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FC: A Dog's Life By: Paul Basta

1: Dedicate To My Three Dogs And The Other Dude On The Bottom: Alex, Brutus, Rascal, And Stephan Nash

3: I wake up unsure of where I am or what's going on. I hear loud, ear shattering shouting. Everything is a blur. I look around me and I see a few dogs on both sides of me. The cage opens and a hand grabs me by the neck. It carries me through many rooms. I start to drift off and sleep again, but I want to see where it is taking me. I try to keep my eyes open. I suddenly start to fall asleep. When I woke up, I heard nothing. It's as quiet as a broken clock. Nobody is making any noise at all. My mother, sisters, and brothers are beside me. We are together in a very large cage. Across the room are other cages filled with dogs. Someone finally came into the room, and took all of us out of our cages and let us run around the room. In the center of the room was a huge pile of dry dog food, and an enormous bowl of drinking water. I started to play with the other dogs, jumping on them and biting them. Just as I was about to land a playful bite on another dog, a man opened the door to our room.

5: Everybody started staring at him. The man led a group of people into the room. The people picked us up, played with us, and pet us. One man picked me up and told me how cute I was. He carried me over to the guy that first lead all of the people into the room. The man who was carrying me told the other guy that he wanted to keep me. They brought me upstairs. I was put into a small cage, by myself. I began to get scared of what will happen to me. I was left alone in the cage for a few minutes. I clawed at the steel cage door frantically, trying to get out. The door rattled, but did not open. I continued to claw at the door. I thought to myself that if I slammed into the cage door, it would open. I moved back to the end of the cage, and then ran full force at the cage door. I slammed into it as hard as I could, but it didn't open. I was going to try again. I ran, and just as I was about to slam into the cage door, I lost my footing and fell to the ground. I was lifted into that air, and began to move. I was being carried in the cage. It was outside, where I was dropped next to a car. The car door opened, and I was put in the car. The car door shut. There was nowhere to run now. I decided to just fall asleep.

7: When I woke up, I found myself in huge bed. I jumped down, off of the bed. I walked out of the room. In front of me were a set of stairs leading downward. “I guess I’m upstairs,” I thought to myself. I heard somebody talking downstairs. “When can we go see him?” I assumed that they were talking about me. I slowly stumbled down the stairs. As I got to the landing, I slowly peered around the corner. I saw a man, woman, and child. Maybe they would be friendly. I began to move forward, stepping down from the landing into the kitchen. The young boy caught a glimpse of me out of the corner of his eye, and he ran to me. I backed up, unsure of what he was going to do. He gently put his hand on me. I knew he was friendly. The man and woman followed behind him, and also pet me. After a few minutes of them petting me, and telling me how cute I was, they left me alone. I decided to take a good look around the house. I figured that this was where I’d be living for a while, so I might as well know where everything is. I walked around the kitchen. There was a water and food bowl for me in the corner of the room. Across from the food and water was the refrigerator. Next to the fridge was the stove and oven. I walked out of the kitchen. To my right was a bathroom. Across from the bathroom was a room with a bed and TV. If you continue straight from the kitchen, there is a living room and dining room connected into one very big room. I jumped up onto the couch in the living room. As I curled up into a ball and began to fall asleep I thought to myself, “This might not be too bad after all.”

9: When I woke up, the sun was shining through the windows. Sitting next to me was the boy. I crawled over to him, and sat on his lap. “Nick,” the woman called at the child. He got up and ran over to her. I had to go to the bathroom. I walked over to the back door in the kitchen and scratched at it. In the kitchen was the father. He was making coffee. “John! The dog wants to go outside. Let him out please,” yelled the mother from the dining room. John opened the door and let me outside. The mother was very lazy, I could tell. She was just sitting at the dining room table, writing something. After I was done going to the bathroom, I scratched at the door again to be let inside. “The dog needs to be let in.” “Alright, Amanda!” John let me inside. I learned all of their names. The son was Nick, the mother was Amanda, and the father was John. As I walked back in, Nick began to pet me. Nick always gave me a lot of attention. It stayed that way for the next two years, until something changed all of that. About 3 years later, I was still living with my family. We all still loved each other. They had given me less and less attention each day it seemed. They still acknowledged me, and pet me, but just not as much as they did. I got lonely sometimes. I wish that I had somebody else to play with. Another dog would be nice. It was somebody that I could actually talk to. Somebody that could actually understand me. I lie up on the couch, and think to myself what I should do. It was getting pretty late and John, Nick, and Amanda should be coming home soon.

