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S: fardade azizam:happy birth day to ghole khodemoon tavalodet mobarak.omdvaram salhaye sal khub, khosh, salamat, sarboland, omidvar, dar kenare tahmineye nazanin zendegi koni. va man agar boodam tavalode 30 salegi bacheye azize shomaro tabrik begam.midooni ke kheili kheili doostetun daram va khoshhali shoma arezume. pas shad, piruz va khandan bashid ta man ham shad basham.fardadam tavalode 30 salegit mobarak. mobarak. beghole khodet age yedet bashe daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast yadet umad? miboosamet 1000 ta. neshat 1390

FC: Dear Fardad Happy 30th Birthday!! | Created by: TR November 2011

1: Fardadii joonam salam:) Aval az hame happy 30th Birthday! I'm going to tease you for getting old till next August that being 30 will be fashionable! I though about a perfect way of saying "Happy Birthday!" to you so many times!! Here is the result: Happy Birthday notes from | some of the people you love ! And of course THE ONE YOU LOVE THE MOST:Lady TR :P Azizam, I promised you last year that your next Birthday is going to be way better! Well, I stand by my words! My Man, As you may know by now it is hard for me to write a Birthday card or note for you! I'm going to pick one wish for this note and keep the rest for your 30+ Birthdays: Azizam, I wish you a comfortable yet an exciting year! Full of wonderful changes:) Have trust on the little big hearted boy inside you and let him rock your world! After all he knows you the best! He doesn't care about what other people will think, he doesn't care about his bank account, he doesn't care about anything but one: To live his life loud and proud! Have a wonderful decade :) TR ,November 2011

5: Dash Fardad I always wondered why 30th birthday is so important. I think it is considered a milestone for many people, because they tend to subconsciously evaluate their achievements and failures in their past, give it a grade, and use it as a guide for their "real adulthood" in the future. As your older bro, and someone that grew up with you, I believe your mark is "A", in all aspects of life. From your dedication to your career, your love of your family and friends, to your choice of your partner in life, they all deserve a top grade. Dash Fardad I know only few people, who try each day to be a better human being compare to day before. You are one of them. May your each day be better than the day before happy 30th birthday Faraz

6: My dear brother, Welcome to the fourth decade of your life. I think this is the first time I’m supposed to express how I feel about you. It’s something I don’t usually think about because I always count on your proximity and I assume it’s the only way it can ever be. Your support has given me so much strength and power. Your continuous guidance has saved my ass soooooo many times and whenever I didn’t follow your instructions it hurt exactly like you described. We’ve had our differences of course, like any other siblings, but after The Great Character Revolution of 1998 (Which was more significant than the French revolution btw), I can hardly remember any bitter moments. After my high school ke dige it’s been legen.. wait for it DARY! Fardad, there are many things I envy about you like your patience, generosity, and loyalty. Your perseverance and work ethic are simply amazing. Khosham miad baareteh vali you’re so humble. Exactly like your role models: Elephants! All I can say is THANK YOU. Thank you for setting such a fine example for me. Thank you for showing me your big big heart and renting me its penthouse suite. (And I say renting cause I think Fardad koochoolooha will try to evict me but I won’t go down without a fight!) Happy 30th Birthday. Stay wise and healthy. Your lil brother (P.S. Barney Stinson in real life is gay!)

7: You know you are getting old when the candles cost more than the cake!!

8: Fardad's 30th Birthday !! This is an important day to celebrate ........ You are a BIG BOY now ! "Mashalah Mashalah digeh Mardi shodi, che Aghayeeee ......, Khoshtip, Mehraboon, Kholaseh Hamechi Tamoom ......." Fardad, I think this is a great day because you can look back of 30 years and be proud of what you have achieved and who you have become today and still be happy that you are young and have a long life ahead of you to enjoy it all. I am also very happy that you found a caring and extremely loving partner share all you have and to cherish these wonderful moments in life. Fardad joonam, I want you to know that you always have a very special place in my heart and I am truly grateful to have you in my life. SO NOW ! Lets PARTY as if there is NO tomorrow and celebrate your wonderful 30th Birthday ............ Cheers to Many more to come .............. Love you Gelareh

9: Dear Fardad, Time flies! You are 30 now! It's a long time ago when you lived with your parents and your brother in that nice appartment in Tehran. I remember the summer holidays when I stayed in mammie's appartment. I have one picture of you, mammie and Payam. In those days Payam was a little boy. He used to be very naughty. Sometimes you just wanted to be left alone. Especially when you two had a fight. Then you fled away to mammie's appartment; it was the best place to hide, the most peaceful place. You spent a few hours there and got all the attention of our grandmother. You played alone and made your homework. Payam couldn't find you there. Now those days are over. There is no need to hide. You and Payam are the best friends now. Wishing you all the best, all the love and happinness and a very happy birthday! Anusche

11: Inside every older person is a younger person - wondering what the hell happened!! - Cora Harvey Armstrong | "che latif ast hese aghazi dobare, va che zibast residan dobare be rooze zibaye aghaze tanafos, va che andaze ajib ast rooze ebtedaye boodan! fardad jan tavalodet mobarad,ba arezooye behtarin aghaze dobare." Mona & Babak

