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BC: The End

FC: To Tree Or Not To Tree | By:Kate Bowden

1: To Tree Or Not To Tree | By:Kate Bowden

3: I want to dedicate this book to my cousin Aubrey. She is such a nature person and I love her so much.

5: “Boy oh boy, Jessie, this rain is really coming down hard!” I yelled. “It sure is! However, you have to admit, it feels nice!” Jessie howled. On this very cold night, a wicked rainstorm came. Of course it had to happen now while the sun was smiling at us earlier today. But that shattered away. My name is Flower. I’m a healthy brown trunk with bright green leaves. Boom! “What was that? Jessie? Jessie?” I cried for her, but she wouldn't answer. She couldn't move. Jessie was rooted in the ground. Boom! There it is again! The light shined so bright I was blinded! The rain slowed down, but the worst wasn't over. Out in the distance was amazing colors. “Ahh fire!” “Somebody help us!” yelled the other trees.

7: Trees were howling from different directions! I was scared. What was going on? As the fire got closer, trees burned to death. I even saw Jessie join them in the burning. I knew this was the end of me. I then saw water come. It was taking out the fire! Who is saving us? I then saw strange two leggers come out from behind the smoke. They were the ones saving us! A day passed since the wildfire came. Some trees lived and others, let's just say, burned. Lots of those strange two leggers kept coming. They were decorating and putting tiny trees on the ground. What was going on? Days seemed to pass like lightning striking the Earth. As the week ended many two leggers showed up. They were holding such strange objects, with more trees! Many of them coming from different areas. As I watched one of the two leggers came up to me and said, “I hope you stand forever!”

9: The two leggers then left in a flash, however the decorations were still on us. What were they planning on doing? Some of the trees seemed so happy. Well I wasn’t. What was going on? I felt a change in the breeze, and it started getting very cold. My hair starting losing its bright healthy green to an ugly orange. I’ve been through this so many times before. And it never changes. It’s really frozen. My leaves could not give me the warmth I wanted. They have abandoned me! I always hope the new ones will stay, however they always go away. I’m more alone than ever. Now that Jessie’s gone there’s no one to have by my side anymore. I don’t know any other trees. Plus I’m way too shy. I guess I’ll sleep just like the squirrels inside of me.

11: As I awoke the air changed again. Finally my leaves grew back after many years. I shook my arms and felt the squirrels awake from their dreams. In front of me was not a field anymore. Many trees were there! “Hello new tree. Welcome to the forest,” I welcomed. “Hmm. Oh, why hello. My name is Lily. And yours?” Lily asked. “Oh my gosh, where are my manners! My name is Flower,” I briskly answered. During the whole day we sat there and talked. Even at some points we’d be too loud and asked to be quiet. As morning turned to evening the two leggers came to us. They carried many different trinkets. And the biggest one they carried they sat on. They chewed on what looks disgusting. As I watched them a little creature came up to me. “I’m glad to see you made it through winter!” the two legger excitedly yelled. It walked away by jumping like a rabbit.

13: "Do you know what it is?” Lily asked. “No,” I gagged at the smell of the two legger. “They're called walkers. The ones with high voices are girls. The ones with deep voices are boys,” she added. “Well to me they’re two leggers. But thank you,” I grinned. One of the creatures started to talk. It was about where we live. For bringing the forest to life again. These creatures are so nice. I wish I could do something for them. But what? Oh, wait! I’ll do what I do every day. Make air. It’s not a very hard job, and I don’t even feel myself working. This is my thanks to the two leggers. They brought our forest back to life. And this makes me happy.

15: As the season got hotter there was less water. It hasn’t rained since two weeks ago. This is just like the time I was growing up. Jessie and I kept asking the sky for water. But it never came. We were surprised we survived that time. It still amazes me, even now. However I can’t think of it anymore. How will I survive again? I feel my roots drying up. Is this the end of me? As I felt my life die away it was almost like the two legger girl was coming. She gets closer and closer. She stops and pours something on me. It was water! I was starting to get my vision back. More and more two leggers soon came pouring water on other trees. As the water kept coming I looked up in the clouds. It was strange. I thought I saw Jessie up there.

17: The cloud of Jessie disappeared. I didn’t feel alone again. I know I wasn’t. Lily was here. I won’t lose Jessie forever; she’s always with me. That’s because we're best friends forever. I can’t wait to see her again. “Wake up Flower. Wake up!” Lily yelled. “What? What?” I asked. “Look. A raccoon is looking for a den. You have a hole. Maybe it will live there.” Lily added. “Really? Oh my gosh. This is so cool!” I yelled. The raccoon got closer and closer. It was a really different sized raccoon. It entered my trunk and was hissing all day. It soon ended. The raccoon popped its head out. It seemed to be carrying a little raccoon.

19: “Lily! This raccoon is a mother!” “Really? Cool! Hey there’s more! Three more!” Lily excitedly said. The raccoon went back inside and stayed in there all day. The only time it came out was to see if there was anything coming. It was almost like she was expecting something. Like Jessie. A lot like Jessie. "I’ll name you Jessie, mama raccoon. You’re very curious just like her," I told the raccoon.

21: I was so happy. A raccoon had kits in me. This is a sign of greatness if you were a tree. I feel very excited. Although it was very scary too. “They're fine. Perfectly healthy. I would hate to see them go.” I answered. “Well here is a lesson, Flower, good things must come to an end. You’d be surprised what you learn from trees next door. You should do that. I’m not going to be your only friend you know,” Lily joked.

23: I guess I could say meeting new people is a good thing; I definitely know for the future. Knowing new people makes the world go round. I don’t know why I was so scared. I don’t feel as alone as before. The only person I knew years ago was Jessie. I was too nervous to talk to anybody else. But when I met Lily I wasn’t so alone. She suggested meeting new people and I’ve never been happier. I couldn’t thank her enough. I know that when I leave she won’t be so alone since she’s so talkative. But Jessie is waiting to see me again. But not just yet. I still have many years to come before I leave. I can’t leave Lily yet. Not for a long time. I hope Jessie understands. Now it’s time to make more friends. Friends are like honey. They're so sweet. And I want friends that are like honey.

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