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FC: Werewolf The Beginning by Martin R Gray

1: To everyone that helped me when i was down. -MG

2: ch 1 The Beginning Hello my name is Jeff, I am buff not a huge man, I am strong. I have bright green eyes, and brown hair. I live in a community of werewolves where I am the only elemental. This is the story of how I became a werewolf and how I met the girl of my dreams. Before I was a werewolf, I had a good life, I had friends, and I loved to hunt and fish.

3: I was fishing in th woods one night, when I turned around to see this beautiful girl walk out of the forest. She had snow white hair and electric bright blue eyes and she was wearing a blue halter-top and a pair of capris. It was hard not to get lost in her eyes. I slowly walked up to her and asked what her name was. She fainted before she before she got the chance to tell me. I picked her up as gently as I could and put her on my air mattress. She woke to me playing a song on my guitar. She sat up and asked me "How long have I been out?" I stop playing my guitar, and said "About two days."

4: She looked at me amazed and said, "Are you not afraid of these woods?" "Na, my dad taught me not to be afraid of the woods." she looked at me and said, "My name is destiny and would you believe me if I said I was a werewolf?" "I would and I am not afraid." "Do you not believe me?"she said. "I believe there are things that can not be explained." "So, I see you see everything with your mind and not your eyes."she got off the mattress and walk over to where I was sitting on the log and said, "would you like to become a werewolf, so you can see what is not there? "Why would you do that for me?"

5: Destiny said "Because I believe one day there will be a world that humans and werewolf can live together as one." "I am not for sure if I want to be one." I said while looking out on the horizon. Destiny asked "Are you afraid of what you will witness?" I stood up and said, "Being scared is a sign of weakness," Destiny "Well then become the werewolf that people will want to fight for." I looked at the fire and saw a war to be and said, "Lets do this this make me a werewolf." She smiled and said, "You can tame the mightiest fire last elemental"

6: I looked at her and ask "How do you now that i am one." Destiny said with a smiler"Dear one I know allot about you more then even you now." Destiny "Give me your hand young elemental," When i did, she bit me so hard that it caused me to faint. Her friends walk out of the forest and one said, "did you have to bit him so hard?" "He is weak but he can become stronger."She replied She saw my hear starting to turn blue and said, "We must get him to the village its getting dark"

7: ch2 The Mate I stared to wake up when I heard people talking outside, they where saying That an elementals became a werewolf. I looked into a mirror and saw that my hair,and my recently grown tail had turned blue. Destiny walked in and said, "You're up..about time" she looked at my tail and said, "That's so cool, I wish mine was that color." The alpha walked in and I looked at him and said, "Hello sir." Destiny ran up to him and gave him a hug "Hi dad." "Hello dear." he replied with a smiler.

8: He looked at me and said, "Well you look like you had a nice sleep." "Yes sir, I did." I looked at both of them and said, "Are all werewolves' white?. Alpha "No, there are other colors." Destiny looked at me "You are the last blue wolf." Alpha said, with a heavy voice "Legend tells that if a blue wolf is born it will lead us to a new world where man and best will live together in harmony." I pulled the blind down and said, "Teach me how to fight ,and I will take us to the new world." "That's what I like to hear." alpha said "Can I help him train?"Destiny asked Alpha "Sorry young one ,but this is Jeff's fight not yours."

9: She ran off crying. "Go say you're sorry." I suggested. "Why shred i" He said with his anger in his voice "Because she is my mate" Alpha said, "This is bad" I tuned in to a wolf and ran off when I got to her she was crying i tuned back to human and said "I well be here for you forever just tell me how to take your father out." Amber walked up and said, "A blue wolf wants to mate with my pup?" I looked at her and said "Yes ma'am" "Blue wolf you will take her and fight with her" Amber said "Yes ma'am" I said with a smile Amber said "And what about you dear, will you fight or wait for him to come home?"

