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S: We Love You Kayla! 2011

BC: Kayla, we are all so fortunate to have you in our lives. Thank you for being such a great friend, daughter, cousin, sister, granddaughter, and relative.

FC: Kayla | A beautiful female who is slightly goofy and really crazy in all areas of her life; never forgotten and always lovable.

1: First picture I have of us on my computer. Look where we started... This was at the Tom Petty concert like 6 years ago, look at my doofy collar! Luckily this picture cut off my tube legs -- how embarrassing! | Patience!? PATIENCE!? Hahaha too funny! I love how you and Jeana are cheesing while the guy in the I <3 NY shirt who is clearly homeless just stands by patiently waiting for his turn. I also find it funny that no one thought it was weird that I was taking pictures inside a public rest room, yet it was made out to be the end of the world that you girls used the stall in the males bathroom... awesome! | "In the summer time, when the weather is hot...." This is the last picture of me and you I have on my computer, crazy how we've grown. Think of how big of a deal it was to have mom and dad allow us go to Milwaukee to see a concert alone together, now look at us, on the other side of the country exploring and having a blast! I Had a fun time with you big sis, hope we can do more things like this in the future! Love -- your brother bear, Matthew P.S... No more tube legs!

2: Do you remember the time we were at grandma and grandpas house for a birthday party? It had been a long day for you and you were getting so tired. So grandpa plopped you on top of the dining room table and started feeding you the whip cream off the top of a big bowl of strawberry shortcake. All of a sudden your body started swaying and before we knew it your head fell smack into the bowl full of whip cream!! | What does “Whohee”, Loolee and Doolee” mean? Yepper, your favorite cartoon characters, “Huey, Duey and Luey.” CLIFFORD REALLY LOVES ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The book I swore I would never forget. It has been blocked out of my mind. | Kayla, You have given us 25 years of happiness, fun and pride! Happy 25th Birthday dear daughter. We look forward to what the next 25 will hold. | You won the title of FASTEST CRAWLER during the summer of 1987. West Racine always had Western Days where they had activities, little parades and sidewalk sales. Grandma Garrity and I walked you up there in your stroller and signed you up for the contest. They lined up the babies at one end where grandma held on to you till I positioned myself at the finish line. One, two, three go and you were off while the other babies would turn around, cry, lay down or veg. No, not you! You plugged along towards me even while other mothers were coaxing their child with cheerios and squeaky toys. You were the first to the finish and in to my arms.

3: Do you remember when it was that I gave you your first and only spanking? It was when your friend dared you to run into the street when cars drove by. | During your swim season at Case your coach once made the remark “Who is THAT CRAZY WOMAN who screams when you are doing the breast stroke. Doesn’t she know she can’t be heard while you are in the water?” Sorry Kayla. | Soldier you remember going to the Armories with me and being able to recite that it was an M109A5 Howitzer with a max range of 18,500 meters and 30,000 meters with RAP.and how the soldiers were amazed, and some ticked that you as a very young girl knew more than they did......I loved watching you blow them away. | Kayla we will always be screaming and cheering you on!!! We will always be here for you. Again, you have made us so proud and we are so lucky to have such a beautiful daughter and friend. Love always and forever, Dad and Momma.

4: Dear Kayla, I’m truly blessed to have such a wonderful cousin and friend. You are an amazing person and I’m so thankful for all of the great memories we share. Looking back, some of my favorite memories are Camp Anokijig, our annual New Year’s Eve sleepover, and of course, London and Madrid. I remember missing you during our college years, but I’m so happy that we’re both back home now. I look forward to spending many more memorable years together. Happy 25th Birthday! Love, Jess

5: Kayla, I will never forget your kindness and compassion that you shared with me 7 years ago. It was New Years Eve day and we had planned a Mexican lunch outing. Laura and Alison were in town and we all got together and headed to Milwaukee for lunch. The only one missing was Jessica. She was in Costa Rica at that time. That morning I received a call informing me I had breast cancer. I was devastated to say the least and full of scared and angry feelings. I knew I couldn’t let the three of you down, as we had plans. So I pulled it together and off we went. We had a great time visiting and a great Mexican lunch. On the way home I broke my bad news to all of you. You were all so caring and comforting to me. I really believe that you chose the right profession Kayla, you were a saint that day and I will never forget how you helped me through a tough day. Happy 25th Birthday Kayla! Love, Jerri

6: Happy 25th Kayla! Even though you are half way to 50 may you always be a kid at heart! Love, Jamie Lynn | 1. MMMM...KKKKK- Karen Maddox style over and over again. 2. Cathy Berry getting her hair washed by Tom and Kevin in the skills lab. 3. Corn Souffle dinner with you, Kathryn, and me. Michaella all of your positive energy and smart a** comments made me laugh every time we were together. You made my college experience for sure!! Thank you for being a great friend!! Happy old woman. Love, Katelyn Dehn

