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1: Once upon time... two wonderful people fell in love, got married and lived happily ever after.... But this is no once upon a time story. It's a real life, true love story, and to be fair we must look at both side to fully understand the love that they have for one another and the experiences that have made them stronger, for an extremely happily forever!!

2: Just returned home a few days from my mission the first part of September 1982, I had been invited to a Young Adult activity at the Valley High Seminary building. I really didn't want to go not knowing anyone that might be there. Wes Hoyt was the YA Rep for Orderville and knew I had just returned home so he called me and convinced me to attend. I don't remember a great deal of what happened that evening but I do remember that it was the first time I saw K'Lyn. I thought she was quite cute and she wasn't afraid to play catch with a football so I thought that was pretty cool. I asked who she was and was told but sort of warned that she was Mike Skaggs girlfriend and it looked like they might get married. Now being warned about Mike wasn't a bad thing because he was a friend from Kanab and a great guy. Any way I just forgot about it after that. When I returned home that night my mother asked me if I met any cute girls so I told her that I played catch with one but I couldn't remember her name and she was already spoken for. As time went on I acquired a job at Kiabab Industries Trucking Inc. as parts man. The | job consisted of picking up freight for the sawmill, planer, and truck shop in Kanab and then working the afternoon shift everyday and each odd Saturday. This gave me opportunity to stop at the State Bank of Southern Utah in Kanab to draw money or deposit which ever the case might have been. I remembered the girl at the window from YA but couldn't remember her name. One day as I was working on some personal finance things I stopped in the back and asked Rob Heaton about a loan for something. (Ron was my former Bishop and a member of the stake presidency.) On my way out I asked him who the girl was working the window at the bank. He told me she was K'Lyn Heaton and that she was a great girl and then offered to introduce m;e to her. I declined because I am so shy. By this time I had moved to Kanab first with my older brother Ed and then later with some friends, Gary Prince, Bob Brush, and Jay Swapp whose parent's house we rented. Because of these friends I became very involved on YA and was soon called as the Stake YA Rep. This is where I got to know K'Lyn. We would hang out quite a | From the day they met to the day they said "YES" told from Ryan's perspective (word for word)

3: bit. She would come with her friends up to the house or we would meet different places in town. One of the favorite places was on the triangle on Main St. in Kanab which was located on the corner in front of the old high school with Perry's Lodge to the side. We would play hakie sack for hours making our legs stiff and sore. We even took a TV down there and watch a movie one night. Some of our events were held at the sand dunes or on the Kanab River or the Sand Caves. We always had something going on. Dragging Main was not so cool any more so we would just hang out in the stake center parking lot across from the show house and visit.. The next summer (August) we planned a trip to Lake Powell to go water skiing and just play around in the water. I asked K'Lyn if she wanted to ride out with me. Honestly I can't remember if I thought it was a date or what. We had a great time out there but everyone got sun burned really bad. I especially got it bad. I missed three days of work because my feet were swollen because of the burn and I couldn't get shoes on. I think that is when I started actually going out with K'Lyn. My mother was really funny about things. she always | wanted to know about the girls I was meeting or doing things with. She would ask me who their parents were and then she would tell me if I could date them or not. The reason I could or could not date them was determined b;y how closely related we were. When I told her about K'Lyn she thought about it quite hard and then decided that it would be OK to date her even thought we do have some common ancestors. I need to back up a little bit. When I first met K'Lyn and couldn't remember her name she was my friend Mike's flame, so what happened with that? Mike supposedly bought a ring and was going to give it to her and propose the night I first met her. I don't know for sure if he ever did purpose, but I know they talked marriage and K'Lyn told him that she needed to go on a mission ans she was determined to do so. Mike was pretty upset I guess so he dumped her and married her cousin a short time later. Back to the "rest of the story", I had fallen in Love and I would hang out at her house, we would visit until 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning then I would get up and go to work early just as she would.

4: I enjoyed holding hands and waking around town with her. I did spend a lot of money on trying to win her over, flowers and such. I would take her to lunch most days. i wanted to marry her but she was still determined to go on a mission. Now the reason for this determination was a burning testimony and faith in her Patriarchal Blessing that told her she would serve a full time mission. I told her I would be willing to wait for her but I didn't want to and she didn't want me to. I was willing to be supportive but I really didn't want her to go. (Bad thinking on my part.) We had a lot of fun together. We went deer hunting and ended up getting loads of wood instead. I remember being at her house and her mother reading Chester I Love You by Blaine and Brent Yorgesen. K'Lyn will tell you that I kissed her in front of her house sometime that winter but I don't remember kissing her. I remember talking about it and asking her. She thought it strange that I would ask her but we only ended up hugging. (I save my kisses for the one.) I don't know exactly what happened later that next spring but I felt she just lost interest me. You could say that we broke | up in a way. We just stopped seeing each other. She went on dates with other boy's, even went to Vegas for a few days with one. Honestly I was out of my mind not knowing how she felt about me. Looking back now I was really kind of stupid about it and jealous. I determined that if it was to be then things would work out. K'Lyn filled out her papers along with her brother LaMar and submitted them. I did write in my journal that I had a feeling that K'Lyn received her mission wall the day she got it and that she was called to the Australia Sydney mission. She called me and told me about it. I was probably as excited as she was. I was happy to attend the temple when she received her endowment but I was unable to attend her farewell sacrament meeting. Well then she left and went to Australia. While K'Lyn was on her mission I lost my job at the truck shop because Kiabab was going through some financial troubles and down sizing. I did get a job stacking green 1X12 lumber in the stack yard. It was hard work but I liked it and it was a job. After a while that job ended and so I was moved to Panguitch to pull slick chain. Slick chain is lumber coming off from the