11: Just as I was done finishing my thought about them coming home, there they came rolling up the driveway in their car. They only owned one car, so they were all together. I sped over to the back door to see them. John put the keys in the lock and unlocked the door. He opened it and a dog came running at me. I was so happy. I jumped on him and play bit him. I barked and barked. Amanda, Nick, and John came through the door. They walked right past me without even giving me the slightest pet or hello. They focused all of their attention on the new dog. I couldn't believe that they didn't even notice me. They loved the new dog more than me. It continued that way for the next year, too. I couldn't take it anymore. They didn't love me, and I had to do something about it. I made a plan to escape from this house. John would usually let me outside to go to the bathroom in the morning. As I was still in the backyard, Nick would leave for school. He would open the gate to leave. He would always take very long to open and close the gate, so I would have a long time to escape. Right as he opened it I would bolt out of the yard and be on my way to freedom.

13: The next day, my plan was falling into place. John let me out of the house in the morning to go to the bathroom, just as planned. All I had to do was wait for Nick to open the gate when he leaves for school. I lay down next to the gate, and thought to myself if this really was a good idea. I always could always come back to the house if I wanted to. I could also get hurt, though. I decided to just go for it. I was already halfway through with my escape plan anyway. Soon enough, Nick came out skateboard in hand. He went over to the fence, and opened the gate. I sprinted out of the yard and into freedom. I could hear Nick yelling, “No! Stop!” It was too late now, I was already free. I ran and didn't stop until I was too tired to run any further. When I did stop, I found myself in the middle of a lonely little street. It was filled with run down old buildings on the sides of the street. Just up the street I could see traffic so I knew that I wasn't too far from a main road. I decided to get to the main road, so I didn't find any trouble.

15: “Hey,” I heard a voice say behind me. I turned back to see another dog. He was a German Shepherd. He was bigger than me. I was only a pit-bull. I wasn't very aggressive like the other kinds of pit-bulls. I could be mean when I wanted to be, though. “What?” I barked at him. “Come here,” he shouted at me. I was scared, but I didn't want to back down. I slowly walked towards him, unsure of what was going to happen. I finally made my way over to him. “What are you doing in my territory?” “Um, I just ran away from my h-h-h-home. I’m not really sure where I am,” I told him. He looked back towards a group of other dogs that came out from the alleys behind him. “You hear that guys? This tough guy ran away from his home.” He turned his attention to me. He stared at me with his chocolate brown eyes. “You must be so brave. You’re even move brave for coming into my territory, you worthless piece of trash! Now get out of here before I make a scene out of you.” “No!” I yelled at him. He looked me straight in the eye, in a very evil way. “What did you just say to me you son of a--” I pounced on him and sank my teeth into his neck. I yanked my head backwards, tearing out his neck. Blood raced through my mouth as he lay dead on the ground in a puddle of his own blood. I spit the chunk of his neck out of my mouth, and ran as fast as I could.

17: The other dogs followed me for a short while, but I was too fast for them. Eventually, I lost all of them. I decided that I need to go home. Being loved or not, it was a lot better than living on the streets. Thanks to my great sense of smell, I was able to locate my house. I ran home. Soon enough, I found myself in the driveway of my house. It was the same place that I had run away from earlier today. I barked, hoping that my family would hear me. They did. Nick saw me outside and ran as fast as he could to me. He opened the gate and let me in. He bent down and gave me the biggest hug ever, ignoring the blood smeared across my snout. He led me into the house. When John and Amanda saw me, they were flabbergasted. They were very glad to see me, but they were scared because I was covered in blood. They checked me for wounds, but found none. They took me into the bathroom, put me in the bath tub, and gave me a well needed bath to clean off all of the dirt and blood that was on me. After I was done being given a bath, I went over to Nick who was sitting on the couch. I lay beside him. I could tell that he was already fast asleep. As I curled up and began to fall asleep myself, I realized finally that this is my home, my only home.

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