10: Destiny "I wont to fight with all my heart." Amber "Blue wolf what do we call you" I smiled and said "my name is Jeff the elementalmest." When we got back to the village the alpha was talking to the other's I yelled over the crowd "I am tacking the clan from you old man." Every one moved to the side he looked at me and said "Do you really thank you can fight me with your power alone these people will fight with me." "Unless I challenge you for the alpha spot then you must fight me with out these people that you say will help you." alpha said, "Ok fine i will fight you blue wolf to shoe the these people that i am meant to run this clan" "right" i held my hand up and fire flow to my hand and tuned in to a blade.

11: He graded a blade from someone in the crowed and said, "So you now how to us a blade so do i child." We was fighting for about a hour and when I close my eyes for a secant i fillet his blade stap me and he laughed and said, "and that how you win" just then my bladed Brock and flew at him and set him on fire i pulled his blade out and said "do you really thank i would not have a back up plan if i was stapled" He looked at me and said "Watch me barn blue wolf"and in his last berth he said, "You will need more then some litter fire to fight for freedom and you must fight as one."

12: ch 3 The Wolf and the Solder I looked at and said, "I am not ready to be your leader, I am giving that to Destiny mom" I looked at her "is that ok." Amber "As you wish blue wolf" Amber "You will take care of her right" showing her teeth "yes i will you scare me" Destiny ran up growling and said "Don't mess with him." She gave me a hug and said "Don't worry Jeff i am here for you"

13: Amber looked at us and for that secant she saw true love she looked at me and said "I am sorry Jeff it's just that she is my pup and I wonted to make shore you are the one fore her." "I am her mate that that something that I will never brake." Amber looks in to my eye and saw that I meant what I said Amber let a sigh out "Ok Jeff I glad your there for her." .............................................................. I was training with everyone and a human came up up in a army truck when he got out and he ask "Who is the leader" someone get the alpha" and Destiny ran off and came back a min later with Amber and everyone said, good morning alpha." Amber said "Hello everyone and how may I help you ser?"

14: The soldier said "Ma'am we need must ask all of your people to leave." Everyone stared to laugh she help her hand up and said, "No we are not leaving," Amber "We have lived here for eons." The soldier "I was afraid you say that, if I was you I would leave, we are a power that cannot be stopped." I stared to laugh and said "Alpha may i get ride of the human." Amber "No this is not how we are going to start out." The solder "Please just leave and no will get heat." Amber laughed and said, "Well then if we must fight then we will." The solder spoke in to him speaker and said "They won't leave"

15: 3 tanks came up and one open and the commander said, "So you guys don't wont to move fine I will make you move." Ice stared showing up around the tanks and I said "How the weather" The commander said, "So you can control the elements." I smiled and said "Yup" Fire stated to come from me.I shot the three tanks and the soldier straight to the ocean. Everyone stared to cheer. Amber walks up and said, "You have gotten stronger Blue Wolf are you ready for the batter to?" I smiled and said, "Ya I thank I am."

16: ch4 Beginning of the end part 1 when I toke over, werewolf from all over starting coming and knew who I was ,I looked at my mate and said, "Are you ready for this." She looked at me and said "Yes" I heard amber yelling at some one I ran over to the fight and said "What is going on?" Amber said why bowing "Hello alpha he wont let me in my house." "Why are you not letting her in." He said, "This is my house I called it"

17: "This is not your house this is Ambers go fined another place orals." he looked at me and said, "You cant make me you not my alpha." "Yes but I know your alpha and he said I can tell his people what to do so are you going to find some were ell." He laughs and said, "I don't believe you" His alpha walk up and said, "Is there a problem here Devon?" Devon said, "Ya they are saying this is not my house and I got to go to a new one." I looked at James and said, "I wonder if ya were going to help with him." James said "Hello ser I am really sorry for this one he is my brother." "I told you to call me Jeff after all we are at the same titer." I said with a smiler

18: James said, "I know just that you are more known then me." "Yes I know this ok let get back to you brother shell we." James looked a his brother and said "Move know." Devon said, "You cant treat your blood like this" James said, "Don't start child." Devon ran off and James bowed and said "I am sorry Jeff" "James its ok just enjoy your time here" Amber its been three years since we had been at war and you got the five alphas to like you" .............................................................. I walk in the meeting room and said "Hello"

19: James said, "Hello ser" storm said, "About time you came." William said, "Hello ser did you enjoy you walk?" wink said, "...hi...." Hope said, "hello let get this over with I got people to hurt." "Hope, we are fighting to get freedom." Hope said, "ya ya so we are all here what are we doing." storm said with his blood vain showing "Are we going to take there leader?" "No just stop interrupting me." wink said, "I thank we shred go up to them and make peace." "well well well something that make since thank you wink."