5: planer and onto a huge table of chains and the lumber is pulled an stacked according to it's grade. I was started out on the cull end of the pile pulling 2X12X16 feet long. Talk about hard work. My first two days I thought they; were just trying to make me quit but I gradually got tough enough to handle to work. When that job ended I went to work back in Fredonia pulling slick chain again. All this time I would write to K'Lyn. I think my mother would write dutifully each month. I'm not sure. I would write a letter and then when K'Lyn would answer the letter then I would answer hers so they weren't every week or day or such. Probably about every 6 weeks. I wasn't even sure she liked me but she did answer my letters. My mother would tell me if she got a letter and I would ask her if there was anything about me in it. There usually wasn't and that's OK because she was focused on her mission. The winter I decided to go to school at SUSC in Cedar City, so, I did. While I was there I decided that I needed a way to pay for my education so I investigated and later joined the Utah National Gaurd. 2nd BTN 222FA or more affectionately known as the Triple Duce. My basic | Training and Advanced Individual Training took me to Fort Lronard Wood, Missouri and Fort Jackson, South Carolina. I finished trained the first part of December and returned home just before K'Lyn and LaMar returned from their missions. While in training I continued to write to K'Lyn and had asked her if she might be able to pick up some opal earrings for my mother so a few days after she had returned home she called and told me she had them and I could come pick them up if I wanted. I was really nervous because I sill loved her and was excited to see her but I didn't know if she even wanted to see me. I need to set the record straight right here. It wasn't my intention to wait for her. When K'Lyn left on her mission I didn't even know if she liked me. I did go on a few dates while she was gone but the girls I dated just couldn't measure up to her so I didn't really take an interest in them. I always had a hope that she still liked me but was never sure. Back to "the rest of the story", according to me. I did go and pick up the earrings and visited just a little bit, mostly about Australia and if she was working at the back again. It was kind of awkward for

6: me and I couldn't tell if she was as excited to see me as I was to see her. Later that winter she purchased a car in St. George and had to take it back to have air conditioning put in it and needed a ride down to pick it up on day. She was working at the bank at the time. I don't know how I got involved in going to St. George with her, but she, Jim Anderson, and I went to St. George so she could pick up her car. Talk about awkward. Jim is a great guy. We stayed late that night. K'Lyn picked up her car and headed for home. We tried to catch her with a red flashlight. I had a hot rod Monte Carlo that would fly but we couldn't catch her. We had a lot of fun that night and it gave me some courage. I was now working in St. George and living there with the family that I worked for. (The Stahlieh's) Later I moved to an apartment in St. George. While I was there I tried to get in touch with K'Lyn to ask her out but it seemed that we could never get on the same page. She was working in Kanab and I was in St. George and I worried that someone might move in and take away my opportunity. In February I went to AT or Active Training in Florida. We spent two weeks there. I | wait to get home ans ask K'Lyn out. They had just told me that the National Guards annual awards banquet was in March and Retired Lt. General Maurice Watts would be the guest speaker. This is significant because he was my mission president for the last three months of my mission and was still president for most of K'Lyn's mission. She got to know him pretty well I guess. This gave me a great excuse to ask her out. He will never know how much he helped me out. The banquet was really nice. Pres. Watts spoke for almost an hour. I received the State Sgt. Majors Award for my service in the unit. I guess those are pretty neat to get. I don't know if K'Lyn was proud of me or not. That night she put her hand on my leg under the table and I was so surprised that I almost jumped up and knocked the table over, but I didn't. I wasn't quite sure what to do. To me holding hands was a pretty intimate thing to do. It means something more to me than most people. Anyway I reached down and took her hand. We held hands the rest of the night. That really gave me some courage and hope that she liked me still. I can't remember if I called her or she called me later the next week but she asked

7: me if I would like to go to Salt Lake with her to a mission reunion and General Conference. I accepted and we went. On the way we stopped and visited my x-sister in law and her two girls, Shauna and Sam. Shauna asked me if we were going to get married and if K'Lyn would be her new aunt. Oh, I have to mention that on the way up K'Lyn had this rule and made it known that you had to wear a seat belt in her car. She said it like, you set in your seat and behave and I'll set in mine and behave. Anyway we met up with her old missionary companion Kaloni and her fiancé and went to the mission reunion on Friday night. I can't remember but I think we went up on Thursday and K'Lyn stayed with her cousin Julie that night and then the next day I don't know what I did or K'Lyn for that matter. There was something to do with Kaloni's wedding plans. I had K'Lyn's car because she didn't like to drive in Salt Lake City and I had no other way to get around. We had a good time at the reunion and then went our separate ways. I dropped her off at her friend Lynette's apartment and stayed with my sister Denise. I can't remember what we did the next day. I think I just stayed at my | sisters place and watched General Conference. That night K'Lyn was suppose to go to a basketball game with some guy she knew so I went to General Priesthood Meeting with Kaloni's fiancé. K'Lyn didn't end up going to the game and we met up after the meeting and had dinner at a place across the street from Temple Square. That night when I took K'Lyn to Lynette's place there was a song on the radio that I really liked so we listened to it. It was Something Special by George Straight. We still like George a lot. That song kind of became our song. It was how I felt about K'Lyn. When I walked her to the door I had a great idea to go up on the roof and look at the temple. When we got on the roof we couldn't see it because of the other buildings that were there. That night I talked with my sister on how I felt about K'Lyn. I was determined to marry her but for some reason I had some doubts as to how she felt about me and I wasn't willing to stick my feelings out on my shirt sleeve and let her know how I felt if she didn't have similar feelings. I didn't want to get hurt. Any way Denise gave me her old wedding ring to use when I decided it was right. That night I prayed that

