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S: Family Memories

FC: Family Memories Happy Birthday Mom and Grandma December 26, 2011

1: None of us will ever know the extent of your love and labors to provide us with such a rich tapestry of memories that bind us to each other and to you. We love you, Love, Your Family

2: Grandma, Where do I start? You're always encouraging me to challenge myself, and even though I may brush it off in the moment, I really appreciate that you care. You always plan family reunions so well, and they're so fun.! I'm glad I grew up having you so close. Love, Amy

3: Grandma, I love how you work so hard to make sure everyone has a good time. I always did! I love camping, Christmas Eve, and your zipline! Thank you for the memories. Love, Abby

6: Camping means fresh air, spending time with cousins, walking on logs, riding bikes in your pajamas.... eating crawdads?

7: You created a magical kingdom for us in your own yard. Our children and grandchildren have now been blessed with the same pleasures we had growing up in the perfect back yard--and more!

8: Dear Mom & Grandma, Happy Birthday! Thank you for the many thoughtful cards and phone calls, the family history help, the fun family dinners, the camping trips, and the ballets. We appreciate your love and support and the way you cheer us on in our endeavors. Love, Tracy, Chrissy, Candace, and Chelsea

10: I enjoy our reunions to get a chance to take a break. . . well, sort of. Ben

11: I love our reunions, I love being a big brother, and I love you, Grandma. Jarom | Jump! | Good Boy! | Whoa! | (Mom doesn't like this one.)

12: Mom, I will always cherish the day that you spent with me to explore. My interests are a little weird, but you accept me how I am and make me feel important. I love you. Jeff

13: Whenever I'm around you, I feel your love for me.Whenever I'm away from you I really, truly see, that you will love me for ever, and that's how it will be.You make me feel happy, whenever I am down. You make me feel jolly whenever I have a frown. I will love you forever and ever, and that's how it will be. You will be my grandmother, and you will always love me. Love, Natalie

14: Leave it to teenage ingenuity.. who else would build a log raft with no rope, twine, or nails? Twice? | 2009 | 2009 | 2009 | 2011 | 2009

15: Cranberry Lake... Our favorite murky brown body of water.

16: Mom, Thank you for helping me see the simple beauty in life. When I experience the beauty in nature and music I think of you! You are beautifully simple and simply beautiful! Thank you for all the wonderful memories for our family! I love you! Happy Birthday! Love, Jean

17: I love all the fun we have with our family, but most of all, I love your toast, Grandma. Love, Seth

18: Dear Grandma, I love it when you come to our house for Christmas mornings. Remember that time when you and grandpa | got stuck on the train tracks? The family reunions that you plan are always fun and successful. I love that we always go camping. I especially | liked riding my bike on the ground around the campsites. I love you grandma! ~ Tyler

19: As I have reflected on my life, I recognize that my family is one of the most important influences in my life, and I know I am blessed to have you as my grandmother. Your love and support mean the world to me. | Thank you for all the ways you have shaped my life and all the special memories I have of our family together: family dinners, camping, playing in the backyard, being at the temple, Christmas Eve traditions, playing games, and just talking together. I love you very much. | Love, Sara

22: Rosario Beach, where anyone can skip a rock... right?

23: We are a such a well-balanced family.

24: Grandma, I remember how you taught me to play Skipbo when I was visiting with my Dad. I love you and I miss you! Love, Mikayla

25: I love how you make the reunions so special and fun. They wouldn't be so great without you. You really impress me with how much time and work you sacrifice from your own life to make our lives more fun. Love, John

26: My favorite memories with Grandma Broomhead are picking blackberries and playing board games. I love Grandma Broomhead's homemade pizza and chicken noodle soup with homemade noodles! Happy birthday Grandma and thank you for all you've taught me and the love you've shown me as a grandma to a grandson. I've learned a lot from you and your example. Love, Jonny

27: Hi Grandma! Thank you for the get-together this summer! We had so much fun, and Erin was especially happy to spend time getting to know you and the rest of the Broomhead family! We love you Grandma! Happy Birthday! Love, Sam and Erin

29: I love your constant desire to discover! Being outdoors with you is always an adventure. I also cherish the memories that we made cooking, cleaning, or playing those fun games together. You sure do put the 'grand' in Grandma. I love you so much! Annamarie | Noodles | Camp Dishes | Favorite Swings | The Girls | Deception Pass Pals

30: It's not a reunion without a hike! | Fidalgo Island

31: Silver Falls | Sunrise | Grove of the Patriarchs | Paradise | ...or two | ...or three

32: Thank you for all the wonderful memories! | Thanks for always being there for me! I love you! | Love, Jenna

33: Grandma, thank you for being so present in our lives. We love coming to your house often and seeing you at all the important moments of our lives. Love you so much! -Lisa

34: I'm so happy that I can have fun times with you and go camping. I'm so glad that you are my grandmother. Love, Daniel

35: I'm so glad we camp together, and share our favorite spots with our kids. I love being together in the campsite and around the campfire. Marianne

36: I wrote you this song, Grandma. If you're happy and you know it don't clap your hands For Grandma does not find loud noises grand. If you're happy and you know it Find a quiet way to show it Here in Grandma's house all noisy things are banned. Love, your favorite granddaughter, No! Not Annamarie! Emma! Sheesh. Obviously. | "The problem with random quotes told to you by your grandchildren is, they are often inaccurate." - Toto, The Wizard of Oz

37: Mom, I love that your first thought when you discover something wonderful is to share it with us. Your life has always been built around loving and serving your family. Thank you for that! | Love, Sheila

38: DAREDEVIL CLUB | Ammon | Ben | Cami | Annamarie | Abby | Bret | Scot | Seth | John | Jacob