15: Dearest Fardad, You fill our lives with joy and laughter. Watching you grow up has been a beautiful experience. You have your mother's goodness, loving heart, and her passion for life and your father's kindness, stength, and loyalty. We are all very proud of everything you have done and the person you have become. I wish you happiness, love, and adventure always in your life with Tahmineh and all the great things that the future holds for the both of you. All my Love on your 30th Birthday! Negar

16: Dashi, we came a long way together. Az oon moghe ke sare kelase Talebi ba chipsaye kaghazi poker bazi mikardim o hey bayad be babak migoftam baba 3 az straight balatare! O zang tafriha ke dance move haie jadido tamrin mikardim, miniboosa ke miraftim bashgah enghelabo toosh motrebi mikardim, ta oon shaba ke rah miraftim az kelas rizai ta khooneye shoma dar hale bastani khordan. Ye shab baham be in natije residim ke 3 ta marhaleye mohem too zendegie ma hast: 1) Konkoor, 2) Tasdigh, 3) Ezdevaj! Roozi ke nataieje konkoor oomad fekr kardim ke marhaleie avalo rad kardim! Bad 5/8/1378 ke baham tasdigh gereftim fekr kardim marhaleye dovomo rad kardimo cheghadr baham harf mizadimo mikhandidim ke key marhaleye sevomo rad mikonim. A zoon moghe ta alan cheghadr etefagha oftad baramoon o che masiriaii ro raftim. Dashi be ghole babak be jame ma 30 saleha khosh oomadi, alan ke to be marhaleye sevomam ghabl az 30 salegi reside o man motmaenam ke alan baraye khodet marahele kheili mohemtari too zendgi dari va motmaenam mese hamishe salaye badam be hameye fekra o hadafat az hame behtar miresi. Dashi tavalodet mobarak! And cheers to the next level! Neema

17: salam dash feri mibinam ke toam be jame ma 30 salehaie ja oftadeo bahal peivasti.dadashe golam tavalodeeeeet koliii mobaraaaaaaaak.kheili delam baraie khodeto kholochel baziat tang shode,hanooz ke hanooze ba bacheha mishinim yade ghadima mikonimo koli amoo sabzi fooroosh khoondanat ta toro...feshari...amat :):) az gitar zadanat jloe divaro andi khoondanato ...agha arezoo daram har ja ke hasti dar kenare khanoomet khosho salamat bashio hesabi beterekoonid taze montazere ye 2 jinam feri koochooloo hastima.dadashe golam saminam koli tavalodeto tabrik migeo arezoohaye khoob baratoon dare.ishala harchi zoodtar hamidigaro mibinimo mishinim yade gozashteha mikonim.kheili mokhlesim!! BABAK jonet | Why is a birthday cake the only food you can blow on and spit on and everybody rushes to get a piece? Bobby Kelton

18: To one of my best cousins: Just like fine wine, you grow better with the years. I think you're not just a year older, but a year better. A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun. Enjoy the trip; and remember Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional;) Happy Birthday:D Farid

19: Fardad nahz eh Moeinvaziri ah Davarpanah family...Tavallodet Mobarak! Can you imagine just 5 years ago you were literally melting away in the desert heat, rushing back from Vegas living a life that every bachelor envies, stories of wonderful adventures literally traveled across the world and back? It's amazing the irony of how alien that life must feel to you now, given the true happiness you have in your life today. In the short period of time that has passed you have continued to be blessed with good health, an education that you continue to master and honed nearly to perfection all the while staying close to your family that loves and cherishes you, in addition to your awesome dj skills with your beloved Apple iPad. And let’s not forget the most important accomplishment in your life so far, your beautiful intelligent wife who loves and adores you for the man you have become. Fardad, I would wish you more happiness and prosperity but then heaven would have nothing else to offer...jk Happy 30th Birthday Fardad! Love, Nima

20: Fardad goli..........happy bday buddy, eventhough ur far away from us, but the other night i was just thinking about our good childhood memorise :):) yadete dame khooneye kia ina, bahat shookhi shahrestani kardam o dandeaghab oomadam too dare mashinet!! lol what a time man! now that we are older (well ur pretty old), i treasure all our memorise, miss u buddy, eventhough we are both really busy with work, and dont talk as much as we should, I really miss having u around. Its funny how fast time flies, and yet ur still the same beautiful person, in and out :):) stay the same my man, Ali "G", aka (now adays) Dr. Masoumi :)

21: I always can picture him as a very skinny little kid in high school when he was in first year, and I always felt I should protect him as an elder and his brother's friend. Now I am so proud to c him as whom he is. He is 16 years older now, but he still has his pure heart. Happy Birthday, wish you a healthy, happy and successful life Fardad. Mamad Malakoot! | #1 Symptoms of getting 30: *You stop dreaming of becoming a professional footballer and start dreaming of having a son who might instead.