8: someone or something would let me know for sure that she was the right one and for her. I know that we are not suppose to ask for signs but I desperately needed one. We went to Temple Square for the morning session of conference the next day. When we got in the Tabernacle I was able to get an aisle seat. Just down one row and across the aisle sat a woman with a couple of children visiting and I could hear their Ausie accent. i asked them where they were from and they said Newcastle. Her husband was the Newcastle Stake President and was invited to come to special meetings during conference. Later he came in and we talked. I recognized him. He was Stake President in the last area where I served in Gosford. We had a good visit then he looked at me and asked about K'Lyn, if she was my wife. I told him not yet but that I hoped so. He said "don't let her slip away, she's a good one." The feeling I had at that was overwhelming. I knew for sure what I had to do. One week later, April 12, 1986 I had a ring and a kind of plan. K'Lyn came to St. George and we spent the day together, or we spent the day at Uncle Carl's house in Santa Clara. That night I had planned | to go to a movie then to to the temple visitor center and watch Uncle Ben again. I had taken the real ring from the box and put a napkin ring in there for a joke, I was going to ask her what she would do if it were real. My giving her the real ring depended upon her answer. Anyway, when we went to the movie the wind was blowing so hard the power went out. We waited for along time but it never came back on. The temple was still lit so we went over there and walked around. The visitor center was closed. There weren't many lights. It was cold and K'Lyn didn't have a coat so I let her take my jacket which had the ring in the pocket. Nothing was really going right but I was determined to go through with it. I pulled out the fake right and asked her what she might do if that were a real ring. She knew something was up so she didn't say anything and it was hard to see that it was a fake ring so I pulled out the real ring and asked her if she would go inside the temple with me and marry me for eternity. She never said anything. I don't know if she was choked up or what. Honestly I think she was so surprised that she was in shock. I tease her about never saying yes. I asked her that

9: night for a kiss and honestly, I believe that it was our first kiss (as I remember it). I followed her home late that night and then went on home to Orderville. I hit a deer that night. I was really mad because it broke out the grill in the Monte Carlo. I told my mom and dad about the proposal that night and they were really excited especially my mom. (She was worried that I would never get married and with Ed only having two children and Mary Ann only one she wouldn't have any more grandchildren. She use to tell me that I would provide all of her grandchildren.) The next day I was at K'Lyn's house to ask her father for her hand. He gave me a really good interview. He asked what my education plans were and how I planned to support a family and his daughter. Then he gave me some advice to make sure to always have family prayer. He put me right at ease with what he asked and said. It was a neat experience. We are married now so he must have given his permission and somewhere along the line K'Lyn said "YES" ( She said "YES" in the temple.) Best thing that has ever happened to me.

10: (Well, what can I say about our relationship and how it developed. I have come to realize even more that writing in a journal is so important. After looking through all the odds and ends of journals that I have written over the years, I found that I had absolutely nothing about he happening during the time just before our engagement and then through to our wedding. So all I have to say is purely from memory.) The first time I met Ryan, was at a young adult activity that was held in Orderville. We were playing with a football, whether we were playing football or just messing around I do not know. I do remember returned from his mission and had come to join our amazing young adult group. At the time I was dating a young man kind of seriously (I had waited for him while he served his mission, and i was having a hard time trying to figure out if pursuing a serious relationship was right or not. In fact I kind of think this particular evening was the night this young man had a ring in his car in hopes of giving it to me soon) never the less I do remember Ryan being new at this activity. I believe it | was in the fall of 1982. I was working at State Bank of Southern Utah in kanab and seemed to always be doing things with the young adults in our Stake. It was a lot of fun. We really had a good group coming out and had tons of fun together, Ryan became a regular attender. It was soon after the activity in Orderville that I declined to proposal form the missionary I had waited for. My heart and head could not come together, and it didn't help that I was told in my patriarchal blessing that --after I served a mission, I would meet a young man, also a recently returned missionary, and get married. At this point I do have a paper dated 9/22/83 (apparently we had a real slow day at work, because this is where I wrote it) and in it I had said that I hadn't written for a year, since my confusion over the missionary I waited for. ANyway, in this paper I found, I wrote "but after all this happened I made my mind up to go on a mission. This decision was make in January of 1983. After I had my mind made up I really felt good in side." "So ever since January I have been | We now turn to K'Lyn's side of "their story" as written by her word for word