7: Dear Kayla, You're going to be 25 and that's so hard to believe. There is a Bible verse that states something about God knowing us before we're even "in the womb." Well, dear Kayla, I knew you before you were in your Mother's womb. As you know your Mom and I worked together for well over 20 years. We have a very special bond that is as close as or closer than brother and sister. We have shared our joys and tears and kept secrets for each other. It will be no surprise to you then, that I knew about the difficulties your Mom and Dad were having trying to conceive a child. They went to all sorts of classes and doctors because it just wasn't happening. I learned more about babies and conception than I ever wanted to know. I remember though that your Mom had to take her temperature a lot and there were other technicalities that I can't remember. As her teaching partner, office mate, and friend, I was asked to "cover" for her on the days that she was supposed to be the most ready to conceive. It happened on a couple of occasions (maybe more) that I would get a call in the morning that your Mom was going to "be late" for school. I, of course by now figured out why she had to be late. Partially as a joke, but also as a help (or so I thought), I rigged up her office chair, covering it with plastic and making sure that it was in position so that when your Mom arrived at school, she could put her feet up on the built in desk to help in the "fertilization" process. One of her "fertile" days also happened to be a swimming day, where we took our classes to Wadewitz school with its therapeutic pool. I was so afraid that the warm water and the chlorine might do damage to all the hard work that your Mom, your Dad, (and I) were doing so I wouldn't let her go into the water. Obviously, on one of these occasions, your parents were blessed with success. I'd like to believe that I had a small part in that miracle that is you dear Kayla. And what a miracle you've turned out to be. A beautiful, successful, young woman with so much to offer the world. God Bless you on your 25th Birthday! Love, Uncle Mark

8: Happy 25th Birthday Kayla!!!! You are an amazing friend! I cant wait to celebrate more birthdays with you! Lindsey

9: When Kayla was a young girl (about 3 or 4 years old) her parents had her photo taken in her ballet outfit. Kayla, of course, was very cute in her little tutu, but her super short, tightly permed hair was not a nice look for a young girl! The next time I saw Kayla I made a deal with her. We were going to have a contest. A hair growing contest. The rules were simple: if she could go one year without getting her hair cut she would win ice cream from Baskin Robbins. Kayla, like all children her age, was happy with the prospect of winning ice cream. So, the contest was on! Every time Kayla would come to my parent's house she would run upstairs to my bedroom and I would play with her hair, put it into different styles, and show her how nice it was for her to have longer hair. After one year of not getting her haircut Kayla won her ice cream. It was a fun year for Kayla and I, but it was not a fun year for her dad, my brother. At that time in her life he was the person who got her ready for the babysitter each work day. My brother, with his big meaty fingers, did not enjoy making ponytails, or using the little-girl double balled rubber bands. My brother continually tried to convince Kayla to get her haircut, but she held tough! Already at a young age Kayla was showing who she was - a person who is great at setting goals, and accomplishing those goals! Kayla - continue to be you! And, continue to accomplish whatever brings you happiness and no regrets as you look back on your life. I love you, Kayla. Have a wonderful 25th birthday and many, many more! Aunt Carra

10: Love, Sam

11: I worked with Rosie at Dr. Jones and got to know Kayla since she was a little girl. I watched her grow up and always sensed that Kayla was someone special. My family was lucky enough to get to know her as well when she was old enough to start babysitting our children. This was when we really got to see what an awesome young woman Kayla was and still is. She was kind, loving, thoughtful and very responsible - what more could we ask of someone we entrust with our children ( and our gas stove! ). Both of our children grew to love and respect Kayla and she was always willing to care for them and eventually offer them wonderful and mature advice and help as they grew up. Every once in awhile we see something or hear something out of them that reminds us of Kayla. She will always be a special part of Justin and Danielle's growing up years as well as our dear friend for life. Being around Kayla is easy and comfortable and she puts everyone at ease no matter what their age or circumstance. We have always only wanted the best for Kayla and that will never change. We thank her for the wonderful and positive influence that she has had on all of us and will love her forever. Enjoy your birthday Kayla and this special present from your friend and those of us who love you. Jeff, Luanne, Justin and Danielle Riedel

12: Dear Kayla, I love you more than you'll ever know, I look forward to seeing your smile every time I wake up, even more so than the dawn itself. You make me so happy every day that we're together. If I could wish you one thing on your birthday it would be the ability to make you happy each and every day that we're together. I want nothing more in this world than to make you happy, and if I have to spend each and every day for the rest of my life doing so, I would be called a lucky man. So on this, your birthday, I want to let you know that I love you. ~Mikhail Becker

13: To : Kayla Throughout the past few years I feel like we’ve been everywhere together. From Yellowstone to NYC, I was able to see things I never thought I’d ever see in my lifetime. Experiencing these trips with you and Mick have made it all the better. I appreciate your humor, open mind, and thoughtfulness. Thank you for being you and accepting me as your friend with open arms. Here’s too many more “Sorry girls”, flaying arms, and exciting, fun adventures. Happy 25th Birthday! Your friend, Dan