22: Fardad jan tavalode 30 salegit mobarak, omidvaram emsal be 30 arezoye khobet beresiii. ba behtarin arezoha Marieh & Behrang

23: "Happy 30th Birthday Young Man. Wishing you the very best of the best on your special day. 30 is the new 20 so continue to stay young, stay fresh and keep living life to the fullest in everything you do. Wishing you and Tahmineh continued success, health, love and happiness in all that you accomplish together! Love Chase & Gloria" | Hey Daddy, Leoni has officially moved to Grand Cashe. So lets all meet up for a GPR reunion, and enjoy rural Alberta (leoni will show us how). Happy Birthday, Alex

24: fardade azizam: happy birth day to you. be ghole khodemoon tavalodet mobarak. omdvaram salhaye sal khub, khosh, salamat, sarboland, omidvar, dar kenare tahmineye nazanin zendegi koni. va man agar boodam tavalode 30 salegi bacheye azize shomaro tabrik begam. midooni ke kheili kheili doostetun daram va khoshhali shoma arezume. pas shad, piruz va khandan bashid ta man ham shad basham. fardadam tavalode 30 salegit mobarak. mobarak. beghole khodet age yedet bashe daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast yadet umad? miboosamet 1000 ta. Neshat1390

25: azizam salam alan payamet ra didam!tavalodet shohare golet pishapish mobarak va khoshhalam ke dokhtare mahy mesle to giresh omade fardad mesle cousin man hast va har 2 taton ra khaili dost daram ,man mikhastam ahange andy tavalod mobarak ra baraye fardad bezari lotfan az tarafe man va ziresh note bezary ke fardade azizam omidvaram gole zibaye vojodat hamvareh khandan bashad tavalodet mobarak Ani

26: Dear Dr. Moeinvaziri, Happy 30th Birthday! Another year of success has started for you, and it is just because of your efforts and commitments. I hope this year also brings more success and joy in your life, along with more achievements. Hopefully, next year we will celebrate your special day in Vancouver! Rojin | "doosteman doosteman" fardad jaaneh aziz, tavalodeh 30 salegit kheily kheily mobarak. I wish you and Tahmineh were here so we could all celebrate this special day together but I'm sure, where ever you are, you're going to have an amazing time :):). We are so fortunate that Tahmineh is making this very special gift for you as we are all able to say a few words about how grateful we are to have someone like you in our life. You are so kind and thoughtful and I truly appreciate everything you have done for me as my older brother. I wish you all the best! Hiva

27: "Fardadzo, Happy 30th Birthday. I know this is a very special milestone in your life and I just want to mention that I'm impressed that you've managed to remain a gentleman, scholar, and incredible athlete through all these years. I wish you an amazing year dashi" Kia | Another journey, another chapter, another decade, For the man who's as upbeat as a tune of reggae. May your days flow beautifully and seamlessly— like a cascade, Setting countless examples for the novice to portray. As each day adds seasoning for the perfect marinade, Savor the flavors with that reggae beat on eternal replay, And advance without regrets to make the most of every escapade. HAPPY 30TH BIRTHDAY DR. FARDIDDY! Love: Ladan

28: Fardad joon Happy Happyyyy 30th Birthday, wish you have an awesome decade a head:) Hugs, Anousheh&Mehran | Fardad Jan Tavalodet kheili kheili mobarak bashe:) Ishallah emsal harchi az khoda mikhai barat mohaya beshe. Yalda & Navid . .

29: At the age of twenty, we don't care what the world thinks of us; at thirty, we worry about what it is thinking of us; at forty, we discover that it wasn't thinking of us at all!!

31: Fardad jan, Happy 30th birthday ! I would share some words of wisdom but since I'm still young & 29, I have no idea what it's like to be that old :D:D I've heard from people in your age group that 30 is the new 20 if that helps :D:D Hope you have a fantastic birthday and that the new decade is all that you want it to be! Nejla | Fardad'e aziz, tavalode 30 salegito behet kheily tabrik migim va barat behtarin arezooha ro darim. Omidvarim ke sali sar shar az shadi va movafaghiat dar pish dashte bashi. Sara va Dariush

32: OK Sir! Now it's time to celebrate! Payam joon ghorbone dastet ... | Birthday surprises are the best! aren't they? Specially when you are getting 30!! Hint Hint Q of a day: who will be 30 next?:p | I know baba!!! Bedone Aghaye Dr. Faraz ke aslan nemishod party kard! | Jarii ham ke goftan nadare... ye parche khanoooome!:P hamash mashghole planning e safar e shoma be montreal!:P | Baharak ham in chand vaghte hamash dast be doa ke ghesmat beshe biad:P Ta in raghse chaghoye shoma ro dar tavalode 3o salegish laghal jobran kone!

33: You are welcome! You are welcome! Our pleasure:P | Bakhshal ham ke nemiomad zaye bood joone moee!! | Hala ham vaghte ine ke ma hame party konim o khoshhal bashim chon farda Fardad vase hamamon gharare breakfast in bed dorost kone:P | Negar o Nima ham goftan there is nooo way ke Fardad pir o ja oftade! beshe ma nabashim celebrate konim:D | Nima:Payam baba chi shod pas in Alch! | Cheers to a wonderful decade!

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