11: planning on a mission.I still am, but new problems, or tests maybe, keep arising."... "I have been gong out a couple of times with this really neat guy, Ryan Hepworth, and I think I've let myself like him a little more than I want to admit. We really have only gone on 3 or 4 official dates, but I am always up at his house. He lives with Gary Prince and Jay Swapp. They are a great bunch of guys! But by being up there quite often and having young adults twice a week, I see him quite often.".... "I started liking him, telling myself that it was just as a friend.".... "Ryan took me to lunch today. We went up to the park and he had fixed BLT's for us, they were really good! It was, and still is a beautiful day. Everything was still outside, not too many noises. It was just a great day. When he came to pick me up he was a few minutes late, but I didn't mind, I knew he would be here when he got through doing what he was doing. Anyway when he came in, everyone gave him a hard time. I think he was a little embarrassed. When we got out to his car he apologized for being late and said that he ad been in a hurry all morning and said that he was really nervous. I asked him asked him why he was nervous, and | he just said he was. That was it. I didn't ask anymore questions, I just took what he said and tired to figure it out." "We got to the park and no one else was there. It was great. We went to the far side of the park and sad at the table in the shade. We were just sitting there eating and talking, having a good time. When Ryan got through eating, I wasn't quite through so I hurried a little faster. When I got through Ryan says, 'Tell me, what does your blessing really say about going on a mission?'" "It sort of surprised me, but I told him what is said. That I would be called to serve a mission and teach the gospel throughout the world and after returning from an honorable mission I would meet a young man that was also a returned missionary and would get married. I told him that it had been hard making up my mind to go on a mission but I really felt good about it. I also told him that I was excited to go on a mission." "He just looked at me and said that he wished he could change my mind again. He told me that since the first time he really started taking an interest in me, he really thought I was neat. Ya know, I don't know if I like guys to tell me things

12: like that or not. Anyway he told me that he loved me and wanted to know how I felt. He said that I had his total support if I really did go on a mission, but he wanted me to be sure. This kind of took me by surprise, because we haven't been going out all that mu;ch or doing very much together. I told him that he ought to read that part of my blessing and see what he thinks. .... I told myself that nothing could make me change my mind again, that after telling 2 other guys no, that I could tell everyone else or anyone else no, too. I really can't figure out how I really do feel inside. I know what I want and I what I should do, but at the same time it is really hard for me to tell people no, especially when I know it will hurt them. Needless to say, after all this mumble jumble, I really don't know what to do." Boy, was I confused or what? I know that we continued to do things quite often, mostly as they young adult group. sometime before Christmas, Ryan and I had picked put an opal necklace for him to give his mom for Christmas. (You need to know this for future happenings.) I started filling out my mission papers in January of 1984 and the process had begun. | I don't know when along the way it happened, but Ryan and I went from him wanting me to stay home so we could get married, to very seldom even talking to each other. It was crazy and a lot of nonsense went on, but in retrospect, I think things worked out kind of well. So just to go back and mention a few things we did that stand out in my mind--I remember one time we were on a date, and for some reason I think we were headed to St. George via the sands, and a Rickky Skaggs song came on "I wouldn't change you if I could" ( think is the name) and Ryan made mention of it. I quite liked the song, and since songs really seem to mean something to me, I took it as he wanted me to listen to it from him. I consider it our "first song". I also remember Ryan telling me that a song had come to his mind about me when he was talking to his mom after our first date. I don't know the title, but it said something to the effect-- look what followed me home- and - Mama can I keep her? -- He told me about it and I thought it was pretty neat. One of the times we spent time together was when we went to Lake Powell as a young adult group. Ryan had offered to

13: giving me a ride out there, but I had gone to Mt. Carmel for a wedding reception of a friend and coworker and ended up being 10 or 20 minutes late getting home to be ready to go. Ryan spent the time with m;y dad and said that it was no problem, he didn't mind waiting. (is that a huge plus for the guy or what?) We often spent my lunch hour at the park or eating together somewhere. It seems like Ryan was taking care of parts and delivery thing at the time. He often brought me roses from a friends rose garden. Deon Button was her name, she encouraged him to do it. Ryan also spent a lot of time at my home doing things with my family. Mom use to read us stores in the evenings, two that I remember Ryan being there for were "Summer of the Monkeys" and "The Thanksgiving Promise". There were a few times that our two families went together to get wood for the winter. That was a ton of fun. I went hunting with his family several times. I even remember making shirts for his nieces, Shawna and Samantha. He wanted to give them as gifts for their birthdays or Christmas, I'm not sure. | I had been in his home there in Orderville several times and visited with his families. I think I had only met Ed and Marty and I thought Ed was a big flirt. (Come to find out-he was just a real friendly fellow). I had fun doing things with his family when we did do things together. As time went on, Ryan and I spent less and less time together as a "couple" and there were times that I think he even avoided come to activities when he knew I was there. But the interesting thing was when my mission call came, I called him to let him know where I was going to be serving. I remember him telling me that he knew I was going to serve in the Sydney Australia Mission, because he had asked Heavenly Father that if I was determined to serve, could I please serve in the very best mission ever-- his mission-- the Australia Sydney Mission. That touched me. I was also very touched that Ryan came to the Temple the day I went through to receive my endowment I'm pretty sure he was at the sacrament meeting I gave my farewell at. He slipped in and sat in the back on both occasions, and left shortly after they ended. In looking back, I can see that I have married a pretty supportive man.

14: Just before I left for my mission, Ryan came by and gave me a beautiful opal necklace and earrings set. He also had a stuffed Koala and an Australian flag. He just wanted to give me a little something he said. I had visited with Ryan's parents often enough, that when I went on my mission his mom wrote me once a month and sent me $5 with each letter. I thought that was pretty darn neat. I looked forward to getting her letters and reading the happenings of their home. I found that I especially enjoyed it when she filled me in on the things Ryan was up to. I wrote Ryan occasionally and he only wrote back after I first had written him--I figure that was fair enough. Then one day I got a letter saying that he had joined the National Guard and I was totally bummed! I had decided that I would never marry a service man, so I figured he was really out of the picture, which was interesting because we were not on good speaking terms when I left so I don't know why I had that thought, but I did. It kind of broke my heart. I loved my mission and am so glad that I served. I think that Ryan wrote and asked | if I would please pick up a set of earrings for his mom that would match the necklace we had picked up for her nearly 2 years earlier. I had no problem with doing that, except that I couldn't really remember what the necklace looked like, so I gave it my best shot. I figured that I would just bring them home with me bins it was close to me leaving and save the postage. I hadn't really thought about getting them to him when I got home. So, when he came down to our home to pick them up that week before Christmas, I was very anxious to say the least. I don't remember where I was, but I remember coming in the front door and Ryan was standing in the living room when I walked in and he kind of made my heart skip a beat or two when I saw him. he had no hair, and he was huge! (He had just barley finished basic training from National Guard,- He looked really good!) I got the earrings for him, we visited a bit then he was gone. (This was December 1985) I don't remember doing much together date wise, or even for young adults after I got home, but I am sure we were at the same functions at least some of the time. Then on day Ryan called and asked if I would

