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S: Embryonic Stem Cell Research

FC: Embryonic Stem Cell Research Mary Lompa | Why is it a controversy?

1: What is an embryo? | An embryo is a fetus that isn't fully developed. This is an example of a six week old embryo. | Stem cells from an embryo can form into any kind of cell in the body. | A blastocyst is an embryo that is only a couple of days old. They can have up to two hundred stem cells in them.

2: Where do the stem cells come from? While many people think that the embryos used for the stem cells are taken from a woman's stomach, the truth is that they are from an in vitro fertilization clinic. The embryos can be donated from mothers who've had an abortion or a miscarriage. This is how big a stem cell is compared to the size of the eye of a needle.

3: Many scientists believe that in the future, embryonic stem cells will be able to repair damaged tissue in the spinal cord, and a paralyzed person may be able to walk again. They are also expected to cure diseases like: Type 1 Diabetes Heart disease Parkinson's disease Alzheimer's disease Lou Gehrig's disease Lung diseases Arthritis Sickle Cell Anemia Organ failure | The Future of Embryonic Stem Cells

4: The Controversy: If embryonic stem cells are supposed to be able to cure all these serious diseases, why are there so many people against it?

5: Embryonic Stem Cell Research Versus Abortions | Embryonic stem cell research is often compared to abortion because when you take that cell away from the fetus, it would die. However, many people don't remember that most of the embryos used for the research are only one tenth of a millimeter long and just a few days old after conception, so it really doesn't have any characteristics or personality yet.

6: Religious Perspectives on Embryonic Stem Cell Research | The Catholic church believes that life begins at conception. So, they see embryonic stem cell research as unethical because they see the embryo as a real human life.

7: St. Bruno Parish in Dousman, Wisconsin is a Catholic church. Father Ralph Gross is it's priest. The church's opinion on embryonic stem cell research is very strong. "Helping people is important, but they shouldn't take a healthy life," he says. "In Catholic tradition, we preach about Jesus helping people, but there is a | greater good. That embryo is a person. Even if I was in a car accident, they could use my organs, but not until I'm dead." That's basically what they are doing to the embryos, right? "People think all these good things are going to come from it, but nobody has been helped by it yet," he says. | However, the Catholic church is not against all stem cell research, like the media makes it out to be. Other stem cells, like ones harvested from an adult, don't harm the person at all, and they are easier to control. "Why keep wasting an embryo?" he says. | Jeremiah 1:4-5 Now the word of the Lord cam to me, saying, "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you; I appointed you a prophet to the nations.

8: Iran, which is known to have strict dress codes and religious practice, is not against embryonic stem cell research. Scientists there have done some controversial experiments like successfully cloning a sheep in 2006. Now, they are trying to cure diseases using stem cells from a human embryo. Religious leaders even support this. They don't consider it killing unless the fetus has | reached a point where it could be born without humans assisting it. So far, the only results they've had was not with a human. Scientists split a rat's spinal cord, paralyzing the lower part of the body. After they injected the rat with the stem cells, it could move fully in just four weeks.

9: Some places are starting to ban stem cell research. University of Wisconsin-Madison and the Medical College of Wisconsin take a big part in stem cell research since it was discovered in 1998. But many | Republicans want to make it illegal to research with cells from an embryo. Both of these places wouldn't be able to continue trying to find a cure for diabetes or heart disease using embryonic stem cells if this bill passed.

10: The opinions on embryonic stem cell research continue to change. What has stayed the same are the results of it. | In China, a patient used stem cells from fetal tissue in his brain. It improved him for a little while, but over a two year period, a brain tumor developed and he died. This happened because instead of turning into brain tissue, it changed into a different type of cell, like a hair, skin, or bone cell.

11: In other cases, the embryonic stem cells worked too well. The cells made too much of a chemical so the patients that had the treatment ended up jerking and twitching without any control.

12: ADULT STEM CELLS VS. EMBRYONIC STEM CELLS | Embryonic stem cell treatment has so far been unsuccessful. However, that doesn't mean that there is no way that different diseases might not be cured.

13: Adult stem cell transplants have successfully cured type 1 diabetes, and have promise of treating arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and lupus. They have also helped people's eyesight, cured a rare skin problem, and assisted people that had a stroke.

14: In my opinion, I don't think that using embryonic stem cells for curing diseases is something scientists should keep doing. At first, when I didn't know much about stem cells, I thought that people against it were being too serious about it. But now that I know more, I don't agree with it. Although they have potential for treating diseases, they have not helped anything yet. Rather than curing, they just worsen diseases, or cause even more problems. I don't think it's necessary to kill embryos, even if they aren't yet a millimeter long. Also, adult stem cells were already proven to work.

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