friendship with a very special individual who demonstrates God's love in a real way. Happy Birthday Mrs. Ferguson!!!!!!!! Love, Bryan

23: Sue, what can I say about you and our friendship? I can't even begin to tell you how special you are to me. You are always there for me no matter what I may need, a friend, a sister or an Ommy for my children your the best! As I began to create this book with every letter, every card, every email and message I learned you are this amazingly special person to everyone you know. I understand now how you get the strength to move forward no matter how difficult life may get for you. The strength comes from your everlasting relationship with God and your wonderful family. Your children, grandchildren and husband are so great. They love and admire you like no other family I have ever seen. You have been truly blessed with a special group of people that surround you. Thank you for being my friend and loving me and my family the way do. May God Bless you and keep you strong. Happy Birthday my buddy! Love Jerri

24: Dear Sue, This letter gives me an opportunity to tell you just how special you truly are to us. Before, we met you we heard how wonderful you were through my Aunt Jeanne and that we had to meet you! We heard what a prayer warrior you were, especially for couples trying to conceive. We met you months after you finished RCIA, and you were as sweet as honey. I remember my Aunt telling me on several occasions what a joy it was to sponsor you in RCIA. Well God does put the right people in our lives. We certainly needed your prayers after trying to conceive a baby for nearly 2.5 years. We were blessed to have your prayers, that meant not just getting pregnant BUT, having the patience and faith to know it was going to happen for us one day. As you know, we have beautiful Ava who is now 13 months old and we could not be happier to have her. I don't want to brag but, Ava is such a precious baby and so sweet and happy! We know she is truly a gift from God and know all those prayers helped. Sue, we really appreciate you keeping our family in your prayers. We know you have quite a large family yourself BUT, you still find the time to text and write us. Thank You! Happy Birthday!!!!! CELEBRATE!!!!!!!!! We Love You & God Bless, Tarah, Jason & Ava Coletta

26: Dear Ms. Patterson, Thank you and Jamey for letting us be a part of Sue's celebration. OH! I know she'll love it because that's Sue full of love, life and people. Such a wonderful gift to and for her. Now about me, I have a hard time writing now with in my hands and fingers also carpal tunnel. It's a pleasure to write and think about Sue but a hard assignment(smile). So I'm going to write what I feel and know but I ask you to make all my corrections the places I errored. Thank you and may God Bless you. Barbara and Jacob Wright. P.S. If I recall Sue and I taught cosmetology at one time. This writing isn't like what I'd like, in fact, I'm ashamed of it but at this time in life, it's all I can do. I really should have asked someone to do it for me, too late now. I met Sue on the street of down town Fredericksburg in 1993 or 1994. I had a necklace and earrings on she admired or caught her eyes. I told her I made them; she then invited me to her china painting class and to meet her teacher and other friends. It was one of the best things I did in my life to go and be a part of some wonderful talented people. We all have stayed friends. However, I was the oldest of all, which was no problem and at present I'll be 85 years old-April 2012. And I may in fact be the oldest of all her friends if not one of the oldest. She came from a wonderful family and she has a Beautiful family of her own and Jim's. Sue is a beautiful woman and Dear Dear friend and wonderful prayer partner. Sue I Love You and your family, you KNOW THAT! Happy Birthday! Jacob and Barbara OH! Yes, I forgot to say she met my daughter in the Doctors office, they had the same Doctor. she said she looked like me and asked her if she was my daughter and she told her yes. Sue met Jake when he picked me up after classes.

27: Dear Sue, Can it be that many years since you were teaching the Bethany Circle class at downtown.How memorable those times were as we studied God's Word, talked about our families and many other concerns.There were times of laughter and sorrow when someone was hurting or struggling. Thanks for being there to listen, to pray together & encourage all of us in the class.Here's wishing you will be showered with blessings on "your birthday" and I pray there will be many more to celebrate. Love in Christ, Shirley Lohr