15: like to go listen to my old Mission President speak. He didn't ask if I wanted to go on a date necessarily, just to see if I wanted to hear Pres. Watts speak again. (We shared the same mission president for a time on our missions, the end of Ryan's and the beginning of mine. His name was Maurice L. Watts). Well, how do you turn down the chance to see your Pres.? I told him that I would like to go. It was his "Military Ball" for the National Guard. Then came the stress of worrying how the ride to St. George from Fedonia was going to turn out. What would we talk about, how would I feel and act? I was pretty nervous! In fact I remember thinking that since Ryan had drill that weekend, I would just drive myself there and save him the trip to get me. That would solve the weirdness of the situation, but being the gentleman Ryan is, he came and got me and I sure am glad he did. I remember well the evening. I wore one of Lorel's dresses. It was maroon and quite a pretty dress, I especially liked that I felt skinny in it. It turned out that we had plenty to talk about and enjoyed the trip very well. I remember sitting with his friends and their | dates, not knowing any of them, but enjoying the conversation anyway. I enjoyed our visit with Pres. Watts. I knew him as my mission president, everyone else in the National Guard knew and respected him as a 4 star General in the National Guard. Pretty cool huh? During the coarse of the evening, I put my hand on Ryan's thy (I don't know what possessed me to do that, especially since we hadn't been on a date since I got home from my mission and I hadn't left with anything going on between us one and a half years earlier) anyway, he just about jumped out of his skin, I surprised him so much. It made me chuckle. I also found that it felt natural and sent a thrill to my heart as well. We ended up holding hands after that. We left after things wound down, but then Ryan decided he would like to go back to the armory and have our picture taken if the photographer was still there, but he wasn't. I remember when we walked in Ryan asked if it were possible to have pictures still "with my girl" and his hand was on the small of my back. I remember the way it felt, and it felt good. I think that is when all of the craziness of before

16: my mission slipped away and I felt more comfortable. It was a wonderful evening!! I think this happened in February or March of 1986. So things seemed to go back to the --before everything fell apart part of our friendship- but I was still a bit preoccupied with-- whatever. We started doing more together and visiting as friends do, but didn't really have any official dates again till later on. I had bought a car soon after I got home and had to have it in St. George for some work or something and somehow, I don't know if I just asked, or just found out that Ryan and Jim Anderson were going to St. George the day I needed to pick it up. I think I rode with them then brought my car home. We ended up messing around for a while then I had to head back to Fredonia alone. I remember enjoying my time with the guys. It seems like Ryan and I were caught up in the game of trying to catch each other. We both wanted to pursue our friendship and see where it would take us, but we could never get together. I think he moved to St. George for a while for a job so one day I decided to stop by his place an invite him to go to the temple with me. He wasn't | in and I was told that he had gone over to the college so I went and looked for his car. SUre enough it was there in one of the parking lots, I left a note on it saying hi and what I was doing there. (this was before the days of cell phones) Then I went to the temple alone. So now the ball was in his court so to speak. He would call and I would be gone doing something and when I could try to get back with him or return his call, he would be gone or busy doing something, so it goes for quite a while. I even made a cute bunny cake for Easter that year (it was in March) and took it to his house. No one was home so I just set it on the kitchen table. He informed ;me later that his family ate all of it and he didn't get to see it, let alone eat any of it.. Conference was coming up, and so was our mission reunions. I was quite excited to be going to SLC, I don't know why because I hadn't really driven there much before, but a friend from my college days had called one day and said that he was going to get Jazz tickets for the game Saturday night and would I be interested in going. I thought that would be great fun! I had had a crush on this guy in college, but he

17: was 8 years older than me, and now that he had invited ;me to go to the game I wondered if it was just because we were friends, or did he have other things in mind? So I am all caught up in this new idea when Ryan called the house and I happened to be home one day, and in the course of conversation I invited him to come to SLC for the mission reunion with me. (How crazy was that? Mom wanted to know what I was thinking and I was wondering to actually.) I was excited to be going to the jazz game with Dean Woodburry, but had just invited Ryan to ride to Salt Lake with me and to to our mission reunion together and spend the weekend there. Oh boy! So off to SLC I head on conference weekend of 1986 and I stop in Orderville and pick Ryan up at his home there. When he gets in the car I make the comment, that "anyone in my car had to wear seat belts." I thought that would keep us at a safe distance, haha, what a dumb rule that was I decided before we got home that weekend. Ryan even gave me a hard time about it more than once. When we got to Salt Lake Ryan was driving, I didn't feel comfortable driving | there so I just had him drop me off where my cousin Julie Heaton was staying and I hung out with her. He took my car to his sister Denise's and stayed there. The plan was that he would pick me up for our reunion, and I can't remember if it was Friday night or Saturday after the priesthood meeting. Anyway, I was supposedly going to go the jazz game, yeah, that never happened. I don't remember if it was my lack of communication or Dean's, but in the mean time, Ryan figured he would be going to priesthood meeting where he belonged, and hopefully that would make a good impression on me. Going to the game never happened and even though I was bummed everything worked out ok. I had enjoyed my visit with my cousin and later on I stayed with one of my best friends, Lynette Sorensen. Ryan Picked me up and we went to the reunion and met up with my trainer Kay Loni Wright and her fiancé. I had a good time visiting with the missionaries who were there and I believe Ryan did as well. When the party was over, Kay Loni and her fiancé and Ryan and I went out and got ice cream or dinner, I can't remember for sure.