20: wink said, "....." James said, "I thank that a good idea." wink blushing "Yay" hope "And how are we going to do that." "Well I thank" storm interrupted me and said, "no one care Jeff i just wont to kill people." "Is there a problem storm." Storm "Yes there is, you are the worst alpha ever you may be blue but your heart was not made for a leader." I looked at him and said, "You dear say those things in my court." Wink yelled "Stop both of you, you are brothers you are not suppose to fight each other." Storm bowed and said "She is right I am sorry Jeff it's just that I am from a line that fight for what we thought what right."

21: "It ok storm just keep your anger down, ok who wants like the floor" A woman walks in and said, "please forgive me but I musts ask for a moment from the leader." I stored up and said, "let speak in my quarters." I sat down at my desk and said, "what your name commander?" The women said, "Commander Michael." "Well commander Michael how may I help you." She handed me a peach of paper and said "We are asking for peace." I looked at her and said, "My people will be happy to be at peace with your people" She let a sigh out and said, "Good and thank you for seeing me."

22: ch5 Beginning of the End Part 2 It has been two years since we've been at peace with the humans. I woke to Destiny asleep on me. I tried to move without waking her, but it was no use. she woke up and said, "Where are you going ,Jeff?" I smiled and said, "I am going for a walk. You want to come?" She shakes her head and said, "No, I want to sleep more." I said, "Ok." When I got outside, I saw something coming straight for my house. I summoned a firewall and the ship landed in front of me. Aliens came out and one of then said, "Hello werewolf. you are known by many, and some hate you more than most people on this planet."

23: Destiny's dad walked out and said, "Hello boy how have you been?" I said,"Wait a minute, You died." Destiny's dad said, "Yes, and they brought me back so they can take this world over." I smiled and said, "I doubt you can." I kept smiling and said, "I am going to make sure to kill you, so that not even God can revive you." Destiny's dad replied, "Big words, boy." One of the aliens looked at me and said, "I don't think that can happen." "Really, would you like to try and see?" "What happened to the third one of you guys?" I started to feel really weird and asked, "What's going on?" Destiny's dad said, "Oh yeah' I forgot to mention I know how to take your powers away."

24: Destiny's dad said, "It's a rare mineral that is found in space. It's called unattained. It takes your power and leaves you to die." "Why would you do that?" I fell to the ground and the color started to disappear from my tail. I used the last of my power to kill him. When I did I started to disappear. Destiny ran up and said, "What about me Jeff? What do I do now?" I looked up at her and said, "It's time for me to pass on to the heavens and enjoy life beyond this one."With tears in her eyes she said, "But I need you. I am not ready to lead our people." "Show them that you can live without me," I said. Amber walked up and said, "Blue Wolf, what do we do without you?" I said with a sigh, "Our people will live on even if I am not here" Amber said, "Is there something you want on your gravestone?"

25: "No, I just want everyone to know what I did." The sun started to set and I smiled and said, "I am glad I was able to see the sunset one more time."

26: \ ch6 The Awakening When he closed his eyes, he turned into a spirit ball, and flew off into the sunset. I started to cry and said,"Please come back." Amber said, "Why are you looking at the horizon? stop moping about and take what is yours and be the alpha they need" "But i don't want to become the alpha." She walked up and slapped me and said, "its your birth right, child." its time you stand up and take what you were meant to do." the people of the village looked at me and said, "ma'am what do we do now?" I looked at them and said, "we will tell what Jeff did forever more. he will not be forgotten."

27: I was talking a walk and found his old campsite where his tomb stone was. I sat down and said, "I know you can't hear me, but i need to tell you something.

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