30: I met Sue when we both went through the CRHP weekend in 2008. The weekend itself was a whirlwind of emotion, tears, laughter and self-discovery. Then over the course of the following months we came to know each other better and found that we both had similar qualities-especially wanting things to be "aesthetically pleasing." During our planning of the baby shower for two of our CRHP sisters, we discovered how we both cared for the small details that many times are forgotten in events. It was fun organizing the shower and planning out table arrangements for the CRHP dinner. It was also great to realize that I was not the only one who paid attention to such small details as the angle of the centerpiece, how placements, napkin folds, etc. Many people think I go overboard and perhaps am crazy so it's refreshing to find a kindred spirit in that regard. The enclosed book contains a few pictures of when Sue came to our house to share her famous cinnamon roll recipe and technique with us. We all had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed the fruits of our labor! Sue, I hope this birthday brings back to you all you send out to the world and those around you~warmth, caring, a loving spirit and so much generosity. Have a wonderful birthday and may God Bless You Always! Love and best wishes, The Yurewitch Family Collin, Patty, Dominic & Gabriela

31: THE BOWENS...ANN & DON Down Warsasw Way Virginia, USA | Dear Sue, We have learned from fairly reliable sources that you are about to have another birthday. This is good news in our day because a birthday is a reliable sign that we are still around, and some of us have been around longer than others. We can recall with fondness the way our paths crossed many years ago and the continued "family connections" still today. Some of the "fonder"(is that a word?) things we recall are as follows: -The relationship we had with your mother, Hallie, and the many memories of the relationship. -The courtship and marriage of Mac and Donna and the barrels of joy that the girls Sarah and Bethany brought to the entire family. We still remember the "gathering" at the hospital the day Sarah was born. The hospital folks probably thought the Beverly Hillbillies had come to southern Maryland. -The relationship our girls had with Jamey(even though she squirted tomato juice in my eye on a trip to the beach.) -The friendship of Cary and Jonathan, even though we could have done without the snakes. -And last, but not least, the many memories that we take from our"Downtown days" together with you, Jim, Hallie, Jamey, Cary, and the rest of the "clan" on both sides of the family. To refer to them as "the good ole' days" is the best way we know how to describe them. From time to time someone will bring something up to remind us once again how precious those days really were. You are blessed,indeed,to be surrounded by such a loving and caring family,as are we. The older we get, the more blessed we realize we really are.This being true,we know you will have a blessed and wonderful day.If you run fast enough,you may even catch up with us somewhere on down the road. We wish for you many additional candles on the cake in the years to come. With fondest memories, Ann & Don

32: Hey Jamey,....I have not been home but my best girlfriend has been getting my mail for me. She read me your note & I am just now getting this sent-hope I am not too late!!!Hope you & yours are all well. We are driving cross country most weeks. Just returned from AZ-visited my sister & brother-in-law for 3 days-had a ball there! On our way to AZ again tomorrow-we are in CT right now. Wish I could be there for Sue's 70th...please give her my love! Take care my sweet cousins!!!! "In search of "Salt-Rising Bread" I was lucky enough to re-meet my sweet cousin Sue a few years back. We hit if off immediately and it was like we've been in each others lives forever! One of my earliest "fun" times with her was when I joined her in the quest for Salt-Rising bread! First of all, I have never had or even heard of this bread, but I sure was willing to pitch in & help her find the "perfect" salt-rising bread. Sue had been able to enjoy this special bread in her younger years in my hometown of Princeton, WV. Problem was, this bakery closed & the recipe was LOST Sue's mind at least! One of her first visits to my home, we made some calls to local bakeries & was able to find one that reported he had "THE salt-rising"bread recipe that the bakery in my hometown had once had. SOOOOO....we made the trip to a local town to visit "The bread man". WOW! What a joke! The man looked like a quack, had 2-3 kids running around the bakery-half dressed &DIRTY! The food was barely covered....but....being as we made the special trip, Sue let him give her a piece of this special bread. I bet he regrets our visit to this day!LOL!! She was brutally honest with the man. Told him it most certainly was "NOT" the bread from my hometown bakery. He insisted he had the recipe, but Sue knew better. We left there laughing but disappointed.