18: The time Kay Loni was giving me a bit of a hard time, asking if we were seriously dating, and when were we getting married, anything to make me blush. We had a fun time in spite of the harassment. After parting company with my favorite companion, Ryan took me back to Lynette's for the night and just as we were pulling up a George Straight song came on "You're something special to me" and Ryan said I should listen to it. We sat in the car and listened and just like the Rikki Skaggs song, I listened to it from him. I don't recall if I had heard it before or not, but I really liked it and figured he kind of felt that way about me as the song said. So this ended up turning into "our song" as well. By now the being together was feeling pretty natural and I sure was enjoying it! He asked if we should go to the top of Lynette's apartment building and see if we could see the Temple, boy I thought for sure he was going to kiss me up there, and I was a bit nervous, but hopeful as well. But he didn't. (He missed a prime opportunity though.) As soon as I went into Lynette's apartment and told them that we had just been on top of her building, they asked if he kidded me, you know how girls are. | I had no news to share of the positive nature. The next morning was Sunday and we met up with Kay Loni and her fiancé again at the Tabernacle so we could attend conference. What an experience that was! We sat on the balcony on the very end of the bench. Across the isle and down a row or two, Ryan recognized a man from Australia. He went and said hi and visited for a minute. I didn't hear all of the conversation but Ryan came back smiling. We were sitting pretty close on the benches and I found myself enjoying his nearness. Having attended the events we had gone to Salt Lake to attend, we left early in the afternoon and headed home. Ryan did the driving, and I was sitting close and enjoying every minute of it. We stopped in Richfeild to visit with his nieces for a bit, (Shawna and Samantha) during our visit I remember Shawna asking if I was going to be her aunt, I don't know who was more embarrassed, Ryan or me. I don't remember what we told her, but she really thought the idea of an aunt was a great one. The rest of the ride home was enjoyable and we had plenty to talk about. The Saturday after conference, April 12 to be exact, Ryan and I were in St. George and

19: spent the day messing around. Grandma Cluff was down there visiting Uncle Carl and Aunt Jane, so I talked Ryan into going out to say hi. We ended up spending quite a bit of time there visiting and enjoying the Bar B-Q. They gave Ryan a hard time, probably the third degree or something. I can't imagine Uncle Carl not giving him a hard time. Anyway we finally left and headed back into town to go to a movie, but the power had gone out so there was no movie showing. A storm had come in and it was cold and pretty windy. We drove around and ended up at the temple, their lights were on still, and walked around. Ryan let me borrow his coat because I was a bit cold, what a gentleman! I guess I really was quite nieave about things because I really had no idea of Ryan's intentions. We stopped and sat on the steps and chatted, then he asked me if I would be the mother of his children. Boy that took me by surprise! He reached in his coat pocket that I was wearing and pulled out a ring box. (I had no clue it was there) In the box he had put one of the little god bands that you find on the thank you notes from wedding receptions. I told him I would, but hadn't caught on to the fact that the right was | not a real one. I just thought he was very simple. Boy am I slow! He finally showed me the real ring and it was beautiful. I couldn't wear it because it was a bit small, but I was excited none the less. He claims that night there at the temple was the first time he kissed me. He was such a gentleman, he even asked me first if it was ok.? I honestly think he had kissed me before my mission on my front porch. Anyway, I was in love and very excited about my future. I was going to get married!! I am wondering if Ryan was living in St. George at the time, because I had to drive my own car home while Ryan followed me in his. (What a bummer, we weren't even able to ride together.) When I got home, (extremely late), I went in and told dad and mom I was home and that Ryan had asked me to marry him, Dad said, "if that's what you want then that's ok." I think they were pretty sleepy. The next morning Ryan was at my house bright and early. I don't know what time he ended up talking to dad to see if it was ok that he had asked me to marry him, but we went to church together and I was beaming! I told everyone the great news! There were two wards at the time in

20: Fedonia and Grandma Cluff was not in my ward. Her meetings were after ours, and before I found her to tell her that I was getting married, someone else had told her and she gave me a hard time. After all she had seen us just the day before at Uncle Carl's. I had to defend myself and tell her that he hadn't asked me yet when I saw her there. We started making plans that very afternoon at my house, trying to pick a date and everything else that goes with it. We chose August 9th to be married, and of course it would be in the St. George Temple. *after their engagement there were more happenings that K'Lyn wrote about that are relevant to their happy forever* I found a gorgeous wedding dress in a magazine I was looking at and I tore the page out. I asked mom if she could please make that one for me. Guess what? She did and she didn't even have a pattern. It ended up looking exactly like the picture. It seems like after we were engaged, things started to get more trying. Little kept happening that kind of discouraged me. One of the few I remember well, was the | fact that we hadn't bought enough of the lace material to finish my dress. When we went back to Duke's to get more, they were sold out, and they didn't know if they could get any more in, let alone in time for the wedding. Just as I was about to break down in tears, one of the ladies that worked there asked us exactly what it looked like, and informed us that she had bought one yard for a craft but she was willing to sell it to us. She was a life saver that day, and guess what, we used almost every bit of that yard. During the time we were engaged Ryan was working at a farm in Parowan. He wrote me often while he was there and I loved getting his letters. One day I had decided to go over and surprise him with dinner. I left after work and headed over Cedar Mountain. I made the trip safely and enjoyed the evening fixing dinner and helping him change the sprinklers. He had to do some work in the grainery and ended up getting pretty sick. He was running a high fever and was having a difficult time breathing. I was pretty worried and figured I would stay there to take care of him for the night, but Dad told me I needed to come home when I called to let them know

