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BC: Work Cited Cont. | "Solutions to Teenage Obesity, How to Prevent Teenage Obesity." Teenage Pregnancy Nutrition, Teenage Weight Loss, Teenage Depression. Web. 16 Nov. 2011. . Weir, Kirsten. "The truth about weight: obesity is a big challenge--but it can be overcome." Current Health Teens, a Weekly Reader publication Oct. 2011: 16+. Opposing Viewpoints In Context. Web. 27 Oct. 2011.

FC: Obesity | By: Alexis Aiello

1: Obese People | A large amount can affect your life

2: Obesity has caused people to be stressed. Have you ever been overweight and people have made fun of you? I have and trust me it hurts. The are many reasons why people are obese. Study shows that stores are cutting the super or family sizes. Like for example, Potato Chip bags. Today, children and teens are dropping out of school or not going to school because they are lazy. They are being lazy and thats a reason why they are gaining all of this weight. Now and days, they are at home and have a bag of chips in their hands and watching television or playing video games("New"). | "In the United States, 1 out of three kids have been overweight. That is a surprising 25 million children and teens."(Weir). Life has been different from back then till now. People back then have been playing outside and exercising but today people are justing not doing that. Doctors recently have found that teenagers at a young age can have liver disease("Weir").

3: Health Problems | People including children can have many types of diseases and problem. Like,"Heart Disease/Stroke, Type 2 Diabetes, breathing difficulties, Osteoarthritis, and Gout"("Keep"). | Heart Disease If you have Heart Disease, it can cause death and disability issues. You can have a stroke at anytime and you will never know it. There are no sign of when you are going to have Heart Disease or a Stroke.("Keep"). | Diabetes If people are obese and they have diabetes it it more likely they have type 2 diabetes rather than type 1. 80% of cases have to do with people that have type 2 diabetes and they are obese.("Keep").

4: Cancer You can die from cancer. Men and woman have different types. For the woman they type of cancer they can have cancer of the uterus, gallbladder, cervix, ovary, breast, and colon. For the man they have a bigger chance of have Colorectal cancer and prostate cancer("Keep"). | Gallbladder Disease Overweight can have Gallbladder disease. If you gain more weight, the higher it is you can get Gallbladder disease. Also, if you lose eight, you have a better chance of not getting gallbladder disease("Keep"). | Gout A Gout disease is a disease that has a great affect on your joints. It is common people who are overweight and have this disorder increases your body weight("Keep").

5: Sleep Apnea(snoring) People who are overweight they snore heavily. Sleep Apnea can/might cause sleepiness. Also, you can have heart failure("Keep").

6: Solutions To Obesity | There are many solutions to obesity. Schools in the United States are taking out junk food out of vending machines. Research shows that you should eat your own proportion size("New"). All you need to do is start small. Don't start running 10 miles on your first exercise.You should set small goals and write down your goals("Weir").

7: You should not have seconds right away. You should wait for at least 20 minutes to have seconds. You should not have a lot of calories. When you are at a grocery store, look or check, how many calories are in the foods and drinks. "Like this may surprise you, there are 500 calories in just one bagel." You should have at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables. Also, have 1 hour of physical activity.("Weir"). | Supermarkets are know selling healthier foods. Know in schools are putting in fruit and vegetable lines. Also, salad bar lines to children who want to eat healthy. They are limiting sugar drinks. In you neighborhood get family and friends to do a group activity together. If you don't think your child is getting enough physical time, go to the child care and supervise what they child are doing. Go to school and start a program that teaches students how to be healthy("Obesity and").

8: Ways that can tell you, that you are obese, is visiting the doctor. They check your weight, height, and fitness level. You can eat grains and salads. But have less oily foods. Cut down the teas, coffees, sodas, and alcohol. Yes tea make make you become obese. Have less cups a day wit tea and coffee. Eat your food slow("Solutions"). | Exercising can fastest and easiest way to loss the weight because it burns the highest calories in the shortest amount of time. Cardiovascular exercises can also help you loss weight. Cardiovascular exercises includes running, skipping, jogging, swimming, and much, much more. Instead of frying, do baking or boiling. Don't have fat dressings on your salads and herbs and spices to improve the flavor("Solutions").

9: Don't have to much coffee | Exercise often

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