33: I met the man who had the local bakery in our town that had closed later in my nursing career & was so excited to meet the "salt-rising" bread man finally!!!BUT....he no longer had the recipe & did not have any way of recalling the ingredients! This was the owner of the bakery....what a disappointment. Sue had such high hopes about getting the recipe but it did not happen...once again. I know for a fact that she has over the years continued to "search" for this elusive bread by getting on line, talking to others, researching, no avail! What a determined woman, this cousin of mine! We have had such great fun, lots of laughs in the short time we have become reaquainted! I only wish I lived closer so we could share more together. I am happy Sue & Jim reside where their children and grandchildren are because you can tell that THIS brings them both great happiness. I know the family agrees that Sue is a GIFT from all that are blessed to know & love her! Thank you for allowing me to participate in this most special birthday of my beloved cousin! I LOVE YOU SUE!!!! Your grateful, loving cousin, Pam

34: Dearest Sweetest Friend Sue you are so special in our lives. We are so very thankful that we are in the same portion of His Body. The memory of meeting you outside of Walgreens is like yesterday. Prayer was offered for you to find friends and little did I realize what He was going to do. We will be eternally grateful for the honor to be your sister and friend. Sue, there is a holy richness about your life and presence. When you share His Word you light up and so do we. Our group is so much richer with you part of it. The Grace with which you live your life is an inspiration to everyone who has the pleasure to know you. Steve & I love you so much Sue. We are so glad that you have such a wonderful husband and family that also appreciate your Special Graces. May Our Lord Jesus Christ Bless above and beyond your expectations as you and your loved ones celebrate your Wonderful Birthday! Love and Prayers, Steve & Barbara & Rocco

36: My Dear Sister Sue, I feel it to be a privilege & honor to wish you a happy Birthday. Not only that but I am thankful to Our Father for bringing you into my and Our lives! I love when you come to Bible Study & share who you are with us. Sometimes, like this Saturday, you weren't there & I looked at the chair you sit in and hoped you were ok! I truly pray you have the best birthday ever. Your family is so loving & giving you are going to be pampered to the limit. I hope to see you very soon. All My Love, Genevieve P.S. I wonder if Nadia is going to bake your Birthday Cake? Delicious!!

38: What can I say. There is so much I'm sure it would make a book in itself. We have been the best of friends since 4yrs old(maybe 3). We had lots of fun times together playing grown-up with our mothers clothes and shoes and our baby carriages with our dolls that we would push up and down the street. I always thought that Sue had the prettier dolls. She got the doll"Tiny Tears with the pretty black curly hair & would cry tears when you gave her a bottle of water and she also got "Sparkle Plenty". I'll let her explain that doll. Our newborn dolls Sue's had such a pretty face and mine was all red and wrinkled and when you pushed a button it cried.(ha) Of course,we would get into some meanness from time to time and thats all I will say about that(ha). We saw each other every Christmas morning to see what each other got and did that until the Christmas of 1958-that was our last time. Not a Christmas has gone by since that I always think about her and our childhood. We had lots of interesting experiences throughout our childhood and teenage years. I remember our double date-fixing Sue up with Jimmy Dale(as we called him)and myself with Jim's cousin Billy Ray. It was raining so hard that night when we got back to Matoaka and Billy Ray and I had an argument and I got out of the car and stepped in water above my ankles but I walked on as if nothing had ever happened(ha). that night was the beginning of a love and relationship with Sue and Jim. Soon after I was Maid of Honor at their wedding in May 1959. I could go on and on but will stop with this-Maggie Sue knows what she means to me and vice versa!!!! "HAPPY 70TH BIRTHDAY TO MY BEST GIRLFRIEND FOREVER! I DO LOVE YOU DEARLY" Melanie u | s | &

39: Thank you for the opportunity to help celebrate Sue's birthday! Carl, and Fran and all of our family would like to wish Sue the best birthday ever. I really don't know how to express how Sue and her whole family has influenced our lives. We met at Calvary Road Baptist Church in Alexandria over 40 years ago. Since we had the same last maiden name we always felt like we were sisters. I had four sisters and now I have five sisters. I always felt like we could talk about anything and that she would understand. We have had lots of good time and some sad times together and I will always cherish them all. HAVE A GREAT BIRTHDAY AND KNOW THAT YOU ARE LOVED BY US AND MANY OTHERS, who have had the privilege of knowing you! Love Always, Fran, Carl and Family