21: what was going on. He had a young man living there helping him and Dad figured he would be ok. I appreciated Dad's concern, but was a bit sad at the same time. It ended up being pretty late when I left, and i struggled staying awake all the way home. When I called the next day to check on him, he was feeling much better. He really appreciated the dinner and visit I had made. We had a hard time deciding where we should live, and then finding a place suitable and affordable was a challenge. We started cleaning a trailer in Orderville that Aunt Lucy told us we could rent. When we went in and looked at it, it was kind of scary. It needed a ton of cleaning up done. I think the mice had been running free for a few years at least. After cleaning a couple days there, we decided that bins I was working in Kanab, and Ryan was too that it would make more sense to look for a place down there. We approached Uncle Walter about living in his camp trailer that was parked at Grandma Cluff's but it needed a lot of work to make it livable too. Dad finally ended up making arrangements with an older couple in | our ward who had moved to Vegas to be with their children. They let us live in their home for $100 a month. The home was small but kind of cute. We had to clean it up and move a bunch of their stuff out back to the shed for storage. We repainted the kitchen because it was pink and Ryan didn't want to live with that. We were given a piece of carpet as a wedding gift and I was grateful. The rug in the bedroom was pretty nasty. When we rolled it up there were license plates nailed over holes in the floor. We borrowed a little bot belly stove from Aunt Nelda and Uncle David. It heated the home quite nicely. It was comfortable and livable and we loved it. There was one bedroom, a very small bathroom, a living room, kitchen and a storage room off the bathroom. What else could a young couple need? (I don't think the whole house wasn't much more than 500 square feet.) It seems like we spent most of our time at my home or doing things elsewhere. I kind of felt bad that we didn't spend a lot of time with Ryan's family but we did visit once in a while. I remember one visit there Ryan's mom, June, tried to convince me that I needed to move the wedding up,

22: but I didn't feel like I was ready, and with all the reunions going on that summer, I was content to leave it where we had it. Little did I now that she probably knew it needed to be moved in order for her to attend, but she didn't say anything more about it. I remember Ryan's dad making comments that he probably wouldn't be around when we got married so he didn't care what we planned. He said just to plan what we wanted when we discussed what we should do or plan on, or anything like that. I couldn't figure out why he would make comments like that, cuz I thought he was doing great health wise. So we ignored the thought that he thought he wouldn't be around in August. A sit turns out, the Saturday before our wedding, Lorel went through the temple for her own endowment. Bishop Winward wanted her to be able to go to our wedding. Ryan came with us, but before he left his home that morning his mom asked him for a blessing. She hadn't been feeling well for a while-- had been having migraine headaches that caused a lot of pain--so Ryan happily did so. We went to St. George and enjoyed the day together. When we got back to my home, Ryan's sister, I think, | called to talk with him. She told him that their mom had gone to the hospital in Panguitch that afternoon, and then had been life flighted to Salt Lake City. They found that she had a couple of Aneurysm's in her brain and that was what was causing the intense pain She was in a coma at the time, Marty and Bruin were in Salt Lake with her as well as Denise. I felt so bad for Ryan, it was late and they told him to not worry about coming up at the moment. Dad and Mom convinced him to stay at our home that night so he wouldn't be alone at his home in Orderville. The next morning things had not improved but his family still told him not to worry about coming up, and they felt that since June was in a coma, she wouldn't know if he was there or not. Boy this was such a stressful time for us. We wondered if we should postpone our wedding so she would have time to get better, they considered doing surgery, and have time to recover and be there with us. Again Bruin told us to carry on with things as planned and we would just see what happened. We learned that her aneurysms were in an inoperable place. We spent the next several days praying

23: and fasting and worrying. What should we do? What could we do? I remember feeling like things were going to be ok and that June would be with us when we were married. I did not know or even imagine that she would be with us in spirit and not in person. On Wednesday August 6th, June passed away. I was so sad! Sad especially for Ryan, but sad too that I hadn't listened to her asking, and moved our wedding up. I am sure I could have been ready. I hurt for Ryan not being able to see his mother before she passed away, and being alone from the rest of his family during the whole thing. He was the only child that didn't make it to the hospital to be with the rest of them. What a sad way to start our future together. I am so grateful that I had visited a bit with June and learned some of the things Ryan liked to eat. She shared some of her recipes with me, let me know that Ryan didn't like very spicy things. His mouth was sensitive ans spicy things bothered his tongue. That same day, June had visited with me in a pretty personable way. She told me to make sure Ryan let me live by my family. She said that when a man married, he had his wife and his job and | that he would be ok, but that the wife needed to be able to be close by her family because she needed to be able to do things with her mom and sisters. I thought that was pretty neat advice for my sake, but then I wondered if she was speaking from experience as well. Had she been lonely? Or missed her family? I had wanted an outdoor reception bins we were getting married in august, and Dad and Mom worked their tails off getting our back yard fixed up. I think it cost them a lot of money. I helped get the work done and it was fun, but we worked hard. We had to finish hauling lava rock to finish the back wall dad put up for the fence. That was a lot of work, but we got it hauled and I even think Ryan came with us once to gather the rock. We pained to foundation to the house, poured a cement patio in the back corner, put in a grape arbor, and planted the grass so it would fill in well. Dad fashioned a little pond with a cute arching bridge over it, that lead to the new patio. Things looked great! We had arranged to use a gazebo from Uncle Dean, and a friend in Orderville let us use his lattice back drop free of charge as a wedding gift, we had rented round

