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FC: The Rules and Rationales of Onyx

1: "Advance and never halt, for advancing is perfection!" - - - - - - - - Welcome to Onyx, a realm of amazing technology and arts. Onyx is a world of freedom and opportunity, but with this freedom comes regulations to insure that Onyx continues to be a safe wonderland for all. In this book are the rules and rationales of our society. These rules must be obeyed at all times to keep Onyx as safe as it has been for many years.

2: The First Rule: Absolutely no one leaves the protection of the dome without special permission given by the Exceptions.

3: The First Rationale: Although Onyx is a completely safe community, outside the dome is a whole other world. The atmospheric pressure is so powerful, a person would explode before they ran out of air. Inside the dome, the air pressure is controlled just as Earth's was. The reason we don't get hurt by the air pressure on Earth, since the pressure on a foot of ground was about one ton, is because there is air inside of us, which balances out the pressure. Leaving the dome without the permission and protection of the Exceptions would result in immediate death by own hand.

4: The Second Rule: Physical violence or abuse is not permitted to be put upon any human being. Penalization will depend on the crime committed.

5: The Second Rationale: Onyx is a safe environment for all living beings, animals and humans alike. Penalization will not include physical violence, but rather isolation from outer living beings and resources. People blamed of physical abuse will have a trial, and if found guilty of the case, sent to a solitude sanctuary, in which they will serve time. Onyx is a safe environment for all living beings, animals and humans alike. Penalization will not include physical violence, but rather isolation from outer living beings and resources. People blamed of physical abuse will have a trial, and if found guilty of the case, sent to a solitude sanctuary, in which they will serve time.

6: The Third Rule: No damage must ever be intentionally put upon the dome's outer/inner barrier, door hatches separating space and society, or filters in any way whatsoever.

7: The Third Rationale: If damage is done to any part of the dome, it was cause substantial harm to the wellbeing of the residents of Onyx, including the wrong-doer(s). The dome is what allows Onyx to thrive as a safe and peaceful community. The dome is the protector. All parts of the dome must be respected, no matter how insignificant a part may seem.

8: The Fourth Rule: The Exceptions must be respected and obeyed at all times.

9: The Fourth Rationale: Exceptions are quite similar to what the police was on Earth. Standard Exceptions are the protectors and law-enforcers on "the inside". They protect against physical violence, animal cruelty, pollution, and the protection of the dome. Advanced Exceptions protect Onyx from outer threats such as debris and meteorites, as well as provide access and equipment in order to enter the Outer Space.

10: The Fifth Rule: Solar panel airwaves may not be interrupted without permission from either form of Exception.

11: The Fifth Rationale: Onyx is powered by solar panels made of an elastic composition. They can bend and if small debris or meteorites hit them, they can bend and thrash back, causing the small object to recoil. Other than protect the dome from small entities, they also send airwaves to power schools, hoverboards, and electronics. Specific places are assigned to solar panels, but when the airwaves are interrupted by another area that the solar panel isn't assigned to, the panel's airwaves could malfunction, causing a mini-shut down of power.

12: The Fifth Rule: Slavery of animals or humans is not permitted.

13: The Fifth Rationale: Different treatment towards people goes against Onyx's strong belief in equality. Cases of slavery will be handled personally by the Advanced Exceptions, and illegal ownership of a slave could result, in extreme cases, to life-long placement in a separated sanctuary.

14: The Fifth Rule: Thievery of another's personal item(s) is not permitted.

15: The Fifth Rationale: Robbery of another citizen's personal belongings is unfair and not right. Cases of extreme thievery, such as currency or necessary appliances, will be taken to court only when asked to be taken to court by the victim of theft.

16: The Fifth Rule: All citizens must attend school until the senior year of high school, or until the age of 18. Schools may be attended for longer than this, but it is not required.

17: The Fifth Rationale: High school are the most important years of a citizen's life. High school determines who they will be and what they will do. Failure to follow through all years of high school will result in the taking away of hoverboarding license and hoverboard, or if school is left before freshman year, a hoverboarding license and hoverboard will not be available until the completion of high school.

18: The Fifth Rule: In order to man a hoverboard in public, you must be at least 14 years of age or be a freshman in high school. Additionally, only one passenger per hoverboard, unless a specially-requested hoverboard is issued by the Advanced Exceptions.

19: The Fifth Rationale: The age of 8 is known as the age of reason - the legal age to know right from wrong/lie vs. truth in court of law. By the age of 13, you are sure of what is right from wrong, and are smart enough to make it into high school thus far. As drugs are not distributed in Onyx, teenagers will be able to focus and maneuver correctly by 14.

20: The Fifth Rule: It is against the law for you to possess drugs or alcohol on any street, highway, or public place; or carry alcohol in a hoverboard; or be a passenger in a hoverboard carrying drugs or alcohol, even if the container is sealed and in the trunk of the hoverboard. Alcohol and drugs are not to be produced, distributed, or obtained in any way, shape, or form.

21: The Fifth Rationale: Drugs are bad because the have detrimental effects on a person's body and mind. They also cause unnatural reactions that might feel pleasant for a while, but can cause users a great deal of distress when they start to wear off. They are dangerous to the human body and the ones around it, as well as can cause actions and choices that are not favorable. Drugs and alcohol are bad influences on mankind and must not be used.

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