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S: A Futuristic Friendship

BC: My name is Salvatore Pagano, but you can call me Sal. I have been a student in the East Penn School District since 1st grade. My family is originally from Italy, but I do not speak Italian. I have only one sister, and I'm the oldest child in my family. My father owns a pizzeria in Coopersburg, PA, called Carlo's Pizza, and obviously, my favorite food is pizza! In my spare time, I enjoy listening to music, playing video games, or just enjoying the nice weather outside. I play football and basketball, but can never pick which sport I like better because I love them both. I am a die hard New York Giants fan! My favorite movie is Spaceballs and my favorite song is "Forever." Thank you very much for reading my story! :) | About the Author

FC: A Futuristic Friendship | By. Sal Pagano

1: Dedication | This book is dedicated to my mom, dad, and sister, Annie. Thanks for everything guys. | A Futuristic Friendship | By. Sal Pagano

2: It was a beautiful day on planet X. The metal flowers were blooming, the children were playing with their robots, and everyone had a big smile on their face.

3: At Mrs. Dee's school for robots and children, everyone was playing at recess, interacting with each other, except for one kid, Jimmy.

4: Jimmy had always had a difficult time making friends. He was the kid in the shadows, who no one saw or knew. Jimmy was shy, lonely, and sort of cowardly. | Jimmy

5: On this particular day, Mrs. Dee's school was getting a new student, named Timmy. | Timmy

6: When Timmy walked into the room to put his backpack down, he noticed Jimmy in the corner. Jimmy had his nose in a holographic book, his thick glasses were falling off his face, and his fiery orange hair was hanging over his eyes.

7: Timmy hustled over to Jimmy, with a huge smile across his face. "Hey, what's up," Timmy shouted, "My name is Timmy, what's yours?"

8: Jimmy just rose an eyebrow at Timmy, and said,"My name is Jimmy." Then he went back to his book, uninterested in the kid next to him. This got on Timmy's nerves because he was the kind of kid that was very outgoing, talkative, and adventurous.

9: "Do you want to be my friend!?" Timmy exclaimed. Jimmy put the book on the floor and looked up at him again, but this time with a smile on his face. "Sure!"

10: Jimmy and Timmy talked and talked for the rest of the recess period. They talked about everything, like what planet Timmy was from, to his friends and family; they even got on the topic of the new space arcade that opened up in town.

11: When the school bell rang, and school was out, the boys walked home together, and thats when they realized that Timmy lived only a couple of houses away from Jimmy. | Jimmy's House | Timmy's House

12: The next morning, the two of them met up on the corner of their street, and started walking to school, when Timmy started talking about the space arcade.

13: "Hey man, I have a great idea! How 'bout we skip school today to go to that arcade! Forget about school!" said Timmy.

14: "Ehh, I don't know man," said Jimmy,"That is really risky! I mean, we could get caught by our parents or teachers, then we will be in deep trouble!"

15: "Don't worry buddy,I already have everything planned out.Our clones are on their way to school, nobody will suspect a thing!" Timmy said as Jimmy turned his head to see two look alikes walking to school.

16: At first, Jimmy did not want to skip school to go play, but Timmy's persuasive ways made him change his mind, so they headed off on their way.

17: When they arrived at the arcade, they spotted the brand new game called Super Space Adventure, where you put on a helmet, and it takes you into the game. Jimmy and Timmy decided to try it out, so they put on the helmet, and started playing.

18: Entering level one, the boys had no idea what they were getting into, but they were soon going to find out. When they popped up in the game, the boys noticed a huge pool of lava and rocks in front of them, with a giant 'NEXT LEVEL' button on the other side.

19: Jimmy was starting to think that the whole video game thing was a terrible idea. Timmy started hopping from stone to stone over the boiling lave, and Jimmy reluctantly followed.

20: After both of them got across the bubbly lava, they threw their bodies at the button to get to the next level.

21: When they got to level two, the boys noticed something only a few feet away from them, and this machine was a flying supercar, but about 50 yards behind the car was a deathly black hole. "Oh great, look what we have here." said Jimmy, and Timmy responded confidently," Pshh, that's nothing!"

22: Timmy sprinted to the car with excitement, but when he went to hop into the car, he tripped and began to slide toward the black hole. "Ahhh! I'm being sucked in, help! Help!"

23: Now Jimmy knew this was a bad idea. He could see the fear in Timmy's eyes, but he couldn't do anything. Jimmy finally got a hold of himself, and hopped in the car, to save his friend.

24: Jimmy is a terribly shy, not so outgoing kid, so saving Timmy and risking his life to do it gave him more than the chills. Jimmy began to start up the supercar, pressing random buttons to see what they do. When he finally got a hang of things, he swooped into the black hole at super sonic speed, grabbed Timmy by the hand, and raced out of there. Timmy was in tears, and Jimmy was suddenly feeling better about himself, not as afraid as before. Jimmy flew them out of the level, through a portal in the sky. They were on their way to level three, the final level.

26: Jimmy and Timmy were finally on level three, the last level. When they looked around, nothing was there, the video game was absolutely blank. "Um, Jimmy," said Timmy," where is everything? It is just us and a white screen." "Beats me." Jimmy responded.

27: "Do you think the game is over?" Timmy asked. "It can't be! No way!" Jimmy responded, and he was right because a second later, a giant 50 foot robot fell out of the blank sky.

28: "Oh my gosh," said Timmy, who was totally astonished,"What are we gonna do!?" "Hey, do you see that big lever on top of its head? I think we just need to get up there and pull the lever, c'mon!" Jimmy responded.

29: "Good thing that supercar came in through the portal with us! We just need to fly the car to the top of its head, then we win!" Timmy said, while getting into the car. The boys flew the supercar around and around the robot"s body, dodging violent swings and shots.

30: When Jimmy and Timmy finally got to the top of the robot's head, Jimmy stretched out his arm, just enough to reach the lever, and he pulled as hard as he could. After the lever was pulled, a deep voice from the robot said,"Self-destruct, in 10,9,8..."

31: "OH NO! LET'S GET OUT OF HERE!" Jimmy exclaimed. Timmy floored it on the flying car, and they flew as far as they could from the robot in 10 seconds. The blank space they were in was never ending, so they kept flying until the saw the gigantic mushroom cloud formed by the destroyed robot.

32: Suddenly, Jimmy and Timmy popped back into the arcade. "We beat the game!" said Timmy. "Yes, but wait, what time is it?!" Jimmy said, while looking at the clock, that read 2:50 pm. "We have to get home! My mom is expecting us to be home from school at 3 o'clock!"

33: The boys sprinted out of the arcade, running as fast as they could back to Jimmy's house.

34: They arrived at the house at 3 o'clock on the dot. "Hey boys, how was your day at school?" asked Jimmy's mother. "Good." they responded simaeltaneosly, while huffing and puffing. "Why are you two so sweaty?" she asked. "Well, we decided to race home." Jimmy replied.

35: The boys grabbed a snack from the pantry and sat on the couch. "Wanna play some video games?" asked Timmy, and Jimmy responded,"Um, I don't think I want to play video games for a long while." The boys laughed together, and just watched 4-D television, thinking about their crazy day, and how lucky they were that they didn't get caught by anyone.

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