24: tables from the floral shop in Kanab, Mom had crocheted fans for the brides maids, and baskets for the center pieces. Mom also crocheted a hat for me to wear with my dress. I had learned how to arrange flowers and had the baskets all arranged. My dress was done, (by the skin of our teeth the night before), Aunt Mary was making our wedding cake, awe had the refreshments taken care of and Sherri Finicum and her husband Ron were taking pictures for us. I felt like we finally had everything ready. Ryan picked me up the morning of August 9th and we headed to the temple. We were getting married! We attended a session first, then were sealed in the room off of the celestial room. I think it was the biggest sealing room in the temple. We took pictures for a while, and then went over to the park in St.. George and had a pot luck lunch. It was just wonderful. Ryan's mom, June, had everything all arranged and taken care of in advance. She even had had a temple quilt done for us. Everyone parted ways and headed home to be ready for the reception that evening. Ryan and I decided to drive back by way of Zion National Park and reserve a room | for that night. Little did we know that it had been raining all day in Fredonia and Kanab, and people were beginning to worry about how we would have a reception outside. I guess that the Aunts started calling to see what they could do to get things gathered up and come up with some kind of decorations for the church, but mom told them to just pray that the rain would stop. That I had my heart set on an outdoor reception and after all that had happened, we deserved to carry on as planned. Ryan and I make it to Fredonia after all the worry and concern from the others and got ready. The rain was still falling, but about five minutes before the reception was to start, the rain stopped, it cleared up and ended up being a beautiful evening. Someone had come up with a piece of carpet for us to stand on so my dress wouldn't get wet in the grass and my heels wouldn't sink. There were no bugs and it wasn't even humid. I thank Heavenly Father for answering everyone's prayers and allowing us to have such an enjoyable evening. We never did do a honeymoon so to speak of, we stayed that Saturday night in Zion, then we spent Sunday going to church

25: with his family, and attended the viewing. That night we stayed at Ryan's home in Orderville so we would be there for the viewing and the funeral the next morning. I finally got to meet Ryan's sister Mary Ann. She was living in Montana and hadn't been home for several years. I had met Ed, Denise and Marty previously, and it was only because June passed away that I got to meet Mary Ann. It was a hard week, and an even harder weekend. The funeral was very nice, ans far as funerals area concerned, Ryan looked especially handsome in his Military Uniform. I don't recall why he wore his uniform instead of his suit, but he did. Monday evening we opened our gifts at my home in Fredonia and Ryan's family were there with us. We stayed in Kanab that evening then finally settled into our little green house there in Fredonia on Tuesday. Our life together hadn't started out the best, but we had come a long way since we first met. Lots had happened but now we are married and determined to make the most of things. We have each other, our families and the gospel and things are going to be ok!

26: Finally Husband & Wife

28: August 9, 1986 | Ryan & K'Lyn

32: St. George LDS temple

33: The beautiful bride!! Standing in front of the temple in the dress that her mother (Karen Heaton) made of satin and lace, along with the crocheted hat that her mother also made

34: The luncheon!! Pot luck held in the park after the sealing of the happy couple. All of their family members and those that loved them were there to share in Ryan and K'Lyn's eternal bliss.

35: Father of the Groom Edmund (Bruin) Hepworth | Father and Mother of the Bride Gary and Karen Heaton

36: Top picture: Aunts Nelda, Janean, Mary,, Mary Ann, Jane, and Penny Picture directly below: cousins | Picture above: Grandma Veda Cluff, and Great Aunt Ruth.. in the background Picture to the side: Bruin, and

38: Uncle Jack & Aunt Mary | Jack & Rose Ann | Marty & Holly

39: Lamar, Walter, Ray, Jack, Carl | Aunt & Uncle Keith (mose)

40: Above Uncle Carl Sister Camille Neice Heather | Above: Aunt Below: cousin Julie

41: The Reception

44: The Groom's Family right to left: Edmucd, Bruin, Groom Ryan, Mary Ann, Marty, Denise | The Hepworth Family

45: The line Brides maids: Julie, Lorel, Lanette Men of honor: Lamar, Gary, Bruin, Marty

47: The happy newlywed with Father Bruin and younger brother Marty

50: The beautiful cake made by K'Lyn's A;unt Mary (daisy's are a favorite of K'Lyns)

54: The little things that made the evening special!! Lights were placed around the back yard of the brides family, while crocheted baskets were placed on each table with daysies were placed inside, and for the delicious treats-- homemade cherry cheesecake, and a small cup of mixed nuts and mints

56: Of all the desicions made in their lives, the one they made together, to get married and sealed for time and all eternity has been the best. Although it is piece of paper, it is signed by both Ryan and K'Lyn along with a witness saying they promise to love each other forver. Thankfully they both keep their promises.. . . . . and their happy forever continues on . . . .

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