14: Happy Birthday Kayla! Wow 25 already, I remember when you were just a kindergartner. After all these years I can think of so many wonderful things to say, but what stands out is how fortunate we are to know you and your family. Matt with his charming smile. Your Mom with her great sense of humor, and your courageous Dad giving up his time to protect us. Another great memory is going to the Dells, How we sat in the restaurant waiting for the rain to stop so we could go to Noah's Ark. Dah! you said, aren't we going to Noah's Ark to get wet? It was great no lines no waiting. The hunted house, you were the only one to get the winning gum ball for a free pass. I thought it was so nice you having Mary's surprise birthday party at your house. I'll never forget the look on her face. Love Mary's Mom (Debbie)

15: Happy Birthday Kayla, I knew Kayla since she was a young girl. Kayla always had a nice smile. It was a pleasure talking to her. Love, Joann Mary's Grandmother | Happy B-Day Kala! 1/4 of a century already, WOW! You've come a long way already in full filling your dreams and our love goes with you to the next step. My special memories are of all the many years of family vacations in Tomahawk, not every one gets to experience what we did for all those years and I am grateful for the time. I love our get togethers over ravioli and happy that you still want to be included in that time. Remember 2009 the night we sat scrolling the Internet for pictures and stories and all of our own interesting funny stories—we laughed so hard that night that we were crying & side aching. You're a special person who is loving, caring, smart and beautiful (inside & out) You know that family is important and that you are certainly that important to us. Love Auntie Diana, Uncle Vic and Brian HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

16: Kayla, Where do I even begin? We have been friends for a very, very long time. It seems like just yesterday we were getting in trouble for laughing in Mrs. Kramer’s class or should I say I was getting in trouble! Funny how as I look back on my favorite memories most of them consist of us laughing hysterically. I remember how much I used to love sleeping over at your house! It was so fun to build forts in your front room, enjoy your dad’s smoothies, play hide and seek in your basement, and play out by the pool. As we got older the same applied. Going to all the dances together, dressing up for the football and basketball games, playing softball together, and always getting into some shenanigans together. Remember the video of Chester?? Haha I think we cried every time we watched that for at least a month. Or when I came to surprise you at school for your birthday and I almost ruined the surprise because I could hardly contain my laughter when I heard you in your room rapping ALL the words to Laffy Taffy! That was a fun weekend. I have probably enough memories of us to fill this entire book plus some so I will just list a few more of my favorites: Getting our “free” makeovers and Boston store and more than likely not tipping, going to the high school and middle school dances, the walkabout (that’s a whole other book), the dells both in elementary and middle school, going up north to “the place”, wearing matching “skorts” to school, complaining about nursing school, Yellowstone, New York, Crivitz, Halloween 2009 and getting low, you were so happy to have your Jimmy Johns and then in a swing of a glove it was gone. Not to worry, Jessica had a purse full! Florida with your uncles (thank god we made it back alive with your Uncle Mikes driving!). The list could go on and on forever. I am so fortunate to have you as a friend. You are one of the most considerate people I know. You are smart, hilarious, motivated, beautiful, outgoing that list could go on forever too. Basically you awesome and I am so lucky to have you as a friend. I truly cherish our friendship and always will. Thanks for an awesome 17years together. I am looking forward to many more memories together and traveling the world! I love you! -Mary

18: Her Grandpa Andre would carry her around in his neighborhood on his shoulders. When she came over for slumber parties, her Grandma Barbara and her watched Pretty Woman 1000 times on the vcr. Now she is 25. Oh my.

19: My, oh! my, Kayla being 25 , already. Time is just whizzing by. I remember when her Grandpa Andre was moving down here to Florida with Kayla helping him drive. She was 17 or going to be 17 and he introduced her to me in his driveway. ( He had built a house next to mine ) He started to walk towards the mailboxes and she said, " you have to know my Grandpa seems a little crazy " but he's really nice. I was a little taken back and then said. OK, I guess you have to get to know him. Little did I know I'd get to love him. Thanks Kayla, for the warning. What I soon learned was that Kayla and her family and all of Kaylas' relatives are a wonderful bunch of people and I am very happy to know all of them. | Kayla is a very special young lady with an absolutely fabulous smile and twinkly eyes. Loaded with talent and extremely intelligent. She has no idea what a really beautiful person she is. I am including a picture that was taken while they were visiting here with us this June. We had a wonderful time. Jean Yonelunas

20: Dear Kayla, I know you love to do crafts, and you are very good at them. I've seen your latest Halloween quilt. It's adorable. I remember when we were all gung-ho on stamping and played with our Stampin' Up stuff that now sits idle for the most part. What I really remember most is teaching you to knit when you were a senior in high school. We sat in my kitchen and learned to cast on, knit, purl and bind off. You were a quick and motivated learner since you were eager to make your dad a hat for deer hunting. And you did! I'm so glad that I was able to teach you a life-long skill you enjoyed, and took to college to share with your new friends. Who ever knew knitting would become trendy? And you were afraid you'd be the "knitting nerd" in college. It has been so nice getting to know you again as an adult. You are a gifted nurse and a wonderful daughter. Happy, happy birthday honey. Love, Chris

21: Love, Jenny

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