39: Anyone who can even get into the icy Ohanepecosh is a dare-devil in my book. (Notice you don't see anyone with sense jumping off that cliff. That's just foolish.) | Doug | Natalie | Tyler | Daniel | Not pictured: Mike

40: Mandi and I were so happy to have you guys at our wedding! People here are still talking about that time you two won the "who has been married longest" dance contest (you defeated the standing champions in that town)! From this picture, you can see that Grandma was surprised you won! As we began our life together, you showed us the "path" (which you might also recognize) for our marriage and life together. | Love Always, Justin & Mandi Vincent

41: I have really enjoyed living close enough to visit on a regular basis. Thanks for your wonderful example throughout the years. Love, Ken

43: Grandma~ | You have taught me so much | To love music and the arts | To appreciate the beauty in nature | To sacrifice for the things you love and believe in | Family is so important | To have fun and enjoy the journey | Thanks for taking me in. I love you. Love, Kelli

44: We are quite a crowd... | But you see, officer, we were all ready to go to Cranberry Lake at the same time! | 11 people + 2 inflatable ski toys in 1 boat = 5.5 people per inflatable toy when the boat sinks. | Put us all together and I guess we do get a little noisy... | Enjoying the pristine solitude of Silver Falls. | How many campfires do you know that have TWO ROWS of chairs?? | All set up for lunch--Wait! I think there's room on the table for another potato chip.


46: thanks for a whole childhood of awesome memories Ammon

47: I like to climb, go camping, and stay at your house. Love, Samuel

48: I love it I love it I love it when you come to my house for piano lessons. You are one of my top 500 favorite people. Love, Missy P.S. Thanks for the giblets!!

49: I will be forever grateful that you raised such a wonderful daughter, and that I was able to marry her sister. Happy Birthday, Love, Mike

50: Utah Get- Togethers | Zion National Park

51: Picnic in Spanish Fork April 2005 | Grandpa Broomhead's 100th birthday party

52: Dear Grandma, Thank you for being such a wonderful person. You are a strong and capable woman. I am so thankful for everything you have taught me and the time you have taken to teach me. Thank you for being awesome. Happy Birthday. Love, Heather

53: I love your mole! :) HaHA! Happy Birthday Grandma! Love, Clarissa, Matt, and Miley

55: I've had a SUPER time being your grandson. I love visiting--the fun never ends! Jacob | Jacob Bourne | A kelp whip | A cool ride | An AWESOME ride! | Target Practice | Connecting with nature

56: Two important Christmas traditions: The Nutcracker...!

57: ... and the Nativity

58: Enjoying nature | Helping wildlife | Helping wildlife | Helping wildlife | I love you much! Happy Birthday! Love, Alicia | Grandma, I really like the camping trips we go on. I like to go to the lake and jump off the rocks. I love your garden, especially the raspberries and blackberries! I love you so much! Happy Birthday! Love, Alicia

59: Thanks for planning all the fun camping trips! I love being outside with the family. I loved reading the book about our ancestors. I kept asking my Mom to read more. I still have the stuffed hound dog you gave me. I love it. Happy Birthday! Love, Olivia

60: Scot McGhie and Family | Thank you for all that you do for us and for the family...dinners, camping, gatherings. We understand how much work you put into them and appreciate your effort. It is always enjoyable to spend time with Family. We love you. Love, Scot, Chandra, Addison, and Brandon

61: Grandma, I always enjoy our nativities, especially when I wasn't the donkey. :) My favorite memories include when we can be outdoors camping. When we went kayaking with Jeff is one of those times! Love ya, -Bret McGhie

62: Happy Birthday Mom | Mom, the older I get, the smarter you get. Your intelligence, talents, love of fun, efforts to be righteous, and love for your family have been blessings to me throughout my life.I love you for that. Guess what else? I like you...You are a great friend. | Love, Paul

63: Dear Grandma, I love you very much. I'm glad you always watch out for me and help me learn. You are so nice to me. I love it when you take us camping. Camping is sooooooo much fun. I like to ride my bike with Samuel and play at the beach. | Happy Birthday, Grandma! Love, Keith

64: Dearest Grace How can I put in words the appreciation I feel for the lifetime of love and service you have given to me? I’m afraid that far too many times have I expressed a need rather than an appreciation. For one of the smallest things that you do for me, how many times have I gone to my magical stocking drawer and thought nothing further than pleasure that I find the clean pair of socks that I need? How many of your great meals have I expressed appreciation for as opposed to how many (needless) cautions about onions? I guess you have treated me so well to where I expect it rather than appreciate it (please don’t stop doing it!!!). You are my very best (and only close) friend. That’s all I have really needed. I think that you would really like someone to be your confidant since Verla died. I really enjoy doing things with you. I can recall the many trips we have taken together and enjoyed seeing and doing the same things. They have been wonderful experiences for me. I hope that our travel days are not over, but we have many wonderful memories (accompanied with pictures) to recall the times we have had. | I don’t know how many more years we can put together a reunion with the family growing up and grandchildren dispersing and getting on with their lives, but they have all been great, and your doing. I help you, but you are the driving force. I hope the children will remember them and use the experiences to keep as many family ties together as they can. When they know that they are loved and appreciated by family, they can face many of life’s trials with confidence and assurance that they are not alone. You are largely responsible for this condition. You do much more good than you can realize. Your service and desire to help is seemingly endless. I hope that all of the pictures and sentiments expressed will evidence the love the family has for you and the good that your actions have done. Much more could be said, but please accept this meager expression as a witness of the great love and appreciation that I have for you. With all my love, Your Gordon

65: Happy times Wonderful experiences Great companionship You are my life and my joy All my love, Your Gordon

66: A romantic lunch on your 50th Wedding Anniversary

67: Still going...

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