40: A n amazing Christian woman, who lives what she believes. U nwavering in her faith and love for God. N ever forgetting others. T alented painter and artist. S pecial aunt to Danny and Cindy....and the rest of our crew. U nchanging personality and sense of humor. E xceptional lady and good example for others to follow. Our Aunt Sue IS an exceptional lady, who has always had a very special place in our hearts. She always has a way of making her family feel loved, as well as her friends. She loves life but most of all she loves her Lord and Saviour. She knows no strangers.. My husband Danny has always loved her cooking and I make her lasagna and "Great Chocolate Cake" on a very frequent basis! Thanks for sharing those recipes, Sue! She adores her children, their spouses, and her wonderful grandchildren. We always enjoy hearing her tell us the latest news about her family that is so precious to her. She was a wonderful, caring daughter to her mother who has gone on to be with the Lord, but whom she still recalls so fondly. She is a doting sister who also speaks often of her brother that means so much to well as his wife and their daughters. Sue has a huge heart that is capable of loving so many...including our family. Her love has meant so much to us and we are thankful that we are blessed to be included in her family circle.. Aunt Sue...we love you very much as well, and are so appreciative of the example you've been for us. We hope you have the best birthday ever and we know you will be enjoying all of your family and friends gathered around you on this wonderful occasion! HAPPY BIRTHDAY1111 Much Love, Danny and Cindy

42: Hi sue i love you just sooooo much you have been like a grandmother to me because you are all ways there for me since my grandmother lives so far away. i remember the first time i met you, you were watching birds and i was there watching birds with you and you said i have very pretty hair and then i didn't know what to say so i said you have pretty bird feeders. i all ways have a good feeling when i am helping you.i love you so much thank you. Happy Birthday! love, rosebud

43: Hi Mrs. Sue, I wanted to tell you happy birthday. I am gonna start off with a joke. A blond and a lawyer are on a plane, so the lawyer says lets play a game. I will ask you a question and if you get the answer wrong you owe me 5 dollars and vice-versa. The lawyer asked her a question and she immediately took out her wallet and gave him 5 dollars. Next, the blond asked the lawyer what goes up hill with 3 legs, and comes down with 4 legs. The lawyer said I have no clue, so the blond took out her wallet and gave him 5 dollars. If you are asked a question and don't truly think about it, and consider all of the possibilities,it will cost you. love, Max | "Happy Birthday!!!"

45: I was asked to relate a story or two and what comes to mind is your exceptional talent with your paint brush and your ceramic creations. I still have a couple of pieces that you made and enjoy looking at them from time to time. My other memory is the great desserts and sweet rolls that you have made and mailed to us. Bob regrets that he can no longer enjoy your rolls. Another interesting fact about Sue she is a West Virginia snake handler from years back. In fact they kept a great black snake that she would get out of its cage and carry around. Now you folk from Florida will have to have her tell you about this passion of hers. She is one of a kind when it comes to snake handling. Now don't let her deny this old tale of mine. She is awfully handy with scissor and shears so if you need a trim or a clip shes the one to see. She clipped me once and Bob thought I was one of the fellows so be sure and say just a little bit off the ends. The best thing about hair cuts is it always grows back out. Sue, hope you have a blast on this your 70th birthday. Don't guess you will ever catch up with me... Georgia

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47: Buddy's Page Sue Ferguson(Mrs. Ferguson to me)has been a host of wonderful things to many different people. For me, she was a friend, a spiritual adviser, and perhaps most of all a grandmother.Whether by fate,luck or Plan, she noticed me walking home from school one day, kicking stones and having an animated conversation with myself and decided that there was a little boy who needed someone to talk to. The years after that were a whirlwind of baking, painting, and arts and crafts with a few adventures thrown in to keep things interesting. I know I hold many memories from those years near and dear to my heart: hunting for the Perfect Leaf to paint our tiles, no small task given that we lived in a forest; watching the many birds of the lake, the swans cruising slowly along, the songbirds flitting about one of Mrs. Ferguson's many feeders, and that bald eagle trying desperately to look graceful as it pulled itself out of the water after a failed dive. I remember how to bake cookies with just the right amount of love(it's a potent spice, much like vanilla extract)-specifically that hands should be washed after every step. I remember being attacked by the mixer and learning that metal spoons and metal mixers do not mix. I remember jumping to stop the timer seconds before it was done, the angel room, and going to the movies. Most of all, though, I remember having fun.Mrs. Ferguson, you are a blessing to us all. Words cannot adequately express how good it is to know you, to get to spend time with you. Thank you for your kindness, for the brightness of your soul. Thanks for all the memories! --Brendan "Buddy" Wesolowski

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