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BC: Throughout this terrific short story you will learn all about Tom the Turtle's adventures. Stop reading the back and get to the start of the book so you can be amused.Below are some of the other books in this series. Dan the dragon Carly the cat George the giraffe Also the number one seller by this author Ilya the Iguana

FC: Tom the Turtle's Adventure!

1: If you live in Turtleville you've heard of Tom the turtle. Most people know about Turtleville because of the lack of cleanliness it has about itself. Other reasons would be for Tom.Tom is an only child in his turtle family. Tom gets a ton of attention by everyone and anyone. Most of the time not for the right reasons. Tom is known for taking dangerous adventures that none of his friends will join him with and just being an overall trouble maker. Some of the older turtles in Turtleville call him trouble Tom.

2: On a Tuesday after Christmas Tom didn't exactly get what he wanted. Tom decided to give payback to his parents so he decided he would run away. He thought about where he'd run away to. He was just strolling on the outskirts of town and found a hidden passage way. Not knowing what it leads to,Tom went back home and went to bed super early! His parents were puzzled because Tom is usually up extremely late and making noise so they can't fall asleep.

3: The following morning Tom already had his things packed in a nap sack and was ready to head off onto his adventure to this secret passageway. If Tom were to unravel his nap sack right in front of you, you wouldn't believe your eyes at how many things were just flowing out of it. Tom went back to the same exact spot but didn't see the passageway. Tom started to panic. He started to feel around at where he thought this passage was at. Tom heard the clicking noise and the mossy doorway opened and down the steps he went. Tom thought to himself someone else must know about this if it was opened the day before. At the bottom of the stairs was a flashlight that had turtle batteries. You may be thinking why turtle batteries? Turtle batteries never run out of energy! As Tom walked through the entrance he was amazed that there were 7 different routes to travel.

4: Tom thought a minute and asked himself, which way should I take? As his thought process was progressing he heard a shriek from one of the ways. He decided to take this route.Tom proceeded cautiously down the path. Tom ran to the end and entered a room filled with light. He heard the shriek again. Tom yelled who are you! In a demanding voice. Out of the only dark corner in the room comes a familiar face to Tom, it was a mouse that always ran through Tom's family's backyard.

5: Tom asked the mouse why he was giving out such a loud shriek. The mouse responded saying the only piece of food I have got stuck in this crack over here and I can't get it out. I haven't eaten in a week! Tom asked why don't you just go home and ask your mother to make you a nice dinner! The mouse said I wanted an adventure so came down here without telling my parents and when I returned home they left me. The mouse started crying. Tom thought to himself the same thing is going to happen to me! Tom asked the mouse if he'd like to come back to his house. If he decides yes they have to get home as fast as possible! The mouse agrees to what Tom offers.

6: Tom and the mouse returned to Tom's house right before dinner time. Tom goes barging in the door and yells for his parents. Tom's parents were hysterical since they didn't know where Tom was at the entire day. Tom's parents had a bowl of turtle food ready on the table for him as they were beginning to eat dinner. Tom's parents asked, Who's your friend Tom? This is mouse Tom replied. His parents left him and I thought it'd be fine to invite him over and possibly be my new brother? Tom's parents said they would have to think about it. Tom and the little mouse begged his parents the whole night. Tom's parents proposed a deal. If they would allow Mouse to be part of the family Tom would do no more trouble making anymore! Tom would also have to help build Mouse his own bed. Tom and Mouse started jumping with joy and ran off to their new room. In the end Tom regretted running away but everything turned out good for the entire family. Mouse joined the family in there annual Christmas card picture and lived happily every after. THE END

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